Article MT326. 

The Labour of Love

Database of the complete output of MT Records over 21 years + new data


MT Article No.324 - MT Records - a history appeared here last month.  And I indicated that a database of MT Records' output - inspired by Barry Taylor's Echoes of Erin database - should become available in rather less than 100 years after the records were released.

Well, it is ... Since this was first uploaded last year, we've published several CDs, details of which are now included in the Labour of Love Database, sorted by MT CD name, now available here as a spradsheet.  Users can, of course, sort it in other ways as required.

If you don't have any spreadsheet software installed, I can strongly recommend the free WPS Spreadsheet and Writer software - available from:

Rod Stradling - 9.6.20

Article MT326

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