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338Barton/MartinThe Andrew Barton-Henry Martin Controversies RevisitedSteve Gardham51Kbnonenone13.2.24
337Travellers in Heaven?a discussion of the source of Derby Smith's songMike Yates16Kb260Kbnone11.2.22
336George GardinerEarly days and musical influemces (PDF)Bob Askew672Kb400Kbnone5.6.21
335Charlie BridgerWon't You Buy My Pretty Flowers? CD booklet notes (PDF)Andy Turner769Kbnonenone10.3.21
334Time Has Made a Changea 'life and times' piece by Mike YatesMike Yates47Kb120Kbnone1.3.21
333Fielding's GangThe Wild and Wicked Youth and In Newry TownSimon Rosati34Kbnonenone24.12.20
332Captain WardBackground to Captain Ward and High BarbarySimon Rosati38Kbnonenone9.12.20
331Not Icons but JewelsMusic and Loss in EnglandChris Wood16Kbnonenone8.12.20
330Alfred WilliamsThe published songs of Alfred WilliamsChris Wildridge252Kb70Kbnone27.4.12
329American Songs in the British Folk RepertoireThe final part of the 'Trilogy'Mike Yates & Rod Stradling80Kb902Kbnone25.8.20
328Wait Till the Clouds Roll ByAn Old World/New World TrilogyMike Yates41Kb1.1Mbnone20.5.20
327A Life in MusicThe story of how we got hereRod Stradling355Kb2.94Mbnone26.10.20
326MT Records - detailsthe 'labour of love' databaseRod Stradling118Kbnonenone12.10.19
325Ravenscroft & The Three RavensA Ballad Under the MicroscopeArthur Knevett34Kb304Kbnone4.10.19
324MT Records - a historyA history of MT Records over 21 years - a labour of love (PDF)Rod Stradling110Kbnonenone13.9.19
323The Echoes of Erin DatabaseIrish traditional Dance Music recorded on 78-rpm recordsBarry Taylor290Kbnonenone7.8.19
322The Folk Dance MovementMary Neal, Cecil Sharp and the Struggle for SupremacyArthur Knevett113Kb393Kbnone10.5.19
321Cecil Sharp: Music and Political ValuesSharif Gemie112Kbnonenone17.4.19
320Mary Anne TalbotThe Female Drummer?Arthur Knevett45Kb440Kbnone7.6.18
319The Mary Thomson clusterMurdered Sweetheart Ballads No.3  five murders - in a 'fake news' ballad.Tom Pettitt515Kbnonenone30.5.18
318Bert: Some ReflectionsA 1974 interview with Bert LloydBarry Taylor276Kb23Kbnone13.7.19
317The Cruel GamekeeperMurdered Sweetheart Ballads No.2  "a cheap and nasty song" Tom Pettitt.Tom Pettitt500Kbnonenone5.5.18
316Maria MartenMurdered Sweetheart Ballads No.1  All you need to know about the nine known Maria Marten BalladsTom Pettitt772Kbinc.none19.4.18
315Freda PalmerLeafield Lass (MTCD375-6) CD Booklet NotesVarious writers975Kbinc.none13.3.17
314Norfolk GleaningsSix Unsung Gems of Field and HorkeyAlan Helsdon30Kb107Kb1.47Kb1.1.18
313Fado... what's in a name?Tony Klein72Kb148Kb30Mb21.12.17
312The Two Bobs' WorthBob Lewis and Bob Copper (MTCD374) CD Booklet NotesVarious writers697Kbinc.none1.11.17
311When Cecil Left the MountainsHistoric recordings of Appalachian singers and musicians 1927 - 1955 CD Booklet NotesMike Yates915Kbinc.none20.6.17
310Boshamengro PDFEnglish Gypsy Musicians CD Booklet NotesPhil Heath-Colemann1,178Kbinc.none25.5.17
309Boshamengros:Josiah 'Tite' Smith of Coleford, Glos and Billy Harris of Charsfield, SuffolkPhil Heath-Colemann31Kb105Kbnone25.4.17
308C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 44: Notes on the death and life of Crazy JaneRoly Brown171Kb196Kbnone22.4.17
307George CollinsThe Ballad of George Collins - versions or variants?Mike Yates55Kbnone5.3MB21.3.17
306English Country MusicA Tradition in Isolation?Keith Summers24Kbnonenone3.11.16
305C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.43: Miss Patty PuffRoly Brown48Kb29Kbnone27.10.16
304C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.42: Hurd of ShaftesburyRoly Brown502Kbnonenone11.10.16
303I Wish There Was No PrisonsVarious performers CD booklet notesMike Yates889Kbinc.none5.12.15
302Harry Upton PDFWhy Can't it Always be Saturday? CD booklet notesMike Yates773Kbinc.none1.11.15
301The Gutenberg ParenthesisIts closing, and what it may mean for Folklore and for usRod Stradling & Tom Pettitt14Kbnonenone25.10.15
