Stereo LPs

12TS206 Oldham's Burning Sands. Ballads, songs and daft ditties. The Oldham Tinkers:
Success to the Weavers / The Lancashire Miller / Charlie Chaplin / Eawr Market Neet / The Owdam Chap's Visit to th' Queen / In Our Town / Oldham's Burning Sands / A Fine Old English Gentleman / Peterloo / We're Off in a Motor Car / The Oldham Pensioner / The Stockport Strike / Th' Childer's Holiday / The Owl of Oldham.
12TS209 Songs, Ballads & Instrumental Tunes from Ulster. The Irish Country Four.
Reels: Roaring Mary/The Old Torn Petticoat; The Cotton-Mill Song; The Granemore Hare; The Boys of Mullaghbawn; Pulling the Lint; Air: The Melodious Little Fort of Bruff; General Munro; The Load of Kale Plants; O’Meally’s Hornpipe; Jigs: Kitty’s Bonnet/The Flax-Dresser; The Doffing Mistress; The Maid of Ballydoo; Air: Blind Mary; Maghera felt Hiring Fair; The Heights of Alma; P for Paddy; Reels: Martin Mulhaire’s No 1/Kitty Goes a Milking/Pigeon on the Gate
12TS210 The Wide Midlands. Songs, stories and tunes from the central counties. Various Artists:
Dudley Boys / When Shall We Get Married, John? / Slap Bum Tailor / Swaggering Boney / Black Joke / Stop That Clock / Early in the Morning / When You Get Up in the Morning / Jolly Joe the Collier’s Son / Owd Never Could / I Can’t Find Brummagem / Birmingahm Jack of all Trades / Nailmaker’s Strike / Old Miner / Birmingham Sally / Buffoon / Staffordshire Hornpipe / Aye For Saturday Night / Aston Villa Supporter (story) - Tom Langley / Motor Trade Workers.
12TS211 The Phenomenal Bernard Wrigley. Folksongs, tunes and drolleries (with Wilf Darlington).
The Molecatcher; The Five Gallon Jar; Mr Lane’s Maggot/The Green Ship; Other Folk’s Childer; The Indian Lass; Pay Me the Money Down; Balance a Straw; Dixie’s Dog; The Treadmill Song; Bungereye; Bonny Kate of Aberdeen/Lord Carmarthen’s March; The Wassail Song; Gee Whoa, Dobbin/Jack the Horse Courser; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; Haul Away the Bowline; Bobbing Joan; The Ballad of Knocking Nelly
12TS212 Welcome to Our Fair. Oak:
Thousands or More / New Rigged Ship - Rig-a-jig-jig / The Lakes of Coolfin / The Nutley Waltz / The Faithful Sailor Boy / Roving Round the County Tyrone / The Scarlet and the Blue / Shepherds Arise / Scan’s Polka / Australia / Cupid’s Garden / False, False / Our Good Ship Lies in Harbour / The Bunch of Thyme / The Perfect Cure - The Sweets of May.
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12TS214. The Sound of the Cheviots. The Cheviot Ranters (1972):
Circassian Circle - part 1 / Rugley Ford / Hesleyside Reel / Redesdale Hornpipe / King of ther Fairies / Lads of Whickham / Bugle Horn / Farewell / Jackson’s Morning Brush / Northumbrian Waltz / Berwick Fair / Ma Bonny Lad / Keach in the Creel / Morpeth Rant / Banks of Coquet / Rob Roy’s Cave / Kirk’s Hornpipe / Cumberland Reel / Quayside Shaver / Geordie’s Jig / Corn Rigs / Dunstaburgh Castle / Goodnight and Joy / Bonnie Tyneside / Whittingham Green Lane / Drops of Brandy / Goswick Kirn / Old Drove Road / Circassian Circle - part 2 / Lannigan’s Ball / Ellingham Hall.
12TS215. Trans-pennine. Harry Boardman and Dave Hillery.
Scarborough Sands / I’ll Have a Collier For My Sweetheart / Forty Miles / Tommy Stroo’s Ghost / Cowd Stringy Pie / Tha’s Welcome Little Bonny Brid / Nellie o’Bobs O’t’ Crowtrees / Weaver’s Song / Happy Sam / Manchester Canal / T’auld Wife of Coverdill / Lass O’Dallowgil / My Love, My Love / Cockfight / Haley Paley / With Henry Hunt We’ll Go / Ensilver Song.
12TS216. Lovely on the Water. Frankie Armstrong.
Tarry Trousers / Green Valley / Low Down in the Broom / Cruel Mother / Crafty Maid’s Policy / Maid on the Shore / Frog and the Mouse / Lovely on the Water / Brown Girl / Young Girl Cut Down in Her Prime / Unquiet Grave / Saucy Sailor / Two Sisters.
12TS217. The Bitter and the Sweet. Roy Harris.
Turpin Hero / Bonnie Green Woods / Death of Bill Brown / Three Butchers / Ullswater Pack / Poor Owd ‘Oss / General Ludd’s Triumph / Poverty Knock / Streams of Lovely Nancy / Robin Hood and the Tanner / Royal Oak / Strike the Bell / McCafferty / All Through the Ale.
12T218. Through Dublin City. Frank Harte.
Rosemary Fair / Johnny Doyle / Dunlavin Green / Spanish Lady / Flower of Magherally / James Connolly / Ship’s Carpenter’s Wife / Three Weeks we are Wed / Matt Hyland / Row in the Town / He Rolled her to the Wall.
12TS219 Canny Newcassel. Ballads and songs from Newcastle and thereabouts. Various Artists (1972):
Canny Newcassel; Sandgate Girl’s Lament - Handle; Ross; Anderson; Gilfellon / Miller’s Wife of Blaydon - Handle; Ross / Ee Aye, as Cud Hew - Ed Pickford / Three Cows - Pete Elliott with chorus / Billy Boy - Billy Conroy whistle / Bonnie Gateshead Lass - Don Stokoe / My Lad’s a Canny Lad - Doreen Henderson / Till the Tide Comes In - Handle; Ross; Anderson; Gilfellon / Silly Galoot - Billy Conroy vocal / Fire on the Quay - Barry Canham with chorus and Handle; Ross / Billy Oliver’s Ramble - Barry Canham with Colin Ross fiddle / Jowl and Listen - Pete Elliott / Weary Cutter - Pete Elliott / Graveyard Shift - Les Pearson with Ross; Handle / Wylam Away - Colin Ross Northumbrian Pipes / Footy against the Wall - Tom Gilfellon with Ross; Handle; Anderson / My Old Man’s a Dustman - Bruce Elliott / Four and Twenty Bob - Billy Conroy vocal / Blaydon Races; Keep Your Feet Still, Geordie Hinny - Handle; Ross; Anderson; Gilfellon.
12TS220 The Frosty Ploughshare. Ian Manuel:
Drumdelgie / Bogie’s Bonnie Belle / Tarves Rant / Lowlands of Holland / Sleepytoon / Moss O’ Burreldale / Bonnie Lads that Handle the Plough / Guise O’ Tough / Scrankly Black Farmer / Muckin’ O’ Geordie’s Byre / Braes O’ Strathblane / Tinker’s Wedding / Toon O’ Dalry / Erin Go Bragh.
Tpss221 English Garland. Topic Sampler 8.
Roy Harris: Robin Hood and the Tanner / The Bonny Green Woods. The High Level Ranters: The Breakdown, Blanchland Races. Dave & Toni Arthur: Six Jolly Miners / The Lark in the Morning. Anne Briggs: The Snow it Melts the Soonest / The Cuckoo. Peter Bellamy: The Fox Jumps over the Parson's Gate / The Barley and the Rye. Bernard Wrigley: The Molecatcher / Gee Whoa, Dobbin, Jack the Horse Courser. Oak: Thousands or More / Scan's Polkas. Peta Webb: Roving Round the County Tyrone. Tom Gilfellon: The Hexhamshire Lass.
12TS222 The Cheviot Hills. The Cheviot Ranters:
My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet / Caddam Woods / Rose Tree / Sylph / Hermitage / Bryce Anderson / Roxburgh Castle (original) / Sheffield Hornpipe / Mallorca (Northumberland Waltz) / Cheviot Hills / I Have Seen the Rose Blow / Winster Gallop / Teribus / Jimmy Allen / Jack Thompson’s Fancy / Newcastle / Nancy / Molly’s Fancy / Perfect Cure / Stool of Repentence / Linton Ploughman / Road to the Isles / Roamin’ in the Gloamin’ / Show Me the Way to go Home / Danish Double Quadrille / Blaydon Races / Keep You Feet Still Geordie Hinny / Wherever Ye Can Yer Sure tae Find a Geordie
12TS223 I Have Wandered in Exile. Peta Webb with Lucy Farr, Michael Plunkett - fiddle; Reg Hall - melodeon:
I Have Wandered in Exile / / Oxford City / Moorlough Shore / Blackbird of Sweet Avondale / Backwater Side / Pride of Glencoe / I Am a Poor Girl / Moorlough Mary / Lovely Banks of Lea.
12TS224 Folk Music of Yugoslavia.
CROATIA: Seljacko (instrumental improvisation); Ive kosi za kucun livadu (diaphonic song); Cobansko iz kijeva (instrumental improvisation); Ojkanje (diaphonic song); Qikanje (Crne oci) (diaphonic song); Cobansko (instrumental Improvisation); Lindo (dance); BOSNIA. HERCEGOVINA: Aj sane zaspala dilber sajma (lyrical song); Vino piju tri dobra junaka (epic song); Gorom jase kiceni svatori (tepsija song); SERBIA: Kolo moravac (dance); Ushtili sabale me bahtace (gipsy song); Sima banka najmaduj) (gipsy song); MACEDONIA: Beranca (dance); Adana oro (dance); Zaramo (dance); Zaramo (dance); Bagpipe Melody (Instrumental improvisation); Prespansko oro (dance); Tsamiko (dance)
12TS225. Songs from Suffolk. Bob Hart:
Cod Banging / Australia / Broadside, a (the female’s captain) / Banks of the Sweet Primroses / What a Funny Little Place to Have One / Bold General Wolfe / Female Cabin Boy / As I Strolled Out to Aylesbury / Scarlet and the Blue / John Barleycorn / Miner’s Dream of Home / Young Sailor Cout Down / All Jolly Fellows that Follow the Plough / Underneath her Apron.
12TS226 The Streets of Glasgow. Various Artists including The Clutha (Calum Allan fiddle, Erlend Voy fiddle, concertina, Ronnie Alexander guitar, John Eagleaham concertina, vocal), Terry Dick vocal, Flora MacNeil vocal, Geordie McIntyre vocal, Freddy Anderson speech, Gordeanna MeCulloch vocal, Duncan Cameron banjo, bass guitar, Johnny Cameron guitar, Sheila Christie vocal, Mick Broderick vocal, Barmulloch Primary School children vocals.
Dance Tune Medley (CLUTHA); Football Songs (DICK and chorus); MacDonald’s First Visit to Glasgow (MacNEILL); The Sports o’ Glasgow Green (MCINTYRE); Let Glasgow Flourish (ANDERSON); The Collier’s Eight Hour Day (CLUTHA); The Weekend Song (MeCULLOCH); O’Reilly and the Big MacNeill (McINTYRE); Bottling Songs (McCULLOCH & CHRISTIE); The Bleacher Lassie o’ Kelvinhaugh (MaCULLOCH); Three Nights and a Sunday Double Time (McINTYRE): Children’s Street & Playground Songs (BARMULLOCH P.S. children); The Ballad of the Q4 (BRODERICK); The Works Outing (McINTYRE); March Tune Medley (CLUTHA)
12TS227 Wild Hills O' Wannie. The Small Pipes of Northumbria.  George Atkinson. Diana Blackett-Ord, Tommy Breckons, Cohn Caisley, Forster Charlton, Joe Hutton, Billy Pigg:
The Morpeth Rant (PIGG); Skye Crofters/The Swallow ‘a Tail (PIGG); Sir Sidney Smith’s March (BRECKONS); The Barrington Hornplpe (ATKINSON); Blow the Wind Southerly (BLACKETT-ORD); Lovat Scouts/Roxborough Castle/Bonny North Tyne/Alston Flower Show (HUTTON); The Navvy on the Line/The Friendly Visit/Remember Me/Biddy the Bold Wife/Lamb Sklnnet/De’ll Amang the Tailors (ATKINSON); Londonderry Hornpipe/Boys of the Blue Hills/Corn Rigs/Harvest Home (BLACKETT-ORD); The Blackthorn Sticki Biddy the Bold Wife (HUTTON); The Holey Ha’penny (PIGG); The Humours of Bandon/Saddle the Pony (HUTTON); Noble Squire Dacre (CAISLEY & CHARLTON); Rowley Burn Hornpipe (HUTTON); The Wild Hills o’ Wannie (PIGG); Westering Home (BLACKETT-ORD); The Midlothian Pipe Band/Charlie Hunter (HUTTON); The Lark in the Clear Air (PIGG); Fenwick o’Bywell (BRECKONS); Variations on ‘Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be’ (ATKINSON); The Gypsy’s Lullaby/The Hawk/ Memories/Coates Hall (PIGG); Salmon Tails up the Water/The Herd on the Hill/Sweet Hesleyside (CAISLEY & CHARLTON)
12TS228 The Moon Shone Bright. The Broadside:
Seventeen Come Sunday / Lincolnshire Wedding Song / Bold Grenadier / Gardener and the Ploughman / Free and Easy / Outlandish Knight / Caister Fair / Dick Turpin / Lisbon / American Stranger / Maria Marten / Poacher / Creeping Jane / Banks of the Sweet Dundee.
12TS229 English Country Music from East Anglia.
Billy Bennington: Gay Ladies / Dulcie Belle / Yarmouth Hornpipe / On the Green / On Parade / Slow step dance tune / Jack's the Lad / Red Wing. Oscar Woods: Jig / The Sailors' Hornpipe / Italian Waltz / Polka / Step dance tune / Polka / Oh, Joe, the Boat is Going Over. Percy Brown: Old Joe, the Boat is Going Over / Yarmouth Breakdown / Waltz for the Veleta / Barn Dance Tune / Sheringham Breakdown / Heel and Toe Polka. Harold Colvill: The Oyster Girl / The Nutting Girl.
12TS230 The Lark in the Clear Air. John Doonan piccolo, whistle, Paddy Moran flute, Paddy Neylan spoons, Noel Pepper mouth organ, John Wright, Dave Wright, Mike Wright Jew's harps
Gillian Apples/The Prize Jig (DOONAN & J WRIGHT); The Shaskeen Reel (J WRIGHT); The Coolin (PEPPER); Boys of the Laugh/The Trip to Durrow (PEPPER & MORAN); Give Me Your Hand (J WRIGHT); Banish Misfortune (WRIGHTS); The Maid Behind the Bar (WRIGHTS & NEYLAN); Dunphy’s Hornpipe/The Derry Hornplpe (DOONAN); St Anne’s Reel (PEPPER & MORAN); The Blackbird (DOONAN); The Spalpeen’s Lament (DOONAN); Miss McLeod/The Flowers of Edinburgh (DOONAN & J WRIGHT); The Foxhunters’ Jig (WRIGHTS); The Skylark/Tie the Bonnet (J WRIGHT); Clancy’s Fancy (J WRIGHT); The Lark in the Clear Air (PEPPER); Unnamed Jig. (PEPPER & MORAN); Cherish the Ladles/Father O’Flynn (DOONAN, MORAN, NEYLAND, PEPPER, J WRIGHT)
12TS231 The Folk Music of Greece.
