Thanks to Chris Wildridge, who has complied this list.  He notes: The items in red text are items I have not seen.  The items in black I have in my collection and so have used the record sleeve or label to confirm the track listing.  Where I have been able to ascertain personnel appearing on the albums in addition to the main artists I have listed them along with any instruments played.  Where the album has had little relevance to folk music I have just indicated the numbers of tracks, e.g. Mothers of Invention [Frank Zappa].  Where I do not know that the number was used I have listed it as unknown.  Thanks also to other contributors who have been sending in amendments and additional details.

BIG101 Purple Gang: (1967) [Produced by Joe Boyd]
Granny takes a trip / Bootleg whisky
BIG102 Jansch, Bert: (1967) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Woe is love my dear / Little sweet sunshine
BIG103 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: (1967)
Private Harold Harris / Lover let me in
BIG104 Wood, Chuck: (1968)
Seven days too long / Soul shing a ling
BIG105 Particular People: (1968)
Boys cry / what's the matter with Juliet?
BIG106 Royalettes: (1968)
Something wonderful / River of tears
BIG107 Wood, Chuck: (1968)
I've got my lovelight shining / Baby you win
BIG108 Ola: Jauglers: (1968)
What a way to die / That's why I cry
BIG109 Pentangle: (1968)
Travelling song / Mirage
BIG110 Brass Tacks: (1968)
I'll keep holding on / Let the sunshine in
BIG111 Purple Gang: (1968) [Produced by Joe Boyd]
Kiss me goodnight Sally Green / Auntie Monica
BIG112 Movement: (1968)
Head for the sun / Mr. Mann
BIG113 Johnstons: (1968) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Both sides now / Urge for going
BIG114 Brass Tacks: (1968)
Maxwell Ferguson / Sunshine after the rain
BIG115 Fugs: (1968)
Crystal liaison / When the mode of the music changes
BIG116 Johnstons: (1968) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Give a damn / Walking out on foggy mornings
BIG117 1984: (1968)
This little boy / Rosslyn
BIG118 Cunningham, Larry: (1968)
Great El Tigre / Gweebarra Bay
BIG119 Havens, Richie: (1968)
Oxford Town / My own way
BIG120 1984: (1968)
Baby I've got to have your love / Here we are
BIG121 Johnstons: (1969)
My house / Wherefore and why
BIG122 Humblebums: (1969) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Saturday round about Sunday / Bed of mossy green
BIG123 Cunningham, Larry: Mighty Avons: (1969) [Produced by Tommy Ellis
Honky tonk downstairs / Bracero
BIG124 Pentangle: (1969) [Produced by Shel Talmy]
Once I had a sweetheart / I saw an angel
BIG125 McTell, Ralph: (1969) [Produced by Ralph McTell]
Girl on a bicycle / Summer came along
BIG126 Sallyangie: (1969)
Two ships / Colour of the world
BIG127 Humblebums: (1969)
Her father didn't like me anyway / Coconut tree
BIG128 Pentangle: (1969) [Produced by Shel Talmy]
Light flight / Cold mountain
BIG129 Hull, Alan: (1969) [Produced by Hugh Murphy]
We can swing together / Obadiah's grave
BIG130 Humblebums: (1970)
Shoeshine boy / My apartment
BIG131 McTell, Ralph: (1970)
Kew Gardens / Father forgive them
BIG132 Johnstons: (1970) [Produced by Richard Gottehrer]
Streets of London / Spanish lady
BIG133 Grossman, Stefan: (1970)
Pretty little tune / Little Sally Walker
BIG134 McTell, Ralph: (1970)
Spiral staircase / Terminus
BIG135 Mr. Fox: (1970)
Little woman / Join us in our game
BIG136 Nicoll, Watt: (1970)
Kiss the children twice/ Hour glass song
BIG137 Storyteller:
Remarkable / Laugh that came too soon
BIG138 Unicorn: (1971)
P F Sloan / Going back home
BIG139 Rafferty, Gerry: (1971)
Can I have my money back? / So bad thinking
BIG140 Grossman, Stefan: (1971)
Ice Hill theme / Love theme
BIG141 Stray: (1971)
Our song / Mama's coming home
BIG501 Johnstons: (1972) [Produced by Chris McCloud]
Continental Trailways bus / Morning of our love
BIG502 Monica: (1972)
Empty words / Crying for love
BIG503 Dixon, Errol: (1972)
Let the love shine into your heart / In a moment of weakness
BIG504 Nicholson, Lea: (1972)
God bless the unemployed / Piece of cake
BIG505 Johnstons: (1972) [Produced by Richard Gottehrer]
Streets of London / Spanish lady
BIG506 Skin Alley: (1972) [Produced by Fritz Fryer]
You got me danglin' / Skin Alley serenade
BIG507 Waterson, Mike: Waterson, Lal: (1972)
Rubber Band / Red wine and promises
BIG508 CMU: (1972)
Heart of the sun / Doctor, am I normal?
BIG509 Unicorn: (1972)
Cosmic kid / All I really want to do
BIG510 Cartwright, Dave: (1973)
My delicate skin / Angeline
BIG511 Skin Alley: (1973)
In the midnight hour / Broken eggs
BIG512 Stray: (1973)
Hallelujah / Brand new day
BIG513 Cartwright, Dave: (1973) [Produced by John Worth]
Cobweb broom / Fifty miles of blue
BIG514 Skin Alley:
If I Only Had The Time / Instrumental (1973)
BIG515 Portsmouth Sinfonia:
William Tell overture / Blue Danube waltz
BIG516 Stray: (1973) [Produced by Wilf Pine]
Move it / Crazy people
BIG517 James, John: (1974) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Black and white rag / Coon Band contest
BIG518 Contraband: (1974)
Lady for today / On the road
BIG519 Digance, Richard: (1974)
Working class millionaire / Dear River Thames
BIG520 Humblebums: (1974)
Coconut tree / Her father didn't like me anyway
BIG521 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: (1984)
White Christmas / Paddlin' Madelin' home
BIG522 Krazy Kong: (1974)
Return of Kong / Bus shelter reggae
BIG523 McKenna, Mae: (1975)
Other side of me / Song for Simon
BIG524 Randy: (1975)
Crazy love / Unknown
BIG525 Andrews, Harvey: Cooper, Graham: (1975)
I'm resigning from today / Darby and Joan
BIG526 Quilapayan:
Elegy (Elegia) / El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido
BIG527 Bird, John: (1975) [Produced by Arkadi de Ralkoff
Amazin' man / Find de lady
BIG528 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: (1975) [Produced by John Whitehead]
Pasadena / Choo choo
BIG529 Greyhound: (1975) {produced by Dave Bloxham]
Dream lover / Wappadusa
BIG530 Black Mikado London Cast: (1975)
So please you sir / Finale - excerpt
BIG531 Black Mikado London Cast:(1975)
Sun whose rays are all ablaze / Finale - excerpt
BIG532 Magnificent Mercury Brothers: (1975)
This new girl in school / What about us
BIG533 Black Mikado London Cast: (1975)
Reggae tit willow / I've got a little list
BIG534 Digance, Richard: (1975)
Rosemary McLaren of the Strand / Red lights of Antwerp
BIG535 Sadista Sisters:
Black and white / Decadent taint
BIG536 Magnificent Mercury Brothers: (1976)
Why do fools fall in love? / I'm not a juvenile delinquent
BIG537 Unknown:
BIG538 Andrews, Harvey: (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Man with a gun / Mr. Homburg Hat
BIG539 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Do wha, do wha / Top hat, white tie and tails
BIG540 McKenna, Mae: (1976)
Crying in the rain / Losing you
BIG541 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias: (1976)
De shark / De shark
BIG542 Worthing, Sonny: (1976)
La Belle France / Round and round
BIG543 Trader:
Sweet for my sweet / yes, I would
BIG544 Sight and Sound:
Dance with me / Truth
BIG545 Unknown:
BIG546 Unknown:
BIG547 Out to lunch: (1977)
Here I stand / Everything nice
BIG548 Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band:
Floral dance / Bachelor girls
BIG549 Unknown:
BIG550 Unknown:
BIG551 Cribbins, Bernard: (1977)
Country music / B side blues
BIG552 Philharmonics: (1977)
For Elise / A la Turka
BIG553 McKenna, Mae: [produced by Ritchie Gold]
I want to believe in you / My town
BIG554 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra:
Cheek to cheek /Soft shoe shuffle
BIG555 Worthing, Sonny: (1976)
Head over heels / Free my soul
BIG556 Andrew, Harvey: (1976)
Why? / Gang of '64
BIG557 Decameron: (1976)
Dancing / Deal
BIG558 Ivor Raymonde:
The Theme from 'Dickens Of London' / 'Mary's Theme'
BIG559 Shearston, Gary: (19760
Whiter shade of pale / Across these seven seas
BIG560 Metro: (1976)
Criminal world / Precious
BIG561 O'Brien, Dennis: (1977)
Sally in the bay / Malibu Bay
BIG562 Out to lunch: (1977)
This is your life / Sign myself your lover / Everybody rock steady
BIG563 McCalmans: (1977)
Romeo and Juliet / Smuggler
BIG564 Worthing, Sonny: (1977)
Run for cover / Sally
BIG565 Unknown:
BIG566 Wrigley, Bernard: (1977)
Teabag in my coffee / Rain In My Eyes
BIG567 Pentangle:
Light flight / Market song / Time has come
BIG568 Wootton, Brenda:
Apple wine / Silver net
BIG569 Midland Phil and Friends: (1981)
Brass pinafore / March of the Austrian Navy.
GAR1 Connolly, Billy: [Triple box set]
Re-issue of Solo Concert [TRA279] and Live [TRA258]
LOGO1001 Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band: Floral dance (1978)
Twelve tracks of brass band music
LTRA501 O'Donnell, Al: Al O'Donnell Vol. 2 (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition]
Granemore hare; Bonny Woodhall; Sliabh na mBan [Mountain of the women]; Connerys; An bunnan buidhe [Yellow bittern]; Dark eyed sailor; Donal Og; Lord Abore and Mary Flynn; Madman.
LTRA502 Various artists: Dulcimer players (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition]
Roger Nicholson - South wind; Sellinger's round [Holly Tannen, dulcimer; Jake Walton, hurdy gurdy]; King of the fairies; Who liveth so merry [Jake Walton, guitar]; Greensleeves; Lillibulero; Stefan Sobell - Love minus zero [Steve Morrison, guitar]; Liz Sobell - Hardiman the fiddler; Another jig will do [Stefan Sobell, cittern]; Killarney boys of pleasure; Swallow's tail reel; Hag's reel; Sailor's bonnet; Pete Coe - Rosemarientjesdans [Chris Coe, hammered dulcimer]; La Belle de Charenton; Michael Turner's waltz; Holly Tannen - Lord Thomas and fair Ellender [Martin Simpson, guitar]; Mike Tickell's favourite [Martin Simpson, guitar]; Copas de la montagne.
LTRA503 Jones, Christopher: No more range to roam (1978) [Produced by Christopher Jones and Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition] [Personnel - Mick Linnard, bass; Pick Withers, drums; Gerald Moore, guitar; Jeffrey Jones, harmonica, viola, piano, harmonium, guitar]
Dust to dust; Hard to imagine; Morning glory; Holy; Steelhead blues; No more range to roam; Whatever you do; Road to Spain; Baby, don't go; Ballerina.
LTRA504 Bandoggs: Bandoggs (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition] [Bandoggs - Pete Coe; Chris Coe; Nic Jones; Tony Rose]
Tailor in the tea chest; Astley's ride; Up and away; Rose of Allandale; Hind horn; Herring's head; Salmon tails up the water; Little fishes; Ladies, don't go thieving; Laird Logie; Dragoon and the lady; Soldier, soldier; Adam was a poacher; Hares in the old plantation; Hares and braces; Hunt the hare.
LTRA505 Various artists: First o' t' sort (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition] [Yorkshire Dialect Society readings]
Babby I t'hahse; To my sister; Bite bigger; Mary's bonnet; Enthusiast; T'dairymaid's plaint; Business proposal; Afore t'wedding; Best man's toast; How to treat t'wife; London piece; Washday sandwich; Goin' to t'Messiah; Frustration; Ill doen to; Harvest festival; Sheep I t'chochyard; First o t'sort; And be it; Epitaph for a countryman.
LTRA506 Ryan, Mick: Burge, John: Fair was the city (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition]
Lucy Wan; Football match; January; Young girl cut down in her prime; Brown Robin's confession; Rufford Park poachers; Monday morning; English lord; Green beds; Cruel ship's carpenter; Widow of Westmorland's daughter; Banks of the roses.
LTRA507 Jones, Nic: From the Devil to a stranger (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Leader Tradition] [Personnel - Helen Watson, piano]
Singer's request; Some say the Devil's dead; Billy don't you weep for me; William Glenn; Blind harper; Singer's request; Little heathy hill; Far from home; Master Kilby; Lakes of Shilin; Newport Street; Green mossy banks of the Lea; Singer's request.
LTRA508 Cronshaw, Andrew: Wade in the water (1978) [Produced by Andrew Cronshaw and Bill Leader [Leader Tradition] [Personnel - Martin Simpson, guitar, banjo; Ric Sanders, violin; John Gillespie, synthesizer, piano, bassoon; Holly Tannen, dulcimer; Rick Kemp, bass]
Bell Isle; Abbots Bromley Horn Dance; Leaving Rhu Vaternish; Lament for Rory Mor MacLeod; Marquis of Huntley's strathspey; Brave Wolfe; La valse du Grand Bois; Downfall of Paris; Malcolm MacPherson's lullaby; Table Mountain road; Lark on the strand; Lament for Anach Cuain.
LTRA509 Unknown:
LTRA510 Unknown:
LTRA511 Linnard, Mick: Hughes, David: Russell Square (1978) [Produced by Bill Leader [Leader Tradition] [All tracks composed by Hughes / Linnard except where shown]
Phone in; Khartoum; Winter snow blue night; Primrose Walk; September; Raining in Nivelles; French escalators; Russell Square; Fairground waltz; Friday up and Sunday down; Jazz Woodbine; River man [Drake].
MTRA2001 Various artists: Transatlantic - the vintage years Vol. 1 (1978)
Pentangle - Light flight [TRA205]; Humblebums - Travel away [TRA168]; Richard Digance - My friend upon the road [TRA277]; Dave Swarbrick: Martin Carthy - Byker Hill [TRA337]; Ralph McTell - Spiral staircase [TRA177]; Johnstons - Continental Trailways bus [BIG501]; Dubliners - Of to Dublin in the green [TRA158]; Gerry Rafferty - Mary Skeffington [TRA241]; Bert Jansch - Rosemary Lane [TRA235]; Boys of the Lough - Kincora jig [TRA296]; Boys of the Lough - Behind the haystack [TRA296]; John Renbourn - White house blues [TRA247]; Dransfields - Up to now [TRA322].
MTRA2002 Various artists: Transatlantic - the vintage years Vol. 2 - Best of Irish folk (1978)
Royston Wood: Heather Wood - St Patrick's breastplate [TRA342]; Na Fili - Inis Dhun Ramha [TRA353]; Na Fili - Paidin O Raifeartaigh [TRA353]; Hamish Imlach - Foggy dew [TRASAM43]; John Renbourn - Three pieces by O'Carolan [TRA336]; Finbar Furey - Madame Bonaparte [XTRA1077]; Boys of the Lough - Lament for Limerick [TRA333]; Dubliners - Roisin Dubh [TRA158]; Na Fili - Chanter's tune [TRA353; Na Fili - Samhradh Crua [TRA353]; Na Fili - Green fields of Rossbeigh [TRA353]; Na Fili - Murphy's [TRA353]; Johnstons - Spanish lady [TRA211]; Dave Swarbrick - Killarney boys of pleasure [TRA337].
MTRA2003 Various artists: Transatlantic - the vintage years Vol. 3 - Best of Scottish folk music (1978)
McCalmans - Skye boat song [XTRA1149]; Hamish Imlach - Street songs [TRASAM42]; Alex Campbell - Banks of Claudy [XTRA1041]; Owen Hand - I loved a lass [TRA138 - sleeve is wrong says - XTRA1041]; Ian Campbell - Keach in the creel [XTRA1061 - sleeve is wrong says TRA138]; Isla Cameron - As I roved out [XTRA1042]; Watt Nicoll - Fifie [XTRA1062]; Bogie's bonnie Belle [XTRA1070]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - Highland widows lament [TRASAM4]; Dave Swarbrick - Teribus [TRA341]; Dave Swarbrick - Farewell to Aberdeen [TRA341]; McCalmans - Smuggler [XTRA1149]; Hamish Imlach - Cod liver oil and orange juice [TRASAM43]; Matt McGinn - I have seen the Highlands [TRASP18].
MTRA2004 Various artists: Transatlantic - the vintage years Vol. 4 - Best of the blues (1978)
Big Bill Broonzy - Backwater blues [XTRA1006]; Mississippi Fred McDowell - Someday [XTRA1136]; Kokomo Arnold - Milk cow blues [XTRA1035]; Sonny Terry - Fox chase [XTRA1004]; Alexis Korner: Pete Thorup - Rock me [TRA269]; Muddy Waters Blues Band - Watchdog [TRA188]; Memphis Slim - Alberta [XTRA1085]; Brownie McGhee - I'm going to tell God [XTRA1004]; Lightnin' Hopkins - Going back to Florida [XTRA1127]; Leadbelly - Forth Worth and Dallas blues [XTRA1017]; Woody Guthrie - Mean talking blues [XTRA1065]; Alexis Korner's All Stars - Stormy Monday [TRASAM7].
