The Voice of the People Series

Cover pictureTSCD651 Come Let Us Buy the License - Songs of Courtship & Marriage.  Review
Sarah Makem: I Courted A Wee Girl.  Geoff Ling: The Green Bushes.  Mary Ann Haynes: Lovely Johnny.  Tommy Mcgrath: The Colleen From Coolbaun.  Pop Maynard: Our Captain Calls All Hands.  Willie Clancy: The Song of The Riddles.  Jimmy Mcbeath: The Bonnie Lass o' Fyvie.  Paddy Tunney: The Old Man Rocking The Cradle.  Harry Cox: The Bold Fisherman.  Rose Murphy Fiddle: The Lonely Maid.  Joe Heahey: Who Are You My Pretty Fair Maid? Jack Norris: The Gown of Green.  Belle Stewart: The Bonnie Wee Lassie Fae Gouroch.  Phil Tanner: The Sweet Primroses.  Eddie Butcher: David's Flowery Vale.  Turp Brown: Abroad As I Was Walking.  Margaret Barry: The Blarney Stone.  Walter Pardon: Peggy Benn.  Martin Gorman: The Little Drummer.  Joseph Taylor: The Gypsy Girl.  Jimmy Mebeath: Bound To Be A Row.  Micho Russell: Nora Daly.  Paddy Tunney: When A Man's In Love He Feels No Cold.  Jeannie Robertson: An Old Man Come Courting Me.

Cover pictureTSCD652 My Ship Shall Sail the Ocean - Songs of Tempest and Sea Battles, Sailor Lads and Fishermen.  Review
Cyril Poacher: A Broadside.  Paddy Tunney: The Lowlands of Holland.  Tom Willett: Riding Down To Portsmouth.  Johnny Doughty: Come My Own One, Come My Fond One.  John Rae: The Sailor On The Rope / The Bonnie Bunch of Roses.  Sam Larner: In Scarborough Town.  Lizzie Higgins: Sandy's A Sailor.  Turp Brown: The Streams of Lovely Nancy.  George Ling: On Board The Leicester Castle.  Mary Ann Carolan: In London So Fair.  Walter Pardon: A Ship To Old England Came.  Frank Verrill: Jesus At Thy Command.  Harry Upton: The Royal Albion.  Harry Cox: The Pretty Ploughboy.  Micho Russell: The Poor Little Fisherboy.  Bob Hart: Cod Banging.  Johnny Doughty: Round Rye Bay For More.  Phil Tanner: Young Henry Martin.  Cyril Poacher: A Sailor and His True Love.  Bob Roberts.: The Fish and Chip Ship.  Jumbo Brightwell: The Oak and The Ash.  Willie Scott: The Banks of Newfoundland.  Fred Jordan: The Dark Eyed Sailor.  Walter Pardon: Jack Tar Ashore.

Cover pictureTSCD653 o'er His Grave the Grass Grew Green - Tragic Ballads.  Review
Packie Manus Byrne: The Holland Handkerchief.  Fred Jordan: The Bonny Boy.  Paddy Tunney: What Put The Blood? Joseph Taylor: Worcester City.  Liz Jefferies: Willie The Bold Sailor Boy.  Stanley Robertson: The Clattering of The Clyde Waters.  Geordie Hanna: Young Edmund In The Lowlands Low.  Fred Hewett: The Prickle Holly-Bush.  John Macdonald: Lord Ronald.  Jumbo Brightwell: Newry Town.  Ben Butcher: Cruel Lincoln.  Freda Palmer: Maria Marten.  Lizzie Higgins: The Cruel Mother.  Paddy Tunney: Lady Margaret.  John Reilly: The Well Below The Valley.  John Macdonald: The Dewie Dens of Yarrow.  Phoebe Smith: Molly Vaughan.  Enos White: George Collins.  Belle Stewart: The Two Brothers.  Scan Tester: The Lakes of Coalflin.  Nora Cleary: Willie O.

