C3300 No Borders   Bayou Seco
Albuquerque Two-Step; Just a Dream; Take it to Me; Money is King; Pecosita / Juan Charrasqueado; El Quelite; Waltz Across Texas; La Indita; Carry Out World; Don't Mess With my Tout-Tout; Tout le Temps en Temps; Piedra Blanca; Maria, Maria; Colinda; When the Sun; 50 Cents; Waltzing with Bears; Baby Please Don't Go; Barres de la Prison.
C3342 Violinista de Nuevo Mexico   Cleofes Ortiz   (1986)
Mi Suegra Aprietan Mis Botas; Valse Ruiz; D minor Quadrilla; La Virgincita; Redondo en Do; La Cuna en Fa; El Tecolote; La Vaquera; El Talean; Cuadrilla de Porfirio Padilla; Cleo's High E Quadrilla; La Valse de Escoba; La Indita; Tampico Hermosa; La Marcha de Los Novios; Cuatro Por Cuatro; Valse Emiliano; Rosita; Redondo de Leyba; Paloma Blanca; Polfa; F Cuadrilla; Valse de Los Paños; La Cuna en Sol; Home Sweet Home.
UBIK 14 Orquesta Cleofonica   Cleofes Ortiz   (1995)
Valse De Los Paños; La Julia; Caballito Blanco; La Cadena; La Cuna; La Vaquera; Cleo's Americana; La Favorita; Valse Escoba; Limbo Bernal; Polka Rowdy; Muñequita Linda; La Asesina; Portalito; La Indita; Home Sweet Home; Campanilla Dorada.
UBIK 16 Recuerdos de Rociada   Antonia Apodaca   (1991)
Polka Suazo; La Marcha Que Sabemos; El Testimonio; Polka Papa; Vicente Sanchez Chotis; La Cuna; No Quiero Abandonarte; Gotas de Agua; Cuando Estoy Dormido; Redondo de Rociada; Polka Montaña; Ya No Me Quiero Casar; Hermit's Peak Waltz; Marcha de los Novios y Padrinos; Cuando Estaba Solterito; Polka Arguello.
UB 24 (CD) Music from the Old Timey Hotel   The Delta Sisters - Frannie Leopold and Jeanie McLerie   (1994)
Quelle Etoille; North Carolina Home; Singing My Troubles Away; T'es Petite Et T'es Mignonne; I'm At The Mercy of Love; Texas Girl; Lovebridge Waltz; South; Tourne, Tourne, Bebe Creole; Don't You See That Train; Le Blues Me Prend; Blues Railroad Train; La Vie Est Bonne; Las Campanas Del Olvido; If it Ain't Love.
UB 25 (CD) Following the Tune Prints   Bayou Seco   Old Music in the New West   (1994?)
Valse a Mexico / Old Fashioned Two-step; Un Soir; Same Old Moon; First Choice Two Step; Rio Frio Medley; Palomita Que Vienes Herida / Goosen; Flor de las Flores; Polka Malibuski; Lonesome Cowgirl's Blues; Caballo Bronco / La Favorita; Valse a Ballot; La Vaquera / Valse a Vachers; Elliott's Special; Mary Johnson's Chotis / Blackie's Polka; Fleurs de la Jeunesse; Canray's Copenhagen; Mad Cowboy Love; Peanut Shoes / Purple Lilies Polka.
UB 27 Memories in Cababi   Bayou Eclectico   (1995)
Cuadrilla; Biscuit Cheeks; Big Shoes; Caballito Blanco; Squash Fields; Cababi Polka / Hohokum Polka; Sonora Church Two-Step; First Choice; Great Big White Tortillas; Dawn / High Note; Pinto Beans; Mary Johnson's / Blackies; Peanut Shoes; Memories in Ajo.


VCD 77001 Treasures Untold   Doc Watson & Family
Introduction; Lights in the Valley; Beaumont Rag; I Heard my Mother Weeping; Billy in the Low Ground; Omie Wise; Reuben's Train; Hicks' Farewell; Ramblin' Hobo; White House Blues; Jimmy Sutton / The Old Buck Ram; I Want to Love Him More; Grandfather's Clock; Chinese Breakdown; Handsome Molly; Beaumont Rag / Farewell Blues / Lonesome Road Blues / Footprints in the Snow.
VMD 79152 Doc Watson   Doc Watson
Nashville Blues; Sitting on top of The World; Intoxicated Rat; Country Blues; Talk About Suffering; Born About Six Thousand Years Ago; Black Mountain Rag; Little Omie Wise; Georgie Buck; Doc's Guitar; Deep River Blues; St James' Hospital; Tom Dooley.
VMD 79213 Soudbound   Doc Watson
Walk On Boy; Blue Railroad Train; Sweet Georgia Brown; Alberta; Southbound; Windy and Warm; Call of the Road; Tennessee Stud; That Was the Last Thing on my Mind; Little Darling Pal of Mine; Nothing To It; Riddle Song; Never No More Blues; Nashville Pickin'.
VMD 79239 Home Again!   Doc Watson
Down in the Valley to Pray; Georgie; The Old Man Below; Katie Morey; The FFV; Winter's Night; Dill Pickle Rag; Sing Song Kitty; Froggie Went A-Courtin'; Pretty Saro; Childhood Play; Rain Crow Bill; Matty Groves; Victory Rag.
VCD4 155 The Vanguard Years   Doc Watson
Rambling Hobo; Train that Carried my Girl from Town; The Coo Coo; Reuben's Train; Hick's Farewell; Grandfather's Clock; Beaumont Rag; Farewell Blues; Footprints in the Snow; Intoxicated Rat; Talk About Suffering; Omie Wise; Country Blues; Black Mountain Rag; Doc's Guitar; Deep River Blues; Muskrat; Dream of the Miner'S Child; Rising Sun Blues; Otto Wood the Bandit; Little Sadie; Windy and Warm; Tennessee Stud; Blue Railroad Train; Down in the Valley to Pray; Dill Pickle Rag; The FFV; Childhood Play; Streamline Cannonball; Old Camp Meeting Time; I'm Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes; The Girl in the Blue Velvet Band; New River Train; Rank Stranger; Corrina, Corrina; What Does the Deep Sea Say; There's More Pretty Girls than One; Way Downtown; Bown's Ferry Blues; Spike Driver Blues; Roll On Buddy; I Am a Pilgrim; Wabash Cannonball; Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms; The Lawson Family Murder; The Cuckoo; Alabama Bound; Bye Bye Bluebells; Kinfolks In Carolina; San Antonio Rose; Blow Your Whistle Freight Train; Cannonball Rag; I Am a Pilgrim; Arrangement Blues; I Got a Pig at Home in the Pen; My Rough and Rowdy Ways; Deep River Blues; Banks of the Ohio; A-Roving on a Winter's Night; Southbound; Memphis Blues; Salt Creek / Bill Cheatham; Brown's Ferry Blues; Windy and Warm.


