As with Smithsonian Folkways, the Rounder catalogue is so vast that it may be easier to go directly to their site at: than to try to include more than a few entries here.  They also have catalogues of the 35 other labels which they distribute.  As far as I can see, full track listings are given for all Rounder records, but not for some of the other labels.
CD0026 E C Ball with Orna Ball & the Friendly Gospel Singers
Trials, Troubles, Tribulations, When I Can Read My Titles Clear, Born to Serve the Lord, Chow Time, Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party, Do You Call That Religion?, The Cabin in the Valley, Give Me Just A Little More Time, I See God in Everything, House of Gold, Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down, Raggin' the Wires, The Early Bird Always Gets the Worm, John the Baptist, I'm Glory Bound, The Parting Hand, Radio Show.
CD0032 Kitty Puss   Buddy Thomas, fiddle; Leona Stamm, guitar.
Nine Miles Out of Louisville, Frankie, John Rawl Jamieson, Sheeps and Hogs Walking Through the Pasture, Georgia Row, Briarpicker Brown, Stillhouse Branch, The Blue Goose, Yellow Barber, 'Possum Up a 'Simmon Tree, Kitty Puss, Martha Campbell, Turkey in a Pea Patch, Big Indian Hornpipe, Brown Button Shoes, The Sweet Sunny South.
CD0037 Wild Rose of the Mountain   Kentucky fiddle music JP, Annadeene and Danielle Fraley   (2000)   Review
Cluckin' Hen, Going Back to Kentucky, Birdie, The Red-haired Irishman, Mud Fence, Swing Nine Yards of Calico, Run Johnny Run, Wild Rose of the Mountain, Miller's Reel, Little Liza Jane, Granny Take a Look at Uncle Sam, Sail Away Ladies, Forked Deer, The Roosian Rabbit, White Rose Waltz, Dusty Miller, Going Down the River, The Fun's All Over, One Morning in May, October Waltz, Fiddler's Dream, Glen Hayes, German Schottische, Paddy on the Turnpike, Farewell to Norway, Roxanna Waltz, The Girl with the Blue Dress on, Dry and Dusty, Jimmy Ossenton, Denver Belle, Bitter Creek, Annadeene's Waltz.
CD0047 The Right Hand Fork of Rush's Creek   Wilson Douglas, with Roy 'Speedy' Tolliver and Douglas Meade.   (2005)   Review
Cotton-Eyed Joe; Rocky Road to Dublin; Little Rose; Walking in the P; Elzic's Farewell; Yew Piney Mountain; Shelvin' Rock; Camp Chase; West Fork Girls; Brushy Run; Old Christmas Morning; Chicken Reel; Paddy on the Turnpike; Forked Buck; Old Mother Flanagan; Fly around, my Blue-eyed Girl; Boatin' Up Sandy; Ain't Going to Rain No More; Cumberland Gap; The Devil in Georgia; Salt River; Going on Down Town; Arkansas Traveler; One More River to Cross.
CD0375 Lonnie's Breakdown   Classic Fiddle Music from Missouri   Lonnie Robertson   (1997)   Review
Lonnie's Breakdown; Ozark Mountain Waltz; Mountain Reel; Old Parnell; Untitled Reel in Bb; Old Time Breakdown in A; Lady on a Steamboat; The Fiddler's Blues; Lonnie's Hornpipe; Big Sandy River; Jump Fingers; Saddle Old Kate; Rock All the Babies to Sleep; Speed the Plough; Caney Mountain Hornpipe; Hazy Hills Waltz; Taney County Breakdown; Lantern in the Ditch; Lonesome Polly Ann; Kaiser Waltz; Old Joe; Johnny, Bring the Jug Around the Hill; Cincinnati Hornpipe; Natural Bridge Blues; Untitled Reel in D; Wink the Other Eye; Malindy; Unnamed Bb Waltz; Rag in C; Rosebud Reel; A & E Rag; Bluebird Waltz; Arkansas Stomp; Katy Hill / Darky's Dream / Brown Leaf Rag.
CD0376 Traditional Fiddle Music of Kentucky Vol 1   Various performers
Buddy Thomas: Portsmouth Airs; Turkey Gobbler; Pumpkin Vine; Snakewinder; Feed My Horse on Corn and Hay; Short's Addition.  George Lee Hawkins: Bumblebee in a Jug; Meg Gray; Humphrey's Jig; Darling Girl; Rat's Gone to Rest; Callahan; Boatin' Up Sandy; Greek Medley; Big Footed.  Alfred Bailey: Lansing Quadrille; Weddington's Reel; Big Indian Hornpipe; Alexander Waltz; Bell Cow; Tilden to the White House.  Alva Greene: Indian Squaw; The Pet Indian; I've Got a Grandpa; The Blind Man's Lament; McClanahan's March; Flannery's Dream; The Winding Sheep; Buck Hord.  Perry Riley: Getting George Bush Upstairs; Getting Wild Again; Jaybird in a High Oak Tree; Warfield.  Charlie Kinney: Lost Hornpipe; The Bell Cow.  Bob Prater: Blackeyed Peas and Cornbread; Grand Hornpipe; Onion Tops and Turnips Greens.  Clarence Rigdon: Kicked Up a Devil of a Row.
CD0377 Traditional Fiddle Music of Kentucky Vol 2   Various performers
Darley Fulks: She Danced All Night in the Fiddler's Shoes; Atlanta Schottische; Snowstorm; The Downfall of Paris; Andrew Jackson; Pharaoh.  Van Kidwell: Last Gold Dollar; Johnny Inch Along.  Jim Woodward: Rough and Ready; Midnight.  John Masters:Snowbird in the Ashbank; Shippingport; Camp Nelson Blues;  Garfield March; One Eyed Riley.  Kelly Gilbert: Granny Will Your Dog Bite?; Old Time Billy in the Lowground; Brickyard; Johnny Get Your Hair Cut.  Bill Livers: Old Virge; Up and Down Old Eagle Creek.  J B Miller: Crab Orchard Quickstep; George Winter Tune; Severn Creek  Clarence Skirvin: Going Up and Down Old Buffalo Creek; Old Flannigan; Indiana Home.  Lella Todd: Everybody's Favorite.  Earl Thomas: Boatin' Up Sandy.  Billy Stamper: Red Lick.  Columbus Williams: Poor Girl Waltz.  Ed 'Buck' Barnes: Morgan on the Railroad.  Bill Hatton: Christmas Calico.  Vincent Crawford: Sand Riffle.  Everett Kays: Bacon Rind.  Artie Vandegriff: Jenny Baker.  Jarvie Hall: Billy Wilson; White Wing Waltz.
CD0378 Up in Chapman's Hollow   Owen 'Snake' Chapman, fiddle; Paul Smith, banjo; Bert Hatfield, guitar.   (1999)   Review
Give My Dogs Away, Rock Andy, Can You Dance a Tobacco Hill?, Gina Lisa, Jerry and Tom, Going Down to Charleston, I Don't Like Whiskey, Brushy Fork of Johns Creek, Jack of Diamonds, Go In and Out the Window, Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe?, Molly's Tune, Going Down to Maysville, Coburn Fork of Big Creek, 1The Darker the Nights, Johnny Booger, Little Sally Ann, The Devil Eat the Groundhog, Big Black Cat, Blackie, Slim Miller's Tune, Tara's Waltz, Pat Him on the Back, Garfield's Blackberry Blossom, Chapman's Hornpipe, Doc Chapman's Breakdown.
CD0380 Going Back to Old Kentucky   Roger Cooper, fiddle; with Mike Hall, guitar.   (1996)
Nine Miles Out of Louisville; Pine Creek; Cauliflower; New Money; Growling Old Man / Fussing Old Woman; Boatin' up Sandy; Bostony; Warfield; Paddy; Susan's Gone; Morris Allen's Brickyard Joe; Weddington's Reel; Greek Mdody; Salt Lick; Something Sweet to Tell; Charleston #1; Snakewinder; Chillicothe Beauty; Portsmouth; Meg Gray; Bumblebee in a Jug; Coon Dog; Jimmy Arthurs; Going Back to Old Kentucky; Bear Creek Hop.
CD0381 Saddle Old Spike   Fred Stoneking   (1997)   Review
Birdie in a Snowbank; Horse and Buggy-O; Sugar Betty Ann; Evelyn's Waltz; Honey Creek Special; Burt County Breakdown; Buzzard in a Pea Patch; Who's Going to Talk to Dinah?; Blackberry Waltz; Old Indiana; Old Gray Goose; Muddy Weather; McCowan's Waltz; Needle in a Haystack; Cherry Blossoms; Saddle Old Spike; Green's Waltz; Dance Around Molly; Humansville; Blackberry One Step; Walk Along, John; Willott's Hornpipe; No Little Home to Go To; Rye Whiskey; Goodbye Liza Jane; Frisky Jim.
CD0382 Uncle Henry's Favourites   Marvin Gaster   Review
Shoefly; They'll Be A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight; Shady Grove; The Longest Train I Ever Did See; Country Waltz; Goodbye Liza Jane; Mississippi Sawyer; Chicken Crowing At Midnight; It Ain't Gonna Rain No More; Dancing Ladies; Darling What More Can I Do; The Italian Waltz; Holler; Tippin' In The Parlor; Mr Catfish; Sundown; Old Log Cabin For Sale; Goodbye Annie Belle; Whistle On Your Way; Piper's Hornpipe; Johnson Gal; Poor Little Nell; Georgia Buck;. The Boatman Song.
CD0394 Kentucky Old Time Banjo   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Blanche Coldiron: Devil's Dream, Tally Ho!, Heathen Ridge Stomp / Mama's Breakdown, Hot Corn, Lonesome Road Blues.  Earl Thomas: Boatin' Up Sandy, Granny Went to Meeting with her Old Shoes On, Forked Deer, Chicken Reel, State Rock.  Buell Kazee: John Hardy, Soldier's Joy, The Blind Man's Lament.  Paul Smith: Roll On Buddy Roll On, Rippling Water, The Darker the Nights.  Bert Garvin: Down the River Oh Yes, Stackolee, Sugar in the Gourd, Turkey in the Straw, The Fun's All Over.  Travis Wells: Red Lick, Rocky Mountain Goat, Everbody's Favorite, Callahan.  Vernon and Zora Judd: Walking in the Parlor, Hawk's Got a Chicken and Gone.  Dora Mae Wagers: Wild Bill Jones, Young Edward.  Roscoe Holcomb: Swannanoa Mountain, Blackeyed Susie, John Henry.  Razor Wolfinbarger: Little Boy Working on the Road, Johnny Inch Along.  Hobert Bowling: Cripple Creek / Susanna.  John Kinman: Hallelujah I'm a Bum.  Omar Hook: Home Sweet Home.  Bert Hatfield: Sourwood Mountain.
CD0395 Kentucky Old-Time Banjo   Various performers
Blanche Coldiron: Devil's Dream, Tally Ho!; Earl Thomas: Boatin' Up Sandy, Granny Went to Meeting with her Old Shoes On; Buell Kazee: John Hardy; Paul Smith: Roll On, Buddy, Roll On, Rippling Water; Bert Garvin: Down the River Oh Yes; Travis Wells: Red Lick; Vernon and Zora Judd: Walking in the Parlor; Dora Mae Wagers: Wild Bill Jones; Blanche Coldiron: Heathen Ridge Stomp / Mama's Breakdown, Hot Corn - Blanche Coldiron; Roscoe Holcomb: Swannawoa Mountain, Blackeyed Susie; Earl Thomas: Forked Deer; Razor Wolfinbarger: Little Boy Working on the Road; Razor Wolfinbarger, Billy Stamper and Earl Thomas, Jr: Johnny Inch Along; J P and Danielle Fraley: Stackolee; Bert Garvin / Danielle Fraley: Sugar in the Gourd; Blanche Coldiron: Lonesome Road Blues; Hobert Bowling: Cripple Creek / Susanna; Roscoe Holcomb: John Henry; John Kinman: Hallelujah I'm a Bum; Omar Hook: Home Sweet Home; Travis Wells: Rocky Mountain Goat, Everybody's Favorite; Bert Hatfield, Paul Smith and Roger Cooper: Sourwood Mountain; Paul Smith, Bert Hatfield: The Darker the Nights; Buell Kazee, Jim Gaskin and Asa Martin: Soldier's Joy; Buell Kazee: The Blind Man's Lament; Travis Wells: Callahan; Dora Mae Wagers: Young Edward; Bert Garvin, J P Fraley: Turkey in the Straw; Vernon and Zora Judd, Asa Martin: Hawk's Got a Chicken and Gone; Earl Thomas, Billy Stamper: Chicken Reel, State Rock; Bert Garvin, J P and Danielle Fraley: The Fun's All Over.
CD0404 WPAQ   The Voice of the Blue Ridge Mountains   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Old Joe Clark, Cornbread & Butterbeans, When The Angels Rolled The Stone away, I'm Living Down here On Borrowed Land, Chicken Reel, How Will I Explain About You?, Mississippi Sawyer, Weeping Willow, Forgive Is Number One, Man Of Constant Sorrow, Honeysuckle Blues, A Mansion Will Be Mine, Feed Me Jesus, There'll Come A Time, Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight, Story Of The Drunken Driver, The Wreck Of The Old 97, This World Can't Stand Long, Whoa Mule, Natural Bridge Blues, God Loves His Children, I'll Meet You By The River, Cripple Creek, Way Down In My Soul, Billy In The Lowground.
CD0409 Devil Eat the Groundhog   Paul Smith & Friends   (1999)
North Carolina Breakdown; The Devil Eat the Groundhog; Rock Andy; Fort Smith; Hard Times Come Again No More; Going Down to Charleston; Goodbye Ma Goodbye Pa; Boatin' Up Sandy; Going Down to Maysville; Pretty Little Girl; Pond Creek; Guitar Blues; Johnny Don't Get Drunk; Rabbit in a Pea Patch; Hodi Cake; Old Molly Hare; Sandy River Belle; When the Wild Azaleas Bloom; Angeline the Baker; Paddy on the Turnpike; Monkey on a String; Sugar Hill; Oh by Jingo; Blues in A; Whistling Rufuss; Old Jerry Davis; The Darker the Night; Lost Indian; Jenny's Waltz; Johnny the Blacksmith; Rippling Waters; Rock Andy; Too Young to Marry; You'd Better Get out of the Way.
CD0418 Walnut Gap   Owen 'Snake' Chapman   (1999)   Review
Old Aunt Adkins, Rippling Waters, Old Joe, In Come a Bee, Mad as a Hornet, I'll Go Home to My Honey, Cat Tracks, Nancy Rowland, Salt River,Jenny's Waltz, Humphreys County Blues, Foxfire, Walnut Gap, Boating up Sandy, High on a Mountain, Bert's Tune, Rabbit in a Pea Pateh, Half Irish, Bring Me Back My Hodi Cake, Suppertime Frolic Waitz, John Carson's Billy in the Lowland, Take Your Foot out of the Mud, Old Jerry Davis, Nubbin Ridge, Money Musk, Old Baldy, Hickory Leaf, Slow and Easy Hornpipe, Frog on a Limb, McMichen's Breakdown, Indian Nation, Going to Town.
CD0420 A Cowboy's Life   Glenn Ohrlin   Glenn Ohrlin with J P Fraley,fiddle, and Gordon McCann, second guitar   (1998)
Desert Sands, Platonia the Pride of the Plains, Shorty's Saloon, Cowboy Again for a Day, Caneion Mixteca, Fair Lady of the Plains, Night Herding Song, A Cowboy's Life, Texas Cowboy, Ace in the Hole, Barnacle Bill the Sailor, A Spanish Cavalier, Button Willow Tree, My Bonny Black Bess, 'Long Side the Santa Fe Trail, Comitan de Las Flores, El Corrido de Kansas, Reincarnation, The Hell Bound Train.
CD0429 Joseph Won a Coated Fiddle   Dwight Lamb   (1999)   Review
Jake's Best Reel, Oyster Girl, Bill Powell's Waltz, Danish Galop, Bells of America, Lady on the Green, Joseph Won a Coated Fiddle, Rocky Road to Jordan, German Stop Waltz, Jenny Comb your Hair, Zinger, Dickson County Blues, Rickett's Hornpipe, Oyster River Quadrille, Shag Poke, The Old Gray Horse, Old Quadrille, The Scolding Wife, A Bob Walters' Tune in D and A, Granny Will your Dog Bite? Step up Susie, Danish Waltz, Casey's Reel, The Hiram Allen Tune, Long John, Danish Polka, Jimmy in the Swamps, The Thrashers' Tune, Green Valley Waitz, Schottische, A Bob Walters' Tune in G, Boys Around the World.
CD0432 Got a Little Home to Go To   Bob Holt   (1999)   Review
Carroll County Blues; Sally Goodin; Red Hills Polka; Fort Smith; John Brown's Dream; Shoe Cobbler's Blues; Rabbit in the Pea Patch; Old Charlie Deckard; Flop Old Turkey Buzzard / Sugar in the Coffee-O / Hop Up, Kitty Puss; Arkansas Two Step; Doc Brown's Dream; Wolves a-Howling; Finley Creek Blues; Rattlesnake; Sally Went a-Hunting; Acorn Hill Breakdown; Lost Indian; Got a Little Home to Go To; Going Across the Sea; Molly, Put the Kettle On; The Ninth of January; The Old Stillhouse; The Old Country Waltz; Tomahawk; Black Mountain Rag.
CD0435 Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Stan Jackson: Big 'Taters in the Sandy Land, Oklahoma Run, Sam Taylor's Tune, Newhouse, Pretty Little Girl with a Blue Dress On;  Gene Gosforth: Darkies' Dream, Boatin' Down the River, Ragged Bill, Nine Mile, Rocky Road to Denver;  Violet Hensley: Uncle Henry, Rose Nell, Sam Moore Waltz, Wang Wang Blues, Mate to the Hog Waltz, Jericho;  Howe Teague: Wabash Foxtrot, White River, Nine Mile, Everything, Cluckin' Hen, Arkansas Hop;  Bob Holt: Plantation Medley, Sourwood Mountain, Bear Creek Sally Goodin, Blue Mule, Wolves a-Howling;  Jesse Wallace: On the Rock, Old Leather Bonnet with a Hole in the Crown, Old Joe Redbird, Nubbin, Bay Rooster, Saddle Old Spike;  Cecil Gosforth: Jawbone, New Five Cents, Jenny Nettles, Hamilton Ironworks;  Sam Younger: Mason's March, Sourwood Mountain;  Audrey Handle: Drowning Creek Blues.
CD0436 Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks, Vol 2:   On the Springfield Plain   Various performers   (2000)
Dean Johnston: Frisky Jim, Crystal Stream Waltz, Chinky Pin, Turkey Knob, Lantern in a Ditch, Wado, Ray Curbow: Minnie Put the Kettle on, Oklahoma Quickstep, Pig Ankle Blues, Going Down to Memphis, F Hornpipe, Dry Branch, Around the World on a Dime, Earl Ball: Spotted Pony, Helen s Waltz, Humansville, Starlight Waltz, Bill Graces: One Old Indian Two Old Squaws, Fort Gibson, The Old Still House is all Burnt Down, Lacey Hartje: Picking Cotton Down South, Turkey Tracks, Whiskers, Breakdown in A & D, Jasper County Breakdown, Art Galbraith: Fisher s Hornpipe, Leather Britches, Kiss Me Waltz, A & D Cotillion, Bill Mustain: The Last Waltz, Greenback Dollar, Willott s Hornpipe, Taylor Brown, Raymond Thomas: Soldier s Joy, Ruth Hawkins: Rachel, Durang s Hornpipe, Gary Johnston: Down Home Rag, Leonard Smith: Steamboat Blues, Fred Stoneking: In Old arkansas.
CD0437 Traditional Fiddle Music of the Ozarks, Vol 3: Down in the Border Counties   Jim Beeler, Alton Jones, Jim Herd, Noel Scott, Jess Silvey, H K Silvey, Bill Conley   (2001)   Review
Kate-KayLee Breakdown / Jeff City / Uncle Joe, Will Your Horse Pack Double? / Knock Around the Kitchen / Twinkle Little Star / The Branson Rag / Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy / Wake Up Susan / Home Brew Rag / Clark Waltz / Finley Creek Blues / Old Joe in Dischord / Sadie / Mama Blues / Goodbye My Honey I'm Gone / Tennessee Grey Eagle / Tennesee Wagoner / Betty Lou Waltz / Sally Come Down the Middle / Old Judge Parker / Pretty Polly / Delaware County Blues / Milk Cow Blues / Johnny, Pass the Jug / Broken Down Gambler / Old St Joe / Cluckin' Hen / Seabolt Quickstep / Sally Johnson / Last Train Home / Hawk's got a Chicken and Flew in the Woods / Tar-Ria Waltz / Lost Indian / Hold Old Bald while I Dance with Josie / Durang's Hornpipe / Old Fort Smith.