300David StaceyGood Luck to the Journeyman CD booklet notesDavid Stacey & Rod Stradling620Kbinc.none25.8.15
299C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.41: Porter - a Cotswold printerRoly Brown166Kbnonenone24.6.15
298Sheringham BreakdownTraditional music making in this north Norfolk coastal townChris Holderness33Kb158Kb9.78Mb21.5.15
297When Cecil Left the Mountains Part 2More early recordings of American musicMike Yates81Kb65Kbnone27.12.14
296Sam Larner PDFCruising Round Yarmouth CD booklet notesChris Holderness861Kbinc.none8.12.14
295Caroline Hughes"Sheep Crook and Black Dog" CD booklet notesRod Stradling525Kbinc.none26.10.14
294Len Grahaminterviewed by Vic SmithVic Smith & Len Graham36Kb650Kbnone1.4.14
293Cecilia Costello"Old Fashioned Songs" CD booklet notesRod Stradling453Kbinc.none26.2.14
292The Willett FamilyAdieu to Old England CD booklet notesRod Stradling266Kbnonenone26.2.14
291The dancing DaviesStep dancing fishermen of CromerChris Holderness37Kb238Kb7.6Mb11.2.14
290House of David BluesMike Yates discusses the many songs using this tuneMike Yates31Kb196Kb12Mb28.11.13
289Phyllis MarshallThe life and works of Phyllis Marshall, Somerset song collectorGeoff Woolfe130Kb1.53Mb19Kb17.11.13
288Blues Jumped a RabbitMike Yates discusses the origins of the BluesMike Yates51Kb162Kbnone11.11.13
287C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.40: Ballads on three Oxfordshire murdersRoly Brown68Kbnonenone23.8.13
286Among the Blue Flowers ...Why ballads matterMike Yates68Kb75Kbnone30.5.13
285Hindringhamtraditional music and dancing in this north Norfolk villageChris Holderness20Kb262Kbnone30.5.13
284Harry CoxNorfolk fiddler extraordinairePhil Heath-Coleman22Kb99Kb6.45Mb21.5.13
283Bernie Cherrywith powder, shot & gun: CD booklet notesR Stradling & B Cherry1.02Mbinc.none21.5.13
282Far in the Mountains 5Volume 5: CD booklet notesMike Yates1.8Mbnonenone23.4.13
281Far in the Mountainssome thoughts, comments and memories on Vols 1-5Mike Yates40Kb137Kbnone23.4.13
280Sam Larner:the Winterton fisherman and his singing communityChris Holderness31Kb205Kb13.1Mb21.3.13
279George Spicer (1906-1981)"I don't know if this is actually ..." Pt 4: The Old House YearsGeorge Frampton35Kb141Kbnone16.3.13
278C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.39: A Berkshire murder balladRoly Brown63Kbnonenone31.1.13
277George Spicer (1906-1981)"I don't know if this is actually ..." Pt 3: Crossing the BorderGeorge Frampton30Kb304Kbnone22.1.13
276George Spicer (1906-1981)"I don't know if this is actually ..." Pt 2: The West Langdon YearsGeorge Frampton32Kb249Kbnone12.10.12
275A Second SamplerMusical Traditions Records 2005-2012 - CD booklet textRod Stradling2.4Mbnonenone29.8.12
275A Second SamplerMusical Traditions Records 2005-2012 - CD booklet textRod Stradling94Kb1.02Mb7.25Mb1.8.12
274George Spicer (1906-1981)"I don't know if this is actually a folk song" Pt 1: A Boyhood in KentGeorge Frampton31Kb142Kbnone12.7.12
273King's Head FC 1968-70Traditional Performers - CD booklet textRod Stradling126Kb809Kb6.04Mb28.6.12
272Ceol rince na mBreathnachThe discovery of an international repertoirePhilip Heath-Coleman78Kb1.37Mb11.3Mb30.4.12
271"Come in, come in …"Jeff Stockton and the Flag Pond singersMike Yates20Kb103Kbnone14.3.12
270Tom BrownCaister singer: in his own wordsChris Holderness31Kb177Kb19.7Mb4.3.12
269Walter JearyNorth Norfolk dulcimer player, singer and step dancerChris Holderness35Kb155Kb3.41Mb28.1.12
268Sarah MakemAs I Roved Out - CD booklet textAideen D'Darcy175Kb15Kb10.3Mb16.3.12
267Harry LangstonDear Gladys, Dear Gertie ... CD booklet textHarry Langston78Kb675Kb7.66Mb27.9.11
266Bill SmithA country life - CD booklet textAndrew Smith133Kb392Kb2.94Mb22.8.11
265Fred 'Pip' Whiting"Old-time hornpipes, polkas and jigs" - CD booklet textPhilip Heath-Coleman63Kb366Kbnone14.6.11
264Nimrod WorkmanMother Jones' Will - CD booklet notes to MTCD512M Wilson & N Workman82Kb558Kbnone9.5.11
263The Besom-MakerA Look at Heywood Sumner's folksong collectionMike Yates20Kb183Kbnone8.3.11
