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§ English

• English Country Music from East Anglia (Topic 12TS229 : 1973)

• Boscastle Breakdown, Southern English Country Music (Topic 12T240 : 1974)

plus advanced pressing courtesy of Reg Hall

• Stephen Baldwin, English Village Fiddler (Leader LED 2068 : 1976)

• The Earl Soham Slog, Step Dance and Country Music from Suffolk (Topic 12TS374 : 1978)

• Sing Say and Play, Traditional Songs and Music from Suffolk (Topic 12TS375 : 1978)

• Who Owns the Game? Traditional Songs and Melodeon Tunes from Central Suffolk (Home Made Music HMM LP 302 : 1984)

• Scan Tester, "I Never Played to Many Posh Dances" (Topic 2-12T455/6 : 1990)

Comes with original Musical Traditions booklet

• Harry Cox (EFDSS LP 1004 : 1965)

• Unto Brigg Fair (Leader LEA 4050 : 1972)

• Charlie Wills (Leader LEA 4041 : 1972)

• Sam Larner, A Garland for Sam (Topic 12T244 : 1974)

• George Spicer, Blackberry Fold (Topic 12T235 : 1974)

• George 'Pop' Maynard, Ye Subjects of England (Topic 12T286 : 1976)

§ Miscellaneous

• Jimmy Shand and his Band [10"]. Scottish Country Dances in Strict Tempo (No. 2) (Parlophone PMD 1015 : nd)

• The Caledonian Companion (Topic TS266 : 1975)

• The Music of Cape Breton vols 1 & 2 (Topic TS353-4 : 1978)

These are advanced pressings without printed cover, courtesy Reg Hall

• Henri Landry (Philo Records, FI 2002 : 1975)

§ Revival

• Lloyd and MacColl, Gamblers and Sporting Blades (Topic 71 [ep] : 1962)

• Bob Davenport and the Marsden Rattlers (Trailer LER 3008 : 1971)

• Peta Webb, I Have Wandered In Exile (Topic 12TS223 : 1973)

• Bob Davenport, Down the Long Road (Topic 12TS274 : 1975)

• Bob Davenport and the Rakes 1977 (Topic 12TS350 : 1977)

• Bob Davenport, Postcards Home (Topic 12TS318 : 1977)


All star ceildhe band
Copley 9-174
The Red-Haired Boy
Keel Row / Green Grow the Rushes

Barn dance boys
Davis DA 28-1
3606a Stack of Barley
3606b Primrose Vale / The Rambler

James Brown
Zonophone Twin 115
t-5092 Thistle Schottische
t-5093 Johnson & High Level
Zonophone Serial 848
x-49363 Edina Waltz
x-49364 Eightsome Reel
Zonophone Serial 1150
x-49420 Irish Reels : Turkey in the Straw
x-49421 Irish Jigs
Winner 3306
5872 Shuffling Sammy
5873 Valeta

Boudini Bros (phil and dan)
Emerson 1027
4195 Irish Jigs
4196 Irish Reels

The Cameron Men
Beltona 2087
m161 Earl O'Dalhousie / Lady Mary Ramsay / Soldier's Joy
m162 Abercairney Highlanders / Ballochmyle / Speed the Plough

W F Cameron
Zonophone Serial 233
t-5175 Flowers of Edinboro
t-5176 Highland Schottische

William Cameron
Winner 5431
13961 Banks o' Allan / Craigellachie Brig / Lasses o' Stewarton
13962 Abercairnie High'ders / Ballochmyle Brig / Marquis o'Tullybardine

James Cameron
Beltona BL 2302
m586a Red Biddy
m587b Rossity Ends

Jim Cameron Band
Beltona BL 2491
dr14371 Caddam Wood / The Piper's Cave
dr14372 La Russe / Lord Rendal's Bride / Lady McKenzie
Beltona BL 2493
dr14376 Adm'l Levison Gower / Millbank Cottage
dr14383 The Gobie O / I lost my love / Drummond Castle
Beltona BL 2496-B
dr14380 Gentle Maiden / When Irish Eyes/ Irish Jaunting Car
dr14381 Glasgow Highlanders / Sherwood Rangers / Phil the Fluter's Ball
Beltona BL 2585
m3164 Back of Catlaw Munroe / Mrs McDougall
m3165 Brig of Perth / Mrs Stewart of Grandtully / Roxburgh Castle
Beltona BL 2597
m3181 Eight Men of Moidart / This is no my ain lassie
m3190 Mrs Grieve o' Howdan / Bonnie Brux / Fiddler's Joy
Beltona BL 2619
m3204 Glenburnie Rand / Old Grey Cat
m3205 Callum Beg / Highland Whiskey / Fairy Dance / Duncan Davidson
Clancey / Touhey : Victor 18639
Side A – Patrick J Touhey : Drowsy Maggie / Scotch Mary / Floggin
Side B – P J Clancey : Tattered Jack Walsh / Dublin Jig / The Rover