CD0439/40 The North Carolina Banjo Collection   Various performers   (1998)
Odell Thompson: Georgia Buck.  Glenn Davis: Blue Ridge Mountain Home.  Kelly Sears: Log Cabin.  Babe Reid: Corinna.  Etta Baker: Going Down the Road Feeling Bad.  Ernest Helton: Royal Clog.  Clay Everhart: Arkansas Traveler/Old Black Joe/Sweetheart, Would You Care?  Libba Cotten: Low Baked a Hoe Cake.  John Snipes: Snow a Little, Rain a Little.  Frank Jenkins: Babtist Shout.  Dink Roberts: Fox Chase.  Smith & Allgood: American and Spanish Fandango.  Ola Belle Reed: Going to Write Me a Letter.  Fischer Hendley: Shuffle, Feet, Shuffle.  Samantha Bumgarner: The Worried Blues.  J G & Jerry Wayne Britt: Missouri Waltz.  Carl Nance: Italian Waltz.  Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Mr Garfield.  Charlie Poole: There'll Come a Time.  Bertie Dickens: Cleveland's Marching to the White House.  Mark Woolbright: The Man Who Wrote 'Home Sweet Home' Never Was a Married Man.  Marvin Gaster: The Old Doctor that Fell in the Well.  Wilmer Watts: Cotton Mill Blues.  Walter Raleigh Babson: Hello Coon.  Dock Walsh: Come Bathe in that Beautiful Pool.  Scotty Wiseman: Sugar Babe.  Arnold Watson: Biscuits.  Doc Watson: Reuben's Train.  Hobbie Whitener: Whoa, Mule, Whoa.  Gaither Carlton: Rambling Hobo.  George Pegram: I Left My Old Home in the Mountains.  Frank Profitt: Cumberland Gap.  Wade Mainer: Short Life and Its Trouble.  Fred Cockerham: Roustabout.  Snuffy Jenkins: Nancy Rowland.  Stella Kimble: Cotton Eyed Joe.  A C Overton: Railroad.  Tommy Jarrell: John Henry.  Carroll Best: The Nut Medley: Chinquapin Hunting / Acorn Hill Breakdown  Kyle Creed: Lost Indian.  Charlie Lowe: Cripple Creek.  Carlie Marion: Under the Double Eagle.
CD0476 The Wind that Shakes the Barley   John McCutcheon   (2000)   Review
Wind that Shakes the Barley; Morpeth's Rant; Staten Island; Planxty George Bralrazon; Si Bheag Si Mhor; Every Bush and Tree; Dallas Rag; Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring; Carter Store Medley: Wildwood Flower, Red Wing, Wake Up Susan, Temperance Reel; Sculley's Reel, Morrison's Jig; If I Were a Featherbed; St Anne's Reel; Cricket on the Hearth, Kitchen Girl, Mississippi Sawyer; Sally in the Garden, Wild Rose of the Mountain; Who Will Sing for Me?; Hangman's Reel, Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap; Greensleeves.
CD0529 Hell Agin the Barn Door   Dwight "Red" Lamb: fiddle, accordion and parlor organ: Lynn Holsclaw and Gordon McCann: guitars.   (2005)
Bob's Tune in D; Casey's Tune; Waltz in E; Wilse Walter's Tune; Danish Schottische; Cottoneyed Joe; Beaux of Albany; The Irish Cobbler; Hell Agin the Barn Door; Old Zip Coon; Bill Gray's Quadrille; Storm; The Fox Chase; Dry and Dusty; Cyril's Crosskey Piece; Bring it with You When You Come; Duncan's Reel; Steamboat Around the Bend; Pretty Lies; The Jones Waltz; The Isle of Fyn; Adrain's Hornpipe; Big Horned Cattle; Possum Up a Gum Stump; Over the Ocean Waves Quadrille; Tipp's Tune; Danish Waltz; Purcell's Reel; The Dark Haired Girl; The Woodpile Tune; Missouri Mud; Sally Johnson; Salty River Reel.
CD0533 Essence of Old Kentucky   Roger Cooper, with Robin Kessinger and Michael Garvin   (2006)
Dance All Night ; Briarpicker Brown; Blackberry Blossom; Ditney Tea; Headwaters of Tygart; Jim Woodward Tune; Queen of the West; Father Wheeler's Waltz; Pond Creek Polka; Gippy, Get your Hair Cut; Martha Campbell; Hard up Big Kanawha; Nancy Rowland; Lazy Bow Drag; Shortening in the Bread; Big Indian Hornpipe; Wild Goose Chase; Pretty Little Indian; Golden Star Hornpipe; Flannery's Dream; Rough and Ready; We'll All Go to Heaven When the Devil Goes Blind; Birdie; Midnight Serenade; Soapsuds Over the Fence; Trot Along, My Honey; Sally Growler; Putney's Run; Paddy Bids Farewell to America; Six White Horses; Yellow Barber; Morgan on the Railroad; Stonewall Jackson; Katy Hill.
CD0544 Along The Ohio's Shores: Fiddle Music Along a Great River   Various performers.   (2005)
Kenny Roth Tune #1 - Harold Zimmerman; Texas John - Emma Lee Dickerson; Pumpkin Vine - Forrest Pick; Old Flannigan - Tommy Taylor; Shelvin' Rock - Alfred Bailey; Lead Out - Ray Hilt; Blackjack - Hobert Bowling; Hell Up the Holler - Sam McCord; Portsmouth Hill Winder - John Lozier; Chillicothe Beauty - Forrest Pick; Forked Deer - Bob Prater; Billy in the Lowground - Buddy Thomas; Briarpicker Brown - Morris Allen; Blackberry Blossom - John Lozier; General Lee - Roger Cooper; Grecian Bend - Forrest Pick; Birdie - Forrest Pick; Susan's Gone - Emma Lee Dickerson; Run, Boy, Run - Tommy Taylor; Dad's Schottische #2 - Ray Hilt; Berry Station - John Kinman; Kenny Roth #2 - Harold Zimmerman; Flannery's Dream - Emma Lee Dickerson; Hog Ears - Forrest Pick; Charleston #2/Stonewall Jackson - Buddy Thomas; Medley of Ed Haley Tunes - Ray "Curly" Parker; Muddy Road to Charleston - Charlie Kinney; Gray Eagle - Bob Prater; Cacklin' Hen - Shirley Cline; Belvedere Hornpipe - Lem Isom; Hog Skin - Hobert Bowling; Old Coon Dog - John Lozier; Lazy Drag - Ray Hilt; Old Flannigan - Harold Zimmerman; Chicken Reel - Buddy Thomas; Martha Campbell - Alfred Bailey; Portsmouth, Ohio Airs - Forrest Pick; Little Liza Jane - Emma Lee Dickerson.
CD1011 Prairie Bluegrass   The Bray Brothers with Red Cravens   (2000)
Opening Theme (Buckin' Mule), Blue Eyed Darling, Girl in the Blue Velvet Band, Harley's Breakdown, Thinking About You, Station Break, Toy Heart, Billy in the Low Ground, Little Birdie, Red Rocking Chair, Stoney Point, Station Break, In Despair, High Cost of Living, I Am a Pilgrim, Home Sweet Home, Closing Theme, When First Unto This Country, Barbara Allen, Walk On Boy, John Henry, Harbor of Love.
CD1050 Early Mandolin Classics Vol 1   Various performers
Dallas String Band: Hokum Blues.  H M Barnes Blue Ridge Ramblers: Echoes of the Shenandoah Valley.  Evans & McClain: So Sorry Dear.  "Doc" Roberts & Asa Martin: Take Those Lips Away.  Canario y su Grupo: Nuestro Heroe.  Matthew Prater & Nap Hayes: Prater Blues.  King David's Jug Band: I Can Deal Worry.  Gid Tanner's Skillet Lickers: Tanner's Rag.  Three Stripped Gears: Blackberry Rag.  Vol Stevens: Vol Stevens' Blues.  Al Miller: I Found a Four-Leaf Clover.  Sleepy John Estes: The Girl I Love, She Got Curly Hair.  Ctpyha Opkectpa: Gandzia Polka.  Arizona Dranes: I Shall Wear A Crown.  Mississippi Mud Steppers: Vicksburg Stomp.  Gioviale String Trio: Costumi Siciliani.
CD1080 Rembetissa   Roza Eskenazi   (1997)   Review
Rast Gazel; Ousak Mare; Mes' tou Zambikou ton teke; Ferte Birres; Aravi Ousak Manes "Derti Ke Pono Apoktisa"; Yiati Foumaro Kokaini; Stamboul Ousa Mane; Hariklaki; Yinome Andhras; Konialis; Dhodheka Chronon Koritsi; Barberaki; Yiannoula; Me Zournadhes Ke Daoulia; Yiannousena; "Ouzo, hasis"; O Xenitevmenos; Mes' to Vathi Skotadhi; Tou Psara o Yios; To Gri Gri; Ta Dhika Sou Ta Sfalmata.
CD1087 From Galway to Dublin   Frank Quinn, Delia Murphy, Liam Walsh, Leo Rowsome, Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band
Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band: From Galway to Dublin.  Leo Rowsome: The Dawn / Music in the Glen.  Frank Quinn: The Wicklow Mountains High.  Edward Meehan: Bridie Morley's Reels.  Peter James Conlon: The Banks of Newfoundland.  Denis Murphy: Rogha Chiarrai / An Coirneal Frazer / An Bad Gaile.  Delia Murphy: The Boston Burglar.  Tom Morrison: Dunmore Lassies / Manchester Reel / Castlebar Traveler.  Neil O'Boyle: The Harvest Home / The Green Mountain.  Eleanor Kane: Morning Dew; Travelers; Shark's Favorite.  The Fingal Trio: Sean Bhean Bhocht / The Dancer At The Fair.  Murty Rabbett: Molly Durkin.  Liam Walsh: The Bucks of Oranmore.  Paddy Killoran: The Scotchman Over the Border / The Tenpenny Bit.  Michael Grogan: The Scholar / The Bank of Ireland.  Paddy Beades: My Darlin' Colleen Bawn.  The Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band: Knocknagow / Fowling Piece.  Peter Guignan: Off To California / The Liverpool.  Michael Coleman: The Monaghan Jig.  James Mullan: Let Mr. Maguire Sit Down.  William J. Mullaly: The Green Groves of Erin / The Ivy Leaf.  Tommy Reck: Alexander's / O'Higgin's.  Paddy Sweeny: George White's Favorite / The Lass of Caracastle.  John Griffin: The Widow Malone.  James Morrison: The Turnpike / Dublin Reel / Miss Thornton.
CD1090 Squeeze Play   A World Accordion Anthology   Various performers   (1997)   Review
A D'Eilia: Tarantella Teggianese;  G Dangone: Dormi e Riposa;  Wladyslaw Polak: Ostantina Wola Pijaka;  Orkiestra Karol Stoch: Kumotersko;  Bruno Rudzinski: Pawel Wale;  Frank Murphy: The Mason's Apron;  The Hanafins: Rodney's Glory;  Margarita Raduleseu: In Padure la Ghergani;  George Jivan: Ardeleanca din anat;  Trio Huracan: Corrido de los Camioneros;  Santiago Jimenez y Sus Valedores: La Piedrera;  Mahlautini Luthuli: Ulele Izweni;  Joseph Dingaan: Nonyembezi;  Mishka Ziganoff: Bessarabia Doina, Tzygansky Hopak;  McHardy and Hosie: Miss Jessie Smith / The Kirrie Kebbuck;  Bob and David Dalrymple: Brig O'Perth / Inverness Gathering;  Kostas Karipis (Kariópoulos): Politikos Manés;  Papatzis-Tsakiris: Polttikos Sirtós;  Columbus Fruge: Saut Crapaud;  Joseph Falcon: Ne Buvez Plus Jamais;  Vagabonds de Montreal: Reel de Berthier;  Strukelj Trio: Italijanski Valcek;  Luis Quintero y Su Conjunto Alma Cibaena: Apaga la Luz.
CD1108 Ozark Folksongs   Various performers   (2001)   Review
Brown Eyes: Fred Painter.  The Old Man in the Old Country: Charles Ingenthron.  The Lily of the West: Charles Ingenthron.  Young Charlotte: Charles Ingenthron.  The Banks of the Schuyikill: Charles Ingenthron.  Little Seaside Village: Charles Ingenthron.  The Little Old Sod Shanty on the Claim: Jimmy Denoon.  The Fatal Wedding Night: Lillian Short.  Robin Hood: Lillian Short.  Chicken Reel: Jimmy Denoon.  Horse-Trader's Song: Fred Woodruff.  Shamus 0'Brien: Fred Woodruff.  Natchez under the Hill: Lon Jordan.  Dixon & Johnson :Mary Drain.  Harvard Student: Doney Hammontree.  We'll All Go Down to Rowser's: Doney Hammontree.Leather Britches: Lon Jordan.  Henry Green :Charley Short.  Shortenin' Bread: Arthur Trail.  The Dying Girl: Reba & Wilma McDonald.  Old Dumpty Moore: Wilma McDonald.  My Little One's Waiting for Me: Booth Campbell.  Tie-Hacking's Too Tiresome: Vance Randolph.  Marine's Hymn: Katherine Ollinger.  Lost on the Lady Elgin: Katherine Ollinger.  Christine Leroy: Mrs Olga Trail.  Hell Among the Yearlings: Fred Painter.  Rag Pat: Mrs Ray Oxford.  Bug in the Taters: Delbert McGrath.  Farewell Since All Is Over: Savannah Hartley.  Where the Soul of Man Never Dies: Fred Painter & Cecil Stevens.  Lord Thomas:Mrs Dortha Freman.  The Wandering Cowboy (Home Sweet Home): Mrs Dortha Freman.  Granny's Old Arm Chair: May K McCord.  In That Morning: May K McCord.
CD 1114 Peter Was a Fisherman   Early caribbean recordings   Various performers   Review
You Know One Joseph Keeba (Quadrille), Invocation (Shango), Yan mi, Yan mi (in Herskovits notes as "Nyami, Nyami Iwomoya) (Yoruba) (Oya), John Gilman Want Tobacco Carnival (Yankee Minstrel), E-ajo Ajo (Adjo, Adjo) (Shango), The Bay Road Girls They Have No Pride Reel (Quadrille), Enyin Olowo (In Herskovits notes as "Eniyo Lowo Omana") (Yoruba), Roll Jordan Roll (Baptist Song), Yard-O 'Yaddo (Fisherman's Song), I Want a Pretty Woman (Bongo/40-Day Song), Oh Send She Back (Old Song), Eshu Bara (in Herskovits notes as "Ibara-bu Omodyn-ba") (Shango), Mureau, Mureau the Devil (Bongo), We Don't Want No Rice (Carnival), Ye! Ekun ara wa la mi sun (Yoruba) (Merriment), Explanation of Ye Ekun ara wa la mi sun, Ou Bel Marie Coolie (Carnival), Congo Justina (Reel) (Passe), Ine Ine Katuke (in Herskovits notes as "Ina Ina Katuka") (Carnival) (Wild Indian), Ikubo (Yoruba) (Song for the Dead), Buccoo Bay Young Girl (Reel), You Bad and You Bad (Bongo), What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Sankey) (No. 117) into Shout, Paulie Say She Love Me (Sentimental Song), Ye! Iwo (in Herskovits notes as "Ewo Ewo Yiya) (Yoruba) (War), Texas Sailor Coming Down (Carnival) (Sailors), When Me Baby Born O (Quadrille), Peter Was a Fisherman (Baptist Song), Zutula Dead (Bongo), Summo (Yoruba) (Fertility), Donnie Willie (Reel) (Quardrille), De Night a de Wake (Bongo), Jesus Lover of My Soul (Sankey into Shout), I Wish I Was a Little Fish (Sentimental Song).
CD1120 Mourmoúrika   Songs of the Greek underworld 1930-55   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Ioánnis (Jack) Halikiás: Mourmoúriko-Zeimhékiko; Hash-den Instrumental.  A Kostís: In the Basement.  Spachinis: The Múngas' (Dude's) Song.  Yeórgios Kamvísis: Prisoner's Blues.  Z Kasimátis: The Dude from Votanikós; The Ruffans.  Stellákis Perpiniádhis: The Con Artist; Marjorie on the Sly; The Dark-eyed Flirt.  Kóstas Roúkounas, Samiotákis: The Dervish's Broad.  V Mesolongítis: The Junkie.  Yeórgios Katsarós: They Sent Us into Exile.  Tássos Elefiheriádhis: The Mourmoúris.  K Kóstis: The Jail's a Fine School.  Konst. Dhoússas: Manólis the Hash-smoker.  Marika Kanaropoúlou, Tourkalísta: A Mángas (Dude) at the Deké (Hash-den) 3:l8.  Kóstas Roúkounas: The Pickpockets.  F Zouridhákis: Dance from Syros (Syrian Hasápiko).  Harílaos Kritikós: The Gambler.  N Pourpourákis: The Sultan.
CD1122 The Music of Arab Americans   A Retrospective Collection   Various performers   (1997)   Review
Alexander Maloof & the Maloof Oriental Orchestra: Fatima.  Constantine Souse: Il-Bulbul Nagha.  Amer Khadaj & Jalil Azzouz: Hawwil Ya Ghannam.  Sana Khadaj & Jalil Azzouz: Lamma Ya Albi.  Na'im Karakand: Raks 'Arabi; Flute Imitation.  Bahar Hanan, Joe Bedway, Yacoub Ghannim, Hakki Obadia & Na'im Karakand: Wakef 'Ala Shat.  Anton 'Tony' Abdel Ahad, Philip Solomon & Ronny Kirby: La'uli Bayt.  Danny Thomas, Toufiq Barham: Arabic Folk Songs.  Russell Bunai, Joe Bedway & Muhammad al-Akkad: Li'b Al Khayl.  Kahraman: Only You.  Jalil Azouz: Taqasim 'Ala al-'Ud.  Russel Bunai, Joe Bedway, Philip Solomon, Muhammad al-Akkad: Hall Tadree.  Tony Abdel Ahad & Philip Solomon: Al-Jazayir.
CD1123 Milestone at the Garden   James Morrison, John Howard, Fireman Barney Conlon, Frank Quinn, Hugh Gillespie, Denis Murphy and Sean Ryan   (1997)   Review
James Morrison: Miss Langford's Reel / The Milestone at the Garden.  John Howard: Toss the Feathers / Callan Lassies.  Fireman Barney Conlon: Over the Lakes.  Frank Quinn: The Rocks of Bawn.  Paddy Cronin: The Doon Reel / Quinn's Reel.  Hugh Gillespie: The Mullingar Lee / The Star of Munster.  Denis Murphy: Cra Croi an Phiobaire / Ril an Chinneidigh.  Frank O'Higgins: The Ace and Deuce of Pipering / The King of the Fairies.  Paddy Killoran: The Old Dudeen/On the Road to Lurgan.  K Scanlon: Bonnie Kate / Swallow's Tail / Molly Brannigan.  Danny O'Donnell: Thistle and Shamrock.  Francis Cashin and Tom Cawley: Mountain Lark/Wheels of the World.  Sean Ryan: Port Gael-Linn.  Louis E Quinn and James O'Beirne: High Level; High Level / The Newcastle; The Banks.  Michael Coleman: Jackson's Reel.  Neil O'Boyle: Haste to the Wedding / Over the Hills.  Sean Maguire: McDermott's Reel / The Mason's Apron.  Kathleen Harrington: The Poppy Leaf / The Showman's Fancy.  Michael Hanafin: Miss McLeod's Reel / Greenfields of Rossbeigh.  Edward V Reavy: The Boys at the Lough / Tom Clark's Fancy.  Paddy Canny: Rogha Ghearoid De Barra / Bruacha Loch Gabhna.  Packie Dolan: The Lady of the House.  Patrick Killoran & Patrick Sweeney: Farrell Gara / The Silver Spire.