262Robin Hood in HampshireRobin Hood Ballads in the George Gardiner CollectionBob Askew23Kbnonenone31.1.11
261The Reverend Geoffry Hilland his Wiltshire Folk Songs and CarolsMike Yates48Kb128Kbnone14.1.11
260Once Upon a Time ...A look at some universal folklore themesMike Yates37Kb381Kbnone8.11.10
259The NAT Series on MT RecordsAn IntroductionMark Wilson28Kb103Kbnone24.10.10
258Roger CooperAn Autobiographical StatementRoger Cooper40Kb310Kbnone6.10.10
257Uncle Dave MaconA Study in RepertoireMike Yates132Kb481Kbnone29.9.10
256Winston FlearyCarriacou's Cultural AmbassadorJack Russell17Kb208Kbnone16.9.10
255When Cecil Left the MountainsEarly recordings of American musicMike Yates81Kb146Kbnone2.9.10
254Herbert Mallettthe life and times of a north Norfolk melodeon playerChris Holderness16Kb105Kb469Kb29.8.10
253Haste to the Weddingthe melodeon playing of Walter PardonChris Holderness18Kb17Kb12Mb11.8.10
252Birmingham Ballad PrintersIndex of Titles of Ballads, Collections and TunesRoy Palmer122Kbnonenone8.8.10
251Name that tuneWaifs and Strays of English melodyPhil Heath-Coleman57Kbnonenone13.7.10
250Fred JordanReflections on the singer by various writersM Yates, D Schofield43Kb28Kbnone1.7.10
249Briston and Melton Constable:Traditional music making in two neighbouring Norfolk villagesChris Holderness18Kb257Kbnone2.6.10
248Young Morganveracity and meaningMike Yates95Kbnonenone2.6.10
247Birmingham Ballad PrintersPart Four: V - WRoy Palmer95Kb360Kbnone28.5.10
246C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.38: Sung versions of John ReillyRoly Brown94Kb418Kb13Kb27.5.10
245Dick Hewitt:A True Norfolk ManChris Holderness23Kb217Kbnone20.5.10
244William WinterSomerset village musician: his music in contextGeoff Woolfe31Kb174Kbnone14.5.10
243May Bradley:Sweet SwanseaK Chandler & R Stradling97Kb10Kbnone10.5.10
242C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.37: Printings of John ReillyRoly Brown39Kbnonenone1.5.10
241To Be a Farmer's Boysong as a reflection of change and stabilityMike Yates32Kbnonenone1.5.10
240John MacKay Wilsonand his Tales of the BordersMike Yates136Kb98Kbnone21.4.10
239'It is the First of May'Jack-in-the-Green RevisitedKeith Chandler142Kb475Kbnone10.4.10
238Birmingham Ballad PrintersPart Three: R - TRoy Palmer62Kb363Kbnone6.4.10
237C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.36: Sally MunroRoly Brown48Kb138Kb3.5Kb9.3.10
236Birmingham Ballad PrintersPart Two: K - PRoy Palmer68Kb501Kbnone4.3.10
235The Weymouth FrigateTruth and Fiction in a Broadside balladMike Yates25Kbnonenone18.2.10
234C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.35: Charming Mary NeillRoly Brown58Kb34Kb1.3Kb12.2.10
233Birmingham Ballad PrintersPart One: A - JRoy Palmer76Kb394Kbnone11.2.10
232John Barleycorn revisitedEvolution and Folk SongPete Wood85Kb216Kb3Kb11.2.10
231Wonderfully Curioussome thoughts on the English song traditionMike Yates103Kbnonenone10.2.10
230A's for the Anchora unique version of the Sailor's Alphabet?Mike Yates13Kbnonenone9.2.10
229George Gardiner,Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Journal of 1909Bob Askew39Kb18KBnone14.1.10
228No Need of Knockin' on the Blind:Link between two blues songs and Giovanni BoccaccioMike Yates13Kbnonenone16.12.09
227Tyneside Song:Print and be trad?Pete Wood28Kbnonenone9.12.09
226C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.34: Sung versions of Erin's Lovely HomeRoly Brown146Kb1.06Mb24Kb12.11.09
225And Then it Happened! Ken Langsbury's Stories - CD booklet textKen Langsbury & Rod Stradling78Kb331Kbnone10.10.09
224The Billy Bowman Band with an 85 year history of entertaining CumbriansSue Allan21Kb162Kbnone15.9.09
223A L Lloyd interviewed:Folk songs, industrial songs, the folk revival and other musicsMark Gregory and A L Lloyd34Kb23Kbnone1.9.09
222Bound for Botany Bay:Transports and Transportation in 19th Century NewspapersLewis Jones11Kb255Kb3Kb3.3.09