CONTINENTAL GREECE: PELOPONNESOS: Tsamikos (dance song); Syrtos (song melody); Tsamikos (dance song); Arvantikos (dance melody); ROUMELI: Syrtos (dance melody); Tou gamou (wedding song); NORTHERN GREECE: THESSALY, MACEDONIA, EPIRUS: Beratis (dance melody); Trigonia (dance melody); Vlachiko (Aromunian wedding song); Kalamatianos. (dance melody); THE GREEK ISLANDS: Sousta dance melody); Sousta (dance melody); Zimbechikos (dance melody); Mantinadha (dance melody); Phonos Sixigou (ballad); Tou gamou (wedding dance melody); Ballos (dance melody); Khasapikos (dance melody); Mantinadha (dance song)
12TS232 The Valiant Sailor. Songs and ballads of Nelson's navy. A.L. Lloyd, Roy Harris, Frankie Armstrong; Martyn Wyndham Reed; Alistair Anderson; Bobby Campbell:
The Banks of the Nile / The Seventeen Bright Stars / Nelson’s Death - A. L. Lloyd / Here’s the Tender Coming / The Nightingale / The Sailor Laddie / Liberty for the Sailors / The Sailor Boy - Frankie Armstrong, etc.
12TS233 When the Frost is on the Pumpkin. Fred Jordan.
Six Pretty Maids (The Outlandish Knight); The Banks of Claudy; Break the News to Mother; Barbara Allen; Turmot Hoeing; The Horn of the Hunter; When the Frost Is on the Pumpkin; The Seeds of Love; The Bonny Bunch of Roses; When Joan’s Ale Was New; The Volunteer Organist
12TS234 Sea Shanties. Roy Harris; A.L. Lloyd; Ian Manuel; Martyn Wyndham-Reade; Bernard Wrigley (1974).
Hoorah for the Black Ball Line - Martyn Wyndham-Read & chorus / Old Billy Riley - Roy Harris & chorus / Roll ‘er Down the Bay - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Round the Corner, Sally - Roy Harris & chorus / Haul Away the Bowline - Martyn Wyndham-Read & chorus / The Sailboat ‘Malarkey’ - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Bring ‘em Down - Roy Harris & chorus / Sally Brown - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Shallow Brown - Bernard Wrigley & chorus / Bold Riley O - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Heave Away My Johnny - Bernard Wrigley & chorus / Reuben Ranzo - Martyn Wyndham-Read & chorus / Hilo John Brown - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Shake Her, Johnny - Roy Harris & chorus / Ho Bowline, Bowline Haul - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Haul Away for Rosie - Bernard Wrigley & chorus / Blood-Red Roses - Ian Manuel & chorus / Around the Bay of Mexico - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Goodbye, Fare Ye Wel -: Roy Harris & chorus.
12T235. Blackberry Fold. George Spicer.
Blackberry Fold / Cutaway Mike / Oyster Girl / Faithful Sailor Boy / Three Jolly Boys / Irish Hop Pole Puller / Cunning Cobbler / Folkestone Murder / German Clockmaker / Henry My Son / Coming Home Late / I Wish There Was No Prisons / Searching For Young Lambs / Old Militia Drum.
12TS236 A Lancashire Mon: Ballads, Songs and Recitations. Harry Boardman.
Lancashire Mon / T Spinner’s Tale / Radcliffe Otter Hunt / Victoria Bridge on a Saturday Night / Kitty & Robin / Saddleworth Buck Rabbit / Whoam Brewed / Warrikin Fair / Spinning Shoddy / To the Begging / Beltane Song / Garland / Owdham on a Saturday Night / Nine Times a Night.
12TS237 Best o' t' Bunch. The Oldham Tinkers (1974).
The Rochdale Mashers / Seeing Double / The Pennine Rangers / The Two Jews / A Piecer’s Tale / Best o’t’ Bunch / The Lancashire Toreador / A Cob-Coaling Medley / The Four-Loomed Weaver / John Willie’s Ragtime Band / Platt’s / Good Time Coming / I Mean to Wait for Jack / Skiing Owdham Style / A Mon Like Thee.
12TS238. Adieu to Old England. Shirley Collins (1974).
Mistress’s Health / Lumps of Plum Pudding / Down By the Seaside / Chiner’s Song / Adieu to Old England / Ashen Faggot Wassail / I Sing to a Maiden that is Makeless / Banks of the Mossom / Ram of Berbish Town / Portsmouth / Horkston Grange / Come All you Little Streamers / Spaniards Cry / Sherborne Jig / One Night as I Lay on my Bed / Death of Nelson / Coronation Jig.
12TS239 Bonny North Tyne. Joe Hutton; Billy Atkinson; George Hepple, John Armstrong.
The Rowan Tree / Jock of Hazeldean / Sir Sydney Smith’s March / Drink to me Only / Will Yo No Come Back Again, etc.
12T240 The Boscastle Breakdown. Southern English Country Music (1974). Walter Bulmer (Norfolk) - recorded 1962; William Hocken (Cornwall) - recorded by the BBC, 1943; Scan Tester; Tintagel and Boscastle Players, etc.
Scan Tester and Rabbidy Baxter: Jenny Lind / Untitled Polka. Billy Cooper: The Irish Washerwoman, Garryowen, Rory O'More, St Patrick's Day / The Yarmouth Hornpipe introducing The Four Hand Reel, The Sailor's Hornpipe / Dulci Bell. The Tintagel and Boscatle Players: The Boscastle Breakdown. William Hocken: The Boscastle Breakdown (six hornpipes). Mr Dangar's Trio: The Helston Furry Dance / Lady Evesham's Jig. Walter and Daisy Bulwer and Reg Hall: Untitled Polka. Harry Lee: The Breakdown / The Flowers of Edinburgh / Unidentified Tune. The Dorset Trio: The Italian Schottische / The Lass of Dalogil. Albert Farmer: Untitled Polka / Untitled Waltz / The Cuckoo Waltz. Walter and Daisy Bulwer: The Sailor's Hornpipe, The Shipdam Hornpipe, Untitled Polka, The White Cockade, Untitled Polka.
12TS241 Rough and Wrigley. Bernard Wrigley:
Manchester Recruits / Plastic Pies / Parson in the Peas / Campanero / Strike the Bell / Drop of Good Beer / Saucy Sailor / Free and Easy / Bertie’s Fancy / Collier Brig / First Day at t’Mill / Hand Loom v Power Loom / Along the Rossendale / Old Bill / Constant Billy / Holes in the Road / Old Man and his Wife / Ten Thousand Miles Away / Rigs of London Town.
12TS242 The Clutha The Clutha:
Ronnie Alexander / Soor Milk Cairt / Donald Blue / Dell in the Lum / Jigs / Andro and his Cutty Gun / Rigs o’Rye / Johnny Sangster / Wha’s Fu / Andrew Ross / Gaberlunzie Man.
12TS243. Flash Company. Traditional Singers from Suffolk and Essex:
Bob Hart: Bold Princess Royal / Seventeen Come Sunday / Rap a Tap Tap / Song of the Thrush / Gypsy’s Warning / Barbara Allen. Percy Webb: Faithful Sailor Boy / Falsh Company / Wheel Your P'rambulator / Go and Leave Me if You Wish It. Ernest Austin: John Barleycorn / Hares on the Mountain / The Knife in the Window.
12T244 A Garland for Sam. Sam Larner.
Alphabet Song / Merry Month of May / Napoleon's Dream / London Steamer / Bonny Bunch of Roses / Barbara Allen / The Smacksman / Lofty Tall Ship / Raking the Hay / Will Watch / The Outlandish Knight / Haisboro Light Song / Old Bob Ridley-O / The Bold Princess Royal / In Scarboro' Town.
12TS245. Cheviot Barn Dance. The Cheviot Ranters:
Dashing White Sergeant / Rakes of Mallow / Catherine’s Reel / Call of the Pipes / Sweet Maid of Glendaruch / Earl of Mansfield / Nottingham Swing: Marquis o’Lorne / Showman’s Fancy / Beggar Boy / Military Two Step: I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside / Here We Are Again / Mademoiselle from Armentiers / Hello, Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend? / Swedish Masquerade / Lucky Seven / Toland Dance / Aiken Drum / La Russe / Good Humour / Come Let Us Dance and Sing / Keel Row / There’s Nae Much Luck About the House / Castles in the Air / Bridge of Athlone / Pet of the Pipers / Smash the Windows / CircleWaltz / I Belong to Glasgow / Oh Oh Antonio / Peggy O’Beill / Cheviot Rant / Cloudy Crags / Traditional Air / Polka: the Brownieside Polka.
12T246 French Folk Songs from Corrèze (Chants Corréziens) Collected and recorded by Hugh Shields. 1LP0033141.
Là bas dans la Prairie; Clarine (cowbell); Trist’ Annada; Drin Drin; Les ‘Reveillez!’; La Passion de Jésus.Christ; La Mòrt que Ròlla; La Fille d’Oreléans; Para Lo Lop, Bargieira!; L’Escrivèta; La Bon’ Avena; La Rémouleur, Le Garcon Chaudroniier; La Meunière du Moulin Blanc; Quan Ièu N’Era Petita; Lo Solelh e La Luna; D’Enquera N’Es Pas Jorn; La Belle Couturière; Rossignolet Charmant; Nightingale’s Song; Sur la Plus Haute Branche; Bourrees; Chantez, Bela; Lea Filles Qui Veulent Se Marier; Là N’Emmenám; Petite Rosette; Chabra Mòrta
12TS247. The Rose of Britain's Isle. John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris:
Rose of Britain’s Isle / Glorishears / Up in the North / Hunsden House / Whimbleton House / Queen of the May / Old Man Jones / Not for Joe / Weyhill Fair / Milkmaid’s Song / Rising Sun / Crown / Sweet Swansea / White Joak / Yellow Joke / Lady and the Soldier / Fireside Polka / Down Sides and up the Middle.
12TS248 The May Morning Dew. John Lyons.
The Maid on the Shore; The May Morning Dew; Jigs: Morrisons/The Pipe on the Hob; The Tailor Bawn; After Aughrim; The Boys of Barna-shraide; Erins Lovely Lea; Reels: The Blackthorn/Unnamed; Farmer Michael Hayes; The Lambs on the Green Hills; Fiac an Madrarua; Kitty’s Wedding; Farewell, Lovely Mary.
12T249 The Art of William Kimber.
Haste to the Wedding/Getting Upstairs; Over the Hills to Glory; Haste to the Wedding; Getting Upstairs/Blue-Eyed Stranger; Rodney/Rigs of Marlow; Double Set Back/Hunting the Squirrel; Double Lead Through; Over the Hills to Glory; Trunckles; Bean Setting/The 29th of May; Laudanum Bunches; Constant Billy; Country Gardens; Shepherd’s Hey; Headington Morris Reel — Soldier’s Joy; Jockie to the Fair; Old Mother Oxford; Bacca Pipes — Greensleeves
12T250 The Wandering Minstrel. Seamus Ennis:
Wandering Minstrel / Jackson’s Morning Brush / Boys of Bluehill / Dunphy’s Hornpipe / Glennephin Cuckoo / Littlefair Cannavans / Frieze Britches / Flags of Dublin / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Little Stack of Barley / Cronin’s Horpipe / New Demesne / Blackbird / Gillan’s Apples / Walls of Liscarroll / Stone in the Field / Molly O’Malone / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel / Happy to Meet & Sorry to Part.
12TS251 The Russell Family of Doolin, Co. Clare.
Campbell’s Reel / Heather Breeze / The Traveller / St. Kevins of Glendalough / Potlick / The Peeler’s Jacket / Five Mile Chase / Russell’s Hornpipe / Fisher’s Hornpipe / Poor Little Fisher Boy / Walls of Liscarroll / The Battering Ram / Garret Barry’s Reel / Tommy Glenny’s Reel / Connemara Stockings / The Westmeath Hunt / When Muskeen went to Bunnan / Tatter Jack Walsh / De’il Among the Tailors / Roscrea Cows / Fair Haired Boy / The Black Haired Lass / Off to California / Give the Girl her Fourpence / Nora Daly.
12TS252 The Broomfield Wager. Cyril Poacher.
The Broomfield Wager / The Green Bushes / Nancy of Yarmouth / The Maid and the Magpie / The Bog Down in the Valley / Australia / Joe Moggins / The Black Velvet Band / Flash Company / Plenty of Thyme / The Bonny Bunch of Roses / A Sailor and his True Love / I'm a Young Man From the Country / The Faithful Sailor Boy / A Broadside / The Nutting Girl.
12T253 Songs of the Open Road. Various Artists (1975).
Jasper Smith: You Subjects of England / Hartlake Bridge / Thorneymoor Park / The Squire and the Gypsy / While the Yogger Mush Lays Sleeping. Mrs Haynes: Little Dun Dee / The Young Officer / All Through Mi Rakli / At the Atchin Tan / Erin's Lovely Home. Wiggy Smith: The Oakham Poacher / The Deserter. Joe Jones: The Farmer of Chester / The King and the Keeper. Levi Smith: Georgie / The Haymakers / The Broomdasher / The Game of Cards. Phoebe Smith: Barbara Allen. Bill Ellson: Lavender.
12T254 When Sheepshearing's Done. Countryside Songs from Southern England.
Freda Palmer: The Fox and the Grey Goose / The Wandering Girl / The Warwickshire R H A / Oxford City / As I was a' Walking / Up in the North / The Bailiff's daughter of Islington / William and mary / Maria Marten. George 'Tom' Newman: All for the Grog / Sing Ovy and Sing Ivy. Bill Whiting: The Broken-down Gentleman / I'm Going to the Woods. Wisdom Smith: The Galloway Man. Bob Blake: When Sheepshearing's Done / The Grey Hawk. Harry Holman: The Life of a Man / Toast. George Spicer: The Thrashing Machine / The Lily White Hand. Bill Dore: Jolly Jarge.
12TS255 From the North. Gary and Vera Aspey:
From the North / Parting / Coal Picking / Three Foot Seam / Mill Girls Lullaby / King Cotton / Auntie Ketyll / Cum t’thi Tay / Cradle Song / Roving Navvy / Ship Canal Song / Hailey Go / Tuppence on the Rope / Bit of a Sing.
12TS256 Champions of Folly. Roy Harris:
Saucy Bold Robber / Bold Lovell / Steepleford Town / Captain Ward / Methody Parson / Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold / Beggar’s Song / When I was a Little Boy / Dragoon’s Ride / Cropper Lads / Royal Charter / Topman and the Afterguard / Jovial Hunter / Hard Times of Old England.
12TS257 Songs of a Donegal Man. Packie Byrne.
John and the Farmer; The Rich Man’s Daughter; The Holland Handkerchief; Molly Bawn; The Jolly Ploughboy; Young Alvin; Johnny o’ Hazelgreen; Lament to the Moon; The Creel
12T258 Sussex Harvest. Rabbidy Baxter; Bob Blake; Mary Ann Haynes; Harry Upton.
Harry Upton: Canadee-I-O / The Freckless Young Girl / The Wreck of 'The Northfleet' / Poison in a Glass of Wine. Mrs Haynes: The Female Drummer / Poor Leonard / The Old Miser / Riding Down to Portsmouth / Long a-growing / The Ball of Yarn. Bob Blake: The Basket of Eggs / The Bonny Labouring Boy. Rabbidy Baxter: Will the Weaver.
12T259 Classics of Irish Piping, Vol 1. Leo Rowsome:
Boil the Breakfast Early / Heather Breeze / Savourmeen Deelish / Clare’s Dragoons / Blackbird / St. Patricks Day / Boolavogue / Old Bog Road / Boys of Wexford / Kelly the Boy from Killane / Rights of Man / Wexford / Dunphy’s Hornpipe / Broom / Star of Munster / Milliner’s Daughter / Collier’s Reel / The Maid of Tramore / Independent Hornpipe / The Star Hornpipe / Friez Breeches / Tomorrow Morning / Cloone Hornpipe / Cook in the Kitchen / Rakes of Kildare / Sweep’s Hornpipe / The Friendly Visit / Jockey to the Fair / My Darling Asleep / Tongues of Fire / Higgin’s Hornpipe / The Queen of May / Fairie’s Revels / I Wont Be a Nun / Shandon Bells / Haste, to the Wedding / Rocky Road to Dublin. See TSCD471.
12TS260 Up and Awa' with the Laverock. Lizzie Higgins:
Up and Awa’ Wi’ the Laverock / Lord Lovat / Soo Sewin’ Silk / Lady Mary Ann / MacDonald of Glencoe / Forester / Tammy Toddles / Aul’ Roguie Gray / Twa Brothers / Cruel Mother / Lassie Gathering Nuts.