CD 1127 King of the Klezmer Clarinet   Naftule Brandwein   (1997)   Review
Heiser Bulgar; Freit Sich, Yiddelach; Der Terkisher-Bulgar Tanz; Kolomeika; Naftule Spielt Far Dem Rebin; Nifty's Freilach; Oi Tate, S'is Gut; Der Terk in America; Wie Bist Die Gewesen Vor Prohibition?; Das Teureste in Bukowina; Der Hessier; A Hora Mit Tzibeles; Fun Tashlach; Leben Zol Palestina; Dem Rebin's Chusid; Der Yid in Jerusalem; Bulgar Ala Naftule; Kleine Princessin; Turkishe Yalle Vey Uve; Naftule, Shpiel Es Noch Amol; Araber Tanz; Nifty's Eigene; Vie Tsvie Is Naftule Der Drifter; Freilicher Yontov.
CD 1136 My Only Consolation   Classic Pireótic Rembetica   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Márkos Vamvakáris: Koróïdho; O Grousoúzis; M'Ekapses Tsachpína; Mána Me Macherósane; Mi Me Pismatónis; Káto Ki Sti Dhrapetsóna.  Y Bátis: Soúu 'chi Láchi; O Bátis O Dervísis.  N Dheliás: O Pónos Tou Prezákia; Nikos Trellákias.  Stellákis Perpiniádhis: Vlámissa.  Strátos Payioumdzis: Minóre-manés.  Stéllios Keromitis: I Móni Mou Parigoriá.  M Yennítsaris: Egó Mángas Fenómouna.  Strátos and St. Keromitis: Ponduro Ola Ta Psilá.  Hadzichrístos-Stamoúlis: I Manoúla.  M Vamvakáris-K Roúkounas: Ziliára.  I Papaïoánnou: Sérviko Smyrnéïko; Otan Dho Ta Dhió Sou Mátia.  Y Kávouras: Miá Varkoúla Tha Navlóso.  A Hadzichristos: Sérvikos Horós.  S Payioumidzis-K Kaplánis: O Loulás.
CD 1141 Fall of Man   Calypsos on the Human Condition 1935-1941   Various performers   (1999)   Review
The Tiger: Sadu Man.  Lord Beginner with Atilla the Hun: Young Girl's Touch, Women Are Good and Women Are Bad.  Atilla the Hun: Women Will Rule the World, Vagaries of Women, Not Me with Matrimony, Woman is Not the Weaker Sex, If I Won a Sweepstake.  King Radio: Ribs, Fifty Wives, Warning the Children Towards Mother, Man Smart Woman Smarter.  The Lion: Fall of Man, Malicious Neighbours, Death.  King Radio, The Lion, The Tiger: Monkey.  The Executor: Hold Up Black Bird Hold Up.  The Atilla: Friends, Martiniquen.  The Lion and Atilla: I Will String Along with You.  The Caresser: Exploiting.  The Growler: Calypso Behind the Wall, Only Foreigners, Don't Hide Him Behind the Door.  Mighty Destroyer: Mother's Lode.
CD1142 Roosevelt in Trinidad   Calypsos of Events, Places and Personalities 1933-1939   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Wilmoth Houdini: Trinidad Hurricane.  Lionel Belasco and His Orchestra: The Treasury Fire.  The Atilla: West Indian Federation, Intercolonial Tournament, Roosevelt in Trinidad.  The Tiger: Mannie Dookie, Movie Stars, The Beautiful Land of Iere.  Egbert Moore (Lord Beginner): Captain Cipriani, MCC vs West Indies.  Raymond Quevedo (Atilla The Hun): Duke and Duchess of Kent.  King Radio: Unfortunate Bridegroom, Body Line.  The Lion: Four Mills Brothers, King George VI, The Vendor's Song, Bing Crosby.  The Caresser: Edward VIII, Fire Fire in Port of Spain.  The Executor: Reign of the Georges.  The Lion and The Atilla: Modern Times.  The Growler: History of Woodbrook Vicinity, Police Diplomacy.  Black Prince: School Boys' Adventure.  Lord Executor: Poppy Day.
CD1151 Bridging Lead Belly   Lead Belly   (2000)   Review
Boll Weevil, I'm Goin' Mother, Go Down, Ol' Hannah, Prison Holler, (Baby) Take a Whiff on Me, Irene, Jail-House Blues, Old Reilly, Ox Driver's Song (1), Ox Driver's Song (2), Julie Ann Johnson, Governor O.K. Allen, Frankie and Albert, St. Louis Blues, We're in the Same Boat Brother, Salt Lake City, Irene.
CD1500 A Treasury of Library of Congress Field Recordings   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Bonaparte's Retreat; Rock Island Line; Pretty Polly; Pullin' the Skiff; Shortenin' Bread; Sea Lion Woman; Soldier's Joy; Another Man Done Gone; Northfield; When I Lay My Burden Down; Grub Springs; Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down; Iron Merrimac; Creek Lullaby; Coal Creek March; Worried Life Blues; One Morning in May; Blood-Strained Banders; Goodbye, Old Paint; Lead Me to the Rock; Glory in the Meetinghouse; The Avondale Mine Disaster; Roll on the Ground; Diamond Joe; Lost John; Sept ans sur mer; East Texas Rag; Old Joe Clark; The Gypsy Davy; Kiowa Story of the Flute.
CD1501 Negro Blues and Hollers   Various performers
Son House, Willie Brown & Fiddlin' Joe Martin: Camp Hollers.  Charley Berry: Cornfield Hollers.  Silent Grove Baptist Church Congregation: I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord.  Church of God in Christ Congregation: I'm Gonna Lift Up a Standard for my King.  David Edwards: Worried Life Blues.  William Brown: Ragged and Dirty; Mississippi Blues; East St. Louis Blues.  Son House: Special Rider Blues; Depot Blues; Low Down Dirty Dog Blues.  William Blackwell & William Brown: Four O' Clock Flower Blues.
CD1502 Songs & Ballads of the Anthracite Miners   Various performers   (1998)   Review
William E Keating: Down, Down, Down.  John J Quinn: The Avondale Mine Disaster.  Jerry Byrne: Me Johnny Mitchell Man; On Johnny Mitchell's Train; When the Breaker Starts Up Full Time.  James Muldowney: Boys on the Hill; Rolling on the Rye Grass.  Daniel Walsh: The Old Miner's Refrain; A Celebrated Workingman; The Miner's Doom; The Shoofly.  Andrew Rada: John J. Curtis.  Albert Morgan: Union Man.  Morgan Jones: Down in a Coal Mine.
CD1503 Sacred Harp Singing   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Windham; Mear; Wondrous Love; Lover of the Lord; Lover of the Lord (version 2); Montgomery; Northfield; Mount Zion; Milford; Stratfield; Evening Shade; Ballstown; Edom; Fillmore; Sardis; Mission; Vain World Adieu; Heavenly Vision; David's Lamentation; Sherburne.
CD1504/05 Traditions of a West Virginia Family   The Hammons Family & Friends   (1998)   Review
Young Henerly; Old Sledge; Parsons Rock; Camp Chase; In Scotland Town; Three Forks of Cheat ; Little Omie; Sugar Grove Blues;. We're Marching Around the Levees; Turkey in the Straw; Riddles; The Route; Mercian Tittery-ary-a; Fine Times at Our House; The Yankee and Marcum; Jay Legg;. The Lonesome Pines; The Sandy Boys; The Haunted Wagon; Wilson's Clog; Hard Times in the Charleston Jail; Sugar Babe (version 1); Ireland's Green Shore; Singing Birds; When this World Comes to an End; Old Man, Can I Have Your Daughter; Johnny Booger; Shaking Down the Acorns / Hink Cogar's Deer Ride; Walking in the Parlor; Cranberry Rock; Rocky Mountain Goat; The Big Scioty; Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone; Greasy Coat; Lost Indian; Jimmy Johnson; The Panther in the Sky; Muddy Roads; Bringing Back the Sheep; Sugar Babe (version 2).
CD1510 Afro-American Spirituals, Work Songs & Ballads   Various performers
Dock Reed, Henry Reed and Vera Hall: Trouble So Hard; Choose Your Seat and Set Down; Handwriting on the Wall.  Willie Williams and group: The New Buryin' Ground.  Dennis and Charlie Sims: Lead Me to the Rock Wash.  Jimmie Strothers: The Blood-Stained Banders.  Joe Washington Brown and Austin Coleman: Run Old Jeremiah.  Ernest Williams and group: Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos.  Clyde Hill and group: Long Hot Summer Day  'Lightning' and group: Long John.  Kelly Pace and group: Jumpin' Judy.  Jeff Web and group: Rosie.  Frank Jordan and group: I'm Going to Leland.  Allen Prothero: Jumping Judy.  'Group': Look Down That Long, Lonesome Road.  James 'Iron Head' Baker and group: The Grey Goose.  Arthur Bell: John Henry.
CD1511 Anglo-American Ballads Vol 1   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Texas Gladden: The House Carpenter; The Devil's Nine Questions; Old Kimball; One Morning in May.  Horton Barker: The Farmer's Curst Wife.  Woody Guthrie: The Gypsy Davy.  Rebecca Tarwater: Barbara Allen.  E C Ball: Pretty Polly.  Pearl Borusky: The Rich Old Farmer.  Emery DeNoyer: The Little Brown Bulls.  Alex Moore: The Sioux Indians.  Basil May: The Lady of Carlisle.  Pete Steele: Pretty Polly.
CD1512 Cowboy Songs, Ballads and Cattle Calls from Texas   Various performers   (1999)   Review
L Parker Temple: Colley's Run I-O, The Buffalo Skinners; Jess Morris: Goodbye Old Paint; Sloan Matthews: Goodbye Old Paint, The Texas Rangers, Cattle Calls, A Cowboy's Life is a Very Dreary Life, The Dying Cowboy; Johnny Prude: The Dying Ranger, The Streets of Laredo; J M Waddell: The Zebra Dun; Harry Stephens: The Night Herding Song.
CD1513 Afro-American Blues and Game Songs   Various performers   (1999)   Review
I Don't Mind the Weather, Diamond Joe, Joe the Grinder, Another Man Done Gone, Boll Weevil Blues, Two White Horses, Country Rag, Shorty George, Blues (Up and Down Buildin' the KC Line), Country Blues, I Be's Troubled, Lost John, Fox Chase, All Hid?, Little Girl, Little Girl, Pullin'the Skiff, Old Uncle Rabbit, Sea Lion Woman, Ain't Gonna Ring No More, Shortenin' Bread, Poor Little Johnny, Go to Sleep, Rosey, Gon' Knock John Booker to the Low Ground, Run,Nigger, Run.
CD1515 Afro-American Folk Music   Various (2000)   Review
Soft Black Jersey Cow: Napoleon Strickland, Jimmie Buford, R.L. Boyce; After the Ball is Over: Sid Hemphill's Band; Old Dick Jones is Dead and Gone: Compton Jones & family; The Devil's Dream: Sid Hemphill; Granny, Will Your Dog Bite: Compton Jones; The Carrier Line: Sid Hemphill, Lucius Smith, Alec Askew, Will Head; New Railroad: Lucius Smith; Shake 'Em on Down: Compton Jones; Shake 'Em on Down: Ranie Burnette; Black Woman: Othar Turner; This Little Light of Mine: Ada Turner; He's Calling Me: The Hunter Chapel Missionary Baptist Church Choir; Little Sally Walker: Nettie Mae and Aleneda Turner; Go to Sleepy Baby: Mary Mabeary.
CD1516 Anglo-American Ballads Vol 2   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Justus Begley: The Golden Willow Tree, The Rambling Boy; Texas Gladden: The Two Brothers, The Four Marys; Horton Barker: Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender; Lena Bare Turbyfill: Bolakins; I G Greer: The Three Babes, Sanford Barney; Hobart Smith: Claude Allen.
CD1517 Negro Work Songs and Calls   Various performers   (1999)   Review
CD1518 American Fiddle Tunes   Various performers   (2000)   Review
Haste to the Wedding [California rendition]; Perry's Victory; Hull's Victory; Bummer's Reel; Wake up Susan / Unnamed; Bonaparte's Retreat; The Drunken Hiccups; Run Nigger Run; The Ways of the World; Old Dad; The Hog-Eyed Man; Rickett's Hornpipe; Cumberland Gap; Haste to the Wedding [Mississippi rendition]; Buffalo Gals; Grub Springs; Old Joe Clark; Natchez under the Hill; Sugar in the Gourd; Cotton-Eyed Joe.
CD1522 Songs and Ballads of the Bituminous Miners   Various performers   (2002)
The Hard Working Miner, Blue Monday, Two-Cent Coal, The Young Lady Who Married a Mule Driver, The Dying Mine Brakeman, The Coal Loading Machine, Sprinkle Coal Dust on My Grave, That Little Lump of Coal, Mule Skinnin' Blues, Harlan County Blues, Coal Diggin' Blues, Coal Loadin' Blues, Drill Man Blues, Hignite Blues, Payday at the Mine, This What the Union Done, We Done Quit, A Coal Miner's Goodbye.
CD1577 E C Ball   E C Ball, with Orna Ball   (1996)   Review
Trials, Troubles, Tribulations; When I Can Read My Titles Clear; Born To Serve the Lord; Chow Time; Aunt Dinah's Quilting Party; Do You Call That Religion?; The Cabin in the Valley; Give Me Just A Little More Time; I See God in Everything; House of Gold; Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down; Raggin' the Wires; The Early Bird Always Gets The Worm; John the Baptist; I'm Glory Bound; The Parting Hand; Black Mountain Rag; Jacob's Ladder; When the Saints Go Marching; I Want To Be Ready; If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again; Sweetest Mother; Church In The Wildwood; The Old Rugged Cross; He's A Wonderful Savior.
CD1700 The Alan Lomax Collection Sampler   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Ervin Webb & Group: I'm Going Home.  Spencer Moore: The Girl I Left Behind.  Jones & Group: The Titanic Bessie.  Alabama Sacred Harp Convention: Sherburne.  '22' & Group: Early in the Mornin'.  [Recorded in Grenada]: Roll, Roll, Roll and Go.  [Recorded in St. Lucia]: Luce-O, Luce Mauvais.  Cyprus Smith & Group: Sambo Caesar.  Growling Tiger, Lord Airey & Group: War.  Ram Gopaul: Religious Bhajan.  Annie Nicholson & Group: Tha Mulad, Tha Mulad.  Seamus Ennis: As I Roved Out.  Flora McNeill: The Sister's Lament.  Ewan MacColl: The Four Loom Weaver.  Bob & Ron Copper: The Jovial Tradesman.  Jesus Ordonez orchestra: Jota Manchega.  Inez Munoz: Fandango De Comares.  [Recorded in Seville]: Saeta.  Campanilleros de Bormujo: Pastores De Bormujo.  Genoese longshoremen: La Partenza.  Pingitore Family: O Giglio E Beni Constrastatu.  Eugenio Pila: Stornello.  Domenico Lanza: Canto Di Carrettiere.  Aristide Pasquale & Group: Ballo Del Tamburo.  Mari Lataretu: Ma Uitai Spre Rasarit.  Sung by a fisherman: Esashi Oiwake.  The Ubud Gamelan: Gender Wayang.  George Buck & Group: Rain Dance.  Sid Hemphill: John Henry; Devil's Dream.  S C Ditch Diggers: Ten Pound Hammer.  Cleveland Benoit & Darby: Malheureuse Negre.  Jeannie Robertson: My Son David.  Hobart Smith: Hawkins County Jail.  Fred McDowell: 61 Highway.  Son House: Low Down Dirty Blues.   Woody Guthrie & Group: Bound to Lose.
CD1701 Southern Journey 1: Voices from the American South   Various performers   (1998)
Bessie Jones: O Day; Sink 'Em Low.  Hobart Smith: Katy Went Fishing with Her Hook and Line.  Sid Hemphill & Lucius Smith: Walk in the Parlor.  Ward Hall: Mama's Gonna Buy Vera.  Fred McDowel: Wished I Was in Heaven Sitting Down.  Bright Light Quartet: Po' Lazarus; Sweet Roseanne.  Neil Morris: The Lass of Loch Royale.  J E Mainer and Band: Three Nights Drunk.  Charley Everidge & Neil Morris: Turkey in the Straw.  Sidney Carter: Pharaoh.  Uncle Charlie Higgins, Wade Ward & Dale Poe: Interview / Cripple Creek.  Ollie Gilbert: The Diver Boy.  Estil C. Ball: Pretty Polly.  Ed Lewis, leader; with prisoners: Dollar Mamie.  Rev. Crenshaw & Congregation: I Wonder Will We Meet Again?.  Almeda Riddle: Poor Wayfaring Stranger.  I D Beck: Testimony.  Ike Caudill & Thornton Old Regular Baptist Church Congregation: Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah.  Sacred Harp Singers: The Last Words of Copernicus.  Belleville A Cappella Choir: The Gospel Train.  John Davis & Bessie Jones: Beulah Land.  Hobart Smith & Bessie Jones: It Just Suits Me.
CD1702 Southern Journey 2: Ballads & Breakdowns   Various performers   (1998)
Wade Ward: Old Joe Clark; Cluck Old Hen; The Fox Chase.  Hobart Smith: Sourwood Mountain; Peg an' Awl; Graveyard Blues; Parson Burrs; Black Annie; The Little Schoolboy; Fly Around My Blue-eyed Girl.  Texas Gladden: Three Little Babes; Hicks' Farewell; Whole Heap a Little Horses.  Norman Edmonds: Bonaparte's Retreat; Breaking Up Christmas.  Charlie Higgins & Wade Ward: June Apple; Piney Woods Gal; Willow Garden; Uncle Charlie's Breakdown.  Bob Carpenter: The Fox Chase; The Burglar Man.  Estil C Ball: Poor Ellen Smith.  Ruby Vass: The Banks of the Ohio; Single Girl.  Spencer Moore: The Girl I Left Behind.  Glen Stoneman: John Henry.  George Stoneman: Sally Anne.
CD1703 Southern Journey 3: 61 Highway Mississippi   Various performers   (1998)
Henry Ratcliff: Louisiana.  Ed Young & others: Jim and John.  Fred McDowell: 61 Highway Blues; Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning; Soon One Mornin'; Germany Blues; Lord Have Mercy.  John Dudley: Po' Boy Blues; Clarksdale Mill Blues.  Sid Hemphill & Lucius Smith: Emmaline, Take Your Time; Old Devil's Dream.  Ervin Webb: Interview; I'm Goin' Home.  Ed Lewis & prisoners: Stewball.  A Burton & Congregation: God's Unchanging Hand.  Miles & Bob Pratcher: I'm Gonna Live Anyhow 'Till I die; If It's All Night Long.  Mattie Gardner, Ida Mae Towns, Jesse Lee Pratcher: Little Sally Walker.  Rose Hemphill: Rolled and Tumbled.  Leroy Gary: Mama Lucy.  Fred McDowell, Miles Prathcer, Fanny Davis: Fred McDowell's Blues.  Viola James & Congregation: Tryin' To Make Heaven My Home.  Leroy Miller, with hoe group: Berta, Berta.  Mrs Sidney Carter: Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby.
CD1704 Southern Journey 4: Brethren We Meet Again   Various performers   (1998)
Alabama Sacred Harp Singers: Sardinia; I'm on My Journey Home; Northport; Closing Prayer.  D N Asher: Testimony on Pioneer Religion.  Howard Adams & Thornton Old Regular Baptist Church: Testimony; Amazing Grace.  Preston & Hobart Smith, Texas Gladden: Lonely Tombs; When the Stars Begin to Fall; Jim and Me.  George Spangler and Congregation of Thornton Old Regular Baptist Church: Testimony; Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah; Why Must I Wear This Shroud?; Brethren, We Have Met Again.  Ruby Vass: The Old Gospel Ship.  Ollie Gilbert: The Little Family; Joseph Looney.  I D Beck: Testimony; Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow.  I D Beck & Congregation of Mt. Olivet Regular Baptist Church: When Jesus Christ was Here on Earth.   Hobart Smith: See That My Grave is Kept Clean.  The Mountain Ramblers: My Lord Keeps a Record.  Almeda Riddle: I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger.
CD1705 Southern Journey 5: Bad Man Ballads   Various performers   (1998)
Almeda Riddle: Jesse James; Hangman Tree.  Bright Light Quartet: Po' Lazarus.  Hobart Smith: Railroad Bill; Claude Allen; Hawkins County Jail.  Ed Lewis: John Henry; Tom Devil.  Neil Morris: Willie Brennan.  J E Mainer Band: Columbus Stockade.  Johnny Lee Moore & prisoners: Early in the Mornin'.  Estil C Ball: Pretty Polly.  Henry Morrison: Lazarus.  Oscar GiIlbert: Cole Younger.  Spencer Moore & Everett Blevins: The Lawson Murder.  Floyd Batts: Dangerous Blues.  James Carter & prisoners: Po' Lazarus.