VT101 Songs Sung in Suffolk Vol 1  A collection of comic songs.  Clifford Arbon, Cyril Barber, Ted Chaplin, Charlie Hancy, Geoff Ling, Hubert Smith, Tom Smith, Wallie Syer, Fred Whiting, Gordon Woods.
It Won't Take Very Very Long; I've got a Good Idea Where it's Gone To; The Old Sow; Curiosity; The Fella with the Trombone; Where Violets are Blue and Roses are Red; I Took it Home to Maria; The Big Wheel; You've Got a Long Way to Go; The Baby Boy; The Babies Names; Father's Work; I'll be Up Her Way Next Week; Do Let me Have Another One Georgie; K-K-Kiss Me Again; The Ghost Song; The Virgin of 19; Enoch Brown.
VT102 Songs Sung in Suffolk Vol 2   Popular folk songs.  Cyril Barber, Harry Chambers, Ted Chaplin, Charlie Hancy, Tony Harvey, Geoff Ling, Tom Smith, Charlie Stringer, Fred Whiting, Gordon Woods.
The Faithful Failor; The Oak & the Ash; Ball of Yarn; Bungay Roger; Hail the Dewy Morning; Jolly Fine Fellows who Follow the Plough; The Sailor Cut Down in his Prime; The Larks they Sang Melodious; When Jones' Ale Was New; John Barleycorn; The Wild Colonial Boy; The Nutting Girl; Jimmy Johnson; TheJolly Ploughboy; Sam the Carter's Lad; Flash Company; The Barley Mow.
VT103 Songs Sung in Suffolk Vol 3  Old songs and ballads.  Manny Aldous, Tony Harvey, Roy Last, Geoff Ling, Tom Smith, Charlie Stringer, Fred Whiting, Gordon Woods.
Sheepshearing and Thatching; The Old Song (Jack on the Green); The Farmer from Cheshire; The Ups and Downs; Banks of the Clyde; Australia; Lazy Harry's.;Caroline and the Young Sailor Bold; The Queen of May; One Fine Morning Early in Spring; The Serving Maid; The Bonny Labouring Boy; The Blacksmith's Mantrap; Cleverly Done Said He (Rum Old Couple) / The Battle of Balaclava; Barley Mow.
VT104 Songs Sung in Suffolk Vol 4  Those sentimental songs.  Ted Chaplin, Charlie Hancy, Tony Harvey, Geoff Ling, Ted Quantrill, Tom Smith, Charlie Stringer, Fred Whiting, Gordon Woods.
The Miner's Dream of Home; Where the River Shannon Flows: The Convict's Song; Let me Sleep in your Barn Mister; Your Aged Mother and Me; The Wind Across the Wild Moor; Change the Old Love for the New; The Rose of No Man's Land; The Volunteer Organist; The Golden Wedding; I'm Nobody's Child; Don't Put Father's Picture in the Sale; You'll Want me Back One Day; A Lad and a Lass Once Stood.
VT105 Songs Sung in Suffolk Vol 5 Songs of bargemen, fishermen and sailors.  Ted Chaplin, 'Dinks' Cooper, Charlie Hancy, Ted Quantril, Harold Smy, Fred Whiting, John 'Dusso' Winter.
Fine Yarmouth; Scarborough; The Captain and the Mate; A Fisher Lad for Me; The Herring's Head; The Bargeman's Alphabet; Barge Names; Stormy Weather Boys; Dark-Eyed Sailor; Princess Royal; Great Man-o-War; Ship that Never Returned; Shoals of Herring; Heave on the Trawl.
VT106 Songs Sung in Suffolk Vol 6 More Comic Songs & Parodies.  Manny Aldous, Clifford Arbon, Cyril Barber, Ted Chaplin, Hubert Freeman, Tony Harvey, Geoff Ling, Tom Smith, Wallie Syer, Gordon Woods.
Pretty Girls from China; Right in the Middle of Mine; The Egg Song; Emma Thomkins; The Farmer's Boy; Every Morning; Sweet Violets; Down in the Field Where the Buttercups Grow; Man All Tattered and Torn; Beery Bob; Paddy Stole the Rope; The Tattooed Lady; I Finished Them Off; Bobbed-Haired Family; I Was There a-Watching Them; The Wireless Song.
VT107 Ripest Apples   Traditional singing in Sussex.  Bob Blake, Johnny Doughty, Mabs Hall, Mary Ann Haynes, George Spicer, George Townsend, Fred Welfare.
Ripest Apples; A Sailor from Dover; The Ploughboy's Joy; Muckin' About in the Garden; Lily White Hand; John Barleycorn; Ginny Jones; The Banks of Inverness; Coming Home Late; Vessel in Distress; Yes, I Am Contented; Jim the Carter's Lad; Trip Unto the Fair; Still I Love Him; Lazy Wife; Sussex Farmer's Wife; Epitiaph; The Farmer out of Gloucestershire; Thrashing Machine; Man and Master; Studying Economy; Cock a Doodle Do; Cecilla; Windy Old Weather.
VT108 The Horkey Load Vol 1 English traditional singers.  Charlie Bridger, Charlie Clissold, Fred Cottingham, Johnny Doughty, Lucy Woodhall, Mabs Hall, Matthew Hollingshead, Freda Palmer, Son Townsend, Ernie Payne, Ruth & Clare Pinner, Cyril Poacher, Phoebe Smith, Walter Pardon, Lucy Woodhall.
We Are the Gypsy Riders; Live Herrings; Captain Ward & the Rainbow; Heave on the Trawl; Come Write Me Down; Swettenham Horse Nominee; Dame-Dame Whiteleg; In Woodstock town; Spanish Ladies; The Ledbury Clergyman; The Masher; Seeds of Love; Villikins & Dinah; Three Maids a Milking did Go; Crockery Ware; Young Morgan; Old Grey Mare; Sons of Labour.
VT109 The Horkey Load Vol 2 English traditional singers.  Charlie Bridger, Cantwell Family, Charlie Clissold, Bob Cross, Johnny Doughty, Archer Goode, Mabs Hall, Ray Hartland, Len Heyward, Ivor Hill, Frank Hinchliffe, Walter Pardon, Norman Perks, Buster Mustoe, Walt Stevens.
3 Old Crows; 2 old crows; The Wonderful Musicians; The Zulu Wars; Wassail; Green on the Green; Barbara Allen; Fair Maid a-Walking; The Topman and the Afterguard; The Yorkshire Blinder; List our Merry Carol; Bill the Weaver; Ball of Yarn; Little Mike; Jan; Black-Eyed Susan; The Watercress Girl; Early, Early in the Spring.
VT110 Five Generations The music & songs of a Dartmoor family.  Bob Cann & Mark Bazeley.
Family Waltzes; The Stein Song; Tavistock Goosey Fair; The Coffee Leaf; Boys of Bluehill; Down in the Fields Where the Buttercups All Grow; Morpeth Rant; Nobody Noticed Me; Granny's Waltz; The Ripple of the Teign; Stepdance to Uncle Georges hornpipe; Te-Tore; The Craftsmen of the Moor; O'Kanes March; Barn Dance; Uncle Jim's; Widecombe Fair; Irish Waltzes; The Family Jig.
VT111 Greeny Up   Songs, dances and reminiscences from Oxfordshire.   Francis Shergold & Bampton Traditional Morris Dancers.
Constant Billy; Bobbin' Around; Needle-Cases; Once I Had an Old Hen; Coming Through the Rye; Foggy Dew; Webbley Through; Butter & Cheese; The Rose Tree; Old Tom of Oxford; Shave the Donkey; Three Acres and a Cow; Old John Bradlem; Maid of the Mill; The Italian Job; Old Johnny Bucker; Bonny Green Garters.
VT112 Men of Staithes   Fisherman's hymns & favourite songs from North Yorkshire.   Staithes Fishermens's Choir.
Men of Steers; When the Roll is Called up Yonder; Down in the Valley; Heading for the Harbour Lights; Will the Anchor Hold; In My Heart there Rings a Melody; Mingulay Boat Song; Beyond the Sea; Jesus at Thy Command; Who Will Man the Lifeboat; Fair Stood the Wind; Songs of the Islands; Shadows on the Sea; The Pilot's Psalm; Sloop John B; Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory; Old-Time Preacher Man.
VT113 Dartmoor Pixies   A Dartmoor Country Dance Party.  Bob Cann's Pixie Band.
Up Town, Down Town (Golden Slippers); Belle of the Ball; The Pixie Jubilee Jig (Princess Margaret's Fancy); Marching Through Georgia; Waves of Tory - (I'm Noo Awa' tae Bide Awa'; Rosin the Beau; The Minstrel Boy) ; Smoke on the Water; Danish Double Quadrille - same / Old Comrades March; Chinese Breakdown; Mary Anne; Ripple of the Teign; East Meets West (Hamish's tune); Otto's Grand March; Going Down South; Trail of the Lonesome Pine; Circassian Circle - Show Me the Way to Go Home / Good Night Ladies / Irish Washerwoman.
VT114 One of the Best   Songs from Derbyshire   George Fradley.
We'll All go a-Hunting Today; In the Bushes at the Bottom of the Garden; Mary Ann; The Squire of Tamworth; King Arthur's Sons; Where There's a Will; The Barley Mow; Lankin; The Derby Ram; Last New Year's Eve; Mrs Merry's Ball; Rubbub; The Two Sisters; Feyther Stole the Parson's Sheep; Nowt to Do With Me; For Me, For Me; Jones' Ale; Fifty Years Ago.
VT115 In Horsham Town   Songs from a Sussex singing family.   Gordon Hall.
In Hosham Town; The Royal George; The Molecatcher; Teach and Maynard; Sweet Lavender; Green Brooms; Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold; The Bitter Whaling Ground; My Old Wife's a Good Old Creature; The Maid of Rye. (The pride of Leicestershire); The Horsham Ram; Sam Hall.
VT116 Brisk and Bonny Lad   Songs from a Northamptonshire farmer.   Jeff Wesley.
Brisk & Bonny Lad; Ninety Nine and Ninety; The Scolding Wife; Hare on the Mountain; Robin-a- Thrush; The Reed Cutter's Daughter; Butlin's; Green Grow the Rushes; All Jolly Fellows Who Follow the Plough; The May Song; Life of a Man; Father's in the Pig-Sty; Banks of the Sweet Primroses; The Day the Pub Burnt Down; The Bonny Labouring Boy; I'm the Boss.
VT117 Rouse, Rouse   Christmas carols from Padstow in Cornwall.   The People of Padstow.
Jesse; Softly the Night; Lo! the Eastern Sages Rise; Shepherd's Rejoice; Angels From the Realms; Harky, Harky; Bold the Grace; Lo! He Comes an Infant Stranger; Zadock; Mountains; Rouse, Rouse.
VT118 Always Ask an Expert   60 years of entertainment.   Sam Sherry, Peter & Sam Sherry and the 5 Sherry Brothers.
You Can Always Ask an Expert; Don't Worry Mother; I Want to be a Sausage; Mosquito; Say That You're Sorry; The Body in the Bag; Lancashire Clog Steps; Cassidy's Barber's Shop; My Wife's First Husband John; Your Mother Ran Away With a Soldier; Kiss Kiss; Impressions of Bird Life.
VT119 Catch Me if you Can   Songs from Cornish Travelers.   Charlotte & Betsy Renals and Sophie Legg.
Good For Nothing Man; Down by the River Side; Ball of Yarn; Game of All Fours; Dark Eyed Sailor; Comic Songs; Thorneymoor Woods; The Farmer and the Lady; The Crabfish; The Outlandish Knight; Catch Me Miser; Down by the Shannon; Standard Bread; Trouble in Our Native Land; Lord Lovell; Where Oh Where; Seventeen Come Sunday.
VT120 A Sweet Country Life   Sussex family songs.   Bob Lewis.
The Cuckoo; A Sweet Country Life; The Pretty Ploughboy; Good Morrow Mistress Bright; The Sussex Pig; Horn Fair; The Jolly Woodcutter; Stormy Winds do Blow; Pretty Maids of Greenwich; God Bless the Master of this House; Three Old Crows; Lovely Joan; Young Collins; The Baliff's Daughter of Islington; Last Valentines Day.
VT121 What a Lovely War   British Soldiers Songs.   Gordon Hall, Hamish Henderson, Nibs Matthews, Harold Wirdham, David Blick, Margaret Gardham, George Bregenzer, George Collinson, Maurice Rooney, Rex Gregson, Bill Alexander, Malcolm Speake, John Pearce.
Bugle Call Ryme; Salonika; The Highland Division's Farewell to Sicilly; The REME song; We Are the WAAFs; Quartermaster's Store; The Codfish; The Soldier and the Sailor; The Kriegie Ballad; CRE Song; Down the Mine; How Did I Ever Become a Corporal; Three German Officers Crossed the Rhine; I Wore a Tunic; The Ballad of Wadi Maktilla; This Old Coat of Mine; Lulu; Valley of Jarama; Sulvla Bay; A Soldier's Farewell to India; Orderly Song; We are the First Herts Boys; D-Day Dodgers; Ragtime Soldier; Blandford in the Mud; Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire.
VT122 Pass Around the Grog   The Songs of Two Cornishmen.   Tommy Morrissey and Charlie Pitman.
I'm an Old Donkey Driver; Spanish Ladies; Golden Gippers; The Watercress Girl; Goodbye Beer; The Volunteer Organist; Pleasant and Delightful; My Meatless Day; Pass Around the Grog; Two Irish Maltese; The Robber's Retreat; My Grandfather's Clock; Love is Pleasing; As I Was a-Walking; The Diving Bell; Cocktail Joe; Maggie May.
VT123 Heart and Home   Irish fiddle music from Lucy Farr.  
Within a Mile of Dublin; John Naughton's; John Blessing's; Slieve Aughty; Fisherman's Lilt; Potroe; Killimor; Paddy Fahy's; Packie Byrnes; MaFaddyden's; Gan Ainm; Frank Downey's; Stepping Stone; McShane's Rambles; Lucy Farr's (1990); Bobby Casey's. (Farewell to Connaught) / Maid of Mitcheltown; Paddy Fahy's; The Pullet & the Cock; Ballinakill; Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine; Tomgraney Castle; Andy Davy's; Pat McMahon's; The Hunter's Purse; The Hare's Paw; Sonny Comer's; Gan Ainm; McGovern's; Martin Kirwan's; Pat Burke's.
VT124 In That Beautiful Dale   South West Yorkshire Songs.   Will Noble.
Swaledale; The Poor Old Weaver's Daughter; The Suckling Pig; The Death of Poor Bill Brown; Madge; Johnny Sands; The Squire of Tamworth; The Mistletoe Bough; The Nobleman and the Thresherman; Come on, Come on; The Nutting Girl; Nellie O'Bobs; At the Cross; The Christmas Goose; It Was Night and the Moon Illuminated the Sky; Merry Mountain Child.
VT125 The Long Strand   Irish fiddle music from Liverpool.   Sean McNamara, Eamon Coyne, Peggy Peakin.
Reels: The Long Strand / Bird in the Bush / Toss the Feathers; Jigs: Delaney's Drummer / The Bride's Favourite; Hornpipes: Kildare Fancy / Dunphy's; Reel: Touch Me if you Dare; Reels: Major Harrison's Fedora / Johnny Cronin's Fancy; Polkas: Umpi-Umpi / The Dublin Boat / Rocher's No.3; Jigs: Rambling Pitchfork / Top of the Cork Road (Father O'Flynn) / The Blackthorn Stick; Polka: McKeown's; Reels: Tom Billy's / Miss McLeod's; Hornpipes: The Galway / Murphy's; Jigs: The Gold Ring/ Sean Ryan's; Reels: Music in the Glen / Tom Steele; Polkas: Captain Maguire/ Mick Walsh's.
VT126CD The First of my Rambles   Folk songs from Ulster.   Roisín White.   (2000)   Review
Maid of Mourne Shore; Apprentice Boy; Omagh Town; By the Hush; It was Early, Early All in the Spring; My Father's Servant Boy; Do me Justice; True Lover John; Courting is a Pleasure; Craigie Hill; So Dear is my Charlie to Me; Van Dieman's Land; Among the Heather; Free and Easy to Jog Along.
VT127 Sailing Days   Shanties and seasongs of the Mersey Shantyman.   Stan Hugill.
A-rolling Down the River; Way Down in Dixie; Whaling Johnny; Round the Bay of Mexico; Shenandoah; Ratcliffe Highway (1); We're all Bound to Go; The Fireship; The Indian Lass; The Leaky Ship; Ratcliffe Highway (2); Bosun's Alphabet; Sacramento.
VT128 Put Another Log on the Fire   Songs and Tunes from a Scots Traveller.   Duncan Williamson.
Put Another Log on the Fire (mouthorgan); A Pretty Fair Maid; My Old Horse and Me; Thomas the Rymer; McGonigle (jews harp); Green Fields of Ireland; Sir Patrick Spens; Lord Lovett (m/o); The Oyster Girl; Put Another Log on the Fire (sung); Captain Wedderburn's Courtship; Betsy's Welcome to Edinburgh (m/o); The Factory Girl; Dancing on the Green (j/h); Lady Margaret; Leaving Lismore (m/o); Willie Lost at Sea; Hills of Perth (j/h); The Shepherd Lass.
VT129CD I've Come to Sing a Song   Cornish Family Songs.   Vic Legg.  (2000)
I've Come to Sing a Song; Thorneymore Woods; Young Man Cut Down; Garners Gay; If I Do, I Do; The Beggerman; Just Beginning to Sprout; The Banks of the Sweet Dundee; She Crab; Lonely Widow; Barbara Allen; The Molecatcher; Banks of the Sweet Primroses; Dockyard Medley; Outlandish Knight; The Hell-Bound Train; Me and My Wife.
VT130 Who Owns the Game   Traditional Songs and Melodeon Tunes from Central Suffolk.   Dolly Curtis, Roy Last, Cecil Pearl, Charlie Stringer, Fred Whiting, Cyril Barber.
Dick Iris's Hornpipe; Kibosh the Cobbler; Walter Read's Hornpipe; Poison Beer; Sonny's Tune; Peter the Paynter; Peachey's Polkas; Woodland Flowers; Little Cock Sparrow; Speed the Plough; The Costermonger's Song; Hornpipes; Alf Peachey's March / Marlborough's March; William Rufas; Stepdance Tune; Tommy Doddler; Jig (Larry O'Gaff); One and Twenty; Hornpipes; Who Owns the Game / Botany Bay; Polkas; John Barleycorn / La Russe / Dennington Bell / On the Waggon.
VT131CD When the May is All in Bloom   Traditional singers from the the South East of England.   Bob Copper, John Copper, Louie Fuller, Gordon Hall, Bob Lewis, Ron Spicer.
George Collins, Lily White Hand, Spotty Dick, The Spotted Cow, The Grand Conversation with Napoleon, Shift a Little Bit Farther, Colin and Peobe, Maas Simkins, Constant Lovers, Searching for Lambs, Twenty One Years on Dartmoor, The Trees They do Grow High, The Clothes Horse, Broomfield Hill.
Also released as a CD - VT131CD
VT132 From Donegal and Back!   Songs, ballads and whistle tunes from Packie Byrne   Review
Meet an Irishman; Slieve Na Mban; The Highwayman; The Dawn Park; Come; Come Away; The Shirt My Father Wore; Where is My Norah; Au Cualain Coo; The Big Ship; McCafferty; Forgetting the Lesson; The Barnyards; Blow the Bellows; Cod Liver Oil; Un-Named Air; Rambling Irishman.
VT133 The Fly be on the Turmut   The Songs of a Somerset Man.   George Withers.
The Seeds of Love; Dabbling in the Dew; Forty-Five Miles; Old Woman and the Pedlar; Someone in Somerset; Robin-a-Trush; Peter the Miller; The Fly be on the Turmut; Richard of Taunton Deane; The Wathet sailor; Two Old Crows; The Old Man and his Wife; Jack the Jolly Tar; Brimbledown Fair; I Be Terrible Shy; Joe Muggins.
VT134CD Linkin' o'er the Lea   Traditional folk songs and ballads from Tempo, Co. Fermanagh.   Maggy Murphy   Review
Linkin' o'er the Lea; Banks of the Silvery Tide; Killyburn Brea; Seven Years Did I Have a Sweetheart; Stock or Wall; Early, Early All in the Spring; Crockery Ware; Banks of the Sweet Dundee; Paddy and the Ass; My Father's Servant Boy; Caroline and the Young Sailor Bold; The Clock Stricking Nine; Edmund and the Lowlands; There Was a Wealthy Woman; Molly Bawn.
Also released as CD - VT134CD
VT135 Harry Green 1874 - 1968   Old songs and folk songs from Essex.   Harry Green   Review
The Merchant's Daughter and the Highwayman; The Pear Tree; Two Sweetheartes; When Jones' Ale was New; As I Walked out one May Morning; Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over; Green Mossy Banks of the Lea; Treat my Daughter Kindly; The Fox and the Hare; Down in the Fields where the Buttercups Grow; Banks of the Sweet Dundee; Thaxted Bells; The Blackguard Gypsies; Once I Courted a Fine Young Lass; A Stranger in London; The Nutting Girl; Ladies Won't You Marry.
VT136CD The Yellow Handkerchief   Traditional songs and ballads from England's greatest gypsy singer.   Phoebe Smith   Review
Raking the Hay; Old Gypsy's Waggon (Romany Rye); Barbara Allan; Jolly Herring; Johnny Abourne; Wings of a Swallow (Old Rocky Road) Green Bushes; Young Morgan; Lavender; The Sheepfold; A Blacksmith Courted Me; Stepdancing; Game of All Fours; The Yellow Handkerchief.
VT137CD The Girls Along the Road   Traditional songs, ballads and whistle tunes from Co Antrim   John Kennedy   Review
The Girls along the Road; The Lass with the Bonny Brown Hair; (March) The Russian Retreat; The Flower of Corby Mill; (Hornpipe) The Irishman's Hornpipe; The Corncrake among the Whinny Knowes; (March) The Boys of Sandy Row; (Reel) The Keys of the Kingdom / Glenone; The Shipcarpenter's Wife; (Polka) Willie Nicholl's Polka; (March) The Grand Spy; Glenarm Bay; (March) The Heights of Alma; The Cloghmills Factory Girls; (Marches) Jackson's Return /Open the Door; Reilly the Fisherman; The Missus, her Mother, the Bulldog and Me.
VT138CD Proper Job   Bob Cann   (1999)   Review
Schottische Hornpipe / Schottische, Heel & Toe Polka / Seven Step Polka / Uncle Jim's Polka, Stepdance tunes: Uncle George's Hornpipe / Schottische Hornpipe / Tommy Roberts' Hornpipe, Harry Chubb's Hornpipe / The Cokey Hornpipe, Cross Hands Country Dance / Uncle George's Jig / Uncle Jim's Waltz /Kestor Rock, Polka: Climbing up the Golden Stairs, Woodland Flowers / Uncle Jim's Barndance, Lyrinka, Ford Farm Reel / Cornish Quickstep, Smash the Wincows / New Rigged Ship, The Stein Song, Morpeth Rant, Irish Waltzes, Ripple of the Teign, To-Tore, Uncle Jim's (When daylight shines), Barn Dance, Family Waltzes, Stepdonce to Uncle George's Hornpipe, The Primrose Polka, Family Jig, Harry Gidley's Waltz, Dorsetshire Hornpipe, Hot Punch / Uncle's Jig, Uncle George's Hornpipe, Manchester Hornpipe, Uncle George's Waltz, Dartmoor stepdancing.
VT139CD Moor Music   Mark Bazeley & Jason Rice   (2000)   Review
KP's Jig / The Rose Garden; The Stein Song; Christmas Morn; Lady in the Boat / Briarfield Jig / Ford Farm Reel / The Cornish Quickstep; Russian Ballet / The Hullichan Jig; Lyrinka; When it's Night time in Italy / Climbing up the Golden Stairs / The Thaxted Square; Tin Gee Gee / Walter Bulwer's No.1; Jolly Ploughboy / The Barren Rocks of Aden; Major Mackie's Jig / The Family Jig / The Blackthorn Stick; Crooked Stovepipe / Jumping Cactus; Uncle Jim's Waltz / Uncle George's Waltz /Harry Gidley's Waltz; The Trip to Gidleigh; Danish Double Quadrille / Old Comrades' March / Whistling Rufus.
VT140CD Good Order   Traditional singing and music from the Eel's Foot   (2001)
Introduction and stepdancing - Mrs Howard; False Hearted Knight - Jumbo Brightwell; The Old Sow - Fred Ginger; The Dark-eyed Sailor - Jack Clark; The Princess Royal - Velvet Brightwell; Poor Man's Heaven - Tom Goddard; The Foggy Dew - Douglas Morling; The Indian Lass - Velvet Brightwell; Duck Foot Sue - Harry 'Crutter' Cook; Underneath her Apron - Edgar Button; Pleasant and Delightful - Velvet Brightwell; The Blackbird - Albert 'Diddy' Cook; The Farmer from Cheshire - Alec Bloomfield; The Old Sow - Fred Ginger; Jack's the Boy - Jack 'Dot' Button.
VTC1CD Stepping it Out!   Traditional folk music, songs and dances from England.   A Compilation of tracks from VT101 - VT125   (1993)
Brisk & Bonny Lad - Jeff Wesley; The Long Strand etc. - Sean MacNamara & Peggy Peakin; Lily White Hand - Mary Ann Haynes; Mary Anne - George Fradley; Rouse Rouse - Padstow Carol Singers; The Watercress Girl - Johnny Doughty; Ripple of the Teign - The Dartmoor Pixie Band; Sons of Labour - Walter Pardon; I Want to be a Sausage - Sam Sherry; Cleverly Done, Said He - Manny Aldous; The REME Song - David Blick; Men of Staithes - Staithes Fisherman's Choir; Ball of Yarn - Charlotte Renals; In Horsham Town - Gordon Hall; Pat Burke's Jig - Lucy Farr; Two Irish Maltese - Tommy Morrissey and Charlie Pitman; Change the Old Love for the New - Geoff Ling; Heave on the Trawl - Ted Quantrill; Enoch Brown - Fred Whiting; Old Tom of Oxford - Bampton Traditional Morris Dancers; Jolly Fine Fellows Who Follow the Plough - Tony Harvey; Swaledale - Will Noble; Stepdance to Uncle Georges - Bob Cann & Mark Bazeley; The Cuckoo - Bob Lewis; The Wireless Song - Gordon Woods.
VTC2CD Songs Sung in Suffolk   popular folk songs, old songs and ballads   (2001)
Fred Whiting: The Faithful Sailor, The Wild Colonial Boy.  Ted Chaplin: The Oak and the Ash.  Gordon Woods: Ball of Yarn, The Ups and Downs.  Charlie Hancy: Bungay Roger.  Fred Whiting: The Sailor Cut Down in his Prime, The Jolly Ploughboy, Sheepshearing and Thatching, The Blacksmith's Mantrap, One Fine Morning Early in Spring, Barley Mow.  Geoff Ling: The Larks they Sang Melodious, Flash Company, Australia.  Charlie Stringer: When Jones Ale was New, The Farmer from Cheshire, The Serving Maid.  Tom Smith: John Barleycorn, The Old Song (Jack on the Green).  Tony Harvey: The Nutting Girl, Sam the Carter's Lad, Caroline and the Young Sailor Bold, The Bonny Labouring Boy.  Cyril Barber: Jimmy Johnson, Hail the Dewy Morning.  Harry Chambers: The Barley Mow.  Manny Aldous: The Queen of May.
VTC3CD Comic Songs Sung in Suffolk   comic songs, Music Hall songs and parodies   (2001)
Clifford Arbon: It Won't Take Very Very Long, K-K-Kiss Me Again, The Egg Song.  Charlie Hancy: I've got a Good Idea Where it's Gone To, The Ghost Song, Father's Work, I Took it Home to Maria.  Tom Smith: Curiosity, You've Got a Long Way to Go, I Was There a-Watching Them.  Manny Aldous: Beery Bob, Right in the Middle of Mine, Bobbed-Haired Family.  Ted Chaplin: The Fella with the Trombone, .  Geoff Ling: The Big Wheel, Man All Tattered and Torn, Among My Souvenirs .  Tom Smith: You've Got a Long Way to Go, I was There a-Watching Them.  Gordon Woods: The Baby Boy, Do Let me Have Another One Georgie, The Virgin of 19, The Tattooed Lady, Where Violets are Blue and Roses are Red.  Wallie Sayer: The Baby's Names, Pretty Girls from China.  Tony Harvey: Paddy Stole the Rope, Emma Thomkins.  Hubert Smith: I'll be Up Her Way Next Week.  Hubert Freeman: I Finished Them Off.  Cyril Barber: The Old Sow.
VTC4CD Down in the Fields   An Anthology of traditional folk music from Rural England   Various performers   (2001)
All Jolly Fellows who Follow the Plough: Jeff Wesley (Northamptonshire).  A Sweet Country Life: Bob Lewis (Sussex).  A Country Schottishe: Scan Tester (Sussex).  Jan's Courtship: Archer Goode (Gloucestershire).  Cock-a-doodle do: George Spicer (Sussex). Last New Year's Eve: George Fradley (Derbyshire).  John Barleycorn: Bob Blake (Sussex).  The Farmer out of Gloucestershire: Mabs Hall (Sussex).  Constant Billy: Bampton Morris Dancers (Oxfordshire).  The Suckling Pig: Will Noble (Yorkshire).  The Old Man and his Wife: George Withers (Somerset).  Three Old Crows / Two Old Crows: Charlie Clissold /Bob Cross (Gloucestershire).  The Bonny Labouring Boy: Jeff Wesley (Northamptonshire).  The Thrashing Machine: George Spicer (Sussex).  Rose Cottage: Billy Bennington (Norfofk).  The Squire of Tamworth: Will Noble (Yorkshire) .  Trip unto the Fair: Mabs Hall (Sussex).  The Two Sisters: George Fradley (Derbyshire).  The Sussex Pig: Bob Lewis (Sussex).  Green Broom: Gordon Hall (Sussex).  Family Jig: Bob Cann & Mark Bazeley (Devon).  Three Maids a-Milking Did Go: Charlie Bridger (Kent).  The Jolly Woodcutter: Bob Lewis (Sussex).  Down in the Fields Where, the Buttercups All Grow: Hubert Freeman (Suffolk).
VTC4CD Where the Wind Blows   An Anthology of traditional folk music from Coastal England   Various performers   (2001)
Heave on the Trawl: Johnny Doughty (Sussex}.  Will Your Anchor Hold: Staithes Fishermen's Choir (Yorkshire) .  The Topman and the Afterguard: Walter Pardon (Norfolk).  A-Rolling Down the River: Stan Hugill & Stormalong John (Merseyside).  Pretty Maids of Greenwich: Bob Lewis (Sussex).  Cromer Stepdance Medley: Bob Davis (Norfolk).  The Bargeman's Alphabet: Harold Smy (Suffolk).  A Sailor from Dover: Mabs Hall (Sussex).  Beyond the Sea: Staithes Fishermen's Choir (Yorkshire).  Stormy Weather Boys: Harold Smy (Suffolk).  The Herring's Head: Ted Chaplin (Suffolk).  Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold: Gordon Hall (Sussex).  The Captain and the Mate: John 'Dusso' Winter (Suffolk).  The Watchet Sailor: George Withers (Somerset).  Live Herrings / Fine Yarmouth: Johnny Doughty / Fred Whiting (Sussex / Suffolk).  Jesus at Thy Command: Staithes Fishermen's Choir (Yorkshire).  Early, early in the Spring: Norman Perks (Gloucestershire).  Scarborough: Harold Smy (Suffolk).  The Leaky Ship: Stan Hugill & Stormalong John (Merseyside).  The Diving Bell: Tommy Morrissey (Cornwall).  A Lad and a Lass Once Stood: Ted Quantrill (Suffolk).  Old Grey Noddle: Mabs Hall (Sussex).  Who Will Man the Lifeboat?: Staithes Fishermen's Choir (Yorkshire).  Shoals of Herring: Fred Whiting (Suffolk).  Spanish Ladies: Walter Pardon (Norfolk).  Yarmouth Hornpipe: Percy Brown & Dick Hewitt (Norfolk).  Windy Old Weather: Johnny Doughty (Sussex).

