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Topic Records Discography
by Mike Brocken, Alistair Banfield & Rod Stradling

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Important - Please read all of this page first before using the discography.

The huge amount of text in this Discography is displayed in compact form using the Arial Narrow font - but only if you have it installed on your computer.  Arial Narrow (in Normal, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic faces) is available on the Windows 95 disc(s), from many widely available font collections, and the latest version is downloadable free here.

We now have details of every record that our sources can locate, right from TRC1, complete with full track listings - and there are only a few gaps remaining - which I've shown in red so they'll be easy to spot.  Any reader with further information about any missing items is encouraged to send it to us for inclusion.

The discography is so large that I've had to split it into three separate files, but it's presented with a frames-enabled index so that readers should be able to use it as if it were one complete list.  The Index links to the major divisions of the Topic output: Shellac 78s; Vinyl 78s; early LPs, EPs and singles; 12" stereo LPs; CDs; World Series and, of course, the Voice of the People series - plus numbered links every 25 (or so) records.  Everything is presented in chronological order, with the exception of four CDs which appeared slightly before Topic began to release everything in this format - these have been moved into the CD section, but their numbers indicate their position in the release schedule.  Topic's other labels - Special Delivery, Free Reed, Impact, and String - are at the end of the first file.

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