P J Conlon
Okeh 4264
S 7723-B The Scholar
S 7704-B Harvest Home / Galway Bay
Parlophone E3178
4322a Hennessey's Hornpipe
4322b Happy to Meet & Sorry to Part

Pamby Dick
Guardsman 307
144 Boston Bell Barn Dance
145 Competition Waltz

Jim Dwyer (vocal)
Decca W4239
62813 Tipperary Far Away
62814 The Irish Brigade

Tom Ennis
Victor 18286
'Irish Melodies' (Waltzes)
Three Little Drummers / Connaughtman's Rambles / Joy of Life / Nancy Hynes
Victor 18366
Maid that left the County / Drowsy Maggie / Around the World for Sport
Murphy's / Londonderry Clog / McNamara Hornpipe
Gennett 5003 with John Garridy (fiddle)
8104 Irish Polka
8105 Irish Reels
Columbia A3773 with Morrison & Muller
80681 Job of Journey Work
80682 Jigs
Regal G8237
80945 Black Rogue / Saddle the Pony
80831 Londonderry
Fife & drum band (anon)
Regal G6903
39582 Campbells are coming / Garry Owen
39583 British Grenadiers / Johnny Cope

Angus Fitchet (Band)
Beltona BL 2603
m3226 Looking for a Partner
m3227 Primrose Polka
Beltona BL 2604
m3220 Jessie's Hornpipe / Lochmaben / Drumleys / Kirks
m3221 Eight Men of Moidart / Mackenzie of Coull / Norman Whitelaw
Beltona BL 2605
m3222 Glasgow Highlanders / Crowhillock / Miller O'Hirn
m3223 There's nae Luck aboot the Hoose / Jessie Smith / Marchioness of Huntley / Wm McDonald Black
Beltona BL 2606
m3224 Circassian Circle / Staten Island / Mason's Apron / The Lucky Scaup
m3225 The Crookit Babwee / Auld Scotch Mother Mine / My ain folk

Flanagan Bros
Regal MR158
w111215 Up the Hill of Down
w111691 In our Back Yard
Regal G8936
106669 Flanagan at the Racket
107369 Johnny Williams Hornpipe
Regal G9185
143628 Sprig of Shillelagh
143629 A Quiet Night at Flanagan's
Regal G9383
110326 The Little Black Mustache
110325 A Gay Caballero
Vocalion 14704
a [no matrix] Rakes of Kildare / Irish Washerwoman
b [no matrix] Green Mountain Reel / Teetotaler
Victor 790110
a [no matrix] The Night Pat Murphy Died
b [no matrix] Irish Delight
Victor 79127
a [no matrix] Reviewing St Patrick's Day Parade
b [no matrix] The Blackbird

Henry Ford
Columbia 555-D
141507 Heel and Toe Polka
141509 A Southern Schottische
Columbia 556-D
141499 Sicilian Circle
141500 Medley of Reels
Victor 19907
19907-a Schottische
19907-b The Ripple
Victor 19909
19909-a Seaside Polka
19909-b Heel and Toe Polka
Victor 19910
19910-a Badger - Gavotte
19910-b Varsovienne

Pipe-major Forsyth (pipes and drums)
Zonophone 709
x-46500 Hundred Pipers / Miss Drummond of Perth / Sleepy Maggie
x-46501 Neil Gow Farewell to Whiskey / My Wife she brewed it / Blacksmith of Killichassie

Jack Forsyth (Band)
Beltona BL 2518
dr 15941 Miss Cox's Strathspey / Mackenzie Hay / Balmoral Castle
dr 15942 Machine without Horses / Stool of Repentance / Miss Sally Hunter
Beltona BL 2516
dr 15937 The Duran Ranger / The Storrers / Bonnie Banchory
dr 15938 Strathglass House / Muir Mackenzie's Fav / The Laird o' Thrums / Kirrie Kebbuck