221Southrepps:Singing and step dancing in a north Norfolk villageChris Holderness24Kb149Kb5.35Mb27.1.09
220C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 33: Erin's Lovely HomeRoly Brown43Kbnonenone22.1.09
219E J Moeran:Collecting folk songs in East Norfolk - in his own wordsChris Holderness21Kb119Kb9.64Mb18.1.09
218From Journalism to Gypsy Folk Song:The Road to Orality of an English BalladTom Pettitt339Kbnonenone15.11.08
217C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 32: Robert Walker of NorwichRoly Brown146Kb318Kbnone5.7.08
216C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 31: Willie Reilly and his Colleen Bawn, part 2Roly Brown72Kb210Kbnone28.5.08
215Scan Tester"I Never Played to Many Posh Dances"  PDF facsimile editionReg Hall126Mbin textnone28.4.08
214Scan TesterThe Reg Hall BBC Radio Sussex interviewsVic Smith35Kb127Kb12.2Mb18.4.08
213C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 30: Willie Reilly and his Colleen Bawn, part 1Roly Brown124Kbnonenone9.2.08
212Peter KennedyThe Darker SideRod Stradling20Kbnonenone8.2.08
211Percy BrownAylsham melodeon playerChris Holderness18Kb237Kb1.46Mb30.11.07
210BakalangaMusic of the Bakalanga people of Botswana and ZimbabweDr Otukile Sindiso Phibion58Kbnonenone27.10.07
209Songs from a ToolboxSongs and Ballads of Old DealGeorge Frampton24Kb74Kbnone29.7.07
208Billy Cooperthe Hingham dulcimer player remembered by his familyChris Holderness25Kb160Kbnone16.7.07
207Roots:another approach to the Echoes of Our Forgotten Ancestors thesisVictor Grauer33Kbnone779Kb26.6.07
206The Brazil FamilyThe Old Riverside - CD booklet notes to MTCD345-7Rod Stradling and others190Kb611Kbnone15.6.07
205C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 29: Norfolk printings of murder and execution, part 4 - The Gressenhall cache, part 2Roly Brown64Kbnonenone17.5.07
204A Story to Tell:Keith Summers in Suffolk 1972-79.  CD booklet notesKeith Summers & Paul Marsh206Kb1.1Mbnone14.5.07
203C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 28: Norfolk printings of murder and execution, part 3 - The Gressenhall cache, part 1Roly Brown86Kbnonenone8.5.07
202C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 27: Norfolk printings of murder and execution, part 2 - Robert WalkerRoly Brown113Kbnonenone1.3.07
201C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 26: Norfolk printings of murder and execution, part 1Roly Brown140Kbnonenone19.2.07
200Meeting's a Pleasure: 3&4CD booklet notes to Volumes 3&4, MTCD343-4Mark Wilson169Kb435Kbnone7.2.07
199Meeting's a Pleasure: 1&2CD booklet notes to Volumes 1&2, MTCD341-2Mark Wilson189Kb435Kbnone7.2.07
198Billy Lown and Philip Hamondtwo North Norfolk singersChris Holderness20Kb145Kb904Kb1.2.07
197Ten Records that Changed my Life:Choices, with reasons, by Mike Yates, Keith Chandler ...and others to follow107Kbnonenone14.8.07
196Wells-next-the-Sea:Traditional music making in a Norfolk coastal townChris Holderness22Kb169Kbnone10.12.06
195C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 25: Bonny Light HorsemanRoly Brown70Kbnonenone4.12.06
194C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 24: Poaching and transportation - the case of William GrahamRoly Brown66Kb208Kbnone6.1.07
193America's Blue YodelJimmie Rodgers' black precursorsLynn Abbott & Doug Seroff56Kb286Kbnone3.11.06
192C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 23: 'Duncan, Jarvis and Lord Howe …'Roly Brown75Kbnonenone28.10.06
191Lizzie Higgins - In Memory of ...CD booklet notesIan Olson140Kb532Kbnone19.10.06
190Seán MacNamaraLiverpool FiddlerSean MacNamara52Kb97Kb320Kb9.10.06
189C19th Musicians No 16John Robbins of Bidford-on-Avon, WarwickshireKeith Chandler30Kb67Kbnone8.10.06
188C19th Musicians Nos 12, 13, 14 & 15Richard Tredwell, Aaron Pickett, Richard Haynes, Joshua Hartwell, Samuel HeathKeith Chandler34Kbnonenone7.10.06
187The Sturch Familyof Shipston-on-Stour, WarwickshireKeith Chandler39Kb189Kbnone6.10.06
186Alfred Brownthe life and times of Shipdham's other fiddlerChris Holderness21Kb107Kbnone13.9.06