12TS261 Songs from the Eel's Foot. Jumbo Brightwell:
Flower of London / Derby Miller / Loss of the Ramillies / Green Mossy Bank of the Lea / Blow the Candle Out / Bold Princess Royal / Newry Town / Indian Lass / Muddley Barracks / False Hearted Knight / Lost Heiress / Down in the Fields Where the Buttercups Grow / Rumbleaway / Life of a Man.
12T262 Classics of Irish Piping Volume 2. William Andrews & Liam Walsh:
Portlaw Reel / Faithful Brown Cow / Billy Taylor’s Fancy / Garden of Daisies / Bank of the Suir / Mountain Lark / Dan McCarthy’s Fancy / Cliffs of Moher / Saddle the Pony / Yellow John / Kitty’s Rambles / Speed the Plough / Johnny Gorman / Two Single Jigs / May Day / Cuckoo’s Nest / Smash the Windows / Rocky Road to Dublin / Bonnie Kate / First House in Connaught / Munster Buttermilk.
12TS263. The Singing Molecatcher of Morayshire. John MacDonald:
Sleepytoon / Mains O’ Fogieloon / Lord Ronald / Burns Waltz / Dewy Dens O’ Yarrow / Bonnie Hoose O’ Airlie / Majuba Hill / Braes O’ Balquhidder / Ploughin’ Match at Duffus / Haughs O’ Cromdale / Jacobite Waltz / Farewell Tomintoul / Bonnie Lassie Will Ye Gang / My Auntie Jean / Bonnie Udny / Cairgorn Barn Dance / Wandering Shepherd Laddie / Banks of Allan / Ball of Kerrymuir.
12TS264 The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow. Paddy Tunney:
The Mountain Streams Where the Moorcocks Crow / Wee Weaver / Boys of Mullabawn / Old Petticoat / Coinleach Glas an Fhomair / Donall Og / Reaping of the Rushes Green / One Morning in June / Lady Margaret / Inis Dhun Ramha / Old Oak Tree / Drinking Good Whiskey / Sweet Omagh Town / Green Fields of Canada.
12TS265 For Pence and Spicy Ale The Watersons:
Country Life; Swarthfell Rocks; Barney; Swinton May Song; Bellman; Adieu, Adieu; Apple-Tree Wassailing Song; Sheepshearing; Three Day Millionaire; King Pharim; T Stands for Thomas; Malpas Wassail Song; Chickens in the Garden; The Good Old Way
12TS266 Caledonian Companion. Instrumental music from Scotland:
Lady Madeline Sinclair / High Road to Linton / White Cockade / Neil Gow’s Farewell to Whiskey / Miss Jean Milligan / Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre / Kinnegad Slashers / Bugle Horn / Brig o’ Perth / Reel of Tulloch / Forbes Morrison / Ten Pound Fiddle / Smith’s a Gallant Fireman / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Bonnie Dundee / Hot Punch / Kenmore’s Up and Awa’ / J.B. Milne / Lovat Scouts / Breakdown / Caddam Woods / Polka / Smith’s a Gallant Fireman / Soldier’s Joy / Kirrie Debbuck / Sir David Davidson of Cantray / Tam Bain’s Lum / Blue Bonnets O’er the Border / Far Frae Scotia’s Shore / Alley Crocker / Orange and Blue / Mrs MacLeod of Raasay / Highland Wedding / Dr. MacDonald / Lady Charlotte Campbell / Mason’s Apron / Timour the Tartar.
12TS267 Northumbrian Country Music. Morpeth Rant.Billy Atkinson mouth organ, Alan Coulson piano accordion, Martin Dunn piccolo, Tommy Edmondson accordion, Jimmy Pallister fiddle. Geoff Purvis fiddle:
Morpeth Rant/Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe/Kathleen’s Fancy /Morpeth Rant (EDMONDSON); A M Shinnie / The Hogmanay Jig/Elizabeth Adair (ATKINSON); Lalrd o’ Thrums/Iron Man/Laird o’ Drumblair (PALLISTER); Medley of Scott Skinner Waltzes including Our Highland Queen/Piper’s Wait (COULSON & PURVIS); Kinclaven Brig/Bill Sutherland (DUNN); The Glen AIn/The Redeside (ATKINSON); The Crusader’s March (ATKINSON); Bill Charlton ‘a Fancy/Madam Bonaparte (PURVIS & COULSON); Doctor Angus (EDMONDSON); The Beeswlng with variations (DUNN); Jimmy Allen/The Girl with the Blue Dress On (PALLISTER); The Cheviot Hills (PALLISTER); Crossing the Minch/Banjo Breakdown (COULSON); Latham Ladies (COULSON & PURVIS); Farewell to the Creeks (ATKINSON); Untitled Waltz (ATKINSON); The Farewell with variations (DUNN)
12TS268 The Music of J. Scott Skinner. Traditional Scots Fiddling on the original recordings of J Scott Skinner and in new performances by Bill Hardie:
The Marquis of Huntly’s Snuff Mull/Mrs Chree/ Carnie’s Canter; James F Dickie’s Delight/The Laird o’ Drumblair/James F Diakie’s Reel; MacPherson’s Rant/Tullochgorum/The East Neuk o’ Fife; Master Francis Sitwell & variations/Newcastle Hornpipe; Hornpipes: The North Shore/The Liverpool; The Dean Brig o’ Edinburgh/Banks Hornpipe (HARDIE); The Laird o’ Drumblair (The Laird o’ Drumblair/The Baker Reel/Will Ye No Come Back Again?); The Freebooter (Is Your WarPipe Asleep) (MacPherson’s Rant/Tullochgorum & variations/The East Neuk of Fife & variations); Birlin Reels (The Auld Wheel/Spinning Wheel/Bride’s Reel MacKenzie Fraser/Fairy Dance); German Schottische (Bohemian Melodies); Goodbye Gramin/Johnnie Steel/James Hardie; Highland Schottische (Maggie Cameron/Athole Brose/The Devil in the Kitchen/Forbes Morrison); Sean Trews/ Whistle o’er the Lave o’t/Wha Widna Fecht for Charlie’ (SKINNER)
12T269 You Rambling Boys of Pleasure. Robert Cinnamond:
You Rambling Boys of Pleasure / Van Diemen’s Land / You Ribbonmen of Ireland / Rich Shipowner’s Daughter / Napoleon Bonaparte / Weaver / Youghal Harbour / Beggarman / Fly Up, My Cock / I’m A Rambling Youth / Augalee Heroes / Early in the Spring / Young Willie Reilly / Drowsy Maggie / Old Man Rocking the Cradle.
12TS270 The Collier Lad. Johnnie Handle:
Collier Lad / Dust / Durham Big Meetin’ Day / Old Man of the Village / New Spotlight / Farewell to the Monty / Stottin’ Doon the Waal / Is There Owt Secure / Old Pubs / Decorating / Fearless Mariner / Danny’s.
12TS271/2. The Bonnie Pit Laddie. The High Level Ranters with Harry Boardman and Dick Gaughan (DLP - 1975):
Doon the Waggon Way / Miner’s Life / I Wish Pay Friday Would Come / Augengeich Disaster / Collier’s Rant / Farewell to the Monty / Putter / Little Chance / My Gaffer’s Bait / Coal Owner and the Pitman’s Wife / Blackleg Miner / Miners’ Lockout / South Medomsley Strike / Durham Lockout / Aa’m Glad the Strike’s Done / Collier’s Pay Week / I’ll Have a Collier / Instrumental Selection / I’ll Make Her Fain to Follow Me / Joyful Days are Coming / Get Her Bo / Stoneman’s Song / Hartley Calamity / Bonnie Woodha’ / Banks of the Dee / The Bonnie Pit Laddie (vocal).
12TS273 Songs and Ballads. Frankie Armstrong (1975):
Little Duke Arthur’s Nurse / Pitmen’s Union / Lady Diamond / Lament for the Hull Trawlers / Month of January / Three Drunken Maidens / Jack the Lad / Whore’s Lament / Little Musgrave / Collier Lass / Female Drummer.
12TS274 Down the Long Road. Bob Davenport with variously - Jim Bainbridge melodeon, Lucy Farr fiddle, Frances Geraghty flute, Johnny Gorman flute, Paul Gross fiddle, Reg Hall piano, the Leeds Band (Martin Clarke melodeon, Don Mackay melodeon, Jackie Wright mandolin banjo, Jim Wright banjo), Jimmy Power fiddle, The Rakes (Reg Hall melodeon, Michael Plunkett fiddle, Paul Gross fiddle), Tommy Sheridan uilleann pipes, Webb's Wonders (Tony Engle anglo concertina, Peta Webb fiddle, Alan Ward cello, Ken Lees banjo):
Navvy Boots; Down the Long Road; The Rambling Man; Barn Dance Selection: Louis James’ Quadrille/The Dancing Dustman; When I Was Single; I’m a Poor Unhappy Married Man; Jig Selection: When There Isn’t a Girl About/Peggy Wood/Looking for a Partner; Wild Wild Whiskey; Whiskey in the Jar; Reels: The Steam Packet/The Sligo Maid; Herbert Smith’s Polka; One Day While in the North Country; A-Begging I Will Go. The Wealthy Squire; By Tyne’s Bonny Banks; Once I Had an Old Hen; Polka Medley: Jenny Lind/ J B Milne/The Girl With the Blue Dress On; Bogie’s Bonnie Belle; Irish Molly Barn Dance; Toast/The Blarney Stone
12TS275 West Country Melodeon. Bob Cann:
Uncle George’s Hornpipe / Tommy Roberts’ Hornpipe / Hot Punch / Uncle George’s Waltz / Uncle Jim’s Waltz / Primrose Polka / Dorsetshire Hornpipe / Kester Rocky Waltz / Family Jig / Woodland Flowers / Ford Farm Reel / Harry Gidley’s Waltz / When its Nightime in Italy / Climbn’ up de Golden Stairs / Lyrinka / Schottische Hornpipe / Cokey Hornpipe.
12TS276 For Old Time's Sake. The Oldham Tinkers.
Signora; Eaur Joe’s Lad; John Willie’s Horse; Barefoot Days Medley; Lancashire Witches; Come Whoam to Thi Childer an’ Me; Johnny Bugger; Billy Winker; Bits 0’ Bromley Street; The Condemned Cell; The Maypole; For Old Time’s Sake
12TS277 Will Ye Gang, Love. Archie Fisher with own guitar, Allan Barty fiddle, mandola, John Tams melodeons:
O Charlie, O Charlie; Lindsay; The Broom a’ the Cowdenknowes; Mally Lee; Will Ye Gang, Love; The Flower of France and England, O; The Laird o’ Windy Wa’s; Men o’ Worth; Looly, Looly; Dreg Song; Adam Cameron; Blackbirds and Thrushes.; The Gallant Ninety Two; The Rovin’ Ploughboy
12TS278 Cut and Dry Dolly. Collection of Northumbrian pipe tunes featuring Alistair Anderson:
Sunderland Lasses / Lads of Alnwick / All the Night I Lay With Jockie / Peacock Followed the Hen / Jack Layton / Green Breckons / Bob and Jones / Kiss Her Under the Coverlet / Cuckold Came Out of the Amrey / Cuddly Claw’d Her / Holme’s Fancy / Stagshaw Bank Fair / Lasses Pass the Brandy / Cut and Dry Dolly / John Fenwick’s the Flower Among Them / Over the Border / Pheasant’s Dance / Rusty Gully / Keelman Over the Land / I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me / My Laddie Sits O’er Late Up / Shew’s the Way to Wallington / Drops of Brandy.
12T279 James F Dickie's Delights :
Cairdin O’t / Highland Donald / Francis Sitwell / Hard is my Fate / Good Wife Admit the Wanderer / Dean Brig O’ Edinburgh / Glencoe / Trumpet / Banks / Smith’s Waltz / Mulhill’s / Laird of Drumblair / Baker Reel / Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord / Peterhead Polka / Braes O’ Auchtertyre / Leaving the Glen / Miller of Drone / J.F. Dickie’s Reel / Bovaglie’s Plaid / South of the Grampians / Good Old John / MacPherson’s Rant / Madam Frederick / Earl Grey / Whistle o’er the Lave O’t / White Cockade.
12T280 The Strathspey King. J. Scott Skinner:
President - air and variations / Lucania Polka / Freebooter / Tullochgorum / East Neuk of Fife / Allegory / Miller O’Hirn / MacKenzie Fraser / Auld Wheel / Bagpipe Marches / Cameron Highlanders / Inverness Gathering / Celebrated Hornpipes / Eugene Stratton / Banks / Highland Reels Laird O’The Drums / Gavin MacMillan / Laird of Drumblair / Gladstone’s Reel / Bonnie Lass O’ Bon Accord / Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell / Ten Pound Fiddle / Highland Schottische / No 2 Sandy Cameron Miller O’ Hirn / Glenlivet / Triumph Country Dance / Triumph / Trimour the Tartar / Left Handed Fiddler / Speed the Plough / De’il Among the Tailors / Home Sweet Home / Iron Man Strathspey / Bungalow Reel / Cradle Song / Braes O’ Auchtertyre / Athole Highlanders / Glen Grant / Tulchan Lodge / Parrot / Humorous Pizzicato / Mrs Scott Skinner / MacKenzie Hay / Devil’s Elbow.
12TS281 The Silver Bow. Shetland Fiddlers Vol.1 Tom Anderson, Aly Bain:
Jack Broke da Prison Door / Donald Blue / Sleep Soond ida Morning / Lasses Trust in Providence / Day Dawn / Cross Reel / Shive Her Up / Da Silver Bow / Auld Foola Reel / Wynadepia / Da Slockit Light / Smith O’Couster / Da Grocer / Da Galley Watch / Kair and Knock it Corn / Da Auld Restin’ Chair / Hamnavoe Polka / Maggie’s Reel / Inst Briduf March / Da Bride is a Bonie Ting / Jack is Yet Alive / Auld Clettenroe / Da Mill / Aoon Da Rooth / Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes / Wha’ll Dance Wi Wattie / Bush Below Da Gairden / Soldier’s Joy / Shetland Moods / De’ll Stick da Minister / Taste da Green / Dean brig o’Edinburgh / Banks Hornpipe. See TSCD469.
12TS282 In the Middle of the Tune. Tom Gilfellon with Martin Carthy; Johnny Handle; Liz and Stefan Sobell (1976):
Banks of Red Roses / Boys of Ballysadare / Worker’s Song / Celebrated Working Man / Uncle Albert’s Last Heroic Farewell to the World / Lady Ann Montgomery (reel) / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Foxhunter’s (reel) / Snow it Melts the Soonest / Bonnie Gateshead Lass / Thomas Friel’s Jig / Battering Ram / Two Sisters / Row in the Gutter / Fiery Clockface / Johnny Miner.
12T283 Holey Ha'penny. Various Artists.
Tom Clough: Ho'ley Ha'Penny, Elsie Marley / The Keel Row. Jim Rutherford: Morpeth Rant. Billy Ballantine: Proudlock's Hornpipe / Billy Ballantine's Reel / Bonny North Tyne / Mosstrooper's Polka / The Coquet Reel. Ned Pearson: Father's Polka / Schottische / Varsoviana (Old and New) / Highland Laddie / Heel and Toe Polka / The Pin Reel - jig / Cambo March. Joe Hutton: My Lodging is on Cold Ground, Bonnie Dundee / Roxburgh Castle, Devil among the Tailors. Adam Gray: The Roman Wall / Tom Hepple's Polka (The Girl with the Blue Dress On) / The Tow House Polka. Bob Clark: Corn Rigs, The Manchester Hornpipe. Willy Taylor: The Linchhope Lope / Willy Taylor's Polka / Nae Good Luck - jig. George Hepple: The Ferry Boat. Tom Hunter, Billy Ballantine: The Gilsland Hornpipe. Jake Hutton, Tom Hunter, Billy Ballantine: The Kielder Schottische. Billy Ballantine, Jimmy Hunter: Schottische / My Lodging's on Cold Ground, Blow the Wind Southerly. John & George Hepple: Whittingham Green Lane/ Ward's Brae / Malorca, Herd on the Hill, Devil among the Tailors.