The Four Provinces Orchestra
Victor 79008
'Katie Connor Medley' : Hillside / Jackets Green / Colleen Dhas
Little Stack of Barley / Sand's Hornpipe (Bantry Bay)
Columbia 33324-F
110141 Leather Away with the Wattle Oh
110139 I don't work for a living (vocal : Jas J Mullan)

Patrick Gaffney (Fiddle)
Columbia 289-D
140127 The Southern Shore (hornpipe)
140128 My Love is a Lassie

Archie Grant (vocal)
Beltona BL 1975
m14639 The Cuckoo
m14641 The Land of my Youth
Beltona BL 2085
m202 Leaving Uist
m206 Leaving Barra
Beltona BL 4018
m607 Welcome to Lewis
m608 Annie MacLeod

John Griffin
Regal G9188
143392 The Real Old Mountain Dew
143393 My Beauty of Limerick

Fred Hanna (BAND)
Beltona BE 2659
m3349 Siege of Ennis
m3357 Peter Street

William Hanna
Winner 3460
6706 Phyllis Waltz
6709 Somebody
Parlophone F3084
e451 Lothian Quadrilles figure IV
e452 Lothian Quadrilles figure V
Parlophone E3154
441 Circassian Circle
444 The Road to the Isles
Parlophone E3373
1462 Scotch One Step
1463 Wee Rab's Waltz
Parlophone E3655
2673 Scotia – quick step
2674 Wee Curly – waltz
Parlophone E3657
2677 The wag of the kilt – polka
2678 Oslo Waltz
Parlophone F3267
8152 Highland Schottische
8155 Rothesay Bay
Parlophone F3270
8158 Dashing White Sergeant
8160 Scottish or Foursome Reel
Parlophone F3271
e8159 Petronella
e8161 Haymaker's Jig
Parlophone F3347
10606 Queen Mary Waltz
10608 Pride o' Erin Waltz

J Eastwood Concertina and Band
Regal MR579
car 1035 Titania [polka]
car 1036 [Scots song medley]

P C Hopkinson (Mouthorgan)
Columbia 5319
a8480 Coisley Hill
a8481 Burn Brae medley

David Hutchison (Accordeon)
Beltona 1670
m13426 The Drunken Piper / Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff / De'il in the Kitchen
m13427 92nd's Farewell to Aberdeen / A Hundred Pipers
Beltona 2259
m502 Allegory / The Gay Gordons / The Lovat Scouts
m503 MacPherson's Rant / The Four Posted Bed / The Queen's Wellcome to Invercauld
Beltona 1671
m13428 Marquis of Huntly / Braes o' Mar / High Level Hornpipes
m13429 Bonnie Strathyre / Pibroch o' Donald Dhu / Leaving Glen Urquhart
Hyde Bros (Accordeon duet)
Columbia 33502-F
co37136 Back of the Haggart (jig)
co37151 The Blind Fiddlers (reel)

Willie Kemp (Vocal)
Beltona 1456
m12386 McGinty's Meal an' Ale part 1
m12387 McGinty's Meal an' Ale part 2

John J Kimmel
Victor 18207
a Medley of Irish reels no 5
b Medley of Irish Jigs no 2
Victor 18727
a Medley of Irish Jigs
b Patrick J Touhey Steam Packet / Morning Star / Miss McLeod

Frank Lee
Zonophone MR 1608
car 3239 Orange and Blue / Green Grow the Rushes Oh / Stirling Castle
car 3240 Shores of Ballybunion / Pigeon on the Gate / Connemara Stockings

H Macandrew (Violin)
Parlophone F3466
ce 14024 The Laird o' Bemersyde ['heroic pastoral'] / Sandie Cameron / Forbes Morrison / The Left Handed Fiddler
ce 14027 Stirling Castle / The Miller o' Mirn / The Auld Wheel / Pretty Peggy

M C Cconnell's four leaf shamrocks
Victor 19446
a [no matrix] Dublin Jig / Geese in the Bog / Connaughtman's Rambles
b [no matrix] The Old Torn Petticoat / Off to Dublin / The Boys of the Lough
Jim Mc Hardy (Accordeon)
Beltona BL 2470
m1002a The Glendaruel Highlanders/ Lady Dorothea / Steward & Murray / Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow
m1003b The Atholl & Breadalbane Gathering / Bonnie Ann

