Clo More Recordings

Orain Luaidh   No number cassette   Various artists
More of the Lomax/Kennedy 'Highlands and Islands' Gaelic recordings - publication sponsored by Harris Tweed Association.

Comhairle Bhealoideas Eireann

CBE001 The Bunch of Keys   Johnny Doran
CBE002 The Gravel Walks   Mickey Doherty
CBE003 The Mount Callan Garland   Tom Lenihan
Substantial book by Tom Munnelly and 2 cassettes
Paddy, the Cockney and the Ass; The Lonely Banna Strand; Patrick Sheehan; My Far Down Cailin Bawn; Erin go Bragh; Pat O'Brien; Emmet's Farewell; Edinburgh Town; The Men of County Clare; Cailin Deas Cruithe na mBo; Loved by a Man; The Bobbed Hair; Miss Green; The Kerry Recruit; Mister Woodburren; The Holland Handkerchief; Beautiful, Beautiful Ireland; Barb'ry Allen; The Banks of the Nile; A Wint'ry Evening; Paddy's Panacea; Purty Molly Brannigan; Single Jigs,O'Connell's Farewell / No Name; Rineen Ambush; The Trees They Do Be High; Why Don't You Love the Old Love?; Who is the Lady?; The Well of Spring Water; To Fair London Town; The Rocks of Bawn; The Pride of Kilkee; Saint James's Hospital; Only Nineteen Years Old; The Lusitania; The Old Oak Tree; My Bonny Boy in Blue; Farewell to Miltown Malbay; The Bandon Blarney Stone; The Beautiful Hands of the Priest; The Bicycle; The Christmas Letter; Reel: The Collier's; Erin's Green Shore; Farmer Michael Hayes (The Fox Chase); Misses Limerick, Kerry and Clare; The Home I Left Behind; The Lake of Coolfin; Lord Levett; Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn ce hi; Mac and Shanahan; Michael O'Dwyer; Willie Reilly and his Cailin Bawn.

Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Éireann

CCL? Traditional Songs and Singers   22 songs from singers from all over Ireland
CCL7 A Bar of a Song   20 songs from singers from all over Ireland
CCL10 Johnny Doherty
1974 recordings
CL44 Where the Linnets Sing   Three generations of the Tunney family  (1993)
CL53 The McDonaghs of Ballinafad and Friends   Play Traditional Music of Sligo   (2000)   Review
Reels: Tom Ward's Downfall, The Mullingar Races, Jackie Coleman's, McFadden's / The Blackberry Blossom, The Morning Dew, The Templehouse, The Lady on the Island, Lord McDonald, Down the Broom, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Larry McDonagh's Reel, Ah Surely, The Boyne Hunt & Drowsy Maggie, Miss Mcleod's Reel, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn, The Fermoy Lassies, The Dublin Reel, The Boys of Ballisodare, The Ladies' Pantalettes, The Copper Plate, Coleman's Cross, The Heather Breeze, Billy Brocken's, The Sailor on the Rock, The Tinker's Stick, Martin Wynne's Reel.  Jigs: The Butcher's March, Scatter the Mud, Richard Brennan's, The Rambling Pitchfork, Saddle the Pony, Brendan Tonra's Jig, The Leitrim Jig, The Killavil Jig.  Polka: The Ballinafad Polka.  Piece: A Harper's Tune.  Single Jig: Larry McDonagh's Jig

County Records

CO-3506-CD Echoes of the Ozarks, Vol. 1   Morrisson Brother's Band, Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers, Like Highnight's Ozark Strutters,, George Edgin's Corn Dodgers, Ted Sharp, Hinman and Sharp, Ashley's Melody Men, Fiddli' Sam Long
Dry and Dusty, Jaw Bone, Ft. Smith Breakdown, My Ozark Mountain Home, George Washington, Pike's Peak, Bath House Blues, Cotton Eyed Joe, Echoes Of The Ozarks, Corn Dodger #1 Special, Robinson County, Ozark Waltz, Sailing On The Ocean, Get Along Home Miss Cindy, Sandy Land, Bailey Waltz, Old Grey Horse, Hog Eye, Seneca Square Dance, Walk Along John, There's No Hell In Georgia, Searcy County Rag.
CO-3507-CD Echoes of the Ozarks, Vol. 2   Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers, Reaves White County Ramblers, Birkhead & Lane, Grinnell Giggers, A.W. Ward & His Plow Boys, Hiter Covin, Fiddlin' Bob Larkan, Arkansas Barefoot Boys.
In The Garden Where The Irish Potatoes Grow, Flying Engine, Robinson County, Duck Shoes Rag, Going To Leave Old Arkansas, Rabbit Up A Gum Stump, Saturday Night Waltz, Rattler Treed A Possum, Eight Of January, Kansas City Reel, Arkansas Traveler, The Old Dinner Bell, Ruth's Rag, Ten Cent Piece, Higher Up The Monkey Climbs, Indian War Whoop, Drunkard's Hiccoughs, Prairie County Waltz, Shortenin' Bread, Plow Boy Hop, Going Down The River.
This is the old 3 LP series now on 2 CDs - mentioned by Frank Weston in his review of the latest Rounder Ozark Fiddle music CD

Craft Recordings

CRCD 01 Johnny O'Leary of Sliabh Luachra   Dance music from the Cork-Kerry border   Johnny O'Leary - button accordion, with Tim Kiely - guitar:  (1997)   Review
Polkas: John Walshe's; The Kenmare Polka / Sweeney's; Jerome Burke's / The Cobbler; The Annaghbeg Polka; The Campdown Races; Bill the Weaver's / The Blue Ribbon Polka; Paddy Spillane's; The Knocknagree Polka / John Collins' Fancy; Dan O'Leary's / Dan Sweeney's; Dan O'Leary's; The Green Cottage; Connie Fleming's Polka.  Jigs: A Night at the Fair / The Cat in the Corner; The Gallant Tipperary Boys / The First Cousins of the Gallant Tipperary Boys; Molly Myers' / Jack Connell's; The Old Grey Goose.  Hornpipes: Murphy's / The Greencastle.  Slides: The Hair Fell off My Coconut / Thadelo's Slide; The Bicycle; Barrack Hill / If I had a Wife; Mick Mahony's / The Kilcummin Slide; O'Keeffe's Slides / Julia Clifford's Slide.  Barn-dances: Thadelo's / Turkey in the Straw; Thadelo Sullivan's.  Set Dance: An Sean Bhean Bhocht.  Reels: Padraig O'Keeffe's New Reel / Padraig O'Keeffe's 'Woman of the House'; Crowley's; The Cornerhouse / Come West Along the Road.
CRCD02 The Square Triangle   The Four Star Trio   (1998)   Review
Scatter the Mud / Union Quay / Rogha an Mhaistir; Jack Sweeney's / Billy Mahony's / Sonny Riordar; Fitzgerald's / Kimmel's; AmhranIdir Corcaigh agus Dujghlas; The Swallow's Tail/ The Heather Breeze; Merrily Kiss the Quaker/ The Quarry Cross; Abha an tSulain / The Honeymoon Reel; The Walking Jig / Michelle O'Sullivan's / Bimis ag Ol; The Miltown Cockroach; Ride a Mile / The Sport of the Chase; The Lost Polka / The Rakes of Mallow; The Banks of the Lee; The Templehouse / The Boy in the Boat / The Red Haired Lass; Ode to Whiskey; Hymn to St Finbarr; Going for Water / Mick Lynch's.
CRCD03 The Croppy's Complaint   Music and Songs of 1798   Various Artists  (1998)   Review
Mick O'Brien, pipes: Set Dance: The Rights of Man; The Downfall of Paris; Jim McFarland: The Blarismoor Tragedy; Sean Tyrell: Croppies Lie Down; Frank Harte: McKenna's Dream; Eamon O' Broithe: An Croppy Lie Down; The Four Star Trio: Napper Tandy; A 98 March; Croppie's March /Repeal of the Union; Jerry O' Reilly: Father Murphy; Sean Garvey: Bagenal Harvey's Farewell; Tim Lyons: Henry Joy McCracken; Roisin White: Rody McCorley; Barry Gleeson: Faithless Bony; Terry Timmons: The Cow that Ate the Piper; Luke Cheevers: Little Jimmy Murphy.

