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The following items have been updated or added to the magazine during the past few months.  They are now in reverse chronological order and the date indicates when the file was uploaded.

16.11.20   New Part 29, From Shooter's Hill to Widdecombe Fair, of the Dungbeetle article No 164.
1.11.20   Editorial  Latest news.
26.10.20   MT Records - the Labour of Love database with complete new data by Rod Stradling
18.10.20   Recent Letters
26.9.20   Obituaries
5.9.20   Latest News
28.8.20   Latest Reviews
23.7.20   Ruby Cracknell, Sussex Pub Pianist (Article 167) updated with new photos.
20.5.20   An Old World/New World Trilogy article by Mike Yates
4.2.20   A life in Music article by Rod Stradling
12.12.19   Recent Letters
4.10.19   Thomas Ravenscroft and The Three Ravens A Ballad Under the Microscope   Article 325 by Arthur Knevett
13.9.19   MT Records a History article by Rod Stradling
7.8.19   The Echoes of Erin Database Irish traditional Dance Music recorded on 78-rpm records   Article 323 by Barry Taylor
13.7.19   Some Reflections a 1974 interview with Bert Lloyd   Article by Barry Taylor - with huge new introduction.
18.6.19   Enthusiasm 84  Before the Broadside Enthusiasm and resulting correspondence
12.6.19   Enthusiasm 86  Paddy Fahey; an appreciation, by Ken Ricketts & Marya Parker
21.5.19   Enthusiasm 85  A Celebration of the Belfast Linen Hall Library's Beath Collection, and the Bicentennial of the Irish Harp Society of Belfast (1819-39)
10.5.19   The Folk Dance Movement: Mary Neal, Cecil Sharp and the Struggle for Supremacy   Article by Arthur Knevett
17.4.19   Cecil Sharp - Music and Political Values   Article by Sharif Gemie

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