MTRA2005 Various artists: Transatlantic - the vintage years Vol. 5 - Best of English folk music (1978)
Mr. Fox - Join us in our game [TRA303]; John James: Pete Berryman - Easy Street [TRA250]; Steve Tilston - All in a dream [TRA252]; Gryphon - Sir Gavin Grimbold [TRA262]; Decameron - Ungodly [TRA304]; Storyteller - Gingerbread man [TRA220]; Storyteller - Over the hills [TRA220]; Pentangle - Maid that's deep in love [XTRA1172]; Sallyangie - Lover for all seasons [TRA176]; Black Country Three - Boxing match [TRA140]; Carolanne Pegg - Mouse and crow [TRA266]; Richard Digance - Dear River Thames [TRA289]; Bert Jansch: John Renbourn - After the dance [TRA144].
MTRA2006 Humblebums: Humblebums (1978)
Re-issue of TRA201 New Humblebums (1969).  Look over the hill and far away [Gerry Rafferty]; Saturday round about Sunday [Billy Connolly]; Patrick [Gerry Rafferty]; Everybody knows that Billy Connolly]; Rick rack [Gerry Rafferty]; Her father didn't like me anyway [Gerry Rafferty]; Please sing a song for us [Gerry Rafferty]; Joe Dempsey [Billy Connolly]; Blood and glory [Gerry Rafferty]; Coconut tree [Gerry Rafferty]; Silk pyjamas [Billy Connolly]; Good-bye-ee! [Lee Weston].
MTRA2007 Jansch, Bert: Anthology (1978)
Track listing unknown
MTRA2008 Connolly, Billy : Anthology (1978)
Stainless steel wellies [TRA258]; Talkin' blues [XTRA1144]; Jobbie wheecha [TRA279]; Short haired police cadet [TRA279]; Music teacher [TRASAM32]; Maries' wedding [TRASAM32]; Glasgow Central [TRA258]; Crucifixion [TRA279].
MTRA2009 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: Anthology (1978)
Track listing unknown
MTRA2010 Dubliners: Anthology (1978)
Rocky road to Dublin [TRA215]; Peggy Lettermore [TRA124]; Will you come to the bower? [TRA158]; Reels [TRA124]; Tramps and hawkers [TRA116]; Master McGrath [unreleased]; Woman from Wexford [TRA124]; Nelson's farewell [TRA215]; Mason's apron [TRA158]; Walking in the dew [unreleased]; Nightingale [TRA116]; Sea shanty [unreleased].
MTRA2011 Richard, Sam: Stubbs, Tish: English folk singer (1979) [Produced by John Briley, recorded by Nigel Pegrum] [This is the only album in the MTRA series which is does not contain re-issued tracks]
We poor labouring men; Never marry an old man; Game of football; See it come down [John Pole]; Hopping down in Kent; Dying airman; Sheffield grinders' song; Punch and Judy [John Pole]; Diddling song; Ware out Mother; Jackie's building site [Martin Scragg]; Drunken man; Bold archer; Still he slumbered [Sam Richards]; Cottage for sale; Time to be moving on [Sam Richards]; Shepton Beauchamp wassail song.
MTRA2012 Johnstons: Anthology (1979)
Bitter green [TRA211]; Barleycorn [TRA185]; If I sang my song [TRA231]; Colours of the dawn [TRA231]; Story of Isaac [TRA211];My house [BIG121]; Give a damn [TRA184]; Both sides now [TRA184]; O'Carolan's concerto [TRA169]; If I could [TRA231]; Wind in my hands [TRA251]; Flower of Northumberland [TRA185]; Continental Trailways bus [TRA251]; Tunnel tigers [TRA169].
MTRA2013 Pentangle: Anthology (1979)
Market song [TRA178]; Lord Franklin [XTRA1172]; House carpenter [TRA205]; Goodbye pork pie hat [TRA178]; Will the circle be unbroken? [TRA240]; Way behind the sun [TRA162]; Lyke Wake dirge [TRA205]; In time [TRA178]; So clear [TRA240]; In your mind [TRA178]; Waltz [TRA162]; Light flight [TRA205].
MTRA2014 Unknown:
MTRA2015 Grossman, Stefan: Anthology (1979)
Track listing unknown
MTRA2016 McCalmans: Best of the McCalmans (1979) [The album attributions are taken from the Transatlantic catalogue, they are not given on the sleeve]
Sheriff Muir [TRA346]; Bellman's song [TRA346]; Nagasaki [XTRA1149]; Kora [XTRA1166]; Hornpipe and reels [TRA346]; No churchman am I [XTRA1149]; Johnnie Cope [XTRA1149]; Smuggler [XTRA1149]; She thought that she had lost it at the Astor [TRA357]; Burn the witch [TRA357]; Farewell to Sicily [TRA346]; Tim McGuire [XTRA1166]; Sweeter than sugar [XTRA1166]; Doon in the wee room [TRA357].
MTRA2017 Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band: In a classical mood (1979) [Produced by the Brighouse and Rastrick Band]
Twelve brass band tracks
PROMO1 Stray: Only what you make it (1970)
Track listing unknown
TRA101 Cammeron, Keith: Live with love Vol. 1 [Sex education talk] (1961)
TRA102 Cammeron, Keith: Live with love Vol. 2 [Sex education talk] (1961)
TRA103 Cammeron, Keith: Live with love Vol. 3 [Sex education talk] (1961)
TRA104 [Unknown]
TRA105 Cameron, Isla: Britton, Tony: Songs of love lust and loose living (1962) [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader]
Oh, No, John, No, John, No!; IC - Ophelia's song [Shakespeare]; TB - Not all can do it that will [Villon]; IC - Died for love; TB - Art of love [Dryden]; IC - Westron Wynde; TB - Logical song [anonymous]; IC - Let no man steal your thyme; TB - On his mistress going to bed [Donne]; IC - Take me out of pity; IC - My mother chose my husband; TB - Wanton country maid [Campion]; IC - John Anderson; TB - After the pangs of a desperate lover [Dryden]; IC - As I roved out; Wha's been here afore me lass? [Hugh MacDiarmid]; TB - To his coy mistress [Marvell]; IC - Still growin'; TB - Blow the candles out.
TRA106 Carter, Sydney: Hancock, Sheila: Putting out the dust bin (1966) [Performers - Stephen J Sedley, guitar, lute; Ralph Trainer, guitar, banjo, recorder; Roger Hellyer, bassoon] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader]
Coming down from Aldermaston; SH - My last cigarette; SC - My father was a cupid; SH - Landlord and tenant; Blow the world to kingdom come; SC - Mixed up old man; SH - Gentlemen preferred; SH - Waiting for the film to come; SC - Putting out the dustbin; SH - Watch 'em Nell; SH - Put the moon in the dustbin; SC - My mum was a woman; Better take a book to bed; SC - Socialism in our time; When I was on the jury.
TRA107 Ross, Annie: Kinsey, Tony - Quintet Loguerhythms (1963) [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader]
Twelve recordings of poems by Christopher Logue performed at the Establishment.
TRA108 Grant, Cy: Folk songs and cool songs (1963) [Performers - Brian Daly, guitar; Roy Plummer, guitar; Brian Brocklehurst, bass; Johnny Scott, flute; Barry Morgan, drums; Bill Le Sage, marimba; Ginger Johnson, Latin drums; Sterling Betancourt, Latin drums] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader]
Chi, chi bud [Grant; Scott]; Seven daffodils [Lee Hayes]; Run, come see Jerusalem [Blind Blake]; Feuilles Oh [Grant]; Martha [Grant]; Drinking gourd; Home in that rock; Rocks and gravel [Lomax; Barer]; Country boy [Brooks; Barer]; Daisies Pied [Greer]; Guitar; Two brothers [Irving Gordon]; Cold Island [Castagne; Joseph]; If I had a hammer [Hays; Pete Seeger].
TRAEP109 Cameron, Isla: Lost love (1966) [These tracks may be extracted from TRA105]
Let no man steal your thyme; Westron Wynde; As I roved out; Died for love; Still growin'.
TRA110 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: This is the Ian Campbell Folk Group (1964) [Ian Campbell Folk Group [Ian Campbell; Lorna Campbell; Brian Clark, guitar; Dave Swarbrick, fiddle, mandolin; John Dunkerley, banjo, melodica] Dave Phillips, double bass; Brian Brocklehurst, double bass] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader]
IC - Twa recruiting sergeants; LC - Keel row; IC - Unquiet grave; IC - To hear the nightingale sing; BC - Drover's dream; Traditional medley; BC - Rocking the cradle; LC - Jute mill song; Johnny lad; BC - Blow, boys, blow; IC - Down in the coalmine; LC - Garton mother's lullaby; Bells of Rhymney; BC - Apprentice's song [Ian Campbell]; Rocky road to Dublin; Drops of brandy; IC - Homeward bound; LC - Waters of Tyne; IC - Wee copper of Fyfe.
TRA111 Hart, Jean: My name is Jean Hart and I sing (1964) {Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader].
Seven modern jazz trio arrangements by Richard Rodney Bennett and four swinging pop styled arrangements by Sid Dale [sleeve notes]
TRAEP112 Ross, Annie & The Tony Kinsey Quintet:Go to the wall
Go To the Wall; Bellini; Johnny; The Ass' Song. (4 tracks from TRA 107)
TRA113 Unknown
TRAEP114 Mitchell, Adrian: Adrian Mitchell EP (1964)
Remember Suez; Little Lord Linley; Time and motion study; P.A.L.; Nostalgia - now sod off.
TRA115 McCurdy, Ed: When dalliance was in flower [Licensed from Elektra]
Go bring me a lass; Trooper; Young man and a maid; Wanton trick; There was a knight; Two maidens went a-milking one day; Lusty young smith; Tom and Doll; Riddle; Maiden did a-bathing go; Jolly tinker; Old fumbler; Three travellers; Kitt hath lost her key; Four able physicians; Sylvia the fair.
TRA116 Dubliners: Dubliners with Luke Kelly (1964) [Dubliners - Ciaron Bourke; Barney McKenna; Ronnie Drew; Luke Kelly] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader]
LK - Wild rover; RD - Ragman's ball; LK: CB - Preab san Ol; BM - High reel; Holy ground; LK - Tramps and hawkers; LK - Home, boys, home; LK - Rocky road to Dublin; LK - Banks of the roses; RD - I'll tell me ma; BM - Swallow's tail reel; CB - Jar of porter; RD - Love is pleasing; LK - Nightingale.
TRA117 Korner, Alexis - Blues Incorporated: Red hot from Alex (1964) [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader
Ten rhythm and blues tracks
TRA118 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Across the hills (1964) [Ian Campbell Folk Group - Ian Campbell; Lorna Campbell; John Dunkerley, banjo and guitar; Dave Swarbrick, fiddle and mandola; Brian Clark, guitar and autoharp] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Bill Leader
IC: LC - Across the hills [Leon Rosselson]; LC - Come kiss me love; IC - Blind man he could see; BC - Derby ram; LC - Mary Mild; LC - Remember me; IC - Cockfight; LC - Gypsy rover; IC - Cho Cho Losa; IC - Keeper; Instrumental; IC - Collier laddie; IC - We're nae awa' to bide awa'.
TRA119 McCurdy, Ed: When dalliance was in flower Vol. 2 [Licensed from Elektra]
Yeoman of Kent; Shepherd; Old brass to mend; Celia; As I walked in the woods; Merry wedding; Whilst Alexis lay prest; How happy's the miller; Hive of bees; Sound country lass; She rose to let me in; Country wake; Pillycock; When Flora had on her new gown; Spinning wheel; End.
TRA120 Rosselson, Leon: Vote for us (1964) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Tories all out; Few home truths; Ballad of the Crutty Men; Battle Hymn of the Liberal Revival; Ever been Ad?; Flagging; Foot in mouth disease; It's all relative; Listen with Granny; Party Pops; Stand firm; To deter or not to deter.
TRAEP121 Dubliners: In person!!! The Dubliners featuring Ronnie Drew (1965) [Dubliners - Ronnie Drew; Ciaron Bourke; Barney McKenna; Luke Kelly] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Martin Haines].
Rare old mountain dew; McAlpine's Fusiliers; Willie Gannon; Mrs. McGrath.
TRA122 Sandford, Chris: Little bit off the top (1965) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Magnolia [Booth]; Father's got the sack [Collins, Sullivan]; When the old dun cow caught fire [Wincott]; I'll tell you where to put it [Comfort, Winter];Alice is at it again [Coward]; Sitting on the ice [Cottrell]; Hi tiddly hi ti island [Stanley, Alleyn]; If it wasn't for the houses in between [Bateman, Lebrunn]; Little bit off the top [Murray, Leigh]; If you see her you can tell her from me [Sandford, Booth]; Proper cup of coffee [Weston, Leigh].
TRA123 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Coaldust ballads (1965) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
IC - Come all you gallant colliers [Ewan McColl]; IC - Down in the coalmine [Geoghegan]; IC - Canny miner lad; LC - Sandgate girl's lament; IC - Rap her to bank; BC - Blantyre Explosion [Greening]; Banks; High level; IC - Pay Friday [Anderson]; IC - Collier's rant; BC - Geordie Black; LC - Sandgate dandle [Robert Nunn]; IC - Drunken Bella Roy [Robert Nunn]; LC - My miner lad; IC - Cushy Butterfield [Ridley]; IC - Plodder seam [Ewan McColl]; IC - Collier laddie.
TRA124 Dubliners: Dubliners in concert (1965) [Dubliners - Ronnie Drew, guitar; Ciaron Bourke, flageolet, harmonica; Bobby Lynch, guitar; Barney McKenna, banjo, mandolin; John Sheehan, fiddle, mandolin, flageolet] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Martin Haines]
Roddy MacCorley; Twang man; Sligo maid reel; Colonel Rodney reel; Woman from Wexford; Patriot game [Dominic Behan]; Roisin Dubh; Fa la la lo; Peggy Lettermore; Easy and slow; My love is in America; Kerry recruit; Old Orange flute; Donegal reel; Longford Collector reel; Leaving of Liverpool.
TRA125 Jansch, Bert: Bert Jansch (1965) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Strolling down the highway; Smokey river; Oh how your love is strong; I have no time; Finches; Veronica; Needle of death; Do you hear me now?; Rambling gonna be the death of me; Alice's wonderland; Running from home; Courting blues; Casbah; Dreams of love; Angie.
TRA126 Various artists: Second Wave (1965) [Track sequence unclear and may be incomplete] included tracks by Bob & Carole Pegg, Dave Sless & Spike Woods (as well as Harvey Andrews)
Andrews, Harvey - Harvest of hate; Ice cream man; Kid's colour bar; Buy me a rifle; College days; Unknown - Five continents; Jimmy Murphy; Shannon and the Chesapeake; Quiet beast; Motorbike kid; Big band; Talking blues; Pretty Polly; Strange fruit; Geordie.
TRA127 Hand, Owen: Something new (1965) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Sally free and easy [Cyril Tawney]; Last thing on my mind [Tom Paxton]; Acre of girl to a foot of ground [Mapes]; My Donal [Owen Hand]; She likes it [Owen Hand]; Morning train [Mapes]; One day old [Fisher]; Oggie man [Cyril Tawney]; Take a look [Mapes]; Jimmy Wilson [Ewan McColl]; You, like the sun [Frankl, Lothian]; Rambling boy [Tom Paxton].
TRAEP128 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Sample of the Ian Campbell Folk Group (1965) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Unknown: Cushy Butterfield; Apprentice song; Instrumental medley.
TRAEP129 Dubliners: Sample of the Dubliners (1965)
Peggy Lettermore [TRA124]; Ragman's Ball [TRA116}; Sligo maid reel [TRA124]; Colonel Rodney reel [TRA124]; Home, boys, home [TRA116].
TRA130 Ayler, Albert: Spirits: Spirits (1965) [Tracks may be incomplete]
Spirits; Witches and Devils.
TRA131 Cook, Peter: Moore, Dudley: Private Eye's blue record
No track details
TRA132 Jansch, Bert: It don't bother me (1965) [John Renbourn plays on My lover; Lucky thirteen] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Ray Prickett]
Oh my babe; Ring-a-ding bird; Tinker's blues; Anti apartheid; Wheel; Man I'd rather be; It don't bother me; Harvest your thoughts of love; Lucky Thirteen; As the day grows longer; So long [Been on the road so long] [Alex Campbell]; Want my daddy now; 900 miles [Bert Jansch, banjo].
TRAEP133 Andrews, Harvey: Harvey Andrews (1965)
Most peculiar man; Child of Hiroshima; You're on your own; Death come easy.
TRA134 New Departures Quartet: New Departures Quartet (1965) [Produced by Victor Schonfield]
Four jazz tracks
TRA135 Renbourn, John: John Renbourn (1966) [Bert Jansch plays on Blue bones, Noah and Rabbit] [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Judy [John Renbourn]; Beth's blues [Blind Boy Fuller]; Song [John Donne]; Down on the barge [John Renbourn]; John Henry; Plainsong; Louisiana blues; Blue bones; Train tune; Candy man [Gary Davis]; Wildest pig in captivity; National Seven; Motherless children; Winter is gone; Noah and Rabbit.
TRAEP136 Dubliners: Mainly Barney (1966)
King of the fairies; Mason's apron; Kitty come down from Limerick; Cuilin.
TRA137 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Contemporary Campbells (1966) [with John Gillett, bass; Mansall Davies, bass] [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
LC - Marilyn Monroe [Sydney Carter, Rory McEwan]; BC - Dirty old town [Ewan McColl]; IC - Thirty foot trailer [Ewan McColl]; LC - My Donal [Owen Hand]; Battle of the Somme [Pipe Major Robinson]; LC - Hard life on the cut [Ian Campbell]; IC - Net hauling song [Ewan McColl]; IC - Death come easy [Harvey Andrews]; Rights of man; LC - Liverpool lullaby [Stan Kelly]; IC - Four pounds a day [Stan Kelly]; LC - Dove; IC - Bloody Orkney; IC - D Day dodgers [Hamish Henderson].