Vintage Series

VTVS01/02 Many a Good Horseman   Traditional Music Making from Mid-Suffolk recorded 1958 - 1993.   Doddy Thorndyke, Reg Pyett, 'Lubidy' Rice, Gordon Syrett, Charlie Carver,Tom Williams, Emily Sparkes, Stan Steggles, Bill Smith, Andy Austin, Jimmy Gladwell's Band, 'Tinker' Parker, Bert Allen, Glynn Griffiths, Hubert Smith, Tom Smith.
The Dark-Eyed Sailor; Scarlet and the Blue; Peggy O'Neill (melodeon); Sweet William; Cock-a-Doodle (mouthorgan & bones); The Faithful Sailor; Tune Medley (mel.); Buttercup Joe; Phil the Fluter's Ball (m/o); Barbara Allen; Heel and Toe Polka (mel.); In a Beautiful Mansion; Polka / Old Joe the Boat is Going Over (mel.); Sailor Cut Down in His Prime; Shake Hands with Your Partner (m/o); Cupid the Ploughboy; Farewell My Bluebell (mel.); Greeny Mossy Banks of the Lea; Trousers on the Door; Popular Song Tune Medley (m/o); Farmer's Boy (accordion); In and Out the Windows (mel.); 21 Years on Dartmoor; Stepdance; The Mistletoe Bough; Paddy McGinty's Goat (m/o); Eggs and Bacon; I don't Know What you Used to Be (mel.); Sarah; Yarmouth Hornpipe (m/o) All Jolly Fellows Who Follow the Plough; No, Sir, No; Redwing (m/o); Blackberry Fold; Smile Awhile (mel.) Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage; Which Gate?; The Isle of Inisfree; Hornpipe; She Wore a Tulip; Heel and Toe Polka (mel.); My Brother Sylvest; Yellow Rose of Texas (mel.); Twenty One Years on Dartmoor; Yarmouth Hornpipe (m/o); Jim the Carter's Lad; Sweet William; Merry Widow; I'll never find another you (m/o); Died for Love; Sailors Hornpipe (mel.); Our Goodman; The Suffolk March; Jig (m/o); Poor Old Jeff; Scotland the Brave (mel.); The Iron Door; Quickstep (band); Banks of the Sweet Dundee; Lassie from Lancashire (mel.); M-O-N-E-Y; Cuckoo Waltz (m/o etc.); Love & Duty; Cliffe Hornpipe (mel.); Bonny Bunch of Roses; The Ship That Never Returned; Medley (m/o etc.); TheJealous Lover; The Grenadier and the Lady; Zena Zena (m/o); The Faithful Sailor; Soldiers Joy (mel.); Ball of Yarn; Sailor's Hornpipe (m/o etc.); Banks of the Sweet Dundee; Blue Bell Polka (accordion); They Won't Know I Come From the Country; The Fox and the Hare; Alf Peachey's Polka (mel.); Jolly Ploughboy; Irish Medley (m/o etc.)
VTVS03/04 I Never Played to Many Posh Dances   Sussex musician 1887 - 1972.   Scan Tester
Scan Tester: Polka / The Reel / Waltz - The Man in the Moon / Pretty Little Dear / Waltz / Polka / Schottische / Lakes of Coalflin / Polka / Polka - Not for Joe / Nutley Waltz / Schottische / Stepdance / While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night / Barbara Allen / Schottische / Jig - The Irish Washerwoman / Waltz / The Waltz Vienna or The Step Waltz / Schottische / Stepdance / Stepdance. Scan Tester, Reg Hall, Daisy Sherlock: The Broom Dance / Polka - Jenny Lind / The Indian Polka / Onestep - Down on the Farm / Waltz. Scan and Will Tester: No.2 Stepdance / Schottische. Bob Keightley, Steve Pennells, Reg Hall, Scan Tester, Paul Gross, Bob Davenport: Polka - The Girl I Left Behind Me or Brighton Camp. Art Winter, Hilary Burgess, Will Tester: Wearing of the Green. Bill Gorringe: See Me Dance the Polka / The Heel and Toe Polka / Stepdance / Schottische / Polka. Scan Tester, Will Tester, Bill Agate: Stepdance. Jack Norris: Brook Street Polka. Scan Tester, Bill McMahon, Mervyn Plunkett: Stepdance - The Monkey Hornpipe. Bob Keightley, Scan Tester, Jack Norris, Reg Hall, Bill McMahon, Mervyn Plunkett: Marches - Scotland the Brave, The Happy Wanderer. Walter Bulwer, Scan Tester, Reg Hall, Daisy Bulwer: The Heel and Toe Polka / Soldier's Joy. Reg Hall and Scan Tester: Polka / Polkas - La Russe, McCusker's, Jenny Lind, Goodnight, Ladies.
VTVS05/06 The Pigeon on the Gate   Melodeon Players from East Anglia.   Field recordings made 1959 - 1997   Review
Fred List: Pigeon on the Gate; The Soldier’s Joy; Polkas; Johnson’s Hornpipe.  Dolly Curtis: Dennington Polka; Harvest Home; The Entertainer; Stepdance.  Ben Youngs: I Must Go and Leave My Nancy; We’ll Ask Him Round for Tea; St Mary’s Waltz.  George Woolnough: St Patrick’s Day; Polka; Seaman’s Polka; Not for Joe; Heel and Toe Polka.  Charlie Plant: Picking a Chicken With Me; She’s my Lady Love.  Peter Plant: Pigeon on the Gate; Song Tune; Hornpipe; Home to Donegal.  Geoff Mayes: The Keel Row.  Fred Pearce: The Dolphin; Polka; Yarmouth Hornpipe.  Clifford Arbon: Alf Peachey’s Polka.  Cyril Barber: Pigeon on the Gate; Wheels.  Cecil Pearl: Alf Peachey’s Jig; The Rakes of Mallow; Charlie Rookyard’s Polka.  Bert Mayes: Polkas; Untitled; Cock of the North; Pop Goes the Weasel.  Font Whatling: Untitled tune; Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major; When You’re Smiling; Stepdance.  Oscar Woods: Pigeon on the Gate; I’ll be Your Sweetheart; Oh No Antonio; Forever and Ever; Under the Bridges of Paris; Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over (old version); The Merry Widow; Play to Me, Gypsy; Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White; Two Little Girls in Blue; Primrose Polka; Waltz; The Happy Wanderer; Waltzing Over the Water; We’ll Meet Again Under the Roses; Cliffe Hornpipe; Soldier’s Dream; Golden Slippers; Bristol Hornpipe; Seaman’s Polka; Dennington Polka; Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over.  Jen Newson: Is it Rain or is it Tears?; Tiger Smith’s Jig.  George Green: College Hornpipe.  Mr Potter: Sweet Smiling Face.  Monty Chapman: Stepdance.  Charlie Cutmore: Pigeon on the Gate.  Harry De Caux: Four-Hand Reel; Cornriggs.  Sonny Barber: Pigeon on the Gate; Scotland the Brave; To Bide Awa’; The Faithful Sailor Boy; Jig; Putting on the Style.  Harry Cox: Jenny Lind; Barndance; Schottische; Schottische; John Brown’s Body; Waltz; Hornpipe.  Charlie Buller: Castle Gardens; Sailor’s Hornpipe; Pistol-Packing Momma.  George Craske: Yarmouth Hornpipe; Long Dance Jig; Schottische; Tommy, Make Room for Your Uncle; Stepdance; Heel and Toe Polka; Jack Davies’ Stepdance; Jimmy Crane’s Stepdance; Jingle Bells Polka; Slap Dab; Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over.  John Woodrow: Sailor’s Hornpipe; The Three Butchers; Stepdance.  Billy Patterson: Waltz.  Bob Davies: Stepdance Medley; Polka; Hornpipe; Waltz;Hornpipe; The Gates of Edinburgh.  Percy Brown: Yarmouth Hornpipe; Over the Waves; It’s a Long Way to Tipperary; Schottische; Blaze Away; My Dreams are Getting Better; Take me Back to Blighty; Garryowen; St Patrick’s Day; Sailor Cut Down in his Prime; Hornpipe; Old Waltz; Two Lovely Black Eyes; When Irish Eyes are Smiling; Comrades; Hornpipe Medley; Waltz for the Veleta; Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over; King’s Polka; Father’s in the Pigsty; Phil the Fluter’s Ball; Bluebell Polka; Jig Medley; Four-Hand Reel; Heel and Toe Polka; Hornpipe Medley; Jig Medley; Jingle Bells Polka; Oh Joe; Tavern in the Town; Ilkley Moor; Stepdance Medley.
VTVS07/08 I Thought I Was the Only One   Dulcimer Players from England.   Field recordings made 1959 - 1998
Ted Carr: Breakdown; Tammy; Heart of my Heart; Ted’s Own Tune; We’ll Stroll the Lanes Together; Charmaine; True Love; Edelweiss; Always; Poor Little Sheep; Breakdown Finale.  ‘Just Henry': Song Tune Medley inc: My Old Man’s a Dustman; Let’s All Go Down the Strand; Tiptoe Through the Tulips; Tavern in the Town; Knees up Mother Brown; The Lambeth Walk; Hokey Cokey; If Only You Could Love Me; Danny Boy; Unknown.  Fred Woodley: Wheels; I Believe; We Will Make Love; When You are in Love; The Bells of St Mary’s.  Bill Fell: The Mountain Belle Schottische; Picannini’s Bedtime; Garry Owen; St Patrick’s Day; Highland Laddie; Bonny Dundee; Stop Your Tickling Jock; The Girl I left Behind Me; The Mountains of Mourne; Galway Bay; Schottische; Sailor’s Hornpipe.  Charlie Shenstone: Unknown; Bells; Blue Bells of Scotland; Bells; Blaze Away.  Leslie Evans: Going Home; Bringing in the Scottish Pipe Band: Loch Lomond; Mountains of Mourne; You Take the High Road; Merry Widow; Scotland the Brave; Swanee River; Lily of Laguna; My Old Man Said Follow the Van; Just a Song at Twilight; Bell Changes; Amazing Grace; The Lord is my Shepherd; Hunting Song (John Peel); March of the Hebrew Slaves; The Lass of Richmond Hill; Handel’s Largo; Silent Worship.  Walter Geary: Sheringham Breakdown; Covered Waggon; Old Faithful; Sailor’s Hornpipe; Farmer’s Boy; Cock of the North; Keel Row; Heel and Toe Polka; Yarmouth Hornpipe.  Molly Whittaker: Waltz; Swanee River; Among My Souvenirs; Daisy; Dickie Bird; Home on the Range; Stepdance.  Jimmy Roger: Unknown; Blue Bells of Scotland; Over the Rainbow; Breakdown.  Billy Cooper: Soldier’s Joy; Girl I Left Behind Me; Breakdown; Dulcie Bell; Colonel Bogie; Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms; Isle of Innisfree; Old Towler; Perfect Cure; Post Horn Gallop; Hingham Waltz; Whistling Rufus; Hornpipes: Yarmouth; Sailor’s; Yarmouth.  Billy Bennington: Unknown Song Tune; My Beloved Cornelia; Dick Hewitt’s Favourite Stepdance; On The Green; The Gunner’s March; Flowers of Edinburgh; Pony Trot Polka; When Johnny Comes To Town; Down at the Old Bull and Bush; Daisy; Dickie Bird; Peggy O’Neill; Come Round Any Old Time; I Belong to Glasgow; The Chicken Reel.  Tommy Sparkes: Soldier’s Joy; Jenny Lind.  Charlie Philpott: Waltz; Breakdown.  Reg Reeder: Oscar Woods’ Polka; Oh Joe the Boat’s Going Over; Oscar’s Waltz; Cat Among the Tails; Lazy Bones; Ain’t Misbehaving; My Happiness; China Doll; South of the Border; Devil Among the Tailors; The Palm Trees of Kerry; Two Lovely Black Eyes; Charlie Philpott’s Waltz.