Demon Records

FIENCD771 At the Setting of the Sun   Sarah and Rita Keane   Review

Dingle's Records

Items in red in this list have not been seen.  Details of the rest have been taken from the sleeve and disc except for Banks of the Tyne by Carolyn Robson, taken from the CD re-issue which is licensed from Dragon Records, indicating some form of link between the two labels.
DID501 Lee, Ivy: Five Cents: Older women (nd)
Track listing unknown
DID711 Fiddler's Dram: Fiddler's Dram (1980) [Personnel - Fiddler's Dram [Cathy LeSurf - vocals; Alan Prosser - guitar, bass, bones, vocals; Chris Taylor - bouzouki, harmonica, mandolin, banjo; Ian Telfer - violin, viola; Will Ward - bassoon, crumhorn]; Tom Fenner - drums; David Foister - synthesisers; John Jones - melodeon] [Produced by David Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Thirteen pence a day; Darley's jig; Flash lad; Fedora; Farmer's cursed wife; Sloe gin [A Prosser]; Mamma's ill [A Prosser]; Johnny John; Beercart Lane [C LeSurf]; Bad girl; Whiskey [I Telfer]; Stick Morris [A Prosser]; Daytrip to Bangor [Debbie Cook].
DID712 Spinners: Around the world and back again (1981) [Personnel - Spinners [Cliff Hall - vocals, harmonica, guitar, tambourine; Mick Groves - vocals, guitar; Hugh Jones - vocals, guitar, banjo, ukulele; Tony Davis - vocals, banjo, whistle]; John McCormick - bass] [Produced by Peter R Vince] [gatefold]
Derby ram; No tearie Jeremiah; Suliram; Botany Bay; Wild colonial boy; Henry Martin; Bells of Rhymney [I Davies / P Seeger]; Rancho Grande; Brian O'Lynn; Bread and fishes [Alan Bell]; Old Pendle; Le veille de Noe; Shenandoah; Somagwaza; This land is your land [W Guthrie]; Blantyre explosion; Ar Lan y Mor; Go slow; Mist over the Mersey [Jack Owen]; Haere ra [Now is the time.
DID713 Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators: Manhattan Roll (1982)  [Personnel: Nick Barraclough - guitars, vocals; Anne Baker - kabassa, maracas, vibraslap, vocals; Richard Lee - double bass; Gerry Hale - mandolin, electric mandolin, fiddle, vocals; Tony Shepherd - drums; Andy Metcalfe - Yamaha electric grand, Korg CX3, vocals]
The Telephone Bill Song [Chris Cox]; Hot Dog [Chris Cox]; Manhattan Roll [Chris Cox & Anne Baker]; Pamela Ewing [Gerry Hale]; Indian Boogey [Chris Cox]; Orange Blossom Special [Rouse]; Telephone Moan [Dan Russell]; Boney Maroney [Shurey & Kepner]; Oh Dear Boy [Chris Cox]; Busy Line Of My Own [Chris Cox & Anne Baker]; Just For A Moment [Chris Cox].
DID714 Felix, Julie: Blowing in the wind (1982) [Personnel - Brett Morgan - drums; AlanJones - bass; Jeff Crampton - guitar; Nigel Kenkins - guitar; Christopher Taylor - flute; Mats Eriksson - harmonica; Jan Elander - guitar; Bjorn Alriksson - marimba; Anders Stake - Swedish bagpipe; Michael Ross - guitar; Sten Nilsson - backing vocals; Vidar Alsterberg - keyboards, backing vocals; Ebbe Nilsson - keyboards, percussion, backing vocals] [UK issue of the Scranta Grammofon recording]
Soldier from the sixties [J Felix]; El condor pasa [D A Rubles / J Milchberg / P Simon]; Amazing grace; Mr Tambourine Man [B Dylan]; Early morning rain [G Lightfoot]; Vincent [D McLean]; Where you are [J Felix]; Going to the zoo [T Paxton]; Where have all the flowers gone? [P Seeger]; Let it be [J Lennon / P McCartney]; Dona, Dona [S Secunda]; Last thing on my mind [T Paxton]; Scarborough Fair; Soldiers from the sixties [J Felix].
DID715 Ar Log: Meillionen [Clover] (1983) [Personnel - Dafydd Roberts - triple harp, flute; Gwyndaf Roberts - knee harp, clarsach harp, bass; Geraint Glynne Davies - guitar; Stephen Rees - violin, accordion, recorder, keyboards, clarinet] Produced by Ar Log and Dayffd Roberts, engineered by Des Bennet]
Dance - Y Ddafad Gorniog; Tunes - Y Ddafad Gorniog [Horned ram]; Y Ceiliog Gwyn [White cock]; Wyres Ned Puw [Ned Puw's granddaughter]; Dance - Clawdd Offa [Offa's Dyke]; Tune - Sawdly Fuwch [Cowslip]; Dance - Hogiau'r Foelas [Lads from Foelas]; Tunes - Y Derwydd [Druid]; Ap Siencyn [Son of Siencyn]; Dance - Rhif With [Figure of eight]; Tunes - Rhif With [Figure of eight]; Hyfrydwch y Brenin Sior [King George's delight]; Dance - Meillionen [Clover]; Dance - Rali Twm Sion [Twn Sion's rally]; Tunes - Pigau'r Dur [Points of the steel]; Difyrrwch Gwyr Llanfabon [Delight of the men of Llanfabon]; Dance - Ffair Caerffili [Cawrphilly Fair]; Tune - Hud y Frwynen [Alluremnts of the rush]; Dance - Ali Grogan; Tunes - Ali Grogan; Mopsi Don [Mopsi's tune]; Dance and tune - Abergenni; Dance - Dawns y Gloscen [Clog dance ]; Tunes - Pwt ar y Bys [Fingering vamp]; Croen y Ddafad Felen [Skin of the yellow sheep].
DID716 Pearson, Chris: Imaginary walls (1987)
Track listing unknown
DIN301 Various artists: Dingle's Regatta (1976) [Personnel - Reelists [Ben Bonnaud - violin; Pete Reynard - bass; Helen Holt - accordion; Roger Holt - drums; Paul Stevens - mandolin; Dave Rigby - piano] [Produced by Carey Roberts, Engineered by Roger Slater]
Dingle's Regatta jig [Reelists]; Jimmy Allen reel [Reelists]; Jump at the sun [J Kirkpatrick] [Reelists]; Bully in the Alley [Jim Mageean ]; Brisk young lively lad [Keith Dignum]; recruited collier [Ros Shaylor]; Mowing the barley [Tim Laycock]; Admiral Benbow [Simon Rosser]; Down the glen [Reelists]; Foggy dew [Reelists]; Donkey riding [Jim Mageean]; Sprig of thyme [Ros Shaylor; Margaret Shaylor]; Lay of Long Lankin [Simon Rosser]; Derry down dale [Keith Dignum]; Farewell my dearest dear [Tim Laycock]; Searching for lambs [Ros Shaylor]; Chase the buffalo [Carey Roberts]; Sally Gardens reel [Reelists]; Fairy dance [Reelists]; Warm stuff [Reelists].
DIN302 Byrne, Packie: Shaljean, Bonnie: Half door (1977) [Personnel - singers from Dingle's Folk Club [Jim Mageean, Anne Mageean, Dave Cole, Ros Shaylor, Margaret Allen, Sam Stephens, Anne Lennox-Martin, Keith Dignum, Simon Rosser] Produced by Carey Roberts, engineered by Allan Morrow] [Translations from the record sleeve]
Captain Taylor's air and march; I will lay ye doon; Min an Erin [Plain of Ireland]; Drummer boy at Waterloo; German barn dance; Recruited collier; I've got a bonnet; Munster buttermilk; Ghost's welcome; Our ship she lays in harbour; Half door; Miss Hamilton; All alive; Lark in the clear air; Red haired man's wife [Bean an fear Ruadh]; Hannigan's hooey.
DIN303 Mageean, Jim: Capstan bar (1978) [Personnel - chorus [Johnny Collins, Alan Fitzsimmons, Kevin Lindley, Danny MacLeod, Derek Schofield] [Produced by Roger Holt and Jim Mageean, engineered by Allan Morrow]
I'm bound away; Mobile Bay; Yeller gals; Essequibo River; Roll the cotton down; Cheer'ly man; Captain Nipper; Ja, ja, ja; Hurrah sing fare ye well; Come roll me over; Roll the woodpile down; Ranzo Ray; Capstan bar; Serafina; One more day; Rolling home.
DIN304 Fiddler's Dram: To see the play (1978) [Personnel - Fiddler's Dram [Cathy LeSurf - vocals, bodhran, bells; Chris Taylor - mandola, banjo, bouzouki; Alan Prosser [guitar, bass, harmonium, bones, dulcimer; Ian Telfer - violin, bowed psaltery, English concertina]; John Jones - melodeon, chorus; John Taylor - chorus; Will Ward - bassoon] [Produced by David Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Jack in London City; Song of victory; Song of the blackbird; Day trip to Bangor [Debbie Cook]; Flash lad; Ythanside; Keyhole in the door; Youankis; Skraperez; Guerz ar gechantez; Wa'ney Island cock fight; Two brothers; Peel the tatties [Chris Taylor]; Pig in the kitchen [Chris Taylor]; Barony jig; False knight on the road; Nottingham Goose Fair.
DIN305 Ar Log: Ar Log (1979) [Personnel - Dave Burns - mandolin, guitar, bodhran, vocals; Dafydd Roberts - triple harp, flute; Gwndaf Roberts - knee harp, Clarsac harp; Iolo Jones - knee harp, recoder, vocals] [Produced by David Foister and Roger Holt, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Rali Twn Sion [Tim Sion's rally]; Ymdaith gwyr Dyfnaint [March of the men from Devon]; Y blewyn gals [Green blade of grass]; Difyrrwch Corbet o Ynys Maengwyn [Delight of Corbet from Ynys Maengwyn]; Difyrrwch gwyr Dolgellau [Delight of the men of Dolgellau]; Ymdaith Caerffili [Caerphilly march]; Ty coch Caerdydd [Red house of Cardiff]; Ar lan y mor [On the sea shore]; Dainty Davey; Hoffedd ap Hywel [Ap Hywel's fancy]; Y gwcw fach [Dear cuckoo]; Yn Harbwr Corc [In Cork Harbour]; Breuddwyd y Frenhines [Queen's dream]; Per Oslef [Sweet Richard]; Cerdd y gog lywdlas [Song of the grey cuckoo]; Clychau Aberdyfi [Bells of Aberdyfi]; Bugail Aberdyfi [Shepherd of Aberdyfi]; Ffidl ffadl [Fiddle faddle]; Y delyn newydd [New harp]; Tra bo dau [Whilst there are two]; Glan Bran; Ymgyrch-Don Waenlwyd [Rallying cry of the Waenlywyd].
DIN306 Dow, Nick: Burd Margaret (1978) [Produced by David Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Week's work well done; Scarecrow; Tarry trousers; Davy Lowston; Green linnet; Devil and the feathery wife; Lover's ghost; Poor old couple; Fair Rosamund; Quaker; Black joke; Burd Margaret; Jolly bold robber.
DIN307 Stephens, Sam: Lennox-Martin, Anne: Pretty ploughboy (1979) [Personnel - Ian Telfer - violin; Chris Taylor - bouzouki; Will Ward - bassoon; Alan Prosser - guitar; additional vocals - Cathy LeSurf, Alan Prosser, John Jones, Jim Mageean, Anne Mageean, Johnny Collins,] [Produced by Johnny Collins, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Scolding wife; Bushes and briars; Praties they grow small; Jolly ploughboy; Fuddling Day; Rosemary Lane; Joshua [Arthurs / Lee]; Bibberley Town; Forsaken maiden; Pretty ploughboy; Low down in the broom; Lonesome scenes of winter; Boy I love [George Ware].
DIN308 Pratt, Graham: Pratt, Eileen: To friend and foe (1980) [Personnel - Paul Dickinson - violin, whistle; D Foister - drum] [Produced by D Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Lambs on the green hills; Patapan; Lad of lovely hair; Miraculous fish [Martin Parker]; Daphne; Bonny Earl of Livingston [G Pratt]; Bundling song [G Pratt]; Last road [G & E Pratt]; Doll thy ale [tune - P Dickinson]; She moved through the fair [Padraig Colum]; Black fox [G Pratt]; Jealous woman [G & E Pratt]; Minstrel [G Pratt].
DIN309 Oyster Ceilidh Band: Jack's alive (1980) Jack's Alive. [Personnel: Cathy Lesurf, vocals; John Jones, melodeon, vocals; Alan Prosser, guitars, violin; Chris Taylor, guitar, bouzouki, harmonica, one-row melodeon, mandola; Ian Telfer, violin, English concertina, saxophone; Chris Wood, bass guitar; Will Ward, bassoon, recorders, crumhorn, keyboards.
The Blean Hoodening Song / The City Branle;  Hunting the Hare / The Clog;  Schottische D'Auvergne / Belle Rosinne;  Oyster River Hornpipe / Herne Bay Dance / The Curlyheaded Ploughboy;  Marche Due Fin Du Bal / The Committee Jig;  Lakes of Cool Flynn;  The Rambling Sailor;  Brandy;  The Shaalds of Foula jig;  The Lawyer (Mowing the Barley);  News of the Victory / The One-Horned Sheep;  Limbo;  Boscastle Breakdown.
DIN310 Ar Log: Ar Log 2 (1980) [Personnel - Gwyndaf Roberts - knee and clarsach harps, bass, vocals; Dafydd Roberts - Triple harp, flute, banjo, pipe, vocals; Geraint Glynne Davies - guitar, vocal; Graham Pritchard - violin, mandolin] [Translations from the record sleeve] [Produced by Roger Hilt and Ar Log, engineered by Helin Elis and Aryl Davies]
Sesiwyn nyg Nghymru [Session in Wales]; Mon [Anglesey]; Fflat Huw Puw ;Hugh Puw's flat]; Pibddawns gwyr Wrecsam [Wrexham hornpipe]; Hiraeth [Yearning]; Wyres Megan [Megan's granddaughter]; Merch Megan [Megan's daughter]; Rownd yr Horn [Round the horn]; Caer Rhun [Rhun's fort]; Nyth y gog [Cuckoo's nest]; Nyth y gwcw [Cuckoo's nest]; LLydaw [Brittany]; Llongau Caernarfon [Ships of Caernarfon]; Y frech o blwy Penderyn [Maid from the parish of Penderyn]; Tros y garreg [Over the stone]; Bugeilio'r Gwenith gwyn [Shepherding the white wheat]; Dafydd Ifan Tomas [David Evan Thomas]; Gwyr Gwent [Men of Gwent]; Cwrwda [Good ale]; Santiana.
DIN311 Byrne, Packie: Shaljean, Bonnie: Roundtower (1981) [Personnel - Eamonn Curran - uilleann pipes; Michael Billinge - bodhran] [Produced by Bonny Shaljean and Dave Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
An Culin; Bantry Bay girls' lament; Blooming meadow; Paddy the dandy; Billy Reilley b Shaljean]; Father Murphy's topcoat; Drops of brandy; Ramblin' Irishman; Rosie's brahan; Fernden polka; Donal Og; Madame Bonaparte; King of the fairies; Poor dog tray; Johnny Leary's polka; Forty two pound cheque; Shenendoah.
DIN312 Pyewhackett: Pyewhackett (1981) [Personnel - Ian Blake - clarinet, recorders, saxophone, bass, keyboards,, vocals; Rosie Cross - bassoon, tambourine, vocals; Mark Emerson - violin, viola, keyboards, drum, vocals; Laurie Harper - violin, mandolin, mandola, bass, vocals; Bill Martin - guitar, accordion, keyboards, vocals] [Produced by Dave Foister and Pyewackett, engineered by Bill Leader]
Halfe Hannikin; Harry the tailor; Weary cutters; Bonny hawthorn; Two sisters; Peppers black; Tomorrow the fox will come to town; Kettle drum; Goddesses; Parson's farewell; Hey then, up we go; Jack a Lent; Reynardine; We just couldn't say goodbye; Aunty Hessy's white horse.
DIN313 Rosser, Simon: Dignum, Keith: By chance it was (1983) [Produced by Keith Dignum, Simon Rosser, Roger Holt and David Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Besom maker; By chance it was; Blue haired Jimmy; Epsom Races; Jolly watermen; Fair Margaret; Carrion crow; Little dun mare; Barley straw; Spinning wheel; Old man's song [S Rosser]; Bonny dark girl [S Rosser]; Echoing horn; Norton new bell wake.
DIN314 Thackray, Jake: Jake Thackray and songs (1981) [All tracks composed by Jake Thackray] [Released by arrangement with the BBC - the second half of a show at the Stables Theatre, Wavendon, Milton Keynes in 1980, broadcast by BBC2 in 1981] [Personnel - Alan Williams - bass; John Etheridge - guitar]
One of them; Brother gorilla; Little black foal; Blacksmith and the toffee maker; Country bus; Bull; Sister Josephine; To do with you; Last will and testament of Jake Thackray; Poor sod; On again, on again; Remembrance.
DIN315 Ar Log: Ar Log 3 (1981) [Personnel - Gwyndaf Roberts - knee and clarsach harps, bass, vocals; Dafydd Roberts - Triple harp, flute, banjo, pipe, vocals; Geraint Glynne Davies - guitar, vocal; Graham Pritchard - violin, mandolin] [Translations from the record sleeve] [Produced by Ar Log, engineered by Hefin Elis and Eryl Davies] [insert]
Y Gwr A'I farch [Gent and his mare]; Pant Corlan yr wyn [Lamb's fold valley]; Y gelynnen [Holly tree]; Cainc y datgeiniad [Minstrel's tune]; Llwyd y gwrych [Hedge sparrow]; Pedwar post y gwely [Four posts of the bed]; Ceilog y grug [Heathcock]; Dau rosyn coch [Two red roses]; Ton garol [Carol tune]; Aderyn du [Blackbird]; Yr hen dderwen ddu [Old Carmarthen oak] [R Jones / F Hennessey]; Ty bach twt [Neat little house]; Mopsi don [Mopsy's tune]; Seren syw [Bright star]; Merch y Melinydd [Miller's daughter]; Y pren Gwyrddlas [Sapling]; Beth w'r haf i mi [What's the summer to me]; Wrth y ffynnon [By the well [R D Roberts]; Ymdaith sir Feirionnydd [Meirionethshire march]; Aden y fran ddu [Wing of the black crow].
DIN316 Robson, Carolyn: Banks of Tyne (1981) [Engineered by Bill Leader and John Gill] Personnel - Phil Ranson - Appalachian dulcimer, tenor banjo; Paul Tabbush - mandolin, Northumbrian pipes; Jerry Friar - guitar; Dave Brown - violin ; John Ralph - recorders; Graham Pratt - harmonium; Graham Pratt, Eileen Pratt, Sue Edwards, Ron Tayor - backing vocals] [Album re-issued by Reiver Records from which this track list is taken]
Derwentwater; Ma Gallowgate lad; Heh ye seen wor Jimmy?; Ma bonny lad; Captain Bover; Here's the tender coming; Coquet Light; Liberty for the sailors; Snows they melt the soonest; Pig and the sow; Derwentwater's farewell; Robin Spraggon's auld grey mare; Felton Lonnen; Newcastle Station; Lea Rigg.
DIN317 Crows: Crows (1981) [Personnel - Mick Ryan; James Patterson; John Burge; Ralph Jordan] [Produced by the Crows and Dave Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Two magicians; Moreton Bay; Withered and died [Richard Thompson]; Northfields; Devil and the farmer's wife; Long, long time [Sandy Denny]; Coast of Peru; Just like a woman [B Dylan]; Bold Wolfe; Lonesome sea; Take them away [Work].
DIN318 Owen, Jack: Young Owen (1981) [All tracks composed by J Owen] [Personnel - John McCormick - bass; John Harper - guitar; Vince Parker - keyboards; Ron Parry - percussion] [Produced by Mick Groves, engineered by Paul Lewis and Gil Norton]
Mist over the Mersey; Pied piper; Wasn't that just like you; Liverpool Monday morning; Rocking horse; Amsterdam; Alderley prophecy; Ellis Bell; She's going away; On the road.
DIN319 Regal Slip: Band stand (1981) [Personnel - Sue Edwards; Eileen Pratt; Graham Pratt; Ron Taylor] [Produced by Jerry Friar, engineered by Les Penning and Mike Pela] [insert]
Shepherds arise; Gossip Jones [ Pratt]; Moon shines bright; Hunt is up; Fortune my foe; Room for company; Agincourt carol; Swim, Sam, swim [R P Weston / Bert Lee]; Over the hills and mountains; Death of Robin Hood; Lullay carol; This old world; Sweep, chm-nie, sweep; Bringing in the sheaves.
DIN320 Laycock, Tim: Giant at Cerne (1984) [Personnel - Rory Allam - bass, clarinet; piano, synthesisier; Robin Jeffrey - guitar, lute, cittern, banjo, mandolin; Roddy Skeaping - violin, bowed psaltery; Will Ward - bassoon, three hole pipe]
Bold Lovell; Valentine's chant; Ten thousand miles away; Nine burning barrels [T Laycock]; Leo [T Laycock]; Sizewell ABC [T Laycock]; Giant at Cerne [T Laycock]; Devil among the tailors; Men of Tolpuddle [T Laycock]; I love not where I love; Singing the travels; Voices [Thomas Hardy / T Laycock]; Dorset Militia song; Organist's polka.
DIN321 Sherwood Rise: From the wood (1981) [Personnel - Stephen Bailey - vocals, whistles, recorders; Sid Long - vocals, guitar, psaltery, dulcimer; Gren Morris - vocals, recorder, concertina; Ian Stewart - bass, tambourine, goblet, drums; Jenny Warren - vocals, lute, guitar] [Produced by Ian Cameron, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Hal an tow; Blow thy horn hunter; Horses' branle; Fortune my foe; Martin said to his man; Can she excuse?; Robin Hood and the tanner; Packington's pound; Rigs and fun of Nottingham Goose Fair; Lo, lo, lo; Sellinger's round; Malt is come down; Go from my window; Robin Hood and Allen a Dale; Nottinghamshire poacher; Sheep shearing song; Kemp's jig; A Robyn.
DIN322 Old Swan Band: Gamesters, pickpockets and harlots (1981) [Personnel - Martin Brinsford - mouthorgan, saxophone, percussion, melodeon; Paul Burgess - violin, piano, cornet, crumhorn, banjo; Fi Fraser - violin, hammered dulcimer, clarinet, viola; Jo Fraser - whistles; Danny Stradling - tambourine; triangle, bass; Rod Stradling - melodeon; Richard Valentine - piano; Ken Langsbury - Vox Humana] [Produced by Old Swan Band and Dave Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow] [insert]
Woodcutter's jig; Swedish dance; Stephen Baldwin's schottische No. 1; Steven Baldwin's schottische No. 2; Kennet jig; Fire brigade - story; Vine tree; Little Polly; Double figure eight; Worcestershire hornpipe; Morning star; Old Heddon of Fawley; Marriage vow; Give us some treacle and bread; Mrs Claxton's polka; Cricket match - story; Gloucestershire hornpipe; Polly put the kettle on; Quickstep; Trip to the forest; Over the hills to glory; Bobbing around; Sloe.
DIN323 English Country Blues Band: No rules (1982) [Personnel - English Country Blues Band [Maggie Holland - bass, banjo, guitar; Ian A Anderson - guitar; Rod Stradling - melodeon; Sue Harris - hammered dulcimer, oboe]; John Kirkpatrick - concertina, accordeon; Nic Jones - violin; Chris Coe - vocals; Dave Peabody - harmonica; Danny Stradling - tambourine]
Baby what you want me to do [Jimmy Reed]; Travellers in heaven [Derby Smith]; Strong man; Oregon [Tucker Zimmerman]; Portland Town [Derroll Adams]; Weary blues [Hank Williams]; Under the waterbed; Under the army blanket; Handsome Johnny; Rambling boys of pleasure; Panic is on; Weave room blues [Dorsey Dixon]; Nutting girl; We got hard times now.
DIN324 Rose, Tony: Poor fellows (1982) [Personnel - Ian Blake - bass, synthesiser, clarinet, recorders; Mark Emerson - violin; Harmony vocals - Alison Bloomer, Martin Bloomer, Sean O'Shea, Barry Lister] [Produced by Tony Rose and Jerry Friar, engineered by George Roberts and Pete Wrigley]
Yarmouth tragedy; Bonny light horseman; Clerk Saunders; Down where the drunkards roll [Richard Thompson]; Three bells; Recruiting sergeant; Boots of Spanish leather [B Dylan]; Us poor fellows; Tom the barber; Dark eyed sailor; Bampton Fair.
DIN325 Aspey, Gary: Aspey, Vera: Stories, song and humour (1982) [Produced by Roger Holt]
Lanky's spoken here [Dave Dutton / Bernard Wrigley]; Man on the road G & V Aspey]; They don't writ them like that any more [Pete Betts]; Lady take your time Allan Taylor]; Billy cocked hat [Don Bilston]; Phantom flasher Clive Cliston]; I wonder why Mike Redway]; Icy acres [Colin Wilkie]; Room for tears [G & V Aspey]; Oban Harbour [G & V Aspey]; Our Gracie [G & V Aspey]; Slag Alice [G & V Aspey].
DIN326 Figgy Duff: Figgy Duff (1982) [Re-issue of BMI [PRO-CAN] recording of 1980 and distributed by Dingle's] [Personnel - Neil Dinn - drums, piano; Pamela Morgan - guitar, tin whistle, piano; Dave Panting - mandolin, bas, guitar; Geoff Butler - accordion]
Half door; Larry's lancer; Mother on the doorstep; Rabbits in a basket; Now I'm sixty four; Greenland disaster; Tinker behind the door; Fisher who died in his bed; Sally's jig; Art's jig; Quand j'etais fille a l'age quinze ans; Kissing dance; Branch tunes; Soldier's joy; Art Stoyle's reel; Rosy banks of green; Geese in the bog; Matt Eiley; Emile's reels.
DIN327 Adams, Suzie: Watson, Helen: Songbird (1983) [Produced by Roger Holt, engineered by George Roberts] [Personnel - Geoff Harris - vocals, guitar; Mike Hockenhull - vocals, banjo; Laurie Harper - vocals, violin; Andrew Cronshaw - zither]
Bread and roses [J Oppenheim]; Songbird [J Winchester]; Long way from home; Eagle [G Harris]; Beulah Land; Tomorrow is a long time [B Dylan]; Heavenly aeroplane ; Bone lace weaver [R Harris];Barbarie Ellen; Gypsy Davy;Chrstmas Eve cankill you [Linde]; Blues in D [K McGarrigle].
DIN328 Stephens, Sam: Lennox-Martin, Anne: Turn the music on (1983) [Personnel - Aldbrickham Band [Alan Barwise - percussion; Alan Whetton - saxophone; John Whittaker - bass]; Bandroid [Will Ward - synthesiser, keyboards, bassoon; Anthony Coote - bass] [Produced by Will Ward, engineered by George Roberts and Peter Rogby]
When I was young; Amelia [Joni Mitchell]; John Applebee; Downhearted blues [A Hunter / L Autin]; Tarry trousers; Colliers' march; Muns Gore march [W Ward]; My feet are set for dancing [C LeSurf]; High Germany; Captain O'Kane; Hole in the wall; Little puffer [R MacMillan]; Lookin' for trouble [Steve Goodman]; Don't say that will end, friend [Rod Shearman].
DIN329 Corrib Folk: Carefree (1983) [Personnel - Mary Phillips; Pat Phillips; Brian McLoone - keyboards, guitar, bass, bouzouki; Bernie Nicholls - mandoline, banjo, melodeon; Simon Barnett - whistle, bodhran; Dave Thomas - violin, mandola, mandolin] [Produced by Pat Phillips, engineered by John Hamilton and George Roberts]
Travelling people [E MacColl]; Cliffs of Doneen; Peggy Gordon; Chit and chatter polka; Patrick was a gentleman polka; Old house [Frederick O'Connor]; She moved through the fair; High Germany; Fairy hills [Brian Warfield]; Rare old time [Pete St John]; Castle of Dromore; Wheelan's frolics jig; Kesh jig; Macooshla Mine; Carnlough Bay; Some say the devil's dead reel; Maid behind the bar reel; Spinning wheel; Water is wide.
DIN330 Square Crows: Square Crows (1984) [Personnel - Mick Drage - accordion; Ivor Maycock - accordion; Jim Bassett - banjo, guitar; Steve Maycock - bass] [Produced by Roger Holt / Martin Allcock / Steve Maycock; engineered by Jeremy Freedman]
Moon behind the hill; O'Neill's march; Bonny lass o' Bon Accord; Piper in the field; Ralph Page; Rosin the beau; On the road to Boston; Goodbye girls, we're going to Boston; Foot and fiddle; Phillibelula all the way hornpipe; Sligo fancy hornpipe; Galway hornpipe; Hestleyside Ride hornpipe; Harvest home hornpipe; Trip to the cottage 1; Trip to the cottage 2; Moll in the wad; Double lead through; Wiltshire six hand reel; Winster gallop; Newcastle; Twenty ninth of May; Jamaica; Jack's maggot; Portsmouth; Merrily kissed the Quaker's wife jig; Sweets o' May jig; Dingle Regatta jig; Girl with the blue dress on polka; Drunken sailor polka; Big ship polka; Painter's polka; Fiddler's Green waltz; Waters o' Tyne waltz; Road and the miles waltz; Bread and fishes waltz; South wind waltz; Nutting girl; Ho ro my nut brown maiden; Miss Campbell's delight; Hot punch jig; John o' Paris jig; Shetland Boston jig; Year end two step reel; Rollstone Mountain reel; Back up and push reel.
DIN331 Whittaker, Heather: Take her with heart (1984) [All tracks composed by Heather Whittaker] [Produced by Heather Whittaker, engineered by Colin Goddard] [Personnel - Tony Cliff - piano; John Howarth - guitar; Dave Hassell - drums, percussion; Gary Short - bass; Steve McAlone - guitar; Mike Green - flute; Vera Aspey - accordion; String Quartet [Julian Saxl - violin; Miriam Saxl - viola; Jonathon Storer - violin; Martin Court - cello]; Richard Wimpenny - saxophone; Paul Robinson - accordion; Chris Hayward - violin]
Caribbean blue; Turnaround; Over loving you; It's a beautiful feeling; Take her with heart; Best of my love; Comme je t'aime; Won't you love me tonight?; Old man's dream; Mainline station.
DIN332 Castle, Pete: Punk's delight (1985) [Engineered by Colin Whyles] [Personnel - Rob Whalley - violin, viola; Trevor James - whistle, bowed psaltery]
Punk's delight; When this old hat was new; Cottager's complaint; Bruton Town; Ground for the floor; Lousy tailor; David Oliwarle [Audrey Smith]; Hand weaver and the factory maid; Factory girl; Peggy Walker; Punk's delight - the new way.
DIN333 Aspey, Gary: Aspey, Vera: Nightshift army (1988) [Produced by Dave Howard] [Personnel - Dave Howard - guitar, mandolin; Martin Ryan - mandolins; Tony Cliff - synthesisor; Heather Whittaker - additional vocals, guitar]
Free and easy; Rosemary [P Dodds]; Night shift army [G & V Aspey]; Jock Stewart; Are we mugs or are we men? [T Edwards]; You know that Christmas is here [G & V Aspey]; High part of town [J Lowe]; Witch of Roughlee Hall [G & V Aspey]; When I'm cleaning morals [H Gifford / F Cliffe / G Formby / J Caven]; Keep fit fad song; Critic [P Betts]; I'll never get home.
SID211 Fiddler's Dram: (1979) [45 single] [Side A produced by David Foister, arranged by Fiddler's Dram, David Foister and Bill Ward / Side B produced by David Foister, arranged by Fiddler's Dram and David Foister] [Adapted from the LP To see the play]
Day trip to Bangor / Flash lad
SID221 Fiddler's Dram: (1980) [45 single] [Side A produced by David Foister, arranged by Alan Prosser, David Foister and Fiddler's Dram / Side B produced by David Foister, arranged by Fiddler's Dram]
Beer Cart Lane / Ythanside
SID222 Unknown:
SID223 Unknown:
SID224 Ar Log: (1980) [45 single]
Carmarthen oak / Longau Caernarfon
SID225 Fiddler's Dram: (1981) [45 single]
Black hole / Agony
SID226 Kirkpatrick, John: (1980) [45 single] [Produced by David Foister, engineered by Allan Morrow]
Jogging along with my reindeer / King Neptune's lament
SID227 Capstick, Tony: Carlton Main / Frickley Colliery Band: (1981) [45 single] [Produced by John Leonard]
Capstick comes home / Sheffield grinder
SID228 Unknown:
SID229 Stephens, Sam: Lennox-Martin, Anne: (nd) [45 single]
Don't dilly dally / Unknown
SID230 Grundy, Eddie: (1981) [45 single]
Lambs to the slaughter / These country blues
SID231 Fiddlers Dram: (1981) [45 single]
Little ray of sunshine / Sweet chiming bells
SID232 Unknown:
SID233 Unknown:
SID234 Unknown:
SID235 Andrews, Harvey: (1983) [45 single] [Produced by Roger Holt and Harvey Andrews]
Me mom / We were there
SID236 St Clair, Isla: (1983) [45 single] [Produced by Drew McCullough]
Still no sign of the lifeboats / Everything's turned out fine
SID237 Unknown:
SID238 Unknown:
SID239 QED: (1987) [45 single] [Side A produced by QED, engineered by Richard Robinson; Side B produced by Cherry Pie and QED, engineered by Richard Robinson]
Yuppie song / Yuppie song [Whacky mix]
SID240 Unknown:
SID241 Unknown:
SID242 Jerome, Mike: (1989) [45 single] Produced by John Hamilton and Paul Spence]
I wanna a toy boy / Wonderful Anneka
SID243 Unknown:
SID244 Unknown: (nd)
SID245 Jerome, Mike:
I've gone and lost my little yoyo / Sling your hook