Mc Hardy & Hosie (Accordion & ViolIn)
Beltona BL 2472
m998a The Hebridean Waltz [Ho ro my nut brown maiden / The spinning wheel]
m999b Eightsome Reel [De'il amang the Tailors / Mason's Apron / Meg Merrilees]

Bobby McLeod Band
Beltona BL 2610
m3255 Cadgers on the Canongate
m3262 The Burning of Paddy's Breeches
Philips P29003H / YB 9501
aa 29003 h1 Bonnie Ann
aa 29003 h2 Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen
Philips P29004H / YB 9502
aa 29004 h1 The Prairie Waltz
aa 29004 h2 Scottish Waltz

Jim McLeod Band
Parlophone R4205
ce 15616 Eva Three Step [The Scottish Horse/ McLeod's Return to Oban / Leaving Port Askaig]
ce 15617 Scottish Waltz [My heart is sair / Cradle Song / Farewell to Funiary / The Rowan Tree]
Parlophone R4613
ce 16414 Hebridean Polka
ce 16415 "Just as I was in the Morning" [Idem / Mary Gow / Ballater Lassies / Major Mackie]

Leo Mallet (Accordeon)
Imperial 866
6059 Donauwellen [waltz]
6070 Stirling Castle

McNulty Family
Decca 12100
62235-a Let Mr McGuire Sit Down
62234-a Highland Mary
Decca 12176
63616-a Waltz Me Around Again, Willie
63615-a Walker Walked Away
Decca 12209
65535-a The Kellys
65333-a McDonnell's Old Tin Roof
Decca 12210
65533-a Denny McCall
65536-a Dunloe Fair
Decca 12236
67449-a O'Bryan Has No Place To Go
67453-a Kelly The Boy From Killan
Decca 12253
69321-a I've A Bonnet Trimmed With Blue / Maggie In The Woods
69325-a The Rolling Rocks Of Glan / River Meadow Reel
Decca 12254
69324-a Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake
69320-a A Mother's Love
Decca 12255
69322-a The Flowery Dell / Miss Drury's Reel
69323-a Chasing The Chicken / Maid On The Green
Standard F-14007
10-927A Likeable Loveable Leitrim Lad
10-928Three Leaf Shamrock From Glenor
Standard F-14009
10-929Somewhere In Ireland
10-932My Auld Skellara Hat

Dublin 111 (labels reversed)
78328The Steeplechase / Reevie's No9
78329O'Mahony's / George White's

DELIA MURPHY (some with Richard Hayward)
Regal MR3274
oea 7567 The Spinning Wheel
oea 7569 Three Lovely Lasses
oea 6707 What Will You Do, Love?
oea 6710 Molly Bawn & Brian Og
oea 7570 If I were a Blackbird
oea 7571 Down by the Glenside
oea 6708 The Lovely Sailor Boy
oea 6716 The Banks of the Bann (Richard Hayward, NOT Delia)
[Split disc] Bluebird B4993
Frank Murphy The Rakes of Clonmel
pat white It's the Same Old Shillelagh

Victor 79005
The Green Castle / The Derry / The Liverpool
Repeal of the Union / The Galbally Farmer / The Wedding

Olly Oakley (English Banjo)
Oakleigh HMV B138
6374 Whistling Rufus
6468 Quick-Step

JERRY O'BRIEN (accordeon)
Copley 9-103
a The Red-Haired Boy
b Rose in the Heather / Kate's Fancy

Columbia 33131-F
107273 Come, Haste to the Wedding / When the Kettle Boils Over
107274 The Favourite Jig / The Mouse in the Cupboard
Columbia 33500
co 37063 God Save Ireland / Wearing of the Green
co 37152 O'Donnell Aboo / The Boys of Wexford
Columbia 33504
co 37137 Paddy in London
co 37153 The Irish Rover
Regal MR472
w110061 The Rakes of Mallow
w110066 Paddy in London

Decca 121135
62102 Off she goes / Fire on the Mountain
62095 Morning Star / The Ships Sailing

Columbia 33071-F
106106 The Kelleys
106104 Magpie's Nest

William & Ian Powrie
Beltona 2042
m14694 Old Waltz [Rustic Bridge / My ain wee hoose]
m14696 Country Waltz [Comin through the Rye / Bonnie Brier Bush / Logie o' Buchan / Bonnie Strathyre]