Small Private Labels:

PL1 Seashore   Staithes Fishermen's Choir
PL2 Who's Going to Hold My Horse?   Sugar Bailey
PL3 Hunters Songs   Holme Valley Beagles

Viking Vision

ZE 029 Shetland Fiddlers Vol 3   Shetland Fiddlers Society   (1985)
Eshaness Two-Step / Burravoe / Da Braga; Aa Da Ships ir Sailin / Shalder Geo / Mak a Kishie Needle Dye; Dr James Donaldson / Katie Stammers; J O Forbes of Corse / The Hawk Hornpipe / Charles Sutherland; Da Forefit o' Da Ship / Da Peerie Hoose Ahint Da Burn / Da Galley Watch; David Manson o' Quarff; Hjerdafeld / Colin Burns / Spootiskerry; Da Back Reel / Twa Nips o' Brandy / Wast Aboot; Da Brig / Cataronie / Da Fields o' Foula; Da Crew o' Da Ferry / Snee Da Neebirt; Jacqueline's Waltz / Da Auld Foula Reel; Robert Innes of Stirling / The Peterhead Polka; If I get a Boannie Lass / Jeannie Shocked Da Bairn / Oot be Aist Da Vong; Da Full Rigged Ship / Da New Rigged Ship.

Village Carols

VC001 A Song for the Time   Carols from The Black Bull, Ecclesfield
O Come All Ye Faithful, Hark Hark, Liverpool, Joy to the World, Ring Out Ye Bells, A Song for the Time, Hail Chime On, How Beautiful upon the Mountains, Jacob's Well, My God the Spring, See Amid the Winter Snow, Prodigal Son, Back Lane, Voices of the Belfry Height, Bright and Joyful, 'Ritual', Jesu Lover of my Soul, Old Father Christmas, Six Jolly Miners, Lloyd, Diadem, Hail Smiling Morn, Goodnight Ladies.
VC002 Arise, Rejoice and Sing!   Carols from The Blue Ball, Worrall
Hark Hark, Liverpool, Back Lane, A Song for the Time, Hail Smiling Morn, Pentonville, Christmas Tree, Mount Moriah, Egypt, Tinwood, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chiming Bells, Awake Arise Good Christians, Mistletoe Bough, Old Foster, Mount Zion, Tyre Mill, How Beautiful upon the Mountain, Angels from the Realms of Glory, Spout Cottage, Lloyd, Holmfirth Anthem, Merry Christmas.
VC003 While Shepherds Watched   Carols from Fountain Inn, Ingbirchworth
We Singers Make Bold, O Come All Ye Faithful, Lloyd, Mary's Boy Child, Belmont, Prodigal Son, Tyre Mill, October, Beautifull Zion, Foster, Amazing Grace, How Beautiful upon the Mountains, Holmfirth Anthem, Swaine Hark, Crimond, Passing By/Deep Harmony, Shaw Lane, Hail Smiling Morn.
VC004 The Bells of Paradise   Carols from Castleton, Peak District
Shepherds Rejoice, Hark Hark, Once More, New Christians, Star of Jacob, Bengal, Sons of Men, All You That Are to Mirth Inclined, Bradda Tune, Peace o'er the World, Down in Yon Forest, The Angel of the Lord, Shepherds Rejoice, Peace o'er the World, Hail Smiling Morn, Scarlet Ribbons, Lloyd, Grandfather's Clock, Bless This House.
VC005 Peace o'er the World Carols   Carols from Hathersage, Peak District
O Come All Ye Faithful, Christmas, How Beautiful upon the Mountains, Softly the Nighl is Sleeping, Fulda, Merry Merry Christmas Bells, The Twelve Days of Christmas, Deep Harmony, Hark to the Ringing, Peace o'er the World, Hush Be Still, Lyngham, New Christians, Rolling Downward, The Holly and the Ivy, A Song for the Time, Cwm Rhondda, Old Towler, Hail Smiling Morn.
VC006 To Celebrate Christmas   Carols from Traveller's Rest, Oughtibridge
Sweet Chiming Bells, Hark Hark, Stannington, Egypt, Fern Bank, New Celestial, Mount Zion, Malin Bridge, Hark Hark Hark Hark, A Song for the Time, Old Foster, Merry Christmas, Tinwood, The Christmas Tree, Sovereignty, Jacob's Well, Back Lane, Pentonville, Old Christians, Mount Moriah, Pratty Flowers.
VC007 On this Delightful Morn   Carols from Foolow, Peak District
Christians Awake, O Come All Ye Faithful, Lyngham, Raise, Christians, Raise, Joy to the World, Antioch, Foolow, Once More, Conquest, Watchful Care, Gabriel, Peace o'er the World, Marshall, Buckley, Mortals Awake, Babylon, October, Glad Tidings, Awake Awake Awake, Hark Hark Hark, Angels, Heaven's Our Home, Farewell, Diadem, Prayer and Blessing.
VC008 Come Sing for the Season   Village Carols from Coal Aston, Derbyshire
Come Sing for the Season, Christians Awake, Expectation, Lo! the Eastern Magi Rise, Three Harks, Diadem, Liverpool, Angels, Good News, New Christians, Wondrous Story, Hecla, Behold the Grace Appears, Little Hark, Nativity, Merry Christmas.
VC009 Hark! Hark! What News   Village Carols from the Royal Hotel, Dungworth   Review
Good News, Awake Arise Good Christians, Liverpool, Swaledale, Jacob's Well, Hail Smiling Morn, Tinwood, Hark Hark Hark Hark, Mistletoe Bough, Pentonville, Mount Zion, Back Lane, Reapers, Christmas Tree, Tyre Mill, Diadem, Mount Moriah, Star of Bethlehem, Old Foster, Merry Christmas.
VCF101 A Festival of Village Carols   Live Recordings of the First Festival of Village Carols, with a large musical accompaniment
Back Lane, Tinwood, Drop Hark, Behold, Portugal, Mount Zion, Swaledale, Fern Bank, Spout Cottage, Awake Arise Good Christians, Sons of Men, Peace o'er the World, The Christmas Tree, Realms of Glory, Holmfirth Anthem, Hail Smiling Morn, Star of Bethlehem, Mount Moriah.
VC010 Brightest and Best   Village Carols from Beeston, Nottinghamshire   (1998)   Review
0 Come All ye Faithful, Three Harks, Silent Night, Once in Royal David's City, Drop Hark, It Came upon a Midnight Clear, The Old Tune, Epiphany, Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, Winchester Old, Away in a Manger, O'er Earthly Plains, Shaw Lane, Spean, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Belmont, Angels from the Realms, The First Nowell, How Beautiful upon the Mountains, Antioch, Come Let us Join, Northrop, Behold!, Christians Awake.

Viva Voce

VV001 James Morrison   The Professor   30 tracks of the Sligo fiddler recorded in New York 1921-1936
Jigs: Maurice Carmody's Favourites (The Stick Across the Fire / Richard Brennan's); The Lark in the Morning / The Wandering Minstrel; Old Man Dillon / The Rose in the Heather; The Mouse in the Cupboard / Cailleach an Airgid.  Hornpipes: The Showman's Fancy / The Sandlark; The Provincial (includes The Friendly Visit); Flee as a Bird; The Tailors Twist / The Flowers of Spring; Thomond Bridge / The Souvenier.  Reels: The Skylark / Maud Miller; The Peeler's Jacket / The Duke of Leinster; The Cup of Tea / Peter Street; Farewell to Ireland / Miss Monaghan; The Turnpike / The Dublin Reel / Miss Thornton; The Irish Girl / The Musical Priest / Wellington's; The Blackberry Blossom / The London Lasses; McFadden's / The Blackberry Blossom.  Polkas: The Magic Slipper / The Little Diamond; The Happy Birdie / The Blue Bell;  Two Steps: The Wreck of the 99 / Dem Golden Slippers / Goodbye Mick, Goodbye Pat;  Airs: The Glen of Aherlow / Master McGrath.  Barndances: The Curlew Hills / Peach Blossoms; Belle of the Ball / Hayes Favourite.  Set Dance: The Humours of Bandon.  Schottiches: The Festival / Queen Anne's.  Waltzes: When Irish Eyes are Smiling / My Wild Rose.  Descriptive piece: Rambles Through Ireland Parts 1 & 2.
VV002 Fluters of Old Erin   Flute, piccolo and whistle music recorded in the 1920s & 30s
John McKenna & Michael Gaffney: Parnell's Reels (The Five Mile Chase / The Duke of Leinster).  Gardiner's Sligo Traditional Trio: The Cork / The Quaddelsome Piper Hornpipes.  Tom Morrison & John Reynolds: Sweet Flowers of Milltown / The Boys from Knock Schottiches; Dunmore Lasses / The Manchester / The Castlebar Traveller Reels.  Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan: The Pipe on the Hob.  Tom Doyle & Michael Cashin: The Kerry Reel / Shannon Shores.  Peter Guinan: Off to California / The Liverpool Hornpipe.  Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band: My Darling Asleep / Yesterday Morning Jigs; The Blackberry Blossom / Bonnie Kate.  The Rosaleen Quartet: The Newport Lass / The Hag with the Money.  William Cummins: Dwyer's Hornpipe.  Paddy Finlay & Michael Coleman: Lord McDonald's / Miss McGuinness' Reels.  The Fingal Trio: The Battle of Clontarf March.  John Sheridan and his Boys: Bradley's Hornpipe; The Sack of Pototoes ( An Rogaire Dubh).  Tommy Breen: Showpiece Melody: Eileen.
VV003 John McKenna   Original American 1920s & 30s recordings
Reels: Colonel Frazer; Gardiner's Favourite, Streams in the Valley; The Tailors Thimble / The Red Haired Lass; Lucky In Love / The Bloom of Youth; Back to the Garden / The Flowers of the Red Mill; The Sailor on the Rocks / The Corry Boys; The Highland Skip / The Sailor's Bonnet; The Lady of the House; Colonel Rodger's Favourite / The Happy Days of Youth.  Jigs: Dever The Dance, Connie The Soilder; Judy Callahan's; Clancy's Dream / Leitrim Town; The Cook in the Kitchen / Mist on the Medows.  Polkas: Tripping to the Well / The Kiss Behind the Door; Thady Regan / Tripping on the Moutain; Up And Away / The Merry Girl; My Love is but a Lassie / The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue.
VV004 Michael Coleman 1891-1945
Reels: Lord McDonalds; The Boys of the Lough; The Shaskeen; Farrell O'Grara; The Crooked Road to Dublin; Lord Gordon's; Reidy Johnson's; Rakish Paddy; Crowleys; The Kerry Man's Daughter / The Bird in the Tree; Lucy Campbell; Doctor Gilbert / The Queen of May; The Green Fields of America / The Swallow's Tail; The Morning Dew / The Woman of the House; The Duke Of Leinster and his Wife; The Real Blackthorn Stick; Tarbolton / The Longford Collector / The Sailors Bonnet; The Sailor on the Rock; The Pigeon on the Gate; Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens; Paddy Ryan's Dream / Mamma's Pet; The Kerry Reel / The Boyne Hunt; Farewell to Ireland.  Jigs: Cherish The Ladies; Jackson's; The Frost is All Over; Tobin's Fancy; Up Sligo; The Humours of Ennistymon; The Grey Goose; Larry O'Gaff; Jackson's Morning Brush / Rambling Pitchfork; The Monaghan Jig; Apples in Winter; The Frieze Britches; Tell Her I Am.  Hornpipes: The Liverpool / O'Neill's; McDermott's; Murray's Fancy; Murphy's; The Stage / The Western; Tommy Hill's Favourite.  Barndances: James Gannon's; Mrs Kenny's Barndance.  Set Dance: The Job of Journey Work;  Polka: Casey's.  Slip-Jig: The Fox Hunters.  Schottiche: The Kilarney Wonder.
VV005 William Mullally   Said to be the first Irish concertina-player to record
Jigs: Jackson's Thought (Cherish The Ladies); The Drumraney Lass / A Jug og Brown Ake (Old Man Dillon); The Humours of Mullingar (The Lark in the Morning) / Jackson's Wife to the Road (Jimmy O'Brien's Jig); The Little House Under the Hill (Gillian's Apples / ?); Miss Monroe's Jig (Pay the Reckoning / Unnamed).  Reels: Lady Carbery (The Mason's Apron) / The Races of Athlone(London Lasses); The Green Groves of Erin / The Ivy Leaf; Within A Mile of Dublin (The New Mown Meadow) / The Westmeath Hunt (The Dublin Reel); Tory Island Reel / (Unnamed); The Salamanca / Peter Street.
VVCD006 Packie Dolan   The forgotten fiddle player of the 1920s
Reels: McFadden's ( The Ewe Reel / McFadden's Favourite); Fitzmaurice's Flight (The Heather Breeze); The Windy Gap (Ah Surely); The Lady of the House (The Woman of the House / Ballinasloe Fair); The Duke of Leinster / The Lady's Pantalettes; The Steampacket / The Flogging Reel; Mullin's Fancy (The Boys of Ballinahinch); The Blackhaired Lass / The Dublin Reel; The Kilkenny Reel (The Reel of Mullinavat).  Hornpipes: The Grove Hornpipe (The Liverpool Hornpipe); The Stack of Barley / Bantry Bay; The First of May.  Songs: Mother Malone; A Drink in the Morn; Erin's Green Shore; One, Two, Three.  Strathspeys: Miss Ramsey (Stirling Castle / Lady Mary Ramsey's).  Jigs: The Fair at Drumlish. (Saddle the Pony / The Rakes of Kildare); The Cavan Lasses (The Humours of Ennistymon / Delaney's Drummers); Royal Charlie (Behind the Bush in the Garden); .  Highland Flings: Lasses of Donnybrook (The Keel Row / Love will you Marry Me).  Schottische: The Killarney Wonder.
VVCD007 The Tunes We Like to Play on Paddy's Day   The Flanagan Brothers   Review
Reels: The Cavan Reel / More Power to your Elbow; Chicken Reel / Turkey in the Straw / Arkansas Traveller; Boys of the Lough / The Shaskeen / The Honeymoon; Tom Steele / The Limestone Rock; The Green Mountain / The Teetotaller; Ships are Sailing / The Milliner's Daughter.  Songs: The Grand Hotel in Castlebar; Little Bridget Flynn; Mick from Tralee; Ireland's 32; Erin go Bragh; Maloney Puts his Name Above the Door; The Half Crown Song.  Novelty Pieces: International Echoes; Flanagan's at St Patrick's Parade; Fun at Hogan's.  Jigs: Buttermilk Mary / Jimmy O'Brien's; Tobin's Favourite / The Frost is All Over; The Humours of Bantry / The Hearty Boys of Ballymote; The Coach Road to Sligo.  Highland Flings: The Miller of Drone / Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine.  Two Steps: Just Like Home - A Jazz Set.  Hornpipes: An Carrowath; The Rights of Man.  Barndance: By Heck.