CD1706 Southern Journey 6: Sheep, Don'tcha Know the Road?   Various performers   (1998)
Bessie Jones & the Sea Island Singers: Sheep, Sheep, Don'tcha Know the Road.  Neil Morris: The Juice of the Forbidden Fruit; Corn Dodgers.  Hobart Smith: Devil's Dream; Drunken Hiccups.  Willie Jones & Others: You Got Dimples in Your Jaws.  Fred McDowell: You Done Tol' Everybody.  Almeda Riddle: The House Carpenter.  Bright Light Quartet: Straighten 'Em; The Prayer Wheel.  Denise Gardner, Mattie Gardner & Fred McDowell: I Wished I Was in Heaven.  Estil C. Ball & Lacey Richardson: Tribulations.  Vera Ward Hall: No Room at The Inn / The Last Month of the Year.  James Shorty & Fred McDowell: My Mother Died and Left Me.  Miles Pratcher & Bob Pratcher: Buttermilk.  Ike Caudill and the Congregation of Mt. Olivet Old Regular Baptist Church: Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah.
CD1707 Southern Journey 7: Ozark Frontier   Almeda Riddle: vocals, Neil Morris: vocals: guitar, Ollie Gilbert: vocals, Bookmiller Shannon: five-string banjo, Absie Morrison: fiddle, Charlie Everidge: mouthbow   (1998)
Bury Me Beneath the Willow; Anything; Willow Green; Sally Goodin; Merry Golden Tree; Buffalo Gals; Once I Courted a Lady Beauty Bright; Down in the Arkansas Among the Sticks; The Titanic; The Scotch Musick; Music Has No End; The Irish Solider and the English Lady; Turnip Greens; My Prettiest Girl is Gone; It Rained a Mist; Lord Batesman; Alan Bain; Eighth of January; Pretty Polly Oliver; Rainbow 'Mid Life's Willows; Cotton-Eyed Joe; Lonesome Dove; Nancy's Got a Pretty Dress On; Rock All the Babies to Sleep; Down in Arkansas.
CD1708 Southern Journey 8: Velvet Voices   Charles Barnett, Ed Young, Hobart Smith, Bessie Jones, Peerless Four, Willis Proctor, Georgia Sea Island Singers, Belleville A Cappella Choir, Silver Leaf Quartet, Nat Rahmings, Bright Light Quartet, Robert Beane.   (1998)
Run to Jesus for Refuge; Joe Turner; The Titanic; Witness for My Lord; Dark Day; The Very Same God; Gospel Train; I Got a Home; Hey, Hey, Honey; Menhaden Chanteys; Walk on the Bay; I'm Tired; Just Beyond the River; Christian Automobile; John the Revelato; Walk, Billy Abbot; How Could I Live; Noah; Trouble in My Way; I'm a Soldier in the Army of the Lord
CD1709 Southern Journey 9: Harp of a Thousand Strings   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Sherburne; David's Lamentation; Soar Away; Commentary; Wondrous Love; Traveling On; New Harmony; Hallelujah; Prayer for Recess; Loving Jesus; Greenwich; Milford; Baptismal Anthem; Amsterdam; Montgomery; Memorial Lesson; Cussetta; The Last Words of Copernicus; The Morning Trumpet; Homeward Bound; Northfield; Dodderidge; Weeping Mary; Christmas Anthem; New Prospect; Oxford.
CD1710 Southern Journey 10: And Glory Shone Around   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Newburgh; Eternal Day; Heavenly Vision; Sardis; Windham; New Jerusalem; Present Joys; Logan; Ocean; Alabama; Bear Creek; Mission; Protection; Notes Almost Divine; Morgan; Melancholy Day; A Cross For Me; Anthem on the Savior; Mount Zion; Victoria; Sinner's Friend ; The Promised Land; New Jordan; Ragan; Commentary; Hallelujah / Amazing Grace Closing Prayer.
CD1712 Southern Journey 12: Georgia Sea Islands   John Davis, Bessie Jones, Willis Proctor, Joe Armstrong, Henry Morrison, Peter Davis, Jerome Davis, Ben Ramsay, Alberta Ramsay, Emma Ramsay: vocals, Nat Rahmings: drums, Ed Young: fife, Hobart Smith: banjo.   (1999)
Moses; Moses, Don't Get Lost; Turkle Dove; Adam in the Garden; Daniel; Daniel in the Lion's Den; Little David; Eli, You Can't Stand; John; Sign of Judgment; One of These Days; O Day; Rock in the Weary Land; It Just Suits Me; I'm Gonna Lay Down My Life For My Lord; Before this Time Another Year; O Death; Goodbye, Everybody
CD1713 Southern Journey 13: Earliest Times - Georgia Sea Island Songs for Everyday Living   John Davis, Bessie Jones, Willis Proctor, Joe Armstrong, Henry Morrison, Peter Davis, Jerome Davis, Ben Ramsay, Alberta Ramsay, Emma Ramsay: vocals, Nat Rahmings: drums, Ed Young: fife, Hobart Smith: banjo.   (1999)
Live Humble; The Buzzard Lope; Ain't I Right?; Row the Boat, Child; You Got My Letter; Riley; See Aunt Dinah; Pay Me; Carrie Belle; Reg'lar, Reg'lar Rollin' Under; You Better Mind; Everybody Talking About Heaven; Read 'Em, John; Union; Hop Along, Let's Get Her; Raggy Levee; Hard Time in Ol' Virginia; Knee Bone; The Old Tar River; East Coast Line; Buzzard Lope
CD1714 Prison Songs Vol 1: Murderous Home   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Jimpson & group: The Murderer's Home; No More, My Lord.  BB & group: Old Alabama; Black Woman.  Tangle Eye, Fuzzy Red, Hard Hair & group: Jumpin' Judy.  CB: Whoa Buck, Rosie.  '22': Prettiest Train; Old Dollar Mamie; It Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad.  Bama: Levee Camp Holler; What Makes a Work Song Leader?; How I Got in the Penitentiary; Stackerlee.  '22' with Little Red, Tangle Eye & Hard Hair: Early in the Mornin'.  Tangle Eye: Tangle Eye Blues.  Alex: Prison Blues.
CD1715 Prison Songs Vol 2: Don'tcha hear Poor Mother Call   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Hollie Dew, Bull & group: Don'tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling?.  '22' & group: John Henry; O Rosie; Stewball; When I Went to Leland.  Bama: Strongest Man I Ever Saw (Tall tale); I'm Goin' Home.  Dobie Red & group: Well, I Wonder.  Bama & Dobie Red: Lies.  Bama, '22' & Bull: More Lies.  Bull & group: O 'Berta.  Curry Childress: Disability Boogie Woogie.  Dobie Red & Foots: Hollers.  Curry Childress & C B Banks: Fox Chase.  Percy Wilson: Katy Left Memphis; I'm Goin' to Memphis.  Dobie Red: About Prison Singers.  '88' & group: Rosie .  Tangle Eye: High Rollin' Sergeant.  George Johnson: Garbage Man Toast; Prodigal Son.
CD1716 Caribbean Voyage: Brown Girl in the Ring   Various performers   (1998)   Review
There's a Brown Girl in the Ring; There's a Brown Girl in the Ring; One, Two, Three; Zinglito; Gypsy in the Moonlight; Coming Down with a Bunch of Roses; In a Fine Castle; I Have a Tree in My Right Hand; One Spaniard Came; Jane and Louisa; Roman Soldiers; Sandy Girl; Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold; Green Gravel; Sammy Dead-O; Ring Diamond; Mamselle Marie, Marry the Girl One Time; Afouyeke; Poco, Le' Me 'Lone; Miss Lucy Has Some Fine Young Ladies; Mister Ram Goat-O; Bese Down; Si, Si, Maria; Down to the Carpet; Mosquito One; Early in the Morning; Tra La La Voumbe; Bonjour Ma Cousine; Sikola Ola Vanni; Dis Solda La; Ariyel-O; Missy-La, Massa-La; Lindi Mwen La Rivie; Mango-Ti-N; Yun Ti Pwaye; Ay, Zabel-O; Fiole; Round and Round the Village; You Lie, You Lie; Went to Jamaica; Rolling Shilling; What Shall I Put It In?; Van-La; Mwen Leve Lindi Bon Matin; Eliza Kongo; Here We Go Loo-By Loo; Drop Peter Drop; Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar; Little Sally Water; Walking Up the Green Grass; How Green You Are; Man O' War in the Harbor; Aunty Nanny Thread the Needle; Annie, Le' Go Me Fowl; A Goosie Lost His Tail; Something Make Me Laugh, Ha, Ha, Ha; Anana-O; Ele Misi-O; Meet Me on the Road; Vio Vio Le; Dolphus Coker; Mary and Martha is Bound to Wear the Crown-O
CD1717 The Growling Tiger of Calypso   Neville Marcano   (1998)   Review
Senorita Panchita; Senorita Panchita (2nd version); War; War (2nd version); Bury Boula for Me; When I Dead, Bury Me Clothes; Rose of Caracas; Interview about the nature of calypso; Impromptu, calypso criticizing the use of atomic energy.
CD1720 The Queen Among the Heather   Jeannie Robertson   (1998)   Review
The Reel of Tullochgorum; When My Apron Hung Low; She'd a lot of old songs (interview); Son David; It's a true song (interview); The Battle of Harlaw; Wi' My Rovin' Eye; Never Wed an Old Man; The Moon Shined on My Bed Last Night; The Laird of the Dentidoonbye; The Handsome Cabin Boy; I doubt she could have been a good girl! (interview); She Was a Rum One; Lord Lovatt; Introduction to 'Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie'; Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie; Commentary on 'Bonnie Annie and Andrew Lammie'; The Queen Among the Heather.
CD1721 Caribbean Voyage: Caribbean Sampler   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Everard DeJean, Augustus Edward, Raymond Giraudel, Cecil Austrie, Oliver Andrew: No More Love for You Again.  Norris Welsh: Shango.  Emmanuel McQueen, Mrs. Henry Mitchell, Alice McQueen, Edna Jeremiah, Lena McQueen, Irene McQueen, Evena McLean, Eupenia Jones, Christiana Baisdan, Samuel McQueen, Alstead McQueen, Joseph Jeremiah, Edna Jeremiah: E-We, E-We-Lo, Ogun Bayamba.  Irene McQueen: Do-Do Piti Pop.  A chorus of schoolgirls: In a Fine Castle.  May Elias, Carrie Belle Gervais, Clemencia Nicholas, Anelta Nicholas, Marselina Taverner, Vincent Gervais, Lionel Simon: Olilala Way O.  Victor Johnson, George Etienne, Seaford Simon, Clemence Taverner: Lawivye Leza, Sove Nou! .  Rise and Shine Steelband: Mwen Boyko Samba.  Valey Turenne, Guy Dorvan, Joseph Valey, Pierre Ramier, Herbert Dorvan, March Alphonse, Robert Alphonse, Ramon Flanbert: Pa Lage.  Malcousu Florius, Raoul Grivallier, Augustin Gourpil, Casimir Grivallier: Beguine Noce-ta.  Raoul Grivallier, Malcousu Florius, Augustin Gourpil, Casimir Grivallier: Mariwoz-o.  Francius Laurence, Bernard Karaman, Pauliny Laurence: Lecamille.  Mary Fortune, lead vocal, with a chorus of six women; Sugar Adams, Daniel Aikens, Caddy Lazarus John: Djerika-o.  Newton Joseph and chorus: Long Time Ago.  Tida Lazarus: Hush Baby Hush.  Virginia Sylvester & chorus: Gone to Nineveh.  Canute Caliste, Gorine Joseph, Willie Alexander, Sonnel Allert: Breakaway.  Mixed chorus with Sugar Adams, Daniel Aikens, Caddy Lazarus John: Corporal Williams .  Philomene Estephane with chorus of women: Elena.  Boy Ramine with his orchestra: Boy la, Boy Poko Mo.  Manuel Magras: Le Moine Se Le Levait D'Un Grand Matin.  Florence Brooks and mixed chorus: Tree Fall Down.  Cyrus Smith, Julian Carey, Cyril Balfour, Paul Charles, Cheery Noel, C Jemmot, Alston Vidale, R.R. Hammond: Crow Mammy Crow.  Mickey Bentic and ensemble: Mary-O.  Reverend Olsie Cowan and the Syne Village Spiritual Baptist congregation: Doption.  Sicirako Ramaize: Rio Manzanares.  Vasco de Freitas and ensemble: Caporal Ojoe.  The Growling Tiger (Neville Marcano) and ensemble: Senorita Panchita.  The Saraswati Prakash Group: Ramayan Chaupai.  Reverend A Dickson, Ebenezer Elliott, and the congregation of Indian Walk London Baptist Church: Tell Me Lord When I Go Home.  The Marigolds : A-Cling, A-Cling.
CD1722 Caribbean Voyage: Carriacou Calaloo   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Canute Caliste, Sonnel Allert, Gorine Joseph, Willie Alexander: Six Figure Quadrille: first figure, second figure, third figure, fourth figure, fifth figure, sixth figure.  Edith Hector: I Want to Hear Somebody Pray.  Sugar Adams: Plewe Mwe Lide.  Willie Joseph: Cromanti Cudjo.  Jemina Joseph: Anancy-O Sari Baba; Temne Woman-O.  May Fortune: Oko; Hausa Wele.  Daniel Aikens: Blow the Man Down.  Charlie Bristol: Le Pwezon Didan La Me; Long Time Ago (Caesar Boys).  Newton Joseph: Jodi Samdi.  Margaret Henry: For My Own Money; Labour Party.  Virginia Joseph : I'm Rocking My Baby to Sleep.  Conrad James: Wila-Wila-Mena; Reel Engage.  Sweet Honey Duncan: Vio Viole; Yankee Man Comin' Everyday.  Beatrice Dick: Mary and Martha.  Canute Caliste, Sonnel Allert, Gorine Joseph, Willie Alexander: Wila-Wila-Mena; Reel Engage.  Unknown female lead vocal: Igbo Le Le.  Joseph Jerome: One Night As I Was Walking.  Tida Lazarus (with chorus) :Hush Baby Hush.
CD1723 Caribbean Voyage: East Indian Music in the West Indies   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Saraswati Prakash Group: Ramayan Chaupai.  Seebalak: Tan Singing (Thumri); Tan Singing (Holi).  Corcoree Band: Tassa.  Solo vocalist and chorus: Women's Lullaby; Sohar.  Mrs. Ram Gopaul & Mrs. Somaria Rampersad: Grinding Song (Jaata Ka Geet).  Rookmin Beekho and chorus: Wedding Song.  Ram Gopaul: Bhajan.  Mike Mathura: Birha.  Raghoonath Ramdass and chowtal group: Chowtal; Interview.  Guadeloupe Kali Ceremony.  Madrasi Funeral Drumming.
CD1724 Caribbean Voyage: Dominica: Creole Crossroads   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Antonia Henry and group: Edward O!;  May Elias and group: Walker Walker Mwen Pedi Lajan Mwen;  Raphael Hurtault and group: Di Yo Pa Hele Pou Nou;  Dixon Athanase: Dekouwe Bwa-La, Lamo Pa Dou;  Nicholson Alphonse and group: Monkey Drunk Stand Below;  Joseph Carbon and group: Jou-La Maman-Mwen Ke Mo;  Sonia Carbon and group: If Yu See Maria, Bo Mwen Che;  Altima Wrench and group: A La Mort Pécheur;  Everard DeJean and group: Quadrille Set 1, Quadrille Set 3, Maman-Bwen Ba Mwen You Abito, Lancers Part 1, Lancers Part 2, Lancers Part 5, Lancers Part 6;  Seaford Simon and group: Naje Kanot-La;  George Etienne and group: Say Ti-Poulet-Ou Van;  Bruna Bazil: Night Night Night;  School children: Dis Solda La;  Manuel Charles and group: Kwan Mwen Soti Savann Yaya;  Rise and Shine Steelband: Send All Indians Back to India;  School Choir: Home Sweet Home;  Christian Beaupierre and group: Annou Hele Houre.
CD1725 Caribbean Voyage: Trinidad: Carnival Roots   Various   (2001)   Review
Jean Eustache Stoute: Patizan-Mwen I Las; Ay Sí Ay No [1]; Ay Sí Ay No [2]; Maypole Interview. Matthew Thomas & Kalenda Band: Regimen Mwen de Leon Mama; Sewe Wangala; Fire Brigade Water the Road; Israel on the Road, He Coming; Matthew Thomas & J D Elder: Kalenda Interview [1]; Kalenda Interview [2]. Vasco de Freitas & Tamboo Bamboo Band: Congo Bara; Fire Brigade Water the Road; Vasco de Freitas: Rollo the Ganja; Vasco de Freitas & Alan Lomax, J D Elder: Midnight Robber. Alfred Codallo's Orchestra: Castilian; Ram Goat Baptism. Sotario Gomez Orchestra: Pasillo; Maysotis [2]. Alan Lomax & Cocorite Band: Hosein Description, St. James [1]; Alan Lomax: Hosein Description, St. James [2]. Cocorite Band: Hosein Drums, St. James. Rawlingson Hector: Sergeant, Give Me the Day Today; Rawlingson Hector: Call Ellen For Me. Pedro Segundo Dolaballie & Group: Maysotis [1]. Growling Tiger, Lord Iere, & Indian Prince: War. Mickey Bentic & Group: We Yo Ka Monte, Sewei.
CD1726 Caribbean Voyage: Saraca: Funerary Music of Carriacou   Various   (2001)   Review
Edith Hector: I Have a Sword in My Hand.  Chorus: Near The Cross, Gone to Nineveh, Be On Time.  Newton Joseph: Timi Timi Zewon, Jean Ay Jean Kay-Mwen Bwole.  Charlie Bristol: Mbadi-O Dem De-O, Yard-O Yard-O, Ring Down Below.  Martha Dick: I Promise the Lord, O The Angels.  Daniel Aikens: Humble-O.  Sugar Adams, Daniel Aikens & Caddy Lazarus John: Cromanti, Juba, Quilbe.  Jemina Joseph & May Fortune: Juba Noel/Juba-Lo, Mwee Malade Ayo (Gwa Bete).  Jemina Joseph: Anansi-O-E (Cromanti), Anti-O Coro Coro (Kongo), Maiwaz-O (Old People's Bongo), Di Ye Mwe 'Rivé (Old People's Kalenda).  May Fortune: Djerinka-O (Arada), Neg-La Revé Oué A Kende (Cromanti), Saraca (Interview).
CD1727 Caribbean Voyage: Tombstone Feast: Funerary Music of Carriacou   Various   (2001)   Review
May Fortune: Tim Bwai-O; Madame Kistan; Amba, Dabia-E; Anansi, Cudjo; Ai, Salli Hunde; Lora, You No Married; Djerika-O; Maria L'Abbe.  Willie Joseph: Nu Sa Webe Nu.  Mannie James: Ovid-O Pa Garde; Banda Call Me-O.  Pashin Andrew: Igbo Ginade-O.  Unidentified lead singers: Jimmy Lunday; Tibite Gounde; Iama Diama Igbo-Lé-Lé; Igbo Ginade-O; Lazar, Ai, Lazar; C'est Mwe, Nani Moko.  Jemima Joseph & May Fortune: Amway, Beke, Mwe Ba Connet.  Glassin John & Jemima Joseph: Mwe Rivé, Joe Talmana.  Tida Lazarus: Sesé Ani-O.
CD1730 Caribbean Voyage: Martinique: Cane Fields and City Streets   Various   (2001)   Review
Raoul Grivalliers and group: Abraham Soulagé Mwen; Bélia Manmay-La; Woulé Mako; O-Mérilo; Etienne; Léonar-O Plan-O; La Rivyé Léza.  Augustin Gourpil and group: Manman Ma Grèv Baré Mwen; Au Nouvoté Rivé; Lanso.  Raoul Grivalliers, Augustin Gourpil and group: Carmélite; Oh, Madiana.  Malcousu Florius and group: Conte Guadaloupéen; Makak et Chyen.  Malcousu Florius: Jean Mano di "Bouwo Dèhyè-Mwen Alé." Bernard Karaman, Francius Laurence and Paulimy Laurence: Ti-Anne; Man Ti Sonson Averina.  Loulou Boislaville and orchestra: Ti Paul.  Hurard Coppet and orchestra: Bertina; Hommage à Ma Mère; Manzé Marie.