TRA138 Hand, Owen: I loved a lass (1966) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Barley Bree; Cam ye o'er frae France: Kishmul's galley; Jock Hawk; Musselburgh; Jenny Nettles [Ramsey]; Baron of Brackley; Gardener; Ye Jacobites by name; I loved a lass; Kilbogie; Cuckoo's nest; Beggar wench; Bogie's bonnie Belle.
TRA139 Dubliners: Finnegan Wakes (1966) [Dubliners - Luke Kelly; Ronnie Drew; Ciaron Bourke; Barney McKenna; John Sheehan] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Martin Haines]
Finnegan's Wake; Sunshine hornpipe; Mountain road; Mento; Dublin Fusiliers; Chief O'Neill's favourite; Sea around us; McAlpine's Fusiliers; Hot asphalt; Glendalough Saint; Within a mile of Dublin; Will you come to the bower?; Nelson's farewell.
TRA140 Black Country Three: Black Country Three (1966) [Black Country Three - Jon Raven, Michael Raven, Derek Croft] [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Boxing match; Long ago, far away [Bob Dylan]; Buttermilk Hill; Song of the Western Men; Three ravens; Jolly Joe; Row, bullies, row; Wedgefield Wake; Villancico [Raven]; Wine of Gaul; She moved through the fair; Mission of San Miguel; All bells in paradise.
TRA141 Campbell, David: David Campbell (1966) [all tracks compose David Campbell] [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
You know the day is coming; Green Alders; Come and get me; You'll be proud of me; Skipping and jumping; She's gone away; Way of the world; You fly too bold; My lady snores; Cane cutter; You can't make a race horse crow; Goodbye Stockholm.
TRA142 Young Tradition: Young Tradition (1966) [Young Tradition - Peter Bellamy, Heather Wood; Royston Wood] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by Nathan Joseph and Bill Leader]
Byker Hill; Bold fisherman; Betsy the serving maid; Henry the poacher; Lyke Wage Dirge; Banks of Claudy; Innocent hare; Dives and Lazarus; Derry Down Fair; Truth sent down from above; Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth.
TRA143 Jansch, Bert: Jack Orion (1966) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Waggoner's lad; First time ever I saw your face [Ewan McColl]; Jack Orion: Gardener; Nottamun Town; Henry Martin; Blackwaterside; Pretty Polly.
TRA144 Jansch, Bert: Renbourn, John: Bert and John (1966) [all composed by Bert Jansch and John Renbourn except where shown] [Produced and recorded by Bill Leader]
East wind; Piano tune; Goodbye pork pie hat [Charlie Mingus]; Soho [Bert Jansch]; Tic-tocative; Orlando; Red's favourite; No exit; Along the way; Time has come [Anne Briggs]; Stepping stones; After the dance.
TRAEP145 Jansch, Bert: Needle of death (1966)
Courting blues; Green are your eyes; Running from home; Tinker's blue; Whell.
TRAEP146 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Four Highland songs (1966) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Highland Harry [LC]; Earl of Moray [IC]; Cam ye o'er frae France [IC]; Highland widow's lament [LC];
TRAEP147 Brierley, Marc: Marc Brierley (1966)
Time for love; Dragonfly; Arctic city; Rel's song; If you leave m now.
TRAEP148 Campbell, Alex: My old Gibson guitar (1966)
Plane wreck at Los Gatos [Woody Guthrie]; My old Gibson guitar [Alec Campbell]; Why, oh why? [Woody Guthrie]; Don't you pull me down [Alec Campbell].
TRA149 Renbourn, John: Another Monday (1966) [Recorded and produced by Bill Leader]
Another Monday [John Renbourn]; Ladye Nothinge's toye puffe; I know my babe; Waltz [John Renbourn]; Lost lover blues [with Jacqui McShee]; One for William [John Renbourn] [with Jennifer de Montforte-Jones, oboe]; Buffalo; Sugar babe; Debbie Anne [John Renbourn]; Can't keep from crying [with Jacqui McShee, chorus]; Day at the seaside [John Renbourn]; Nobody's fault but mine [with Jacqui McShee].
TRA150 MacRae, Josh: Josh MacRae (1966) [Produced and recorded by Clifford Stanton]
T for Texas [Rodgers]; Talking union blues Pete Seeger]; Whisky seller [Lex Miller, bass]; Klan; I loved a lass; Ballad of Lee Oswald [Grimes, Harvey]; Dobie Bill; Castlereagh [Banjo Patterson]; Wild flying dove [Tom Paxton] [Archie Fisher, guitar]; One day old John Greenaway] [Archie Fisher, guitar]; Girl from the north country [Bob Dylan]; Talking atomic blues [Partlow].
TRA151 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: New impressions of the Ian Campbell Folk Group (1966) [Ian Campbell Folk Group [Lorna Campbell; Ian Campbell; John Dunkerley, banjo, guitar, accordion; Brian Clark, guitar; George Watts, flute, piccolo, clarinet] with Ken Ingerfield, bass; Jack Fallon, bass; Brian Brocklehurst, bass] [Produced and recorded by Nathan Joseph]
Lord of the dance [Sydney Carter] [IC]; Berwick brose [Come to Berwick Johnny; Brose and butter]; Snow is falling [Ian Campbell] [LC]; Bold Benjamin [IC]; New York gals [IC]; Shoemaker [BC]; Baron o' Brackley [IC]; Aye waukin' o [LC]; Lover let me in [Ian Campbell] [IC]; Greensleeves; Can ye sew cushions [LC]; Farewell to Tarwathie [IC]; Gulls o' Invergordon [IC]; Laird o' Windy Wa's [LC]; Card song [IC];
TRAEP152 Dubliners: (1967)
Cook in the kitchen; Master McGrath; Walking in the dew; Boulavogue.
TRA153 Campbell, David: Young blood (1967) [all tracks composed by David Campbell] [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Guyana brothers; Don Juan's song; Young blood; Her hair did not hang down low; Brown boy; Requiem in September; Warning to Rachel; Rock me home; Don't cry, don't bow your head; It's easy; Sleep talk; It's only morning.
TRA154 Arthur, Dave: Arthur, Toni: Morning stands on tiptoe (1967) Produced by Bill Leader]
Maiden came from London Town; Morning stands on tiptoe; Female rambling sailor; Padstow drinking song; Guilty sea captain; Eynsham poaching song; Green grass; Barley grain for me; Jolly ploughboy; Blackburn poacher; John Peel; Bold Robinson; Green broom; Bendigo, Champion of England; Football match [Lloyd].
TRA155 Young Tradition: So cheerfully round (1967) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Daddy fox; Season round; Bold dragoon; Watercress-o [Roger Watson]; Old miser; Foxhunt; Knight William; Single man's warning; Pretty ploughboy; Hungry child [Judith Piepe]; Whitsuntide carol.
TRAEP156 Imlach, Hamish: Hamish Imlach live (1967)
Samson; Oyster girl: Twa corbies.
TRA157 Jansch, Bert: Nicola (1967) [all tracks composed by Bert Jansch except where shown] [Produced by Bill Leader]
Go your way my love [Bert Jansch, Anne Briggs]; Woe is love, my dear; Nicola; Come back baby [Eaglin]; Little, sweet sunshine; Love is teasing [traditional]; Rabbit run; Life depends on love; Weeping willow blues; Box of love; Wish my baby was here; If the world isn't there.
TRA158 Dubliners: Best of the Dubliners (1967)
Off to Dublin in the green [TRASP8]; Sunshine hornpipe [TRA139]; Mountain road [TRA139]; Will you come to the bower? [TRA139]; Peggy Lettermore [TRA116}; Donegal reel [TRA124]; Longford Collector reel [TRA124]; Roddy McCorley [TRA124]; I'll tell my ma [TRA116]; Mason's apron [TRAEP136]; Foggy dew [TRASP9]; Old Orange flute [TRA124]; Roisin Dubh [TRASP3]; Holy ground [TRA116].
TRA159 Glenside Ceili Band:: Glenside Ceili Band with songs by Eddie Hickey (1967) [Glenside Ceili Band - Tom McGowan, violin; Eamonn Gorman, violin; Kevin Burke, violin; John Carty, flute; Eddie Corcoran, flute; Brendan Tyrrell, accordion; Tony Ledwith, accordion; Gerald Murphy, piano; Benny O'Connor, drums] [Produced by Bill Leader]
Music of the glen reel; Green gates reel; EH - Bridge below the town; Tonto's jig; Leitrim jig; Jackie Coleman's reel; Snake reel; EH - Limerick is beautiful; Trip to Durrow reel; Limerick lasses reel; Come west along the road reel; London lasses reel; Hurricane's victory reel; Providence reel; EH - Golden jubilee; Morrison's jig; Bride's favourite jig; Glenside polka No. 1; Glenside polka No. 2; EH - Cod liver oil; Honeymoon reel; Limestone rock reel; Tom Ward's downfall reel.
TRA160 Grehan Sisters: On the Galtymore Mountains (1967) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Victoria Barbar]; On the Galtymore Mountains; Gallagher's frolics; Leitrim jig; Lake of Coolflin; Fairy boy; Black velvet band; Lonely Banna Strand; My uncle's in the Dail; Tommy McDonagh [McGrath]; Donegal reel; Wexford Massacre.
TRA161 Geesin, Ron: Raise of eyebrows (1968) [Track listing incomplete]
Two fifteen - strings guitars for nice people; Certainly random.
TRA162 Johnstons: Johnstons (1968) [Pentangle - Bert Jansch; John Renbourn; Jacqui McShee; Danny Thompson; Terry Cox] [Produced by Mel Talmy]
Let no man steal your thyme; Bells; Hear my call [Staples]; Pentangling; Mirage [Jansch]; Way behind the sun; Bruton Town; Waltz.
TRA163 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Circle game (1968) [Ian Campbell Folk Group - Ian Campbell; Lorna Campbell; Brian Clark; John Dunkerley; George Watts; Dave Pegg] [Produced by Ioan Allen, recorded by Ray Prickett]
IC - Iron road [Ewan McColl]; BC - Private Harold Harris [Morgan]; LC - Circle game [Joni Mitchell]; IC - Lady came from Baltimore [Tim Hardin]; BC - Old man's song [Ian Campbell]; IC - Wooed and married; IC - North Sea holes [Ewan McColl]; BC - Paddy lay back; IC - Do you remember? [Leon Rosselson]; LC - Willie's gone; BC - I'm not saying [Gordon Lightfoot]; IC - I think it's going to rain today [Randy Newman]; BC - Doctor Junk [Joni Mitchell]; BC - On the M1 [Harvey Andrews].
TRAEP164 Young Tradition: (1967) [Produced and recorded by Bill Leader]
Chicken on a raft [Cyril Tawney]; Randy dandy o; Fire Marengo; Hanging Johnny; Bring 'em down; Haul on the bowline.
TRA165 McTell, Ralph 8 frames a second (1968) [Personnel - Mac MacGann, double neck guitar; Henry VIII, jug; Whispering Mick, washboard; Bob Strawbridge, mandolin] [All composed by Ralph McTell except where shown] [Produced by Gus Dudgeon]
Nanna's song; Mermaid and the seagull; Hesitation blues; Are you receiving me?; Morning dew [Rose]; Sleepytime blues; Eight frames a second; Willoughby's Farm; Louise; Blind Blake's rag; I'm sorry - I must leave; Too tight [Blake]; Granny takes a trip.
TRA166 Bunting, Bob: Bob Bunting (1968)
You gotta go down this way; Blues for Dominique; Dynham Road; Dulwich song; Dance for Anna; Bobby's blues again; Little lady sometimes; Soliloquy; Cry from the inside; Dreaming again; Little soon love; Rocking horse blues.
TRA167 Renbourn, John: Merrie Englandes musyk thyng and ye Grene Knyghte (1968) [Personnel - Terry Cox, finger cymbals, African drums, glockenspiel; Ray Warleigh, flute] Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by John Wood]
Earle of Salisbury; Trees they do grow high; Lady goes to church; Morgana; Transfusion; Forty eight; My dear boy; White fishes; Sweet potato; Seven Up.
TRA168 Furey, Eddie: Furey, Finbar: Finbar and Eddie Furey (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Spanish cloak; Come by the hills; Sliabh Na Mban [Mountain of the women]; Dainty Davy; Tattered Jack Welch; Flowers in the valley; Pigeon on the gate; Graham's flat; Leezy Lindsay; Piper in the meadow straying; Curragh of Kildare; Eamonn An Chnuic [Ned of the hill]; This town is not your own; Rocking the baby.
TRA169 Johnstons: Johnstons (1968) [Personnel Johnstons [Adrienne Johnston; Luci Johnston; Mick Moloney, banjo, mandolin; Paul Brady, guitar, fiddle, mandolin]; Darrell Runswick, bass] [Produced by Nathan Joseph, recorded by John Wood]
They'll never get their man; Tunnel tigers [Ewan McColl]; Fhir A' Bhata; O'Carolan's concerto; Lark in the morning; Whistling thief; Rounding of Cape Horn; Dublin jack of all trades; Apprentice song [Ian Campbell]; Cailerch an Airgid [Rich old hag]; Hand me down the tackle reel; Jenny's welcome to Charlie reel; Rambler from Clare; Lambs on the green hills; Frog's wedding.
TRA170 Sweeney's Men: Rattlin' roarin' Willy (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Rattlin' roarin' Willy; Sullivan's John; Sally Brown; My dearest dear; Willy o' Winesbury; Handsome cabin boy; Dicey Riley [Behan]; Tom Dooley [Warner, Lomax]; Exile's jig; Dance to your Daddy; House carpenter; Johnstone; Reynard the fox.
TRA171 Mitchell, Adrian: Rosselson, Leon: Laugh, a song and a hand grenade (1968) [Produced and recorded by Bill Leader]
LR - Flower power = bread [Leon Rosselson]; AM - Take stalk between teeth, pull stalk from blossom, throw blossom over arm towards enemy, lie flat and await explosion [Adrian Mitchell]; LR - She was crazy, he was mad [Leon Rosselson]; AM - Party political broadcast on behalf of the burial party [Adrian Mitchell]; LR - Judgments [Leon Rosselson]; AM - Oxford hysteria of English poetry [Adrian Mitchell]; AM - To whom it may concern [Adrian Mitchell]; LR - Jumbo the elephant [Leon Rosselson]; AM - Ode on the assassination of President Johnson [Adrian Mitchell]; LR - History lesson [Leon Rosselson]; AM - Vroomph [Adrian Mitchell]; LR - Palaces of gold [Leon Rosselson]; AM - To you [Adrian Mitchell]; LR - Rules of the game [Leon Rosselson].
TRA172 Young Tradition: Galleries (1968) [Performers [Young Tradition - Peter Bellamy; Heather Wood; Royston Wood]; David Munrow, shawm; Roddy Skeaping, viol; Adam Skeaping, viol; Chris Hogwood, percussion; Dolly Collins, portative organ; Dave Swarbrick, fiddle, mandolin] [Produced by Bill Leader]
Intro: Ductia; Barley straw; What if a day [Thomas Campion]; Loyal lover; Entr'acte: Stones in my passway [Robert Johnson]; Idumea [Charles Wesley]; Husbandman and the serving man; Rolling of the stones; Bitter withy; Banks of the Nile; Wondrous love [Robert Seagraves]; Medieval mystery tour [Bert Jansch, John Renbourn]; Divertissement:: Upon the bough; Ratcliffe Highway; Brisk young widow; Interlude: Pembroke Unique Ensemble; John Barleycorn; Agincourt carol.
TRA173 Fahey, John: Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death (1968) [Recorded by Brian Hansen and Barry Hansen] [All tracks composed by John Fahey except where shown]
Beautiful Linda Getchell [Fahey; Smith]; Orinda; I am the resurrection; On the sunny side of the ocean; Tell her to come back home [Macon; Fahey]; My station will be changed after while; 101 is a hard road to travel [Macon; Fahey]; How green was my valley; Bicycle built for two [?]; Death of Clayton Peacock; Brenda's blues; Old Southern medley [Foster; Patton; Fahey; Emmett]; Come back baby [Country Paul]; Poor boy [Booker T; Washington White]; Saint Patrick's hymn [Saint Patrick].
TRA174 Purple Gang: Purple Gang strikes (1968) [Produced by Joe Boyd]
Eleven tracks written by Bowyer; Beard
TRA175 Giltrap, Gordon: Gordon Giltrap (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Twelve tracks written by Gordon Giltrap
TRA176 Sallyangie: Children of the sun (1968) [Performers [Sallyangie - Mike Oldfield; Sally Oldfield]; Terry Cox, drums, African drums, finger cymbals, tambourine, triangle; Ray Warleigh, flute] [Produced by Nathan Joseph] [First pressing, gatefold; second pressing normal sleeve]
Fourteen tracks written by Mike Oldfield and Sally Oldfield
TRA177 McTell, Ralph: Spiral staircase (1968) [All tracks composed by Ralph McTell except where shown] [Performers - Henry VIII, jug; Whispering Mick, washboard; Pete Berryman, guitar] [Produced by Gus Dudgeon, recorded by Tom Allom]
Streets of London; Mrs. Adlam's angels; Wino and the mouse; England, 1914; Last train and ride; Fairground; Spiral staircase; Kind hearted woman blues [Robert Johnson]; Bright and beautiful things; Daddy's here; Rizraklaru; Baby keeps staying out all night long [Moss]; Terminus.
