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Voice of the People

Just in time for their 60th Anniversary celebrations, Topic's 20-CD mega series hits the streets about a year after it was first scheduled - and, with only a day of looking and listening to go on, it seems to have been very well worth the wait.  The production is lavish to say the least and each record is accompanied by a 40 to 50 page booklet which contains not only pretty complete biographical details on all the performers, notes on each track and the words of all the songs, but also editor Reg Hall's discussion of the music and its place in the socio-cultural community which supported it.  Twenty of these makes a full-sized book by any reckoning.

Obviously, the individual CDs will be reviewed here (the first few are available via our special Voice of the People Index), but it will be a mammoth task and readers should not expect a complete evaluation for several months.  Time to save up those pennies ...

Across the Blue Mountains

Gloucester Folk Museum, Westgate St, Gloucester

Friday 15th January 1999    8.00 p.m.    Admission £2-50

Limited capacity - booking advisable 01452-526467

'Across the Blue Mountains' is an illustrated talk on Gwilym Davies' folksong field trips to the United States during the winter of 1997-1998.  During that time, he visited the Appalachian and Adirondack mountains and to meet and record traditional singers and story tellers.

The talk features photographs of the singers and of course recordings of the songs and stories, which include:

Gwilym can be contacted at: Gwilym@cmarge.demon.co.uk

Alan Lomax Collection

News just in from John Cowley, who's in the USA at the moment, is that Rounder now have the Jeannie Robertson, Margaret Barry and the (British) Christmas Songs and Music CDs out over there.  Presumably, it won't be too long before they reach these shores, if distributors Koch UK get their act together.

He also sent us a Press Release detailing the proposed 'tentative' schedule for further releases in the Lomax series - as follows:

January/February 1999 - Caribbean Voyage
Caribbean Voyage Sampler; Carriacou Calaloo; East Indian Music of the West Indies; Calypso at Midnight (double CD)

March/April - Deep River of Song
Black Texicans; Black Appalachia; Bahamas 1935: Chanteys and Anthems; Cajun recordings

May - Italian Treasury
Music and Song of Italy Sampler; Trallaleri of Genoa; Calabria

June - World Library of Folk & Primitive Music

July - Folk Songs of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Songs of Seduction

August - Deep River of Song
Mississippi Blues; Mississippi Saints and Sinners;

September - Caribbean Voyage
Roots of Carnivals: Trinidad

October - Folk Songs of England, Scotland, and Ireland
Classic Ballads I; Classic Ballads II

January 2000 - Caribbean Voyage
Carriacou Funerary Music; Carriacou Tombstone Feast

logomax.gif - 9.7 K February - The Spanish Recordings
Aragon and Valencia; Galicia

March - Ballad Operas
The Martins and the Coys; The Chisholm Trail

April - Deep River of Song
Big Brazos; Virginia/Piedmont

May - Italian Treasury
Sicily; Emilia-Romagna

June - World Library of Folk & Primitive Music
Rumania; Venezuela (or Yugoslavia)

July - The Spanish Recordings
Andalucia: The Cities; Andalucia: Rural Folk Music

August - Portraits
Hobart Smith; Texas Gladden

October - Folk Songs of England, Scotland, and Ireland
East Anglia: The Blaxhall Pub Recordings; The British Folk Revival

Clearly there's a great deal to look forward to amongst that lot - and some never before released material in several of the offerings, it would appear.

A Festival of Village Carols

Saturday 28 November 1998 - 9.30 am to 11.30 pm

Grenoside Community Centre, near Sheffield, UK

Tickets: All Day - £12.00, Evening only - £4.00.  Refreshments and a real ale bar

Workshops: 10.00 am - 4.00 pm, Talk: 4.30 - 5.30 pm, Grand Sing: 7.30 pm

During the day there will be the opportunity to learn and join in with 15 favourite local carols from the Worrall area, both the singing parts and the instrumental parts (string and wind).   These will be performed at the Grand Sing in the evening, when there will be an opportunity to listen to the guest groups.   This year the guests are the Foolow Carollers from the Derbyshire Peak District, the Netherton Carol Band from near Huddersfield, and the Travellers Inn Carollers from Thorpe Hesley near Rotherham.

No special expertise is necessary, just enthusiasm for the local carols and a willingness to join in.

Enquiries: Village Carols, Bridge House, Unstone, Sheffield S18 4AF, UK or telephone Ian Russell on 01246 417315


Rod Stradling - e-mail: rod@mustrad.org.uk    Tel: 01453 759475
snail-mail: 1 Castle Street, Stroud, Glos GL5 2HP, UK

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