Drumlin Records

LHTCD1 Leitrim's Hidden Treasure   The McNamara Family   (1998)   Review 1   Review 2
Reels: The Holly Bush / Leitrim's Greig's Pipes / The Cotnhill / The Old Dudeen; Miss Dunbarr / Green Fields of America / The Reels of Tully / The Musical Priest; Michael Creamer's / The Humours of Tooma; The Tramp's Reel /Cut the Sod; Greig's Pipes / The London Lasses / The Nine Points of Knavery; O'Connell's Reel / The Mountain Lark / The Cloone Reel / Bernie McKiernan's Dream; Miss Simple's Reel / The Humours of Bolton Street / Bring her to the Shelter / Miss Gunning's.  Slip Jigs: The Barony Jig / The Leitrim Quickstep / Moll Roe.  Hornpipes: Old Man Quinn / The Shaskeen; Morgan's; The Low level / Flood's; Grier's No 16 / Chief O'Neill's Visit.  Air / Jig / Piece: Síle Ni Ghadhra.  Jigs: Tandragee / The Mouse in the Cupboard / Larry the Beer drinker; The Unfortunate Rake / The Humours of Ballingarry; The Humours of Glynn / Grier's No 249.  Air/Hornpipe/Reel: The Bold Soldier Boy / Logier's / Miss Gunning's Rant.
BMNCD1 A Piper's Dream   Brian McNamara   (2000)   Review
Reels: The Old Bush / Jenny's Wedding, Colonel Frazer, Satin Slipper / Our House at Home / Jackson's Hi Ho, The Braes of Busby / Sean Reid's Favourite, The Torn Jacket / My Love is Fair and Handsome / Sporting Kate, The Morning Thrush, Slip Jig: Gusty's Frolics, Hornpipes: An tSean Bhean Bhocht / The Tailor's Twist, The Groves, Jigs: The Newport Lasses / The Gander in the Pratie Hole / When Sick is it Tea you want?, Seán Buí / Tap the Barrel / Neary's Jig / Haul her Across the Road, The Beauties of Ireland / Under the Willows she is Sleeping / The Old Figaree, Stoney Batter / The Templehouse / Griers #37, My Former Wife / Sergeant Early's Jig , Airs: Ní ar Chnoc ná ar Isleacht, An Bonnán Buí, Loch na gCaor.

DTS Records

EF1 The Taverners (1964?)
Severn No More; Garland of May; King Arthur's Servants; Virginia Girls.
EF2 Orcadian Dance Music   Jimmy Garson (Fiddle), Iris Garson ( accordion), John Nicholson (guitar)   (1965)
Venus Polka / Marquis of Lorne / Marchioness of Lorne; The Bridge of Ayre / Forth Bridge; Princess Margaret's Jig / Elizabeth Adair; Skae Brey / Ballochmile Brig / The Left-handed Fiddler.
LFX1 Between Decks   Cyril Tawney   (1964)
The Lean and Unwashed Tiffy; A Ship Came Sailing; Chicken on a Raft; The Grey Funnel Line; The Man at the Nore; Sally Free and Easy; Stanley the Rat; Pull the String; Six Feet of Mud; The Oggy Man's No More; The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime; Nobby Hall; Diesel and Shale.
LFX3 Welcome Home   The McPeakes   (1966)
Marches: The Fairy Revels / The Green Flag; General Munro; Susan McGuire; The Verdant Braes of Skreen; Reels: George White's Fancy / The Queen's Wedding; The Bonny Bunch of Roses O; Seó hIn Seó; The Jug of Punch; Roisín Dubh; Kneel to the Tomb; Jigs: Out on the Ocean / Kitty's Bonnet; An Coulin; Oro se do Bheat a Bhaile.
LFX 4 Harry Cox Sings English Love Songs   Harry Cox   (1965)
Seventeen Come Sunday; The Spotted Cow; Next Monday Morning; The Greasy Cook; Colin and Phoebe; The Birmingham Man; Betsy the Servant Maid; The Bonny Labouring Boy; The Female Drummer; The Squire and the Gypsy; Marrowbones; The Groggy Old Tailor; Up to the Rigs of London; The Old German Musicianer.