TRA178 Pentangle: Sweet child (1968) [Double, gatefold] [Sides 1 & 2 recorded Royal Festival Hall, 29 June, 1968; Sides 3 & 4 recorded IBC Studios, August, 1968] [Produced by Shel Talmy]
Market song; No more my Lord; Turn your money green [Lewis]; Haitian fight [Charlie Mingus]; Woman like you; Goodbye pork pie hat [Charlie Mingus]; Three dances - Brentzel Gay [Claude Gervais]; La Rotta; Earle of Salisbury; Watch the stars; So early in the spring; No exit; Time has come [Ann Briggs]; Bruton Town; Sweet child; I loved a lass; Three part thing; Sovay; In time; In your mind; I've got a feeling; Trees they do grow high; Moon dog; Hole in the coal [Ewan McColl].
TRA179 Jansch, Bert: Birthday blues (1968) [Performers - Ray Warleigh, alto sax, flute; Duffy Power, harmonica; Danny Thompson, bass; Terry Cox, drums] [All tracks composed by Bert Jansch] [Produced by Shel Talmy]
Come sing me a happy song to prove we can all get along the lumpy, bumpy, long and dusty road; Bright New Year; Tree song; Poison; Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell; I've got a woman; Woman like you; I am lonely; Promised Land.
TRA180 Fugs: Tenderness Junction (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA181 Fugs It crawled into my hand, honest (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA182 Shankar, Ravi: Sitar recital (1968) [Original EMI India recording]
Desi - morning raga; Sudh Sarang - afternoon raga; Yaman Manj - evening raga.
TRA183 Khan, Ali Akbar: Shankar, Ravi: Music of India - a Dhun and a Raga (1968) {Original EMI India recording]
Dhun Palas Kafu; Raga Bilashknani todi
TRA184 Johnstons: Give a damn (1968) [Johnstons - Adrienne Johnston; Luci Johnston; Mick Moloney; Paul Brady] [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Give a damn [Scharf]; You keep going your way [Cousins]; Urge for going [Joni Mitchell]; Port of Amsterdam [Brel, Schiman, Blau]; Funny in a sad, sad way [Healey]; Hey, that's no way to say goodbye [Leonard Cohen]; Both sides now [Joni Mitchell] Julia [Kelly]; Sweet Thames flow softly [Ewan McColl]; I loved; I don't mind the rain on Monday; Walking out on foggy mornings [Ledingham].
TRA185 Johnstons: Barley corn (1968)
Ye Jacobites by name; Coleraine Regatta; Newry Highwayman; Joseph's fancy; Trip to Durrow; What put the blood?; Fenian's from Carirciveen; Barleycorn; Sorry the day I was married; Flower of Northumberland; Nine points of roguery; Humours of Tulla; Paddy's green shamrock shore; Fuigfidh Mise 'n Caile Seo.
TRA186 Humblebums: First collection of merry melodies (1968) [Personnel - [Humblebums - Billy Connolly; Tommy Harvey]; Ronnie Rae, bass] [All compositions - Billy Connolly except where shown] [Produced by Bill Leader]
Why don't they come back to Dunoon King; Connolly]; My Dixie darling [Carter]; Now I feel so old; Give me a little bit of your time; Salt Coats as the fair; Victory rag; Will you follow me?: Little blue lady; Travel away; Come, drink my wine; Cripple Creek [traditional]; Close your eyes; Windy and warm.
TRA187 Havens, Richie: Electric Havens (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA188 Johnson, Luther: Luther Johnson with the Muddy Waters Blue's Band (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA189 Frost, David: David Frost talks to Bobby Kennedy (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA190 X, Malcolm: Malcolm X talks to young people (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA191 Furey, Eddie: Furey, Finbar: Lonesome boatman (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader]
Bill Hart's favourite; Dance around the spinning wheel; Let me go to the mountains; McShane; Colonel Fraser; Lonesome boatman; Carron Lough Bay; Prickly bush; Bogy's Bonny Belle; Fox chase.
TRA192 Ginsberg, Alan: Ginsberg's thing (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA193 Prannath, Prandit: Earth groove (1968)
Track listing unknown
TRA194 McDowell, Fred [Mississippi]: Mississippi Fred McDowell in London Vol. 1 (1969)
Track listing unknown
TRA195 Bruce, Lenny: Lenny Bruce in concert (1969) [Warner Bros / Reprise recording] [Double album, gatefold cover]
Track listing unknown
TRA196 Amalgam: Prayer for peace (1969)
Track listing unknown
TRA197 Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention: Uncle Meat (1969)
Uncle Meat; The Voice Of Cheese; Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution; Zolar Czakl; Dog Breath; The Legend Of The Golden Arches; Louie Louie; The Dog Breath Variations; Sleeping In A Jar; Our Bizarre Relationship; The Uncle Meat Variations; Electric Aunt Jemima; Prelude To King Kong; God Bless America; A Pound For A Brown On The Bus; Ian Underwood Whips It Out; Mr Green Genes; We Can Shoot You; If We'd All Been Living In California; The Air; Project X; Cruising For Burgers; King Kong Itself; King Kong I; King Kong II; King Kong III; King Kong IV; King Kong V.
TRA198 Cunningham, Larry: Ramblin' Irishman (1969) [Produced by Tommy Ellis]
Ramblin' Irishman; I was coming home to you; Sad affair; Cottage by the Lee; Not enough Indians; Drunken driver; Honky tonk downstairs; Sweet Youghal Bay; Where does the good times go?; Lovely Derry; Big Chief Buffalo Nickel.
TRA199 Havens, Richie: Richie Haven's record (1968)
Licensed from Douglas International Recording Corporation, USA.
TRA200 Sweeney's Men: Tracks of Sweeney's Men (1968) [Produced by Bill Leader][Also issued as TRASAM 40]
Dreams for me; Pipe on the hob; Brain jam; Pretty Polly; Standing on the shore; Mistake no doubt; Go by Brooks; When you don't care for me; Afterthoughts; Hiram Hubbard; Hall of mirrors.
TRA201 Humblebums: New Humblebums (1969) [Personnel - Gerry Rafferty; Billy Connolly] [Produced by Bill Leader]
Look over the hill and far away [Gerry Rafferty]; Saturday round about Sunday [Billy Connolly]; Patrick [Gerry Rafferty]; Everybody knows that Billy Connolly]; Rick rack [Gerry Rafferty]; Her father didn't like me anyway [Gerry Rafferty]; Please sing a song for us [Gerry Rafferty]; Joe Dempsey [Billy Connolly]; Blood and glory [Gerry Rafferty]; Coconut tree [Gerry Rafferty]; Silk pyjamas [Billy Connolly]; Good-bye-ee! [Lee Weston].
TRA202 Giltrap, Gordon: Portrait (1969)
Portrait; Thoughts in the rain; Never ending solitude; Tuxedo; All characters fictitious; Lucifer's cage; Careful as you go; Free for all; William Taplin; Hands of fate; Confusion; Young love.
TRA203 McDowell, Fred [Mississippi]: In London Vol. 2 (1969)
Track listing unknown
TRA204 Deviants: Deviants (1969)
Eleven tracks mainly composed by Rudolph and Hunter.
TRA205 Pentangle: Basket of light (1969) [Produced by Shel Talmy] {Pentangle - Terry Cox; Bert Jansch; Jacqui McShee; John Renbourn; Danny Thompson] [Gatefold]
Light flight; Once I had a sweetheart; Springtime promises; Lyke Wake Dirge; Train song; Hunting song; Sally go round the roses; Cuckoo; House carpenter.
TRA206 Selections Martin Carthy (1969), only issued in New Zealand.
Track listing unknown
TRA207 Circus: Listen to the band (1969) [Produced by Ray Singer]
Eight tracks
TRA208 Little Free Rock: Little Free Rock (1969) [Produced by Eddie Sandham]
Nine tracks
TRA209 McTell, Ralph: My side of your window (1969) [Produced by Ralph McTell, except Girl on a bicycle - Gus Dudgeon] [Personnel - Bruce ?, bass guitar; Neil ?, flute; Brock ?, bass; Gary ?, guitar, piano; Phil?, guitar; John ?, drums; Clive ?, banjo, fiddle; Brian ?, bass] [All tracks composed by Ralph McTell, except Circle on a bicycle - McTell; Peterson]
Michael in the garden; Clown; Girl on a bicycle; Father, forgive them; All things change; I've thought about it; Factory girl; Blues in more than twelve bars; Kew Gardens; Wait until the snow; Silver birch and weeping willow.
TRA210 Grind, Jody: One step on (1969)
Track listing unknown
TRA211 Johnstons: Bitter green (1969) [Produced by Nathan Joseph] [Johnstons - Paul Brady; Adrienne Johnston; Mick Moloney]
Jesus was a carpenter [Ewan McColl]; Gypsy [Gordon Lightfoot]; Lord Thomas and fair Ellender; Kilfenora jig; Fiddler's green; Story of Isaac [Leonard Cohen]; Bitter green [Gordon Lightfoot]; Penny wager; Marcie [Joni Mitchell]; Fair haired boy reel; Kiss the maid behind the barrel reel; Dawn reel; Spanish lady.
TRA212 Farren, Mick: Mona - carnivorous circus (1970) [Produced by Mick Farren]
Eleven tracks mainly composed by Farren
TRA213 Marsupilami: Marsupilami (1971) [Produced by Peter Bardens]
Five tracks
TRA214 People Band: People Band (1970)
Track listing unknown
TRA215 Dubliners: Best of the Dubliners Vol. 2 (1972) [also issued on cassette]
Wild rover; Jar of porter; Home, boys, home; Chief O'Neill's favourite; Rocky Road to Dublin; Leaving of Liverpool; Nelson's farewell; Twang man; Easy and slow; Boulavogue; Glendalough saint; Air Fa La La La Lo.
TRA216 Stray: Stray (1970) Produced by Hugh Murphy]
Eight tracks composed mainly by Bromham and Gadd.
TRA217 Grossman, Stefan: Yazoo Basin boogie (1970)
Adam's voice; Tickle dew; Dallas rag; I'm so glad; Katz rag; Texas lemon flavour; Sunday rag; Pigtown fling; Red pepper rag; House carpenter; Maple leaf rag; Colored aristocracy; Slow blues in C; Powder rag; County line; Last of Callaghan; Dervish boogie; Yazoo Basin boogie.
TRA218 Humblebums: Open up the door (1970) [Produced by Bill Leader]
My apartment Billy Connolly]; I can't stop now[Gerry Rafferty]; Open up the door Billy Connolly]; Mary of the mountains [Billy Connolly]; All the best people do it [Gerry Rafferty]; Steamboat row [Gerry Rafferty]; Mother [Billy Connolly]; Shoeshine boy {Gerry Rafferty]; Cruisin' [Billy Connolly]; Keep it to yourself [Gerry Rafferty]; Oh no [Billy Connolly]; Song for Simon [Gerry Rafferty]; Harry [Billy Connolly]; My singing bird [Gerry Rafferty].
TRA219 James, John: Morning brings the light (1970) [Produced by Chris Gilby] [All tracks composed by John James except where shown]
If only; One long happy night; Pickles and peppers [traditional]; Liverpool lullaby [Stan Kelly]; Hogan's Alley; Once I lived by the sea; Picture rag; Little blues; So long since I was home; Ostrich Walk [La Rocca; Shields]; Lampeter; Morning brings the light.
TRA220 Storyteller: Storyteller (1970) [Produced by Peter Frampton] [Storyteller - Caroline Attard; Rodney Clark, bass; Roger Moon, guitar; Mike Rogers, guitar; Terry Durham]
Thirteen tracks mainly composed by Moon and Durham
TRA221 Grind, Jody: Far canal (1970) [Produced by Hugh Murphy]
Eight tracks mainly composed by Hinkley, Holland and Gavin.
TRA222 Bardens, Peter: Answer (1970) [Produced by Peter Bardens]
Six tracks composed by Bardens
TRA223 Grossman, Stefan: Ragtime cowboy Jew (1970) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Double, gatefold] [Personnel - Jerry Donaghue, guitar; Mike Kowalski, piano; Pat Donaldson, bass; Gerry Conway, drums; Larry Steel, conga; Bernie Holland, guitar; Peter Bardens, piano; J F Gandy, bass; Jim Toomey, drums; Eugene 'Son' House; Aurora Block, guitar; Paul Rowan, harmonica; Sandy Denny, Trevor Lucas, Linda Peters, Tod Lloyd]
So they say; Sound techniques recording blues; Birthday song; Odyssey; Alibi; Georgia Camp Meeting; Prairie song; Waterfalls; New pony blues; Bye and bye; Matesa; Morning blues; High society; Soldiers' march; Fat man; Kokomo; Belzona blues; Little Sally Walker; Make believe stunt; Roseberry Hill; Yonder comes the blues; Pretty little tune.
TRA224 Renbourn, John: Lady and the unicorn (1970) [Personnel - Terry Cox, hand drums, glockenspiel; Don Harper, viola; Lea Nicolson, concertina; Tony Roberts, flute; Ray Warleigh, flute; Dave Swarbrick, violin]
Sarabande; Lady and the unicorn; Trotto; Saltarello; Lamento di Tristan; La Rotta; Veri Floris; Triple ballade; Bransle Gay; Bransle de Bourgogne; Alman; Melancholy galliard; My Johnny was a shoemaker; Westron Wynde; Scarborough Fair.
TRA225 Dixon, Erroll: That's how you got killed before (1970)
Ain't No Use / Wedding Ring Blues / Sweet Loving Baby / Fan Heater / A Tear For You / Ain't Going Back To Chicken Shack // No Big Thing / I've Got The Blues / What's Your Name? / Monster From Loch Ness / That's How You Got Killed Before / Past Midnight.
TRA226 Mr. Fox: Mr. Fox (1970) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Personnel - Bob Pegg, organ, melodeon, tin whistle, terrapin; Carole Pegg, fiddle; Alun Eden, drums; Barry Lyons, bass; John Myatt, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon] [All tracks composed by Bob Pegg except - Mr. Trill's song, Ashley Hutchings, Bob Pegg; Little woman, Dave Mason; Salisbury Plain, Ashley Hutchings, Bob Pegg]
Join us in our game; Hanged man; Gay goshawk; Rip Van Winkle; Mr. Trill's song; Little woman; Salisbury Plain; Ballad of Neddy Dick; Leaving the Dales; Mr. Fox.
TRA227 McTell, Ralph: Revisited (1970) [Produced by Gus Dudgeon]
Streets of London; Michael in the garden; Last train and ride; Kew Gardens; Fairground; Spiral staircase; Factory girl; Bright and beautiful things; Father, forgive them; Clown; Terminus.
TRA228 Pentangle: Cruel sister (1970) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Pentangle - Jacqui McShee; Bert Jansch, guitar, recorder; John Renbourn, guitar, recorder; Terry Cox, drums, tambourine, dulcitone; Danny Thompson, double bass] [gatefold sleeve, Jack Orion fills side 2] Maid that's deep in love; When I was in my prime; Lord Franklin; Cruel sister; Jack Orion.
TRA229 Power, Duffy: Innovations (1971) [Produced by Duffy Power]
Fourteen tracks
TRA230 Marsupilami: Arena (1971) Produced by Peter Bardens]
Five tracks composed by group members
TRA231 Johnstons: Colours of the dawn (1971) [Produced by Chris McCloud] [Johnstons - Adrienne Johnston; Paul Brady; Mick Moloney]
Hello, friend [Pete Seeger]; Crazy Anne [Chris McCloud]; Brightness, she came [Paul Brady]; If I could [Gordon Lightfoot]; Angela Davis [Chris McCloud]; Colours of the dawn [Paul Brady; Chris McCloud]; I'll be gone in the morning [Paul Brady; Chris McCloud]; Seems so long ago, Nancy [Leonard Cohen]; Old man's tale [Ian Campbell].
TRA232 Storyteller: More pages (1971) [Produced by Andrew Bown]
Twelve tracks composed by members of the group
TRA233 Stray: Suicide (1971) [Produced by Hugh Murphy]
Eight tracks by Bromham and Gadd
TRA234 Grey, Jan Dukes de: Mice and rats in the loft (1971) [Produced by Stuart Taylor]
Three tracks composed by Noy
TRA235 Jansch, Bert: Rosemary Lane (1971) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Tracks mainly composed by Bert Jansch]
Tell me what is true love?; Rosemary Lane; My Lady Nancy; Dream, a dream, a dream; Alman; Wayward child; Nobody's bar; Reynardine; Silly woman; Peregrinations; Sylvie; Sarabande; Bird song.
TRA236 Mr. Fox: Gipsy (1971) Produced by Bill Leader] [Mr. Fox - Bob Pegg, organ, melodeon, tin whistle, guitar, piano, bass, bas drum; Carole Pegg, fiddle, tom tom; Barry Lyons, bass, Appalachian dulcimer, sopranino recorder, tambourine, Alan Eden, percussion] [Most tracks composed by Bob Pegg] [Gatefold sleeve with transparent inner]
Mendle; Gipsy; Aunt Lucy Broadwood; House carpenter; Elvira Madigan; Dancing song; All the good times. TRA237 CMU: Open spaces (1971) [Produced by Jerry Boys]
Eight tracks
TRA238 Unicorn: Uphill all the way (1971) [Produced by High Murphy]
Ten tracks
TRA239 Khan, Ustas Vilayat: Raga Tilak-Kamod (1971)
Track listing unknown
TRA240 Pentangle: Reflection (1971) [Produced by Bill Leader} [Pentangle - Terry Cox; Bert Jansch; Jacqui McShee; John Renbourn; Danny Thompson] [Gatefold sleeve]
Wedding dress; Omie Wise; Will the circle be unbroken?; When I get home; Rain and snow; Helping hand; So clear; Reflection.