185Walter and Daisy BulwerRecollections of the Shipdham musicians by members of their communityChris Holderness33Kb191Kb1.08Mb25.8.06
184Bob Blakeand the re-invented selfMike Yates31Kb40Kbnone18.8.06
183Naval MutinyBallads of The Great Mutiny of 1797Richard S Holdstock50Kbnonenone13.8.06
182Walter NewsteadNorth Norfolk melodeon playerChris Holderness16Kb76Kb548Kb9.8.06
181C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 22: Van Diemen's LandRoly Brown99Kbnonenone13.7.06
180C19th Musicians Nos 8, 9 & 10James Simpson, Joseph Hitchman, Francis & John WattsKeith Chandler32KbNoneNone29.6.06
179Herbert SmithFiddling blacksmith of BlakeneyChris Holderness18Kb100Kb11.5Mb8.6.06
178C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.21: Botany BayRoly Brown66Kbnonenone30.5.06
177William Irwin, 1822-89The life and times of a Lakeland fiddlerGreg Stephens33Kbnonenone27.5.06
176C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.20: TransportsRoly Brown64Kbnonenone23.5.06
175C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.19: Two '98 songsRoly Brown55Kbnonenone26.1.06
174How I Came to Be a Fiddlerthe story of a mountain fiddler from Clay County, WV Wilson Douglas18Kb104Kbnone1.11.05
173The Death of Nelsonand so we arrive at the anniversary of Trafalgar …Roly Brown84Kbnonenone21.10.05
172C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No.18: The Nile, Nelson and othersRoly Brown86Kbnonenone12.10.05
171Joe Peter MacLeanBack of Boisdale CD booklet notesJoe Peter MacLean and Mark Wilson27Kb151Kb282Kb11.10.05
170Jerry HollandParlor Music CD booklet notesJerry Holland and Mark Wilson37Kb205Kb331Kb14.10.05
169Alex Francis MacKayGaelic in the Bow CD booklet notesAlex Francis MacKay and Mark Wilson20Kb160Kb297Kb13.10.05
169iThree Cape Breton CDsIntroduction to three sets of CD booklet notesMark Wilson8Kbnonenone11.10.05
168C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 17: Rutterford the PoacherRoly Brown89Kbnonenone26.9.05
167"We All Just Knew Her as Ruby"Ruby Cracknell, Sussex Pub PianistGeorge Frampton27Kb218Kbnone26.9.05
166Nelson's Monumentconsidering some of the material surrounding the life and times of NelsonRoly Brown71Kb105Kbnone15.9.05
165The Ballad of Willie Cumminga little-known 20th century balladMike Yates20Kb21Kbnone14.9.05
164A Veritable DungheapNos.1 to 32 - by DungbeetleSteve Gardham279Kb4Kb88Kb26.2.24
163Songs from the Golden FleeceA song tradition today - CD booklet notesRod Stradling105Kb319Kbnone9.9.05
162Revisiting Baring-Gould 4Part 4: Collecting, continuedRoly Brown64Kbnonenone9.9.05
161Revisiting Baring-Gould 3Part 3: Collecting, continuedRoly Brown53Kbnonenone29.8.05
160Stephen Baldwin:"Here's One You'll Like, I Think"Philip Heath-Coleman84Kb360Kbnone25.7.05
159Cantometrics:a responseVictor Grauer50Kbnonenone24.7.05
158C19th Broadside Ballad Trade6:No. 16: Barrett and other FeniansRoly Brown63Kbnonenone8.7.05
157C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 15: Constance Kent and the Road murderRoly Brown73Kbnonenone14.6.05
156C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 14: Tawell the Quaker - gallows literatureRoly Brown84Kbnonenone11.6.05
155C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 13: Besley of ExeterRoly Brown129Kbnonenone31.3.05
154Eliza and Gabriel CoatesThe Greatest PrizeMike Yates11Kb90 Kbnone3.3.05
153Revisiting Baring-Gould 2Part 2: CollectingRoly Brown57Kbnonenone21.2.05
152Bob CopperA 1970 interview with ...Vic Smith54Kb355Kbnone18.2.05
151Revisiting Baring-Gould 1Part 1: The SourcesRoly Brown33Kb17Kbnone12.2.05
150C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 12: The Rambler from ClareRoly Brown43Kbnonenone27.1.05
149C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 11: The Croppy BoyRoly Brown69Kbnonenone14.12.04
148Around the Hills of ClareCD booklet notesJim Carroll & Pat Mackenzie151Kbnone282Kb3.12.04
147More Blood on the StairsA 'new' version of LamkinMike Yates22Kbnonenone11.11.04