12TS284 Beware of the Aberdonian. The Gaugers - Peter Hall vocal, concertina, Tom Spiers vocal, fiddle, Arthur Watson vocal, whistle, dulcimer, bodhran:
Young Jackie; The Cruel Brother; Monymusk Lads; The Keys to the Cellar/Go to Berwick, Johnnle; The Lass o’ the Moorland Hills; The Bonny Lass o’ Anglesey; Sleep Sound in the Morning/Donald Blue; The Aberdonian; Lochaber No More; The Minister’s Sheep; Bogie’s Bonnie Belle; The Ewie wi’ the Crookit Horn/The Jolly Shepherd /Polly Stewart; The Scranky Black Farmer
12TS285 Green Grow the Laurels. Country singers from the south:
Green Grow the Laurel - Louise Fuller / Rich Lady Gay - Harry Upton / Wexford Town - Mary Ann Haynes / Aylesbury Girl - Jack Goodban / Tree in the Wood - George Tom Newman / I Am a Donkey Driver - Harry Upton / Molecatcher - Louise Fuller / Hopping Down in Kent - Louise Fuller / Shannon Frigate - Jack Goodban / Young Maria- Louise Fuller / Colour of Amber - Mary Ann Haynes / Banks of Sweet Dundee - Harry Upton / Single Life - Harry Upton / Woman’s Work is Never Done - Harry Upton.
12T286 Ye Subjects of England. Traditional Songs from Sussex. George Maynard.
Polly on the Shore / The Sweet Nightingale / Locks and Bolts / Down by the Seaside / Jack the Jolly Tar-O / The Seeds of Love / Shooting Goshen's Cocks Up / William Taylor / Rolling in the Dew / A Sailor in the North Country / The Banks of Claudy / Three Sons of Rogues / The Weaver's daughter / A Wager, a Wager / The Sun Being Set.
12TS287 Drops of Brandy. Sean McAloon & John Rea:
Maid in the Meadow / Castlebar Races / Trip to the Cottage / Mountain Lark / Crooked Road to Dublin / Jackson’s Drum / Jackson’s Mistake / Jackson’s Coagy / Blind Mary / Madame Bonaparte / O’Dwyer’s Hornpipes / Crowley’s No. 1 / Crowley’s No. 2 / Moloney’s / Paddy O’Brien’s Jig / First House in Connaught / Copperplate / An Buachaill Caol Dubh / Drops of Brandy / Coil the Hawser / Lord McDonald’s / Alexandria’s / Higgin’s / Sligo Maid / Sheephan’s / Wandering Minstrel / Katy is Waiting / Basket of Shamrocks / Tim the Turncoat / Quarrelsome Piper / Old Siege of Valencia / Lark in the Morning.
12T288 The Last of the Travelling Pipers. Felix Doran (1976):
Mary of Munroe / Green Gates / Dear Irish Boy / Primrose Lass / Rakish Paddy / Rolandstown Churchyard / Ash Plant / Lark in the Morning / Fox Hunt / George White’s Favourite / Ivy Leaf / Coolin / Boys of the Lough / Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monaghan.
12TS289 The Flowery Vale Paddy Tunney.
'Tis Pretty to be in Ballinderry; Captain Coulson; Ta Me Mo Shui; What Brought the Blood; The Blighted Lover; The Twisting of the Rope; The Blackbird; Old Ardboe; The Old Man Rocking the Cradle; Siubhan Ni Dhuibhir; Dobbin’s Flowery Vale; Going to Mass Last Sunday
12T290 An Irish Jubilee. Traditional Irish Songs. Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton.
Air & Jig: Nil Be ‘Na La/The Humours of Winnington; The Hiring Fair at Hamiltonsbawn; Hornpipe, Jig & Reel: Three Out of One; Matt Hyland; Slip Jigs: The Dusty Miller/McDermott’s; On the Banks of a River Near Blackwatertown; Jigs: MacNamara’s/The Blue Angel; The Gauger’s Song; Reels: Gather Round the Flre/Brereton’s; Mary from Murroogh; Air & Planxty: Tiocfaidh an Samhradh agus Fairsing Felr/Planxty Reynolds; Thousands Are Sailing to Amerikay; Lament: Caolneadh Ui Dhomhnaill Song & Reels: The Irish Jubilee/The Glass of Beer/The Longford Reel
12TS291 The Art of the Highland Bagpipe Volume 1. John Burgess. Compiled in TSCD466
Bundle and Go/Over the Water to Charlie/Campbeltown Loch/Joy Go With My Love/Traigh Gruinard/Morag; Bonnie Argyl; The Stirlingshir Militia; The Taking of Beaumont Hamel/Pipe Major John MacDonald's Welcome to South Uist/Delvinside/John Morrison of Assynt House; Salute on the Birth of Rory Mor MacLeod; Colonel Robertson/The 79th Highlanders' Farewell to Edinburgh/Major John MacLennan; Leaving Ardtornish/The Geese in the Bog; The Swallowtailed Coat/The Mallow Men/Pipe Major George S Allan/Jockey on the Braes of Abernethy/Wee Alec - Fort William/Paddy kelly's Stump/The Boys of Bluehill/The Ballachulish Walkabout; Lord Alexander Kennedy/Tullach Gorum/Mrs MacPherson of Inveran; Duncan Johnstone/Farewell to Nigg.
12TS292 Singing Traditions of a Suffolk Family. The Ling Family:
Green Bushes / On Board the Leicester Castle / Lobster / Died for Love / Little Ball of Yarn / Lakes of Coofin / Deserter / Little Sweetheart / Jolly Jack the Sailor / Group of Young Squaddies / On the Banks of the Clyde / Underneath Your Apron / Bonny Bunch of Roses / Nancy of Yarmouth / Man all Tattered and Torn / Fagin the Cobbler.
12T293 Davy Stewart Davy Stewart:
MacPherson’s Rant / Jolly Beggar / Cantering: the 74th Highlander’s Farewell to Edinburgh / Piper’s Bonnet / Mrs MacLeod of Raasay / I’m Often Drunk and I’m Seldom Sober / Taghter Jack Walsh / Connaught Man’s Rambles / Overgate / Merchant’s Son / Daft Piper / Boolavogue / Harvest Home / Dowie Dens of Yarrow.
12TS294 Uilleann Pipes. Pat Mitchell.
Reels: Garrett Barry’s/The Virginia; March: Sullivan’s March; Reel: Concertina Reel; Air: Lord Mayo; Reel: College Groves; Double Jigs: Port Liadroma/Sean Tiobraid Arann; Reel: Star of Munster; Single & Double Jig: Frieze Breeches; Descriptive Piece: Máirseáil Alasdruim; Single Jig: Willie’s Single; Hornpipe & Reels: Kildare Hornpipe/Castle Kelly/Sailor’s Bonnet; Marching Tune: Eagle’s Whistle; Double Jig: The Maiden That Jigged It in Style; Air: An Draighnean Donn; Double Jig: The Old Hag in the Kiln; Reel: Galtee Reel; Double Jigs: The Lark in the Morning; Reels: Patsy Tuohey’s Reel/The Green Fields of Rossbeigh; Piece: Nóra Criona; Reel: Flogging Reel
12TS295 Among the Many Attractions at the Show Will be a Really High Class Band. John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris:
Edgmond Men’s Souling Song / Artichokes and Cauliflowers / Bricklayers / Double Change Sides / Cherry Tree Carol / John of the Greenery Cheshire Way / Shropshire Lad / I Wish I Wish / Old Sir Simon the King / Adieu to Old England / Blue Eyed Stranger / Winster Morris Reel / Jim Jones / Blacksmith’s Morris / Charle’s Hornpipe / Cold Blows the Wind / Wilson’s Favourite / Shrewsbury Wakes.
12T296 English Country Music. Walter & Daisy Bulwer, Billy Cooper, etc.
The Bluebell Polka / The Foggy Dew, The Sailor Cut Down in His Prime / Untitled Polka / Off She Goes / Red Wing / Believe me if All Those Endearing Young Charms, Johnny's So Long at the Fair, The Wild Colonial Boy / Untitled Polka / Jenny Lind Polka, The Girl I Left Behind Me / Peggy Wood, When There isn't a Girl About / Washing day, Old Mrs Cuddledee, The Cat's Got the Measles / The Waltz Vienna / The Four Hand Reel, Soldier's Joy / Shepherd's Hey.
12TS297 Ranting Lads. The High Level Ranters (1976):
Fairly Shot of Her / Wife of My Own / Dance to your Daddy / Lass Doon on the Quay / Kielder Hunt / Alston Flower Show / Jane of Biddlestone / Fortune Turns the Wheel / Fenwick of Bywell / Elsie Marley / Hoop Her and Gird Her / Captain Bover / Here’s the Tender Coming / Success to the Fleet / Proudlock’s Hornpipe / Hesleyside Reel / Stanley Market / Marquis of Waterford / Bottle Bank / Hawk.
12TS298 Airs and Graces. June Tabor:
While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / Plains of Waterloo / Bonny May / Reynardine / The Band Played Waltzing Matilda / Young Waters / Waly Waly / The Merchant’s Son / Queen among the Heather / Pull Down the Lads.
12TS299 A Taste of Hot Pot. Gary and Vera Aspey:
Eskdale and Ennerdale Hunt Song / Weepin’ and Wailin’ Away / Shuttle Kissing Song / Foddered me Yowes / Nightingale / Don’t Get Married Girl / Kids Songs / Coal Hole Cavalry / Morning Stands on Tiptoe.
12TS300 Crown of Horn. Martin Carthy:
Bedmaking / Locks and Bolts / King Knapperty / Geordie / Willie’s Lady / Virginny / Worcestershire Wedding / Bonnie Lass o’Angelsey / William Taylor the Poacher / Old Tom of Oxford / Palaces of Gold.
Specials Series starts:
STOP7001 The Oldham Tinkers (1975)
For Old Time's Sake / The Lancashire Toreador
STOP7002 Martin Carthy (1976)
The Bonny Lass of Anglesey / Palaces of Gold (Rosselson)
STOP7003 The High Level Ranters (1976) 1SE0049919.
Dance for Your Daddy / The Lass Doon on the Quay.
Specials Series ends:
12TS301 The Dales of Caledonia. Ian Manuel:
Haughs O’ Cromdale / Are Ye Sleeping Maggie? / Young Beichan / Moneymusk Lads / Jamie Raeburn / Gallant Forty Twa / Bonnie Bessie Logan / Merchant’s Son and the Beggar Wench / MacCrimmon’s Lament / Sweet Kumadie / Overgate / Let me in This ae Night / Lothian Hairst / Lass of Roch Royal.
12TS302 Lancashire Sings Again! Mary and Harvey Kershaw:
Yo’re allus Welcome Here / Gradely Folk / Song of the Knocker - up / Fireleet Fancies / Peigh Fox / Boggart O’ Birchenbower / One for the Road / Th’ Parson O’ Waterhead / Wiff O’ Moorlond Air / Love’s Labour Lost / Th’ Friendship Club / Other Folks’ Children / Harkenin’ t’ Messiah / Toddlin’ Whoam.
12T303. Bound to be a Row. Jimmy McBeath:
There’s Bound to be a Row / Banks of Inverurie / Ythanside / Erin Go Bragh / Bogie’s Bonnie Belle / Cow Wi’ the Iron Tail / Arlin’s FineBraes / Bonnie Lass o’ Fyvie / Pittenweem Jo / Ye Canna Pit it on tae Sandy / Boston Smuggler / Highland Rorie’s Wedding / Magdalen Green / Marin Fair / Roving Baker.
12TS304 The Travelling Songster. Phoebe, Minty, Jasper & Levy Smith. Recorded by Mike Yates 1975-76:
The Small Bird’s Whistle / The Sheepfold / One Penny / The Basket of Eggs / The Pony March / Whistling Rufus / Tuning; Green Bushes / Raking the Hay / The Moon Shines Bright / Father Had a Knife / The Jew’s Garden / Step Dance Tunes / Tuning; Sweet William / Johnny Abourne / Died For Love / The Irish Girl / Captain Thunderbold / Jigs and Polkas incl: Cock of the North; Flowers of Edinburgh; The Girl I Left Behind Me / Tuning.
12TS305 The Men of the Island. The O'Halloran Brothers.
Reels: The Music in the Glen/The Green Fields of America; Jigs: The Lark in the Morning/The Connaughtman’s Rambles; The Lowlands of Holland; Barn Dances: Stack of Barley/Johnny, Will You Marry Me?; Jigs: Pat Burke's Jig; Fraher's Jig; Sweet Inniscarra; Waltz and Jigs: Martin Byrne’s Waltz/A Hundred Pipers/Dingle Regatta; Granualle; Reels: The Sailor on the Rock/The Maid I Ne’er Forgot; Reel: The Limerick Lasses; Jig: The Lake Shore/The Exile’s Return; Reels: The Eel in the Sink/Larry Redigan’s; Moorlough Mary; Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore/The Wind that Shakes the Barley.
12TS306 Irish Fiddle Player. Jimmy Power.
Tommy Potts' Rambling Pitchfork, The Strayaway Child / The Chorus, McKenna's/Jockey to the Fair, Miss Brown's Fancy / Coleman's Favourite, The Promenade / Dwyer's, The Harvest Home / Jackie Coleman's, The Castle / The Nine Points of Roguery, The Crib of Perches / Whelan's, The Old Lark in the Morning / The Mountain Road / Follow Me Down to Limerick, Hardiman the Fiddler / Youghal Harbour / The Walls of Liscarrol / The Jug of Punch, The Moving Bogs of Powelsborough / Statia Donnelly's.
12TS307 Queen Among the Heather. Belle Stewart:
Queen among the Heather / Here’s a Health to all True Lovers / Betsy Belle / Berryfields o’ Blair / Soft Country Chiel (the Toon o’ Dalry) / Whistlin’ at the Plough / Bonnie Wee Lassie frae Gourock / Overgate / Blooming Caroline o’ Edinburgh / Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie / Late Last Night / Twa Brothers / Leezie Lindsay.
12TS308 In Sheffield Park. Frank Hinchliffe:
Pear Tree / Golden Glove / Spotted Cow / Mary Across the Wild Moor / Nobleman and the Thrasherman / Wilkins and Dinah / Green Mossy Banks of the Lea / Wild and Wicked Youths / Sheffield Park / Hear the Nightingales Sing / Poor Old Weaver’s Daughter / It Hails, It Rains / Nothing Else to Do / Edward / We’ve Been a-while Awassailing
12T309 Kerry Fiddles. Music from Sliabh Luachra 1. Padraig O'Keefe; Denis Murphy; Julia Clifford. Reissued on TSCD309.
The Top of Maol/The Humours of Ballydesmond; The Fisherman's/Byrne's Hornpipes; Muckross Abbey/Mulvihill's; Cronin's/The Stack of Barley; O'Donnell's Lament; Danny Ab's Slide; The Frieze Breeches/Paudeen O'Rafferty; Chase Me Charlie/Tom Billy's Favourite; Kennedy's Favourite/The Woman of the House; Apples in Winter/The Maid on the Green/The Thrush in the Straw; The Old Man Rocking the Cradle; The Humours of Galtymore/Callaghan's/The New-Mown Meadows; Calaghan's/The Rights of Man; Johnny When You Die/The Swallow's Tail/Miss MacLeod's.
12TS310 The Star of Munster Trio. Music from Sliabh Luachra 2. John, Julia & Billy Clifford:
Dublin Porter / Mountain Lark / Lark in the Bog / Mountain Road / Paddy Cronin’s / Ballydesmond / Knocknabowl / Boil the Breakfast Early / Bunker Hill / Red-hared Boy / Lucy’s Reel / Clare Reel / Bill Black’s / O’Donovan’s / John Mahinney’s no. 1 / No Name / Grandfather’s Thought / Madam, If You Please / Napoleon’s Retreat / Connie the Soldier / Humoursof Glen / Palatine’s Daughter / Jim Mac’s Jig / Cherish the Ladies / Harlequin / Old Bush / Within a Mile of Dublin.