TRA241Rafferty, Gerry: Can I have my money back? (1971) [Produced by High Murphy] [Tracks mainly composed by Gerry Rafferty]
New Street blues; Didn't I?; Mr. Universe; Mary Skeffington; Long way round; Can I have my money back?; Sign on the dotted line; Make you, break you; To each and every one; One drink down; Don't count me out; Half a chance; Where I belong.
TRA242 James, John: John James (1971)[Produced by John Whitehead] [Tracks mainly composed by John James]
To meet you I hurry down; Original rags [Scott Joplin]; Jazzbo's holiday [Pete Berryman]; Evening comes quickly; Three through the lanes; Tim E Whay; Song around a square; Rolling on down; Stoptime [Scott Joplin]; Daughter of the wind; Listening to that old rag and ragtime [John James; Scott Joplin].
TRA243 Bardens, Peter: Peter Bardens (1971) [Produced by Peter Bardens] [Tracks mainly composed by Peter Bardens]
North End Road; Write my name in the dust; Down so long; Sweet honey wine; Tear down the wall; Simple song; Feeling high; Blueser.
TRA244 Davis, Gary [Blind]: Ragtime guitar (1971)
Track listing unknown
TRA245 Short, Brian: Anything for a laugh (1971) [Produced by Mike Finesilver] [Tracks mainly composed by Brian Short]
Ring that bell; Emily; Don't you need me anymore; Blue Tuesday; I think it's going to rain today [Randy Newman]; Mother Molly; Anything for a laugh; Wishing well; Winter comes; Goodbye brother Paul; Always another train.
TRA246 Grossman, Stefan: Those pleasant days (1971) [Produced by Sam Charters] [Tracks composed by Grossman]
Rise up Lazarus; Blues jumped over the rabbit; Teddy Roosevelt; Man's confidence; Song for a brother; River of Jordan; Those pleasant days; Flowers on the wall; Hi dum diddle; Bo's rag; My travelling song.
TRA247 Renbourn, John: Faro Annie (1971) [Produced by Bill Leader] [Personnel - Pete Dyer, harmonica; Doris Henderson, vocals; Terry Cox, drums; Sue Draheim, fiddle, Danny Thompson, bass]
White House blues; Buffalo skinners; Kokomo blues; Little Sadie; Shake, shake Mamma; Willy o' Winsbury; Cuckoo; Come on in my kitchen [Robert Johnson]; Country blues; Faro Annie; Back on the road again [Ian Campbell].
TRA248 Stray: Saturday morning pictures (1971) Produced by Martin Birch]
Eight tracks mainly composed by Bromham and Gadd
TRA249 Davis, Gary [Rev]: Children of Zion
Track listing unknown
TRA250 James, John: Berryman, Pete: Sky in my pie (1972) [Produced by Stefan Grossman]
And Sam came too [John James]; Sailor's farewell [John James; Pete Berryman]; Mammy o' mine [Pinkard; Tracy; Easy Street [John James; Pete Berryman]; Out on the rolling sea; Sky in my pie [Pete Berryman]; Conquistador [Pete Berryman]; Bach goes to town [Templeton]; Kicking up the dust [John James]; Nola [Arndt]; Quiet days [Pete Berryman]; Weeping willow [Scott Joplin]; Blap, bam boom [John James; Pete Berryman]; Be mine or run [John James]; Turn your face [Pete Berryman].
TRA251 Johnstons: If I sang my song (1972) [Produced by Chris McCloud] [Tracks composed by Paul Brady; Chris McCloud except where shown] [Johnstons [Paul Brady, guitar, piano, harmonium, whistle; Adrienne Johnston] [Personnel - Rick Kemp, bass; Don Fraser, piano; Frank Nolan, flute; Peter Abrahamsen, kazoo; Hallvard Kvale, kazoo; Keith Bleasby, congas; Joseph Templeton, fiddle; Tim Hart, backing vocals; Royston Wood, backing vocals]
Wind in my hands; Won't you come with me?; Border child; If I sang my song; December windows [Paul Brady]; I get to thinking [Chris McCloud]; Continental Trailways Bus [Paul Brady]; Bread and wine [Chris McCloud; Adrienne Johnston]; You ought to know.
TRA252 Tilston, Steve: Collection (1972) [Produced by Sam Charters] [All tracks composed by Steve Tilston] [Personnel - Steve Tilston, guitar, harmonica; Hamish Stuart, guitar; Tom Parker, keyboards; Rick Kemp, bass; Steve Cook, double bass; Phil Chesterton, drums; Lea Nicholson, concertina] [Gatefold]
Falling; Mind how you go; City life; All in a dream; Highway; One man band; I'm coming home; I'm reaching out; All in her time; Don't let it get you down.
TRA253 Laibman, David: Schoenberg, Eric: New ragtime guitar (1972) [Produced by Sam Charters] [with inner sleeve notes]
Maple leaf rag [Scott Joplin]; Castle House rag [James Reece Europe]; Stoptime rag [Scott Joplin]; Red carpet rag [Bill Keith]; Ragtime oriole [James Scott]; Wedding of the painted dolls [Arthur Fried; Nacco Herb Brown]; Kitten on the keys [Zez Confrey]; At a Georgia Camp meeting [Kerry Mills]; Temptation rag [Henry Lodge]; Eccentricity [Red Cless]; Dill Pickles rag [Charles L Johnson].
TRA254 Nicholson, Lea: Ellison, Stan: God bless the unemployed (1972) Lazy Afternoon [Stan Ellison]; Mr. Finch [Lea Nicholson]; Boogaloo [Stan Ellison]; Hitch hike song [Lea Nicholson]; Pipe on the hob; Mistake no doubt [McCullough]; God bless the unemployed [Lea Nicholson]; Just because [Stan Ellison]; Song for a dad mole [Lea Nicholson]; Jules's birthday [Stan Ellison]; Just another song [Lea Nicholson]; Sooty foot [Stan Ellison]; Living by the water [Ann Briggs]; Dark islander [Stan Ellison; Lea Nicholson].
TRA255 Cartwright, Dave: Little bit of glory (1972) [Produced by Nathan Joseph] [All tracks composed by Dave Cartwright]
Song of Susan; Rainbow Green; Blue eyed Jean; We all need a King; Tom all alone; Song of Davy; It hardly ever rains; Ph sweet momma; Fifty miles of blue; Middle of the road; Good times are coming again.
TRA256 Vannier, Jean-Claude: L'enfant assassin des mouches (1972)
Track listing unknown
TRA257 Grossman, Stefan: Hot dogs (1972) Produced by Stan Charters] [Personnel - Martin Fry, tuba; Jim Butchert, spoons; Alistair Anderson, concertina; Chris Slade, drums; Jim Sullivan, mandolin; Paul Rowan, harmonica; Alan White, congas, drums; Larry Steele, bass; Sam Charters, bodhran; Trevor Lucas, guitar]
Hot dogs; Cincinnati flow rag; New York City rag; Roll and tumble blues; Shake sugaree; Martin's joy; Promised land; Do it all over you boogie; Blues for Mr. Sam; Westapol; That's no way to get along; Those lazy blues.
TRA258 Connolly, Billy: Live (1972) [Produced by Terry Brown] [Recorded at the City Hall Glasgow, 6th August, 1972, before an invited audience] [All tracks composed by Billy Connolly except where shown]
Stainless steel wellies; Song for a small man; Donkey; Telling lies; Glasgow Central [Billy Connolly; Deveres; Padmore]; Good love; Little of your time; Near you; Winchburgh Junction; Oh dear; McGinty.
TRA259 CMU: Space cabaret (1972)
Seven tracks
TRA260 Skin Alley: Two quid deal (1972) [Produced by Fritz Fryer]
Nine tracks
TRA261 Renia: First offenders (1973)
Nine tracks all composed by Sutherland
TRA262 Gryphon: Gryphon (1973) [Produced by Laurence Aston] [Gryphon - Brian Gulland, bassoon, crumhorn, recorder, keyboards; Richard Harvey, recorder, crumhorn, keyboards, guitar, mandolin; David Oberle, drums, percussion; Graeme Taylor, guitar, keyboards, recorder]
Kemp's jig; Sir Gavin Grimbold; Touch and go [Richard Harvey; Graeme Taylor]; Three jolly butchers; Pastimes with good company; Unquiet grave; Estampie; Crossing the stiles [Graeme Taylor]; Astrologer; Tea wrecks; Juniper Suite [Gryphon]; Devil and the farmer's wife..
TRA263 Moloney, Mick We have met together (1973) [Produced by Mick Moloney] [Personnel - ? Friedemann, guitar; Dave O'Docherty, flute, whistle; Dave Moses, bass, recorder; Ina Inge Rasmussen, guitar; Mal White, bodhran, Adam Skeaping, synthesiser]
Two jigs; Invisible man [Leon Rosselson]; Pipe on the hob; Belfast Town; Bodhran solo; Don't cry in your sleep; Reel on mandolin; Farewell to the Rhondda; Vi skal ikkje sova burt sumar natta; Bean Phaidin; Bodhran solo; Molloy's favourite; Earl's chair; Avondale; Leitrim fancy; An Gaoth Andheas; Flute solo; Fields of Vietnam.
TRA264 Grossman, Stefan: Stefan Grossman live (1973) [Produced by Sam Charters] [All tracks composed by Stefan Grossman except where shown] [Gatefold, double]
Wake up mama [Ralph McTell]; Kokomo blues; Blues on the run; Soldiers' march [Davis]; Little Sally Walker; Lena Anne; Richland woman blues [Hurt]; West Coast rag [Blake]; Danish drone; New stoned pony blues; Hot dogs; Cincinnati Flow rag [Davis]; New York City rag; Satisfied and tickled too [Hurt]; Mississippi blues No. 2 [traditional]; Rollin' and tumblin' blues [traditional]; High society [traditional]; All my friends are gone; Tribute to Big Bill; Teddy Roosevelt; Dallas rag [traditional]; Candyman [Davis]; River of Jordan; Matesa; Whistlin' blues [Davis]; Powder rag; Make believe stunt [Davis; Chandos]; Vestapol; That's no way to get along [Wilkins].
TRA265 Pegg, Bob: Strutt, Nick: Bob Pegg and Nick Strutt (1973) [Produced by Bob Pegg, Nick Strutt and John Whitehead] [Personnel - Bob Pegg, whistles, recorder, oboe, guitar, percussion; Nick Strutt, guitar, bass, mandolin; B J Cole, guitar] [all titles composed by Bob Pegg and Nick Strutt]
King Dog; Starchild; Wildman; Baroques off; Headrow song; Kirkstall Forge; Jesus Christ sitting on top of a hill in the Lake District; Gypsy stomp; Shipbuilder - entr'acte; Cows and the sheep.
TRA266 Pegg, Carolanne: Carolanne Pegg (1973) [Most tracks composed by Pegg except where shown]
Open the door [Collins]; Witches' guide to the Underground; Mouse and the crow; Sapphire; Fair fortune's star; Clancy's song; Lady and the well; Wycoller; Lizard; Man of war [Pegg; Weightman]; Winter people.
TRA267 Cartwright, Dave: Back to the garden (1973) [Produced by John Worth] [All tracks composed by Dave Cartwright]
Nights of magic; My delicate skin; Cobweb broom; To make tomorrow green; Little bit of glory; Dark eyed sailor; Shepherd's return; Chains; Angeline; Dance of the seasons; Back to the garden [reprise].
TRA268 Stray: Mudanzas (1973) [Produced by Wilf Pine] [All tracks composed by Bromham and Gadd]
Ten tracks
TRA269 Korner, Alexis; Thorup, Peter Snape: Accidentally born in New Orleans (1973) [Personnel - Alexis Korner; Peter Thorup; Snape [Ian Wallace, drums; Boz, bass; Mel Collins, saxophone, flute, piano]
Gospel ship; One scotch, one bourbon, one beer [Rudolph Toombs]; Sweet sympathy [Alexis Korner]; Rock me; Don't change on me [Holiday; Reeves]; You got the power to turn me on [Willie M Chambers]; Lo and behold [James Taylor]; Country shoes [Alexis Korner].
TRA270 Rafferty, Gerry: Gerry Rafferty revisited (1973) [All tracks composed by Gerry Rafferty]
Shoeshine boy; Rick rack; All the best people do it; Look over the hill and far away; Keep it to yourself; Song for Simon; I can't stop now; So bad thinking; Patrick; Steam boat row; Her father didn't like me anyway; Blood and glory; Coconut tree; Please sing a song for us; My singing bird.
TRA271 Various artists: Guitar workshop (1973)
Boswell, Simon - Trout joins the cavalry[Boswell]; Hardy, Chris - Nefarious things [Hardy]; Lee, Philip John - Black scrag [Lee]; Berryman, Pete - One blue guitar[Berryman]; Barrett, Willy - Loneliness of the long distance acoustic guitarist [Barrett]; Murrell, Davy - Ferdinand the spider [Murrell]; Tilston, Steve - Rock salmon suite [Tilston]; Rogers, Mike - South Devon Atmospheric [Rogers]; Hardy, Chris - Mica [Hardy]; Boswell, Simon -Trout sundae [Boswell]; Lee, Philip John - Stalks and seeds [Lee]; Rogers, John - Entertainer [Scott Joplin]; Murrell, Davy - Kenneth's river bank song [Murrell]; Barrett, Willy - Hair across the frets [Barrett]; Rogers, John; Rogers, Mike - Brother Nature [Rogers; Rogers]; Bedford, David; Warner, Mark; Taylor, Graeme - Eighteen bricks left on April 21[Bedford].
TRA272 Punchin' Judy: Punchin' Judy (1973) [Produced by John Whitehouse] [Punching' Judy - Barbara O'Meara; John Phillips, guitar; Keith Evans, bass; Alan Brooks, drums, percussion]; Robin Langridge, piano]
Eight tracks
TRA273 Stray: Skintight (1973) [Produced by Don Nix]
Ten tracks
TRA274 Grossman, Stefan: Memphis Jellyroll (1973) [Produced by Stefan Grossman] [Tracks composed by Stefan Grossman except where shown]
Memphis Jellyroll; Black Mountain rag; Hambone rag [traditional]; Delta Exposition of 1917; Buck dance; Mississippi Swamp march; Blue space 19; Boogie on Main Street; Avalon blues [John Hurt]; Shuffle rag [Bill Broonzy]; Mirage; Lottie's blues; Miss McLeod's reel [traditional]; Afterthought; Don't let my baby catch you here [Gary Davis].
TRA275 Portsmouth Sinfonia: Play the popular classics (1973)
Track listing unknown
TRA276 McKenzie, Bazza: Bazza's party songs (1974) [Bazza McKenzie is Barry Humphries]
Track listing unknown
TRA277 Digance, Richard: England's green and pleasant land (1974) [Produced by John Whitehouse and Richard Digance] [All tracks composed by Richard Digance]
England's green and pleasant land; My friend upon the road; Nadine's song; Hijacker; Shoemaker shuffle; Migration memoirs; Natural gas; As the crow flies; Mr. Jailer.
TRA278 Contraband: Contraband (1974) [Produced by John Whitehead] [Contraband - Mae McKenna; peter Cairney, guitar; John Martin, fiddle; George Jackson, guitar; Billy Jackson, double bass; Alec Baird, drums]
Rattlin' roarin' Willie; Black rogue jig; Sir Phillip McHugh jig; Alice Cooper's favourite reel; Lady for today [Rosemary Hardman]; Devil's fiddle [John Martin]; On the road [Billy Jackson]; Spanish cloak jig; Pea-pod McGinley jig; Youngest daughter reel; Alec's interlude; Stainforth blues [John Martin; Peter Cairney]; Come up smiling [Richard Digance]; Banks of Claudy; Edward Sayers' Brass Band [Richard Digance].
TRA279 Connolly, Billy: Solo concert (1974) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Glasgow accents; Nine and a half guitars; Marie's wedding; Harry Campbell and the heavies; Nobody's child; Life on the day of; Jobbie wheecha; Short haired police cadet; Leo McGuire's song; Crucifixion.
TRA280 Pegg, Bob: Strutt, Nick: Shipbuilder (1974) [Produced by Bob Pegg and Nick Strutt] [Composed by Bob Pegg and Nick Strutt] [track list taken from Bob Pegg: Keeper of the fire: the anthology, Castle Music, CMDDD 1387, 2006]
Coming of the ship builder; Midnight caller; Entr'acte; First light; Song of the trees; Four day's work; Lovers' voyage; Dancing on the sands; Storm; Calm; Lady sings; Raggle taggle gypsies; Ship builder reciprocates with; Golden Vanity; End of the affair.
TRA281 Stray: Move it (1974) [Produced by Wilf Pine] [Most tracks composed by Bromham; Gadd]
Eleven tracks
TRA282 Gryphon: Midnight mushrumps (1974) {produced by Gryphon]
Midnight mushrumps [Richard Harvey]; Ploughboy's dream [traditional]; Last flash of gabardine tailor [Graeme Taylor; Gulland Rock [Brian Gulland]; Dubbel Dutch [Graeme Taylor]; Ethelion [Gryphon].