East Allen Recordings

EAR015CD Northumberland Piper   Joe Hutton

East Anglian Life Records

EAL-1021 The Barford Angel   Billy Bennington


LP 1001 William Kimber  (1963)
Talk about meeting Cecil Sharp / Bean Setting / Constant Billy; Talk about lectures in London / Jockey to the Fair / Shepherd's Hey / Bacca Pipes; Talk to Maud Karpeles about teaching morris dancing / Rodney / Hunting the Squirrel / Rigs o' Marlow; Talk about women dancing the morris / Old Mother Oxford / Laudanum Bunches / Trunckles; The Ribbon Dance and recitation / The Willow Tree and recitation / Old Woman Tossed Up and recitation; The Fool's Dance and recitation / The Four Hand Reel; Country Dances: Step and Fetch Her / Pop Goes the Weasel / Over the Hills to Glory / Double Lead Through / The Quaker's Wife / Bonnets So Blue / Hilly-Go Filly-Go / Schottische; Morris Dances: Country Gardens / Blue-Eyed Stranger / Double Set Back / Haste to the Wedding / The 29th of May / Getting Upstairs / Morris Off.
LP 1002 Bob and Ron Copper  Traditional songs from Rottingdean:  (1963)
Two Brethren; Month of May; Honest Labourer; Birds in the Spring; Shepherd in Love; Threshing Song; Dame Durdon; Season Round; Innocent Hare; Lark in the Morning; Hard Times of Old England; Spencer the Rover; Spring Glee; Good Ale; Babes in the Wood; Cupid's Garden.
LP 1003 Pedlar's Pack  John Doherty of Donegall:  (1964)
Strathspey and reel: Grey Daylight; Song air and set dance: The Blackbird; Descriptive piece: The Atlantic Sounds; Song: Moorlough Mary; Hornpipe: The Postman's Knock; Story and song air: The Girl's Croon; The Exhibition Waltz; Story and air: The Lord of Mayo; Talk about father and McSweeny's Reel; Two descriptive pieces: The Fox-Chase and The Hunt of the Hare; Song: Rocking the Cradle; Dark Girl Dressed in Blue / The Irish Washerwoman; Song air: The Wounded Huzzar; Two hornpipes: High Level / Madam Vanoni; Story and jig: The Old Hag and the Churn; Story and descriptive piece: The Four Posts of the Bed; Song: The Three O'Donnells; March: Welcome Home, Graniu.
LP 1004 Harry Cox  English folk singer:  (1965)
Barton Broad Ballad; The 'Prentice Boy; Windy Old Weather; Newlyn Town; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; Adieu to Old England; Blackberry Fold; Widdliecombe Fair; The Ploughboy (fiddle); Talk about himself; What Will Become of England?; Talk About His Father; Waltz (melodeon); Talk About Singing / Hornpipes (fiddle); The Foggy Dew; Nancy and Johnny; Firelock's Stile.
LP 1005 Phil Tanner  (1968)
Young Henry Martin; The Gower Wassail Song; The Gower Reel; The Sweet Primroses; The Oyster Girl and Gower Reel; Barbara Allen and Gower Reel; Fair Phoebe and the Dark Eyed Sailor; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; The Parson and the Clerk; The Gower Wassail Song; The Sweet Primroses; Young Roger Esquire and Over the Hills to Gowerie, Swansea Barracks.
LP 1006 Garners Gay  English folk songs recorded by Fred Hamer.  (1971)
Mrs Johnson: The Maid's Lament, May Song, May Song; Alf Wildman: On the Banks of the Clyde, The Ramsey Ram; Mrs Vickers: The Cruise of the Calibar, Pace Egg Song 1, Pace Egg Song 2; May Bradley: The Outlandish Knight, Sweet Swansea, The Blackbird, On Christmas Day, Cold Blows the Wind; Frank Rowe: Ox Plough Song.
LP 1007 Isabel Sutherland  
Old Maid in a Garrett; Bleacher Lassie; S'Ann an Ile; NIghtingale; Tinker Boy and Orphan Girl; Mhic Iarca Nam Bratach Bana; Fyvie; Son Davie; Waly Waly; Cromdale; Butcher Boy; McCrimmon; Bonnie Boy; The Weary Wind Blows Ma Plaidie Awa'.
LP 1008 All Jolly Fellows ...  George Belton.  (1967)
I am a Roving Navvy Man; Young Sailor Cut Down in His Prime; Green Broom; The Soldier's Prayer; My Old Man; Bold Fisherman; Barbara Allen; Toast; Banks of the Sweet Primeroses; Dark Eyed Sailor; Jim the Carter Lad; Constant Farmer's Son; All Jolly Fellows that Follow the Plough; I Am a Donkey Driver.
LP 1009 Packie Byrne   (1969)
Barbara Allen; The Skylark; My Lagan Love; Seamus and the Priest (story); The Frog's Wedding; Blooming Caroline; Foyne's Legacy / Away and Over; Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore; Slieve Gallon Brae; Derry So Fair; The Foggy Dew.
EFDSS CD02 A Century of Song   A Celebration of Traditional Singers Since 1898.  Various Artists.  (1998)   Review
The Copper Family: Claudy Banks; Frederick White: Claudy Banks; Billy Bartle: Come All You Garners Gay; Mrs Humphrys: Tarry Trousers / Bushes and Briars; Arthur Howard: The Death of Poor Bill Brown; Alfred Edgell: Among the New Mown Hay; Eunice Yeatts MacAlexander: Black Jack Davy; David Clements: The Banks of Green Willow; Harry Cox: The Pretty Ploughboy; Singer unknown: The Banks of the Nile; Emma Vickers: There is a Tavern; Peter Verrall: The Rambling Sailor; Phil Tanner: Young Roger Esquire; Mary Ann Haynes: Flash Company; Bob and Ron Copper: Spencer the Rover; May Bradley: On Christmas Day; Carollers in The Black Bull, Eccleslield, Sheffield: Hark, Hark, What News; Will Noble: Friezland Ale; Ray Driscoll: The Wild, Wild Berry; Mary Delaney: Green Grows the Laurel; Frank Hinchliffe: The Pear Tree; Fred Jordan: The Banks of the Sweet Primroses; Walter Pardon: Bright Golden Store; Evelyn Ramsay: The True Lover's Farewell; Will Noble, John Cocking, Andrew Rogers and Ian Russell: Gossip John.
EFDSS CD03 Absolutely Classic   the music of William Kimber   William Kimber, John Graham, John Kirkpatrick   Enhanced CD   (1999)   Review
Audio Section: Constant Billy, Talk: Boxing Day 1899, Bean Setting, Talk: Boxing Day 1899, Getting Upstairs, Rigs o'Marlow, Talk: Mary Neal, The Twenty-Ninth of May, Country Gardens, Talk: Steinway Hall, Trunkles, Bacca Pipes, The Willow Tree, Talk: Cecil Sharp, Hunting the Squirrel, Jockie to the Fair, Rodney, Up with the Lark in the Morning (song), Double Set-Back, Talk: Dance Style, The Blue-Eyed Stranger, Over the Hills to Glory, The Morris Reel (Soldier's Joy), Talk: Women Dancing the Morris, Double Lead Through, Laudnum Bunches, 0ld Mother Oxford, The Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket, Rigs o'Marlow (John Graham), Shepherds' Hey, Haste to the Wedding, Laudnum Bunches (John Kirkpatrick).
Enhanced Section: 6 AVI clips of Kimber, 2 with sound; 42 photos; transcriptions of Double Lead Through and Trunkles; painting of Boxing Day 1899 as imagemap with links to information snippets.
EFDSS CD04 Upstream   The Bismarcks   (1999)   Review
Jenny Lind / Over the Hills and Far Away, Les Varieties de Lajoie / La Lanterna Magica, Hills of Alva, Albert Farmer's Bonfire Tune / Foul Weather Call, Knees up in Kingston, Tars of the Victory / The Stool of Repentance, Brighton Gamp / Muffin Man, Robertson's Reel / The Great North Run, Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway / Mr Fletcher, Trip to Bavaria / Adelphi Polka, Liberty Bodice, Morpeth Rant, Jacky Tar / La Jambe du Jean.
Root & Branch 1   A New World   Various artists   (1999)   Review
Cara Dillon: Van Diemen's Land.  Enoch Kent: Van Diemen's Land.  A L Lloyd: Jim Jones at Botany Bay.  Fred Whiting: The Wild Colonial Boy, Harkie's Polka.  Johnny Doughty: The Streets of Port Arthur.  Almeda Riddle: Tom Sherman's Barroom.  Doc Watson: St James' Hospital.  Melcena Smith and Elias Frazer: The Butcher Boy.  I D Beck: Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow.  Evelyn Ramsay: Little Margaret.  Doug Wallin: Tom Dula.  Cathal McConnell: The Shores of Lough Bran.  Paul Brady:The Green Fields of Canada.  Walter Pardon: Won't you Come to me in Canada?.  Carl Bruce: I Been a Swede from North Dakota.  Frank Hinchliffe: The Pear Tree, Edward, Wild and Wicked Youths.  Helen Chadwick: Who am I?
Root & Branch 2   Everybody Swing - The Fifties 1947-63   Various artists   (2000)
George Webb's Dixielanders: Soldier's Lament; Margaret Barry: She Moved Through The Fair; Lord Kitchener: London Is The Place For Me; Lord Kitchener: Sweet Jamaica; Wizz Jones: soundbite re Big Bill Broonzy; Chicago Bill (Big Bill Broonzy): Five Foot Seven; Michael Gorman and Willie Clancy: The Rambling Pitchfork / Fasten the Legging; Ken Colyer: The Midnight Special; Ted Poole: soundbite re folk scene; Scan Tester and Rabbity Baxter: Jenny Lind; Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger: Go Down Ye Murderers; various (edit from radio broadcast): Sing Christmas And The Turn Of The Year; Cyril Poacher: Australia; Bobby Casey: The College Grove / Colonel Frazer; Marjorie Fennessy: soundbite re Cecil Sharp House in the '50s; Square Dance Band: Roxburgh Castle / The Durham Rangers; Tony Foxworthy: soundbite re childhood dancing; Haymakers Band: The Ring Dance Gilderoy / Dorset Hornpipe; Jimmy Shand Band: Bonnie Dundee / Rock And Wee Pickle Tow / Atholl Gathering; Jane Turriff: Rigs O Rye; Jane Turriff: Dowie Dens Of Yarrow; Jane Turriff: Away Out On The Mountain; Walter & Daisy Bulwer, etc: The Bluebell Polka.
EFDSS CD10 Joanna: Traditional Dance Music from England   The Bismarcks   (2005)   Review
Louth Quickstep / Follow On; The Small Fee / Turn Again Martha; Mr Welch's Favourite / Speed the Plough; Tarantella Calabria / 3e partie du Caledonia; Goodnight and Joy be with You / Jock Wilson o' Fenton; Market Rasen Quickstep / Togmeister Twostep; Stockton Hornpipe / Brown's Hornpipe; Persian Dance; Seven Stars / A M Shinnie; Tower of London Quickstep / Turkish March; Chatham Hornpipe / Con Club Hornpipe; Corn Rigs / High Tea; Paddy Carey / The Valiant; The Mudgee Schottische; Bonus track: The Damper Song
EFDSS CD11 Black Crow, White Crow   Dearman, Gammon & Harrison   (2005)   Review
Sorry the day I got married / American stranger / Rosemary Lane / Pleal's alleman / Early, early all in the spring / Pretty little feet / Boatswain and the tailor / Old garden gate / Broom seller's call- Beson maker / Just as the tide was flowing / Trip to Brighton / The crafty maid's policy / Chilbridge Fair-From night till morn / Harry Newell / Farewell he / Pretty ploughboy / Enfield Wash / Daddy, don't go down the mine / Lark in the morning.


ES5302 Gesù Bambin l'è Nato   Ensemble del Doppio Bordone   (1993)
Annunciazione; Patorella / Piva piva; Natale Carnico / Novena; Caminando giorno e notte / La cioca d'la Valada; La notte di Natale / Qual vagante stell; Bambin Divino / Queslo nobil bambin; Li trei Re Magi / Sunada d'j bargé; Gesù Bambin l'è nato / Gesù Bambin / Heri heri pastoreli; Viaggio a Betlemme / Aria; Piva rinascimentale / Piva di Binasco; Sonata del Bambin Gesù; La stella / Ninna nanna del Gesù Bambino.
ES 001 Mond e Pais e Mond   I Müsetta   (1995)
Mazurca di Caprile; Monferrina di Ernesto; Valzer di Ferri; Gigiotta / Lena; I Musetta; Giga con contromusa; Polca; Monferrina; Polca del Barbetta; Una nota lunga (Gentil Galante); Mazurca di Attilio; E c'era una ragazza; Polca di Fabrizio; La bella ricciolina; La pianta verdolina; Una nota lunga.
ES 5303 La Notte di Natale   Christmas songs and music from the northern Italian tradition   Ensemble del Doppio Bordone   (1996)
San Giüsep e la Madona / Interludo; L'è la notte di Natal / Alfin dal ciel discendere; Verso Betlemme / Gesù Bambin l'è nato; Monferrina del Gelindo No1 / No 2 / Monferrina per Vasin; Fuga in Egitto; Lusive la Lune / Puer natus; Or dites nous Marie / Pastur pastur; Siamo qui / Piva lombarda; L'Arcangel Gabriel; Piva della Val Gandino / Piva Bergamasca; Nina / La Berdzè; Venite adoriamo.

European Ethnic

EE1 Songs of the Irish Travellers   Traditional ballads & lyric songs recorded & edited by Tom Munnelly   (1983)
Mary McDonagh, Leitrim: The Tri-Coloured House.  Bernie Reilly, Meath: Bernie Reilly's Cant Song.  Martin McDonagh, Roscommon: Lady Margaret.  John Reilly Snr, Roscommon: John Reilly; Newry Mountain.  John Reilly Jnr, Roscommon: False Lankum.  Mary McGrath, Wextord: As I Went Out Walking; Johnny Barden; Ellen Brown.  Mickey Connors, Wexford: Donnybrook Fair; The Crabfish.  Michael McDonagh, Clare: William Scanlon.  Winnie O'Donnell, Longford: Willie Leonard.
EE2 Early Ballads in Ireland   1968-85 field recordings edited by Tom Munnelly and Hugh Shields   (1985)
EE3 Shamrock, Rose and Thistle No 2   Folk singing in North Derry   (1982)
EE4 Shamrock, Rose and Thistle No 3   Folk singing in North Derry   (1982)
EE5 Adam in Paradise   Eddie Butcher   Traditional songs on courtship   (1982)
The Inniskilling Dragoon; I Long For to Get Married; Adam in Paradise; The Cocks are Crowing.
EECS Ceolta agus Seanchas Thír Chonaill   Joe McCafferty   Stories and songs from Donegal   (1984)
EESC Scéalamhráin Cheilteacha   Narrative songs in the Celtic Languages


FLY CD 57 The Unknown John Lee Hooker   John Lee Hooker   (2000)   Review
Instrumental Guitar Blues, Two White Horses, Trouble in Mind, Catfish Blues, John Henry , How Long Blues, Ezekial Saw the Wheel, Jack o' Diamonds, Water Boy (Bring That Water 'Round!), Six Little Puppies and Twelve Little Shaggy Hounds , In the Evenin' When the Sun Goes Down, Old Blind Barnabus , Moses Smote the Water , Spoken interlude (Thinkin' About Death), John Henry , Rabbit on the Log , Come and See About Me , 33 Blues (God Knows I Can't Last Long!) , I Wonder , Untitled Blues.

Folk Legacy

FSA 1 Frank Proffitt of Reese, North Carolina   North Carolina Songs and Ballads   (1962)
Re-issued as Topic 12T 162
FSA 2 Joseph Able Trivett   of Butler, Tennessee   (1962)
FSA 3 Edna Ritchie  of Viper, Kentucky   (1962)
FSE 7 Paddy Tunney   Man of Songs   (1963)
Re-issued as Mulligan LUN A334
FSE 8 Peg Clancy Power   (1963)
FSC 9 Marie Hare   Miramichi Songs and Ballads   (1962)
FSC 10 Tom Brandon   Rambling Irishman   (1963)
FSA 11 Max Hunter   Ozark Folksongs and Ballads   (1963)
FSA 15 Lawrence Older   Adirondack Songs, Ballads and Fiddle Tunes   (1963)
FSA 17 Hobart Smith   America's Greatest Folk Instrumentalist   (1964)
Re-issued as The Old Timey Rap Topic 12T 187 (1969)
FSB 019 Bob & Ron Copper   English Shepherd and Farming Songs   (1964)
Same as EFDSS LP 1002
FSE 20 Harry Cox   Traditional English Love Songs   (1964)
FSA 22 Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, North Carolina, Vol 1   Various artists   (1964)
FSA 23 Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, North Carolina, Vol 2   Various artists   (1965)
FSA 24 Carolina Tar Heels   (1965)
FSA 26 Sarah Ogan Gunning   Girl of Constant Sorrow   (1965)
Re-issued as Topic 12T 171 (1967)
FSA 27 Grant Rogers   Songmaker of the Catskills   (1965)
FSA 33 Sara Cleveland   Ballads and Songs of the Upper Hudson Valley   (1968)
FSA 36 Frank Proffitt   Memorial Album   (1968)
CD 125 Ballads and Songs of Tradition   Various Artists   (1999)   Review
Jeannie Robertson: Cutty's Wedding, Are You Sleeping Maggie, Twa Brothers, The Overgate; Frank Proffitt: Gyps Of David, Bonny James Campbell; Lawrence Older: Gypsy Davy; Joe Estey: Hind Horn, The Bunch of Watercresses; Lizzie Higgins: My Bonny Boy; Lee Monroe Presnell: The House Carpenter, The Old Arm Chair; Dave Thompson: The House Carpenter; James Brown: The Jolly Tinker; Vern Smelser: Tom Sherman's Barroom, The Young Man who Wouldn't Hoe Corn; Marie Hare: Lost Jimmy Whalen; William Harrison Burnett: I'll Get Married A-Sunday, Sweet Sixteen; Mrs Miner: He Never Came Back; Grant Rogers: The Old Arm Chair.