Voyager Recordings

VRCD 312 Manitoba Fiddler   Grant Lamb
Vivian's Polka, Webb's Hornpipe, Davy McDonald's Jig, George Neddery's Clog, Grant Lamb's Breakdown, Flatiron Jig, Gerrald's Favorite, Wilfred Hately's Waltz, Bruce Lamb's Jig, Darkie's Dream, Mountain Hornpipe, Bagot Two-Step, Phil's Clog, Durang's Hornpipe, Dry River Waltz, Johnny's Jig, Opera Reel, Elsmith Four Step, Turkey in the Straw, French Minuet, Little Black Hen,Jack Cross Two Step, The Tarr Waltz, Rock Valley Jig, Three Legged Milk Stool , Waltz Quadrille, Reel in A Bob Leader's Two Step, Norwegian Waltz. Atkins Polka No. 4.
VRCD 340 Old Time Ozark Fiddling   Jim Herd
Little Rabbit Where's Your Mama, Tennessee Grey Eagle, Tennessee Wagoner, Smith's Waltz, Old Hat, Goldenrod Waltz, Green Leaf Rag, Monkey in the Dog Cart, Cumberland Gap, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Old German Waltz, Katy Hill, Chinese Breakdown, Eighth of January, Forked Deer, Katydid Waltz, Durang's, Gold Rush, Turkey Creek Breakdown, Zender Waltz, Marmaduke's, Chinky Pin, Hooker's Hornpipe, Give the Fiddler a Dram, Old Coon Dog.
VRCD 344 Fiddling Missouri   Howard Marshall and John Williams
Evansville Missouri, Ragtime Annie, Stars and Stripes Waltz, Granny Will Your Dog Bite, Hooker's Hornpipe, Grey Eagle, Burt County Breakdown, Haste to the Wedding, Middle Grove, Fiddler's Hoedown, Thunderbolt Hornpipe, Wilson's Clog, Sugar in the Gourd, Tiehacker Hoedown, Soldier's Joy, Goodnight Waltz, Red Wing, Pretty Polly, Old Dubuque, Waltz of Erin, Hal Scott's Special, Fisher's Hornpipe, Coming Down from Denver, Talk to Dinah, Oak Ridge Stomp, Bonaparte's Retreat, Carroll County Blues, Flowers of Edinburgh, Art Galbraith's Peekaboo Waltz, Oklahoma Red Bird, Hell Amongst the Yearlings, Over the Waves, Happy Jack, Marmaduke's Hornpipe, Muddy Road to Moberly.
VRCD 345 Say Old Man, Can you Play the Fiddle   Benny Thomassen
Bush in the Shucks, Fourteen Days in Georgia, Steeley's Rag, Garfield March, Polk County Breakdown, Cuckoo's Nest, Lost Indian. Old Apple Blossom, Red Apple Rag, Scolding Wife, Kanawha March, Sally Goodin, Billy in the Lowground, Dixie, Scotch No. 2, Laughing Boy, Darkie's Dream, Wild John, Rose Waltz, Ragtime Annie, Shucking the Bush, Tugboat, Tom & Jerry, Bonnie Kate, Mother's Reel, Moonght on the Water, Old Bell Cow, Herman's Rag, Irish Medley: Speed the Plough, Miss Monahan's, Temperance Reel, Lime Rock, Say Old Man Can You Play The Fiddle.
VRCD 349 Hogs Picking up Acorns   Lee Stripling
Rye Straw, Wolves A-Howling, California Blues ,Soldier's Joy, Raggedy Ann, Chicken Reel, Leather Britches, Devil's Dream, Black Eyed Susie, Chicken Reel, Horseshoe Bend, Get Off Your Money, Big Four, Possum Hollow, Pallet on the Floor, Whiskers, Down on the L&N, Lost John, The Wang Wang Blues, Hogs Picking Up Acorns, Mayflower, Heel Fly,I Told Them All About You, I Only Want a Buddy Not a Sweetheart, Somebody Else is Taking My Placem, The Waltz You Saved For Me, The Wednesday Night Waltz, That's How Much I love You, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Flaming Mamie, 40 Years Ago, Old Fashioned Love, Washington & Lee Swing Twinkle Twinkle, Clarinet Polka, Ain't Misbehaving, Who's Sorry Now, Limehouse Blues.

VWML Cassettes

VWML 001 Early in the Month of Spring   Songs and a story of Irish Travellers   (1986)
Mary Delaney: Green Grows the Laurel; What Will We Do; New Ross Town; Fourteen Last Sunday.   Bill Cassidy: Enniscorthy Fair; Pretty Polly.   Paddy Reilly: Burried in Kilkenny; The Blind Beggar.   Mikeen McCarthy: Early in the Month of Spring; Go For the Water (story).   Andy Cash: Mowing the Hay.   Mary Cash: Lady in Her Father's Garden.   Josie Connors: The Constant Farmer's Son.   Pops Johnny Connors: Poor Old Man.   Rich Johnny Connors: Rambling Candy-Man.
VWML 002 Will's Barn   Holme Valley Tradition, Copper Family, Bob Davenport & The Rakes, Martin Carthy and Norma Waterson.   (1987)
The Rakes: Hornpipes: Leitrim Fancy & Red-Haired Lad; Waltzes: Mrs Kenny & Men of the West; Polkas: Tralee Gaol & Maggie in the Wood.  Holm Valley Tradition: Master Smith; Merry Mountain Child; The Farmer's Boy; T' Ordnance at Burton; Lish Young Buy-a-Broom; Drink Old England Dry; Carrickfergus; How we Saved the Barge.  Bob Davenport & The Rakes: Schottisches: There's Nae Luck About the Hoose; Keel Row; Working on the Railway; Medley: We Were Waltzing that Night in Kentucky, Pal of my Cradle-Days, You Always Hurt the One You Love; We're Leaving Tipperary; September Song.  Martin Carthy & Norma Waterson: May Song; T Stands for Thomas. The Copper Family: Brisk Young Ploughboy; Come All Ye Bold Britons; You Gentlemen of High Renown; Spencer the Rover; Babes in the Wood; The Horse the Missus Dries the Clothes On; Shepherds Arise.
VWML 003 The Leaves of Life   The field recordings of Fred Hamer   (1998)
Emma Vickers: There is a Tavern; Pace-Egg Song No 2; Description of pace-egging; Red Herring; Egg-Timer Story; Melodeon Tune; My Sailor Love; A Cure for the Mare; After the Ball. May Bradley: McCaffery (with comment); The Willow Tree; Under the Leaves; Talk about mother; Lily white hand. Mr A Dobson: The Grey Goose and Gander. Mary Duffy: Johnny Gallagher. Wilf Martin: The Noble Foxhunting. Arthur Brace: Herring's Heads. Harry Scott: Box on Her Head; There Stands a Cottage; Turkey Rhubarb. Mr Hill: Little Mutton Pie; Talk about broadsides. Luther Stanley: The Outlandish Knight; Acre of Land. Mr & Mrs Wagstaff: Mummers Play (with song). Robert Brader: Banks of the Sweet Dundee; Old John Wallis. Roy Faulkner: Two Black Crows. Alf Wildman: The Cuckold's Song; Bailiff's Daughter of Islington. Arthur Lane: Bell Bottomed Trousers; Boney's March Over the Alps (tune followed by comment). John Henry Collins: The Ram. Billy Bartle: Come All You Garners Gay.
VWML 004 Coppersongs   A Living Tradition   The Copper Family   (1987)
Claudy Banks; Cupid's Garden; Seasons or Ploughshare; Two Young Brethren; Sweep Chimney Sweep; Warlike Seamen (The Irish Captain); Brisk Young Ploughboy; The Battle of Alma; Come Write me Down; Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy; Sportsmen Arise; Thousands or More.
VWML 005 ... And That's My Story   Tales, Yarns and Legends from Britain and Ireland.   (1991)
Dick Beamish, Pontypridd(?), Glamorgan, Wales: Three Old Miners.  Wilfred Wesley Norman, Wheddon Cross, Somerset: Fanny Pope.  Belle Stewart, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland: Old Fisherman's Son.  Harry Adams, Isle Abbotts, Somerset: It's No Use Tapping on the Blind.  Francie Kennelly, Miltown Malbay, Co Clare, Ireland: Go From My Window.  Bob Cann, South Tawton, Devon: The Lion Tamer.  Mikeen McCarthy, traveller, born Caherciveen, co. Kerry, Ireland: The Tinker and the Landlord.  Cathy Higgins. Blairgowrie. Perthsnire, Scotland: Oot.  Jack Oakes, Bolton, Lancashire: Dickie Bithell and the Kicking Match.  Cathy Higgins, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland: Appley and Orangey.  Ben Sunshine, Aberavon(?), Glamorgan, Wales: Shoni and the Rice Pudding.  Alec Stewart, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland: The Fiery Balls.  'Junior' Crehan, Mullagh, Co Clare, Ireland: Talk of a Storyteller.  'Junior' Crehan, Mullagh, Co. Clare, Ireland: Diarmuid and Grainne.
VWML 006 In Course of Time   Fred Jordan.   (1991)
The Banks of Sweet Primroses; The Recruited Collier; The Foggy Dew; The Worst Girl in the School; The Black Sheep of the Family; Sweet William; The White Cockade; The Galway Shawl; The Farmer's Boy; The Gypsy's Warning; Napoleon Bonaparte; The Jolly Ploughboy; The Benefit Concert; Night Visiting Song; The Road to Dundee; The Old Armchair; The Rose of Allendale.
VWML 007 Crazy About a Song   Old-time ballad singers and musicians from Virginia and North Carolina   Double Cassette   (1992)
Evelyn Ramsay: Little Margaret.  Dan Tate: Old Mister Rabbit; Old Dan Tucker; Wind and the Rain; Jawbone; Lightning and Thunder; Who's on the Way?.  Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander: Wild Hog in the Woods; It's Hard to Love; Cruel Sister; Miller's Will; Lord Bateman.  Cole Calvin: Pretty Little Girl; Fall on my Knees.  Doug Wallin: Murder of Colonel Sharp; House Carpenter; Bed of Primroses; Derby Ram; McKinley; Little Willie; Youthful Warning; Tom Dula; Brother Green; Liza Jane.  Rob Tate: Piper's Gap.  Dellie Norton & Inez Chandler: Little Betty Ann.  Dent Wimmer: Salt Creek; Cumberland Gap.  Tommy Jarrell: Devil in the Strawsack.  Dent Wimmer & Sam Connor: Western Country; Pig in the Pen.  Cas Wallin: Fair Ellender and Lord Thomas; Lord Daniel; Carlisle Lady; Pretty Fair Miss All in the Garden.  Hattie Presnell: Jack and the King's Chest.  C G Allen, 'Pug' & Geroge & Paul Brown: Fire in the Mountains; Goldrush.  Howard Hall: Black-Eyed Girls.  Sam Connor: Rickett's Hornpipe.  Garrett & Norah Arwood: Butcher's Boy.  Stella Kimble & Pearl Richardson: Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies.  Viola Cole: It Rained it Mist.

West Virginia University Press

WVU Press SA-1 The Edden Hammons Collection Volume 1   Edden Hammons   (1999)
Washington's March, Fine Times at Our House, Arkansas Traveler, Big Fancy, Love Nancy, Sandy Boys, Shaking Off the Acorns, Mississippi Sawyer, Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies, Falls of Richmond, Waynesboro, Forked Deer, On My Way to See Nancy, Digging Potatoes, Old Greasy Coat.
WVU Press SA-2 The Edden Hammons Collection Volume 2   Edden Hammons   (2000)   Review
Disc One: High up on Tug, Wild Horse, Old Joe Clark, Soldier's Joy, Birdy, Mary the Wild Mere, Casey Jones, Irish Washerwoman, Schottische, Buffalo Girls, Patty on the Turnpike, Sugar in the Gourd, Three Forks of Cheat, Jake's Got the Bellyache, Old Drake, Old Black Cat Shit in the Shavings, Round the Old Church Ground, Cumberland Gap.
Disc Two: Katy Hill, Cackling Hen, Shelvin' Rock, Wild Wagoner, Old True Lovers, Big Hoedown, Turkey in the Straw, Sourwood Mountain, Pop Goes the Weasel, Silver Bells, Fisher's Hornpipe, Whistling Rufus, Clucking Piece, Will There Be any Stars, Let's Hunt the Horses, Tugboat, Little Sparrow.
WVU Press SA-3 Strange Creek Fiddling, 1947   John Johnson   (2001)   Review
Cheatum County Breakdown, Jimmy Johnson, White Pilgrim, Brickyard Joe, Sally Anne, Down Yonder, Wagoner, Georgia Town, Dixon County Blues, Forked Deer, Polka, Greasy String, Turkey in the Straw, Camp Chase, Irish Girl, Laddie, Gray Eagle, Shelvin Rock, Mississippi Sawyer, Gilderoy, Honeysuckle Rag, Three Forks of Reedy, Garfield's March, Piney Mountain.
WVU Press SA-4 Work & Pray   Historic Negro spirituals and work songs from West Virginia   Various performers   (2003)
Clarence Harmon: Lining Track; Albert McCoy: Lining Track, Laying Steel, Ten Pound Hammer; Memphis T Garrison: Steal Away, Shout Yo' Double Shout; Blanche Simmons: I Didn't Know I Had To Pray So Hard; Waldo Dickason: Jacob's Ladder, Palms of Victory, Way Over in the Promised Land, Drinking of the Wine; Susan White: John Henry; Nelson Harmon: This Old Hammer, Section Boss; P R Higginbotham: This Old Hammer ; Henry L Dickason: Railroad Graders, Ride to Heaven, Away in the Kingdom, We're Baptized in the Water, When the Roll Is Called; John Wade: Won't You Go with Me, Go Home to My Father and Be Saved; Mrs John Wade: Good Old Chariot; Frank Wade: Lord I Don't Want to Die in the Storm; R L Pollard: Ride On Jesus, Rock Me Chariot, Lord I Won't Stop Praying; Unknown: Prepare Me 0 Lord; Bell Edward Pate: God Got His Eyes on You; Joe Perkins: John the Revelator, Lining Track; Charles L Holland: Lining Track, I Wish I Had-a Heard Them; Esther Johnson: Narration, In That Morning, Some Bright Day; Unknown: Shoeshine Boy, We Are Traveling to the Grave.