Cover pictureTSCD654 Farewell My Own Dear Native Land - Songs of Exile and Emigration.  Review
Paddy Tuhney: The Green Fields of Canada.  Mary Ann Haynes: Erin's Lovely Home.  Eddie Butcher: Killyclare.  Walter Pardon: Van Dieman S Land.  Margaret Barry: If You Ever Go Over To Ireland.  Michael Coleman: Farewell To Ireland / Unidentified.  Geordie Hanna: Brockagh Brae.  Cyril Poacher: Australia.  Willie Ross: Leaving St Kilda.  Paddy Tunney: Craigie Hill.  Tommy Mcgrath: She Lived Beside The Anner.  Willie Scott: You Boys o Callieburn.  Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Eileen Mcmahon.  Sarah Anne o'Neill: Carrickrnannon Lake.  Michael Crogan: My Love She's In America / Hand Me Down The Tackle.  Willie Clancy: Erin's Lovely Lee.  Chris Willett: The Old Miser.  Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Farewell, My Own Sear Native Land.  Sarah Anne O'Neill: John Reilly.  Paddy Breen: Sweet Inishcara.

Cover pictureTSCD655 Come All my Lads that Follow the Plough - The Life of Rural Working Men and Women.  Review
Mary Ann Haynes: Hopping Down In Kent.  Joe Heaney: The Rocks of Bawn.  Davie Stewart: The Tarves Rant.  Sam Larner: The Pleasant Month of May.  Bob Forrester: Copshawholm Fair.  Pop Maynard:The Weaver's Daughter.  Jinky Wells: The Maid of The Mill.  Straighty Flanagah: The Grazer Tribe.  John Macdonald: The Mains o Fogieloan.  Fred Jordan: We'Re All Jolly Fellows As Follow The Plough.  Bob Hart: The Farmers Servant.  Davie Stewart: I Am A Miller To My Trade.  Hockey Feltwell: Four Horses.  Jimmy Mcbeath: Nicky Tams.  Paddy Tunney: The Lark In The Morning.  Lizzie Higgins: Lovely Molly.  Paddy Beades: The Bonnie Labouring Boy.  Jimmy Mcbeath: The Barnyards 0 Delgaty.  Harry Upton: The Rich Lady Gay.  Tom Lenihan: The Cranbally Farmer.  Willie Kemp & Curly Mackay: Wi Ma Big Kilmarnock Bonnet.  Willie Scott: The Lads That Was Reared Among Heather.  Eddie Butcher: Tossing The Hay.  John Macdonald: Sleepytoon.  The Hyde Brothers: Back o' The Haggart.

Cover pictureTSCD656 Tonight I'll Make You my Bride - Ballads of True and False Lovers.  Review
Walter Pardon: The Raggle-Taggle Gypsies.  Belle Stewart: Here's A Health To All True Lovers.  Eddie Butcher: Another Man's Wedding.  Mary Ann Carolan: The Maid of Ballymore: Stanley Robertson: The Ballad of The Ewe Buchts.  Nora Cleary: The Green Wedding.  Jimmy Knights: Marrowbones.  Paddy Tunney: The Month of January.  Lizzie Hicgins: The Forester.  Cyril Poacher: The Maid and The Magpie.  Phoebe Smith: Young Ellender.  Pop Maynard: Colin and Phoebe.  Liz Jefferies: Matt Highland.  Packie Manus Byrne: Molly Bawn.  Joseph Taylor: Bold William Taylor.  Nora Cleary: The Bold Trooper: Geordie Hanna: Kate of Bailinamore.  Lizzie Higgins: The Laird 0 The Dainty Doonby.  Mary Ann Haynes: Long A-Growing: Paddy Tunney: The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow.

