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Lots more of those lovely old pictures
that Musical Traditions was famous for

Continuing the MT tradition of including lots of interesting pictures liberally spread all over the place - here are some more for you to enjoy.  The most recent ones are at the top.

As these big pictures take a while to download, a page of thumbnails is provided - you just click on the ones which look interesting to you and see them full-sized.

Tiroler with Chermitzer
American Band?
Strolling Players
The Wheeler Band
Busker playing a water-jar xylophone
Nyckelharpa player busking in Aix-en-Provence
Buskers with harp and fiddle, Kirkwall, Orkney
Bampton Morris 1952
Northumberland small-pipes player 1835
Ukranian buskers in Salzburg
Russian playing wine glasses
Galician bagpipe and drum group
Sardarnes in Barcelona
Three African recorder players
Three hurdy-gurdy players
Carving of a bagpiper
George Brown, melodeon
Harp band
Minstrel troup
Bohemian Orchestra
Vielle and Cornemuse players
Brass band
Calabrian piper & piffero player
Unidentified procession
A cod band
Soldiers with  band fife and melodeon
A melodeon player in a group of soldiers
Alpenhorn player
George Young
Vielle player
African kora player
Northumbrian piper
'Mixed quartette'
National Children's Home band
'A Native Musician in Peshawar'
M G Fericescu's Royal Roumainian band
Biniou and bombarde players
Cornmeuse and biniou players
Jan Kubelik
M G Fericescu's Royal Roumainian Orchestra
A G banjo player in a family group
Italian street musician, playing the harp
A mixed mandolin band with a snare drummer
A melodeon player with three young men and a soldier on a donkey!
Blanche Kate Rickman
Bob Roberts
Geppo del Capplet
Antandroy musicians
A corps of drums
A fiddle band
Fife and drum band
The Ford & Barris Trio
street singer and street organ grinder
Anglo concertina player
Stage group with mandolins
Mixed Band
A comic band
A comic carnival band
'Cripples' Choir'
C. Dewilde-Dupont et ses enfants
Drummer Ross
Fiddler & two drinkers
Fred. Melenydd Roberts
Fred. Melenydd Roberts
Unidentified village band seventeen strong
Tommy Troll Band
Morley Parrock Nook Anthem Prize Band
Jimmy Dyer
Fiddler in barn
'Charlie Galloway
Italian one-man band
Black band
Dancing doll
Carnival band
York fiddler
Ballad singer
Pennycross Bill
Fancy Dress
Comedy Band
Melodeon Boy
Blind Harry
Melodeon Man and Monkey
Phil May postcard
Blackpool Outing
The TB Band
Comic Band
Eugne Jzquel
Glada Kalle
Zulu musicians
Haigh's String Band
Minstrel troupe
Chinese band
Nag-Hamadi musicians
British soldiers?
Hobby horses
Italian soldiers?
Concertina band
New Zealand
Harp band
Barrel organ

If any of you have any pictures worthy of inclusion, please send them to the address below.
I faithfully promise to scan them and return them to you by the following post.


Rod Stradling - e-mail: rod@mustrad.org.uk    Tel: 01453 759475
snail-mail: 1 Castle Street, Stroud, Glos GL5 2HP, UK

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