WILDCD 19802 Ain't no Grave   Kate Lissauer   (1999)   Review
Bluejay / Piney Woods / Camp Chase - Hog Eyed Man / Santa Anna's Retreat; John Lover's Gone; Flying Indian; High Dad in the Morning / Fine Times at Our House; The Little Carpenter; Demicentenary Blues; Coal Creek March / Pay Day at Coal Creek; Liberty off the Corn Liquor Still; Johnson Boys; Hatton Woods; Cattle in the Cane; Tiftie's Annie; Duchess; The Conundrum; The Lady Gay; Elzick's Farewell; Teardrops Falling in the Snow; New Lost Train Blues.
WILDCD 19804 Dealing a New Hand (from the Same Old Deck)   The New Deal String Band   (1999)   Review
Hogeye; Rain and Snow; Didn't he Ramble; Done Gone; The Tenderfoot; Chinquapin; The Puncheon Floor; Methodist Pie; The Baltimore Fire; Sal's Got A Meatskin; Old Reuben; George Collins; Goodbye Miss Liza; Jordan is a Hard Road; Georgia Camp Meeting; Midnight on the Water; Penney's Farm; Blow ye Winds; Fly Around; Mineola Rag; Old Shoes and Leggings; Rattlesnake Mountain; Bound to Ride.
WILDCD 19805 Svenska Låtar: Swedish Fiddle Tunes   Tom and Ben Paley   (1999)   Review
Långt Jässpod På Bârgôm, Bonden Och Räfven, March from Frändefors, Waltz after Per Viktor Röst, Lan Dans from Sollerön, Skräddare Annikas Polska, Pqlska after Karl Lindblad, Druchenkarlsleken, Gånglåt from Klockarlberg, Jamtvalsen, Polska after Per Osa, Polska after Jon Anderson, Gånglåt after Lappmyrgubben, Røros Polskan, Aine's Brudpolska, Mycket Brännvin, Husombyggnads Polska, Waltz after Karl Werkmäster, Polska after Höök Olle, Gånglåt after Timas Hans, Lästiringe Storpolskan, Waltz after Johan 'Helgo' Andersson, Polska after Bengt Bixo, Waltz after Römudden, Brudmarsch from Nas, Hjortingens Polska, Polska after Timas Hans Hansson, Höök Olles Storpolska, Halling after Spak Erik.