Cover pictureTSCD657 First I'm Going to Sing You a Ditty - Rural Fun and Frolics.  Review
Johnny Doughty: Herrings' Heads.  Tommy Mcgrath: Burke's Engine.  Scan Tester: Untitled Schottische.  Jimmy Mcbeath: You Canna Put It On To Sandy.  Rose Murphy: Ladybower's / The Sister.  Pop Maynard: Three Sons of Rogues.  Mary Ann Carolan: Young Bob Ridley.  Bob Cann: Uncle George's Hornpipe / Tommy Roberts' Hornpipe.  John Maedonald: The Ball o ' Kerriemeer.  Tom Brown: Widdlecombe Fair.  Sam Bond: Oh, The Hampshires Do Like Duff.  Maurice: A Nice Piece of Irish Pig's Head.  Curly Mckay & Willie Kemp: Glendarel Highlanders / Kenmure's On and Awa' / Lovat Scouts / Monymusk.  Maggy Murphy: Clinking o'Er The Lea.  Sid Steer: The Derby Ram.  Martin Gorman: Old King Cole.  Bampton Morris Width Jinky Wells Fiddle & Voice: Banbury Bill.  Fred Jordan: Down The Road.  John Reilly: The Rosin Box.  Ellen o'Dwyer: The Stack of Barley.  Henry Mitchelmore: Most Beautiful Leg of The Mallard.  Jim Wilson: The Keyhole In The Door.  Paddy Breen: The Blue Meadow.  Ned Pearson: The Varsoviana (Original Tune) / The Varsoviana (Later Tune).  Albert Richardson: The Old Sow.  Nora Cleary: The Codfish.  Will & Ian Powrie: Stirling Militia / Ruthven House / Fairy Dance.  Charlie Wills: Up To The Rigs of London Town.  Jim & Seamus Donaghue: The Pigeon on The Gate.

Cover pictureTSCD658 A Story I'm Just About to Tell - Local Events and National Issues.  Review
John Macdonald: Majuba Hill.  Bob Hart: A Broadside.  Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: The Wtid Colonial Boy.  Joe Heaney: The Wife of The Bold Tenant Farmer.  Davie Stewart: Macpherson's Rant.  Martin Howley: The Young Horseman.  John Macdonald: The Haughs o' Cromdale.  Robert Cinnamond: The Aghalee Heroes.  Sheila Stewart: Young Jamie Foyers.  Tom Costello: A Grand Conversation On Napoleon.  Lucy Farr: The Glen of Aherlow.  Joseph Taylor: Creeping Jane.  Freddy Mckay: Skibbereen.  Willie Scott: Bloody Waterloo.  Tommy Mcgrath: Down In The Town of Old Bantry.  Davie Stewart: Boulavogue.  Bernard o'sullivan & Tommy Mcmahon: Bonaparte's Retreat.  Sarah Makem: The Wind That Shakes The Barley.  Jasper Smith: Hartlake Bridge.  Joe Heaney: Morrissey and The Russian Sailor.  Cyril Poacher: The Bonny Bunch of Roses.  May Bradley: Calvery.  Straighty Flanagan: Michael Power.  Margaret Barry: The Bold Fenian Men.