CD1731 Caribbean Voyage: Nevis & St Kitts   Tea Meetings, Christmas Sports, & the Moonlight Night   (2002)   Review
Merit Boddie [Marigolds]: Quadrille #1, Old Sailors Never Die, Quadrille #3, Quadrille #4, Happy Christmas To You, Christmas Song.  Daniel Hobson [Joy Bells]: Quadrille #2, Bye Lola Till Morning, Masquerade Walking Piece.  George Sweeny [Maple Leaf Calypso Band]: Good Morning, Bull Dog Goin' Bite Me (#2).  Walter Roberts: Do My Jolly Boy, Bear Away Yankee Bear Away Boy, Blow Boy Blow, Caesar Boy Caesar, Yankee John Stormalong.  Reginald Syder: Feeny Brown, See Me Nanny-O, Long Time Ago, Bull Dog Goin' Bite Me.  Anita Wilkens: One Two Three, Aunty Nanny Thread the Needle / Loose Me Johnny Loose Me.  Santoy [Red Ants]: The Tragedy at Brimstone Hill, Nevis Without A Payday, Poor Josiah.  Rosaly Jeffers: Mr Dog He Came to Town, Willie Boy, Baby Rock Away.  Samuel Hanley [Joy Bells]: Speech / Streets of Laredo.  Louis Hanley, Joseph Hobson [Red Ants]: Mr Highback.  Eldred Decent [Lalaps Band]: Rag Time unidentified.
CD1741 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - England   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Stanley Slade with male chorus: Haul on The Bowlin'; A' Roving.  Royal Earsdon Team with Jimmy McKay (fiddle): Earsdon Sword Dances.  Isla Cameron: My Bonny Lad; Brigg Fair; Died For Love.  Jim and Bob Copper: The Contented Country Lad.  Jim Copper: The Threshing Machine.  Fred Perrier with accordion and villagers: The Turmont Hoer's Song.  Bert Pidgeon (melodeon) and Alfie Tuck (riddle drum): Up The Sides And Down The Middle.  Tom Tewkesbury and quarrymen: Quarrymen's Chant and Song.  Ewan MacColl: The Four Loom Weaver; Fourpence A Day.  'Charger' Salmons and friends: The Rigs of The Time.  Jack Armstrong (Northumbrian small pipes): The Redesdale Hornpipe.  Jack Armstrong's Barnstormers Band: Corn Rigs.  Phil Tanner: The Wassail Song; The Gower Reel (mouth music); The Sweet Primroses.  The Symondsbury & Eype Mummer's Play;  The Padstow May Songs & Hobby Horse Music.  The Haymakers Village Barn Dance Band: The Seven Steps Polka.  William Kimber (Anglo concertina): Country Gardens.  A L Lloyd: Polly Vaughan.  Group of Sidbury children: Singing Games and Rhymes.  Walter Lucas and villagers: The Prickle Holly Bush.  Mrs (Aunt Fanny) Rumble: Richard of Taunton Dean.  Bunny Palmer: The Mallard.  Jumbo Brightwell: The False Hearted Knight.  Cyril Biddick with accordion and chorus: Old Daddy Fox.
CD1742 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Ireland   Various performers   (1998)   Review
Maire Ni Shuilleabhain: An Cailin Aerach; An Binnsin Luachra; The Fairy Lullaby; Citi Na gCumann.  Seamus Ennis: The Banks of the Roses; The Rocks of Bawn; Whiskey in The Jar; The Woman of the House; Molly Bawn; Were You at the Rock?; Mrs McGrath; The Bucks Of Oranmore.  Sean Moriarty: The Brown Thorn.  Ballinakill Ceilidhe Band: Sack Of Potatoes / Maid Of Mount Kisco; The Lark In The Morning.  Elizabeth Cronin: Dance To Your Daddy; Cucanandy; What Would You Do?  Citi Ni Ghallchoir: An Mhaighdean Mhara; Keen For A Dead Child.  Mickey Doherty: The Fox Chase.  Maigi Ni Dhonnchadhadha: Amhrán Fosuíochta.  Mickey Cronin: The Bold Tenant Farmer.  Maire Seoighe: Connla.  Colm Ó Caoidhean: Bean Phaidin: Soldier, Soldier.  Margaret Barry: She Moved Through the Fair.  Sean 'ac Dhonnchadhadha: Morrissey and the Russian Sailor; Lament For Una Bhan; The Death of Brugh.  Seamus Ennis & Stiofain O Cualain: The Copperplate Reel.  Cait Ni Mhuimhneachain: Mo Ghrádh-Sa An Jug Mór Is É Lin.  Maire Ni Cheochain: Cois Abhainn Na Séad.  Gobnait Ni Chroinin: Innsin Bhéil Átha'n Ghaorthaidh.
CD1743 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Scotland   Various performers   (1998)   Review
The Glasgow Police Band: Marches.  Ewan McColl: The Chevaliers' Muster Roll; Roy's Wife of Aldivalloch; The Dowie Dens of Yarrow.  Town Band and citizens: The Souters of Selkirk.  Mrs McGrath: My Love is Like a Red Red Rose.  Isla Cameron: O Can ye Sew Cushions?  Children of Norton Park School: I Am a Little Orphan Girl / I Paula Tee Paula Taska / Now the War is Over.  Jackie Mearns and group of children: The Wind Blows High.  Elizabeth Barclay: Bressay Lullabye.  Tom Anderson and Willie Johnson: The Hen's March to the Midden.  John Strachan: The Bonnie Lass O' Fyvie; Glenlogie; The Tinkler's Waddin.  Blanche Wood: Portnockie Girl.  Hamish Henderson: Tail Toddle / Wap and Rowe.  Jimmy Shand: The Laird of Drumblair / The De'il Amang the Tailors.  Jimmy MacBeath: Come All ye Tramps and Hawkers; MacPherson 's Lament.  J C Mearns and friends: Sleepytoon.  Annie Nicholson and group: Tha mulad, tha mulad.  Rena MacLean and group: Braighe Loch Iall.  Kitty MacLeod: Làrach do thacaidean.  John MacLeod and John MacInnis: Dili o idilum; Thoir a nall Ailean.  Kate Nicholson: Till an crodh, laochan.  Annie Johnston: Thig, a chuinneag, thig; Fuirich an diug.  Allan MacDonald: Iomairibh eutrom hó ró.  Calum Johnston: Thug mi gaol dhuit.  From Lewis: Héman dubh hi rì oro; Hó na filibhig chunnacas bata.  From Benbecula: Eho hao rì ó; Fail il eileadh.  Mary Morrison: The Reel of Tulloch and Mrs MacLeod of Raasay.  Group of Barra women: Hó ali ili.  John Burgess:Caberfeidh (Strathspey); MacIntosh's Lament (Pibroch).  Iain Murray: Gaelic Psalm.  Kitty MacLeod and eight women: A phiuthrag's a phiuthar; 'S fliuch an oidhche.  Penny Morrison: 'S mise chunnaic vn t-iongnadh.  Calum Johnston: Clach mhin mheallain; Ig ig igein.  Flora MacNeill: Och, a Theàrlaich òig Stiùbhairt; Cairistiona.
CD1744 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Spain   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Galicia: Alborada de Vigo, Canto de espadela, Canto de arriero, A raiz de toxo verde, Foliada, Alalá Muiñeira..  Asturias: Adios la mia vaca pinta, Viva la Virgen del Carmen, De Ios tres colores..  Santander: Danza de Ibio.  León: Duérmente niño, Canto di Hilar, Corrido y bolero.  Extremadura: Gerineldo, Larin larero, Baile de pandero.  Castile: Llámale majo altoro, Caracoles, Jota manchega.  Andalusia: Fandango de comares, Fandango, Bulerias, Saeta, Alba y camino, Sevillana, Los pastores de Bormujo.  Murcia: Salve de San Antonio.  Valencia and the Balearics: El u, Cant de segar, Cant de trillar, Caramelles, Parado de Selva.  The Basque provinces: Umia baioli, Arin arin, Irrintzi.
CD 1745 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Africa I: Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Niger, Guinea, Upper Volta, Togo, Gabon, Malagasy Republic   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1746 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Australia and New Guinea   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1747 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Indonesia   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1748 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Canada   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1749 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Venezuela   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1750 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Africa II: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire, Mazambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Swaziland, Lesotho   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1751 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Japan, The Ryukyus, Formosa and Korea   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1752 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - India   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1753 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Yugoslavia   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1754 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Northern and Central Italy   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1755 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Southern Italy and The Islands   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1756 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Bulgaria   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1757 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Rumania   Various performers   (2001)
CD 1758 World Library of Folk and Primitive Music - Mexico   Various performers   (2001)
CD1774 I Sang through the Fairs   Margaret Barry   (1998)   Review
My Lagan Love; The Factory Girl; Me Mother is Dying; The Galway Shawl; Breakdown; Keening, Diddiing, and Lullabies; She Moved Through the Fair; I Sang Through The Fairs; The Blarney Stone; Moses Ritoora-Li-Ay; Let Mr Maguire Sit Down; The Bard of Armagh; Ballyjamesduff; Eiieen McMahon / Green Grow the Rushes; Her Mantle So Green; Going to Mass Last Sunday; Lovin' Hannah (Jean Ritchie); Gra Machree; The Flower of Sweet Strabane; When You're Fond of Music; She Moved Through the Fair; And There's Music Coming Into My Head; The Strayaway Child; Her Mantle So Green.
CD1775 Classic Ballads Vol 1   Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales   Various performers   (2000)   Review
Strawberry Lane (The Elfin Knight), Captain Woodburn (Wedderburn's Courtship): Thomas Moran; The False Knight Upon the Road: Duncan McPhee / Frank Quinn; The Outlandish Knight (Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight): Fred Jordan; The Douglas Tragedy (Earl Brand): Henry McGregor; The Twa Sisters: John Strachan / Dorothy Fourbister / Ethel Findlater; Lord Randal: Jeannie Robertson / Elizabeth Cronin / Thomas Moran / Colm McDonagh / Eirlys and Eddis Thomas; Edward: Mary Ellen Connors / Jeannie Robertson / Thomas Moran / Angela Brasil; King Orfeo: John Stickle; The Cruel Mother: Duncan Burke / Cecilia Costello / Thomas Moran; Broomfield Hill (Broomfield Wager): Cyril Poacher; The Two Brothers: Lucy Stewart / Nellie McGregor; The King's Daughter: Willie Mathieson; Lord Bateman: Thomas Moran / Jeannie Robertson; Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen (Lord Thomas and Fair Annet): Jessie Murray; Lord Lovel: Ethel Findlater; Lord Gregory (The Lass of Roch Royal): Elizabeth Cronin; Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard (Little Matty Groves): Jeannie Robertson; Barbara Allen: Jessie Murray / Fred Jordan / Charlie Wills / May Bennell / Thomas Moran / Phil Tanner; George Collins: Enos White; False Lamkin: George Fosbury; The Pricketty Bush (The Maid Freed from the Gallows): Sarah Anne Tuck and Julia Scaddon; The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington: Albert Beale; The Famous Flower of Servantmen: Carolyne Hughes.
CD1776 Classic Ballads Vol 2   Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales   Various performers   (2000)   Review
The Royal Forester (The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter), Robin Hood and Little John, Clyde's Water (The Mother's Malison), Glenlogie (Jean o' Bethelnie), Lang Johnny More: John Strachan;The Baffled Knight (Clear Away the Morning Dew): Emily Bishop; The Jew's Daughter (Sir Hugh), The Grey Ghost: Cecilia Costello; The Battle of Harlaw: Jeannie Robertson / Lucy Stewart; Mary Hamilton (The Four Marys), Willie's Fatal Visit (Willie's Fate), The Jolly Beggar: Jeanie Robertson; The Bonny Hoose o' Airlie: Belle Stewart; The Gypsy Laddie - Harry Cox / Jeannie Robertson / Paddy Doran; Georgie (Geordie): Harry Cox; The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow: Davie Stewart; The Green Wedding (Catherine Jaffray): Cecilia Costello / Thomas Moran; Eppie Morrie: Jimmy MacBeath; The Laird o' Drum: Lucy Stewart; The Bonny Rantin' Laddies: Willie Mathieson; The Cuckold's Song (Our Goodman): Harry Cox / Mary O'Connors / Colm Keane; The Farmer's Curst Wife: Thomas Moran; The Beggarman (The Gaberlunzie Man): John Stachan / Maggie and Sarah Chambers / Togo Crawford; The Keach in the Creel: Michael Gallagher; The Golden Victory (Golden Vanity): Dodie Chalmers; The Mermaid: Wiliam Howell; The Trooper and the Maid: Jimmy MacBeath.
CD1778 Songs of Seduction   Folk Songs of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales   Various performers   (2000)   Review
Dickie Lashbrook: Blackbirds and Thrushes;  Jeannie Robertson: The Bonny Wee Lassie Who Never Said No, She is a Rum One, The Cuckoo's Nest, Never Wed a' Auld Man, The Wind Blew the Bonny Lassie's Plaidie Awa';  Johnny Doherty: Bundle and Go;  Jimmy Gilhaney: Blow the Candle Out;  Phil Hammond: The Foggy Dew;  Jimmy McBeath: Toorn-a Ma Goon, The Wind Blew the Bonny Lassie's Plaidie Awa';  Paddy Taylor: Rolling in the Ryegrasss;  Michael Gorman: The Jolly Tinker;  Thomas Moran: The Jolly Tinker;  Harry Cox: The Long Peggin' Awl, The Knife in the Window, The Maid of Australia, Firelock Stile;  Annie O'Neil: The Thrashing Machine;  Charlie Wills: Up to the Rigs of London Town;  William Rew: The New-Mown Hay;  Belle Stewart: The Overgate;  George Maynard: Rolling in the Dew;  George Spicer: The Cunning Cobbler;  Cyril Poacher: The Nutting Girl;  Annie Jane Kelly: The Magpie's Nest;  Seamus Ennis: Dublin City, Behind the Bush in the Garden;  John Findlater: The Orkney Style of Courtship;  Harry List: The Light Drago'n;  Sean Maguire: The Cuckoo's Nest;  John Strachan: Twa 'n' Twa;  Fred and Ray Cantwell: The Soldier and the Lady;  Davie Stewart: The Merchant's Son and the Beggar Wench;  Lal Smith: The Bold English Navvy;  Duncan Burke: The Wind Blew the Bonny Lassie's Plaidie Awa'
CD1799 Blue Ridge Legacy   Hobart Smith   (2001)   Review
The Devil's Dream, Drunken Hiccups, The Cuckoo Bird, Banging Breakdown, Arkansas Traveller, Railroad Bill, Claude Allen, Hangman Swing Your Rope, Wayfaring Stranger, Sourwood Mountain (Piano), Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Pateroller, Chinquipin Pie, Last Chance, Jim Along, Two brothers (The Little Schoolboy), Ellen Smith, Graveyard Blues, K.C. Blues, Unidentified electric guitar tune, Cindy (string band), At an Old-Time Dance (interview), Cindy (piano), The Thrill of Dance Music (interview), What Did the Buzzard Say to the Crow?, Buck Dance, Old Joe Clark, Dixie, Sourwood Mountain (banjo), Hawkins County Jail, Rocky Mountain
CD1800 Ballad Legacy   Texas Gladden   (2001)
The Devil and the Farmer's Wife, One Morning in May, Mental Pictures (interview), Mary Hamilton, Kind Sir I See You've Come Again. The Devil's Nine Questions, I'm Never to Marry (the Girl That I Hated), My Mother (interview), Rose Connelly, Been Too Busy Raising Babies (interview), Hush, Baby, Don't You Cry, The Three Babies, Old-Time Love, Barbara Allen, Lord Thomas, The Two Brothers (interview), The Two Brothers, Old Kimball, The Scolding Wife, My Lovin' Old Husband, The House Carpenter, Gypsy Davy, Poor Ellen Smith, Songs and Singing (interview), Ghost Story, I Am a Man of Honour, Roving Cowboy, Dark Island, The Wreck of the Old '97, Always Been a Rambler, Wild and Reckless Hobo, Once I Knew a Pretty Fair Miss, Love's Worse than Sickness, In the Shadow of the Pines, Dark Scenes of Winter, Cold Mountains, The Devil and the Farmer's Wife.
CD1801 Italian Treasury: A Sampler   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Zumba lariulà (Maletto, Catania, Sicily); A la sulfatara (Sammatino, Caltanissetta, Sicily); A Lina lina & Urallirà (Vibo Valentia Marina, Calabria); Balletto (Cardeto, Reggio Calabria, Calabria); Tarantella (Melia, Reggio Calabria, Calabria); Alla campagnola (Feroleto Antico, Catanzaro, Calabria); Serenata (Lungro, Cosenza, Calabria); La strina (Lungro, Cosenza, Calabria); Uèje-elì (Pisticci, Matera, Basilicata); Stornelli (Martano, Lecce, Apulia); Ninna nanna (Positano, Salerno, Campania); Olive pressing song (Positano, Salerno, Campania); Tammurriata (Pagani, Salemo, Carnpania); Alla fiera di Lanciano (Ortona, Chieti, Abruzzo); Saltarello (Cittareale, Rieti, Lazio); Stornelli (Arezzo, Tuscany); Lipa ma Marica (San Giorgio di Resia, Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia), Villanella (Ponte Langorino, Ferrara, Emilia-Rornagna); Donna, donna (Tonco, Asti, Piedmont); Trallalero (Genova, Liguria); Su tenore a baillu (Orgosoio, Nuoro,Sardinia); Ballo tondo (Cagliari, Sardinia).
CD1802 Italian Treasury: The Trallaleri of Genoa   Various performers   (1999)   Review
La partenza, The Trallalero parts, Ma che figura, U ruscignö, Partirò farò partenza, Dammi la man biondina, Trallalero, A muè dau barcun, Se vuoi che m'innamori, Il cacciatore, Cinque minuti di piacer, Quarto a-o mâ, Zena perla du mâ, In the Mood.
CD1803 Italian Treasury: Calabria   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Swordfishermen's Calls, Tarantella, O facci di na canna dilicata, Ed amuri t'arricuordi, Alla bagnarota, Tarantella, Drum Rhythms, Alla pastorale, La gallinella, Ninna nanna, Che bera sta figghiola, Tarantella, Lu mastru custueri, C'arranti c'è nu hiavuru d'ammuscatu, Alla zampognara, Tarantella, U leva leva, Mastru Pettinaru Giffone, Alla campagnola, Rosabella di Milanot, Taralltella, Ninna nanna, Ce lu toccamu lu peduzzu a Rosa, Alla zampognara, Tarantella, Tarantella, Pumellu russu e bander a de nave, Tarantella.
CD1804 Italian Treasury: Emilia-Romagna   Various performers   (2001)   Review
Trescone, Capodanno, Interview, Ninna nanna, Alla boara, Ballo della veneziana, Doman l'è festa Cecilia, O cancellier, Capodanno, E la mamma di Rosina, La Vecchia, Villanella, Russiano, Russiano II, A mezzanotte in punto, Monferrina, Ballo dei gobbi, Signori miei carissimi, Interview, Tamburo del maggio, Brunetto ed Amatore, Sento le rane che cantano, Maggio delle ragazze, Addio padre, E tu perché sei mora, La bella veneziana, Martino e Marianna, Maggio delle anime purganti, Capodanno, Polca.
CD1807 Italian Treasury: Piemonte and Valle D'Aosta   Various performers   (2004)  
Monferrina; Erano tre sorelle; Io parto per l'America; Che bel felice incontro; E picchia picchia la porticella; Donna donna; O Pinota bella Pinota; Cante j'euv; La filera; Maria Giuana; Mamma mia voi maritarmi; Tarantella; Dove sei staito o bell'alpino; Quei cacciatori; E mi voi cul Giuvanin; La ricciola; E la picundria malinconia; Trenta giorni; Brando; Mamma mia dammi cento lire; Tutti mi chiamano bionda; Eviva 'l Munfra; La valdotaine; Jodler; Hirondelle legere; Salla de Carnaval; Sylvie o ma Sylvie; Ne ne mon poupon; Dze lo si beun que te Melie; O beau printemps; Pappa rogne; N'en maria noutra Fringuetta; J'ai fait une maitresse; Etoile des neige; Bells of an Alpine Cattle Herd.
CD1808 Italian Treasury: Sicily   Various performers   (2000)   Review
Carrittera, Battle Between Orlando and Rinaldo, Cialomi, Canti Dei Salinai , Surfarara, Surfarara, U Pisari, U Metiri, Ballu Da Curdedda, Ninna Nanna, A La Nicusiota, U Pisari, Ninna Nanna, Suonata for Bagpipe, La Storia Di Cìcciu Ulivieri, Tammurinata, Nnuena, Almond Sorter's Song, Carrittera, A La Ruggiera, Taranella, Ciuri Di Pipi Messinesi, Marranzanata, A Sturnellu, Waltz, Tarantella, A Passioni, Suonata for Bagpipe and Triangle, Carrittera.