12TS311 The Humours of Lisheen. Music from Sliabh Luachra 3. John, Julia & Billy Clifford:
Humours of Lisheen / Art O’Keefe’s / Tap the Barrel / Jenny Tie the Bonnet / Frisco / Biddy Crowley’s Ball / Bold Trainor O / Blue Riband / Up and Away / Callin an ti’ Mhoir / Untitled Track / Freddie Kimmel’s / Home Brew / Padraig O’Keefe’s / Pol Ha’penny / John Mahinney’s no. 2 / Ducks and the Oats / I Looked East and I Looked West / Worn Torn Petticoat / Taimse I’m Chodladh / Julia Clifford’s / Bill the Waiver’s / Johnny Cope / John Clifford’s / Behind the Bush in the Garden / Going for Water.
12TS312 Music from Sliabh Luachra 4. Traditional Flute Solos and Band Music. Billy Clifford and others:
Fermoy Lassies / Honeymoon / Upperchurch Polkas / Jigs / Polkas / Padraig O’Keefe’s / Munster / Reel / Non Name / Danny Green’s Reels / Hollyford Jigs / Flowing Tide / Bracken Brae / Napoleon’s Grand March / Top of Maol / Hetty O’Hady / Milliner’s Daughter / Durang’s / Bill the Waiver’s / Home Brew / Druid’s Field / Willie Doherty’s / Up on the Waggon / Lilting Banhee / Moycarkey / Byrne’s / Charlie Mulvihill’s / Muckross Abbey.
12TS313. Battlefield Band. The Battlefield Band:
Silver Spear / Humours of Tulla / Shipyard Apprentice / Crossing the Minch / Minnie Hynd / Glasgow Gaelic Club / Brisk Young Lad / Birnie Bouzie / Compliments of the Band / A.A. Cameron’s Strathspey / Scott Skinner’s compliments to Dr. MacDonald / Bonny Jean / Paddy Fahey’s / Joseph’s Fancy / Hog’s Reel / It Was All for Our Rightful King / Inverness Gathering / Marquis of Huntly’s Strathspey / John MacNeil’s Reel / Miss Margaret Brown’s Favourite / Deserts of Tulloch / Cruel Brother.
12TS314 Free and Easy. Kevin Mitchell:
Free and Easy / Lurgy Streams / Mickey Dam / Nancy Bell / Boys of Mullaghbawn / Going to Mass Last Sunday / Magherafelt May Fair / Light Horse / Moorlough Shore / Two Strings on a Bow / Sean O’Duibhir / Oul’ Grey Man.
12TS315 Coppers & Brass. Scots & Irish dance music on guitar. Dick Gaughan:
Coppers and Brass / Gander in the Pratie Hole / O’Keefe’s / Foxhunter’s / Flowing Tide / Fairies Hornpipe / Oak Tree / Music in the Glen / Planxty Johnson / Gurty’s Frolics / Spey in Spate / Hurricane / Alan McPherson of Mosspark / Jig of Slurs / Thrush in the Storm / Flogging Reel Pipes / Ask my Father / Lads of Laois / Connaught Heifers / Bird in the Bush / Boy in the Gap / MacMahon’s Reel / Strike the Gay Harp / Shores of Lough Gowna / Jack Broke da Prison Door / Donald Blue / Wha’ll Dance wi’ Wattie.
12TS316 Old Time Irish Fiddle and Accordion. Rose Murphy.
Reel: Salamanca/The Milltown Lasses; Reel: Trim the Velvet; Jig: The Silver Tip/The Frog in the Well; Air: The Lark in the Clear Air; Polkas: The First of May/The Last of June (Jenny Lind); Jigs: Paddy in London/Over the Garden Wall; Hornpipe: Road to Ballysodare; Reels: The Teetotaller/The Bunch of Keys; Red: The Whistler and His Dog; Reels: The Flax in Bloom/The College Grove/The Maid on the Mountain; Reel: Ladybower’s Reel/The Sister Reel; Reel: Drowsy Maggie; Hornpipes: The Harvest Home/The Londonderry; Jigs: The Frost Is All Over/The Goose in the Bog; Reel: The Lonely Maid; Air: The Coolin; Barn Dance: Turkey in the Straw; Slip Jig: Mother I’m Up In the Roost (What Are You Doing, You Divil You!); Reel: Rakish Paddy; Hornpipe The Belfast (or Sweep’s) Hornpipe
12T317 Songs and Southern Breezes. Country singers from Hampshire and Sussex:
Bonnie Bunch of Roses - Noah Gillette / Epsom Races - George Attrill / Banks of the Mossom; False Lanky - George Fosbury / Cruel Lincoln - Ben Butcher / Silver Pin - Mrs Chapman / Chiner’s Song - Frank Bond / God Bless the Master - Frank Bond / Prickle Holly Bush - Fred Hewitt / Three Maidens a-Milking Did Go - Fred Hewitt / Her Servant Man - Gladys Stone / Rolling in the Dew - Leslie Johnson / Sheffield Park - Ben Butcher / George Collins - Enos White / Streams of Lovely Nancy - Victor Turp Brown / As Broad as I was Walking - Victor Turp Brown / Six Jolly Miners - Victor Turp Brown.
12TS318 Postcards Home. Bob Davenport:
Byker Hill / Blackleg Miner / Durham Gaol Selection: Gypsy Poacher / Durham Gaol / First Time I Saw Durham City / Ball of Yarn / Breaking Sticks / Wait till the Work Comes Round / Winter Time is Coming In / Old Changing Ways / When a Man Looks Pale / There’s Nae Much Luck About the House / We Plough and Sow / Get Up, Stand Up / Once I Had As a True Love / Lowlands / My Bonnie Lad / Great Little Army March / Unemployed Men Stand on the Corner / McCafferty / I Don’t Want to Join the Army / House is Crammed / Good Morning Good Morning / Our Soldiers Went to War / If I Was Fierce / If You Want to Find the Colonel / They Didn’t Believe Me / Have You Forgotten Yet / When this Bloody War is Over.
12T319 Ideal Music. Bob Smith’s Ideal Band:
Eightsome reel Part 1 / Ashcroft’s Reel, Londonderry Air, Breakdown / Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders / Liverpool and Highland Hornpipes / The International / Medley of Popular Waltzes / The Canal Cruise Parts 1 & 2 / La Varsovienne / Big Reason Blues / The Boston Two-step / Horseguards Blue / Happy Hours / Woodland Voices / Eightsome reel Part 2.
12T320 Better than an Orchestra. Bob Smith’s Ideal Band (recorded in London 1930-31 or Edinburgh c. 1934. Issued by Topic 1977):
Ideal One-Step / James Andrews: The Middy March / Empress Tango / The Red Flag / Wull’s Wireless Wails Parts 1 & 2: Flowers of Edinburgh - When You and I were Young, Maggie - Highland Laddie - Orange and Blue - Kafoozalum / Alec Bisset: Medley of Irish Waltzes: The Irish Jaunting Car - Come Back To Erin - Eileen - Alannah / The Ideal Lancers: 1st. Fig: Rakes of Mallow - My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose - The Girl I Left Behind Me / 2nd. Fig: Lass of Gowrie - Kate Dalrymple - Loch Lomond / 3rd. Fig: Blackthorn Stick - Irish Washerwoman / 4th Fig: The Alma (quick march) - Atholl Highlanders - Nora Creina - Biddy the Bowl Wife - Rakes of Kildare - Barren Rocks of Aden / J.B. Andrews (?) & Bob Smith: Dulcimer Tunes from An Old ‘National Hall’ Favourite parts 1 & 2: The Favourite Hornpipe - Unidentified Barn Dance / I Still Love You - Waltz Hesitation / Heddlestone & Macfarlane: The Call of the Pipes Part 1 / Why Worry.
12T321 Cameron Men. Classic Scots Fiddle Recordings from the 1930s.
Cameron Men / Abercairney Highlanders / Ballochmyle / Speed the Plough / Miss Drummond of Perth / Maggie Cameron / Favourite / Loch Katrine / Miss Lyall / Loch Leven / Earl Dalhouse / Lady Mary Ramsay / Soldier’s Joy / Dashing White Sergeant / My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet / Rose Tree / Original Brechin Bridge / Victoria Hornpipe / Bonnie Anne / Bob Johnston / Auld Lichties / John MacFayden of Melfort / Brig o’Perth / Earl of Crawford’s Reel / Rock and Wee Pickle Tow / Blackthorn Stick / Teviot Brig / Humours of Donnybrook / Rossity Ends / Smith’s a Gallant Fireman / Pretty Peggy / Cumberland Reel / Father O’Flynn / Auld Brig o’Ayr / Wind that Shakes the Barley / Rakes of Kildare / Swallow Tail / Queen’s Welcome to Deeside / Drummer / Farewell to Gartly / Stirling Castle / Highland Queen / Forth Brig / Banks of Allan / Craigellachie Brig / Lasses o’Stewarton.
12T322 Classics of Irish Piping Volume 3. Leo Rowsome.
Jigs: Gillian’s Apples/The Maid of Tramore; Hornpipe Medley: The Independent Hornpipe/The Star Hornpipe; March Medley: The Fairy Revels/I Won’t Be a Nun; Hornpipe Medley: Higgin’s Hornpipe/The Queen of May; Seven Part Irish Jig:, The Frieze Breeches; Hornpipe Medley: Tomorrow Morning/The Cloone Hornpipe; Reel Medley: The Bunch of Keys/Buckley’s Fancy; Hornpipe Medley: The Sweep’s Hornpipe/The Friendly Visit; Jigs: The Cook in the Kitchen/Rakes of Kildare; Set Dance: Jockey to the Fair; Irish Jig Medley: My Darling Asleep/The Tongues of Fire; Irish Jig Medley: Brian O’Lynn/The Newly Married Couple; Medley of Marches: A Nation Once Again/The Bold Fenian Men Men/Fainne Geal an Lae; Medley of Jigs: Shandon Bells/Haste to the Wedding; Air: Snowy Breasted Pearl; Slip Jig: Rocky Road to Dublin
12TS323 Sit Thee Down. The Oldham Tinkers.
The Maid in the Calico Dress; Elsie Bell; Pity Me My Darling; The Talking Dog; To Sarah; Tall Tales Medley; Sit Thee Down; The Deserter; Poor Little Hauve-Timer; Dad’s Medals; Fishing; Jumping Jack; Jim’s Medley
12TS324 Round Rye Bay for More. Traditional Songs from the Sussex coast. Johnny Doughty:
Herrings’ Heads / Wreck of the Northfleet / When I was Single / Golden Vanity / Saucy Sailor / Baltimore / While Going Round the Cape / Round Rye Bay For More / Spanish Ladies / Sailor’s Alphabet / Mermaid Marry Me / I’m Going to be Mother Today / Barbara Allen / My Boy Billy / Dick Turpin / Let Her Go Back / Rye Harbour Girl / Streets of Port Arthur.
12TS325 Darby's Farewell. Traditional songs played on flute and whistle, and songs from Sligo. Josie McDermott.
Reel: The Kerry Man/The Pigeon on the Gate; Jigs: Sixpenny More/Garrett Barry’s Jig; Hornpipes: The Bush Hornpipe/Dunphy ‘a Hornpipe; Moorlough Mary; Slow Air: An Cailin Rua; Reels: The Tap Room/Toss the Feathers; Jigs: Dominic’s Farewell to Cashel/Trip to the Cottage; Lilting: The Collier’s Reel/The Bank of Ireland; Reels: Micko Russell’s/Trip to Birmingham; Polkas: Murphy’s Polka/The Keadue Polka; Reels: Peg McGrath’s Reel/Ganley’s Reel; Ballad of the O’Carolan Country; Reels: The Flowers of Ballymote/Coleman’s Cross; Una Wan; Slow Air: Una Bhdn; Jigs: Boys of the Town/Dwyer’s Jig; Reels: Father O’Grady’s Visit to Bocca/Darby’s Farewell to London
12TS326 The Art of the Highland Bagpie Vol.2. John Burgess.
2/4 Marches: The Knightswood Ceilidh/Father John MacMillan of Barra; Slow Airs: Leaving Loch Boisdale/The Angler’s Lament; 6/8 Marches: Seumas MacNeill/John D. Burgess; Strathspey & Reel: Johnnie Ross, Craigard/Captain Lachlan MacPhail of Tiree; Jigs: Daphne Shephard/The Herring Wife; Piobaireachd: The Lament for Duncan MacRae of Kintail; 2/4 Marches: John MacFadyen of Melfort/Willie MacLean/Jeannie Carruthers/The Conundrum; Strathspey & Reel: Lady Loudon/The Rejected Suitor; Piobaireachd: The Lament for Mary MacLeod; Hornpipe: The Mason’s Apron
12TS327 By Sandbank Fields. Songs & ballads. Roy Harris:
As I was Going to Banbury / Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter / Baker of Colebrook / Twenty-third of March / Go From My Window / Think on This (When You Smoke Tobacco) / Dockyard Gate / Lady of Carlisle / Robin Hood and Little John / Sandbank Fields / Spithead Sailor / Unhappy Parting.
12TS328 Sweet Rose in June. Bob Copper - Countryside Songs from the South:
Trooper / Bold Princess Royal / Farmer from Chester / Misteltoe Bough / Bold Dragoon / Young Johnnie / Parson and the Sucking Pig / Lord Thomas / Squire’s Lost Lady / Bold General Wolfe / Dick Turpin / Fox / Dogs and Ferrets / Fisherman / Rose in June.
12TS329 Layers. Chris Foster (1977):
Ranter / Coast of Peru / Worcester City / Glastonbury Town / Lady Maisry / Jack the Sailor Lad / Golden Glove / When a Man’s in Love / Buxom Lass / Flower of Serving Men / Banks of Newfoundland.
12TS330 Bonnie Mill Dams. Clutha:
My Apron / Binnie Susie / Farewell Tae Kemper / Kilworth Hills / High, Jeanie, High / Braes o’Lochie / Terrible Twins / Banks of Allan / Ochitree Walls / Binnorie-o / Logan Water / Neil Gow / Captain MacDuff’s Reel / Among the Blue Flowers and the Yellow / False Bride / Maids o’the Black Glen / Back o’the Moon / Donald Willie and his Dog / I Laid a Herrin’ in Saut / Mossie and his Mare.
12TS331. A True Hearted Girl. Lal & Norma Waterson (1978):
Young Billy Brown / Betsy Belle / Beggarman / Welcome Sailor / Meeting is a Pleasure / I Wish I Had Never / Wealthy Squire / Jenny Storm / Bonnie Light Horseman / Unfortunate Lass / Flowers of the Forest / Grace Darling.
12TS332 Mike Waterson Mike Waterson (1978):
Wensleydale Lad / Brisk Lad / Two Brothers / Man O’ War / Charlady’s Son / Light Dragoon / Cruel Ship’s Carpenter / Bye Bye, Skipper / Tamlin / Lord Rothschild / Swansea Town / Seven Yellow Gypsies.
12TS333 Folk Music of Turkey. Anatolian Music. Reissued as TSCD908?
CENTRAL & SOUTHERN ANATOLIA: Anamur yollari; Üç oyun havasi (Three dance tunes); Sirtindaki yeleði/Kara tren gelmez mi?/Üçayak; Üçayak (halay dance); Uzun hava (shepherd melody); Silifke oyun havasi (dance tune); Avþar beyler; Saray yoilai; BLACK SEA AREA: Maçka horon havasi (horon dance); Yuhsek Hemsin; EASTERN ANATOLIA: Þeyh Þamil; Köylü düðün havasi (village wedding tune); Dadaloðlu’nun Avþar türküsü
12TS334 Wind and Water. Traditional songs, ballads and lilts. Len Graham:
My Parents Reared Me Tenderly / Maggie Picken / Sean O’Duibhir a Ghleanna / County Mayo / Star of Moville / Green Fields of Amerikay / Western Winds / Paidin O’ Raibheartaigh / My Willie O / Daniel O’Connell and his Steam Engine / Rights of Man / One Morning in May / Knight Templar’s Dream.