Cover pictureTSCD659 Rig-a-Jig-Jig - Dance Music of the South of England.  Review
Scan Tester & Rabbity Baxter: Jenny Lind.  Jinky Wells: The Flowers of Edinburgh / Bobbing Around.  Percy Brown: The Yarmouth Breakdown.  Oscar Woods: The Italian Waltz.  The Boscastle & Tintagel Players: The Boscastle Breakdown.  Jack Hyde: Shepherd's Hey.  Scan Tester: In and Out The Windows / The Monkey Hornpipe.  The Dorset Trio: Hands Across / The Four-Handed Reel.  Bob Cann: Woodland Flowers /Uncle Jim's Barndance.  Stephen Baldwin: Greensleeves / Napoleon's March.  Jimmy Dixon & Ron Whatmore: Over The Waves / The Cuckoo Waltz.  Walter Bulwer: Old Mrs Cuddledee, The Egg Hornpipe / The Shipdham Hornpipe / The Sailor's Hornpipe.  Scan Tester & Rabbity Baxter: Untitled Polka.  Arnold Woodley: Johnny's So Long At The Fair.  Bill Kimber : Over The Hills To Glory.  Font Whatling: Untitled Polka / Golden Slippers / Mick's Tune.  Billy Cooper: The Irish Washerwoman / Garyowen /Rory o'More / St Patrick's Day.  The Dorset Trio: The Italian Schottische.  Stephen Baldwin: The Gypsy Hompipe / Untitled Schottische.  Scan Tester & Daisy Sherlock: Untitled Schottische.  Percy Brown: The Veleta / The Heel and Toe Polka.  Fred Whiting: The Earl Soham Slog / Harkie Nestling's.  Ruth Askew & George Privett: The Manchester Hornpipe / Click Go The Shears.  The Dorset Trio: Sheep-Shearing / Untitled Polka.  Oscar Woods: Untitled Polka / Untitled Polka.  Bertie Clark: The Maid of The Mill / Bacca Pipes / Jockey To The Fair.  Jimmy Dixon & Ron Whatmore: Nobody's Darling But Mine / Untitled Quickstep Medley.  The Sailors' Hobby Horse: Live Performance.

Cover pictureTSCD660 Who's That at my Bed Window? - Songs of Love and Amorous Encounters.  Review
Bob Hart: Seventeen Come Sunday.  Fred Hewett: Three Maidens To Milking Did Go.  Jeannie Robertson: When I Was Noo But Sweet Sixteen.  Pop Maynard: Rolling In The Dew.  Willie Scott: The Bonnie Wee Tramping Lass.  Paddy Tunney: The Old Petticoat.  Harvey Nicholson: The Copshawholm Butchers.  John Reilly: Adieu Unto All True Lovers.  Jimmy Mcbeath: The Bold English Navy.  Sarah Anne o'Neill: Standing In Yon Flowery Garden.  Geoff Ling: Died For Love.  Belle Stewart: Betsy Bell.  Jim Swain: The Banks of Sweet Mossing.  Frank Quinn: The Tan Yard Side.  Paddy Breen: On The Banks of The Silvery Tide.  Lizzie Higgins: The Banks of Red Roses.  Jumbo Brightwell: Blow The Candle Out.  Saran Makem: The Factory Girl.  Pop Maynard: The Seeds of Love.  Paddy Tunney: Blackwaterside.  Jimmy Mcbeath: The Wind Blew The Lassie's Plaidie Awa'.  Freda Palmer: The Wandering Girl.  Phoebe Smith: Captain Thunderball.  Walter Pardon: Let The Wind Blow High Or Low.  Margaret Barry: She Moved Through the Fair.

Cover pictureTSCD661 My Father's the King of the Gypsies - Music of English and Welsh Travellers and Gypsies.  Review
Phoebe Smith: The Yellow Handkerchief.  Harry Brazil: Sally Morrow.  Lemmie Brazil: God Killed The Devil.  Wiggy Smith: There Was A Rich Farmer At Sheffield.  Jasper Smith: Father Had A Knife.  Phoebe Smith: Sweet William.  Levi Smith: The Haymakers.  Levi Smith: One Penny.  Amy Birch: Over Yonder's Hill.  Jasper Smith: The Moon Shine Bright.  Minty Smith: The Basket of Eggs.  Bill Ellson: Will You Buy My Sweet Blooming Lavender? / Love Is Pleasing.  Mary Ann Haynes: Little Dun Dee.  Harry Lee: The Breakdown / The Flowers of Edinburgh.  Chris Willett: The American Stranger.  Wlggy Smith: The High-Low Well.  Jasper & Levi Smith: Cock o' The North / Garryowen / Flowers of Edinburgh / Step It Away / The Girl I Left Behind Me / Step It Away.  Jasper Smith: Down In The Meadow.  Phoebe Smith: The Tan Yard Side.  Peter Ingram: Mandi Went To Poove The Gri / Untitled Stepdance Tune / Can You Rokker Romany? Harry Brazil: A Blacksmith Courted Me.  Jasper Smith: The Small Birds Whistle.  Mary Ann Haynes: The Female Drummer.  Chris Willett: Once I Was A Servant.  Mary Ann Haynes: The Colour of Amber.  Jasper Smith: The Squire and The Gypsy.  Tom Orchard With Tommy Orchard Stepdancing: Two Untitled Stepdance Tunes.  Tom Orchard: Untitled Stepdance Tune.  Levi Smith: The Game of Cards.  Amy Birch: Royal Comrade.  Levi Smith: Georgie: Mary Ann Haynes: The Young Officer.  May Bradley: Under the Leaves.