146Two Problematical Scottish BalladsMary Hamilton and The Young, Young Laird o GilnockieMike Yates16Kb23Kbnone24.10.04
145C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 10: Some printers in CornwallRoly Brown42Kbnonenone14.10.04
144C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 9: Some Devon printersRoly Brown91Kbnonenone1.10.04
143The Birds Upon the TreeCD booklet notesMike Yates80Kb259Kbnone7.9.04
142C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 8: 'Bawlers' and the bawledRoly Brown58Kbnonenone20.6.04
141Singer, Gender and Powerin the Greig-Duncan CollectionGeorgina Boyes45Kbnonenone2.6.04
140C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No. 7: Singers at largeRoly Brown44Kbnonenone1.6.04
139C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No 6: Ballad-sellers at the fairRoly Brown58Kbnonenone20.5.04
138Early Morris picturesThe van Meckenem, Betley and Lancaster images Mike Heaney22Kb1.55Mbnone15.3.04
137The Hardy Sons of DanCD booklet notesKeith Summers147Kb121Kb598Kb12.3.04
136John MacDonaldCape Breton fiddlerJohn MacDonald29Kb224Kbnone2.3.04
135Beltona Recordsand their role in recording Scottish musicBill Dean-Myatt17Kb154Kbnone16.1.04
134The Singing Englishmanthe 60-year-old WMA bookA L Lloyd223Kb229Kb18Kb2.1.04
133In Search of Native SongTraditional Folksong Collecting in New ZealandMichael Brown63Kb46Kbnone11.4.06
132Oak - Country Songs and MusicCD booklet notesRod Stradling75Kb379Kbnone2.12.03
131Bayou Secointerviewed byVic Smith63Kb183Kbnone28.11.03
130C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No 5: The Kerry RecruitRoly Brown61Kbnonenone31.10.03
129C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No 4: More Merry ballad-makingRoly Brown94Kb50Kbnone24.7.03
128Bob Lewisa biographical interviewVic Smith43Kb131Kbnone7.6.03
127World Famous in AlbertaCalvin Vollrath interviewedAlex Monaghan22Kb35Kbnone4.6.03
126C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No 3: Fanny BlairRoly Brown62Kbnonenone28.5.03
125Theodore ...and The Sunshine Violin BandKeith Summers20Kb62Kb98Kb20.5.03
124Here's Luck to a Man ...CD booklet notesMike Yates130Kb136Kb368Kb3.4.03
123Joseph McLawrenceA St Lucian fiddler in LondonKeith Summers8Kb23Kb270Kb15.4.03
122C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:No 2: Sarah DazleyRoly Brown36Kbnonenone11.3.03
121The Pandeirathe old Galician frame drumJuanjo Fernández10Kb35Kbnone21.2.03
120Vande Mataraman evergreen Indian songSuresh Chandvankar39Kb64Kbnone20.2.03
119From Puck to ApplebyCD booklet notesJ Carroll & P Mackenzie153Kb201Kb391Kb14.2.03
118C19th Broadside Ballad Trade:Intro & No 1: Coventry TomRoly Brown40Kbnonenone31.1.03
117Carnival in Trinidad... evolution and symbolic meaningJohn Cowley34Kb85Kbnone6.12.02
116Reuben SarkisianArmenian musician in CaliforniaKeith Summers12Kb48Kbnone6.12.02
115Mr Peters' Boom and Chime... and other music from BelizeLew Herman14Kb47Kbnone6.12.02
114John McKennaLeitrim's Master of the Concert FluteH Bradshaw & J Small33Kb54Kbnone6.12.02
113uBungca (Oxford Bags)W Indian & African music in '20s UKJohn Cowley88Kb108Kbnone6.12.02
112T Jarrell & F CockerhamNorth Carolina fiddle & fretless banjoRay Alden31Kb146Kbnone6.12.02
111I K Dairo, MBEa major African recording starBenson Okagbare15Kb46Kbnone6.12.02
110Indian Gramophone Recordsthe first 100 yearsSuresh Chandvankar41Kb112Kbnone25.11.02
109My name is Gauhar Jan'First dancing girl, Calcutta'Suresh Chandvankar17Kb104Kbnone16.11.02
108Séamus EnnisA tribute to the man and his musicBrendan Breathnach11Kb62Kbnone16.11.02
107The Armstrong TwinsArkansas duoBill McNeil14Kb45Kbnone16.11.02
106¡Ajúa!Música Chicana takes offBen Tavera-King18Kb32Kbnone16.11.02
105Billy HarrisonYorkshire Wolds FiddlerJim Eldon20Kb96Kbnone2.11.02
104Lucy FarrHeart and HomeRoly Brown51Kb177Kbnone2.11.02
103Pawlo HumeniukUkrainian fiddler in the New WorldRichard Spottswood15Kb63Kbnone2.11.02
102Tunes for the Salmon FishersJohn Hall and the music of SpittalMike Yates19Kb226Kbnone17.10.02