TRA283 Kilfenora Ceili Band]: Kilfenora Ceili Band (1974) [Produced by Mick Moloney] [Personnel - Tommy Peoples, fiddle; Tom Hegarty, fiddle; Michael Kelleher, fiddle; Tom Ward, fiddle; Jimmy Ward, tenor banjo; Paddy Mullins, flute; Michael Sexton, accordion; Pat Madigan, bass; Jimmy Leyden, drums; Kitty Linnane, piano; P J Murphy, guitar]
Kilfenora reels; John Joe's jig; Bridgie McGrath's jig; Rattigan's reel; Morning star reel; Dublin porter reel; Belfast Town; Mullins' reel; Reel of Rio; Paddy Murphy's wife reel; Flowers of Edinburgh polka; Stack polka; Flaxen broom reel; Dinny O'Brien's reels; Come west along the road reel; Austin Tierney's reel; I'm waiting for you reel; Boys of Ballysodare reel; Five mile chase reel; Humours of Glendart jig; Joys of love jig; Down the broom reel; Donegal reel; Paedar's reel; Coming back to Milltown; McDermot's reel; Tierney's reel; Lady Montgomery reel; Gold ring jig; Luck penny jig; Reel of Bogy; Kerry reel; Sailor on the rock reel; Lady on the island reel; Stony steps reel.
TRA284 Cartwright, Dave: Don't let your family down (1974) [Produced by John Whitehead and Dave Cartwright] [All tracks composed by Dave Cartwright] [Personnel - Robin Langridge, keyboards; Michael Gregory, percussion; Pal Butler, guitars; Keith Evans, bass; Barbara O'Meara, backing vocals]
Travelling show; Don't let your family down; England; Joanna; Do you remember?; It isn't easy; Court of the Queen; Maggie my dear; When love comes home; Song and dance man.
TRA285 Portsmouth Sinfonia: Hurrah! Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1974)
Track listing unknown
TRA286 Pasadena Roof Orchestra: Pasadena Roof Orchestra (1974) [Produced by John Whitehouse]
Thirteen tracks, light orchestral
TRA287 Gryphon: Red Queen to Gryphon Three (1974) [Produced by Gryphon] [Gryphon - Richard Harvey, keyboards, recorder, crumhorn; Brian Gulland, bassoon, crumhorn; Graeme Taylor, guitars; David Oberle, drums, percussion, tympani; Philip Nestor, bass]
Opening move; Second spasm; Lament; Checkmate.
TRA288 Humblebums: Complete Humblebums (1974) [Triple album]
Track listing unknown
TRA289 Digance, Richard: How the West was lost (1974) [Produced by Rick Kemp] [All tracks composed by Richard Digance] [Personnel - Phil Milner, bass; Nigel Pegrum, percussion; Doug Morter, guitar; Michael Chapman, guitar; Martin Jenkins, fiddle, mandolin; Alex Atterson, harmonium; Gerry Morris, bass; Paul Rodruigez, pipe organ, glockenspiel; Mike Bievenue, piano; John Redpath, drums; Dik Cadbury, bass]
Joe Louis story; How the west was lost; Drag queen blues; Working class millionaire; Dear River Thames; Edward Sayers' Brass Band; Show me the door; I hear the press gang; Bless the evening.
TRA290 Randy: Lady Luck (1974) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Ten tracks
TRA291 Country Gazette: Live (1975) [Produced by Jim Dickson] [Personnel [Country Gazette - Byron Berline, fiddle, mandolin; Roger Bush, bass; Alan Munde, banjo; Roland White, guitar]; Skip Conover, dobro]
Black Mountain rag; Roses for a Sunday morning [John Hadley]; Blue, blue day [Don Gibson]; To prove my love [Leroy Mack]; Lonesome road; Will you be lonesome too? [Alton Delmore]; Only way home [John Hadley]; Sally Goodin; My baby's gone [Hazel Hauser]; Sunday sunrise [Mark James]; Laughing guitar [Jimmy Bryant; Scott Turner]; Never ending love [Delaney Bramlett]; Holland holiday [Alan Munde]; Down in the blue grass [Tex Logan].
TRA292 Harvey, Richard: Divisions on a ground (1975) [Personnel - Andrew Parrott, harpsichord; Monica Huggett, violin; Eleanor Sloan, violin; Trevor Jones, viola; Catherine Finnis, cello; Adam Skeaping, violin]
Six classical pieces
TRA293 Grossman, Stefan: Bottleneck serenade (1975)
Tightrope; Lullaby for Anna; Bottleneck serenade; First time ever I saw your face; Birdnest two step; Dance of the blind minotaur; Tomorrow; Working on the new railroad; Concrete parachute; For Elvie; Delta slide of 1928; Friends forever.
TRA294 Dadi, Marcel: Dadi's folks (1975) [Includes tablature book]
Winter's waltz; Song for Chet; Oh Dadi blue 1; Oh Dadi blue 2; Old black piano; All alone; Poor lonesome Dadi; Magic box; Song for Leo; Song for Jerry; Song for Doc; From Paris with love; Far away; Echo des savannes.
TRA295 Dadi, Marcel: Guitare a Dadi (1975)
La Madrugada [Reed]; Saturday night shuffle [Travis]; Doc's guitar [Watson]; Old Aunt Dinah; Windy and warm [Loudermilk]; My town [Atkins]; I ain't gonna work [Atkins]; Walking the strings [Travis]; Oh by jingo, oh by jee [Brown; von Titzer]; Hawaiian slack key [Atkins]; Nine pound hammer [Travis]; I am a pilgrim Travis]; Steel guitar rag [Travis; Stone; McAuliffe]; Rose time [Travis]; Claw [Reed]; Bluebell Horse; Wadden]; My old Kentucky home [Foster]; Black Mountain rag [Magness]; Mayan dance [Lauro; Reiter]; Cannonball rag [Travis]; Windy and warm [Loudermilk]; Drive in [Rich]; Blue finger [Reed]; When you wish upon a star [Washington; Harlin].
TRA296 Boys of the Lough: (1975) [Produced by Boys of the Lough]
Kincora jig; Behind the haystack; Day dawn reel; Pit hame da borrowed claes reel; Da fashion o' da Delting lasses reel; Da peerie house under da hill reel; General Guinness; Boys of twenty five reel; Boyne Hunt reel; Chase her through the garden reel; Flower of Magherally; Hound and the hare; Cameron Highlanders' march; Balkan Hills march; Athol and Bradalbane Gathering march; New set; Shores of Loch Bran; An Eirinn ni 'Neosfainn ce hi; Whinny hill of Leitrim jig; Another jig will do; Darling baby; Oak tree reel; Nine points of roguery reel.
TRA297 McKenna, Mae: Mae McKenna (1975) [Produced by Peter Sames] [Personnel - Trevor Spencer, drums; Martin Briley, bass, guitar; Graham Preskett, bass, keyboards; Paul Keogh, guitar; B J Cole, pedal steel; Skaila Kanga, harp; Julien Gaillard, orchestra leader]
Twelve tracks
TRA298 Andrews, Harvey; Cooper, Graham: Fantasies from a corner seat (1975) [Personnel - Bernie Holland, guitar; Richard Thompson, guitar; Linda Thompson, backing vocals; Pete Wingfield, piano; Pat Donaldson, bass; Daryl Runswick, double bass, bass; Jim Toomey, drums; Pete Willsher, pedal steel guitar; Mike Cotton, cornet; John Beecham, trombone; Dave Jones, clarinet; Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra; Ritchie Gold, percussion] [Al tracks composed by Andrews; Cooper except where shown]
Mistress [Andrews; Denham]; Little moon 'n' Juning; Lady of the light [Andrews; Brierley]; Daisy; Autumn song; From today; Targets [Andrews]; Me and the empty glasses; Lazy days; Fantasy from a corner seat; Darby and Joan; Lullaby [Andrews].
TRA299 Pegg, Bob: Ancient maps (1975) [Produced by Graham Field] [Personnel - Chris Taylor, recorder; Richard McNichol, recorder; Adrian Brett, recorder; Roger Brenner, sackbut; Malcolm Fisher, sackbut; Tony Coe, clarinet; David Cropper, French horn; Mick Laird, cornetto; Ian Wilson, cornetto; Bill Stoakes, cornetto; John Edney, sackbut; David Purser, sackbut; Ray Warleigh, flute; Paul Harvey, clarinet; Norman Webb, harp; Brent Forbes, bass; Graham Field, harpsichord; Harold Fisher, drums; Rick Russell, guitar] [All tracks composed by Bob Pegg]
One eyed merchant; Map; In the wood; Woman on the road; Darkrider's song; In the land of the Snow Queen; River; Gipsies' song; Love song; Wild man appears; Wild man of the hills; Beacon; Keeper of the fire; Waste land; Golden Valley.
TRA300 Black Mikado Original London Cast: Black Mikado (1975) [Produced by Dave Bloxham]
Thirteen tracks
TRA301 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: Good news (1975) [Produced by John Whitehead]
Sixteen tracks
TRA302 Gryphon: Raindance (1975) [Produced by Gryphon] [Gryphon - Malcolm Bennett, bass, flute; Brian Giulland, bassoon; Richard Harvey, piano, keyboards, recorder, crumhorn, penny whistle, clarinet; David Oberle, drums, percussion]
Nine tracks
TRA303 Mr. Fox: Complete Mr. Fox (1975) [Double album]
Join us in our game; Hanged man; Gay goshawk; Rip Van Winkle; Mr. Trill's song; Little woman; Salisbury Plain; Ballad of Neddy Dick; Leaving the Dales; Mr. Fox; Mendle; Gipsy; Aunt Lucy Broadwood; House carpenter; Elvira Madigan; Dancing song; All the good times.
TRA304 Decameron: Third light (1975) [Produced by Tom Allom] [Decameron - Dave Bell, guitar, bas, percussion; Dik Cadbury, bass, violin, viola, guitar; Johnny Coppin, guitar, keyboards; Al Fenn, guitar, tiple, bass; Geoff March, cello, keyboards, psaltery]
Ten tracks mostly composed by members of the band.
TRA305 James, John: Head in the clouds (1975) [Produced by Ritchie Gold] [Tracks composed by John James except where shown] [*tracks with John Renbourn]
Georgemas Junction*; Black and white rag [Botsford]; Head in the clouds; Slow drag [Davis]; Wormwood tangle* [John Renbourn]; Stranger in the world*; Rags to riches [Griffiths]; Blues for Felix [Byrd]; Heliotrope bouquet [Scott Joplin]; Secrets in the sky; Stretching of a young girl's heart.
TRA306 Digance, Richard: Treading the boards (1975) [Produced by Tony Atkins] [All tracks composed by Richard Digance]
Midnight windmill; Money machine; Will we ever see them again?; Game of chess; Many of many words; Red lights of Antwerp; Rosemary McLaren of the Strand; As far as the eyes can see; Time passes on; Final bow.
TRA307 Boswell, Simon: Mind parasites (1975) [Produced by Boswell, Aston, Whitehead and Boyd]
Twelve tracks mostly composed by Boswell.
TRA308 London Saxophone Quartet: London Saxophone Quartet (1975) [Produced by John Rusby-Smith]
One traditional and four classical pieces.
TRA309 Greyhound: Mango Rock (1975) [Produced by Dave Bloxham]
Dream Lover; Stand For Our Rights; Jamaica Rum; Sky High; Wily; Only Love Can Win; Mango Rock; Unchained Melody; Hold On To Your Happiness; Wappadusa; Some Dark City.
TRA310 Various artists: Bellyful of laughs (1975)
Track listing unknown
TRA311 Boys of the Lough: Lochaber no more (1976) [Produced by Boys of the Lough] [Boys of the Lough - Dave Richardson, cittern, mandoline, banjo, concertina; Aly Bain, fiddle; Cathal McConnell, flute, whistle; Robin Morton, bodhran, concertina]
Lochaber no more; Laird of Drumblair [J Scott Skinner]; Millbrae [R Cooper]; Blantyre explosion; Blarney pilgrim; Jackson's jig; Mountain streams where the moorcocks crow; Trowie Burn; Haugton House [James Mitchell]; Kataroni; Da Back reel; One thing or the other; A' da ships are sailin'; Shelder Geo; Tame her when da snaw comes; Bonny blue eyed lass; Jackie Donnan's mazurka; Bonnie Charlie; Farewell to Ireland.
TRA312 Westbrook, Mike - Brass Band: For the record (1976)
Nineteen tracks
TRA313 Sadista Sisters: Sadista Sisters (1976) Produced by Ritchie Gold] Personnel [Sadista Sisters - Teresa d'Abreu; Judith Alderson; Linda Marlowe; Jacky Tayler]; [Brothers - Barry Booth, keyboards; Bob Gill, guitars; Isaac Guillory, guitars; Mo Foster, bass; Jim Toomey, drums, congas; Chris Mercer, saxophone; Ron Carthy, trumpet; Henry Lowther, trumpet]]
Eleven tracks composed by members of the Sadista Sisters.
TRA314 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: On tour (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Fourteen tracks
TRA315 Various artists: Guitar workshop Volume Two (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Isaac Guillory - Fingerlude; Bob Foster - North Side 33; Adrian Legg - Modulations; Bernie Holland - Valse; Isaac Guillory - Quazimodo; Pete Wilsher - Minder; Pete Banks - Dancing angel; Pete Willsher - Stealin' and dealin'; Adrian Legg - Hackney picker; Bernie Holland - Autumn song; Bob Foster - Annie Lou; Pete Banks - Warning! Rumble strips .
TRA316 Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias: Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias (1976) [Produced by Paul Jenner]
Ten tracks
TRA317 Unknown
TRA318 Country Gazette: Sunny side of the mountain (1976)
Track listing unknown
TRA319 Unknown
TRA320 Unknown
TRA321 McKenna, Mae: Everything that touches me (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Eleven tracks
TRA322 Dransfields: Fiddler's dream (1976) [Produced by Brian Harrison] [Dransfields - Barry Dransfield, fiddle, dulcimer, guitar, zither; Robin Dransfield, guitar; Brian Harrison, bass, organ, piano] [All tracks composed by Dransfield]
Up to now; Blacksmith 1; Alchemist and the peddler; It's dark in here; Handsome meadow boy; Fool's song; Ballad of Dickie Lubber; Blacksmith 2; What will we tell them?; Violin.
TRA323 Westbrook, Mike - Orchestra: Love dream variations (1976) [Produced by Keith Grant]
Five tracks
TRA324 Various artists: Folk festival (1976) [Double album, gatefold cover]
Watersons - Bright Phoebus [Trailer LER2076]; Ralph McTell - Streets of London [TRA177]; Pentangle - Let no man steal your thyme [TRA163]; John Renbourn - Bransle Gay [TRA224]; John Renbourn - Bransle de Bourgogne [TRA224]; Mr. Fox - Ballad of Neddy Dick [TRA303]; Gryphon - Pastime with good company [TRA262]; Decameron -Saturday [TRA304]; John James - Head in the clouds [TRA305]; Gary Davis - Buck dance [TRA249]; Stefan Grossman - Teddy Roosevelt [TRA264]; Pete Stanley; Roger Knowles - Stoney Mountain twist [XTRA1146]; Pete Sayer's Grand Ole Oprey Show - Lock your doors [XTRA1156]; Stephane Grapelli - Flamingo [Black Lion BLP 30158/30159]; Mickey Baker - Make your bed up Mama [Big Bear BEAR 5]; John Kirkpatrick - Puddleglum's misery [Trailer LER 2033; John Kirkpatrick - Accordianism [Trailer LER 2033]; John Kirkpatrick - Jump at the sun [Trailer LER 2033]; Dubliners - Donegal reel [TRA158]; Dubliners - Longford Collector [TRA158]; Boys of the Lough - Oak tree [TRA296]; Boys of the Lough - Nine points of roguery [TRA296]; Sweeney's Men - Reynard the fox [TRASAM 37]; High Level Ranters - Hens march [Trailer LER 2030]; Young Tradition - Banks of the Nile [TRASAM 30]; Robin Dransfield; Barry Dransfield - Lord of all I behold [Trailer LER 2026]; Archie Fisher - Bogie's bonnie Belle [XTRA 1070]; McCalmans - Dingle Regatta [XTRA 1166]; McCalmans - Little village [XTRA 1166]; Richard Digance - Drag queen blues [TRA289]; Hamish Imlach - History of football [XTRA 1069]; Mike Harding - Number 81 bus [Trailer LER 2039]; Alex Campbell - I'm a rover [XTRA 1014]; Derek Brimstone - Mrs. Fisher [Rubber RUB 005]; Vin Garbutt - Streets of Staithes [Trailer LER 2078]; Tony Rose - John Blunt [Trailer LER 2024]; Nic Jones - Duke of Marlborough [Trailer LER 2014].
TRA325 Decameron: Tomorrow's pantomime (1976) [Produced by Brian Hammond] [Decameron - Johnny Coppin, guitar; Dave Bell, guitar; Dik Cadbury - violin, maracas; Geoff March, synthesiser, organ; Al Fenn, bass; Bob Critchley, drums] [All tracks composed by Coppin; Bell]
Nine tracks
TRA326 Grossman, Stefan: My Creole Belle (1976)
Track listing unknown
TRA327 Wrigley, Bernard: Songs, stories and elephants (1976) [Produced by John Whitehead]
Queens of the highway; Man who waters the worker's beer; Little Aggie; Cheek to cheek; Making whoopee; Blues for Albert; Schoolmaster; Psalm 23 and a half; Worker's prayer; Lancashire lassies; Police constable and the rare butterfly; September in the rain; Ballad of knocking Nellie and the sixty niner.
TRA328 Barker, Ronnie: Corbett, Ronnie: Best of the two Ronnies (1976) [Produced by John Worth]
Eight tracks
TRA329 Andrews, Harvey: Someday (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold] [Personnel - Bernie Holland, guitar; Mark Warner, guitar; Bob Jones, guitar; Pete Willsher, guitar; Jim Toomey, drums; Moe Foster, bass; Chris Mercer, saxophone; Ron Carthy, trumpet]
Why?; Jane; Song for Phil Ochs; Together; Mr. Homburg Hat; Someday; Gang of '64; He played for England; Man with a gun; Movies on TV; I think I'll get drunk again.