Cover pictureTSCD662 We've Received Orders to Sail - Jackie Tar at Sea and on Shore.  Review
Jumbo Brightwell: The Loss of The Ramilly.  Paddy Tunney: Captain Coulson.  Pop Maynard A Sailor In The North Country.  Harry Cox Just As The Tide Was A-Flowing.  Chris Willett: The Rambiing Sailor.  Sam Larner: The Sailors Alphabet.  John Rea: Coil The Hawser / Lord Macdonalds.  Cyrilpoacher: Nancy of Yarmouth.  Johnny Doughty: Baltimore.  May Bradley: The Willow Tree.  Harry Cox: Come All You Men Throughout This Nation.  James Mcdermott: My Mother's Last Goodbye.  Bob Hart: The Female Cabin Boy.  Walter Bulwer: The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime.  Johnny Doughty: Up The Channel.  George Ling: Jolly Jack The Sailor.  Nora Cleary: Farewell, Lovely Mary.  Frank Verrill: Stowborough Town: Gerry Wimsey: Ships Are Sailing / The Heather Breeze.  Johnny Doughty: Will You Marry Me.  Tom Brown: Windy Old Weather.  Harry Cox: The Bold Princess Royal.  Cyril Poacher: Plenty of Thyme.  Johnny Doughty: The Streets of Port Arthur.  Sam Larner: The Lofty Tall Ship.  Pop Maynard: Polly on The Shore.

Cover pictureTSCD663 They Ordered Their Pints of Beer and Bottles of Sherry - the Joys and Curse of Drink.  Review
Fred Jordan: John Barleycorn.  Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Two Hundred Years A-Brewing.  Davie Stewart: The Merchant's Son.  Tom Newman: My Old Hat That I Got On.  John Griffin: The Real Old Mountain Dew.  George Spicer: Coming Home Late.  Willie Scott: Piper o'Neill.  Mary Ann Carolan: Bold Doherty.  Donald Cumming & Eddy Holmes: The Bottom of The Punchbowl / The Teetotaller.  Wiggy Smith: When I Was A Young Man.  Davie Stewart: Often Drunk and Seldorn Sober.  Micho Russell: When Mursheen Went To Bunnan.  Fred Jordan: When Jones's Ale Was New.  Jeannie Robertson: The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No.  Willie Kemp & Curly Mackay: The Tinklers Wedding.  Paddy Tunney: The Cow That Drank The Poteen.  Louie Fuller: Young Maria.  Will Powrie: The Drunken Piper / Highland Whisky / The High Road To Linton.  George Dunn: My Little Grey Horse.  Tom Lenihan: Paddy's Panacea.  Michael Gorman: The Broken Pledge.  Willie Scott: Jock Geddes and The Soo.  Wassailers (Drayton): Live Performance.  George Spicer: The Barley Mow.