101MacLellan & MacPheeCape Breton MusiciansMark Wilson65Kb134Kb384Kb17.10.02
100Johnny DoughtyAn interview with ...Vic Smith38Kb51Kbnone30.9.02
099Golden Age of CalypsoThe 1930sRichard Noblett31Kb86Kbnone30.9.02
098Joe Barrick's piatarbajo... and other one-man bandsHal Rammel46Kb220Kbnone30.9.02
097Songs of the French Sailorsrediscovery of the French traditionMichel Colleu56Kb136Kbnone16.8.02
096William ClarkeThe Ballybay PiperHarry Bradshaw16Kb76Kbnone16.8.02
095Christmas Sports in St Kitts-Nevis... two customs observedP Bearon & A Whitaker28Kb158Kbnone16.8.02
094Far in the Mountains, Vols 3 & 4CD booklet notesMike Yates170Kb170Kbnone22.5.02
093Far in the Mountains, Vols 1 & 2CD booklet notesMike Yates159Kb274Kbnone25.4.02
092A Nest of Singing BirdsMary Sands & Madison Co SingersM Yates & K Sands37Kb74Kbnone15.3.02
091Inuit Throat-Singingand interview with Evie MarkBruno Deschênes27Kb21Kbnone3.3.02
090Willie KennedyCape Breton fiddlerKennedy & Wilson35Kb240Kb85Kb13.2.02
089George DunnCD booklet notesRoy Palmer208Kb640Kbnone8.1.02
088Japanese Traditional Musicsolo & group developmentBruno Deschênes43Kb19Kbnone27.12.01
087Kevin & Ellen MitchellCD booklet notesRod Stradling115Kb86Kbnone15.12.01
086Amy Ford of Low Hamsong learning in a family traditionB & J Patten15Kb31Kbnone3.11.01
085Bartholomew Callowvillage musicianMichael Pickering92Kb30Kbnone3.11.01
084The Millen Family of Bethersdena Kentish family glee traditionGeorge Frampton27Kb108Kbnone23.10.01
083Ray AndrewsClassic English Banjo: CD Booklet NotesGeoff Woolfe113Kb224Kb239Kb15.10.01
082The Age of Revolutionin Irish Song Tradition: 1776-1815Roly Brown92Kb22Kbnone15.9.01
081In Pursuit of Polka Happiness... and a classless culture?Charles & Angela Keil30Kb63Kbnone28.8.01
080Damn Society!An introduction to Greek RembetikaJohn Harrison20Kb64Kbnone28.8.01
079The Gangster ReformedA study in musical parallelsJoão Dos Santos37Kb94Kbnone28.8.01
078Dancing Booth Musicians19th Century Musicians Nos 5, 6 & 7Keith Chandler60Kbnonenone27.7.01
077Eva TaglianiCD Booklet translationDanny Stradling43Kb11Kb323Kb21.7.01
076Joe Rae: Broom Blooms BonnyCD Booklet NotesMIke Yates89Kb46Kb439Kb7.7.01
075My Name is Napoleon BonaparteCD review/articleGeoff Wallis66Kb23Kbnone7.7.01
074"A Proper Limitation"Stereotypes of Alice GommeGeorgina Boyes53Kb65Kbnone13.5.01
073The Barber Familyof Wingfield, SuffolkJohn Howson15Kb76Kbnone12.5.01
072The Tommy Talker Bandsof the West RidingR Wharton, A Clarke14Kb91Kbnone12.5.01
071Up in the North, Down in the SouthCD Booklet NotesMike Yates163Kb239Kb570Kb11.3.01
070Edden Hammonsportrait of a West Virginia fiddlerJohn A Cuthbert71Kb113Kbnone1.2.01
069Just Another Saturday NightSussex 1960 - CD Booklet NotesR Stradling & others189Kb267Kb462Kb7.1.01
068Michael TurnerA 19th Century Sussex FiddlerVic Gammon27Kb199Kbnone28.11.00
067Donald DavidsonThe Banchory MoothieMike Yates23Kb91Kbnone25.11.00
066John Potter19th Century Musicians No 4Keith Chandler62Kb134Kbnone23.11.00
065Harry McQueenCastlemaine button-accordionistPeter Ellis18Kb30Kbnone13.10.00
064Edward & Richard Butler19th Century Musicians Nos 2&3Keith Chandler65Kb63Kbnone17.9.00
063Wiggy Smith and FamilyCD Booklet NotesStradling & Shepheard114Kb140Kbnone31.8.00
062The songs of Elizabeth CroninBook & CD review/articleFred McCormick99Kb52Kb268Kb25.8.00
061James Longshaw19th Century Musicians No 1Keith Chandler24Kbnonenone18.8.00
060Charlie Batcheloran Australian fiddlerRummery & Sullivan8Kb74Kbnone2.8.00
059William 'Old Mettle' Castlea celebrated Banbury characterKeith Chandler53Kb54Kbnone31.7.00
058Daisy ChapmanCD Booklet Notes Stradling & Shepheard104Kb169Kb311Kb16.7.00
057Joe Heaney1964 interview transcript MacColl & Seeger307Kb49Kb783Kb11.10.02
056Eddie Quinn"Border Button-box Champion" Mike Yates31Kb79Kb180Kb9.7.00
055Appalachian Musica short History Debby McClatchy19Kbnonenone27.6.00
054Walter Pardon ...The Socio-Political Songs Mike Yates28Kb48Kbnone4.6.00