Ian Powrie's scottish country dance band
Beltona BL 2559
m3002 The Black Dance [Waverley Steps / Polwart on the Green]
m3009 Strathspey [Dalkeith's / Margaret's Fancy / Blin' Jamie]
Beltona BL 2560
m3004 Lady Susan Stewart's Reel
m3005 Strathspey
Beltona BL 2562
m3010 Lomond Waltz
m3019 The Moudiewort
Beltona BL 2601
m3248 The Call of the Pipes
m3251 The Royal Scots Polka
Beltona BL 2602
m3249 Mrs Hepburn Belches of Invermay
m3254 Dunoon Barn Dance

William Powrie (melodeon)
Beltona 1856
m14301a "Three" [Quicksteps] [Inverness Gathering / Willie McLennan]
m14302a "Fower" [Dovecote Park (march) / Tulchan Lodge (strathspey) / Mason's Apron]
Beltona 1857
m14303e "Five" Highland Marches
m14304e "Sax" [schottische]

Alexander Prince (Concertina)
The Winner 2055
111 Scotch Reels
112 Belphegor March
Zonophone 927
x-49147 High Jinks
x-49149 Pas de Quatre
Regal G7289
28972 Bonne Bouche Polka
28999 Les Folies Polka
Regal G7316
65387 Till the Boys come home
65388 Australia will be there
Regal G7512
69625 Spread out, lads
69626 Tam O'Shanter
Regal G7854
71916 Peggy O'Neill
71917 Lincke's Barn Dance
Columbia 1924
27908 Hopscotch Schottische
27979 Thistledown
Columbia 2426R
a3959 Estudiantina Waltz
a3960 Il Bacio [The Kiss]
Columbia 1449R
a3958 Under the Double Eagle March
a3961 With Sword and Lance March
The Twin 285
t-5212 Under the Double Eagle
t-5220 War March of the Priests

Columbia 33003-F
105766 The Enneskillen Dragoons
105765 The Home Brew (+Rights of Man)
Columbia 33064-F
105917 The Old Bog Hole
105918 Murphy's Wife
Columbia 33077-F
106212 The Ballinamuck Jig
106212 The Tanyard Side
Columbia 33117-F
107343 Paddy McGinty's Goat
107344 If you're Irish come into the Parlour
Columbia 33138-F
143352 McSorley's Twins
143353 Goodbye Mike, Goodbye Pat
Gennett 5355
8689 The Cat in the Corner (jig)
8690 The New Found Out Reel
Vocalion 14280
The Cherry Blossom
The Swallow's Tail
Andrew Rankine (Band)
Parlophone R4298
ce 15622 Leith Country Dance
ce 15624 Ellwyns Fairy Glen

Mackenzie Reid (Piano-Accordeon)
Regal MR275
war 454 Union Jack medley
war 455 The McGregor
Regal MR275
war 456 Highland Shepherd
war 457 Donnybrook Boys
Regal MR474
war 458 Mountain Rovers
war 459 Rigs o' Barley

Adam Rennie quartet
Parlophone F3445
ce 14038 Primrose Polka
ce 14041 The Golden Pheasant / Sir Torquil Munro / Elizabeth Donald / Mrs Grace Bowle
Parlophone F3462
ce 14555 Duke of Perth / Lady MacKenzie of Coull / Jean Kirkpatrick's Fancy / Kinclaven Brig
ce 14556 Flowers of Edinburgh / Rev Peter Fenton / Rakes of Mallow
Parlophone F3473
ce 14559 Cadgers in the Canongate
ce 14624 Reel of Glamis (strathspey)
Parlophone F3477
ce 14036 Fidget / Bill Sutherland / Pat Donald
[obscured] Scottish Reform / Meldrum House / Kenmu's on and awa'
Parlophone F3485
ce 14560 The Eight Men o'Moidart / Lord Randall's Bride / Mrs Monair of "Bruach"
ce 14626 Off she goes / The harmonica / Dumfriess House
Parlophone F3502
ce 14980 Strathspeys : Laird o'Thrums / The Iron Man / Laird o'Drumblair
ce 14983 Silver Wings Polka