Four Courts Press

CD 1 Elizabeth Cronin   Irish Traditional Singer Vol 1   (2000)
CD 1 (from disc): Níl mo shláinte arfónamh; The lover and darling; Cuckanandy; Mo leastar beag; On board the Kangaroo; Baile Mhúirne; Cu-cúc, a chuaichín; All ye that's pierced by Cupid's darts; An botháinín iseal gan fálthas; Uncle Rat; Raghad-sa ó thuaidh leat, a bhó; The prayer book; An gamhain geal bán; Sweet Boney, will I e'er see you more?; Seoithín-seó; The braes of Balquidder; Cois abhainn na séad; The Buachaill Rua; Na gleannta; The Cappabwee murder; Dá mba liomsa an ainnir; Siúil, a rúin; Tom Toozick, the gentleman; The banks of Sullane; Níl sé 'na lá; A chaipín-ar-leathstuaic; Sweet Lisbweemore; Anonn 's anall, is tríd an abhainn; Táim cortha ó bheith im' aonar im' luí; Down by the groves of Tullig.
CD 2 Elizabeth Cronin   Irish Traditional Singer Vol 2   (2000)
CD 2 (from tape): Lord Gregory; Cuir a chodladh; Down the green fields; Pussycat's party; The sun is gone down in the west, love; I have a bonnet trimmed with blue; An bínsín luachra; The little pack of tailors; The bonny blue-eyed lassie; Bold Jack Donohue; Dance for your daddy-o; 'Tis ten weary years; I am a maid that sleeps in love; What would you do if you married a soldier?; Sweet Killydysart; There was a lady in her father's garden; Derby ram; The Yorkshire farmer; Girleen, don't be idle; Seothó-leó, a thoil; The charming sweet girl that I love; The Kerry cow; Nice little Jenny from Ballinasloe; Do thugas grá cléibh duit; Did you see my man?; Molly Bawn; Faiche bhreá aerach an cheoil; Barbara Allen; The bells of heaven (with company).
Both the above published integrally with the book of the same name, Ed. Dáibhí Ó Cróinín.

Forest Tracks

FT2006 Folk Songs from Hampshire   (1974)
16 songs collected 1905-09 by Dr George Gardiner featuring local revival singers.
FT3001 First Tracks   (1972)
Ted Duckett: bones solo.  Dave Williams: Lowlands of Holland; The Old Baby Farmer; Young Sailor Cut Down in his Prime.  Ted Duckett, bones & Dave Williams, melodeon: Jenny Lind; Oyster Girl; Double Lead Through.  And other revival singers.
FT3007 Folk Songs from Dorset   (1975)
15 songs collected 1905-07 by Henry and Robert Hammond featuring local revival singers.
FT3008 Southern By-ways   (1976)
Jimmy Cooper, hammered dulcimer: The Robin's Return; When Life's Dream is Over; After the ball / shade of the old apple tree / Old Bull & Bush.  Rollo Woods, concertina: Old Mother Oxford; Jogging to the fair.  Dave Williams: Rolling in the Dew; Fire in the Fields; Green Broom.  The Black Glove Band: Fish & Taters / Castle Cary / Four Hand Reel / Fairy Dance; The Nutting Girl / The Leather Bottle / Maggie May/ I Wish He'd Do it Now.  Jimmy Cooper & George Skipper,accordion: Coming Through the Rye / 100 Pipers / O'er the Stream to Charlie.
FT3009 Jimmy Cooper: Dulcimer Player  (1976) and as cassette FTC6022  (1988)
High Level Hornpipe / Cork Hornpipe / Harvest Home; Under the Double Eagle; Harry Lime Theme; Amazing Grace / Scotland the Brave / The Barren Rocks of Aden / Bluebells of Scotland / Atholl Highlanders; Schon Rosmarin; The Bonnie Bass of Bon Accord; Daisy Daisy / She was a Sweet Little Dickie Bird / I'll be Your Sweetheart / If those Lips Could Only Speak / I Don't Work for a Living; Scots reels; Cuckoo Waltz; Bluebell Polka / Soldier's joy; Danny Boy / With me Shillelagh Under me Arm / If you're Irish Come into the Parlour / Irish Washerwoman; Stranger on the shore; The Laird of Dunblair / The Road to the Isles / Phil the Fluter's Ball; The Robin's Return; The Isle of Capri / Play to me Gypsy / Wheels; Blackthorn Stick; Quadrille / Cornetmans Ramble / Father O'Flynn; Mandoline Serenade / Limelight;Old Folks at Home / Golden Slippers / Oh Susannah.
FTC6023 Live in concert   Jimmy Cooper   (1988)
Ramona / Charmaine / The Robin's Return / Tiptoe Through the Tulips / Moonlight and Roses / Silver Threads Amongst the Gold; Cuckoo Waltz / My Love She's But A Lassie; Duke of Perth's Reel / Drinking Song; Harvest Home / Rights of Man / High Level Hornpipe; Daisy Daisy / She Was A Sweet Little Dickie Bird / Down At the Old Bull & Bush / I Belong to Glasgow; Brochan Lom / Woodland Flowers / When Life's Dream Is Over; Lily of Laguna / Ciri Biri Bin / Ye Banks and Ye Braes / Rory O' Moore / Connaughtman's Rambles; Amazing Grace / Coming Through the Rye / 100 Pipers; Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord; Scotland the Brave / Barren Rocks of Aden / Bluebells of Scotland / Atholl Highlanders; Mexican Hat Dance / Isle of Capri / Spanish Eyes / Wheels; Stranger on the Shore.
FTC6025 Let this Room be Cheerful   Echoes of Hampshire 1   Bob Mills   (1991)
Hokey Pokey Lane; The Life of a Man; The Little Shirt my Mother Made For Me; The Irishman's Shamrock; Balaclava; The Jubilee Song; Somewhere in France, Dear Mother; Take Me Back to Dear Old Blighty; The Sausage Song; The Mistletoe Bough; Buttercup Joe; The Old Ram of Derbyshire; Banks of the Sweet Dandee; When Joan's Ale Was New; The Spaniard That Blighted My Life; Mouth-Organ Tunes; The Old Tramp's Song; That's What God Made Mothers For; The Old Crows Song.
FTC6026 Where Does Father Christmas Go To...?   Echoes of Hampshire 2   Sam Bond   (1993)
God Bless the Master; Schottische No 1; Ist Hampshire's; 2nd Hampshire's; Song of the Thrush; Monkey Hornpipe; I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles; Stepdance No 1; Horsey Keep Your Tail Up; Monologue; Keel Row / Oh Missus Cuddle Me; After The Ball; Take Your Umbrella With You John; Beer, Glorious Beer; Oyster Girl; Bonny Dundee; Billy Boy; Twing-Twang; Where Does Father Christmas Go To?; La Petit Tonquinoise; Stepdance No 2; Airforce March; The Same Old Kick!; Faithful Sailor Boy; In And Out the Windows; Cookie Kept Her Eye Upon the Rabbit Pie; You Must Hit the Bulls-Eye; Souvenirs; Back Home in Tennessee; Schottische No 2; Talking; Scottische No 1; Phil the Fluter's Ball; Jackasses Gallop; Over The Waves; Cock of The North; Scotland the Brave; 1st and 2nd Hamphire's Marchpasts.
FTC6027 Village Hops at Buckler's Hard   Echoes of Hampshire 3   Stan Seaman   (1996)
Stepdance; 10 Little Fingers, 10 Little Toes; Five Bar Gate; You'll Never Miss Your Mother 'til She's Gone; Phil the Fluter's Ball; Polkas; Valeta; Old Waltz; See Me Dance the Polka / Little Brown Jug; Knees Up Mother Brown; Bound For Australia; Seaweed; When they Taught Me How to Beat Upon The Drum; When This Old Lamb was Killed Sir!; Peggy O'Neill; Slap-Dab; The Man You Don't Meet Every Day; Jolly Good Song; Polka; Schottiche; Miles I Have Travelled; Polka; Sailor Boy; Oh No John, No; 620 Two-Step; Loch Lomond / Grannie's Highland Home / Glencoe; Two Little Girls in Blue; The Gay Gordons; The Ring Your Mother Wore; My Grandfather's Clock; 10 Pretty Girls; St Bernard's Waltz; Polka; Two Little Girls In Blue / In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree; Stepdance; Scottische; The Stein Song; Woodbine Willy; Peggy O'Neill / Daisy Belle / Forever Blowing Bubbles; Tipperary / Pack Up Your Troubles.
FTBT CD1 Dulcimer Player  Jimmy Cooper   (2003)
High Level Hornpipe / Cork Hornpipe / Harvest Home / Under The Double Eagle;  The Harry Lime Theme;  Amazing Grace / Scotland the Brave / The Barren Rocks of Aden / Bluebells of Scotland / Atholl Highlanders;  Schön Rosmarin;  The Bonnie Lass of Bon Accord;  Daisy, Daisy / She Was a Sweet Llittle Dickie Bird / I'll Be Your Sweetheart / If Those lips Could Only Speak / I Don't Work for a Living;  79th's Farewell to Gibraltar / Broom's Reel;  Cuckoo Waltz;  Dulcimer Duet with David Kettlewell: Bluebell Polka / Soldier's Joy;  Danny Boy / With My Shillelagh Under My Arm / If You're Irish Come into the Parlour / Irish Washerwoman;  Stranger on the Shore;  The Laird of Drumblair / Road to the Isles / Phil the Fluter's Ball;  The Robin's Return;  Isle of Capri / Play to me Gypsy;  The Blackthorn Stick / Connaughtman's Rambles / Father O' Flynn;  Mandoline Seranade / Limelight;  Old Folks at Home / Golden Slippers / O'Susannah;  Coming Through The Rye / Wi' a 100 Piper's / O'er the Stream to Charlie;  When Life's Dream is O'er;  Meet Mr Callaghan / Silver Threads Among the Gold / Moonlight and Roses;  Believe Me if All those Endearing Young Charms;  Ye Banks of Ye Braes / 79th Farewell to Gibraltar;  After the Ball / In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree / Old Bull and Bush;  Mona Lisa / Wheels

Free Reed

FRR001/2 Forty Years of Piping   Seamus Ennis   (1975)
The Merry Blacksmith / The Rainy Day / The Silver Spear; First you must learn the grid; The Bucks of Oranmore; The Bucks of Oranmore / The Sligo Maids Lament; The Praties are Dug and the Frost is All Over; The Fox Chase; If All the Young Maidens were Blackbirds & Thrushes; The Copperplate Reel; The Silver Spear / The Dublin Reel; Miss Monahan; Salamanca / Duke Gordon; Don Niperi Septo; Donegal Reel; Paudeen O'Rafferty / The Friar's Jig; Speed the Plough / The Merry Blacksmith / The Forge Music; The Lark's March; Sixpenny Money / When the Cock Crows it is Day; Piper of the Embers / Down the Dack Lane / Sixpenny Money; I'll Mend your Pots and Kettles 0; The Broken Pledge; Paddy Killoran's Reel; Gentle Philip Fany.
FRR003 I Once Was a Daysman   Eddie Butcher   (1976)
Heather Down the Moor; Lion's Den; To my Son in Amerikay; Shores of Benone; The Week's Work; Let Them Come to Ireland; Hiring Fair; Flora; Wee Window; Thousands are Sailing; Coleraine Regatta.
FRR004 Micho Russell
FRR006 A Grand Old Fashioned Dance   Gordon Cutty's Band   (1976)
New Colonial March; Punch and Judy Polka; Imperial Echoes; Golden Tango; BBC F March; Bloomefield; King Pippin; Speak Softly Love; Woodland Flowers; Butterflies in the Rain; RAF Marchpast; Belphegor March; Arena la Noche; Untitled Polka; Sweet Georgia Brown / Somebody Stole my Gal; Bluebell Polka; I wish You Love; Luxembourg Polka; Medley.
FRR007 Chaste Muses, Bards and Sages   Joe Holmes and Len Graham   (1977)
True Lover John; Merrily Kiss the Quaker; Tumbling Through the Hay; Leitrim Hornpipe; Bonny Brown Jane; Rogue Dare You Meddle Me; Wellington's Medal; When I was a Bachelor; Dark-Eyed Gypsy; The Hen's Schottische; William Smith at Famed Waterloo; Molly Brannigan; The Peacock's Feather; Flower of Gortade.
FRR008 Springtime in Battersea   Tommy Williams   (1977)
Unnamed March; Woodland Flowers; Let ke Call You Sweetheart; Ma Cushla; Destiny waltz; Springtime in Battersea; Talk about his life with the concertina; Unnamed Schottische; Belinda; 0 Sole Mio / Dante Lucia / Surrender; Kensington Waltz; Queenstown Parade; Talk about his life with the concertina.
FRR012 Field Vole Music   Tony Hall, Nic Jones, Johhny Moynihan, Keith Pearshouse, Ian McCoy   (1977)
Tripping Upstairs; Wooden-Ended Reel; Trumpet Hornpipe; Holmfirth Anthem; The Banks of the Seine; Andrew Rose; Gerry's Slow Tune; Shallow Brown; Bantry Bay; Peeler Creek; The Trim Rig Doxie; Bottom of the Punchbowl; The Weavers March / The Quaker; The Rounding of Cape Horn; The Major Minor Tune; Just As the Tide Was Flowing; The Wind That Shakes the Barley.

The other 'Free Reed' releases: Concertina Workshop; Clare Concertinas; The Flowing Tide; Fiddle and Concertina Player; Irish Traditional Music of County Clare and Irish Traditional Concertina Styles were issued by Topic in its Topic/Free Reed series as 12TFRS501 to 506. Track listings can be found in the Topic Records Discography under 'Other Labels'.