Cover pictureTSCD664 Troubles They Are But Few - Dance Tunes and Ditties.  Review
Eddie Corcoran & Seamus Tansey: Bonny Kate / Jenny's Chickens.  Mikeen Mccarthy: The Herring.  Jack Elliott: Old Johnny Booger.  Willie Kemp & Curly Mackay: Mackenzie Highlanders / The Inverness Gathering.  Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: The Leprechaun.  Jumbo Brightwell: The Derby Miller.  Will Atkinson: Tell Her I Am / Teviot Brig.  Walter Pardon: The Hungry Army.  Jimmy Mcbeath: Hieland Rory.  Percy Brown: Old Joe, The Boat Is Going Over / Untitled Polka.  Font Whatling & Wattie Wright: The Pigeon On The Gate.  Austin Flanagan: The Barley Grain.  Ned Pearson: The Heel and Toe Polka / The Morpeth Rant.  Charlie Potter: Sing Ivy.  Harry Upton: I Am A Donkey Driver.  Michael Grogan: The Queen of The Fair / The Lark In The Morning.  Willie Kemp & Curly Mackay: The Ball o' Kerriemeer.  Albert Smith, Jasper Smith, Minty Smith, Ray Driscoll & Joe Jones: Jingles, Recitations & Dance Tunes.  Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Off To Califomia / The Greencastle.  Martih Gorman: It's Nowt To Do With Me.  Phil Tanner: The Four-Hand Reel.  Jimmy Mcbeath: Johnny Mcindoe.  Bob Brader: 0Ld John Wallis.  Julia Clifford: Ballydesmond / Knocknabowl.  George Spicer: I Wish There Was No Prisons.  Donald Davidson: The Inverness Gatheting / Dornoch Links.  Johnny Doughty: I'M Going To Be Mother Today.  Unidentified & Margaret Barry: A Parody.  Gargan's Athlone Accordeon Band: The Soldier's Joy.

Cover pictureTSCD665 As Me and My Love Sat Courting - Songs of Love, Courtship and Marriage.  Review
Bill Kimber: Haste To The Wedding.  Belle Stewart: Queen Amang The Heather.  Jimmy Halpin: Johnny Harte.  Pop Maynard: The Aylesbury Girl.  Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: The Half-Door.  Louie Fuller: Green Grow The Laurels.  John Reilly: Old Carathee.  Diddy Cook: The Blackbird.  Jamesy Mccarthy: Coochie Coochie Coo Go Way.  Walter Pardon: I Wish I Wish.  Jane Turriff: What Can A Young Lassie Dae Wi An Auld Man? Paddy Tunney: Lovely Johnny: Mary Ann Connelly: Lurgan Streams.  Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry: I'Ll Marry and I Won'T Be A Nun.  Walter Pardon: One Cold Morning In December.  Liz Jefferies: Rosemary Lane.  Robert Cinnamond: It Was Early Early All In A Spring.  Stanley Robertson: Moorlough Maggie.  Stephen Baldwin: Just As The Tide Was Flowing.  Paddy Tunney: The Wearing of The Britches.  Harry Burgess: A Week Before Easter.  Jimmy Mcbeath: I'M A Stranger In This Country.  Bob Brader: The Banks of Sweet Dundee.  Tom Lenihan: Sixteen Years, Mama.  Paddy Tunney: Bonny Tavern Green.