053England, whose England?consumerism and cultureMike Sutton53Kbnonenone2.6.00
052Walter PardonCD Booklet NotesRod Stradling190Kb154Kbnone20.5.00
051Bampton - 150 years …fiddle playing & morris dancingKeith Chandler35Kb105Kbnone8.5.00
050George TownshendDouble CD Booklet NotesRod Stradling99Kb119Kbnone17.4.12
049Gordon Hall1991 Radio Sussex interviewVic Smith55Kb68Kbnone27.1.00
048Junior Crehan of Balymackea BegProfile of a West Clare FiddlerBarry Taylor54Kb88Kbnone1.10.02
047Cecil Sharp in Americacollecting in the AppalachiansMike Yates147Kb190Kbnone30.6.00
046Saints' ParadiseTrombone Shout BandsNick Spitzer43Kb88Kbnone25.10.02
045Mel Durham Illinois old-time fiddlerSteve Goldfield37Kb101Kbnone25.10.02
044A Volte RitornanoItalian songs of struggleMariangela Sedda13Kb11Kbnone24.10.02
043Cyril PoacherCD Booklet NotesRod Stradling85Kb54Kbnone23.10.02
042For Want of EducationSongs of Hedge SchoolmastersJulie Henigan39Kbnonenone21.10.02
041Sean-nós in DonegalIn search of a definitionJulie Henigan34Kbnonenone21.10.02
040The Kaiso NewslettersCalypso enthusiasms ...Ray Funk318Kbnonenone10.5.03
039Taking the World for a SpinEU 'World Music' record businessRené van Peer32Kbnonenone23.10.02
038Frank Kidson:some of his 'Grove' entries.compiled Ed.256Kb550Kb31Kb23.10.02
037Highlife PiccadillyAfrican Music on 45s in the UKRay Templeton66Kbnonenone18.10.02
036Alalasthe ancestral music of GalaciaXurxo Romaní9Kb46Kb138Kb18.10.02
035Ethnomusicologyand its relevance to us ...Jonathan Stock18Kbnonenone23.10.02
034Topic VotP InterviewEngle & Hall respond ...Rod Stradling75Kbnonenone25.3.99
033Napoleon in Englanda Working Class hero ...Vic Gammon44Kbnonenone18.10.02
032Traditional DiscographyGetting bigger by the day ...Rod Stradling578Kbnonenone16.7.00
031Music of the Lost ProvincesNorth Carolina 1927-31Marshall Wyatt30Kb135Kbnone22.10.02
030Fred CottenhamThe 'Crockery Ware' ManGeorge Frampton23Kb11KB81Kb25.10.02
029Irish Folk DramaWrenboys, mummers, etcRuarí Ó Caomhanach64Kbnonenone25.10.02
028Topic Records DiscographyThe works - almostMike Brocken and Ed.336Kbnonenone14.6.00
027Sing, Say or Pay!East Suffolk music & song.  Introduction and 4 PartsKeith Summers243Kb373Kb284Mb17.1.99
024Across the Blue MountainsAppalachians/AdirondacksGwilym Davies45Kb122Kb434Kb18.10.02
023The Hammons FamilyWest Virginia traditionsFred McCormick56Kb94Kb318Kb20.10.02
022Wedderburn Oldtimersa dinkum bush bandPeter Ellis41Kb62Kb358Kb25.10.02
021Bob Holtsquare-dance fiddlerJulie A Henigan27Kb79Kb216Kb18.10.02
020East Texas Serenadersextended sleeve notesKeith Chandler14Kb18Kb416Kb25.10.02
019Here is a HealthFermanagh singingSeán Corcoran43Kbnonenone21.10.02
018Bob HartCD booklet notesRod Stradling137Kb96Kb377Kb5.1.04
017Ponte Caffaro revisitednew developmentsRod Stradling16Kb149Kbnone19.10.02
016Nat Reesewest Virginia bluesMichael Kline33Kb91Kbnone25.10.02
015Australian Social Dancean overviewPeter Ellis38Kbnonenone24.10.02
014Past Returns to Present:Archaic hymn-singingTerry E Miller14Kb45Kb234Kb23.10.03
013Francis ShergoldBampton's SquireKeith Chandler19Kb255Kb212Kb24.10.02
012Sophie Legga conversationVic Legg15Kb23Kb128Kb22.10.02
011Scan TesterinterviewRod and Danny Stradling24Kb58Kb140Kb11.10.02
010Staithes Men's ChoirconversationsDanny Stradling33Kb123Kb154Kb23.10.02
009Freddy McKayinterviewSummers & Webb33Kb87Kbnone22.10.02
008Missouri Recollectionscountry fiddlerFred Stoneking28Kb317Kb133Kb8.11.97
007James Scott Skinnerfiddle maestroPeter Cooper25Kb57Kbnone15.10.02
006Stan Seamanmelodeon playerDave Williams27Kb144Kbnone25.10.02
005The Wyper Brothersmelodeon greatsKeith Chandler29Kb100Kbnone25.10.02
004Ponte Caffaro Carnevaleunique fiddle traditionRod Stradling42Kb301Kb327Kb19.10.02
003Odeon Recordstheir ethnic outputPaul Vernon36Kb113Kbnone25.10.02
002Cantometricsexplanation and criticismFred McCormick27Kbnonenone21.10.02
001Ted 'Darkie' DuckettNew Forest bones playerDave Williams14Kb68Kbnone25.10.02


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