CD1811 Italian Treasury: Abruzzo   Various performers   (2001)   Review
Saltarella, La Montanara, Lu Sand'Andone, Nu giorno andavo a spasso, II grillo e la formica, Funeral Lament, Scura maie, Lu Cenciaru, Ninna nanna, Maitinata, Venite adoremus, Maria Rosa, La partenza del pastore, Serenade, Ninna nana, Filastrocca, O Ninnella, Maitinata, Maitinata, Simone, La mamma di Rosina, Funeral Lament, Reaping Song, Teneva na palummella, Quadriglia.
CD 1816 Italian Treasury: Liguria: Baiardo and Imperia   Various performers   (2002)   Review
Sui nostri monti, Non posso mai aver un'ora di riposo, Povero merlo mio, La cena dela sposa, La fontanella, E l'anéllu che ti m'éi daitu, Gh'é zèrte scignorine, Perigudìn, O Nineua bella Ninetta, U carlevâ n l'è mortu, Canto dell'albero, Stamattina mi son alzata, Interview, Donna Lombarda, Linu linu Franza, Sott ro ponte de Lion, Elisa Trabacini, A barca, Tarantella napoletana.
CD 1817 Italian Treasury: Liguria: Polyphony of Ceriana   Various performers   (2002)   Review
A figlia du capitanu, U camijin bagnau I, U camijin bagnau II, Lauda da Madona da Vila, Donna Lombarda, La fontanella, Lenga serpentina, Paire de Catarina, Se ti u savesi couse fa e done, En ta vole de Pigna, O corne mai, mia cara Ema?, O Pinota bèlla Pinota, Ghe n'éiran trè figliéte, Io l'amavo una sola bambina, Mi me ne fon ina sciura.
CD1821 Deep River of Song: Black Texicans   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Moses 'Clear Rock' Platt: St James Hospital, The Old Chisholm Trail, That's All Right Baby, Old Joe Clark, Long Summer Day.  Pete Harris: Ranging Buffalo, Jack of Diamonds, He Rambled, Square Dance Calls (Little Liza Jane).  Lead Belly: Western Cowboy.  Percy Ridge: Western Cowboy.  James 'Iron Head' Baker: St James Hospital.  Lightnin' Washington and work group: My Yellow Gal.  Unknown axe-cuning group: Pick a Bale of Cotton.  'Butter Boy': Old Aunt Dinah.  Smith Casey: East Texas Rag.  The Angelina Quartet: When I Was a Little Boy.  Ace Johnson: Rabbit in the Garden.  Henry Truvillion: Old Aunt Dinah, Let's Go A-Huntin', Walk-A-Dolly Walk.  Unknown harmonica player: Fox Chase, The Train.  Uncle Billy McCrea: Log Rolling.  Arthur Armstrong: Old King Buzzard.  Phineas Rockmore: Boll Weevil, Traveling Man.  Don Mooney: Been on the Cholly so Long  Will Roseborough and tie-tamping group: The Dallas Railway.
CD1822 Deep River of Song: Bahamas 1935   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Chanteys: Blow Liza Blow, Roll Him Along, Round The Bay of Mexico, Bowline, Long Time Ago, When You Go to Sea, Histe Up the John B Sail, John Bully, Stand Up from Below, When The Whale Get Strike, A Great Storm Pass Over, Mary, Come Join Our Religion, Swing Your Tail, Come Down You Roses, O The Last One.  Anthems: I May Be Gone, All Night Jesus All Night, Sittin' Down 'Longside of My Lord, Dig My Grave, Down in the Valley, Time, Job, Here Am I, I Bid You Goodnight.
CD1823 Deep River of Song: Black Appalachia   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Jimmie Strothers: Cripple Creek, Poontang Little Poontang Small.  Murphy Gribble, John Lusk & Albert York: Christmas Eve, Give the Fiddler a Dram, Eighth of January.  Theopolis Stokes: Washboard Rhythm.  Nashville Washboard Band: Soldier's Joy, Old Joe.  Introduction of Band.  Sid Hemphill, Lucius Smith, Will Head & Alec Askew: Arkansas Traveler, Eighth of January; Skillet Good and Greasy, John Henry.  Blind Pete & George Ryan: Black Bayou, Banty Rooster.  Sid Hemphill, quills and drums: Devil's Dream.  John 'Black Sampson' Gibson: Steel-Laying Holler, Track-Lining Songs.  Allen Prothero: Pauline.  Sonny Terry: New Careless Love.  Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry: The Red Cross Store.  Brownie McGhee, Lead Belly & Sonny Terry: How Long Blues.
CD1824 Deep River of Song: Mississippi: Saints and Sinners   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Big Charlie Butler: It's Better to be Born Lucky, Diamond Joe;  Lucius Curtis and Willie Ford: Stagolee, Times is Getting Hard;  Thomas 'Jaybird' Jones: Walking Billy;  Joe Shores: Mississippi Sounding Calls;  Jim Henry: Come Here Dog and Get Your Bone;  Sid Hemphill: Emmaline Take Your Time;  Sid Hemphill, Alec Askew, Lucius Curtis and Will Head: Hog Hunt;  Will Starks: The Fox Hunters' Song;  Crap Eye: One Morning at the Break of Day;  Jim Henry and Jeff Webster: Workin on the Levee Sleepin' on de Ground;  Joe Miller and Jim Henry: Lord, I'm in Trouble;  Dobie Red and group: Stewball, Rosie;  Frank Evans: French Blues;  Rev C H Savage and group: Rock Daniel, Interview, I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray, Let Me Ride,Calvary;  Henry Joiner, Annie Anderson and group: Hallelu Hallelu;  Henry Joiner: Conversion Experience;  Deacon Tom Jones, Rev C H Savage and group: If I had my Way I'd Tear the Building Down, Little David.
CD1825 Deep River of Song: Mississippi: The Blues Lineage   Various performers   (1999)   Review
William Brown: Ragged and Dirty, Mississippi Blues;  Eddie 'Son' House: County Farm Blues, The Jinx Blues (No 2), Low Down Dirty Dog Blues;  Sam Carter, Jim Mickles, Eddie Miles, Jack Rogers: High-Rolling Sergeant;  Hollis 'Fat Head' Washington: Early In The Morning;  McKinley Morganfield ('Muddy Waters'): I Be Bound to Write to You, You Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone;  David 'Honeyboy' Edwards: Wind Howlin' Blues;  Lucious Curtis and Willie Ford: High Lonesome Hill, Payday;  Lucious Curtis: Train Blues;  Willie Ford: Santa Field Blues;  Frank Evans: Red River Blues;  Eddie 'Son' House, Fiddlin' Joe Martin. Willie Brown. Leroy Williams: Walking Blues.
CD1826 Big Brazos Texas Prison recordings: 1933 & 1934   Various performers   (2000)   Review
Ernest Williams and group: Ain't No More Cane on the Brazos; James 'Iron Head' Baker and group: Black Betty; Moses 'Clear Rock' Platt and James 'Iron Head' Baker: Old Rattler; Lightnin' Washington and group + Dave Tippin: Stewball, Long John, Go 'Way Eadie, Black Gal, Gonna be A Witness for My Lord, Hammer Ring, I Wonder What's the Matter, Great God A'Mighty (Long Hot Summer Days), Johnny Won'cha Ramble; Ernest Williams and group: Go Down Old Hannah; Augustus 'Track Horse' Haggerty and group: Go On Old 'Gator, Old Rattler, God A'Mighty Drag, Mama Mama; Jesse Bradley and group: Drop Old Diamond, Waco Ida, Hammer Ring.
CD1827 Deep River of Song: Virginia   Various performers   (2000)   Review
Golden Gate Quartet: Old Dan Tucker, Run Sinner Run; Jimmie Strothers: Corn-Shucking Time, Jaybird, I Used to Work on a Tractor, We're Almost Down to the Shore, Take This Hammer, Going to Richmond; Jimmie Owen: Georgia Land; Rollie Lee Johnson: Wild Ox Moan. Willie Williams: Boll Weevil, Railroad Wreck, Bitin' Spider; Lemuel Jones: Po' Farmer; Sonny Terry: Fox Chase, Worried Blues, Joe Lee: I'll Go On, This Land of Georgia; Michael Lewis: I Feel the Spirit Moving; unidentified group: Can't Hide Norman Haskins: Noah and the Flood; James Wilson and group: Walk Down Devils; Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee: John Henry; Ezra Lewis: Tin Can Alley; Albert Shepherd and group: Pick 'Em Up; Robert Higgins Prison Blues; J Kirby and group: Every Mail Day; Blind Joe: When I Lie Down Last Night.
CD1828 Deep River of Song: Georgia   Various performers   (2001)
Blind Willie McTell: Boll Weevil, Dying Crapshooter's Blues, Just as Well Get Ready, You Got to Die, I Got to Cross the River Jordan.  Camp Morris and group: Captain Haney Blues, Judgment.  Male convict group: Po' Laz'us, Oh Lawdy Me Oh Lawdy My.  Jessie Wadley, with John Wadley, Will Jones, Felix Davenport: Longest Train I Ever Saw.  Paul Sylvester and group: Hammer Ring.  Sophie Wing and mixed group: All Night Long.  Buster Brown: I'm Gonna Make You Happy.  Sidney Stripling: Sally Walker, Coon Ci'nt (Coonjine), Breakaway.  Gus Gibson and Sidney Stripling: Sevassafool (Sebastopol).  Reese Crenshaw: John Henry.  John Lee Thomas: Fast Train.  Robert Davis: Poor Joe Breakdown.  Buster Brown: War Song.  James Sneed, J F Duffey, and Alvin Sanders: Southern Rag .  The Smith Band: Smithy Rag.
CD1829 Deep River of Song: Alabama   From Lullabies to Blues   Various performers   (2001)
Vera Ward Hall: Another Man Done Gone, Railroad Bill, Poor Lazarus, I Been Drinking, Come Up Horsey, Boll Weevil Blues, Blind Jesse Harris: Been in the Jailhouse, Honey Take a Whiff on me, Richard Amerson: Train on a Hill, Hog Hunt, Steamboat days, Rich Brown: Alabama Bound, Dock Reed and Vera Ward Hall: Job Job, Didn t That Hammer Ring, Henry Reed, Dock Reed and Vera Ward Hall: I ll Soon be Gone, What is the Soul of a Man, Mary MacDonald: Knock John Booker, Little Bitty Man, Titty Give me Some Titty, Joe & Mary MacDonald: Wake Sally Baker, Harriet McClintock: Go to Sleep, Gin the Cotton, Annie Brewer: Hush Little Baby, Joe Fred and Booker T. Williams: Billy Goat Latin, Sim Tart Group: I m Choppin Cotton, Tom Bell: Worried Blues, Thomas Langston, Judge Broadus, Albert Nicholson and Joe Millhouse: Carrie Carrie, Charley Campbell: Eighteen Hundred and Ninety One, Willie Carter, Albert Nicholson, Allen Gordon and David Alexander: Captain I m Getting Tired, Unidentified Groups: Hopali, Ain t Gonna Rain No More, Jack Can I Ride.
CD1833 Go on, Sing Another Song   Portrait : Davie Stewart   (2002)   Review
The Tarves Rant, The Hash O Bennagoak, Last Night I Was in the Granzie, Onything at all for a few coppers, Mormond Braes, Go on, sing another song, Tramps and Hawkers, A wagon of their own, , McGinty's Meal and Ale, The first song that I ever learned, MacPherson's Rant, [Auld Jock] Bruce O the Fornet, Nicky Tams, The Highland Tinker, Maggie the Milkmaid, The Dying Ploughboy, Jamie Raeburn, Bing Avree Billy, The Dowie Dens of Yarrow.
CD1834 Tramps and Hawkers   Portrait : Jimmy MacBeath   (2002)
Tramps and Hawkers, Drumdelgie, The Jolly Carter, A dash good drink from the farm servants, The Moss O Burreldale, The Muckin O Geordie's Byre, MacPherson's Lament, It Always Beats Up the Ten Minutes Yet, Mormond Braes, Bonny Portsoy you're aa ma ain, The Dowie Dens O Yarrow, A threed of blue song, John Anderson My Jo, Fined five pounds, Teribus, Pirns o thread an needles an packets o preens, The Gallant Forty-Twa, Too verocious like they were hot in the blood, McCafferty was a great soldier, McCafferty, I'd Get Shot, I wasn't so far advanced as get tied up, Down by the Magdalene Green, Bogie's Bonny Belle, Neeps Tae Pluck, Tramps and Hawkers.
CD1835 Songs from Aberdeenshire   Portrait : John Strachan   (2002)
The Hairst O Rettie, The Miller of Straloch, Glenlogie, The Beggar Man, Rhynie, The Merchant's Son, The Minister's Daughters They Were There, Fin the Bed Began tae Heat, Binnorie O Binnorie, The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter, The Stootest Man in the Forty Twa, Bonny Udny, The Bonny Lass of Fyvie, Clyde's Water, The Laird O Drum, Robin Hood, MacPherson's Rant, Johnnie O Braidislie, The Guise O Tough, The Bogheid Crew, Harrowing Time, Where the Gadie Rins, Lang Johnnie More, I Had Some Far Better Verses Than That.
CD1839 What Will Become of England?   Portrait : Harry Cox   (2000)   Review 1   Review 2
What Will Become of England?; My Life (talk); A-Going to Widdliecombe Fair; Working on a Gang (talk); The Spotted Cow; Barton Waltz (melodeon); The Harvest (talk); The Barley Straw; The Farmer's Servant; The Pretty Ploughboy (fiddle); My Grandfather and my Father (talk); Jack Tar on Shore; Two Hornpipes: Yarmouth & Meg Merilees (fiddle); On Board of the Kangaroo; Young and Growing; My Mother (talk); My Upbringing (talk); The Foggy Dew; Hunger and Pay (talk); Three Toasts; Nelson's Monument; I Used to go along with him (talk); Barton Broad Babbing Ballad; Babbing for Eels (talk); Talk and Melodeon Tunes; Singing in Public Houses (talk); Charming and Delightful; The Old Song (talk); On Yon Lofty Mountain; Learning from my Father (talk); She Never had Time to Sit Down (talk); The Turkish Lady; Poaching (talk); Henry the Poacher; Windy Old Weather; My Father at Sea (talk); Sweet William; How my Father learned Songs (talk); The Yarmouth Fishermen's Song; The Crocodile; The Soldier and Sailor's Prayer; London is as Sharp as the Edge of a Knife; Up to the Rigs of London Town; Up to the present I ain't forgot anything yet (talk); Blackberry Fold; Adieu to Old Eng-e-land, Here's Adieu.
CD1840 Calypso at Midnight!   Lord Invader, Duke of Iron, Macbeth the Great, Gerald Clark & Band   (1999)   Review
Introduction, Calypso Invasion, Stone Cold Dead in the Market, Dialogue on the "Trinidadian Harp", Ugly Woman, Rum and Coca-Cola, Do Lai Do, Three Friends' Advice, Happy Land of Canaan, Exploring (Exploiting), Man Smart Woman Smarter, Tie-Tongue Baby, Edward VIII.
CD1841 Calypso after Midnight!   Lord Invader, Duke of Iron, Macbeth the Great, Gerald Clark & Band   (1999)   Review
Announcements, Don't Stop the Carnival, My Donkey Wants Water, That Game Named Poker, I'm a Better Woman Than You, Drumming, The GI and the Lady {Calypso Drama), "Té Way" (Stick Fight), Roosevelt in Trinidad, Calypso War, Yankee Dollar, God Made Us All, Closing Announcement.
CD1842 Cajun and Creole Music - 1934/37   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Elita, Mary, and Ella Hoflpauir: Six Ans Sur Mer, J'ai Vu Lucille, Un Matin J'Etais sur ma Galerie;  Elita Hoflpauir: Les Clefs de la Prison, Tout un Beau Soir en me Promenant, Dans Mon Chemin Rencontre;  Julien Hoffpauir: Je M'ai Fait une Maitresse, La Belle et le Capitaine, Une Fille de Quatorze Ans, Mademoiselle Émélie, Au Pont de L'Anse;  Unknown: Cajun Waltz;  Wayne Perry: Cajun Waltz, Cajun Waltz, Cajun Waltz, Cajun Two-Step;  Segura Brothers: Viens Donc t'Assir sur la Croix de ma Tombe;  Edier Segura: Joe Feraille, Un Té pas Gain de l'Air;  Oakdale Carrière: Catin, Prie Donc pour ton Nègre;  Paul Junius Malveaux and Ernest Lafitte: Bye-Bye, Bonsoir, mes Parents, Tous les Samedis.
CD1843 Cajun and Creole Music II - 1934/37   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Mr Bornu: Belle;  Jesse Stafford: Je m'Endors;  Fenelon Brasseaux: Je Me Sues Marie;  Fenelus and Cleveland Sonnier: Trinquons;  Fenelon Brasseaux, Isaac and Cleveland Sonnier: La Chanson Des Savoy;  Fenelus Sonnier: La Chanson De Theogene Dubois;  Lanese Vincent and Sidney Richard: J'Ai Marie Un Ouvrier, Madame Sallien, Je M'Ai Fait Une Maitresse;  Davous Bérard: Les Amours Sont Courts, Mes Ames Je Suis Gris;  Edier Segura: Le Pays Des Étrangers;  Wilfred Charles: Dego/Zydeco;  Jimmy Peters and ring dance singers: J'Ai Fait Tout Le Tour Du Pays, S'En Aller Chez Moreau, Je Veux Me Marier, Rockaway;  Joseph Jones: Blues De La Prison;  Cleveland Benoît and Darby Hicks: La-Bas Chez Moreau;  Austin Coleman, Washington and Sampson Brown: Feel Like Dying In His Army;  Cecile Audebert: Danse La Counjallé;  Amélie Alexandre: Le Roi Detroné.
CD1850 Sing Christmas and the Turn of the Year   Various   (2000)   Review
Introduction, Good King Wenceslas, Carollng in the Dark, Good King Wenceslas, This is the Truth Sent from Above, The Holly and the Ivy, Boscasde Breakdown, Padstow Wassail, St David's Day Dance, I Wonder as I Wander, We Wish You a Men y Christmas, Nanallon / Caroling scene, Peace O'er me World, Introduction & The Ballad of Jesus Christ, Excerpt from Shepherd's Nativity Play, Shepherd's Cradle Song, Coventry Carol, Excerpt from Wisbech Nativity Play, Christmas in London, The Derby Ram, Christmas Morning Calypso, Unite, Pretty Little Baby, Reading from Luke 2:15/19, Psalm 23, The Mother's Consecnation, Christ Child Lullaby, Saint Mary's Men Are we, The Day we Went to Rothsay-o, God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen, Cromwell Versus Father Christmas, The Jug of Punch, Viny Ridge March, Royal Bellast Hornpipe, Millicent's Hornpipe, The Tenpenny Bit, The Dublin Reel, The Chery Tree Carol, Anglesey Carol, Hiraeth, Excerpt from the Symondsbury Mummers Play, Donny Brook Fair, Good King Wenceslas, When The Saints Go Marching in, T'was Mary Conceived, The Noble Stem of Jesse, The Lord's Prayer in Welsh, O Come All ye Faithful, The Gift of Power, Metrical Psalm in Gaelic, No Room at the Inn/Last Month of the Year, Hark What News the Angels Bring, I Saw Thne Ships Come Sailing in, Wassail Wassail All Over This Town, Here we Come a-Wassailing.
CD1871 Italian Treasury: Lombardia   Various   (2005)  
El fiöl del conte (The Count's Son); Il giorno di carnevale (Carnival Day); Caro 'l me Tone (My Dear Tonio); Marcia (March); Ninna nanna (Lullaby); Ol carneàl el va el vé (Carnival Comes and Goes); Pierì de la montagna (Pierino of the Mountain); I n'andai a Vivrón (They Went to Viverone); L'è rivà d'un bastimento (A Ship Has Come In); Valzer (Waltz); Notter de Berghem (We Folk From Bergamo); Ninna nanna (Lullaby); Quando saremo föra de la Valsügana (When We Are Away From Valsugana); Mamma mia la spusa l'è ché (Mother Mine My Bride Is Here) / Le carrozze son già preparate (The Carriages Are Ready); Rigoletto Bottanuco; Richiami per gli ucelli.