CEFC 040 Darach Ó Catháin
CEFC 043 Tríona   Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill
CEF CD 044 Cooley .  Joe Cooley . (1975)
An Stuiare Stuama (The Wise Maid). An Scléip Aréir (Last Night's Fun).  Dónall Ó Conaill (Daniel O'Conell). Stócaigh an Locha / Mal Ní Mhuineacháin (Boys of the Lough / Miss Monaghan).  Ríl Uí Chrualaoich (Crowley's Reel).  An Teach Nua Custaim (The New Custom House) .  An Bata Draighin (The Blackthorn).  Tóir mo Ghrá i Meiriceá (The Boyne Hunt).  Pléaráca an Tulaigh / An Fhuiseog / Máire Na Búirí (The Humours of Tulla / The Skylark / Roaring Mary).  Bocannaí Uaráin Mhóir (The Bucks of Oranmore).  Rion an Aonaigh / Port na Ceathrú (Queen of the Fair / The Carraroe Jig).  Tá mo Ghrá i Meiriceá (My Love She's in America).  Fearaíl Ó Gára (Farrell O'Gara).  Longa Faoi Sheol (The Ships are Sailing).  A Naoi ÓDubhda (Dowd's Number Nine).  Bánu an Lae (The Dawn).  Marai ar an gCarraig (Sailor on the Rock).
CEF 057 Jackie Daly and Séamus Creagh  (1977)
Polkas: Jim Keefe's / The Newmarket; Bill Sullivan's / O The Britches Full of Stiches: The Four Shoves.  Reels: The Macroom Lasses / The Rambler in Cork; Sweet Biddy of Baile Mhúirne / Quilles; Follow Me Down / The Game of Love; Denis Murphy's / Cleaning The Hen House.  Slow Air: The Enchanted Valley; A Ogánaigh An Chúil Chraobhaigh; Her Mantle So Green.  Hornpipes: The Bird in the Bush / The Two Birds in the Bush; Byrne's.  Jigs: Connie O'Connell's / Cuillin Uí Chaoimh.  Slides: Johnny Mickey's / Pádraig O'Keefe's.  Song: The Tailor Bán.
CEFCD072 The Celebrated Recordings   John Doherty
CEFC102 Ceol Aduaigh   Maireadh ní Mhaonaigh and Frankie Kennedy
CEFC111 Cosa Gan Bhróga G Ó Connor, Eithne Ní Uallacháin, D Wilkinson
CEF 115 A Tribute to Joe Cooley   Frankie Gavin and Paul Brock with Charlie Lennon   (1986)
Rileanna (Reels): Cooley's / The Wise Maid; Over the Moor to Maggie / Dowd's Number Nine; Mike Flanagan's / The Milliner's Daughter; Lafferty's / My Love is in America; The Sailor on the Rocks / Temple House / The Lilies in the Field; The Fermoy Lassies / Hand me Down the Tackle; The Mulingar Races / The Humours of Westport; The Sally Gardens / The Ships are Sailing / The Wild Irishman / The Coalminer / The Skylark.  Cornphiopia (Hornpipes): The Stack of Wheat / Miss Galvin's; The Derry / The Fisher.  Poirt (Jigs): Clancy's / The Scotsman over the Border; My Darling's Asleep / The Queen of the Fair.
CEFC 124 Josie Seán Jack (and Marcus Hernon)
CEFCD132 The Trooper   Johnny O'Leary
CEFCD 133 Donal Lunny   Donal Lunny   (1987)
Poirt: Across the Hills / An Fáinne Óir.  Ríl Mall: Coast River.  Polcai: Denis Doody's / Tolka Polka.   Fonn Mall: Declan.  Port Lúascaigh: Leppadumdowledum.  Ríleanna: Tommy Peoples / Maids of Mullach / Major Harrison's Fedora.
CEFCD 152 Gan Dhá Phingin Spré   No Dowry   Maighread Ní Dhomnaill   (1991)
Amhran Pheadar Breathnach; A Mháithrín Dhíleas; An Cailín Gaelach; Colm Cille na Féile; The Green Wood Laddie; Is Fada Liom Uaim Í; Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane; Knickers of Corduroy; An Clár Bog Deil; Lily of the West.
CEFCD 153 Rabharta Ceoil.  Paddy Glackin   In Full Spate   (1991)
Reels: Sporting Paddy / John Doherty's / McFarley's; The Moving Bog / Jenny Picking Cockles / The Hornless Cow: John Stewart's / James Byrne's / Pretty Peg / Miss Patterson's Slipper; Old Peter Street / John McKinley's / Hand Me Down The Tackle; Rakish Paddy / The Wild Irishman; The Connacht Heifer / The Steampacket; The Last House in Connacht / The Gooseberry Bush; The Dispute at the Crossroads / The Queen of the May / Jenny's Chickens. Single Jigs: The Fairy Jig / Frainc a'Phoill's. Jigs: I Buried My Wife and Danced on Top of Her / Fraher's; Darby Gallagher's / Con Cassidy's / The Irish Washerwoman; Ri Na bPiobairi (King of the Pipers) / The Mooncoin. Air: Paddy's Ramble Through The Park. Hornpipes: The Stage / Chief O'Neill's.
CEFC 158 Idir dha Chomhairle: In two minds Áine Uí Cheallaigh
CEFCD 166 A Stór's A Stórín P Ní Uallacháin and G Ó Briain
CEFCD 167 Dúchas Ceoil   The Lennon Family   Dance of the Honey Bees   (1994)
Reels: Humours of Ballyconnell / The Hunter's House; Lord Gordon; The Windy City / The San Francisco Reel; Bonny Kate / Jenny's Chickens; Mick O'Connor's / Packie Duigan's; The Lakes of Leitrim / The Melvin Wave; Jackie Colman's / The Copperplate / Billy Bocker.  Waltz and Hornpipe: The Dance of the Honey Bees.  Hornpipes: Delia's Dream / Dolly's Delight.  Jigs: The Eavesdropper / Up Leitrim / Cherish the Ladies; Gallagher's Frolics / The Connacht Man's Rambles.  Songs: Tá mésínte ar do thuama; An Draighnéan Donn.  Slow Airs: The Captive's Lament; Cuaichín Ghleann Néifín. Flings: North Leitrim Flings. Descriptive Piece: Proud Peacock.
CEFCD 169 Minstrel's Fancy   Cliaraí Ceoil   Seán Ryan   (1994)
Jigs: The Ship in Full Sail / The Mist on the Meadow / The Legacy; Rosemary Lane / Willie Coleman's.  Reels: Miss MacLeod's / St Anne's; Lord Gordon's; The Old maids of Galway.  Air: Mickey Finn's; Slan le Máigh.  Barn Dance and Schottische: John McKenna's the Sweet Flowers of Milltown.  Set Dance: The Kilkenny Races.  Redowas: The Limerick Waltz / The Barnacle Redowa.  Set Dance and Slip Jig: Is the Big Man Within? / The Sport of the Chase.
CEFCD 170 Taobh na Gréine   Seosaimhín Ní Bheaglaoich   Under The Sun   (1994)
Bheadh Buchaillín Deas ag Síle; Droimeann Donn Dílis; Saighdiúirín Singil; Bean Dubh an Ghleanna; Cailín na nUrla Donn; Cailín Deas Rua; Amhrán na Leabhar; Aonach Bhearna na Gaoithe; Dónal Óg; An tSeanbheanBhocht agus Port Sheáin Dan Nell.
CEFCD 171 Séideán Sí   Paddy Glackin (fiddle) and Robbie Hannan (pipes)   (1995)
Reels: The Bonnie Bunch of Ferns / The Repeal of the Union; Miss Ramsey / I'm Waiting for You; The Dispute at the Crossroads / The Jolly Tinker; The Dublin Reel / Boil The Breakfast Early; The Dogs amongst the Bushes / The Glen Road to Carrick; Trim the Velvet / Kitty's Gone a-Milking.  Jigs: The Young Tom Ennis / The Blackthorn Stick; An Rógaire Dubh / Dessie O'Connors; Father O'Flynn / The Munster Jig; The Rambling Pitchfork / The Walls of Liscarroll; Munster Buttermilk / Sweet Biddy Daly; The Cook In The Kitchen / The Wandering Minstrel; Old Tipperary / An Phis Fhliuch.  Hornpipes: The Liverpool Hornpipe / The Stack of Barley.  Air and Set Dance: An Lon Dubh.
CEFCD 172 Aoife   Aoife Ní Fhearraigh   (1996)
Ansacht na nAnsacht; Seacht Suáilcí na Maighdine Muire; Níl sé'na Lá; Nuair a bhi Mise Óg; Cailín na Gruaige Báine; Ainnir Dheas na Giabhfholt Donn; A Neansaí Mhile Grá; Caitlín Triall; Mo Ghrá Thú (Salm 17); Cailín a' tSléibhe Ruaidh; Úrchnoc Chin Mhic Cáinte.
CEFCD 174 An Dara Craiceann P Ní Uallacháin and G Ó Briain
Na Tar ach San Oiche (Come Only at Home), Eireoidh me Amarach (I Will Rise Tomorrow). A Oganaigh Oig (Young Man), Nach Aoibhinn don Eanlaith (How Pleasant for the Birds), Eirigh a Shineid (Rise up Jane), Uirchill a Chreagain (Creggan Graveyard), An Bad Si (The Fairy Boat),Ta an Oiche Seo Dorcha (This Night is Dark), An Bhean Udai Thall (Oh Yonder Woman), Ta Daoine ag Ra (Some People Say), A Mhuire 'S A Ri (If I had the Fingers), An Bheann Chaointe (The Keening Woman), Coillte Glas A Triucha (The Green Woods of Trugh), Ta se in Am Domsa Eiri (It Is Time to Rise), A Chara Dhilis (My Beloved Friend).
CEFCD 175 An Bohhrán   The Irish Drum   Colm Murphy   (1996)
Reels: The Crooked Road / The Abbey Reel / John Kelly's; Lord Gordon's / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel; The London Lasses / The Glass of Beer / Dickie Dwyer's; Seán in the Mist / The Mason's Apron.  Jigs: Larry the Beer Drinker; Garrett Barry's Jig / The Fog in the Bog; The Blooming Meadows / The King of the Pipers / Give Us a Drink of Water.  Slides: The Desmond Slides.  Hornpipes: Dunphy's Hornpipe / Pound Hill; Rosie's Wedding / Jimmy Kelly's / The Noon Lassies.  Polkas: The Lonesome Polkas.
CEFCD 176 Many's A Wild Night   Jackie Daly   (1995)
Polkas: Many's A Wild Night / All Along the River Bank / The Christmas Polka; Rose Anne's / The Old One / The Rambling Sailor.  Jigs: An Buachaillín Bán / The Thatched Cottage / Johnny Dennehy's; Coleman's / Fanning's / Teddy O'Neill; Reels: Craig's / Sunday Night / The Kilfenora Reel; The Fly Fishing Reel / McIllhatton's Retreat; The Allow / The Dualloa; Buck Moran's / Paddy Sullivan's / The Dairymaid.  Slow Air: Ag Taisteal na Blarnan; Maidin Ró-Mhoch.  Hornpipes: By the Old Fairy Fort / Lad O'Briene's; The clockhouse / The Old Court.  Slides: Forget your Troubles / O'Connor's / The Glounreagh Slide; Crossroad's Fling / Cock O' The North / Chase Me Charlie.
FONN CD 001 When I was Young P Ní Uallacháin, L Graham, G Ó Briain

Global Village Music

CD 180 Tales Our Fathers Sang   New Jewish Music with Tam   Yale Strom with members of his bands Klazzj and Hot Pstromi   (1999)
In Odessa, A Friend of Kafka, Hodel, Herzog, Hershel Summerwind, Dreyfus in Kassrilevke, King Solomon, The Silver Crown, An Afternoon on the Grass, A Wedding in Brownsville, Mottel No 1, Joy Beyond Measure, A Letter to Harvey Milk, The Awakening, Looking for Kafka, L'Olam and White Shell Woman, Karl Yankel, The Romance Reader, The Writer in the Family, Mottel No 2, The Magic Barrel, Bloodshed, Shprintse, Julia, Bryna's Mendel, The Four Questions, Tallulah, Beggars Dance.
CD 602 L'Appuntamento   Italian Folksongs, Mazurkas, Polkas and Waltzes - Played by the Great Mandolinists 1913-1928   (1996)   Review
CD 603 Speranze Perdute   Italian Folksongs, Mazurkas, Polkas and Waltzes - Played by the Great Mandolinists 1928-1950   (1996)   Review
CD 2501 Instrumental and Vocal Music from Buryatia and Mongolia   Uragsha   (1999)
Uliger – Altan Galu Noyon Khubun, Balzhan Khatane Duun, Bogd Dunzhyn Garavyn Magtal, Durben Sag, Khan Khukhyn Uyanga (Melody of the Khan Khukhyn Mountains), Talyn Ayalga, Rinchin Darzhin, Sayan Uulyn Magtal, Huulshyn Buian, Khun Shubuun Yerenel Yanal, Yoxor, Short Melodies on the khomus, Tala Bere Tarbazha, Durben Uul, Khoer Setkhel, Altai Khangen Magtal, Khoomin Kholboo, Mandukhai Sesin Khatan, Durbun Naste Khalun, Yider Genchin.
CD 2502 Young Camel Rider   Battuvshin   Flute, throat singing and jaw harp from Mongolia and Buryatia   (1999)
Durben Sag, Khan Khukhyn Uyanga, Yider Genchin, Tsenkhorlen kharagdakh uul, Tooroi Bandi, Durbun Naste Khalun, Tsonkhon der suusan yalaa, Tsagaan sar, Onchin tsagaan botog, Duuriimaa, Manay kavalery, Ukhorchin khuu, Khokh torgan tsamts, Uulsyn duu, Saikhan khangain buga, Usesglen chual, Bayan mongol, Ononen ereg, Mandakh nar, Abgyn tsagaan uul, Sharyn mergyn torog, Nayan Nova, Tsomban Tuuraitai huren, Gariin 10 khuruu, Zuun Langiin Goroo Luus, Zandan Zuu, Denjiin Nagoo, Khoer Setkhel, Khoomii.