Don Richardson (Violin)
Columbia A2018
46754 Mississippi Sawyer
46759 Durang's Hornpipe
Columbia A3581
79849 Rickett's Hornpipe / Maryland, my Maryland / Pig Town Fling
79852 Opera Reel / Darling Nellie Gray / The Ivy Leaf

W V Robinson (Mouthorgan)
Columbia 4012
a3246 Darkie dances
a3248 The Regiment passes by

Pipe-maj [Wm] Ross
Columbia-Rena 1520
27190 The 79th's Farewell to Gibraltar / Miss Drummond of Perth / The Sheepwife
27191 The 93rd's Farewell to Edinburgh / Madalina Sinclair / Sandy Cameron
HMV 3557
30-2007 Millbank Cottage / Balmoral Castle / The Sheep Wife
30-2008 Parker's Welcome / Loch Katrine
Parlophone E3312
1143 Mrs J MacColl / The Piper's Bonnet/ Cameronian Rant
1146 Caledonian Society of Winnipeg / The Glengary Gathering

P J Scanlon (accordeon)
Columbia A2837
77157 Keel Row / Money Musk
77154 Father O'Flynn / Haste to the Wedding
Columbia A2902
77155 Liverpool / O'Neill's Favourite
77156 The Swallow's Tail / The Green Fields of America