12TS335 Memories of Sligo. Tommy Healy & John Duffy with Reg Hall piano:
Reels: Tarbolton/The Longford Collector/The Sailor’s Bonnet; Jigs: The Wandering Minstrel Fasten the Legging/The Smash; Hornpipes: The Rights of Man/The Honeysuckle; Reels: The Boy at the Lough/The Merry Blacksmith; Jigs: The Scotsman Over the Border/Tell Her I Am; Reels: The Montua/The Happy Days of Youth; Reel: Fred Finn’s Reel; The First Part of the Lancers; Jigs: The Gold Ring/Richard Brennan’s Favourite; Reels: Miss McLeod/The Wild Irishman; Jig: The Grey Goose; Reels: The Humours of Lissadel/Sweeney’s Dream; Jigs: Cavan Lasses/Rose of the Heather; Reels: The Enchanted Lady/The Holy Land; Waltz: Mrs Kenney; Reels: Martin Wynne ‘s Nos. 1 & 2
12TS336 The Watson Family Tradition Gaither Canton fiddle, banjo, vocal, Dolly Green vocal, Tina Greer vocal, Annie Watson vocal, Arnold Watson banjo, vocal, Doc Watson guitar, banjo, vocal, Merle Watson guitar, Rosa Lee Watson vocal:
Georgie; Fish in the Mill-pond; Children’s Songs; I Heard my Mother Weeping; Reuben’s Train; Aiscuits; Tucker’s Barn; Give the Flddler a Dram; And Am I Born to Die?; Marthy, Won’t you yave Some Good Old Cider?; A-Roving on a Winter’s Night; Arnold’s Tune; Pretty Saro; Early, Early in the Spring; Little Maggie; Bill Banks; Rambling Hobo; One Morning in May; The Faithful Soldier; Omie Wise; Jimmy Sutton
12TS337 The Branch Line. Irish Traditional Music from Galway to New York. Jack & Charlie Coen:
Scatter the Mud / Larry Redigan’s Jig / Sailor’s Cravat / Repeal of the Union / John Conroy’s Jig / Peach Blossom / Fiddler’s Contest / Jim Conroy’s Reel / Pullet / Redican’s Mother / Humours of Kilkenny / Mike Coen’s Polka / Branch Line / Have a Drink with Me / Blarney Pilgrim / Two Woodford Flings / Waddling Gander / O’Connell’s Jig on Top of Mount Everest / Lads of Laois / Green Groves of Erin / Tongs by the Fire / Spinning Wheel / Whelan’s Reel / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Jack Coen’s Jig / Paddy O’Brien’s Jig.
12TS338 Traditional Fiddle Music from County Clare. Vincent Griffin:
Fahey’s 1 & 2 / Cliffs of Moher / Paddy Ryan’s Dream / Mammy’s Pet / Martin Rocheford’s / Sligo Maid / New Century / Cuckoo / Coleman’s / Lord MacDonald’s / Ballinasloe Fair / Reefs / McFadden’s Favourite / New Year’s In / Youghal Quay / Se Bhfath Mo Bhfuartha (the cause of my sorrow) / Lord Gordon’s / Dr. Gilbert / Queen of May / Trip to Sligo / Garrett Barry’s / Night in Ennis / Maid Behind the Bar / Crowley’s / Lady Ann Montgomery / Down the Broom / Gatehouse Maid.
12TS339 Music from County Leitrim. Packie Duigan:
Shores of Loch Gowna / Rose and the Heather / Devero the Dancer / Connie the Soldier / Tailor’s Thimble / Red Haired Lass / Sean Ryan’s Hornpipe / New Found Out Reel / Sporting Paddy / Packie Duigan’s Reel / Trip to Athlone / Hag with the Money / Castlebar / Crowley’s Reels / Jackie Coleman’s Reel / Sailor on the Rock / Bridie Morley / Duigan’s Favourite / Kid on the Mountain / Highland Fling / Mrs. Smullen’s Reel / House on the Hill / Duke of Leinster / Dinny Ryan’s Reels / Tom Ward’s Downfall / Mullaghnavat Reel / Geese in the Bog / Your Jig.
12TS340 Martin Carthy (reissue of 1965 Fontana album):
High Germany / The Trees they do Grow High / Sovay / Ye Mariners All / The Queen of Hearts / Broomfield Hill / Springhill Mine Disaster / Scarborough Fair / Lovely Joan / The Barley and the Rye / The Wind that Shakes the Barley / The Two Magicians / The Handsome Cabin Boy / And A Beggin’ I Will Go. As above, CD reissue TSCD340.
12TS341. Second Album. Martin Carthy:
Two Butchers / Ball O’Yarn / Farewell Nancy / Lord Franklin / Ramblin’ Sailor / Lowlands of Holland / Fair Maid on the Shore / Bruton Town / Box on her Head / Newlyn Town / Brave Wolfe / Peggy and the Soldier / Sailor’s Life. CD reissue TSCD341.
12TS342. Byker Hill. Martin Carthy with Dave Swarbrick:
Man of Burnham Town / Fowler Jack / Gentleman Soldier / Brigg Fair / Bloody Gardener / Barley Straw / Byker Hill / Davy Lowston / Our Captain Cried All Hands / Wife of the Soldier / John Barleycorn / Lucy Wan / Bonnie Black Hare.
12TS343 But Two Came By. Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick (reissue Fontana STL 5477; 1969]: Ship in Distress / Banks of Sweet Primrose / Jack Orion / Matt Hyland / White Hare / Lord of the Dance / Poor Murdered Woman / Creeping Jane / Streets of Forbes / Long Lankin / Brass Band Music.
12T344 Prince Heathen. Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick [reissue Fontana STL 5529; 1970):
Arthur McBride and the Sergeant / Salisbury Plain / Polly on the Shore / The Rainbow / Died for Love / Staines Morris / Reynardine / Seven Yellow Gypsies / Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard / Prince Heathen / The Wren. TSCD344 CD reissue.
12TS345 Landfall. Martin Carthy:
Here’s Adieu to all Judges and Juries / Brown Adam / O’er the Hills / Cruel Mother / Cold Haily Windy Night / His Name is Andrew / The Bold Poachers / Dust to Dust / The Broomfield Hill / January Man. TSCD344 CD reissue.
12TS346 Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy. The Watersons:
God Bless the Master / While Shepherds Watch their Flocks by Night / Windham / Heavenly Aeroplane / Christian’s Hope / Bitter Withy / Emmanuelle / Idumea / Sound, Sound your Instruments of Joy / Come All you Faithful Christians / Green Fields / David’s Lamentation / Morning Trumpet / Joy, Health, Love and Peace.
12TS347 Highland Fiddle. Angus Grant:
Pipe Major Sam Scott / Portree Bay / Flower O’er the Quern / Mrs H.L. McDonald of Dunach / J.F. MacKenzie / Captain MacDiarmid / Mo Mhathair / Laura Andrews / Goatherd / Curlew (The) / Millicent’s Favourite Hornpipe / Harvest Home / Stirling Castle / MacKinnon’s Reel / Dargai / Kilworth Hills / Loch Maree / Neil Gow’s Lament for His Second Wife / Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell / Marquis of Tullibardine / Marquis of Lorne / Minstrel’s Favourite Hornpipe / Iain Ghlinn Cuaich / Sean Drochaid / Miss Addy / Lady Montgomery / Da Mirrie Boys of Greenland / Leveneep Head / Willafjord / Forneth House / Clan MacColl / Cameron’s Got His Wife Again / Jock Wilson’s Ball.
12TS348 Unaccompanied. John Wright.
Awake, Awake, You Drowsy Sleeper / Four-Hand Reel / Murphy's Hornpipe / Gypsy Hornpipe / Henry Martin / Bridget Cruise Nos 2 & 3 / Tailor By My Trade / Dornoch Links, The Shepherd's Crook, Lochiel's Awa' to France / Young Charlotte / The Varsoviana / La Valse Vienne / La Scottisch Anglaise / L'Angoise / Our Captain Cried All Hands / Ninepins / Saturday Night and Sunday Morning / The Punk's Delight.
12TS349 Devon Tradition. Amy Birch, Phoebe Birch, Avice Clarke, Nobby Clarke, Joe Davies, Harold Gill, Charlie Hill, Sophie Isaacs, Henry Mitchmore, Bill Parnell, Bob Penfold, Nelson Penfold, George Roberts, Jim Sanders, Bob Small, Brian Holland, Tom Orchard Snr, Tom Orchard Jnr:
Exmoor Ram / Molecatcher / When I was a Young Man / Tuning / Barbara Allen / Head a Nodding / Thrashing Machine / Sweet Willie / Navvy Boots / Leg O’ the Mallard / Royal Comrade / Three Men Went a-Hunting / Farmer in Leicester / Seven Nights Drunk / Remington Greatmeat Pie / Up the Green Meadows / Rattling Irish Boy / Mortal Unkucky Old Chap.
12TS350 Bob Davenport and the Rakes (1977) :
With my Love on the Road / Wild Colonial Boy / Ploughboy Lad / Man in the Moon / Patsy Geary’s / Peeler and the Goat / Princess Royal / Lake of Coolfin / Jealous Sailor / Jealous Heart / Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinnie / Three Men Went A-Hunting / Country Dance / Three Around Three / Dowie Dens of Yarrow / McCusker’s No. 1 (polka) / McCusker’s No. 2 (polka) / Jenny Lind / Slievegallion Braes / Star of the County Down / Old Green River.
12TS351 Folk Music of Norway (1977). 1LP0129752.
Fanitullen (fiddle); Kjerringa med staven (song with fiddle); Rotnheimsknut (fiddle); Gangar etten Myllarguten (fiddIe);Møykjaeringevise (song); Three stev about the hulder (cattle songs); So er drengjen i uppvokstre (song); Bånsuller (lullabies); Katt-Ola- Visa (song); Nordfjordingen (fiddle); Ramsen (fiddle); Bruremarsj (fiddles); Hamburger-polka fra Hardanger (band); Springleik fra Jostedalen (band); Springer fra Hardanger (fiddles); Slåttestev (song); Haugebonden (song); Fanteladda (langeleik); I Oletjedden (langeleik); Nar mitt øie, trett av møie (hymn); Store Store Gud (song); Myllarguten bruremarsj (fiddle); Fanitullen (fiddle)
12TS352 Irish Music in America. Terry Teahan accordion, and Gene Kelly concertina, melodeon (1977)
Reels: The Corner House/The Broomstick; Slide: Tom Looney’s; Slide: Reagan’s; Hornpipes: The Sweep’s/Hennessey’s; Barn Dance: The Kerry Mills; Polka: Mike Howard’s; Hornpipe: The Bird’s; Air. Blind Mary; Slide: The Barrel Organ; Slide: The Evening I Spent with Mick; Slide: The Paper Plate; Jigs: Fahey’s/Gerry’s Beaver Hat; Slide: The Lonesome Road to Dingle; Polka: Mickey Chewing Bubble Gum; Barn Dance: Sean Hayes/If There Weren’t Any Women in the World; Hornpipe: Tadgh’s Ailment; Slide: Going for Water; Story & Air: The Old Caubeen; Waltz: Tadgh and Biddy; Fling: Poll Hapenny; tPolka: Paddy Kenny’s; Jjgs: Father 0 ‘Flynne’s/The Connaught Man’s Rambles; Polka: Jack Mitchell’s; Sword Dance: No Name; Fling: The Road to Glauntane; Reels: The Swallow’s Tail/Miss McLeod’s
12TS353 The Music of Cape Breton Volume 1. Gaelic Tradition in Cape Breton (1978). Joe Burke harmonica, Charlie Dobbin mandolin, Tommy MacDonald vocal~ Mike MacDougall fiddle. Dan Joe MacInnia fiddle, Alex Francis MacKay fiddle, Mrs Rod MacLean vocal, Lauchie MacLellan vocal, Malcolm Angus MacLeod vocal, Alex MacNell mandolin, North Shore Singers vocal group.
Song: An t-Each Ruadh (NORTH SHORE SINGERS); Slow Air: Coilsfield House (MacINNIS); Song: Hi Hin Thog Iad Amach (MacLEAN); March, Reel & Jig: Glencoe March/The Sandpoint/No Name (BURKE); Song: Mo Nighean Donn As Boidhche (MacLEOD); Strathapeys & Reels: Captain Campbell/Marnoch Strathspev/Mrs General Campbell/Allt a’ Ghobhainn/No Name/Sandy Mcintyre’s Trip to Boston/Sir Reginald MacDonald/Dan J Campbell’s Reel (MacDOUGALL); Song: Port-a-Beul (MacLELLAN); Song: Màili Dhonn, Bhòidheach Dhonn (N.S.S.); Song: Tha Mo Ghaol Air Àird a’ Chuan (MacDONALD); Strathspeys & Reels: Sir Thomas Sinclair Ray/The Hlghlanders’ Farewell to Ireland/Miss Lyle’s Strathapey/Miss Lyle’s Reel/Sandy Is My Darling/Bonnie Annie (MacKAY); Song: O a hu a, Nighean Dubh, Nighean Donn (N,S.S.); Jig & Hornpipe: Paddy’s Resource/ The Flowers of Edlnbuigh (MacNEIL & DOBBIN); Song: Na h-Ighneagan Donna, Bòidheach’ (MacLELLAN); Song: Ma Bhuannaich Thus Nighean Ghrinn (N.S.S.)
12TS354 The Music of Cape Breton Volume 2. Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle (1978). John Willie Campbell, Mary MacDonald, Mike MacDougall, Dan Joe Macinnis, George Maclnnis, Alex Francis MacKay, John Neil MacLean, Teresa MacLellan fiddles with various accompanists on piano.
Strathapey, Hompipe & Reel: The Sow’s Tail/ Londonderry Hornplpe/Duncan on the Plain-stones (MacLELLAN); Strathapeys & Reels: The Warlock’s Strathspey/Athole Commers (Bog-an-Locahin)/The Nine Pint Coggie Calum Fhionnlaidh/Prince Charlie/Tarbolton Lodge (MacDOUGALL); March, Strathapeys & Reel: Donald MacLean’s Farewell to Oban/Chrlsty Campbell/Port ‘ic Artair (MacArthur’s Tune)/No Name (CAMPBELL); Strathspey & Reels Miss Drummond of Perth/No Name (MacDONALD); Air, Strathspeys & Reels: Niel Gow’s Lamentation for Abercairney/Johnnie Pringle/Munlochie Bridge/The Duke of Gordon’s Blrthday/Perrle Werrle/Peggle Menzles/ West Mabou Reel (MacKAY); Jigs: The Black Sporran/Walklng the Floor (MacLEAN); March & Strathspey: Glengarry’s March/Donald MacMaster’s Strathepey (D J & G McINNIS); Strathapey & Reel: .1 Scott Sklnner/Gillian’s Reel (MacLEAN); Strathapeys & Reels: No Name/Calum Breugach/The Duke of Athole/ George the IV/The King’s/Miss Lyle’s Reel (MacKAY); Strathspey & Reels: Alex Mac Eachern’s Strathspey/Fear Nan Casan Caola (The Rejected Suitor) /Margaree Reel (CAMPBELL); Strathapeys & Reels: Miss Lyle’s Strathepey/The Highlander’s Farewell to Ireland/King George/Tulloch Gorm/Lord MacDonald/Miss Johnstone (MacDONALD); Jigs: No Name/No Name/Dan the Cobbler (MacLEAN)
12TS355 Shreds and Patches. John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris:
Waterman’s Dance / Gypsy Laddie / Apple Core / Nipper / Tailor and the Louse / Peg Huglestone’s Hornpipe / Little Sir William / Game of All Fours / Penny For Them / Whitefryer’s Hornpipe / Shreds and Patches / Johnny Sands / Oakham Poachers / Bread and Jam Waltzer / Mr Gubbin’s Bicycle.