CD2161 Family Tradition Joe Thompson, with Nate and Odell Thompson   (1999)   Review
Georgia Buck, It Ain't Gonna Rain No More, Oil in My Vessel, Molly Put the Kettle On, Goin' Downtown, Black Eyed Daisy, I Shall Not Be Moved, Pumpkin Pie, Old Corn Liquor, Cindy Gal, Old Joe Clark, Soldier's Joy, Careless Love, Donna's got a Rambling Mind.
CD5069 So Sabi Cape Verdean music from New England   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Toi Grace and the Verdatones: Freddie Junior, So Plod, Morna di Freddie, Lolinha, Rosinha.   Celina Pereira and Ivo Pires Band: Sarafin, Minina O Marisenson;  Creole Sextet and Joe Livramento: So Sabi, Amor da Mae, Flash's Medley; Alberto 'Kinzinhu' Rodrigues Band: Maria nha Dimintina, Mazurka, Osjos Preto.
CD5151 Music from Albania Anthology of World Music   Various performers   (1999)   Review
Kaba me klarinetë, Kaba më violinë, Qerbela Kerbela, Dallëndyshe e vogël, Ezmerkë më ishe, Kur dola jashtë, Melodi gajdexhiut, Vallja e vadzave, Vallja e Osman Takes, Çobankat, Lonte beu me hankon, Valle e kenduar arumune, Hartina t' ia marri jelekun ia lelë, Motra dhe vëllai, Ajkuna qan Omerin, Këngë kreshnike, Shepherd's song on the flute, Vaftim, To traketi meklino, Këngë kurbeti, Malkimi, Pogonishtë, Emina.
CD5160 Transylvanian Village Music  The Ökrös Ensemble with Sándor Fodor 'Neti' and Ági Szalóki   (1999)   Review
Legényes / Friss, Komos Hallgatója / Legényes, Shepherd Song, Cigány Keserves, Invirtita, Ritka Magyar? / Cigány Csárdás / Csingeralás, Doina / Purtata / Invirtita / De Sarit, Szalóki Ági Keservese, Hajnali / Csárdás / Friss.
CD6006 Traditional Irish Music in America: Chicago   Various   (2001)
Joe Shannon, John McGreevy: The New Steampacket / The Bucks of Oranmore / The Milliner's Daughter, Scatter the Mud / Fasten the Leggin.  Joe Shannon: The Merry Harriers, O'Keeffe's Plough / The Merry Blacksmith, The Battering Ram.  John McGreevy, Eleanor Neary: Jim Kennedy's Favorite, Around the World for Sport.  James Keane, Sr: An Caisideach Bán (Fair Cassidy).  Frank Thornton: Tom Ash's March / Irish Freedom March.  Terry Teahan: The Barrel Organ, The Queen's Polka, Katie Scollard's Slide / Regan's Slide.  Terry Teahan, Maida Sugrue: The Man from Glountane.  Maida Sugrue: Táimse im Chodladh (I Am Asleep) .  Jim Thornton: The Green Fields of Kerry / Paddy O'Brien's #2 .  James Keane. Jr: The Land of Sunshine.  James Keane, Jr., Liz Carroll: Brendan McGlinchey's Reel #1 / The New Ivy Leaf, Catherine McEvoy's / Arkle Mountain.  Liz Carroll: The Green Mountain / Eddie Kelly's / Love at the Endings.
CD6008 The Music of Ed Reavey   Ed Reavey   (2001)
Liz Carroll & Mick Moloney: The Swans at Coole.  Billy McComiskey & Andy O'Brien: Reilly of the White Hill.  Maeve Donnelly: The Shoemaker's Daughter, The Hunter's House.  Mick Moloney & Shelly Posen: Lad O'Beirne's.  Martin Mulvihill: Lovely Lough Sheelin.  Tony de Marco & Mick Moloney: Love at the Endings.  Ed Reavy: Bridget of Knock, The Ireland We Knew, Fling, The Letterkenny Blacksmith, Johnny McGoohan's.  Liz Carroll: The Road to Glen, The Lone Bush.  Brendan Mulvihill & Andy O'Brien: Reavy's No. 9.  Maureen Fitzpatrick: Maudebawn Chapel.  Eugene E O'Donnell: Packy's Place / The Castleblayney Piper.  Tim Britton: The Slaney Bog.  Paddy Cronin: In Memory of Coleman.  Larry McCullough: Love at the Ending.  Ed Reavy & Eugene Curry: Tom Clark's Fancy / The Boys at the Lough.  Louis Quinn & Mick Moloney: Pat Clark's / The Shanvaghara.  Brendan Mulvihill & Billy McCumiskey: The Flock of Wild Geese.
CD6014 Light Through Leaves traditional Irish wind instrumentals   Various   (2001)
Tim Britton: Rook's Secret / The Light Through the Leaves / The Walls of Liscarroll, The Earl's Chair / Larry Redigan's.  Larry McCullough: The Concert Reel / The Longford Reel, The Humours of Allegheny / A Ghost of His Former Self, Jim Neary's / The Banks of Lough Gamhna.  Noel Rice: The Humours of Ballyloughlin, Rice's Flute / Ril Bheara.  Bill Ochs: Sean Reid's / Sean sa Cheo, Jackson's Frieze Coat / Bobby Gardner's.  Al Purcell: The Dear Irish Boy, Se Fath Mo Bhuartha (The Cause of my Sorrow).  Mark Roberts: Connie Connell's, O'Beirne's / The Old Bush.  Richard Hughes: The Banks of the Lee, McMahon's Fancy.  Mike Rafferty: Gerry Commane's / Paddy Taylor's.
CD6070 Chers Amis   Magnolia Sisters
'Tit Mamou, Chers Amis, Dedans le Sud de la Louisiane, Le Pays des Etrangers, Mon Dernier Bonsoir, La Valse que J'aime, Bois Sec Song/O Treville, Il Faut Hisser Ces Voiles, C'est Si Triste, Jolies Joues Roses, La La La La, Mon Coeur Fait Mal, Hippi Taiaut, La Fleur de la Jeunesse, L'anse Belaire/Reel De Courville, L'annee de Cinquante-Sept, T'en a Eu Tu N'auras Plus, La Belle et le Capitaine, Hé Là-Bas, Blues de Voyage.
CD6088 1957 - Solo Cajun Guitar  David Doucet  (1999)   Review
Lake Arthur Stomp, Cowboy Waltz, J'ai Fait Une Grosse Erreur, Tu Peux Pas Me Faire Ça, Cajun Waltz, Midland Two-Step, In Baiolle, Les Blues des Routes, Port Arthur Waltz, Bayou Sorrel, J'ai Marié un Ouvrier, 1957, My True Love, Rue Canal, Une Piastre Ici, Une Piastre Là-Bas.
CD6089 Un Bal Chez Balfa   Courtney Granger   (1999)   Review
Le Two-Step des Festivals Aeadiens, Depais l'âge de Quinze Ans, Casey Jones, The Newport Waltz, Domino Two-Step, Les Barres de la Prison, Le Two-Step de Richet, Les blues de Cadien, The Drunkard's Waltz, Allons au bal de Balfa, La belle de la Louisiane, Texas Two-Step, La valse des grands miseres, La vielle danse à Balfa / Treville est pas pécheur, Merci Nonc Dewey.
CD6093 Allons en Louisiane   Various performers   Double CD - audio and CD-ROM   (1999)
Geno Delafose with Christine Balfa and Dirk Powell: 'Tit monde.  Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys: Ça tu dis et ça tu fair sont pas pareils.  Chris Ardoin & Double Clutchin': Lake Charles Connection.  Beausoleil: Bon Temps Rouler.  Balfa Toujours: Restez, mom et pop, restez.  Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas: Hey Bébé.  Eddie Lejeune: Jeunes gens de la campagne.  Beau Jocque & The Zydeco Hi-Rollers: Going to the Country.  Boozoo Chavis & The Magic Sounds: Who Stole My Monkey?.  Al Berard & The Basin Brothers: Dans la Louísiane.  Geno Delafose & French Rockin' Boogie: Je va's jamais la voir encore.  Bois Sec Ardoin with Balfa Toujours: Allons Danser.  D L Menard: Cajun Saturday Night.  Bruce Daigrepont: La clef de mon coeur.  Li'l Brian & The Zydeco Travelers: H-Town Zydeco.
CD7007 Classics of Irish, Scottish, and French-Canadian Fiddling   Graham Townsend with Glenn Paul, piano.   (2005)
Bob's Double Clog / Jackie Coleman's / Ballinaslow Fair; Plymouth Lasses / Maggie Brown's Fancy / Buttermilk Mary; Stacks of Barley / The Galway / The Golden Eagle; Trouble Among the Yearlings; Partie de lancier / Marche Carolino; Indian Reel; Bonnie Kate / Pigeon on the Pier; Le two-step d'Armand; Reel Pointe Au Pic; Crowley's Reel / Teetotaller's; Eugene Straton / The Arthur Seat / Banks Hornpipe; The Rakes of Kildare / Dan the Cobbler / Geese in the Bog; Lucy Campbell / Walker Street; The Iron Man / Jamie Hardie; Reel de mon grandpere / La Belle Catherinette; The Judique Jig Medley.
CD7014 Fiddlers of Western Prince Edward Island   Various performers   (1998)
Dennis Pitre: Island Boy; Dennis Pitre's Reel; Carlton County Breakdown; The Miramichi Fire (A West P.E.I. Version); St. Anne's Reel (A West P.E.I. Version).  Eddy Arsenault: The Brae Reel; The Dragger's Reel; Herring Reel; Ottawa Valley Reel.  Eddy & Peter Arsenault: Acadian Reel.  Peter Arsenault: Latex Jig.  Armand Arsenault: St. Anne's Reel ('jigging').  Zelie-Anne Arsenault Gaudet: Money Musk; Zella' s Harmonica Reel.  Sid Baglole: The Twin Sisters (Pigeon on the Gatepost); Sugar in the Gourd; Tavern in the Town; Princess Reel; Sidney Baglole's Reel; Old Timer's Reel.  Leonard McDonald: Rippling Waters Jig; Joe MacKinnon's Reel; Farmer's Reel; Homeward Bound / Jerome's Farewell.  Harry Lecky: Beautiful Sunday; White River Stomp.  Peter Doiron: Heather's Breakdown.  Peter Doiron & Adam Driscoll: Great George Street Waltz.  Anastasia DesRoches: Bear River Jig / Mary Hughes' Jig / Shandon Bells.  Warren Leard: The House of MacDonald.  Alton Silliker: High Level Hornpipe.
CD7015 Fiddlers of Eastern Prince Edward Island   Various performers   (1998)
Peter Chaisson, Sr: The P.E.I. Wedding Reel / Big John MacNeil; Lord MacDonald's Reel / The Chaisson Reel; Maid on the Green / Kenmure's Awa'; Tarbolton Lodge / The Burnt Leg; The Haggis / The Bird's Nest.  Peter Chaisson, Jr: Mr. Murray / The Miller o' Drone / The Dusky Meadow / The Yetts of Muckart / Miss Lyall Reel / Picnic Reel / Little Donald in the Pigpen; Fiddlin' Phil.  J J Chaisson: Miss Lyall Strathspey / The Clumsy Lover / Sleeping Maggie / The Black Mill.  Elliot Wight: Blue Mountain Hornpipe; North Side Tune; Stan's Jig; Isle of My Birth; Cock of the North / Uncle Jim.  Archie Stewart: MacSwain's Reel; The Milltown Cross Fire; Johnny's Reel;Paddy on the Turnpike.  Attwood O'Connor: The Watermelon; The Walk on Water Reel; Liberty Two-Step; The Rose in the Garden; Nelly Grey.  George MacPhee: Pride of the Ball / The Drunken Piper; The East Newk of Fife (A King's Co. Version); MacKinnon's Rant / Johnny Cope Reel.  Angus McPhee: The Miramichi Fire (An East P.E.I. Version).  Jackie & Carl Webster: Souris Breakwater; Jay's Reel.  Jackie Webster: Green Fields of America (P.E.I. Setting).
CD7016 The Slippery Stick: Traditional Fiddling from New Brunswick The Robichaud Brothers, with Gerry Robichaud, fiddle and Bobby Robichaud, guitar.
Grand Lake Reel / The Silver Wedding Reel; The Coal Branch Reel / Emile Arsenault's; Moccasin Shuffle / The Brae Reel; Fred's Tune / Money Musk; The Bunkhouse Jig; Cousin Bill / Fiddlin' Phil; Island Ferry / The Herring Reel; Herring Brook / The High Level Hornpipe; Father Legere's Marches; Constitution Breakdown / Dragger's Reel; The Atlantic Polkas; Tullybardine / La Disputeuse; March From My Mother; The Dancing Hornpipe; The Slippery Stick; Leprechaun Jig; The Miramichi Fire; Bouctouche Reel / Saint Anne's Reel; The Watch City Hornpipe; Traditional New Brunswick Jig; The Abegweit Breakdown.
CD7017 Informal Sessions   Joe Cormier, fiddle; Eddie Irwin, piano; Edmond Boudreau, guitar and bass.
Miss Laura Andrews / Mrs Ramsey of Rarnton / Mrs Kennedy of Green / The Nine Pint Coggie;Jigs in G;Earl Gray / Perthshire Volunteers / Miss Margaret Campbell / The Reel of Cluny / Milburn;Silver Star Hornpipe / Karen's Reel / Temperance Reel;Mrs Dow / Bobby's Winston Tune / Last Night's Fun;Farleigh Castle / Clear the Track / Napoleon Hornpipe;Untitled / Swallow Tail / Murray River;Strathern / Miss M'Lean / Johnny's Made a Wadding o'it;The Glencoe March / The Auld Wheel / Jamie Hardie;John Roy Stewart / Fisher's Wedding / Saratoga Hornpipe / Pottinger's Hornpipe;Romp Among the Whims / The Way to Mull River / Traditional Tune / The Marquis of Tullybardine;Killiecrankie;Mr Barclay / Willie Frazer's / Miss Rattray / Lady Mary Stofford;Unknown / James F Dickie;Belle of the Ball;Moonlight Clog / Unnamed Hornpipe / Heather Hill / Put Me in the Big Chest;Mrs Grant of Lagan / Miss Lyle / The Red Mill / John McNeil / Highland Dancer.
CD7024 Old Time Scottish Fiddle from Cape Breton   Joe MacLean, violin; Lila Hashem, piano; Peter Dominic, rhythm, Marie MacLellan, piano.
Nancy;Inverness Strathspey and Reel / Margaret's Delight / Miss Prowd;Mabou Jig / Orange and Blue / Annie Golletti;The Duke of Fife's Birthday / Green Grow the Rashes-o / Untitled;Memories of Joe MacInnis / Untitled Strathspey / Stephanie Marie MacLean / Foxie Mary;Jig in A / Mrs MacDonald / Untitled Jig;Bonnie Lass of Headlake / Dancing Strathspey / Traditional reels;Mr Abel Banks / The Tweeddale Club / Untitled reel / Mrs Campbell of Locknell;Fiddler's Joy / Charlie Hunter / Joe's Favorite;Headlands March / The Miller of Camersay / Kelvack Strathspey / Untitled Reel / The Old Bog Hole;Kitchen Party Medley.
CD7026 Laments and Merry Melodies from Cape Breton Island   Theresa Morrison, with Gorgon MacLean   (1999)   Review
Inganes / Drumin / Traditional Strathspey / The Disturber / Kirsty McFarlane, Goldenrod / Falling Leaves/ The Countess of London, Braes of Auchentyre / James E Dickie's Delight / Daybreak / Leo MacLean / Crossing the Iona Ferry, My Lodging is on the Cold Ground / March of the Cameron Men, Carnegie's Welcome to Scotland / Billy MacKinnon's / Arlene Hepburn / Corn Bran, My Heart is Broke Since thy Departure / Within a Mile o' Edinburgh Town, Miss Stewart / Neil and Scott Morrison / London Lasses / Lady Jane Neville, Willie Coleonan's / Joe MacLean's Birthday, A Dancing Strathspey / Lila Hashem / Pointe Claire / Sean Rong Mór, Fr MacMillan / Pibroch of Donald Dhu / The Hundred Pipers, Lochnagar / Lady Isabella Weymss / The Rose Among the Heather, Lady Cunninham of Livingston / John McAlpin / Barra Strait Crossing / Traditional Pipe tune, Marchioness of Huntly / Gentle Lady / John MacLean of Detroit, Frances Sitwell / The Duchess of Manchester's Farewell to the Highlands, Lament for Piper Peter Morrison.
CD7037 Traditional Fiddle Music of Cape Breton, Volume 1: Mabou Coal Mines   Gregory Campbell, Alex Francis MacKay, Rannie MacLellan, Johnny MacLeod, Fr Angus Morris.
Fr Angus Morris, Marianne Jewell: The Countess of Crawford / The Connoisseur / Miller's / Miss Charlotte Alston Steward's / Willie MacKenzie's; Gregory Campbell, Gordon MacLean: Doctor MacLeod of Alnick; Rannie MacLellan, Marianne Jewell: The Man in the Moon / Highlander over the Border / Smash the Windows / The Frost is All Over; Alex Francis MacKay, Gordon MacLean: Mr. Marshall's Favorite; Johnny MacLeod, Gordon MacLean: A Trip to Mabou Ridge / Mabou Coal Mines / Sir Reginald MacDonald / Miss Wedderburn; Fr Angus Morris, Marianne Jewell: Mo Mhàthair / The Strong Man of Drum / Knit The Pocky / Wedderburn House / Mr Menzies of Culdare / Lord Drummond; Alex Francis MacKay: Christy Campbell / Anthony Murray / Bodach Fodair; Gregory Campbell, Gordon MacLean: The Athole Highlander's Farewell to Loch Katrine / Miss Maule's / The Editor's Favorite / St Kilda Wedding / The Smith's Burn / The Bridge of Bamore; Alex Francis MacKay, Gordon MacLean: Queen Elizabeth's / Lady Dorothea Stewart Murray's Wedding / Scotland's Salute to the Home Guard; Fr Angus Morris, Marianne Jewell: A Tribute to Elizabeth Beaton / Traditional / Traditional / The Yetts of Muckart / Tramper Down; Rannie MacLellan, Marianne Jewell: Srath-Spè / Struan Robertson's / Bog an Lachan / Flora MacDonald / Traditional / Johnny Sullivan's / The Nine Pint Coggie / The $10 Fiddle; Johnny MacLeod, Gordon MacLean: The Rover's Return / The Irishman's Heart to the Ladies / Cock o' the North / Portland Fancy / Rosewood / The Stool of Repentance; Alex Francis MacKay, Gordon MacLean: The North Hunt Medley / The Stormont Lads / Cutty Sark / Lady Georgina Campbell; Fr Angus Morris, Marianne Jewell: Captain Campbell / Hoch Hey Johnny Lad / Lucy Campbell / Colonel McBain's Fancy / Andrew Fulton's / The Smith's Burn.
CD7038 Traditional Fiddle Music of Cape Breton, Vol. 2: The Rover's Return   Willie Kennedy, John A Gillis, John MacDougall, Allan MacDonald, Francis MacDonald, Gordon MacLean, Morgan MacQuarrie.
Willie Kennedy, Gordon MacLean: George I Taylor / The Braes of Tullymet / The Marquis of Huntly / Lord Kelly's Reel / Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's / Pigeon on the Gate / You and I / Paddy on the Turnpike / The Sheepwife. Francis MacDonald, Corrine MacDonald: Dòmhnull Cléireach / Homeward Bound / Cheap Meal. Willie Kennedy and Morgan MacQuarrie, Gordon MacLean: Bill Lamey's / Angus Joseph MacDonald's / Over the Cabot Trail / Leona Beaton / The Rover's Return / Pet of the Pipers. John MacDougall, Gordon MacLean: Lament, for Sir Harry Niven Lumsden, Baronet of Achindoir / Miss Wharton Duff / Isle of Skye / Lady Georgina Russell's. Morgan MacQuarrie, Gordon MacLean: O'er the Muir Amang The Heather / Lady Mary Ramsay's / Celtic Ceilidh / Homeward Bound / Francis Beaton's / Jenny Dang the Weaver. Allan MacDonald and Morgan MacQuarrie: Coilsfield House / Kilravock / The Duke of Gordon's Birthday / Sir Archibald Grant of Monemusk's / The Bear in the Buckwheat. Gordon MacLean: Lamb Holm / Blackthorn / The Disturber / Leaving for Ireland. Willie Kennedy, Gordon MacLean: Minnie Foster's / Fred Wilson's / Archie Menzies / Mr Bernard / Mrs Charles Stewart of Pettyvaich / The Fisher's Wedding / Perth Assembly. Francis MacDonald, Sandra Gillis: My Compliments to James D Gillis. Francis MacDonald,Corrine MacDonald: Cameron Chisholm's Birthday. John Archie Gillis, Sandra Gillis: Scotsville / West Margaree / Put Me in the Big Chest. Morgan MacQuarrie, Kay Campbell White: Traditional / The Leg of a Duck / Gillan an Drover / Off to Donnybrook. John MacDougall, Gordon MacLean: The Taking of Beaumont Hamel / Lucy Campbell / Yester House / Miss Lyall / Miss Lyall / The Old King's / Muileann Dubh / Beaton's Delight / The Drummer / Traditional.