Beltona 2231
Arthur's Seat / Eugene Stratton Banks The Bonnie Lassie of Bon Accord
The Bonnie Lassie of Bon Accord
Parlophone F3318
The Household Brigade
The Auld Hoose / Loch Lomond / Hundred Pipers / Will Ye No Come Back Again
Beltona BL2394
Rocky Mountain Medley 1
Rocky Mountain Medley 2
Beltona 2396
Colorado Sunset / On the Sunny Side of the Rockies / Home on the Range
Mackenzie Highlanders / Glengarry March / 74 Highlanders
Beltona BL2398
Lochiel's Welcome to Glasgow / Glendaruel Highlanders / Donald's awa' to the War
Yodelling Waltz 'The Cobbler'
Beltona BL2449
When the Battle's Over / Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen
Green Hills of Tyrol / Dovecot Park
Beltona BL2452
'The Pride of Erin' : Irish Jauntin' Car / Terrence's Farewell / Cockles & Mussels / Kitty of Coleraine
'Cupid's Whispers' : A Rosebud by my Early Walk / My Love is like …
Beltona BL2455
Cameron Highlanders / Bonny Bunchory
'The Henshine (Circle Waltz)' My Home / The Highland Cradle Song / The Rowan tree
Beltona BL2456
Crackaboot (Why I Left my Hame / There was a Lad / A Man's a Man / O A' the Aiarts)
St Valery Reel (Victoria Hornpipe / [no name] / The Storrers)
Beltona BL2457
March: Rik-ma-Ree (Col Robertson / Cold Wind from Ben-Wyvis)
March: Rig-ma-Tick (Capt McNeil / Heilan' Whiskey / Miss McLeod)
Beltona BL2458
Glasgow Highlanders / Lady Madeline Sinclair / John McAlpine
'The Diddler's Delight' / Mrs Dorothy Tulloch / 72 Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburgh
Parlophone F3370
Corn Rigs / Old Bog Hole / The Punch Bowl
Lord Lyndoch / The Duke of Gordon / Laird of Thrums / Lady Ann Hope
Parlophone F3373
Miss Drummond of Perth / Braes o' Tullimet / Miss Stewart of Grantilly / Capt Campbell
Dashing White Sergeant / My Love She's a Lassie Yet / Rose Tree
Parlophone F3378
Bonnie Dundee / Dock & Wee Pickle Tow / Atholl Gathering
Miss McLeod's / Fairy Dance / De'il Amang the Tailors / Soldier's Joy / Speed the Plough / Wind that Shakes the Barley
Parlophone F3380
Merrily Dances the Quaker's Wife / Dumfries House / Bonnie Doon
Lady Mary Douglas / Captain John White / Teviot Brig
Parlophone F3383
Petronella / Persian Dance
Loudon's Bonnie Woods / The Braes o' Mar / Keel Row / Castle in the Air
Parlophone F3388
Within a Mile of Edinburgh / Scotland Yet / Sound the Pibroch / There's nae Luck About the Hoose
Hamilton House / Sally Hunter / Old Rosin the Beau
Parlophone F3389
La Russe / Punch Bowl / Cairdin 'Ot
Dundee City Police / Aithernie Lodge / Kirkwall Bay
Parlophone F3397
Come O'er the Stream Charlie / My Love is like … / Coming through the Rye / Braes Abune Bonowa
Auchmountains Bonnie Glen / 72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen / Scotland My Ain Hame
Parlophone F3398
Reels of 51st Division: Drunken Piper / Bonnie Ann
Polka: Liberton Pipe Band
Parlophone F3403
Roxburgh Castle / Lady McKenzie of Coul Drumley's
(Langshaw Lassies) East Nuek of Fife / Punch Bowl / Goodnight and Joy Be With You
Parlophone F3406
Jock o' Hazeldean / We'd Better Bide a Wee / My Nannie's Awa / Auld Scotch Song
Cock of the North / Major John MacLennan
Parlophone F3409
Machine without Horses / My Wife's a wanton wee thing / Glendaurel [sic] Highlanders
St Bernard Waltz [intro 'Snow in Summer']
Parlophone F3415
The Auld Hoose / Rothesay Bay / Hesitation WaltzBonnie Gallawa' / Braes Abune Bonawa check / Ro ho my Nut Brown Maiden
Bonnie Gallawa' / Braes Abune Bonawa check / Ro ho my Nut Brown Maiden
Parlophone F3417
Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
Loch Lomond / Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes / Westering Home
Parlophone F3419
(Rothesay Country dance): Dumfries House / A M Shinnie / The Harmonica
Agnes Waltz
Parlophone F3421
Miss Nancy Frowns / Lady Charlotte Murray's Favourite / Stobhall
(Haddo House): Mrs David Gordon of Haddo / Jeanie's Blue E'en / Meldrum House
Parlophone F3425
Bonnie Dundee / Come Under My Plaidie / Annie Laurie / Auld Lang Syne
Scottish Ramble / Rose Among the Heather / The Wife She Brewed it
Parlophone F3426
Earl of Mansfield's March / Dornoch Links
(This is my ain Hoose): Mrs Col Sinclair of Forss / Tulchan Lodge / Willie Shaw
Parlophone F3428
Miss Cahoon's Reel / Miss Rae of Eskgrove / Alyth Burn
Isle of Skye / Lass o' Paties Mill / Claver House Reel
Parlophone F3436
Bluebell Polka
The Valeta
Parlophone F3443
Lady Montgomery / Rachel Rae / High Road to Linton
Fidget / Scottish Legacy / Calver Lodge
Parlophone F3444
She's owre young to marry yet / Grant Lodge / Lord Lyndoch
(Foursome Reel): Highland Whisky / De'il Amang the Tailors
Parlophone F3452
Mrs Grieve of Howdan / Neil Gow / Anderson's Strathspey
Atholl and Breadalbone / Invercauld / Queen's Welcome to Invercauld
Parlophone F3453
The Alma / The Wee Man at the Loom
Nameless Lassie / The Four Maries / The Bonnie Wells o' Wearie / Old Scotch Mother Mine
Parlophone F3455
Quick Step: The Household Brigade
My Mither's Coming / Babes in the Wood [Peter Street] / O'er the Hills and Far Away
Parlophone F3460
Glasgow Highlanders / Mrs Jimmy Shand's Strathspey / Earl Grey
Rory O'More / The Rollicking Irishman / The Pet of the Pipers
Parlophone F3463
The New Rigged Ship / Stool of Repentance / Off She Goes
(Gordon Waltz): O, My Jock McKay / A Gordon for me / The Lass o' Lowrie
Parlophone F3474
Hills of Perth / Jim Baine / Miss Wilma McKay's Wedding March
Queen Mary Waltz
Parlophone F3481
The Busby Polka
Keppoch's Rant / Glen Grant / Miss Campbell of Saddell's
Parlophone F3494
Jenny's Bawbee / Sidlaw Hills / The Gallant Fireman / Lad with the Plaidie
Primrose Polka
Parlophone F3495
Eileen Alannagh
Grant's Rant / Victoria Hornpipe / Dr Robertson's Reel
Parlophone F3500
Somebody (Barn Dance)
Victory Waltz: Nelly Kelly / Daisy Bell / I Belong to Glasgow / We Parted on the Shore / Irish Eyes
Parlophone F3501
La Rinka
The Royal Scots Polka
Parlophone R4076
The Buchan Waltz / Northern Lights
Major Norman Orr Ewing / Kitchener's Army / Teribus
Parlophone R4088
My Bonny lies over the Ocean / Won't you buy my pretty Flowers
Peggy O'Neill / Till we meet again / Wyoming Lullaby
Parlophone R4102
The Dancing Dustman
Morpeth Rant / The Storrers / The Victoria Hornpipe
Parlophone R4132
Harvest Home / Trumpet Hornpipe
Pet o' the Pipers / Father Flynn / Sorry to part
Parlophone R4158
The Angus Reel
St Bernard's Waltz
Parlophone R4179
Maple Leaf Waltz: When the chapel bells ring the old year out / Why do you say you're sorry? / When the sun says good morning to you / Dreams of Scotland
Maxwell's Rant / Lass o' Gowrie / Maggie Lauder
Parlophone R4204
Heartfell Polka
Bottom of the Punchbowl / Kate Dalrymple / Sisters Elders Reel
Parlophone R4242
Loch Lomond / I belong to Glasgow / My bonnie lies over the ocean
Roamin' in the gloamin / I love a lassie / Stop your tickling Jock / Just a wee doch and doris
Parlophone R4268Parlophone R4268
Silver City Waltz
Donnybrook Boy / Biddy from Sligo / Irish Washerwoman
Parlophone R4280
Blackthorn Stick / Smash the Windows / Humours of Donnybrook
The King's Own Scottish Borderers / The Highland Light Infantry / The Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders / The Black Watch
Parlophone R4332
Earl of Erroll / Princess [illegible] / Elizabeth Adair / [illegible] Cockpen
Reel of Tulloch : Highland Whiskey / Reel of Tulloch
Parlophone R4373
Happy Hours: polka
Sweetheart Waltz: She's a lassie from Lancashire / Let me call you sweetheart / In the shade of the old apple tree
Parlophone R4576
Fluther's Barn Dance
Accordion Polka