12TS356 The Blackbird. Vera Aspey (1977):
Blackbird / Owd Betty Barlow / Ladybird / Maypole Inn / Pit Brow Lassies / My Johnny Was a Shoemaker / Coal Black Faces / Highwayman / Shule Agra / Aggie Bell / Sprig of Thyme.
12TS357 Music from Sliabh Luachra Vol.5. Johnny O'Leary - Music for the Complete Polka Set.:
Murphy’s / O’Keefe’s / Tarrant’s / The Worn Torn Petticoat / Denis O’Keefe’s Favourite / The Brosna Slide / The Scartaglen Slide / Padraig O’Keefe’s Favourite / If I Had a Wife / No Name / The Gallant Tipparary Boys / Off She Goes.
12TS358 Music from Sliabh Luachra Vol.6. Jackie Daly:
Tom Sullivan’s / Johnny Leary’s / Jim Keefe’s / Keefe’s / Clog / Tir Na Nog / Callaghan’s Hornpipe / Rising Sun / Pope’s Toe / Glin Cottage Polkas / Paddy Scully’s / Gallant Tipperay / Walsh’s / Ballyvourine Polka / Johnny Mickey’s / Trip to the Jack’s / Where is the Cat / Banks of Sullane / Biddy Martin’s / Ger the Rigger / Glenside Cottage / Tdim Gan Airgead / Willy Reilly / Murphy’s / Going to the Well for Water.
12T359 The Bonny Green Tree. Songs of an Irish Traveller. John Reilly.
Adieu Unto All True Lovers / The Raggle Taggle Gypsies / The Well Below the Valley / Tippin' It Up to Nancy / Lord Baker / Old Caravee / The Bonny Green Tree / Once There Lived a Captain / Peter Heany / What Put the Blood? / Rozzin Box / The Braes of Strawberries / One Morning I Rambled from Glasgow / The Pride of Clonkeen
12TS360 Ashes and Diamonds. June Tabor:
Reynard the Fox / The Devil and Baliff McGlynn / Streets of Forbes / Lord Maxwell’s Last Goodnight / Now I’m Easy / Clerk Saunders / The Earl of Aboyn / Lisbon / The Easter Tree / Cold and Raw / No Man’s Land / Flowers of the Forest. TSCD360 CD.
12TS361 Songs From the Sailing Barges. Bob Roberts - vocals, melodeon (1978):
The Candlelight Fisherman / The Grey Hawk / Stormy Weather Boys / Waltz with Me / Haul Away Joe / The Oily Rig / The Little Ball of Yarn / The Singing Sailor / Young Collum / The Fish and Chip Shop / While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / Windy Old Weather / The London Waterman / Bob Robert’s Waltz / Whiskey Johnny / The Foggy Dew / Bell Bottom Trousers / The Black Shawl / Little Boy Billee / The Collier Brig / Leave Her Johnny.
12TS362 Songs from the Irish Tradition. Mary-Ann Carolan:
Bold Doherty / Maid of Ballymore / Bob Riddley / Old Oak Tree / Tinker’s Old Budget / Bonnie Light Horseman / In London so Fair / My Father’s a Hedger and a Ditcher / Highland MaryWedding at Baltray.
12TS363 Paddy's Panacea - Songs Traditional in West Clare. Tom Lenihan:
Paddy’s Panacea / Talk of Music at Lenihan’s / Wintry Evening / St. James Hospital / Talk of Thady Casey the Dancing Master / Lake of Coolfin / Fair Days in Miltown Malbay / Pat O’Brian / Paddy, the Cockney and the Ass / Straw Boys / Holland Handkerchief / Bobbed Hair / Fair London Town / Garrett Barry and Hurry the Jug.
12T364 Classic Recordings of Irish Traditional Fiddle Music. Hugh Gillespie:
Dowd’s Favourite / McKenna’s Farewell / Master Crowley’s Reels / Irish Mazurka / Jenny’s Welcome to Charlie / Master Crowley’s Favourites / Finnea Lassies / Gurren’s Castle / Girl That Broke My Heart / Dick Cosgrove’s Reels / Farewell to Leitrim / Tom Steele / Jackson’s Favourite / Kips / Paddy Finley’s Fancy / Joe O’Connell’s Dream / Versevanna / Donegal Traveller / Miss Ontgomery / Mountain Stream / Parker’s Fancy / Contentment is Wealth / Finley’s Jig / Dowd’s Number Nine / Jacksons.
12T365 An Irish Delight. The Flanagan Bros:
Paddy in London / Paddy Ryan’s Dream / Beggarman Song / An Carrowath / Longdance / No Name / My Aunt Jane / Rakes of Mallow / New Irish Barn Dance / One Step / Irish Boy / Irish Delight / Auld Blackthorn / My Irish Molly O / Old Fashioned Waltz Medley / Highland Fling / Bandy Legged Mule / Sprig of Shillelagh / Exhibitioned Hornpipe / Blackbird.
12T366 Dan Sullivan's Shamrock Band. Recorded c. 1934?:
Dan Sullivan’s Hornpipe / Tickling Mary Jane / Rabbit Catcher / Londonderry Hornpipe / Miller’s Reel / Duffy the Dancer / Bantry Bay / Billy Hanafin’s Reel / Green Grow the Rushes-O / Versouviana Dance / Boil the Kettle Early / Groves Hornpipe / Johnny Will You Marry Me / Blackberry Blossom / Bonnie Kate / I’m Leaving Tipperary / Silver Slipper / Jerry Daly’s Hornpipe.
12T367 John McGettigan & his Irish Minstrels. John McGettigan:
Martha, the Flower of Sweet Strabane / Maid of the Moorlough Shore / Highland Schottische / Turfman from Ardee / Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door / Medley of Jigs / Erin’s Lovely Lee / Shoe the Donkey / Rare Old Irish Whiskey / Rambling Irishman / Medley of Polkas / McGettigan’s Jig Medley / Lovely Molly / Medley of Reels / Me Husband’s Flannel Shirt / Cutting the Corn in Creeslough Today / Medley of Hornpipes / Star of Donegal.
12TS368 At the Feis. John Doonan:
Jackie Coleman’s Reel / Paddy Cavanagh’s / John Brennan’s / Any Old Jig will Do / Butterfly / Rodney’s Glory / Idle Road / Frost is all Over / Black Rogue / Spalpeen’s Lament / Kesh / Morrison’s / Old Joe’s / Shannon Breeze / Heathery Breeze / Green Fields of Amerikay / Blackthorn Stick / Hurry the Dance / Rub the Bag / Blackbird / Spellan the Fiddler / Rights of Man / Irish Washerwoman / Father O’Flynn / Lilting Fisherman.
12TS369 Songs from County Clare. Lambs on the Green Hills. Nora Cleary, Ollie Conway, Siney Crotty, Mick Flynn vocals.
The Bold Trooper (CLEARY); The Grey Mare (CONWAY); Farewell to Lissycasey (CROTTY); An Cailin Deas (CROTTY); The Lambs on the Green Hills (FLYNN); Lovely Mary to the Sea Do Not Go (CROTTY); Pat O’Donnell (FLYNN); Stór Mo Chroí (FLYNN); Bessie of Ballantown Brae (CLEARY); Farewell to Miltown (CLEARY)
12TS370 Sheath and Knife. Gordeanna McCulloch:
Yowie Wi the Crookit Horn / There's a Herrin' in the Pan / Sheath and Knife / Jock Since I Ever Saw Yer Face / Chevy Chase / Captain Wedderburn / The Gallant Weaver / Eence Upon a Time / Caw the Yowes / Bawbie Allan / The Heilan Laddie / Be Kind Tae Yer Nainsel.
12TS371 Corby Crag. Alistair Anderson:
Hawk Polka / Thrunton Woods / Keelman’s Petition / Tipp Staff / La Fille de Lyon / Cotillion des Marionettes / Blake’s Hornpipe / President Garfield’s Hornpipe / Bonnie Broom Hill / Felton Ionnin / Kirden Fair / Tich Richardson’s Favourite / Hey to the Camp / Brosehill / Alistair Andeson’s Favourite / Old French / Belfast Hornpipe / Prize Potato / Trip to Carlisle / Corby Crag / Ali Anderson / Henry Atkinson / Blayton Flats / Whittingham Games / James Brown / Derwent Water’s Bonnie Lord / Bride’s Favourite / Remember Me / Left Handed Fiddler / Geld Him Lasses, Geld Him / Uncle John / Darkening.
12TS372 On the Shores of Lough Neagh. George Hanna & Sarah Anne O'Neill:
Brockagh Bae / On Yonder Hill there Sits a Hare / Blackbird of Sweet Avondale / Erin’s Lovely Home / Young Edmund in the Lowlands / Kate of Billinamore / Rambler from Clare / Fair Young Maid in her Father’s Garden / John Reilly / Gosford’s Fair Demesne / Carrickmannon Lake / Fisher’s Cot.
12TS373 Irish Music on the Hammer Dulcimer. John Rea:
Whistle o’er the Levet / Braes of Tullymet / Scudding through the Whins / Bundle and Go / Jug of Punch / Galway Reel / Donny O’Brien’s / Ladies of France / Jackson’s Trip to Aughrim / Jackson’s Return from Dover / Belfast / Rights of Man / Sailor on the Rope / Bonnie Bunch of Roses / Three Sea Captains / Kitty’s Fancy / Lady Anne Hope / Boys of Ballycastle / Kinnegad Slashers / Tenpenny Bit / Plains of Boyle / Jackson’s Slippers / Roaring Mary - Stormy Weather / Tim Moloney / Set Dance and Highland / St. Patricks Day / Duncan Davidson.
12TS374 Earl Soham Slog. Various Suffolk traditions
Fred Whiting: Polkas (Harkie's Polkas) / The Earl Soham Slog, Flowers of Edinburgh / The Maid at the Well, The Old Kerry Fiddler, The Priest and his Boots / Hornpipes - The Weaver's, The Bristol Sailorman, Ballinalig in the Morning / The Hurling Boys ('Old Country Dance'), Jack Tar Hornpipe / Off to California, Will the Waggoner (Gypsy Hornpipe). Reg Reeder: Cat Among the Tails, Rakes of Mallow / Waltz Medley - Oscar Woods', Charlie Philpotts' / Polka Medley - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Jenney Lind, Joe, the Boat is Going Over. Font Whatling: Mick's Tune, Pigeon on the Gate / Polkas / Untitled Tunes / Pigeon on the Gate. Harkie Nesling: The Sultan's Polka, Untitled Polka / Come and be My Little Teddy Bear / Impudence Schottische, Rakes of Mallow / The Barn Dance.
12TS375 Sing, Say and Play. Various Suffolk traditions:
Blacksmith’s Daughter / Ratcliffe Highway / Barn Dance / Cock O’ The North / London Prentice Boy / Next Tune Tonight / Turkey in the Straw / Banks of the Nile / Out With my Gun in the Morning / Old Country Waltz / Pigeon on the Gate / Strolling Down to Hastings / Fellow Who Played the Trombone / Sailors Hornpipe Medley / Oak and the Ash / Jolly Tinker / Two Step / Yarmouth Hornpipe / Parson’s Creed (recitation) / Marrowbones / Golden Slippers / Chinaman’s Song / Old Brown in the Rose and Crown / Red River Valley / Polka Medley.
12T376 Melodeon Greats. A Collection of Melodeon Masterpieces. (Reissued and augmented as TSCD601).
Peter & Daniel Wyper: Stranger March / Doon the Burn March. Peter Wyper: Silverton Polka / 79th Highlanders & Champion / The Dancing Dustman / Lion Quadrilles Fig 4. James Brown: Miss Drummond of Perth / Rose Polka. Fred Cameron: Flowers of Edinburgh, The Old Grey Cat. Peter Letham: The Johnson Hornpipe, Jessie Smith / Shufflin' Samuel / The Laird of Drumblair, Miss McLeod / Sammie's Schottische. Pamby Dick: Boston Bells / Stirling Castle, Arthur's Seat, Eugene Stratton. Jack Williams: Queen Mary Waltz.
12TS377 On Lough Erin's Shore. Cathal McConnell flute, whistle, vocal,with Willie Johnson guitar, Robin Morton bodhran.
Slow Air The Dark Woman of the Glen; Reel: The Maid Behind the Barrel; Song: Erin the Green; Reels: Johnny Going to Ceilidh/The Gossoon That Beat His Father/The Long Slender Sally; Jig & Polka: The Maho Snaps/Jenny Lind; Slow Air, Jig & Reel: The Wedding of Molly/The Three-Hand Jig/Peter Flanagan’s; Reels: Peoples’ Reel/Lady Montgomery; Jig & Reel: McDonnell’s Gravel Walk/The Laurel Tree; Set Dance & Reels: Andy Kerrin’s/McHugh’s Reel/The Primrose Road; Reels: The Shannon Breeze/Nugent’s Reel; Slow Air: St Donard’s Cairn; Song: Edmund on Lough Erne’s Shore; Carolon’s Concerto; Reels: Big John’s Reel/Kitty the Hare; Jig & Reel: Siney ‘a Jig/The Noon Lasses
12TS378 Eston California. Vin Garbutt:
Bantry Bay / Den Toppede Hone / Land of Three Rivers / Gentle Annie / Hornpipes / Belfast / Japanese / Hartlepool Monkey / Tonto McGuire / Ring of Iron / Skibereen / Their Ulster Peace / Tear the Calico / Providence / Water O’ Tyne.
12TS379 Shetland Folk Fiddling Vol 2 Tom Anderson fiddle, Aly Bain fiddle, Violet Tulloch piano, Willie Johnson guitar.
Ferrie Reel/Lay Dee at Dee/Spencie’s Reel; Up an’ Doon da Harbour/Lucky Can You Link Only Da Trig Bag; The Silvery Voe/Mrs Babs Anderson! Pottinger’s Reel; If I Get a Bonnie Lass/Jeannie Shoke da Barn/Oo’t be Est da Vong; Auld Swaara; Faroe Rum/Aandowin at da Bow/Da Fore fit o’ da Ship; Mrs Jamieson’s Favourite/Lady Mary Ramsay/Mary Ramsay; All da Ships Ir Sailin/Sheldor Geo/Mak a Kishie Needle Dye; Freddie’s Tune/Da Blue Yow; The Full Rigged Ship/The New Rigged Ship; Naanie an’ Betty/A Yow Cam’ to Wir Door Yarmin’; Maggie o’ Ham/Da Foula Shaalds; Come Agen Ye’re Welcome/Da Corbie an’ da Craw; Ian S Robertson/Madam Vanoni
12TS380 For as Many as Will. Shirley & Dolly Collins (1978):
Lancashire Lass / Never Again / Lord Allen-Water / The Blacksmith Courted Me / Beggar’s Opera Medley / Can Love Be Control’d by Advice? / O Polly You Might Have Toy’d and Kist / Oh What Pain it is to Part / Miser Thus a Shilling Sees / Youth’s the Season Made For Joys / Hither Dear Husband, Turn your Eyes / Lumps of Pudding / German Tune / Gilderoy / Rockley Firs / Sweet Jenny Jones / Moon Shines Bright / Harvest Home Medley (Peas, Beans, Oats and the Barley) / Mistress’s Health / Poor Tom.
12TS381 At the Front. Battlefield Band:
Lady Carmichael / South of the Grampians / Mickie Ainsworth / Bachelor / Ge Do Theid Mi Do M’leabradh / Battle of Harlaw / Jenny Nettles / Grays of Tongside / Tae the Beggin’ / Tamosher / Blackbird and the Thrush / Moray Club / Lang Johnnie More / Brown Milkmaid / Dunnottar Castle / Maid of Glengarrysdale / Disused Railways / Lady Leroy / Stirling Castle / Earl of Mansfield.
12TS382 One More Dance and Then. New Victory Band [1978].
Harper's Frolick, Bonny Kate / The Mountain Belle / You can't Take That on the Train / Charles Lynch's, Cajun Waltz, The Banks of the Dee / Pretty Little Girl from Nowhere / Nellie's First Rag / Robbie Hobkirk's, Father's / Mrs Grace Bowie, The Hogmanay / Mamie May / Moustache, Corn Riggs / One More Dance and Then / Long, Long Trail.