Thanks to Chris Wildridge, who has complied this list.  He notes: The items in red text are items I have not seen. The items in black I have in my collection and so have used the record sleeve or label to confirm the track listing.  Where I have been able to ascertain personnel appearing on the albums in addition to the main artists I have listed them along with any instruments played.  Where the album has had little relevance to folk music I have just indicated the numbers of tracks, e.g. Mothers of Invention [Frank Zappa].  Where I do not know that the number was used I have listed it as unknown. Thanks also to other contributors who have been sending in amendments and additional details.
XTRA1001 New Lost City Ramblers: New Lost City Ramblers (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1002 Houston, Cisco: Cisco Houston (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1003 Various artists: Jazz at the Town Hall (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1004 Broonzy, Bill: Terry, Sonny: McGhee, Brownie: Key to the highway (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1005 Seeger, Pete: Sing with Pete (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1006 Broonzy, Bill: Seeger, Pete: In concert (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1007 Tatum, Art: Art Tatum (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1008Slim, Memphis : Memphis Slim (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1009Davis, Gary: Macon, Shortstuff : Davis and Macon (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1010 Parker, Charlie: In Sweden (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1011 Powell, Bud: Bouncing with Bud (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1012 Guthrie, Woody: Woody Guthrie (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1013 Montoya, Carlos: Carlos Montoya (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1014 Campbell, Alex: Alex Campbell (1965) [Personnel - Martin Carthy, guitar; Louis Killen, concertina]
Love is teasin’; I'm a rover; Peggy; John Gordon; Mormond braes; Willie's drowned in Yarrow; Kissing in the dark; Old maid in a garret; Overgate; Lass of Kelvinhaugh; False bride; Baron of Brackley.
XTRA1015 Darlington, Sandie: Darlington, Jeannie: Sandie and Jeannie (1965)
XTRA1016 Seeger, Pete: Broadsides (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1017 Leadbelly: Leadbelly box (1965) [Double]
US Folkways recording
XTRA1018 Montgomery, Little Brother: Little Brother Montgomery (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1019 Unknown:
XTRA1020 Hillel and Aviva: Hillel and Aviva (1965)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1021 McGhee, Brownie: Brownie McGhee (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1022 Spivey, Victoria: Victoria Spivey (1965)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1023 Unknown:
XTRA1024 Johnson, James P: Unknown (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1025 Unknown:
XTRA1026 Seeger, Pete: Pete Seeger box (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1027 Haley, Bill - Comets: Bill Haley and his Comets (1965)
US recording
XTRA1028 Dupree, Jack: Cabbage greens (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1029 Sabicas: Festival Gitana (1965)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1030 Ritchie, Jean: Jean Ritchie
US Folkways recording
XTRA1031 Various artists: Best of British folk music Vol. 1 (1968)
Ian Campbell Folk Group - Mary Ann [unreleased]; Dubliners - Tramps and hawkers [TRA116]; Lorna Campbell - Grey cock [unreleased]; Alex Campbell - Kissing in the dark; Isla Cameron - Died for love [TRA105]; Dubliners - Donegal reel [TRA124]; Dubliners - Longford collector [TRA124]; Dubliners - McAlpine's Fusiliers [TRAEP11]; Sidney Carter - Putting out the dustbin [TRA106]; Owen Hand - My Donal [TRA127]; Bert Jansch - Needle of death [TRA125]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - Canny miner lad [TRA123]; Leon Rosselson - Stand firm [TRA120].
XTRA1032 Various artists: Best of American folk music (1966)
Tracks from US Folkways recordings
XTRA1033 Williams, Joe: Big Joe Williams (1966)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1034 Seeger, Pete: Guitar guide for folk singers (1966)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1035 Various artists: Rural blues (1968) [Issued as both box set and gatefold]
US Folkways recording
XTRA1036 Sandy and Jeannie: I ain't gonna work tomorrow.  Sandy and Jeanie Darlington with Roger Churchyard, fiddle and Jim Clifford mandolin on (a); Susie Blackmar, voice on (b); Joel Burkhart, banjo on (c)
Can't You hear Me Calling (a), I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow, That Just Ain't The Case, The Orphan Girl, McFee's Confession, Jello, I'll Live Again, Truck-Driving Man (a), The Letter That Never Came (c), Cocaine, Gold Watch & Chain, Days of '49, Little Willie, Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies (b)
XTRA1037 Johnson, Lonnie: Lonnie Johnson (1966)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1038 Ross, Isiah [Dr]: Dr Ross
US Folkways recording
XTRA1039 Imlach, Hamish: Hamish Imlach (1966) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Johnny o' Breadislee; Men of Knoydart; Zoological Gardens; Street songs; Cod liver oil and orange juice; Gaudie; If it wasn't for the unions; Cumbie boys; Erin Go Bragh; Soldier's prayer; Black is the colour; Foggy dew.
XTRA1040 Cameron, Isla: Isla Cameron (1966)
XTRA1041 Campbell, Alex: Yours, aye Alex (1966) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Keishmul's galley; Unquiet grave; Singing bird; She moved thro' the fair; Banks of Claudy; Round the Horn; What then is love?; Bruton Town; I left my baby lying there; Water is wide.
XTRA1042 Cameron, Isla: Britton, Tony: Songs of love, lust and loose living (1962)
Re-issue of TRA105
XTRA1043 Various artists: Jazz at the Town Hall Vol. 2
XTRA1044 Various artists: Best of British folk music Vol. 2 (1966) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Dubliners - Sea around us [TRA139; TRASP8]; Harvey Andrews - Kids colour bar [TRA126]; John Renbourn - National Seven [TRA135]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - Across the hills [TRA118]; Hamish Imlach - Cod liver oil and orange juice [XTRA1039]; David Campbell - Come and get me [TRA141]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - Four pounds a day [TRA137]; David Campbell - Way of the world [TRA141]; Bert Jansch -Ring a ding bird [TRA132]; Harvey Andrews - Death come easy [TRAEP133]; Marc Brierley - Time for love [TRAEP147]; Owen Hand - One day old [TRA127].
XTRA1045 McGinn, Matt: Matt McGinn (1966)
Re-issue of TRASAM41
XTRA1046 Raven, Michael: Guitar magic (1966)
Jota Aragonesa; Bulerias; Black is the colour; Zambra; Romance d'amour; Bobby Shaftoe; Alegrias; Garrotin; El Vito; Freight train; Soleares; Farruca.
XTRA1047 Various artists: Mike Raven Blues Show (1966)
Tracks from the Folkways recordings
XTRA1048 McCurdy, Ed: Box of dalliance (1964) [Double]
Re-issue of TRA115 and TRA119 Elektra recordings
XTRA1049 Ross, Annie: Kinsey, Tony - Quartet:Anne Ross with the Tony Kinsey Quartet (1966)
XTRA1050 Imlach, Hamish: Hamish Imlach (1967) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
I was a gay spark in my time; Whisky you're the Devil; Early morning blues; Ballad of Timothy Evans; It's better in the dark; Campbell; Castlereagh; Wind blew the lassie's plaidie awa'; Paddy lay back.
XTRA1051 McRae, Josh: Josh McRae and the Scottish writers (1967)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1052 McColl, Ewan; Lloyd, A L: Blow, boys, blow (1967)
US Tradition recording TLP1026
XTRA1053 Various artists: Best of Scottish folk music (1967)
Hamish Imlach - Gaudie [XTRA1039]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - Highland widow's lament [TRAEP146]; Dubliners - Tramps and hawkers [TRA116]; Isla Cameron - Tramps and hawkers [XTRA1042]; Owen Hand - You, like the sun [TRA127]; Matt McGinn - Gallowgate calypso [XTRA1045]; Hamish Imlach - Scottish breakaway [TRASP11]; Bert Jansch - Henry Martin [TRA143]; Isla Cameron - Yarrow [XTRA1040]; Alex Campbell - Overgate [XTRA1014]; Owen Hand - gardener [TRA138]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - We're nae awa' tae bide awa' [TRA118].
XTRA1054 McColl, Ewan; Seeger, Peggy: Classic Scots ballads (1967)
US Tradition recording TLP1015
XTRA1055 Unknown:
XTRA1056 Pearse, John: John Pearse (1967)
Guitar train; Cold winds; Harashoi; Shtil, Di Nacht; Plaisir d'amour; Scarlet Town; Yes my love is true; Walking; Slow drag; It's great to be independent; Hazard rag; Minx from Pinsk; McGhee's rag.
XTRA1057 McGinn, Matt: Matt McGinn again (1967)
Rob Roy McGregor; Mambo; Rolling hills of the Borders; Moaning; We'll all be angels; On the road from Aldermaston; IOU; Ballad of John McLean; Three nights and a Sunday; King and the key; Rosy Anna; I'm looking for a job; Big Willie's blues.
XTRA1058 Various artists: Gospels in Scouse (1967)
XTRA1059 Imlach, Hamish: Before and after (1967) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Tall tale; Ramensky; Coppers' song; Klan; MacPherson's farewell; Candy man; 37 bus; I am a miller; Castle of Drumboe; Dundee cat; Sporting life.
XTRA1060 Bellamy, Peter: Mainly Norfolk (1968)
German musicianer; Georgie; Lovely Joan; Fourteenth of February; Shooting of his dear; Saucy sailor; Yarmouth Town; Just as the tide was a-flowing; Fakenham Fair; Lofty tall ship; Butter and cheese and all; Turtle dove.
XTRA1061 Campbell, Ian: Cock doth craw (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Personnel - Ian Campbell; Lorna Campbell; John Dunkerley, guitar, banjo, accordion, dulcimer]
IC - Bogie's bonnie Belle; LC - Wife of Ushers Well; IC - Dowie dens of yarrow; LC - Matty Grove; IC - Keach in the creel; IC - Little Sir Hugh; LC - Johnny Faa; IC - I loved a lass; LC - Captain Wedderburn's courtship; IC - Battle of Harlaw.
XTRA1062 Nicoll, Watt: Ballad of the bog (1968)
Remote control; Factory horn; Wee wains; Scriptures; Idle welder; Just made it legal; Green fields of Dundee; Fifie; Craftsmen of old; Swandown girl; Whiskey drinkers; Pipie; Ballad of the bog.
XTRA1063 Hillary, Mabel: Unknown
Track listing unknown
XTRA1064 Leadbelly: Sings folk songs (1968)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1065 Guthrie, Woody: Poor boy (1968)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1066 Seeger, Pete: Abiyoyo and other children's story songs (1968)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1067 Guthrie, Woody: Songs to grow on Vol. 1 (1968)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1068 Seeger, Pete: Sings Woody Guthrie (1968)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1069 Imlach, Hamish: Two sides of Hamish Imlach (1968) [Produced by Nathan Joseph] [Personnel - Clive Palmer, banjo, kazoo; Archie Fisher, banjo, concertina; Ray Warleigh, flute; John MacKinnon, fiddle; Martin Fry, tuba]
Jean Harlow; Clapped out motor car; I got fooled; Bourgeois blues; Horny bull; Happiest day; McGreggors; Anthony Riley; Deep Elem blues; D Day Dodgers; History of football; Priest and the Minister.
XTRA1070 Fisher, Archie: Archie Fisher (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Open the door softly; Reynardine; Terror time [Ewan McColl]; Three gypsies; Kielder Hunt; Trooper and the maid; Child on the road; Beggar wench; Bogie's bonnie Belle; Matt Highland; Farewell she; Snows.
XTRA1071 McGinn, Matt: Matt McGinn and friends (1968) [Produced by Nathan Joseph] [All tracks composed by Matt McGinn except where shown]
Honesty is out of fashion; Pekinese dog; Sash; Kevin Barry; Dundee ghost [traditional]; Ballad of the Q4; Biddie McGrath; Leaving of Liverpool [Traditional]; Rosin the bow [Traditional]; Two foot tall; Sequel to the Dundee weaver; No, nay, never [Traditional]; Big orange whale; Pill; Corrie Doon.
XTRA1072 Pearse, John: Poons, Dick: One more city (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader
One more city [Wilkie]; Salty dog; Eyes [Poons, Smit; Muis]; Lady came from Baltimore [Tim Hardin]; Mr. X[Poons; Wilkie]; Old folks at home; Marching through Georgia; Fix me a pallet on the floor; If I were a carpenter [Tim Hardin]; Point of view[Merri; Anuff; Poons; Muir]; St Christophers' shrine [Twelvetree]; Every man's a murderer [Poons; Muis]; Virginia's fair shore [Pearse]; Sweet Georgia Brown [Bernie; Casey; Pinkard].
XTRA1073 Nicoll, Watt: Watt is a four letter word (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Licensing song; Young man's company; Recipe for life; We'll eat again; Part of the game; Freedom forward; Quizling history of Scotland; Colquhoun Grant; Hour glass song; Weans march to the middens; Little rustic hut; Jenny's grace.
XTRA1074 Campbell, Ian: Tam o' Shanter (1968)
Rantin', roarin' Robin; Green grow the rashes o; Willie Wastle; John Anderson; Holy Will'y prayer; O'er the water to Charlie; Duncan Gravy; Dainty Davy; Man's a man for a' that; Tam o' Shanter.
XTRA1075 Bellamy, Peter: Fair England's shore (1969) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Young Roger Esq.; Fanny Blair; Long pegging awl; Good luck ship; Green bed; All around my hat; Dockyard gate; Prentice boy; Dogger Bank; Dark eyed sailor; You gentlemen of England; Jolly roving tar.
XTRA1076 Kelly, Stan: O Liverpool we love you (1969)
Tribute to Liverpool Football Club. No track listing.
XTRA1077 Furey, Finbar: Traditional Irish pipe music (1969) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Rakish Paddy; Hag with the money; Castle Terrace; Madam Bonaparte; Young girl milking the cow; Fin's favourite; Peter Byrne's fancy; O'Rourke's reel; Roy's hands; Planxty Davy; Bonny bunch of roses; Eddie's fancy; Silver spear.
XTRA1078 McGinn, Matt: Little ticks of time (1969) [Produced by Bill Leader] [All tracks composed by Matt McGinn except where shown]
Cleansing man; Witches song; Polly had a poodle; Little ticks of time; Skinny malinky long legs; Man in the moon; Bingo Bella; Jolly red nose; Mornin' Elenora; Tra la la tweet tweet; Oor wee wean; Dundee cat [Nicol]; Eternity will soon be over; Loch Lomond.
XTRA1079 Chamber Brothers: Groovin' time (1969)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1080 House, Eugene [Son]; Short, J D : Delta blues (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1081 Ronk, Dave Van: Black Mountain blues (1969)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1082 Watson Family: Doc Watson Family (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1083 New Lost City Ramblers: Modern times (1969)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1084 Bilston, Dave: Farewell to steam (1969) [Produced by Bill Leader] [All tracks composed by Don Bilston] {Listing of tracks on sleeve does not match the listing on the disc]
Fireman's song; Alarm clock rings; Aye lad, that's the way; Night freight; Just like your Dad; Yesterday's cleaner; Billycock hat; Navvies' rest; Taybridge disaster; Fireman's lament; Twelve shilling pension; Farewell to steam.
XTRA1085 Slim, Memphis: Chicago blues (1969)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1086 Seeger, Mike: Old time country music (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1087 Cat Iron: Poor boy a long way from home (1969)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1088 Various artists: Scottish republican songs (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1089 Nicoll, Watt: Watt a night (1969) [Personnel - Ian McIntosh; Bob Eaglesham; Mike Whellans; Ally Bain; Stanley Thompson] [Recorded in the Ardencaple Hotel, Helensburgh]
Crude word; Wee bird; Pound in the hand; Dawn talk; Ballad of Graham Brown; Plumbers and jiners; Ballad of wee Dan; Horny bull; Whiskey history; Never drink the water; Bonny one; Queen's Own Household Cavalry.
XTRA1090 Barry, Margaret: Gorman, Michael: Irish music in London pubs (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1091 Elliott Family: Elliotts of Birtley - musical portrait of a Durham mining family (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1092 Rheinhardt, Django: Django Rheinhardt Vol. 1 (1969)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1093 Broonzy, Bill [Big]: Big Bill Broonzy sings country blues (1969)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1094 Imlach, Hamish: Ballads of booze (1969) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Beer is best; Mountain dew; Little Maggie; Scottish Sabbath; Maids when you're young; As usual; Goodbye booze; Drunk, drunk again; Twelve and a tanner a bottle; Whiskey seller; Moonshiner; Calton weaver; Poor beasts.
XTRA1095 Parker, Charlie: Charlie Parker with Kenny Dorham and Fats Navarro (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1096 Silverman, Jerry: Art of the folk blues guitar (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1097 Lauder, Harry: Harry Lauder of Lauderdale (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1098 Johnson, Willie [Blind]: Blind Willie Johnson (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1099 Terry, Sanford [Sonny]; McGhee, Walter Brown [Brownie]: Blues from everywhere (1970)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1100 Unknown:
XTRA1101 Garner, Errol: Unknown
Track listing unknown
XTRA1102 Hines, Earl: Earl 'Fatha' Hines (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1103 Charles, Ray: Honey, honey (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1104 Previn, Andre: Early years (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1105 Various artists: Blues are alive and well (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1106 Vaughan, Sarah: Sarah Vaughan (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1107 McCormack, John: John McCormack (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1108 Nicoll, Watt: Wattcha! (1970) [All tracks composed by Watt Nicoll except where shown]
Early in the morning [traditional]; Weather man; Berryfields of Blair; Farewell to Dundee [Traditional]; Whistling Duke; Whistling Duke; Old King Cole; Fiddler and the dancer; Paraffin lamp seller; Morning of the dawn segue; Pendulum song; Tribute to Burns [Traditional]; Snatches of conversation; Wild mountain thyme [traditional].
XTRA1109 Cunningham, Larry: Country my way (1970)
Crazy heart; Waltzing on top of the world; Orange Blossom Special; Laurie; Gone, gone, gone; Tomorrow we will retire; Mother, the queen of my heart; San Quentin; After you leave me; Devil like you; Closing time; Shackles and chains.
XTRA1110 Terry, Sanford [Sonny]: On the road (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1111 Gillum, Jazz: Blues by Jazz (1970)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1112 Sweet Slag: Tracking with close ups (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1113 Grossman, Stefan: How to play blues guitar (1971)
US recording
XTRA1114 Hooker, John Lee: John Lee Hooker (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1115 Montgomery, Little Brother: Faro Street jive (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1116 Lewis, Furry: Furry Lewis (1971)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1117 Rheinhardt, Django: Django Rheinhardt Vol, 2 (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1118 Parker, Charlie: Charlie Parker Vol. 2 (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1119 Hawkins, Coleman: East Walker (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1120 Fountain, Pete: New Orleans Allstars (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1121 Imlach, Hamish: Old rarity (1971) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Personnel - Darryl Runswick, piano, bass; Archie Fisher, mandola, banjo, concertina; Ian MacIntosh, whistle, banjo, concertina; Tam Harvey, pedal steel guitar, guitar; John MacKinnon, fiddle, mandolin; Mike Whellans, harmonica, percussion]
Clive's song; Cuckoo; Baron of Brackley; Pretty little horses; Noted rider; Kilbogie; Boozin', bloody boozin'; Kid's drinking song; Streets of Laredo; Western cowboy; Lang Johnny Moore; Poisoning the students' minds; Whupped up the hill.
XTRA1122 Nicoll, Watt: Nice to ne nice (1971) [Produced by Keith Bleasby] [Personnel - Doreen Swan, guitar, spoons; Eddie McEwan, banjo, mandolin; John Ballard, guitar; Ronnie Rae, bass; Stanley Thompson, trombone, piano, fluegel horn, accordion]
Song of the car; Love's over; Willow twig artist; El Condor Pasa; Och, Ah dinna ken; Border lands; Today is the first day; Ca' the ewes; Lodging in the cold ground; Kate Dalrymple; Reel o' Stumpie o; Hour glass song.
XTRA1123 Ritchie, Jean: Clear waters remembered (1971)
US Sire recording
XTRA1124 Various artists: Music of Africa from the Malinke and the Baoule (1971)
US Everest recording
XTRA1125 Haig, Al: Jazz will o' the wisp (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1126 Leadbelly: Shout on (1971)
US Folkways recording
XTRA1127 Hopkins, Lightnin': Lightnin' Hopkins (1971)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1128 Imlach, Hamish: Fine old English Tory times (1972) [Produced by Terry Brown] [Personnel - Allan Barty, fiddle, mandolin, guitar; Iain MacKintosh, whistle, banjo, concertina, guitar; Mike Whellans, harmonica, percussion; Tom MacGrath, piano; Archie Fisher, bass, guitar]
Forty pence butter; One day old; Base details; If you want to see the general; Down trodden landlord; Automation; Twelve pence ain't a shilling; Pie in the sky; Whiskey; Dialogue; Five eyes; Fine old Tory times.
XTRA1129 Nicoll, Watt: Watt's on (1972) [Produced by Terry Brown] [All tracks composed by Watt Nicoll except where shown]
Looking back through the years; Queen of the Border; Swandown girl; King of the castle; March of the Cameron men [Nairn Strathen]; McCrimmon; Evening bright; Letters that I write; Baratza; One man and a double whisky; Unfinished lullaby.
XTRA1130 Deacon, George: Ross, Marion: Sweet William's ghost (1973)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1131 Imlach, Hamish: Murdered ballads (1973) [Produced by Mick Moloney] [Personnel - Mike Whellans, drums, harmonica, bodhran, kazoo, swanee whistle; Iain MacIntosh, concertina, banjo; Tam Harvey, guitar; Nick Moloney, mandolin, banjo; Daryl Runswick, bass, piano]
Cornflakes, sugar, teardrops; Bluebird; Bald headed woman; People upstairs; Coulter's candy; Daddy what if?; Tableau at twilight; Jenny Jenkins; Whale; Mermaid; Rabbit; Travelling rhythm; Murdered ballad; Lion; Night sound; That terrible night.
XTRA1132 Shaw, Thomas: Born in Texas (1972)
US Advent recording
XTRA1133 Various artists: On the road again (1973)
US Advent recording
XTRA1134 Stanley, Pete: Knowles, Roger: Banjo bounce (1973) [Produced by Mick Moloney]
Old Joe Clark; Sourwood Mountain; Kentucky mountain chimes [Rusty York]; Rakes of Mallow; Portlairge; Clinch Mountain backstep [Ralph Stanley]; Red River Valley; You are my sunshine; Little Maggie; Spanish fandango; Banjo signal [Don Reno]; Grandfather's clock; Banjo bounce [Pete Stanley]; John Hardy was a desperate little man; Rosewood casket; Girl I left behind me; Marching through Georgia; King Kong kitchie Kitchie ki-me-o; Johnson boys; Home sweet home [Henry Bishop]; Dueling banjos [Arthur Smith].
XTRA1135 Horton, Walter [Shakey]: Walter 'Shakey' Horton with Hot Cottage (1974)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1136 McDowell, Fred [Mississippi]: 1902 - 1972 (1974)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1137 Eaglesham, Bobby: Bobby Eaglesham (1974) [Produced by John Whitehead] [Personnel - Sid Cairns, bass]
Try again [Bobby Eaglesham]; Hangin' around [Bobby Eaglesham]; Empty chairs [Don McLean]; She touched you [Jim Herd]; For no one [Lennon / MacCartney]; Island queen [Mike Field]; Tortoise [Ed Pickford]; Palais girl; Four fat ladies; Uncle George; Whiskers; Land of the Leal; I will go; Bogie's bonnie Belle; Fate o' Charlie; Jock o' Hazeldean; Three gypsies; Simple song [Allan Taylor].
XTRA1138 Grossman, Stefan: Finger picking guitar technique (1974)
Track listing unknown.
XTRA1139 Cronshaw, Andrew: A is for Andrew, Z is for zither (1974) [Produced by John Whitehead, engineered by Adam Skeaping and Gerald Beckwith] [Personnel – Andrew Cronshaw – zither, English concertina, tin whistle; Liz Dyer – vocals]
Cuckoo; Blacksmith; Roxborough Castle; First of May; Inconsistent Billy; Fanny Blair; Coquetdale hornpipe; Haste to the wedding; Queen hornpipe; Peristalsis; Richie story; John's jig; Ampleforth swords; Childe Maurice; Wheel Robinson's tune for the Abbots Bromley Horn Dance; Lovely Joan; Nightingale.
XTRA1140 Mountain Line: Mountain Line (1974) [Produced by John Whitehead] [Mountain Line - Barry Mathe, guitar; Patrick Mathe, mandolin; Mike Hughes, bass; Jim Brookes, banjo; Richard Killik, fiddle, guitar]
Old home place [Webb: Jane]; Reuben's train; Mountain Line; Pickaway [Jordan: Flatt]; Somebody touched me; Hoedown at the Kremlin; Salty dog; Whisky in the jar; Daddy fox; Martin said to his man; Hanging Johnny; Fireman's song [Don Bilston]; Nightingale; Galway Bay; Long black veil [Wilkins: Dill]; Bonnie ship the Diamond
XTRA1141 Various artists: Larks they sang melodious (1974) [Produced by Karl Dallas] [Live recording from the Ship, Blaxhall, Friday, November 16, 1973]
Tony Hall - Donkey riding; Cyril Poacher - Nutting girl; Bob Hart - White wings [Banks: Winter]; Rosemary Bisset - Bold dragoon; Bob Scarce - Larks they sang melodious; Bill Horne - All for me grog; Geoffrey Ling - Green bushes; Percy Webb - Master's servant; Fred List, melodeon - Pigeon on the gate; Fred List, melodeon - Untitled hornpipe; Steve Pallant, melodeon - Foggy dew; Cyril Poacher - Slab dab [Lee: Murray]; Vic Harrup - Rigs of the time; Percy Ling - I'll come back my little sweetheart; Bob Scarce - Boy's best friend is his mother; Linda Walker - Sweet primroses; Tony Hall - Bungay Roger; Geoffrey Ling - Maggie May; Geoffrey Ling - Among my souvenirs.
XTRA1142 Shines, Johnny: Country blues (1974)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1143 Jara, Victor: Manifesto (1974)
US recording
XTRA1144 Various artists: If it was'nae for your wellies (1974)
Billy Connolly - If it was'nae for you wellies [unreleased]; Hamish Imlach - Boozing, bloody well boozing [XTRA1121]; Watt Nicoll - Horny bull [XTRA1089]; Bobby Eaglesham - Tortoise [XTRA1137]; Matt McGinn - Bingo Bella [XTRA1078]; Billy Connolly - Talking blues [unreleased]; Bobby Eaglesham - four ditties [XTRA1137]; Watt Nicoll - Greenfields of Dundee [XTRA1062]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - One eyed Reilly [TRASAM4]; Hamish Imlach - Poisoning the students' minds [XTRA1121]; Watt Nicoll - Weatherman [XTRA1108].
XTRA1145 Blues and Royals - Band: New sounds of the Blues and Royals (1974)
Thirteen tracks of brass band music.
XTRA1146 Stanley, Pete: Knowles, Roger: Picking and singing (1975) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Stoney Mountain twist [Hensley]; Boys, stay away from the girls [Stanley: Knowles]; All around the mountains [Stanley: Knowles]; Glen's chimes [Mainer]; Last train from Poor Valley [Blake]; Leaving home [Stanley: Knowles]; Precious moments [Stanley: Knowles]; Banjo boy chimes [Osbourne]; Murder of James A Garfield [Stanley: Knowles]; Five card stud [Kay]; Amelia Earhart's last flight [McEnery]; Paradise [Prine]; Haunted cabin [Stanley: Kaye]; Took my girl out a-walking [Stanley: Knowles]; Bound to ride [Stanley: Knowles].
XTRA1147 Mountain Line: Ten thousand horse power (1975) [Produced by John Whitehead]
10,000 horsepower; This train; Fire on the mountain; Midnight Flyer; You ain't going nowhere; Yankee dueling dandy; Calico girl; Swing low; Octopus rag; Uncle Pen; Old house; Apache trail.
XTRA1148 Bird, John: Collected broadcasts of Idi Amin (1975)
Twelve comedy tracks
XTRA1149 McCalmans: Smuggler (1975) [Produced by Ritchie Gold] [Personnel - Ian McCalman, guitar; Hamish Bayne, mandolin, concertina, whistles; Derek Moffat, guitar, mandolin, bodhran]
Smuggler; If mother should die; Gardens; Hornpipe; Reels Mount and go; Boatie rows; Carls of Dysart; Flowers of the forest; Barnyards o' Delgaty; Bar room; No Churchman am I; Silkie of Sule Skerry; Man's a man for a' that; Nagasaki [Warren / Dixon]; Johnnie Cope; Skye boat song; Tammy Traddlefeet; Rising.
XTRA1150 Various artists: Brave plough boy (1975) [Produced by Karl Dallas] [with insert] [Live recording from the Lewes arms, Mount Place, Lewes, Sussex, May 1974]
Cyril Phillips - Sussex molecatcher; Bob Lewis - Lost door key; Bob Lewis - Ale, ale, glorious ale; Bob Blake - Courting with a light; Bob Blake - Old John Braddlem; Coppers - Young bretheren; George Belton - Carter lad; George Spicer - Triplets; George Spicer - Down in the fields where the buttercups all grow; Coppers - Brisk young plough boy; George Belton - All jolly fellows that follow the plough; Bob Blake - Basket of eggs; Bob Lewis - Lost sheep; Bob Lewis - John Barleycorn; Cyril Phillips - Lakes of Coolfin; George Spicer - Barley mow; George Belton - Sussex toast.
XTRA1151 Grossman, Stefan: How to play ragtime guitar (1975) [Produced by Stefan Grossman] [with insert]
Struttin' rag; Blake's breakdown; Kinklet's two step; Little boy, little boy, who made your britches?; Haag City Dance; See that girl sitting on the fence; Georgia Camp Meeting; Hard hearted Hanna; St Louis tickle; Twelve sticks; Powder rag; Salty dog rag; Ton of blues; Sister Kate's syncopated dance; Slippin' till my gal comes home in partner; Jealous; Franklin blues.
XTRA1152 Ilti Iluminati: Chile (1975)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1153 Young, Jonny: Young's brew (1975) [Produced by Ritchie Gold] [Personnel - Jonny Young, vocals; Pete Willsher, pedal steel, guitar; Colin Towns, keyboards, flute; Dave Coomber, bass; Loose Langridge, percussion]
Next stop on the line; Simple thing as love; Knights of the road; Big Shot Danny; Claire Louise; You don't own me; Dixie Lillie; Charlie; She don't give no mind; Daniel; Take a message; Country boy.
XTRA1154 Ellington, Marc: Marc time (1975)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1155 Quelopayun: El pueblo unida Jamas Sera Vencido (1975)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1156 Sayers, Pete: Pete Sayer's Grand Old Oprey Show (1975) [Produced by Ian Grant] [Personnel - Allan Smith, bass; Gerry Hale, fiddle, mandolin; Ann Barraclough, mandolin; Nick Barraclough, banjo, guitar]
Lock your doors [Sayers: Barraclough]; Uncle Pen [Monroe]; Redwood Hill [Gordon Lightfoot]; Armstrong [Stewart]; Big Maggie [Barraclough: Rahn]; Machine Gun Kelly [Kootch]; Set your fiddles on fire [Kortchmar]; Great balls of fire [Blackwell: Hammer]; Delta Queen [Sayers]; Fox on the run [Hazzard]; Pickin' and grinnin' for the Beeb [Sayers]; You ain't goin' nowhere [Bob Dylan]; Driver [Sayers]; I'm an old cow hand [Mercer]; Orange blossom special [Rouse].
XTRA1157 Bettina, Jonic: Bitter mirror (1975)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1158 Silly Wizard: Silly Wizard (1976) [Produced by Keith Russell]
Pibroch; Jenny Gray's whiskey; Wind that shakes the barley; Carlisle Wall; My love's in Germany; Election jig; Heron election ballad; Atholl Braes; Drunken piper; Shearing; Fairy dance; Land o' the Leal.
XTRA1159 Parlour Quartet: Parlour Quartet (1975)
Fourteen light orchestral tracks
XTRA1160 Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band: Brighouse and Rastrick Band (1975)
Eight brass band music tracks
XTRA1161 Various artists: Sounds of all our yesterdays (1976)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1162 Unknown:
XTRA1163 Jansch, Bert: Early Bert Vol. 1 - It don't bother me (1976) [Original issue date, 1965, on label]
Re-issue of TRA132
XTRA1164 Jansch, Bert: Early Bert Vol. 2 - Jack Orion (1976) [Original issue date, 1967, on label]
Re-issue of TRA143
XTRA1165 Jansch, Bert: Early Bert Vol. 3 - Nicola (1976) [Original issue date, 1967, on label]
Re-issue of TRA157
XTRA1166 McCalmans: House full (1976) [Produced by John Whitehead and the McCalmans] [McCalmans - Ian McCalman; Hamish Bayne; Derek Moffat]
Ye Jacobites; Coasts of Barbary; I's the boy; Kora; Mine; Awa' Whigs awa'; Dingle Regatta; Little village; Farewell the Faroes; Sweeter than sugar; Aikin Braes; Diamond; Boat song; Proposal and acceptance; Tim Maguire.
XTRA1167 Various artists: Bellyfull of laughs (1976)
Track listing unknown
XTRA1168 Sayers, Pete: Watermelon summer (1976) [Produced by Ian Grant and Pete Sayers] [Personnel - Nick Barraclough, banjo, guitar; Ann Barraclough, mandolin; Gerry Hale, mandolin, fiddle; Allan Smith, bass]
Watermelon summer [Sayers]; Raining in my heart Bryant: Bryant]; Dark hollow; Rawhide [Monroe]; Through the bottom of the glass [Craft]; Turn your radio on [Brumley]; Fire on the mountain; Doin' my time [Skinner]; Chariots of fire [Sayers]; All I have to do is dream [Bryant]; Total stranger [Sayers]; Ukulele lady [Kahn: Whiting]; Radio voices [Sayers].
XTRA1169 Cory Band: American Express (1976) [Produced by Bram Gray]
Liberty Bell; Overture, Iolanthe; El Cumbanchero; All through the night; Glory, glory; Music from the Elizabethan court; Trumpets wild; Magic flute overture.
XTRA1170 Jansch, Bert: Early Bert Vol. 4 - Rosemary Lane (1976)
Re-issue of TRA235
XTRA1171 Various artists: Rosin the bow (1976)
Dave Swarbrick - Byker Hill [TRA337]; High Level Ranters - Dingle Regatta [LER2007]; High Level Ranters - Father Kelly's jig [LER2007]; Boys of the Lough - Sixereen [TRA333]; Boys of the Lough - Gordon's favourite reel [TRA333]; Martin Byrnes - Blackbird [LEA2004]; Martin Byrnes - Rodney's glory [LEA2004]; Cullivoe Traditional Players - Faery reel [LED2052]; Cullivoe Traditional Players - De'il among the tailors [LED2052]; Carl Lemming; Buddy Pendleton - Liberty [LEA4012]; Andrew Davey: Seamus Tansey: Tommy Toolon - Willie Coleman [LEA2044]; Andrew Davey: Seamus Tansey: Tommy Toolon - Brendon Tone Rowe's No. 2 [LEA2044]; Stephane Grapelli - Manoir des mes reves [BLP30158/30159]; Stephane Grapelli - Daphne [BLP0158/30159]; Dransfields - Blacksmith [TRA322]; Gray Craig: Kinney Rorror: Doug Rorror - Greenfields [LEA4040]; Stephen Baldwin - Greensleeves [LED2068]; Stephen Baldwin - Haste to the wedding [LED2068]; Jimmy Power - Woman of the house [LED2051]; Jimmy Power - Morning dew [LED2051]; Rakes - Dashing white sergeant [LED2071]; Rakes - Bottom of the punch bowl [LED2071].
XTRA1172 Pentangle: Cruel sister (1976)
Re-issue of TRA228
XTRA5011 Blackwell, Scrapper: Mr. Scrapper's blues (1966)
Track listing unknown
XTRA5012 McPeake Family: McPeake Family of Belfast (1966)
US Prestige recording
XTRA5013 McColl, Ewan: Sailor's garland (1966)
US Prestige recording
XTRA5014 Unknown:
XTRA5015 Unknown:
XTRA5016 Unknown:
XTRA5017 Unknown:
XTRA5018 Unknown:
XTRA5019 Unknown:
XTRA5020 Unknown:
XTRA5021 Unknown:
XTRA5022 Unknown:
XTRA5023 Lloyd, A L: Best of A L Lloyd (1966)
US Prestige recording
XTRA5024 Unknown:
XTRA5025 Unknown:
XTRA5026 Unknown:
XTRA5027 Unknown:
XTRA5028 Murphy, Delia: Queen of Connemara (1967)
US Prestige recording
XTRA5029 Unknown:
XTRA5030 Unknown:
XTRA5031 Unknown:
XTRA5032 Unknown:
XTRA5033 Unknown:
XTRA5034 Unknown:
XTRA5035 Unknown:
XTRA5036 Unknown:
XTRA5037 Barry, Margaret: Gorman, Michael: Blarney stone (1967)
US Prestige recording
XTRA5038 Unknown:
XTRA5039 Unknown:
XTRA5040 Unknown:
XTRA5041 Robertson, Jeannie: Cuckoo's nest and other Scottish songs (1967)
US Prestige recording
XTRA5042 Unknown:
XTRA5043 Elliott, Jack [Rambling]: Sings the songs of Woody Guthrie (1967)
US Prestige recording