Bob Smith's Ideal Band
Beltona 1541
The Canal Cruise – Part 1
The Canal Cruise – Part 2
Beltona 1596
Bringing in the New Year – Part 1
Bringing in the New Year – Part 2
Beltona 1615
A Record Trip round the World – Part 1
A Record Trip round the World – Part 2
Beltona 1651 [featuring Alec Bisset]
Medley of Irish Waltzes
Medley of Scottish Songs

Pipe-major D Smith (Pipes)
HMV B980
Cock o' the North
Hielan' Laddie / Miss Drummond o' Perth / Reel of Tulloch

Will Starr (accordeon)
Parlophone F3374
Atholl Highlanders / Rakes of Kildare / Teviot Bridge / Roaring Jelly
Johnson Hornpipe / High Level / Harvest Home
Parlophone F3504
The Heather Polka
Betty Fitchett's Wedding
Parlophone R4103
Tap-Wood Polka
Liberton Pipe Band
Parlophone R4339
Irish Washerwoman / Father O'Flynn / Donnybrook Boy
Pride of Erin Waltz / Eillean Allanah / Oft in the stilly night / The gentle maiden

Columbia 33084-F
When the Kettle Boils Over / Donnybrook Fair
Johnnie in the Glen / O'Connell's Reel

Regal G6239
March Faughaballagh
The Dublin Jig / St Patrick's Day

The Tayside Scottish country dance band
Beltona BL 2534
Montgomeries [sic] Rant
MacDonald of Sleat
Beltona BL 2533
Scottish Waltz
My Mother's coming in

George Tremain (Melodeon)
HMV B9568
Brass Nuts
Turn off Six

Chalmers Wood's novelty trio
Parlophone F3346
Sorry to part / Humours of Donnybrook / Rakes of Kildare / Biddy / Roaring Jenny / St Patrick's Day
Wi a hundred pipers / Coming through the rye / Skye boat song / Ye banks and braes
Columbia DB 1279
Foursome Reel
Reel o' Tulloch

Tim Wright and his band
Beltona BL 6186
Miss Nancy Frowns / Roaring Jelly
The Earl of Home / Miss Drummond of Perth
Beltona BL 6188
Strathglass House
Grant's Rant / The Earl of Lauderdale
Beltona BL 2486
Triumph / The Old Bog Hole
Scottish Ramble / Forbes Morrison


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