TRA330 Raymonde, Ivor - Orchestra: Dickens in London (1976) [Produced by Leith Morgan]
Fifteen tracks
TRA331 Various artists: Poke in the eye (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Thirteen tracks in support of Amnesty International
TRA332 Geraldo Orchestra: Hello again again (1976) [Produced by Ivor Raymonde]
Thirteen tracks
TRA333 Boys of the Lough: Piper's broken finger (1976) [Produced by the Boys of the Lough]
Lady Anne Montgomery; Highland man that kissed his grannie; O'Connor Donn's; Greenland man's tune; Da forefit o' da ship; Heave and go; O'Reilly from County Cavan; Colonel Robertson; Atholl Highlanders; Shamrock shore; Da sixteen; Gordon's favourite; Lament for Limerick; Millbank Cottage; Sandy Duff; Ale is dear; West of Ireland; Johnny will you marry me?; Ruches green; Torn petticoat; Piper's broken finger; Humours of Ballyconnell; Old favourite; Bobby Gardiner's.
TRA334 Unknown
TRA335 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: Isn't it romantic (1976) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Twelve tracks
TRA336 Renbourn, John: Hermit (1976) [Produced by John Renbourn] [Most tracks composed by John Renbourn] [*accompanied by John James]
Hermit; John's tune; Goat Island; Old Mac Bladgitt; Faro's rag; Caroline's tune; Three pieces by O'Carolan; Lamentation of Roe O'Neill; Lord Inchiquin; Mrs. Power; Princess and the pudding; Pavanna; Toye; Lord Willoughby's welcome*
TRA337 Swarbrick, Dave: Swarbrick (1976) [Produced by Bruce Rowland] [Personnel - Beryl Marriott, piano; Martin Carthy, guitar; Simon Nicol, guitar; Dave Pegg, bass; Bruce Rowland, tambourine; Savourna Stevenson, clarsach; Kate Graham, fiddle; Roger Marriott, melodeon; Alan Robertson, accordion]
Heilanman; Drowsy Maggie; Carthy's march; White cockade; Doc Boyd's jig; Durham Rangers; My singing bird; Nightingale; Once I loved a maiden fair; Killarney boys of pleasure; Lady in the boat; Rosin the bow; Timour the Tartar; Byker Hill; Ace and the deuce of pipering; Hole in the wall; Ben Dorian; Hullichans; Chorus jig; 79th's farewell to Gibraltar; Arthur McBride; Snug in the blanket.
TRA338 Classicodisco Orchestra: Classics in Philadelphia (1976)
Track listing unknown
TRA339 McVay, Ray - Band: Ray McVay Band (1977) [Produced by Ivor Raymonde]
Twelve tracks
TRA340 Metro: Metro (1977) [Produced by Peter Sames and Metro]
Nine tracks
TRA341 Swarbrick, Dave: Swarbrick 2 (1977) [Produced by Bruce Rowland] [Personnel - Martin Carthy, guitar; Bruce Rowland, drums; Kate Graham, fiddle; Beryl Marriott, piano; Roger Marriott, melodeon; Alan Robertson, accordion; Dave Pegg, bass; Simon Nicol, guitar;
Athole Highlanders; Shannon bells; Fairy dance; Miss McLeod's reel; King of the fairies; Chief O'Neill's favourite; Newcastle hornpipe; Sheebeg and Sheemore; Rocky road to Dublin; Sir Philip McHugh; Planxty Morgan Mawgan; Swallows tail; Rakes of Kildare; Blackthorn stick; Sheagh of Rye; Friar's breeches; Derwentwater's farewell; Noble Squire Dacre; Teribus; Farewell to Aberdeen; Bonaparte's retreat; Shepherd's hey; Lord Inchiquin; Coulin.
TRA342 Wood, Heather: Wood, Royston: No relation (1977) [Produced by Royston Wood and Tony Platt] [Personnel - Peter Bellamy; Pennie Harris, hammered dulcimer; Tony Hall, melodeon; Guitar, Simon Nicol; Pete Kirtley, guitar, mandolin; Ashley Hutchings, bass]
Shepherd of the Downs; Come ye that fear the Lord; Foolish, incredibly foolish [Wood]; Bold Benjamin o; St Patrick's breastplate; Cutty wren; Will you miss me?; Cellar door; Lovin' Bessie; Chaconne in G minor [Couperin]; Gloria Laus.
TRA343 Souster, Tim: Swit drimz (1977) [Produced by Tim Souster]
Five tracks
TRA344 Worthing, Sonny: Teenage dream (1977) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Ten tracks
TRA345 McKenna, Mae: Walk on water (1977) [Produced by Ritchie Gold]
Ten tracks
TRA346 McCalmans: Side by side by side (1977) [Produced by Nathan Joseph]
Side by side by side [Sondheim]; Romeo and Juliet [Kelly]; Dancing days [Meek; Connolly]; Bellman's song [Meek]; Chair at the table; Hornpipe; Farewell to Sicily [Henderson]; Sheriff Muir; Loving Hanne; German lairdie; Standing in the rain [Carter]; Broadside man [Connolly]; Bound to go; Side by side [Woods].
TRA347 Country Gazette: What a way to make a living (1977)
Track listing unknown
TRA348 Renbourn, John - Group: Maid in Bedlam (1977)
Blackwaterside; Nacht Tanz; Scheaffertanz; Maid in Bedlam; Gypsy dance; Jew's dance; John Barleycorn; Reynardine; My Johnny was a shoemaker; Death and the lady; Battle of Aughrim; Five in a line; Talk about suffering.
TRA349 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias: Italians from outer space (1977) [Produced by Peter Jenner]
Nineteen tracks.
TRA350 Wrigley, Bernard: Ten ton special (1977) [Produced by Dixie Dean] [Most tracks composed by Bernard Wrigley except where shown]
Homebrew [Marc Brierley]; Yorkshire lass [Wrigley; Boot]; Robin Hood and the bogey rolling contest; Transport digs [Wrigley; Boot]; Rocking the tango; When Annie gets her gun; Tea for two [Youmans; Caesar]; Effin shuffle; Nice work if you can get it [Gershwin]; Teabag in my coffee; Rain in my eyes; Fosdykes arise [Wrigley; Tidy; Plater]
TRA351 McVay, Ray - Orchestra: Come dancing (1977) [Produced by Ray McVay]
Eighteen tracks
TRA352 Pasadena Rooftop Orchestra: Show must go on (1977) [Produced by Rolf Enoch]
Twelve tracks.
TRA353 Na Fili: Chanter's tune (1977) [Produced by Victor Gamm] [Ne Fili - Tomas O'Canainn, Uilleann pipes; Tom Barry, whistles, flute; Matt Cranitch, fiddle]
Maid at the spinning wheel; Ceol an Phiobaire; Michael Murphy's; Mo Mhuirnin Ban; Give us a drink of water; Hunting the hare; Na Connerys; Chanter's tune; An Samhradh Crua; Gree fields of Rossbeigh; Murphy's; Inis Dhun Ramha; Paidin O'Raifeartaigh; Maidin Ro-Mhoch; Trip to Athlone; Pat McGillarney; Sweet Kingwilliamstown; Cait Ni Dhuibhir; Flannel jacket; Dwyer's; Johnny Murphy; Dan Coakley; Ballydesmond.
TRA354 Boys of the Lough: Good friends Good music (1977) [Produced by Boys of the Lough]
Breton wedding march; Wild Irishman; Scholar; Down the broom; Gatehouse maid; Gaelic mouth music; 79th's farewell to Gibraltar; Captain Horne; High road to Linton; Far from home; Da road to Houll; Hillswick wedding; Robertson's reel; Cadam Woods; Bonnie lass of Bon Accord; Grand chaine; Newly weds; Kitchen girl; New riggit ship; Canadian waltz; Hop high ladies; Dennis Murphy's hornpipe; Leather britches; Humours of Ennistymon; First house in Connaught; Roll her in the rye grass; Kitty's gone a-milking; Master McDermott's; Flail; Paddy Doory's; Pride of Leinster; Midsummer's night; Tinker's daughter; Crock of gold.
TRA355 Renbourn, John: Black balloon (1979) [Produced by John Renbourn]
Moon shines bright; English dance; Bourree I & II; Mist covered mountains of home; Orphan; Tarbolton; Pelican; Black balloon.
TRA356 Renbourn, John - Group: Enchanted garden (1980) [Produced by John Renbourn]
Maid on the shore; Douce Dame Jolie; Bold young farmer; Sidi Brahim; Pavanne Belle qui tiens ma vie; Pavanne Tourdion; Truth from above; Tambourin; Plains of Waterloo.
TRA357 McCalmans: Burn the witch (1978) [Produced by Peter Kerr]
Fare ye well ye Mormond Braes; Lion; Jenny Lasswade; Farewell to Nova Scotia; She had to go and lose it at the Astor; Aye waukin' o; Gin I were the Gaudie rins; Veronica; Burn the witch; Bonnie lass of Gala Water; Jock Stewart; March of the Cameron men; Phantom whistler; Random jig; Doon in the wee room; Recruiting Service drum; Sons of heroes.
TRA358 Grooms, Chris: Sweet gypsy (1978) [Produced by Chris Grooms] [Most tracks composed by Chris Grooms]
Sweet gypsy; Likkety split; Red River rag; Fanfares; Celtic twilight; Solstice; Tom's trip; Rhiannon of the birds; Tonia's waltz; McGee's rag; Kemp's jig; Lands End.
TRA359 Boys of the Lough: Wish you were here (1978) [Produced by Boys of the Lough] [With insert]
Barmaid; Chase her through the garden; Lark's march; Red haired man's wife; Resting chair; Leaving Glenurquhart; Fairy dance; New rigged ship; Naked and bare; Graemsay jig; Chuilfhionn; Athol Highlander's farewell to Loch Katrine; Lady Mary Ramsay; Spey in spate; Micky Docherty's slip jig; West Clare reel; Gorman's two step; On board of the Victory; Lady Livingstone; Iron man; Humours of Tulla; Mary McMahon; Galway gambler; Castlebar tramp; Glasgow Police Pipers; Curlew; Green fields of America; Bag of potatoes; Puck's reel.
TRA360 Wootton, Brenda: Carillon (1979) [Produced by Nigel Pegrum] [Tracks composed by Gendall except where shown]
Cornwall, the land I love; Carillon; Rape of the mackerel shoals; In love again [Carruthers]; Kenavo Dew genough-why; Apple wine [Bidwell]; Paris [Carruthers]; Silver net; Reed beds of Erygh; Loves old sweet refrain [Carruthers]; Eles; Country style.
TRA361 Renbourn, John: Nine maidens (1985) [Produced by John Renbourn]
New nothynge; Fish in the well; Pavanne d'Aragon; Variations on my Lady Mary's Dompe; Circle dance; Clarsach; Nine maidens; Fiddler.
TRA602 Pentangle: Essential Pentangle Vol. 1: Let no man steal your thyme (1986)
Pentangling; Bruton Town; When I was in my prime; Shake, shake, Mama; Let no man steal your thyme; Soho; Cruel sister; Bells; Wedding dress; I've got a feeling; Three part thing; Rain and snow; Way behind the sun; When I get home; Time has come.
TRA603 Renbourn, John: Essential Renbourn Vol. 1: the Soho years (1987)
Judy; Candy man; Lost lover blues; East wind; Nobody's fault but mine; Wildest pig in captivity; I know my babe; After the dance; No exit; Lord Franklin; Cuckoo; Another Monday; Country blues; Waltz; White House blues; My dear boy; Hermit; Buffalo skinners; Sweet potato; Kokomo blues; So clear.
TRA604 Jansch, Bert Essential Jansch Vol. 1: Strolling down the highway (1987)
Strolling down the highway; Running, running from home; Oh how your love is strong; Needle of death; Courting blues; As the day grows longer now; It don't bother me; Gardener; Nine hundred miles; In this game; Casbah; Veronica; Nottamun Town; Go your way my love; Love is teasing; I have no time; Ring a ding bird; I am lonely.
TRA605 Unknown
TRA606 Pentangle: Essential Pentangle Vol. 2:
Track listing unknown
TRA607 Unknown
TRA608 Little Free Rock: Little Free Rock (1987)
Track listing unknown
TRASAM1 Various artists: Here's to the Irish Vol. 1 (1968)
Dubliners - Rocky road to Dublin [TRA116]; Finbar Furey: Eddi Furey - Curragh of Kildare [TRA168]; Glenside Ceilidh Band - Glenside polkas No 1 & No 2 [TRA159]; Grehan Sisters - Henry Joy [unreleased]; Sweeney's Men - Handsome cabin boy [TRA170]; Johnstons - Frog's wedding [TRA169]; Sweeney's Men - Exile's jig [TRA170]; Johnstons -Lambs on the green hills [TRA169]; Finbar Furey: Eddie Furey - Spanish cloak [TRA168]; Glenside Ceilidh Band - Golden jubilee [TRA159]; Dubliners - Cook in the kitchen [TRAEP152]; Grehan Sisters - Orange and the green [unreleased].
TRASAM2 Various artists: Listen here (1968)
Pentangle - Travellin' song [BIG109]; Ralph McTell - Eight frames a second [TRA165]; Gordon Giltrap - In love with a stranger [unreleased]; Bert Jansch: John Renbourn - Tic tocative [TRA144]; John Renbourn - Song [TRA135]; Ian Campbell Folk Group - Circle game [TRA163]; Johnstons - Urge for going [BIG113]; Bert Jansch - Harvest your thoughts of love [TRA132]; Sallyangie - Love in ice crystals [TRA176]; Bob Bunting - Blues for Dominique [TRA166]; Ron Geesin - Certainly random [TRA161]; Purple Gang - Granny takes a trip [BIG101].
TRASAM3 Various artists: All that jazz
Track details unknown
TRASAM4 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Ian Campbell Group sampler Vol. 1 (1969)
Cockfight [TRA118]; Collier's rant [TRA123]; Rap her te bank [TRA123]; I know my love [TRA118]; Campbell's fancy [TRA118]; Mason's apron [TRA118]; Highland widow's lament [TRAEP146]; Lover let me in [TRA151]; Come kiss me love [TRA118]; Highland Harry [TRAEP146]; Pay Friday [TRA123]; Mary Mild [TRA118]; Banks hornpipe [TRA123]; One eyed Reilly [TRASP10]; Card song [TRA151].
TRASAM5 Various artists: Mike Raven blues sampler (1969)
Huddy Leadbetter [Leadbelly] - Little children's blues [XTRA1064]; Jimmy Witherspoon - evenin' [PR7300]; Dr Ross - After hours blues [XTRA1038]; Gary Davis - Say no to the Devil [XTRA5014]; Big Joe Williams - Bottle up and go [STRA5059]; Memphis Slim - Frankie and Johnny [XTRA5060]; Sonny Terry - Louise [XTRA1004]; Jesse Fuller - Brown skin girl [PR7368]; Mable Hillery - It's so hard to be a nigger [XTRA1063]; Blind Willie McTell - Married man's a fool [PR1040]; Scraper Blackwell - A blues [XTRA5011]; Lightnin' Hopkins - Blues in a bottle [XTRA5036].
TRASAM6 Campbell, Alex: Alex Campbell sampler (1969) [Contains the whole of TRAEP147]
Been on the road so long; I'm a rover; Overgate; Round Cape Horn; Plane wreck at Los Gatos [TRAEP147]; My old Gibson guitar [TRAEP147]; Love is teasing; Glesca Peggy; John Gordon; Kissing in the dark; My singing bird; Why, o why? [TRAEP147]; Don't you put me down [TRAEP147].
TRASAM7 Korner, Alexis - All Stars: Blues incorporated (1964) [Personnel - Dave Castle, saxophone, flute; Art Theman, saxophone; Dick Heckstall-Smith, saxophone; Ron Edgeworth, organ, piano; Danny Thompson, bass; Barry Howten, drums; Herbie Goins, tumbas]
Woke up this morning; Skippin'; Herbie's tune; Stormy Monday; It's happening; Roberta; Jones; Cabbage greens; Chicken shack; Haitian fight song.
TRASAM8 McGinn, Matt: Matt McGinn sampler (1969)
Rob Roy McGregor [XTRA1057]; Ballad of the Q4 [XTRA1071]; Dundee ghost [XTRA1071]; Big Sammy [XTRA1045]; Pill [XTRA1071]; Red yoyo [XTRA1045]; Boys from Lisbon [TRASP15]; I have seen the Highlands [TRASP18]; Willie MacNamara [XTRA1045]; Moaning [XTRA1057]; Ballad of John MacLean [XTRA1057]; Heilan' man [XTRA1045].
TRASAM9 Imlach, Hamish: Hamish Imlach sampler (1969)
Tall tale [XTRA1059]; It's better in the dark [XTRA1050]; Oyster girl [TRAEP156]; Twa corbies [TRAEP156]; Wind blew the lassie's plaidie awa' [XTRA1050]; Cumbie boys [XTRA1039]; Copper's song [XTRA1059]; I am a miller [XTRA1059]; Clapped out motor car [XTRA1069]; Cod liver oil and orange juice [XTRA1039]; Scottish breakaway [TRASP11].
TRASAM10 Jansch, Bert: Bert Jansch sampler (1969)
Rabbit run [TRA157]; Wheel [TRA132]; Go your way my love [TRA157]; Come back baby [TRA157]; Angie [TRA125]; Needle of death [TRA125]; Wishing well [TRA179]; First time ever I saw your face [TRA143]; Nottamun Town [TRA143]; Blackwaterside [TRA143]; Veronica [TRA125]; Running from home [TRA125].