YAZCD 2032 Ruckus Juice and Chittlins Vol 1   Various artists   Review
YAZCD 2030 The Rose Grew Around the Briar, Vol 1   Various artists
Lewis McDaniel & Kid Smith: I Went to See My Sweetheart, Clarence Ashley: Dark Holler Blues, Robert Wilkins: I Do Blues, Eck Dunford & Hattie Stoneman: What Will I Do for My Money's All Gone, Alfred & Orville Reed: The Old Fashioned Cottage, George Torey: Lonesome Man Blues, Grayson & Whitter: Little Maggie with A Dram Glass in Her Hand, Dock Boggs: False Hearted Lover Blues, Clifford Gibson: Brooklyn Blues, Red Fox Chasers: Stolen Love, Kentucky Thorobreds: Shady Grove, King Solomon Hill: Down on My Bended Knee, Shortbuckle Roarke & Family, I Truly Understand That You Love Another Man, Hendley-Whitter-Small: A Pretty Gal's Love, Blind Willie McTell: Drive Away Blues, Buell Kazee: A Short Life of Trouble, Cannon's Jug Stompers: Going to Germany, Morris Family: Dark Eyes, Bascom Lamar Lunsford: Lulu Wall, Lottie Kimbrough: Lost Lover Blues.
YAZCD 2031 The Rose Grew Around the Briar, Vol 2   Various artists
Clifford Gibson :Time Rider, Grayson & Whitter: Handsome Molly, Ephraim Woodie & the Henpecked Husbands: Last Gold Dollar, Teddy Darby: Vault Right on the Ground, Roy Harvey & North Carolina Ramblers: George Collins, Lewis McDaniel & Kid Smith: It's Hard to Leave You Sweet Love, Will Batts: Cheatin' Woman, Red Fox Chasers: Little Sweetheart Pal of Mine, Clayton McMichen: Grave in the Pines, Memphis Jug Band: Tired of You Driving Me, Murphy Brothers Harp Band: Little Bunch of Roses, Alfred & Orville Reed: You'll Miss Me, Ruth Day: Experience Blues, Frank Jenkins & his Pilot Mountaineers: Once I Loved A Railroad Flagman, Blue RIdge Mountain Singers: I'll Remember You Love in My Prayers, Warren Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Entertainers: Saro, Louis Lasky: Teasin' Brown Bkues, Dock Boggs: Lost Love Blues, Wade Mainer: Look On and Cry, Katherine Baker: My Man Left Me.
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YAZCD 2037 Hard Times Come Again No More Vol 2   Various artists   Review
YAZCD 2039 My Rough and Rowdy Ways Vol 1   Various artists
Grant Brothers & Their Music: Tell It to Me, Clarence Ashley: Little Sadie, Clifford Gibson: Bad Luck Dice, Jilson Setters: Way up on Clinch Mountain, Dykes Magic City Trio: Frankie, Tommy Johnson: Canned Heat Blues, Ray Brothers: Got the Jake Leg Too, Dock Boggs: Country Blues. Little Hat Jones: Kentucky Blues, Allen Brothers: Prisoner's Dream, Sweet Brothers & Ernest Stoneman: John Hardy, Will Shade: Better Leave that Stuff Alone, Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee: Way Down the Old Plank Road, Ernest Stoneman & Kahle Brewer: The Fate of Talmedge Osborne, Cannon's Jug Stompers: Viola Lee Blues, Cleve Chaffin & the McClung Brothers: Rock House Gamblers, Willie Walker: Dupree Blues, Haywood County Ramblers: All Bound Down, Peg Leg Howell: Low Down Rounders Blues, Fruit Jar Guzzlers: Stack-O-Lee.
YAZCD 2040 My Rough and Rowdy Ways Vol 2   Various artists
Dick Justice: Cocaine, Carolina Buddies: Otto Woods the Bandit, Mississippi John Hurt: Frankie, :Uncle Dave Macon : Railroadin' and Gamblin', Late Last Night When Willie Come Home, Dave Miller: That Bad Man Stackolee, Sloppy Henry: Canned Heat Blues, Earl Johnson & his Dixie Entertainers: Ain't Nobody's Business, Peg Leg Howell: Skin Game Blues, Bob Campbell: Dice's Blues, Haskell Wolfenbarger: Sailing Out on the Ocean, Hickory Nuts: Louisville Burglar, Robert Wilkins: Old Jim Canan's, Vernon Dalhart: Billy the Kid, Georgia Crackers: Georgia Black Botton, Emry Arthur: Ethan Lang, Hall Brothers: The Wrong Road, Eva Davis: Wild Bill Jones, Lee Green: Bad Man Napper, George Reneau: Jesse James.
YAZCD 2042 Early American Cajun Music   Blind Uncle Gaspard, Delma Lachney, John Bertrand   (1999)   Review
Delma Lachney: Le Bebe et le Gambleur; Cher Ami ma Vie est Ruini; Baoille; La Danseuse; Je m'en Vas dons le Chemin; Avoyelles; La Louisiana; Riviere Rouge; L'Aurevoir d'une Mere; Je me Trouve une Jolie Fille. Blind Uncle Gaspard: Sur le Borde de l'Eau; Natchitoches; Assi dons la Fenetre de ma Chambre; Mercredi Soir Passé.  John Bertrand: Upstairs; Valse de Gueydan; Cousinne Lilly; Miserable; The Swallows; The Robbit Stole the Pumpkin; La Fille du Geôlier; Le Soldat Futigue; Le Pond de Nante; La Delaisser.
YAZCD 2059 The Best of The Memphis Jug Band   (2001)   Review
Tired of You Driving Me / A Black Woman Is Like a Black Snake / Aunt Caroline Dyer Blues / Papa's Got Your Bathwater On / On the Road Again / K.C. Moan / Cocaine Habit Blues / Coal Oil Blues / You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back / Memphis Yo Yo Blues / Memphis Shakedown / She Stays Out All Night Long / Meningitis Blues / Stealin' Stealin' / He's in the Jailhouse Now / Taking Your Place / Ambulance Man / Beale Street Mess Around / Going Back to Memphis / State of Tennessee Blues / Insane Crazy Blues / Memphis Jug / Got a Letter From My Darlin'.
YAZCD 2060 The Best of Cannon's Jug Stompers   (2001)   Review
Feather Bed / Last Chance Blues / Big Railroad Blues / Going To Germany / Minglewood Blues / Mule Get Up In The Alley / Viola Lee Blues / Walk Right In / Noah's Blues / Wolf River Blues / Riley's Wagon / Madison Street Rag / Bring It With You When You Come / The Rooster's Crowing Blues / Pig Ankle / Money Never Runs Out / Heart Breakin' Blues / Springdale Blues / Jonestown Blues / Prison Wall Blues / Ripley Blues / Tired Chicken Blues / Pretty Mama Blues.
YAZCD 7008 The Wheels of the World Vol 1   Various artists
YAZCD 7009 The Wheels of the World Vol 2   Various artists
YAZCD 7016 Song of the Crooked Dance   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Selska svadba (Village wedding) - Demir Cholakov, clarinet, with folk orchestra.  Dimitbr tovari gimiya (Dimitur loaded the boat) - Vulkana Stoyanova, vocals, with the Radi Angelow orchestra. Mechkadarska pesen (Bear handler's song) - Georgi Stanev, vocals, with a group of actors.  Jsonkinata (Tsonkass tune} Ahmed Saliev, solo gaida.  Kapitan (Captaín) - Zah Atanasova, vocals, with the Boris Karlov orchestra.  Trima bratya dyulgeri (Three Master builder brothers) - Mita Stoicheva, vocals, with the Ivan Kavaldzhiev orchestra. Pristanalata Ganka (Ganka the elopee) - Masha Byalmustakova, vocals, with the Radi Angelov orchestra.  Paidushko horo - Iliya Atanasov, solo gaida.  Zernetesenie v Bulgaria (Earthquake in Bulgaria) - Parush Parushev, vocals and harmonium.  Hora zurla and tupan artists unknown.  Gankino - Karlo, trumpet  Banovata Pesen (Song for Bana) - Gergana Tsekova, vocals, with the Peyu Budakov orchestra.  Yambolsko horo (Dance tune from Yambol) - Korenyashkata grupa na Karlo.  Ya stani Milke (Wake up Milka) Bistnshkata Chetvorka, with Yurdan Bonev, vocals.  Lovchanska rüchenitsa (Rüchenitsa from Lovech) Tsvyatko Blagoev, solo kaval.  Aguntse milo baiovo (Precious little lamb) - Boris Mashalov, vocals, with Trakiiskata grupa.  Ala imash ochi (Wow, have gou got eyes!) - Peyu Nikolov, vocals, with the Peyu Nikolov orchestra.  Na trapeza i horo (table song and dance tune) - Seviievska Troika.  Georgi Sugarev - Hristo Arsov, vocals, with the Karlo orchestra.  Plevensko horo (Dance tune from Pleven) - Grupata na Tsvyatko Blagoev.  Zasviri Bozhil s kavala (Bozhil began to play his kaval) Gudi Gudev, vocals, with the Ramadan Lolov orchestra.  Cherven fesets (Red fez-Macedonian dance) Ramadan Lolov, clarinet, with Atanas Atanasov, accordion.  Kopano horo - Boris Karlov, accordion, orchestra unknown.

Yew Pine Music

YP-1X-4 New Ploughed Ground   Dwight Diller   (1998)   Review
Bright Morning Star, Betsey Lichens, They Obeyed, Brushy Run, Hiram Herbert, Old Mother Flanagan, Shady Grove, Would Not Be Denied, Lone Pilgrim, West Fork Girls, Lisbon, Abe's Retreat, Jordan's Stormy Banks, Ducks on the Pond, Sweet Hour of Prayer, Muskrat, Liza Jane, John Hardy, Sandy Boys, Shelter in a Storm.

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