CD7043 Cape Breton Violin   Willie Kennedy, violin; Gordon MacLean, piano.
Traditional / Angus Chisholm's / Down the River / Strathlorne Valley - jigs.  Hiawatha / Newcastle - hornpipes; Lady Charlotte Campbell / Clear the Track / Mary Claire / Eugene Stratton / Lady Madelina Sinclair's Birthday / Miss Menzie of Menzie's - reels.  Kitchener's Army - march; Devil In the Kitchen / Miss Drummond of Perth - strathspeys; Muileann Dubh / Lochiel's Awa' to France / MacKinnon's Rant - reels.  nganess / Traditional from Duncan MacQuarrie / Traditional from Dan J Campbell / Traditional from Johnny Wilmot / Athole Brose - strathspeys; General Stewart / Gillis' Favourite / Francis Beaton's / Donald MacGugan's Rant / Jenny Pippin / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Sir David Davidson of Cantry - reels.  Wedding / High Bridge / Ships are Sailing - jigs.  Robert Cormack, Aberdeen - air; Lord Moira / Miss Ann Amelia Murray - strathspeys; Earl Marishal / Cameronian Rant / Miss Grant of Grant - reels.  Bonnie Isabell Robertson / John Howatt / Wycocomagh Bay / Wedderburn House - reels.  Lady Madelina Sinclair / Maggie Cameron / Lucy Campbell - strathspeys; MacLaine of Loch Buie / Mrs. Smyth of Methven's / The Red Shoes - reels.  Untitled / Gordon Quigley's / The Royal Circus / Miss Gordon of Park / Miss Carmichael - jigs.  Mr Murray / Dusky Meadow / King George the IVth / King George - strathspeys; Tom Rae / The King's / Miss Lyall / Sean Maguire's Reel / A Trip to Windsor / Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart / John of Badenyon / Hamish the Carpenter - reels.  Tam Bain's Lum - march; The Royal Scots / Black Bear / Tom Kettle's / Garmont Smiddy / Miss Joan MacDonald / The Spey in Spate - reels.
CD7044 The Dusky Meadow   Donald MacLellan with Doug MacPhee   (2003)
Captain Carswell / The Drunken Piper / The Marchioness of Tullyhardine.  Neil Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairny / The Duchess of Hamilton / The Hon Mrs Maule of Panmure / Lady Georgina Camphell / Captain Byng / Loch Earn.  A F Irving / Captain Campbell / Craig o'Barns / Sandy is my Darling / Mr John Stewart of Grantully / MacKinnon's Rant.  The Road to Skye / Of to Donnybrook / WhiskyJig / The Flower in the Garden.  Sir Alexander Don / The Ewie with the Crooked Horn / Johnnie's Made a Waddin O't / Country Hall / Miss Charters.  Compliments to Annabelle / Dusky Meadow / Sandy Cameron / The Marquis of Tullybardine / Sandy Duff  The Honey Maid / Pretty Bess / Key West.  Killiecrankie / Gaelic Air / Welcome to your Feet Again / Fight about the Fireside / The White Crow / Blind Norry's / Marquis of Queensberry.  Miss Marianne Oliphant / The Duke of Gordon's Birthday / Don Side / Cross of Inverness / Muschats Cairn.  Dr Shaw / The Strong Man o' Drum / Jamie Russell / The Breem Dog / Sandy Skinner / The Spinnin' Wheel.  O Dear! What can the Matter Be? / Irish Jig.  The Shakins of the Pocky / Miss Christy Nicholson / Miss Whitefoord / Isle of Skye / Put me in the Big Chest.  Morag's Wedding / Craig o' Barns / Pigeon on the Gate / Finlay's Favorite / Muileann Dubh.  Johnny Pringle / Money Musk / I'll Gang nae mair to yon Town / Lord MacDonald's Reel / The Perrie Werrie / The Bear in the Buckwheat / A Dhómhnuill, A Dhómhnuill.
CD7051 Formerly of Foot Cape Road: Scottish Fiddle Music in the Classic Inverness County Style   John MacDonald with Doug MacPhee, piano   (2005)
The Marchioness of Huntly, Miss Maule's strathspey, Margaree, Cuir 's a' Chiste Mhóir mi (Put Me in the Big Chest) reels.  The Bonnie Lass of Headlake slow strathspey, Sir Archibald Dunbar, Cameron's Got his Wife Again strathspeys, Homeward Bound, Rachel Rae reels.  The Dougal Creature, Shins Around the Fireside, The Wandering Minstrel jigs.  Willie Fraser's, Paulette Bissonnette strathspeys, Blasad Ghaidhlig, Judy's reels.  The Warlock, Bog an Lochan (The Water Ousel) strathspeys, The Nine Pint Coggie, Malcolm Finlay, Morrison's Ridge reels.  The Flowers of Spring, Liverpool, Durang's hornpipes.  Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairney slow air, Lady Ann Hope, The Duke of Gordon's Birthday strathspeys, Lord MacDonald's, West Mabou reels.  Kennedy Street march, The Miller of Drone, Mrs Murray strathspeys, Airchie Brown, The Yetts of Muckart reels.  Old Strathspey from the Coal Mines, Calum Breugach (Malcolm the Liar) strathspeys, John of Badenyon, Hamish the Carpenter reels.  MrGarden of Troup, MrDingwall of Brockly's strathspeys, Bonny Lass of Ballantrae, Carnie's Canter, Archie Menzies reels.  Christie Campbell, Hills of Cape Mabou strathspeys, Bodach Fodair (The Straw Man), Greig's Pipes, The Bridge of Bamore reels.  Little House 'Round the Corner, New Waterford, Traditional jigs.  Fr John Angus Rankin march, Lime Hill, Donald John the Tailor, Traditional strathspeys, Harry Bradshaw's, The Weasel reels.  O'er the Muir, Amang the Heather slow air, Athole Brose strathspey, General Stewart, The Randy Wife of Greenlaw, The Smith's Delight reels.  Memories of Paddy LeBlanc march, Miss Maule's, Glen Tilt Lodge strathspeys, Lady Glenorchy's, The St Kilda Wedding reels.
CD7052 Cape Breton Tradition   Buddy MacMaster   (2003)
Farewell to the Glen - march; Mr Dow / Mrs Dow - reels.  Highlanders Farewell to Ireland - strathspey; Willie MacKenzie's / The Burning House - reels.  Nicole Fakoory / Gabrielle's / Boston Life / Moll in the Wad / Spin'n Glow - jigs.  Miller of Drone-strathspey; The Yetts of Muckart / Lochiel's Rant / Pigeon on the Gate - reels.  Hughie and Janet's March - march; Warlocks / Tarbolton. Lodge / Alistair Hunter - reels.  Springwell / Buddy's Detour / Francis Xavier Kennedy / Kathleen's Favourite Jig - jigs.  Silverwells - air; The Lass O'Corrie Mill / The Duchess of Buccleuch / The Highlands of Banffshire - strathspeys; Camie's Canter - reel.  Little John's Hame / The Forth Bridge Strathspey - strathspeys; The Forth Bridge Reel / Scourdiness / Miss Baigrie Reel - reels.  The Real Thing / Upper Denton Hornpipe / Catching Rabbits - hornpipes.  Margaret's Waltz; The Rosewood Jig / Judique Jig.  Happy-Go-Lucky Clog; Saratoga Hornpipe; Irish-American Reel.  Christy Campbell Strathspey - high bass strathspey; Bridge of Bamore / Marquis of TuIlybardine / Margaree Reel - high bass reels.  Sir Wilfred Laurier's Jig / Gordon's Trip to Sydney / Kohler's Jig (Alex Deas) / Miss Sophia Campbell - jigs.  The Bell Piano Strathspey - strathspey; Snowplough Reel /Miss Smyth of Methven / The King's Reel / Miss Lyall / Sandy Cameron / Miss MacLeod's Reel - reels.  The Grey Seal's Lament for its Pup - slow air; Miss Ann Moir's Birthday / The Duke of Gordon’s Birthday - strathspeys; London Lasses / West Mabou - reels.
CD7053 Lake Bras d'Or: Scottish Violin Music from Cape Breton Island   Theresa Morrison, with Doug MacPhee, piano   (2005)
Lake Bras d'Or march, Jesse Smith, Vincent MacLean strathspeys, MrGraham, Maggie Gowlach, The Green Tree reels.  Mr MacDonald, Opera, Cararoe jigs.  Lament for Matthew Hardie lament, Bonnie Charlie quickstep.  The Countess of Crawford, The Duchess of Athole solo strathspeys, MrMurray strathspey, Polduilly Bridge reel.  Millennium Sunset air, Cam' Ye by Athol? song, The Birks of Aberfeldy march.  The Taking of Beaumont Hamel, Duncan Cameron's Favourite marches, Money Musk pipe strathspey, Unnamed reel.  The Merry Lads of Pitslago, Memories of Margaret MacPhee strathspeys, The Smith of Methven reel.  The Marquis of Huntly's Snuff Mull solo strathspey, Erskine of Torre, Piper Peter Morrison strathspeys, The New Brig of Ayr reel.  Gordon Stewart Forbes, She's Fair and Fancy jigs.  Major MacLean air, James Edingight, MBaillie of Mellerston strathspeys, The House of Edinglassie, MrForbes reels.  Lady Jane Taylor pastoral, Lonach Castle strathspey, The Island of Java reel, Master Erskine-hornpipe.  Lady Jane MacGregor, Gray Dawn, Glen Morrison jigs.  Dunira Lodge solo strathspey, Miss Stewart Menzies, Master John Gatherer strathspey, Alexander Walker, Morgan MacQuarrie reels.  The Highlander jig, Majorie Lowe pipe jig.  Ballindallock Castle quickstep, Maid of Islay strathspey, pipe setting, Too Long in this Condition pipe reel.  Ballindallock Castle air, Blue Bonnets o'er the Border 6/8 march, The MacLean Reunion strathspey, Miss Whiteford, Silver Cluster reels.  Miss Ross, Lady Catherine Stewart, Miss Gordon of Braid jigs. Port Mor Na Lurgann, The Glen Pines strathspey, Fisher's Wedding, Mr Campbell at Craighnish reels.
CD7057 Parlor Music   Jerry Holland, with Doug MacPhee, piano   (2005)
MacKenzie Hay, Kirrie Kebbuck, The Spey in Spate.  Mary Claire, Clear the Track, Napoleon Hornpipe, Tom Marsh.  Mr MacDouwal Grant, DKeith Aberdeen, Highlands of Banffshire, MrGordon of Knockspoch, Reel du Vétérinaire, Dan Galbey's.  Mr Norman MacKeigan, Tom Steele, The Boys of the Loch.  Pretty Maggie Morrissey, Dunphy's Hornpipe, Sally Gardens, King of the Clans.  All My Friends, Joey Beaton's Reel, Golden Locks.  The Pattern Day, The Panelmine Jig, The Wedding Jig, Teviot Bridge, The Stool of Repentance.  Tom Dey, Old Style Strathspey as played by Mary MacDonald, Sandy Cameron, The Marchioness of Tullybardine.  Niel Gow's Lamentation for James Moray of Abercairny, Mary Grey, Dave Normaway MacDonald's Wedding, Arthur Muise.  The Waking of the Fauld, The Devil in the Kitchen, The Grey Old Lady of Raasay, Miss Charlotte Alston Stewart's, Sandy Cameron's, Put Me in the Big Chest.  Pipe Major Donald MacLean of Lewis, I Won't Do the Work.  Mr Crawford , O'er the Moor Among the Heather, Sir Archibald Dunbar, Kiss the Lass You Love Best, The Darling of the Uist Lasses, Sir David Davidson of Cantry, Celtic Ceilidh.  Kathleen's Jig, The Royal Circus, Miss Carmichael.
CD7059 Gaelic in the Bow   Alex Francis MacKay, with Gordon MacLean, piano   (2005)
Jenny Carruthers / Lady Madelina Sinclair / MCompton of Compton Hall.  Miss Mariane Oliphant / Lady Charlotte Campbell / Munlochy Bridge / Lady Rothes.  Glengrant / MEager's / Thrum's Cairn / The Yetts of Muckart.  Memories of Joe MacInnis / The Marquis of Lorn / Lassie, Look Before You / The Lasses of Stewarton / Geordie MacLeish.  Watson's Class / Unknown / Struan Robertson's Rant / Keep it Up.  The Prince of Wales / Rosin the Bow / Graham's Highland Fling.  Professor Blackie / Milton Duff / Clach na Cudain / Geordie MacLeish / The Pitnacree Ferryman.  Sandlaw's Welcome / Bogniebrae / Hoch! Hey! Johnnie Lad / The Bog o' Gight / The Lea Rig / Bonnie Nellie / Pretty Marion.  The Maids of Arrochar / Lady Muir MacKenzie's Favourite.  Dr MacLeod of Alnwick / Lord Blantyre / The Reel of Cluny / Goodenwell.  Miss Forbes of Pitsligo / Miss Grace Menzies / MrCharles Stewart / The Whigs of Fife / Miss Susan Gordon.  MrJames Christie / MrHenry Lumsden of Tillwhilly / Lady Elizabeth Lindsay / Miss Watt / Miss Menzie of Menzies.  The Concert March / Niel Gow's / Largo Law / Miss Compton of Compton Hall / Raigmore House.
CD7060 Back of Boisdale   Joe Peter MacLean, with Janet Cameron, piano; Paul Wukitsch, second violin; Gordon MacLean, piano and parlor organ   (2005)
Stumpie / London Lasses / You and I.  MrCrawford / Fenella / Jessie Smith / Homeward Bound.  There Cam' a Young Man to my Daddy's Door / The Hills Of Glen Orchy / I Lost My Love / I Won't Do The Work / The Trippers / The Rover's Return.  Warlocks / Bog an Lachan / Prince Charlie's / Johnny Wilmot's Fiddles.  My Father's March / The Braes of Mar / Briogis Lachlan / The Lasses of Stewarton / Traditional Pipe Tune.  Medley of Gaelic Songs.  Lady Madelina Sinclair / Niel Gow's / The Grey Old Lady of Raasay.  Dad's First Jig.  Lime Hill / Casan Caola Feadanach / Ca' the Stirks frae out the Corn / Father Francis Cameron's Reel / The Boisdale Reel / Miss Shepherd / John Of Badyendon.  Beul Iosait / Munlochy Bridge / Lady Georgina Campbell.  Cairistiona Chaimbeul / Gamh Do Chir, A Chaora Dubh / Appin House / The Bridge Of Bamore / Miss Wedderburn.  Mr Forbes' Welcome to Banff / What Wad'na Fect for Charlie? / Traditional Reel.  Dad's Second Jig.  Cead Deireannach Nam Beann.  Morag, A Bheil U Ann? / Muhlin Dhu / Hamish the Carpenter.  Charlie MacLean's Strathspey / Cameron's Got His Wife Again / Homeward Bound / General Stewart / Jenny Dang The Weaver.  James Cameron / Johnny Pringle / Money Musk / Nigeann Donn / The Honeymoon / Dismissal.
CD8041 The Land of Yahoe: Children's Entertainments from the Days before Television   Various performers.
Asa Martin and the Cumberland Rangers: Coming 'Round the Mountain; Ola Belle Reed: Little Birdie; Sarah Gunning and Jim Garland: Here Comes Two Dudes a-Roving / Go In and Out the Window; E C Ball and Blair Reedy: Bile Them Cabbage Down; Art Galbraith and Gordon McCann: Blue Mule; Hobert Stallard: Beau Rainer; E C Ball: The Fox; Alva Greene: Fox Chase; J P Fraley: Grandpa's Cold Trailing Dog; Annadeene Fraley: Poor Babes in the Woods; Glenn Ohrlin: My Home's in Montana; Nimrod Workman: Way out West in Kansas; J P Fraley: Fraley's Lament; Sarah Gunning: Old Shoe Boots and Leggings; Ola Belle Reed: Chewing Gum; Billy Don Stamper and Earl Thomas, Jr: Devilish Mary; Glenn Ohrlin: Boomer Johnson; Nova Baker: The Old Lady and the Devil; Ola Belle Reed: The Miller's Will; Jim Garland; Asa Martin; Annadeene Fraley: Nonsense Songs - Heroes of Kentucky / Fare Thee Well / Muggie Doo / Law / Sogging / Charlie Chaplin; Asa Martin: On Greenland Mountain; Hobert Stallard: Davy Crockett; Jim Garland: Sugar in the Gourd; E C and Orna Ball: Little Moses; Glenn Ohrlin: Billy the Kid; Van Holyoak: 'Dobe Bill; Joe Robichaud: Reel du Pendu; Annadeene Fraley: Barbary Allen; Jim Garland: The Land of Yahoe.
CD11592 Rounder Heritage Series: The Art of Traditional Fiddle   Various performers   (2001)
Alva Green: Hunky Dory, Theresa MacLellan: Captain Carswell, Jerry Holland: New Market Reel, Snake Chapman: Rock Andy, Buddy Thomas: Yellow Barber, Jim Woodward: Midnight, Gerry Robichaud: Bouctouche Reel/St. Anne's Reel, Theresa Morrison: Inganess Medley, Jim Herd: Dance All Night With a Girl With a Hole in her Stocking, Roger Cooper: Bostony, Fred Stoneking: Blackberry Waltz, Art Galbraith: Lay Your Good Money Down, Joe Robichaud: Moccasin Two-Step, Ray Hilt: Portsmouth Winder, Howe Teague: Wabash Foxtrot, Joe Cormier: Clay Pipe Medley, Darley Fulks: Snowstorm, Joe MacLean: Nancy, Graham Townsend: Lucy Campbell/Walker Street, Violet Hensley: Uncle Henry, Billie Stamper: Martha Campbell, Lonnie Robertson: Lonnie s Breakdown, Larry Riendeau: Le Pied du Mouton, Harold Zimmermann: Crow Call, Dwight Lamb: The Hiram Allen Tune, J.P.Fraley: Annadeene s Waltz, Carl MacKenzie: Robert Cormack/Aberdeen Medley, Wilson Douglas: Old Christmas Morning, George Hawkins: Rat s Gone to Rest, Ray Curbow: Pig Ankle Blues, Alton Jones: Milk Cow Blues, Paul Smith: Devil Eat the Groundhog, Bob Holt: Rattlesnake.
CD11593 Rounder Heritage Series: The Dances Down Home   Joe Cormier, violin; Edmond Boudreau, bass and guitar; Eddie Irwin, piano; Johnny Muise, occasional clappers.   (2001)
The MacDonald's March, The King's; Miss Anderson / The Braes of Elchies; Sheehan's / Loch Earn / Donald Cameron's Polka; Sou'west Bridge / The Flagon / Gin I Had a Bonny Lassie; Dan R's Favorite / Brig o' Feugh / Donald Stewart the Piper; Come Under My Plaidie / The Mira; Mrs Scott Skinner / The Smith's a Gallant Fireman / The Earl of Seafield's; The Cheticamp Jig / Little Pickle / Traditional; Biodag Air MacThomais / The Hurdle Race / Last Night's Fun; Hillside Echoes / Banks; The Marquis of Tullybardine / Romp Among the Whins / The Way to Mull River / Put Me in the Big Chest; Clay Pipe / Sandy M'Gaff / The Champion Jig; Miss McKenzie of Ness House / Bonanza Hornpipe; Glencoe Bridge March / Lieutenant Howard Douglas's / Miss Stewart of Garth / The Rocket; Delnabo / Malcolm Finlay / Traditional / Prince Charlie; Charlie Hunter / Dolbin / Traditional; Fancy Hornpipe / Gillan's / St. Kilda Wedding; Archie Menzies / Fisher's Hornpipe / Mr Bernard; Miss Hutton's / Miss Johnson of Pitworth / Lady Walpole's; The Earl of Hyndford / Blind Norrys / Auld Stewarts of Forthergill.

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