Cover pictureTSCD666You Lazy Lot of Bone-Shakers - Songs and Dance Tunes of Seasonal Events.  Review
The Britannia Coconut Dancers: Live Performance - The Nut Dance.  Jinky Wells: Highland Mary.  Bampton Morris: The Quaker.  Emma Vickers: The Pace Eggers' Song.  The Merrymakers (Padstow): The Happy Wanderer.  George Dunn: While Shepherds Were Watching Ther Flocks By Night.  Wrenboys (Listowel): Live Performance - By The Bright Silvery Light of The Moon / Highland Fling.  Bill Kimber: Double Set Back.  Mummers: So Now We'Ve Gained Our Victory / The Quaker.  Wapping Irish Flute & Drum Band & Guest Pipers:Dublin Fair / The Boys of Wexford / Garryowen.  Stephen Baldwin: The Girl I Left Behind Me.  The Ripon Sword Dancers (Mummers) Live Performance.  Abingdon Traditional Morris Dancers: Jockey To The Fair.  Phil Tanner: The Wassail Song.  Helston Town Band: The Furry Dance.  Scan Tester: While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks By Night.  Frank and Sam Bond (of North Waltham Jolly Jacks): God Bless The Master of This House / Where Does Father Christmas Go To? Bampton Morris: Bobbing Around.  The Sailors' Hobby Horse (Minehead): Live Performance.  Billy Buckingham: The Waysailing Bowl.  Widnes Star Novelty Band: The Great Little Army March.  Wassailers (Bodmin): Live Performance.  The Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers: Live Performance - Cock o' The North.  The Britannia Coconut Dancers: The Garlarld Dance No 3.  The Merrymakers (Padstow): The Sash.

Cover pictureTSCD667 It Fell on a Day, a Bonny Summer Day - Ballads.  Review
Lizzie Higgins: A Beggar Man.  John Reilly: Lord Baker.  Walter Pardon: Jack Hall.  John Macdonald: The Bonnie Hoose o' Airlie.  Mary Delaney Buried In Kilkenny.  Willie Scott: The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow.  Packie Manus Byrne: Young Alvin.  Sheila Stewart: The Mountain Streams Where The Moorcocks Crow.  Robert Cinnamond: There Was A Lady Lived In The West.  Harry Cox: In Worcester City.  Mary Delaney: What Put The Blood? Lizzie Higgins: Lady Mary Ann.  John Reilly: Once There Lived A Captain.  Jeannie Robertson: The Gypsy Laddies.  Harry Cox: Young Edmund.  Sarah Makem: Barbara Allen.

Cover pictureTSCD668 To Catch a Fine Buck was my Delight - Songs of Hunting & Poaching.  Review
Bob Roberts: While Gamekeepers Were Sleeping.  Geordie Hanna: On Yonder Hill There Sits A Hare.  Willie Scott: The Irthing Water Hounds.  Joseph Taylor: The White Hare.  Jimmy Knights: Out With My Gun In The Morning.  Big John Maguire: The Huntsman's Horn.  Harry Burgess: The Hungry Fox.  Wiggy Smith: The Oakham Poachers.  Felix Doran: The Fox Hunt.  Jasper Smith: Thornymoor Park.  Philip Mcdermott: The Fair of Rosslea.  Pop Maynard: William Taylor.  Willie Scott: The Kielder Hunt.  Wiggy Smith: Hares In The Old Plantation.  Jack Elliott: Champion He Was A Dandy.  Philip Mcdermott: The Reaping of The Rushes Green.  Harry Brazil: Bold Keeper.  Charlie Wills: The House That Jack Built.  Walter Pardon: The Poachers Fate.  Jimmy Halpin: Killafole Boasters.  George Tremain: The Huntsmans' Chorus.