CDORB 001 New Dimensions In Rail Culture   Super Rail Band of the Buffet Hotel De La Gare De Bamak, Mali
Foliba, Bediana Mogo, Tallassa, Konowale, Mali Yo.
CDORBD 012 Madagasikara Vol 1   Current traditional music of Madagascar   Various artists   (1990)
Rakoto Frah & Martin Rakotoarimanana: Afindrarndmo. Daniel Tombo & Marceline Vaviroa: Feam Baliha; Dia Mahadry; Georges Norbert & L Honore Rosa: Bonne Annee Amin Ny Tanana; Mamakivaky Alankiminina. Rabenaivo Group: Fambolena Eto Madagasikara. David Andriamamonjy: Nilentika; Tazana Kely. Tsimialona Volambita: Mahatsiarotsiaro Fanina Aeo Zeho; Nametaa Imaintso.Martin Rakotoarimanana: King's Song. Emmanuel Randriamainty: Viavy Rosy. Zeze et Groupe 'Son': Kilalao.
CDORBD 013 Madagasikara Vol 2   Current popular music of Madagascar   Various artists   (1990)
Rossy: Raha Manina Any, Ny Any;  Zézé et Groupe Son: Ento Rora;  Mahaleo: Madirovalo;  Trio Fa: Tsapika 2000;  Ny Sakelidlana: Totoy Tsara;  Les Smockers: Sarotra;  Tarika Sammy: Voromby (Oiseau de Fer), Aza Mba Manary Toky;  Nonot Kidza: Malaza Avaratna.
CDORBD 027 Flute Master of Madagascar   Rakoto Frah   (1995)   Review
Lohataonan-Diavolana Ny Andro, Io Ranomasina, Lalana Afakando, Voahangy, Tovovavy Jefijefy, Voahirana An-Drano Maria / Izy Efa Bavy, Ambohimanga, Jijy Lava, Dihin-Dratsimieloka.
CDORBD 028 Valiha Malaza (Famous Valiha)   Rakotozafy   (1995)
Salama'Nareo Tompoko O! (Ayy Izahay Vahiny); Ramanjareo (Ny Any Aminay); O Zaza Ny Fandeha Diasa; Botofetsy; Tonga Teto Lala; Hitako O!; Mandrosoa Lahy Mahaeva; Miasa Tsara Raha Manambady; Isa, Roa, Telo; Rey Lahy, Rey Lahy; Varavarankely; Tangalamena; Sega Vaovao Valiha Malaza; Lekatseka; Mandihiza Raha Manan' Eratra; Samy Faly; Iadiavan Janako Aho Rafozako; Ny Fitiavana Raho Vao Miaraka; Fisaorana (Speech).
CDORB 032 Taarab 1   Seif Salim Saleh and Abdullah Mussa Ahmed   (1999)   Review
Taqsim in Hijaz Mode, Ulimwengu Una Visa, Wawili Tunapendani, Taqsim in Sikka Mode, Ua, Taqsim in Nihawand Mode, Mpenzi Wangu Hawesi, Nur El Nujum, Shada La Maua, Taqsim in Sabah Mode, Safaa, Zinjibar, Taqsim Sikka #2 / Ratabu, Taqsim Bayati.
CDORB 033 Taarab 2   Ikhwani Safaa musical club
Afkari, Usiji Gambe, Kanilemaza, Nna Zama, Ukichungua, Masikini Roho Yako, Waridi Lisilo Miba, Nipepee, Hidaya, Pendo La Wasikitisha.
CDORBD 038 Blow "Besir" Blow   Jova Stojiljkovic & Orkestar
Šampionski Cocek, Safetov Cocek, Vranjsko Kolo, Izrael Orijent, Cifteteli, Jovino Kolo, Durak I Srecko, Djokino Cocek, Beogradska Cocek, Ekstra Cocek, Romski Cocek.
CDORBD 040 Taarab 3   Various Artists
Ghazzy Musical Club: Mapenzi Kiapo.  Kikundi Cha Sanaa Za Maonesho: Mwana Mtiifu.  Sahib El Arry: Sitaki La Wama.  Royal Air Force Musical Club: Sema.  Ghazzy Musical Club: Wembe.  Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club: Wambea.  Kikundi Cha Sanaa Za Maonesho: Mbaya Kufanya Jema.  Kikosi Cha Taarab Cha Muungano Wa Wanawaka: Mpene Pole.  Four Brothers Zanzibar: Pakacha.  Sahib El Arry: Juwa Toka.  Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club: Machozi Yananimwaika.
CDORBD 041 Taarab 4   Culture Musical Club
Sibadili, Mwiko, Binga Amekwenda Kapa, Subalkheri Mpenzi, Kupendana Kwetu Sisi, Umeniita Azizi, Sasa Sinaye, Jipeleleze, Nimtakaye Hataki, Mbuzi, Niyeye.
CDORB 042 Jatigui   Tata Bambo Kouyate
Hommage A Baba Cissoko, Ainana Bah, Mama Batchily, Ahourou Bocoum, Goundo Tandja, Amadou Traore.
CDORB 048 Forro: Music for Maids and Taxi Drivers   Various artists
Toinho De Kos Alagoas: Balanco Da Canoa, Bicho Da Cara Preta, Peca Licenca P'ra Falar De Alagoas, Carater Duro, Sonho De Amor, Namoro No Escuro.  Duda Da Passira: De Pernambuco Ao Maranhao, Recordacao Da Passira, Casa De Tauba, Forro Da Minha Terra.  Jose Orlando: Eu Tambem Quero Beijar, Agricultor P'ra Frente, Linda Menina, Morena Da Palmeira, Minha Zeze.  Heleno Dos Oito Baixos: Comeco De Verao, Entra E Sai.
CDORBD 051 The Flower of Isan   Isan Slete
Lai Lam Toei Sam Jangwa, Hua Ngawk Yawk Sao, Sutsanaen-noeng Mode, Lam Phloen, Lai Pu Pa Lan, Toei Khong, Lam Doen Dong, Lai-yai Mode, Lam Toei Thammada, Lai Ngua Khuen Phu, Lam Kio, Lai Phu Thai, Sutsanaen Mode, Kawn Lawng La, Lai An Nang-sue, Imae Imae.
CDORB 053 Cantar Maravilloso   Los Munequitos De Mantanzas
Oyelo De Nuevo, Lo Que Dice El Abacua, Fundamento Delarga, El Marino, Llora Como Llore, Mi Arere ,Notas Musicales, Y Ya Mile (Madre Mira Mi Casa), Cantar Maravilloso, Arague, A Lo Embale.
CDORB 060 The Sound of Sunda   Euis Komariah Yus Wiradiredja
Sorban Palid, Duh Ieung, Salam Sono, Ramalan Asih, Asa Tos Tepang, Pengkolan, Bulan Sapasi, Dalingding Asih, Campaka Kambar.
CDORBD 064 Huaynos and Huaylas   Various Artists
Picaflor De Los Andes: Maria Alejandrina, Un Pasajero En El Camino, Fiesta De Mayo, Aguas Del Rio Rimac, Carrito De Pasajos.  La Pallasquinita: Verbenita Verbenita, Oreganito.  Orqestra Sensacion Del Mantaro: El Guapachoso.  Flor Pucarina: Llorando A Mares, Airampito, Noche De Luna, Para Que Quiero La Vida, Pichiusita.  Orqestra Los Tarumas De Tarma: Rompe Macarios, Alianza Corazon.  La Princesita De Yungay: Dos Claveles.  Los Bordones Del Peru: Tus Ojos.  Orqestra Los Rebeldes De Huancayo: Ya Te Gane
CDORBD 065 Timbila   Eduardo Durao and Orquestra Durao
Ngono Utane Vuna Kudima, Malamba Kudja Mundino, Haguma Nguma Tekenha, Eduardo Durao Mauaia, Magueleguele, Nhantumbuane, Xiriri, Mbamba Wa Sopa, Chinguavilane, Unichenguile.
CDORBD 066 Mtindo Wa Mombasa   Zein Musical Party
Mtindo Wa Mombasa, Maneno Tisiya, Wanawake Wa Kiamu, Taksim Bayati, Baina Macho Na Moyo, Mwiba Wa Kujitoma, Binti Mombasa, Nataka Rafiki, Mwana Hasahau Mama, Taksim Jirka.
CDORBD 067 New Fuji Garbage   Chief Dr Sikuru Ayinde Barrister
Refined Fuji Garbage, Fuji Worldwide.
CDORBD 069 The Voice of the Atlas   Najat Aatabou
Baghi Narjah, Finetriki, Shouffi Rhirou, Lila Ya S'Haba, Ouardatte Lajnane, Zourouni Lilah, Ditih.
CDORBD 072 The Music Power from Okinawa   Shoukichi Kina and Champloose
Sampionski Cocek, Safetov Cocek, Vranjsko Kolo, Izrael Oirijent, Cifteteli, Jovino Kolo, Durak I Srecko, Djokino Cocek, Beogradska Cocek, Ekstra Cocek, Romski Cocek.
CDORBD 074 Bosnian Breakdown   Kalesijski Zvuci
Oho Ho Sto Je Lijepo, Ja Te Cekam Milice, Crven Fesic, Komsinice Mila Moja, Frula Svira Kosu Kujem, Ramino Kolo, Ako Zelis Mene, Inoco Moja Krivdoco, Otimas Se Branis Se, Sedam Puta Lola Se Ozenio, Sota.
CDORBD 076 !Nursery Boys Go Ahead!   Abana Ba Nasery
Esiesi Siolle, Abakambi, Sumila Omusiele, Omwana Wa Mberi Nesiekhoira, Tumebeba Msalaba, Esimiti Khusilenje, Abakhasi Bano, Elira Yesu Ndayanza, Mabingwa, Abandu Bandi, Abebi Be Tsingombe.
CDORBD 077 ¡Saba Saba!   Milquinhento '1500' & Conjunto Popombo De Nampula, and Conjunto Nimala
Saba Saba, Noijukuru, Kufera Povo, Bainxa, Josina, Na Munthamana Nau, Mariana, Nonmualana, Arminda, Nampula, Omahie Wa Mama Kihala E Flore, Kamueira Kiwereiaka.
CDORBD 078 Big String Theory   Bajourou
Hakilima, Mansa, Mankan, Fanta Barana, I Ka Di Nye, Sora, Bastan Toure, Nkani, Jodoo.
CDORBD 080 !Ultramerengue!   Francisco Ulloa
Arturo Pa'l Monte, Dominga Que Linda Eres, Majando, La Carta, Hoy Que He Vuelta A Recordar, Homenaje A Dany Cabrera, La Negra Tomasa, Si Tu Padre Te Abochorna, Ay Mami, Juanita Morel, La Tinajita, Canto De Hacha, Pensando En Ti, Homenaje A Santiago.
CDORBD 081 Treasure of My Heart  Various artists:  (1993)
William Andrews: Munster Buttermilk; Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band: Johnny Will you Marry Me?; James Morrison: Farewell to Ireland; Flanagan Brothers: Paddy in London; John McGettigan: Me Husband's Flannel Shirt; Hugh Gillespie: Dowd's Favourite; John Reilly: Tippin' it up to Nancy; Willie Clancy: Bruachna Carriage Baine / Stór mo Chroí, The Choice Wife; Leo Rowsome: The Bunch of Keys / Buckley's Fancy; Mary Ann Carolan: My Father's a Hedger and Ditcher; Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford: Muckross Abbey / Mulvihill's; Margaret Barry: The Turfman from Ardee; Joe Heaney: Cunnla; McPeake Family: Will You Go, Lassie, Go?; John Doherty: Roaring Mary / Stormy Weather; Micho and Gussie Russell: Off to California; Sarah Makem: The Wind that Shakes the Barley; Felix Doran: Rakish Paddy; Paddy Tunney: The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee; Séamus Ennis: The New Demesne; Josie McDermott: Micho Russell's Reel / Trip to Birmingham; Frank Harte: He Rolled Her to the Wall; Paddy Glackin: The Silver Spear / The Flax in Bloom; Jackie Daly: Murphy's / Going to the Well for Water; Boys of the Lough: The Eclipse / The Tailor's Twist; Joe Holmes and Len Graham: Willie Clarke's / Green Grow the Rushes-O; Four Men and a Dog: Micho Russell's / Sporting Nell.
CDORBD 082 I'm Leaving Tipperary  Various artists.  (1994)
Michael Hanafin: Lord Gordon's Reel; Billy Hanafin's Reel.  Dan Sulivan's Shamrock Band: I'm Leaving Tipperary; Green Grow the Rushes-O.  John McGettigan: My Darling Asleep / Maids on the Green; Martha the Flower of Sweet Strabane; The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door; Erin's Lovely Lea; The Rambling Irishman.  James Morrison: Curlew Hills / Peach Blossoms; Tailors' twist / The Flowers of Spring; Moneymusk / Johnny Will You Marry Me / The Keel Row.  James Morrison and Tom Ennis: New Steamboat / Bucks of Oranmore / Gardiner's Daughter.  Tom Ennis: The Frieze Britches; Kildare Fancy / Stack of Wheat.  Flanagan Brothers: The Auld Blackthorn; My Irish Molly-O; The Beggarman Song; Irish Delight.  Hugh Gillespie: The Irish Mazurka; Jenny's Welcome to Charlie; Dowd's No 9 / Jackson's; Versevanna.  Murty Rabbet and his Gaelic Band: Tickling Mary Jane.  Neil Nolan: Millers' Reel / Duffy the Dancer.
CDORBD 083 Umurego   Cecile Kayirebwa
Rwanamiza, Tarihinda, Kana, Inkindi, Mundeke Mbaririmbire, Urusamaza, Rubyiruko, Umulisa, Cyusa, Ndare, Umunezero.
CDORBD 084 The Gentleman Pipers  Various artists.  (1994)   Review
Liam Walsh: The Banks of the Suir; The Portlaw Reel.  William Andrews: Ask My Father / The Mountain Lark; May Day / The Cuckoo's Nest.  Leo Rowsome: Top of the Cork Road / The Irish Washerwoman; Kiss the Miad Behind the Barrel / Touch Me if You Dare; The Snowy Breasted Pearl.  Willie Clancy; Langstern Pony; The Dear Irish Boy; The Flogging Reel.  Seamus Ennis: The Boys of Bluehill / Dunphy's Hornpipe; The Flags of Dublin / The Wind that Shakes the Barley; The Wandering Minstrel / Jackson's Morning Brush; The Blackbird.  Sean McAloon and John Rea: The First House in Connaught / The Copperplate.  Sean McAloon: An Buachaill Caol Dubh / Drops of Brandy.  Felix Doran: The Ash Plant; The Lark in the Morning; Mary of Murroe / The Green Gates; The Boys of the Lough.  Pat Mitchell: Frieze Britches; Garrett Barry's / The Virginia Reel.  Michael O'Brien: Ballyoran; Rakish Paddy / Castle Kelly.
CDORBD 085 The Rushy Mountain  Various artists.  (1994)
Kerry Fiddle trio: Top of the Maol / Humours of Ballydesmond; Chase Me Charlie / Tom Billy's Favourite; Johnny When You Die / The Swallow's Tail / Miss McLeod.  Padraig O'Keefe: Callaghan's / The Rights of Man.  Jackie Daly: Tom Sullivan's / Johnny Leary's / Jim Keefe's; The Banks of Sullane; Trip to the Jacks / Where is the Cat; Walsh's Hornpipe; The Glenside Cottage / Taim Gan Airgead.  Star of Munster Trio: The Lark in the Bog; Bill Black's / O'Donovan's.  Billy Clifford Trio: The Upperchurch Polka; Mrs Ryan's / Danny Green's Polkas; Matt Haye's Jigs.  Billy Clifford: Willie Doherty's / Up On the Wagon; The Fermoy Lasses / The Honeymoon.  John and Julia Clifford: The Humours of Lisheen / Art O'Keefe's; The Palatine's Daughter.  John and Julia Clifford and Maurice O'Keefe: John Clifford's Polka / Behind the Bush in the Garden / Going for Water.  Johnny O'Leary: Doyle's Polka; The Brosna Slide / The Scartaglen / Padraig O'Keefe's Favourite; The Worn Torn Petticoat / Denis O'Keefe's Favourite; The Tourmore Polkas.  Denis Murphy: Kennedy's Favourite / The Woman of the House.  Julia Clifford: Julia Clifford's / Bill the Waiver's; Taimse im'Chodladh.  Julia and Billy Clifford: The Montain Road / Paddy Cronin's.  Denis Murphy and Julia Clifford: The Humours of Galtymore / Callaghan's / The New Mown Meadows; Danny Ab's.
CDORBD 086 Mozambique 1   Various Artists
Grupo Xitende Da Orquestra De Timbila: Magalango.  Grupo Ngalanga Da Unidade: Mutcico/Munguenisso.  Grupo Estrela Vermelha Do Ilha De Mocambique: Enhipiti Equissirua.  Joao Mate: Mama Na Wa Mina Anga Monanga Meticala.  Grupo Estrela Vermelha: Unabadera Uhema.  Grupo Cultura N'kissa: N'kissa #1.  Machipiga Mafiso: Ndiribe Nyumba.  Kava Unga Geti ' Alberto Machavel: Tira Hikhumbula Mondlane.  Conjunto Ndzumbe De Bairro Inhagoia: Utemdene.  Grupo Chigovia De Jardim Zoologico: Ntabuya Mundzuku.  Grupo Beira Mar: Essifa Zonhipiti.  Grupo Nyanga De Moixange: Chirire.  Baile Kaniwah: Konvarava Kovela.  Makwaela: Saudamos O Grupo Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  Afonco Balate: Nisalili Aussiwanini.
CDORBD 087 Mozambique 2   Various Artists
Timbila Do Conselho Executivo Da Cidade De Maputo: Mutcitco.  Ximveka Da Orquestra De Timbila Group: Simbiame.  Grupo Estrela Vermelha Do Ilha De Mocambique: Enhipiti Kahi Yankhani.  Muana Warila: Amiravo Amutane.  Makwaela: Amigos, Somos Um Enxame.  Associacao A Luta Continua: Onhipiti Ossanta Toniyo.  Conjunto Ndzumbe De Bairro Inhagoia: Ndjemu.  Joao Mate: Mubedo Wamina Ysati Wana Wamina.  Milquinhento "1500" & Conjunto Popombo De Nampula: Arminda.  Grupo Likua: Frelimo Quire Echemel.  Damba Aljadid: Allahi Ka Salauto Wahi Wa-Salaam.  Grupo Varimba De Bairro Moatize: Maria, Kwadoca.  Grupo Estrela Vermelha De Bairro Carrupeia: Mocambicano.  Grupo Provincial Of Cabo Delegado: Ukapata Lya.  Grupo Xitende Da Orquestra De Timbila: Chinhambalala.  Canto Coral Do Jardim Zoologico: Ngalinhe Ilanga
CDORBD 088 In the Smoke  Various artists.  (1995)
Bobby Casey: The Bank of Ireland / The Woman of the House / The Morning Dew.  John & Julia Clifford: The Blue Riband / Up and Away.  Noel Pepper & Paddy Moran: Boys of the Lough / Trip To Durrow.  Packie Byrne: The Rich Man's Daughter; The Creel.  Jimmy Power: Jackie Coleman's / The Castle; Coleman's Favourite / The Promenade; Follow Me Down To Limerick / Hardiman The Fiddler.  The O'Halloran Brothers: The Bucks of Oranmore / The Wind that Shakes the Barley.  Tommy Healy & Johnny Duffy: The Rights of Man / The Honeysuckle Hornipipe; Cavan Lasses / Rose of the Heather.  Margaret Barry: The Galway Shawl; The Flower of Sweet Strabane.  Con Curtin & Denis Mcmahon: Callaghan's Reel.  Julia Clifford: Ballydesmond / Knocknabowl.  The Wright Brothers & Paddy Neylan: The Maid Behind the Bar.  Noel Pepper: The Coolin.  Des O'Halloran: Granuaile.  John Doonan: Shannon Breeze / Heathery Breeze / The Green Fields of America; The Blackbird.  Lucy Farr & Bobby Casey: The Moher Reel.  John Doonan, John Wright, Noel Pepper, Paddy Moran & Paddy Neylan: Cherish The Ladies / Father O Flynn.  The Star of Munster Trio: The Dubilin Porter / The Mountain Lark.  Danny Meehan: Paddy Ryan's Dream.  Margaret Barry, Michael Gorman, Patsy Goulding, Tommy Mcguire & Paddy Breen: Maguire's Favourite / Tralee Gaol / Maggie In The Wood.  Tony McMahon, Andy Boyce & Mairtin Byrnes: Lucy Campbell / Toss the Feathers.
CDORBD 090 Hurry the Jug  Various artists.  (1996)
Tom Lenihan: Hurry The Jug; The Humours of Whiskey (Paddy's Panacea).  Packie Byrne: John and the Farmer; Lament to the Moon.  Mary Ann Carolan: Bold Doherty; The Tinker's Old Budget.  John Reilly: The Bonny Green Tree; The Raggle Taggle Gypsy.  Paddy Tunney: The Waterford Boys; Seán O'Dwyer a Gleanna.  Joe Heaney: Peigin is Peadar; The Rocks of Bawn.  Sarah Maken: The Jolly Thresher; The Banks of Red Roses.  Robert Cinnamond: Drowsy Maggie; You Ribbonmen of Ireland.  George Hanna: On Yonder Hill There Sits a Hare; Erin's Lovely Home.  Seán 'ac Dhonnchadhadha: A Stór mo Chroí; An Buinnean Buí.  Kevin Mitchell: Two Strings on a Bow; The Boys of Mullaghbawn.  Josie McDermott: Moorlough Mary; The Collier's Reel / The Bank of Ireland.
CDORBD 091 Songs from the City of Roses   Laver Bariu
Vitori Tu Befte Nena, Sa Te Jem Gjalle Te Dua, Do Marr Ciften Do Dal Per Gjah, Kaba Laver Bariu #2, Pogonishte Permetare, Gjetheza, Nusje Jone Ne Valle, Moj Llukumja Me Sheqer, Valle E Tiranes, U Bu Bu Raki E Keqe, Kaba Laver Bariu #1, Valle Plakave, Trendafili Flete Flete, O Borzilok, Gajde Permetare, Kenga Kurbeti (Qaj Moro), Buzeqesh Goca.
CDORBD 092 Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part  Various artists.  (1996)
Packie Duignan and Seamus Horan: Bridie Morley / Duignan's Favourite; The Duke of Leinster.  John Doherty and Tommy McMahon: The Knights of St Patrick.  Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon: I have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / The Rakes of Mallow; The Ash Plant / The Miad of Mount Cisco.  Josie McDermott: Peg McGrath's Reel / Ganley's Reel; Boys of the Town / Dwyer's Jig.  Willie Clancy: The Pipe on the Hob.  Seamus Tansy and Eddie Corcoran: Boil the Breakfast Early; Bonny Kate / Jenny's Chickens.  John Rea: The Montain Hornpipe / The Kingston Hornpipe; Kitty's Fancy / Lady Anne Hope.  Micho and Packie Russell: Tommy Glenny's Reel.  Micho and Gussie Russell: Tatter Jack Walsh.  John Doonan and John Wright: Gillian's Apples / The Prize Jig.  John Doonan: The Irish Washerwoman / Father O'Flynn / The Lilting Fisherman.  Noel Pepper and Paddy Moran: St Anne's Reel.  Terry Tehan: The Kerry Mills Barndance.  Jack and Charlie Coen: The Woodford Flings.  Vincent Griffin: The Night in Ennis / The Maid Behind the Bar.  Pat Mitchell: Port Liadroma / Sean Tiobrade Arann.  Chris Droney: The Cuckoo Hornpipe.  John Doherty: Untitled Mazurka.  Rose Murphy: The Teetotaller / The Bunch of Keys.  Felix Doran: George White's Favourite / The Ivy Leaf.  John Kelly: We Were Drinking and Kissing the Ladies / Old Tipperary.  Ellen O'Dwyer: The Barn Dance.  Gene Kelly: Sean Hayes / If There Weren't Any Women in the World.  Seamus Ennis: Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part.  John, Dave and Mike Wright and Paddy Neylan: The Foxhunter's Jig.
CDORBD 093 The Coolin  Various artists.  (1996)
Festy Conlan: Roisin Dubh.  Willie Clancy: Spailpin A Ruin.  Cathal McConnell and Robin Morton: Nil Sa 'na La (It is Not Yet Day) / The Humours of Winnington.  John Doherty: Paddy's Rambles Through the Park.  Felix Doran: The Coolin.  Noel Pepper: The Lark in the Clear Air.  Jackie Daly: Willie Reilly.  Josie McDermott: An Cailin Rua (The Red-Haired Girl).  Leo Rowsome: Boolavogue / The Old Bog Road.  Solus Lillis: Air from Thomas Moore.  Vincent Griffin: Se Bhfath Mo Bhfuartha (Because of My Sorrows).  Seamus Ennis: Molly O'Malone.  Chris Droney: Ar Eirinn No n'Eosfhainn (For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name).  Julia Clifford: The Red-Haired Boy.  Pat Mitchell: Lord Mayo.  John Kelly: The Blackbird.  Liam Walch: The Faithful Brown Cow.  Gene Kelly: The Old Caubeen.  Padraig O'Keefe: The Old Man Rocking the Cradle.  Michael MacAogain: The Fairy Child.  John Doonan: The Spailpin's Lament.  Tony McMahon: Bean Dubh an Gleanna.  Sean McAloon: Blind Mary.  Brian Bailie: The Melodious Little Fort of Bruff.  The McPeake Family: The Lament of Aughrim.
CDORBD 094 A Living Thing  Various artists.  (1997)
Patrick Street: The Newmarket Polkas: Walshe's Polka / Dan Mac's Polka / Terry Teahan's Polka; Frank Quinn's Reel / Lad O'Beirne's / Murphy's Reel. Len Graham: Maggie Picen. Jackie Daly: Callaghan's (Hornpipe) / The Rising Sun / The Pope's Toe (Reels). McPeake Family: An Durd Ainne; Sleve Gallon Brae; A Bucket of the Mountain Dew. John Lyons: The Blackthorn / The May Morning Dew. Festy Conlon & Tim Lyons: The Bag of Potatoes / Sligo Maid (Reels) / The Queen Of The Rushes (Jig). Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton: The Irish Jubilee. Tony McManon: Bean Dubh An Ghleanna (Air) / The Ewe (Reel). Four Men and a Dog: McFadden's Reels: McFadden's Handsome Daughter / Dinny Langton's / The Maids Of Mitchelstown; The Kilfenora Sexy Jig: Kilfenora Jig / Skattery Island. Frank Hart: Dunlavin Green; The Twangman. Michael O'Brien: The Flags of Dubun / Dublin Reel (Reels). Mick Gavin: The Cow that Ate the Blanket (Jig). Paddy Glackin: Jackson's / Dublin Reel (Reels). Irish Country Four: The Granemore Hare; Roaring Mary / The Old Torn Petticoat (Reels). Joe Holmes & Len Graham: The Girl that Broke My Heart / The Parting Glass. Cathal McConnell & Willie Johnson: Andy Kerrin's / McHugh's Reel / The Primrose Road. Ron Kavana: Reconciliation; Fermoy Regatta / Tom's Tavern.
CDORBD 095 No Risk, No Fun   Sunda Africa
Tanpa Rintangan (No Risk No Fun), Tarian Bidadari (Sky Dancer), Pengembara Orang Jipsi (The Wandering Gypsy), Perjalanan Ke India (Journey to India), Semua Bersama-sama (All Together), Menganang Ilham Leluhur (To The Spirits of the Ancestors), Rahasia Rembulan (Secrets of the Moon), Raja (Ancient Sundanese Melody), Khayalan Yang Tak Dikenal (Visions of the Unknown), The Sweet Pain of Sadness.
CDORBD 098 The Uyghur Musicians from Xinjiang   Music from the oasis towns of central Asia   (2000)     Review