TRASAM11 Various artists: Here's to the Irish Vol. 2 (1969)
Johnstons - Nine points of roguery [TRA185]; Johnstons - Humours of Tulla [TRA185]; Finbar Furey: Eddie Furey - Come by the hills [TRA168]; Glenside Ceilidh Band - Bridge below the town [TRA159]; Grehan Sisters - Cricklewood [TRASP20]; Larry Cunningham - Sweet Youghal Bay [TRA198]; Larry Cunningham - Pretty little girl from Omagh [TRA198]; Finbar Furey: Eddie Furey - Lonesome boatman [TRA191]; Johnstons - Cailerch An Airgid [TRA169]; Glenside Ceilidh Band - Hurricane's victory [TRA159]; Glenside Ceilidh Band - Providence reel [TRA159]; Sweeney's Men - Sullivan's John [TRA170]; Grehan Sisters - Victoria [TRA160].
TRASAM12 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: Ian Campbell Group sampler Vol. 2 (1969)
New York gals [TRA151]; Cushy Butterfield [TRA123]; Shoemaker [TRA151]; Derby ram [TRA118]; Cho Cho Losa [TRA118]; Blind man he could see [TRA118]; Down in the coalmine [TRA123]; Cam ye o'er frae France [TRAEP146]; Aye waukin' o [TRA151]; Can ye sew cushions? [TRA151]; Berwick brose [TRA151]; Earl of Moray [TRAEP146]; Drunken Bella Roy [TRA123].
TRASAM13 Young Tradition: Young Tradition sampler (1969) [Contains the whole of TRAEP164]
Chicken on a raft [TRAEP164]; Innocent hare [TRA142]; Whitsuntide carol [TRA155]; Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth [TRA142]; Banks of the Claudy [TRA142]; Randy, dandy o [TRAEP164]; Byker Hill [TRA42]; Daddy fox [TRA155]; Fox hunt [TRA155]; Lyke Wake dirge [TRA142]; Fire Marengo [TRAEP164]; Hanging Johnny [TRAEP164]; Bring 'em down [TRAEP164]; Haul on the bowline [TREAP164.
TRASAM14 Various artists: Contemporary guitar sampler Vol. 1 (1969)
Ralph McTell - Willoughby's Farm [TRA165]; Bert Jansch - Gardener [TRA138]; Gordon Giltrap - Fast approaching [TRA175]; John Pearse - McGee's rag [XTRA1056]; John Fahey - Death of Clayton Peacock [TRA173]; John Renbourn - Day at the seaside [TRA149]; Pentangle - Goodbye pork pie hat [TRA178]; John Pearse - Guitar train [XTRA1056]; Bert Jansch: John Renbourn - Stepping stones [TRA144]; Ralph McTell - Wino and the mouse [TRA177]; Bert Jansch - Tinker's blues [TRA132]; John Fahey - I am the resurrection [TRA173]; John Renbourn - Judy [TRA135]; Ralph McTell - Rizraklaru [TRA177]; Gordon Giltrap - Ive's horizon [TRA175].
TRASAM15 Various artists: Contemporary guitar sampler Vol. 2 (1970)
Bert Jansch: John Renbourn - East wind [TRA144]; Gordon Giltrap - Lucifer's cage [TRA202]; Stefan Grossman - Pigtown fling [TRA217]; Pentangle - Bells [TRA162]; Storyteller - Marigold chrome [TRA220]; Ron Geesin - Two fifteen - string guitars for nice people [TRA161]; Pentangle - Hole in my coal [TRA178]; John James - And the dog was sleeping in the corner [TRA219]; Storyteller - Vestapol [TRA220]; Bert Jansch - Miss Rosemary Sewell [TRA179]; Stefan Grossman - Aurora's powder rag [TRA217]; Bert Jansch: John Renbourn - After the dance [TRA144]; Gordon Giltrap - Confusion [TRA202.
TRASAM16 Johnstons: Johnstons sampler (1970)
Spanish lady [TRA211]; Both sides now [TRA184]; Barleycorn [TRA185]; Dublin jack of all trades [TRA169]; Lord Thomas and fair Ellender [TRA211]; O'Carolan's concerto [TRA169]; Frog's wedding [TRA169]; You keep going your way [TRA184]; Kilfenora jig [TRA211; Flower of Northumberland [TRA185].
TRASAM17 Various artists: Great Scots sampler Vo. 1 (1970)
Watt Nicol - Fifie [XTRA1062]; Hamish Imlach - Wind blew the lassie's plaidie awa' [XTRA1050]; Matt McGinn - Rolling hills of the Border [XTRA1057]; Ian Campbell; Lorna Campbell - Man's a man for a' that [XTRA1074]; Archie Fisher - Kielder Hunt [XTRA1070]; Matt McGinn - Loch Lomond [XTRA1078]; Archie Fisher - Bogie's bonny Belle [XTRA1070]; Hamish Imlach - McPherson's farewell [XTRA1059]; Matt McGinn - I have seen the Highlands [TRASP18]; Ian Campbell: Lorna Campbell - Keach in the creel [XTRA1061]; Hamish Imlach - Johnny o' Breadislee [XTRA1039].
TRASAM18 Various artists: Heads and tails 1 (1970) [Double]
Track listing unknown
TRASAM19 Various artists: Heads and tails 2 (1970) [Double]
Track listing unknown
TRASAM20 Renbourn, John: John Renbourn sampler Vol. 1 (1970)
Judy; Song; I know my babe; Debbie Ann; Nobody's fault but mine; Sweet potato; Lord Franklin; Lady Nothyng's toye puffe; Trees they do grow high; Alman; Melancholy galliard; One for William; Orlando; My Johnny was a shoemaker;
TRASAM21 Various artists: Great Scots sampler Vol. 2 (1971)
Hamish Imlach - Calton weaver [XTRA1094]; Archie Fisher - Three gypsies [XTRA1070]; Lorna Campbell - Wife of Usher's Well [XTRA1061]; Alex Campbell - Mormond Braes [XTRA1014]; Owen Hand - I loved a lass [TRA138]; Watt Nicol - Fiddler and the dancer [XTRA1108]; Ian Campbell - Canny miner lad [TRA123]; Alex Campbell - Banks of Claudy [XTRA1041]; Matt McGinn - Rosin the bow [XTRA1071]; Isla Cameron - As I roved out [XTRA1042]; Archie Fisher - Terror time [XTRA1070]; Ian Campbell - Wooed and married [TRA163].
TRASAM22 Various artists: 5,227,706 Scotsmen can't be wrong (1971)
Watt Nicol 0 Plumbers and jiners [XTRA1089]; Matt McGinn - Skinny malinky long legs [XTRA1078]; Watt Nicol - Wee bird [XTRA1089]; Hamish Imlach - Soldier's prayer [XTRA1039]; Watt Nicol - Scriptures [XTRA1062]; Matt McGinn - Two foot tall [XTRA1071]; Matt McGinn - Biddie McGrath [XTRA1071]; Watt Nicol - Whistling Duke [XTRA1108]; Hamish Imlach - Horny bull [XTRA1069]; Matt McGinn - Cleansing man [XTRA1078]; Watt Nicol - Just made it legal [XTRA1062]; Matt McGinn - Footba' referee [XTRA1045].
TRASAM23 Various artists: History book (1972)
Bert Jansch - Courting blues; Bert Jansch; John Renbourn - Lucky thirteen; Pentangle - Can't keep from crying; Bert Jansch; John Renbourn - No exit; Pentangle - Waltz; Pentangle - Forty eight; Pentangle - Time has come; Pentangle - Train song; Pentangle - Sally go round the roses; Pentangle - Cruel sister.
TRASAM24 Various artists: Twentieth century music sampler
Track listing unknown
TRASAM25 Various artists: Blues for your pocket
Blind Willie Johnson - Dark was the night, cold was the ground [XTRA1098]; Son House - New pony blues [TRA223]; Furry Lewis - Pearlee blues [XTRA1116]; Jazz Gillum - Key to the highway [XTRA1111]; Big Bill Broonzy - Guitar shuffle [XTRA1004]; Brownie McGhee - Sportin' life blues [XTRA1035]; Memphis Slim - Boogie woogie piano styles [XTRA1085]; Little Brother Montgomery - Lonesome Mama [XTRA1115]; Sticks McGhee - Drink of wine mop, mop [XTRA1110]; J D Short - So much wine [XTRA1080]; James Son Thomas - Beefsteak blues [XTRA1105]; Fred McDowell - Mojo hand [TRA194].
TRASAM26 Various artists: Picture rags (1972)
David Laibman; Eric Schoenberg - Maple leaf rag [TRA253]; John James - Picture rag [TRA219]; Stefan Grossman - Tickle dew [TRA217]; Ralph McTell - Blind Blake's rag [TRA165]; Reverend Gary Davis - St Louis tickle [TRA244]; Reverend Gary Davis - Italian rag [TRA244]; Stefan Grossman - Red pepper rag [TRA217]; John James - Original rags [TRA242]; Pete Berryman - Weeping willow [TRA250]; David Laibman; Eric Schoenberg - Red carpet rag [TRA253].
TRASAM27 Jansch, Bert: Box of love - Bert Jansch sampler Vol. 2
Oh how your love is strong [TRA125]; In this game [unreleased]; Gardener [TRA143]; Soho [TRA144]; I am lonely [TRA179]; Peregrinations [TRA235]; Casbah [TRA125]; Dissatisfied blues [unreleased]; As the day grows longer now [TRA132]; Box of love [TRA157]; Birthday blues [TRA179]; Nobody's bar [TRA235].
TRASAM28 Renbourn, John: So clear - John Renbourn sampler Vol. 2
Lady goes to church [TRA167]; Another Monday [TRA149]; Shake, shake mama [TRA247]; Bransle gay [TRA224]; Bransle de Bourgogne [TRA224]; So clear [TRA240]; Lady and the unicorn [TRA224]; Plainsong [TRA135]; Blues run the game [unreleased]; Waltz [TRA149]; Westron wynde [TRA224]; Cuckoo [TRA247]; Transfusion [TRA167]; Country blues [TRA247].
TRASAM29 Pentangle: Pentangling (1973)
I got a feeling [TRA178]; Helping hand [TRA240]; Pentangling [TRA162]; When I get home [TRA240]; Rain and snow [TRA240]; Lyke Wake dirge [TRA205]; Threes they do grow high [TRA178]; Maid that's deep in love [TRA228]; Once I had a sweetheart [TRA205].
TRASAM30 Young Tradition: Galleries revisited (1973)
Re-issue of TRA172
TRASAM31 Imlach, Hamish: All round entertainer (1973)
McGregors [XTRA1069]; Mountain dew [XTRA1094]; Gaudie [XTRA1039]; 37 bus [XTRA1059]; I got fooled [XTRA1069]; Calton weaver [XTRA1094]; Soldier's prayer [XTRA1039]; McPherson's farewell [XTRA1059]; History of football [XTRA1069]; Lang Johnny Moore [XTRA1121]; Little Maggie [XTRA1094].
TRASAM32 Connolly, Billy: Words and music (1975)
If it was'nae for your wellies [XTRA1144]; Everybody knows that [TRA207]; Saltcoats at the fair [TRA186]; Silk pyjamas [TRA201]; Harry Campbell and the heavies [TRA279]; Leo Maguire's song [TRA279]; Stainless steel wellies [TRA258]; Little blue lady [TRA186]; Give me a little of your time [TRA186]; Music teacher [TRA279]; Marie's wedding [TRA279].
TRASAM33 Stray: Tracks (1975)
Track listing unknown
TRASAM34 McTell, Ralph: Streets of London (1975)
Streets of London; Hesitation blues; Mrs. Adlam's angels; Girl on a bicycle; Michael in the garden; Nana's song; Rizraklaru; Summer come along; Factory girl; Mermaid and the seagull; Kew Gardens.
TRASAM35 Digance, Richard: In concert (1976) [Recorded at the Rainbow Theatre, London] [All tracks composed by Richard Digance]
I hear the press gang; Drag Queen blues; How the west was lost; Show me the door; Working class millionaire; Beaver the believer.
TRASAM36 Bardens, Peter: Vintage '69 (1976) [Produced by Peter Bardens] [Issued on clear vinyl] [Personnel - Peter Green, guitar; Andy Gee, guitar; Reg Isadore, drums, percussion; Bruce Thomas, bass; Rocky, congas; Vic Linton, guitar; John Owen, bass]
Answer; Don't goof with a spook; I can't remember; I don't want to go home; Write me name in the dust; Homage to the god of light.
TRASAM37 Sweeney's Men: Sweeney's Men (1976) [Sweeney's Men - Andy Irvine, mandolin, harmonica, guitar; Johnny Moynihan, bouzouki, tin whistle; Terry Woods, guitar;, banjo, concertina]
Rattlin', roarin' Willie; Sally Brown; My dearest dear; Exile's jig; Handsome cabin boy; Dicey Riley; Tom Dooley; Willy o' Winsbury; Dance to your Daddy; House carpenter; Johnston; Reynard the fox.
TRASAM38 Connolly, Billy: Big Yin (1976) [All tracks composed by Billy Connolly except where shown]
Glasgow accents; Nar you; Harry; Oh! dear; Why don't they come to Dunoon? [K King]; Cruisin'; Life in the day of.
TRASAM39 McTell, Ralph: Ralph McTell collection Vol. 2 (1976)
Are you receiving me?; Sleepytime blues; England, 1914; Willoughby's Farm; Clown; Fairground; Spiral staircase; I've thought about it; Father forgive them; Eight frames a second; Too tight drag [Blind Blake]; Granny takes a trip [Bowyer; Beard].
TRASAM40 Sweeney's Men: Tracks of Sweeney's Men (1977)
Track listing unknown
TRASAM41 McGinn, Matt: Matt McGinn (1977)
Red yoyo; Willie MacNamara; Old Johnny Bull; Big Sammy; Footba' referee; Ban the Beatles; Heilan' man; First man on the moon; Manura Manyar; Gallowgate calypso; Lots of little soldiers; Unner alow the ground.
TRASAM42 McGinn, Matt: Matt McGinn (1977)
Track listing unknown
TRASAM43 Imlach, Hamish: Hamish Imlach (1977)
Track listing unknown
TRASAM44 Stray: Reflecting a generation (1977)
Track listing unknown
TRASP1 Dubliners: [45 single]
Wild rover / Rocky road to Dublin
TRASP2 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: [45 single]
Kelly from Killane / Boys of Wexford
TRASP3 Dubliners: [45 single]
Roisin Dubh / Greenland whale fisheries
TRASP4 Campbell, Alex: [45 single]
Night visiting song / I've been on the road so long
TRASP5 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: [45 single]
Times they are a-changin' / Across the hills
TRASP6 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: [45 single]
Come kiss me love / First time ever I saw your face
TRASP7 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: [45 single]
Guantanamera / Mary Anne
TRASP8 Dubliners: [45 single]
Surrounded by water / Off to Dublin in the green
TRASP9 Dubliners: [45 single]
Foggy dew / Nelson's farewell
TRASP10 Campbell, Ian - Folk Group: [45 single]
One eyed Reilly / Snow is falling
TRASP11 Imlach, Hamish: [45 single]
Scottish breakaway / I'm the boy to freeze 'em
TRASP12 Pearse, John: [45 single]
Unknown / You were on my mind
TRASP13 McGinn, Matt: [45 single]
Red yoyo / Footba' referee
TRASP14 Grehan Sisters: [45 single]
Save the old home / Unknown
TRASP15 McGinn, Matt: [45 single]
Boys of Lisbon / I'm looking for a job
TRASP16 Nicol, Watt: [45 single]
Remote control / Ballad of Winnie Ewing
TRASP17 Johnstons: [45 single]
They'll never get their man / Dublin jack of all trades
TRASP18 McGinn, Matt: [45 single]
I have seen the Highlands / Unknown
TRASP19Sweeney's Men : [45 single]
Sullivan's John / Rattlin', roarin' Willie
TRASP20 Grehan Sisters: [45 single]
Cricklewood / |God save Ireland
TRASP21 Kelly, Stan: [45 single]
Ballad of Armagh Jail / Kelly from Killane
TRS101 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Band: Into the eighties (1980)
Twelve tracks
TRS102 Unknown:
TRS103 Connolly, Billy: Billy Connolly live (1972)
re-issue of TRA258
TRS104 McTell, Ralph: Streets of London (1975)
re-issue of TRASAM34
TRS105 Unknown:
TRS106 Pentangle: Pentangling
Re-issue of TRASAM29
TRS107 Humblebums: New Humblebums (1969)
Re-issue of TRA201
TRS108 Kilfenora Ceilidh Band: Kilfenora Ceilidh Band (1974)
Re-issue of TRA283
TRS109 Unknown:
TRS110 Stray: Saturday morning pictures 1971)
Re-issue of TRA248
TRS111 Unknown:
TRS112 Rafferty, Gerry: Can I have my money back? (1971)
Re-issue of TRA241
TRS113 Guthrie, Woody: Poor boy (1968)
Re-issue of XTRA1065
TRS114 Pentangle: Basket of light (1969)
Re-issue of TRA205
TRS115 McVay, Ray - Orchestra: Come dancing (1982)
Re-issue of TRA351
TRS116 Barker, Ronnie: Corbett, Ronnie: Best of the two Ronnies (1976)
Re-issue of TRA328
TRS117 Jansch, Bert: Bert Jansch (1982)
Re-issue of TRA125
TRS118 Swarbrick, Dave: Dave Swarbrick (1976)
Re-issue of TRA337
TRS5001 Various artists: Contemporary guitar sampler Vol. 1 (1969)
Re-issue of TRASAM14

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