Cover pictureTSCD669 Ranting and Reeling - Dance Music of the North of England.  Review
Will Atkinson: Hexham Races / The Stool of Repentance.  Tom Hunter & Billy Ballantine: The Gilsland Hornpipe.  Ned Pearson: Untitled Polka.  Billy Ballantine: Bonny North Tyne.  Willy Taylor: The Braemar Gathering / J.D.Burgess.  Will Atkinson: The Frendly Visit / The Greencastle / The Lass On The Strand.  Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Christie Macleod / The Gallowglass Rant / Charlie Hunter.  Jim Rutherford: The Morpeth Rant.  The Loftus Sword Dancers: The Oyster Girl - 1st Figure.  The Lass of Dallowgill - 2nd Figure.  Willy Taylor Fiddle: Willy Taylor's Polka / There's Nae Good Luck.  Willy Taylor: The Pop Along Polka.  Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Mrs.  Jamieson's Favourite / Parnell's March.  Ned Pearson Fiddle: The Polka Mazurka / Paddle Your Own Canoe.Will Atkinson: Farewell To The Creeks Adam Gray: Tom Hepple's Polka / The Tow House Polka.  Bob Forrester: The Wild Rover / Copshawholm Fair / Yon Flowery Garden.  Will Atkinson: J.B.Milne / The New High Level.  Davie Rogerson: The Tenpenny Bit / The Rakes of Kildare / I Lost My Love and I Care Not / Untitled Reel.  Billy Ballantine & Jimmy Hunter: Rosalie The Prairie Flower / My Lodging / Blow The Wind Southerly.  Ned Pearson Fiddle: Corn-Rigs / Untitled Jigs For The Sylph 1 & 2.  Will Atkinson: Longueval.  Jake Hutton, Tom Hunter & Billy Ballantine: The Kielder Schottische.  Billy Ballantine: The Sylph / Proudlock's Hornpipe.  Ned Pearson: The Highland Laddie / The Pin Reel / The Cambo March.  Will Atkinson: A M Shinnie / The Hogmaney Jig / Elizabeth Adair.  Davie Rdgerson: Untitled Hornpipe / The Swallow's Tail.  The Cheviot Ranters: The Ideal Schottische.  Willy Taylor, Joe Hutton & Will Atkinson: Kelso Accordion and Fiddle Club / Linda McFarlane / The Scairlaveg.

Cover pictureTSCD670 There is a Man upon the Farm - Working Men and Women in Song.  Review
Belle Stewart: The Overgate.  Paddy Tunney: The Wee Weaver.  Fred Jordan: We Shepherds Are the Best of Men.  The Belhavel Trio: The Job of Journeywork.  Ted Laurence: The Flies Are On The Turmits.  Jimmy Mcbeath: Come All You Tramps and Hawkers.  Jumbo Brightwell: Muddley Barracks.  Willie Scott: The Shepherd's Song.  Jack Elliott: In The Bar-Room.  Sean Mac Donnchadha: An Spailpin Fanach (The Migrant Labourer).  Jamesy Mccarthy: Come To The Hiring.  John Macdonald: The Wandering Shepherd Laddie.  Harry Holman: There Was A Poor Thresherman.  Big John Maguire: The Neatly Thatched Cabin.  Jack Elliott: The Banks of The Dee.  Mary Ann Carolan: My Father's A Hedger and Ditcher.  Pop Maynard: Ground For The Floor.  Jimmy Mcbeath: Airlin's Fine Braes.  Mary Ann Haynes: The Little Ball of Yarn.  Paddy & Jimmy Halpin: To Reap and Mow The Hay.  Tom Willett: The Roaming Journeyman.  Willie Scott: When The Kye Comes Hame.  Belle Stewart: The Berry Fields o' Blair.


Cover pictureTSCD751 The Voice of the People   A Selection from the Series of Anthologies   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Paddy Tunney: When A Man's in Love He Feels No Cold; Sam Larner: In Scarboroush Town; Belle Stewart: The Two Brothers; Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman: Farewell My Own Dear Native Land; Joe Heaney: The Rocks of Bawn; Joseph Taylor: Bold William Taylor; Charlie Wills: Up to the Rigs of London Town; Sarah Makem: The Wind That Shakes The Barley; Scan Tester & Rabbity Baxter: Untitled Polka; Pop Maynard: The Seeds of Love; Phoebe Smith: The Tanyard Side; Harry Cox: Just as the Tide Was A-Flowing; Davie Stewart: I'm Often Drunk and Seldom Sober; Phil Tanner: The Four-Hand Reel; Jimmy Mcbeath: I'm A Stranger in This Country; The Sailors' Hobby Horse (Minehead): Live Performance; Jeannie Robertson: The Gypsy Laddies; Walter Pardon: The Poachers Fate; Will Atkinson: Hexham Races / The Stool of Repentance - Jigs; Fred Jordan: We Shepherds Are the Best of Men.

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