Green Linnet

GLCD 1000 Forty Years of Irish Piping   Seamus Ennis   (1977,2000)
The Merry Blacksmith / The Rainy Day / The Silver Spear; "First You Must Learn the Grip"; The Bucks of Oranmore; The Sligo Maid's Lament; The Praties are Dug and the Frost is All Over; The Fox Chase; If All the Young Maidens were Blackbirds and Thrushes; The Copper Plate; The Silver Spear / The Dublin Reel / Miss Monahan; Salamanca / Duke Gordon; Don Niperi Septo; Donegal Reel; Paudeen O'Rafferty / The Friar's Jig; Speed the Plough / The Merry Blacksmith / The Forge Music; The Lark's March; Sixpenny Money / When the Cock Crows it is Day; Piper of the Embers / Down the Back Lane / Sixpenny Money; I'll Mend Your Pots and Kettles O; The Broken Pledge; Paddy Killoran's Reel; Gentle Philip Fahy.
CISF 1004 Sailing into Walpole's Marsh   Seán Corcoran, Mairéad Ní Dhomhnaill etc.
CISF 1005 Singing Men of Ulster   Various
GLCD 1010 Mick Moloney & Eugene O'Donnell
GLCD 1015 Slow Airs and Set Dances   Eugene O'Donnell
CISF 1018 Joe and the Gabe   Joe Heaney and Gabe O'Sullivan
GLCD 1037 The Stone Fiddle   Paddy Tunney
GLCD 1058 Stony Steps   Matt Molloy
GLCD 1084 The Foggy Dew   Eugene O'Donnell and J MacCafferty
GLCD 1149 Give us Another   Joe Derrane
GLCD 1163 Return to Inis Mór   Joe Derrane
GLCD 1163 Return to Inis Mór   Joe Derrane with Carl Hession   (1995)
Reels: Humours of Lissadell / Music in the Glen / Johnson's; Farrell O'Gara / The Flogging Reel; Jenny's Wedding / The Lads of Laois; Bonny Kate / Doctor Gilbert; Jenny Picking Cockles / All Hands Around.  Jigs: The House in the Glen / O'Connell's Welcome to Dublin / Kitty from Coleraine; The Tar Road to Sligo / The Humours of Ennistymon; The King Jig / Return to Inis Mór; Papa's Joy / The Gallowglass.  Hornpipes: The Hawk / The Bridge of Athlone: The Tailor's Twist / The Biddleston Hornpipe; The Glen / The Beeswing.  Slow Air: An Irish Widow's Lament ( on the Death of her Only Son).  Barndance: Roseland Barndance.  Pastiche: Pastiche for Galway.
GLCD1165 The Bucks of Oranmore   Joe Burke (accordion) Charlie Lennon (piano)   (1996)
Reels: The Yellow Tinker / The Sally Gardens; Dillon's Fancy / Toss the Feathers; Paddy Kelly's Reels; Master Crowley's / The Jug of Punch; Trim the Velvet; The Mullingar Lea / The Crooked Road to Dublin; Willie Coleman's / Dinny O'Brien's; The Bucks of Oranmore.  Jigs: The Connachtman's Rambles / The Cat in the Corner; The Freize Breeches; The Rambles of Kitty / Sacko's Jig; The Humours of Ennistymon / Larry O'Gaff.  Hornpipes: Beeswing / The Tailor's Twist; The High Level / The Western; The Golden Eagle / The Fiddler's Contest; P J Moloney's / Paddy Fahy's; The Wonder / The Liverpool.  Set Dances: The Job of Journeywork / The Blackbird.
CLCD 1166 Wild Blue   Eileen Ivers   (1995)
On Horseback; Scatter the Mud; Maudabawn Chapel; DNA Bourées; The Rights of Man; Ships Are Sailing; Blue Groove; Destitution; Lament for Stalker Wallace.
GLCD1178 The Tulla Ceili Band   A Celebration of 50 years
GLCD1195 Live in Seattle   Martin Hayes - Fiddle, Dennis Cahill - guitar   (1999)   Review
Martin Rochford's / Green Gowned Lass, Port na bPucai / Kilnamona Barndance / Ship in Full Sail / Jer the Rigger / The Old Blackthorn / Exile of Erin / Humours of Tulla / Fitzgerald's Hornpipe / Rakish Paddy / Finbarr Dwyer's Reel No 1 / P Joe's Pecurious Pachelbel Special, Carraroe / Out on the Ocean, Mary McMahon of Ballinahinch / Miss Lyon's, Dowd's No 9 / Come West Along the Road.
GLCD1200 Otherworld   Lúnasa   (1999)
Goodbye Miss Goodavich / Rosie's Reel, The Floating Crowbar / McGlinchey's / The Almost Reel, The Butlers of Glen Avenue / Sliabh Russell / Cathal McConnell's, January Snows / Laura Lynn Cunningham, The Miller of Drohan, Dr. Gilbert / Devils of Dublin / Black Pat's, Autumn Child / Heaton Chapel, Stolen Apples, Taylor Bar, 4am / Ceol na Mara, Lafferty's / Crock of Gold / Lady Birr / Abbey Reel, O'Carolan's Welcome / Rolling in the Barrel.
GLCD 3027 Bundle and Go   Master Fiddler of Donegal   Johnny Doherty   (1984)
March & Reel: Hudie Gallagher's March / Untitled Reel; Miss Patterson's Slippers.  Reels: The Black Mare of Fanad; Untitled Reel; The Hare in the Corn; The Dispute at the Crossroad; Roaring Mary / Stormy Weather; Untitled Reel; The Heathery Breeze; The Monaghan Switch; The Black Haired Lass.  Highlands: The March of the Meena Toien Bull; The 21 Highland; The Paps of Glencoe; The Cat that Kittled in James' Wig; The Teelin Highland; Untitled Highland; Untitled Highland.  Jigs:Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel / The Bargain is Over; The Knights of St. Patrick; Darby Gallagher.  Marches Untitled March; Untitled March; Welcome Home Royal Charlie; Untitled March.  Mazurka Untitled Mazurka.  Air: Paddy's Rambles Through the Park.
Originally a Topic release.
GLCD 3065 Music from Sliabh Luachra   Jackie Daly
GLCD 3066 Traditional Irish Fiddle Music   Hugh Gillespie
GLCD 3077 Bundle and Go   John Doherty
GLCD 3078 The Wandering Minstrel   Seamus Ennis
GLCD 3079 The Russell Family of Doolin
GLCD 3092 Clare Concertinas   Bernard O'Sullivan and Tommy McMahon

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