12TS383 Flags of Dublin. Paddy Glackin fiddle, Mick Gavin flute, Michael O'Brien uilleann pipes.
Jigs: Do You Want Any More?/Gallowglass; Reels: Silver Spear/Flax In Bloom (GLACKIN); Fling: Unidentified; Reels: Blackthorn/Lucky in Love (GAVIN); Reels: Flags of Dublin/Dublin Reel; Jigs: Gold Ring/Paddy 0 ‘Rafferty (O’BRIEN); Reel: Unidentified; Jig: The Cow That Ate the Blanket (GAVIN); Set Dance: Rodney’s Glory (GLACKIN); Jigs: Coppers and Brass/Lark in the Morning; Reels: Rakish Paddy/ Castle Kelly (O’BRIEN); Reels: Jackson’s/Dublin Reel (GLACKIN); Reel: Dunmore Lasses; Jig: Monaghan; Reel: Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel (GAVIN); Reels: Captain Rock/Miller’s Daughter; Hornpipe: Ballyaran (O’BRIEN); Reels: Reavy’s (GLACKIN)
12TS384 Gaughan. Dick Gaughan (1978):
Bonnie Jeannie O’Bethelnie / Bonnie Lass Amang the Heather / Crooked Jack / The Recruited Collier / The Pound a Week Rise / My Donald / Willie o’Winsbury / Such a Parcel o’Rogues in a Nation / Gillie Mor.
12TS385 Tossin' a Wobbler. Vin Garbutt:
Man of the Earth / Legend of Roseberry / Long Note / Lads of Laois / Le Reel Jeune Marie / Photographic Memory / Yorkshire Volunteer’s Farewell to the Good Folks of Stockton / Push about the Jorum / St. Helena’s March / Carrigdhoun / Freemantle Doctor / One-Legged Beggar / They Don’t Write ‘em Like That Any More.
12TS386 Bowin' and Scrapin'. Robin & Barry Dransfield:
Rattlin’ Roarin’ Willie / Metal Man / Fiddler’s Progress / Who Knows Where the Time Goes / My Pagan Love / Sheffield Hornpipe / Pet of the Pipers / Up the Aisle (Swedish Wedding March) / Wedding Song / Bridie’s Wedding / Norwegian Wedding March / Wedding Morris / Sandy Bell’s / Obliged to Fiddle / Planxty Oavy / Spanish Cloak / Bushes and Briars / Swedish Air / O’Carolan’s Concerto / Recitation Upon a Gentleman Sitting on a Cremo / Sally Gardens / Conmel Races.
12T387 Almost a Gentleman. Billy Bennett (1978):
Nell / My Mother doesn’t Know I’m on the Stage / Mandalay / I’ll Be Thinking of You / Ogul Mogul - a Kanakanese Love Lyric / No Power on Earth / She Was Poor but She Was Honest / Family Secrets / Please Let Me Sleep on your Doorstep Tonight / Christmas Day in the Cookhouse / Club Raid / Mottoes / Green Tie on the Little Yellow Dog.
12TS388 Four in a Bar. The High Level Ranters:
Whinham’s Jig / Billy’s Jig / Chips and Shavings / Jack’s Alive / Dear Tobacco / Town Green Polka / Jenny Bell / Biddlestone Hornpipe / Last of the Twins / Ruby / Quarrelsome Piper / Rowly Burn / Coates Hornpipe / La Russe / Whinshield’s Hornpipe / Jane’s Fancy / Da Road to Houll / Blinkin’ Tibbie / Pear Tree / Swalwell Lassies / South Shields Lassies / Moonshine Polka / Quayside / Miss Ward’s Reel / Butterclout / Such a Wife as Willie Had / Willy is a Bonny Lad.
12TS389 Because It's There. Martin Carthy (1979):
Nothing Rhymed / May Song / Swaggering Boney / Lord Randal / Long John, Old John and Jackie North / Jolly Tinker / Lovcely Joan / Three Cripples / Siege of Delhi / Nothing Rhymed / Death of Young Andrew. CD reissue of above TSCD389.
12TS390 Tom Ennis & James Morrison :
Money Musk / Johnny Will You Marry Me / Keel Row / Bags of Spuds / Temple House / Pigeon on the Gate / Job of Journey Work / Girl that Broke my Heart / Galway / Kildare Fancy / New Steam Boat / Books of Oranmore / Gardener’s Daughter / Trip to the Cottage / Limestone Rock / Flowers of Spring / Maid Behind the Bar / Trim the Velvet / Paddy in London / Butcher’s March / Sligo Bay / Curlew Hills / Peach Blossoms / Frieze Breeches.
12TS391 All Things in Common. Chris Foster (1981):
Black Fox / Grey Cock / Pigeon on the Gate / Unicorns / King John and the Abbot of Canterbury / Jump at the Sun / The Working Chap / When this Old Hat was New / The World Turned Upside Down.
12TS392 A Country Life. Walter Pardon from Knapton (1982):
Raggle Taggle Gypsies / Peggy Bawn / Bold Princess Royal / One Cold Morning in December / Devil and the Farmer’s Wife / An Old Man’s Advice / Uncle Walter’s Tune / Country Life / Cupid the Ploughboy / Dandy Man / Jack Hall / I Wish, I Wish / Broomfiled Hill / Hungry Army.
12TS393 The Art of the Highland Bagpie Vol 3. John Burgess:
Alexandria Place / Banks of the Farrar / Struan Robertson / Broadford Bay / Piper’s Bonnet / Grey Bob / Mrs William Ross / Corriechoillie Blend / Pap of Glencoe / Campbell of Southall / Braes of Castle Grant / Irish Slow Air / Little House under the Hill / Pibroch / Too Long in this Condition / Lament for Sir James / MacDonald of the Isles / Slow Air / Malcolm Macpherson Lullaby / Retreat Marches / Heroes of St. Valerie / Pipe Major / Donald McCloud.
12TS394 Kentigern. Kentigern (1979):
Cullen Bay - Jig O’Slurs - Seagull / The Corncake / Breton Tunes - Greenwoodside / The Weary Farmers / Pipe Major Donald McLean of Lewis - The Weavers of Newly - Kail and Pudding - Loch Roag / The Iron Horse / The Last o’Tinkler / Rathven Market - The Conundrum / Gin I Were Shot o’Her / Hebridean Air - The Braes of Tulimet - The Braes of Mellinish / Wild Roving No More / Put Me in the Great Chest - The Three Peaks of South Uist - South Uist.
12TS395 Travellers. Songs, Stories and Tunes from English Gypsies.
Chris Willett: Once I Was a Servant / The American Stranger / Swinging Down the Lane. Harry Brazil: Bold Keeper / Sally Monroe / The Loyal Lover / Rambling Irishman / A Balacksmith Courted Me / The Gown So Green / The Flower Show. Wisdom Smith: Go From My Window. Alice Penfold: Little Footman Boy. Lemmie Brazil, Jasper Smith and Joe Jones: God Killed the Devil-O, Meeting the Devil, Yonder Comes the Devil / The Coachman, Bonny Black Hare, The Cuckoo's Nest. Jasper Smith: Pepper and Salt / Climbing Up the Apple Tree, Tuning, Bird Scaring Cry, Hacking Clover / Waxy Candles / Down in the Meadow, Love is Pleasing (with Bill Elson). Mary Ann Haynes: Lovely Johnny / Hopping Down in Kent, My Lovely Hops. Bill Elson: Step Dance Tune. Debbie and Penny Harris: Barara Allen. Wiggy Smith: Hares in the Old Plantation. Derby Smith: Will There be Any Travellers in Heaven.
12TS396 You Have Made a Nice Old Mess of It. Gus Elen:
Golden Dustman / E Dunno where ‘e are / Mrs Carter / If it Wasn’t for the ‘ouses In Between / Me-riah / ’Arf a Pint of Ale / Pavement Artist / Wait Till the Work Comes Round / Publican / Coster’s Pony / Dick Whittington - a Parody / Nature’s Made a Big Mistake / Don’t Stop my ‘Arf a Pint of Beer / I’m Going to Settle Down / Pretty Little Villa Down at Barking.
12TS397 Pass the Time. An Anthology of Donegal Fiddling.
Never issued (these recordings were made but permission never granted for release by the artists.  Project was shelved)
12TS398 Bundle and Go. John Doherty:
Hudie Gallagher’s March / Black Mare of Fanad / March of the Meena Toiten Bull / Kiss the Maid Behind the Bier / The Bargain is Over / 21 Highland / Paps of Glencoe / Hare in the Corn / Knights of St Patrick / Dispute at the Crossroads / Roaring Mary - Stormy Weather / Miss Patterson’s Slippers / Cat that Kittled in Jamie’s Wig / Welcome Home Royal Charlie / Darby Gallagher / Teelin Highland / Heathery Breeze / Monaghan Switch / Black Haired Lass / Paddy’s Rambles Through the Park.
12TS399 That Lancashire Band. The Oldham Tinkers.
Old May Song; John Willie's Performing Newt; Nowt About Owt; Captain's medley; Eawr House - As Was; Oh! That Lancashire Jazz Band; The Lark; John Willie's Grand-Dad; Tribute to Owd Paddy; Old King Coal; Steeple Jack; The Crime Lake Boggart; An Oldham Rugby Medley; McCarthy's Party.
12TS400 Both Sides Then. Pete Bellamy: Barbaree / Trees they do Grow High / Lord will Provide / Gallant Frigate Amphitite / Roving on a Winter’s Day / Derry Gaol / Long Time Travelling / Shepherd of the Downs / House Carpenter / When I Die / Edmund in the Lowlands / Around Cape Horn / Turfman from Ardee / Amazing Grace.
12TS401 After Dawning. Joe Holmes & Len Graham (1979):
Here I am Amongst You / My Lone Nell / Loughinsholin / Willie Clarke’s / Green Grow the Rushes-o / Maid of Mourne Shore / Lovely Glenshesk / Sweet Bann Water / The Girl That Broke My Heart / / Gra Mo Chroi / Come Tender Hearted / Hare’s Lament / Johnnie and Molly / Dick the Dasher / Parting Glass / Coolfinn - Willie Leonard.
12TS402 Dookin' for Apples. Alistair Anderson with Fennig’s All Star String Band (1979):
Culloden Day / Kaspar’s Rant / New Moon / Curds and Cream / Crooked Bawbee / Carrick Hornpipe / Weddings Shoes / Number 28 / Highland Reel / West Indian / Stage Hornpipe / Johnson’s Hornpipe / White Meadow / Simonside Reel / Wedderburn’s Cave / Lookin’ For Apples / Mayday / Penicuick Hornpipe / Siver Tassle / Flowers of the Forest / Hold On / Miss Fenwick’s Reel / Lads of Leith / Up and Run Away / Whittle Dean Hornpipe / Pet of the Pipers / Bob Johnson’s Reel / Miss Soutar of Plains / Great Eastern Reel / Jack’s Getting a wife / New Way of Gettin’ Bairns / Carding and Spinning / Polly the Lass. Issued under license from Front Hall Records, USA.
12TS403 Alison McMorland and Peta Webb :
Two Pretty Boys / What can a Young Lassie / Jogging Up to Claudie / In London So Fair / Convict’s Song / Sailing’s a Weary Life / Factory Girl / May Morning Dew / Green Banks of Yarrow / Dowie Dens of Yarrow / Our Ship is Ready.
12TS404 Stand Easy. The Battlefield Band:
Miss Drummond of Perth / Fiddler’s Joy / Trad. Reels Part 3 & 4 / Shetland Fiddler / Seven Braw Gowns / Miss Drummond of Perth’s Favourite Scotch Measure / Miss MacLeod’s Minuet / My Last Farewell to Stirling / Cuidich’n Righ / I Hae a Herrin’ in Salt / My Wife’s a Wanton Wee Thing / Banks of Allan / Battle of Falkirk Muir / John D. Burgess / Braemar Gathering / I Hae Nea with I Hae Nae Kin / Miss Lyall / Small Coals for Nailers / Bleaton Gardens / Christ Has My Hart Ay / Joe McGann’s Fiddle / Center’s Bonnet.
12TS405 Cilla and Artie. Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize:
Norland Wind / Beggarman / What can a Young Lassie / Fisher Lassies / Generations of Change / Fair Maid of London Town / Wicked Wife / Gypsie Laddie / Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk / John Grumlie / Jeannie C.
12TS406 A Bunch of Fives. Five Hand Reel:
I’ll Lay you Down / Man from God Knows Where / Maggie Lauder / Satan Will Appear / House of Airlie / Paddy’s Green Shamrock / Land O’the Leal.
12TS407. Seeing Double. Gary & Vera Aspey:
Seeing Double / My Goodlooking Man / Miss Tickle Toby / Dowie Dens of Yarrow / Cruise of the Calibar / Hounds and Horn Together / Bolinder Boatman / Testimy of Patience Kershaw / July Wakes / Knocker Upper Man / Price of Coal / Coal and Albert Berry.
12TS408. Facing the Music. John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris:
John Locke’s Polka / Three Jolly Sheepskins / Kettle Drum / Trip to the Cottage / Hunting the Squirrel / Jack of the Green / Shelter in the Time of Storm / We Shall be Happy / Millfield / Saturday Night and Sunday Morn / Garrick’s Delight / Flaxley Green Dance / Crocker’s Reel / Roast Beef / All Flowers in Broome / Rope Waltz / Cheshire’s Hornpipe / Black Mary’s Hornpipe.
12TS409 Regrouped. Boys of the Lough:
Star of Munster / Owen Hackett’s Jig / King’s Favourite / Rocking Chair / Willie O / Bamboo Flute / Albert House / Annalese Bain / Castle / Mulqueen’s / Anac Cuain / Humours of Ballinahinch / Floggin’ / I’ll Buy Boots for Maggie / O’Connor’s Polka / Moorlough Mary / City of Savannah / Acrobat / Off to California / Da Tushker / Susan Cooper / Millbrae / Jog Along ‘till Shearing / Cup of Tea Set.
12TS410 A Cut Above. June Tabor & Martin Simpson:
Admiral Benbow / Davy Lowston / Flash Company / Number Two Top Seam / Strange Affair / Heather Down on the Moor / Jo Peel / Le Roi Renaud / Riding Down to Portsmouth / Unicorns. CD reissue TSCD410.
12TS411 Penguin Eggs. Nic Jones (1980):
Canadee-I-O / The Drowned Lovers / The Humpback Whale / The Little Pot Stove / Courting is a Pleasure / Barrack Street / Planxty Davis / The Flandyke Shore / Farewell to the Gold. As above, CD reissue TSCD411.
12TS412 Good Old Way. British Folk Music Today (1980). Various:
Heather Down the Moor - Tabor/Simpson; Lovely Joan - Martin Carthy; Battle of Falkirk Muir - Battlefield; Bonnie Jeannie o' Bethelnie - Dick Gaughan; I'll Buy Boots for Maggie/O'Connor's Polka - Boys of Lough; Jack the Sailor - Chris Foster; Crocker's Reel - Kirkpatrick/Harris; The Good Old Way - Watersons; The Convict's Song - McMoreland/Webb; The Blarney Stone - Bob Davenport; Canadee-i-o - Nic Jones; Norland Wind - Cilla Fisher & Artie Trzise; Hold On/Miss Fenwick's Reel/Lads of Leith/Up and Run Away - Alistair Anderson; Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore - Five Hand Reel; Barbaree - Peter Bellamy; Photographic Memory - Vin Garbutt; King Cotton - Gary and Vera Aspey; Harper's Frolick/Bonny Kate - New Victory Band.
12TS413 Cut and Dry No. 2. Cut and Dry Band:
Barrington Hornpipe / Glen Ain / Wild Hills of Wannies / Swallow’s Tail / Jim Hall’s Fancy / Breamish / Random Jig / Archie’s Fancy / Little Hennie / Lea Rig / Sir Sydney Smith’s March / Mrs Elder / Dr. Whittaker’s Hornpipe / Nancy / Nae Guid Luck Aboot the Hoose / Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be / East Neuk of Fife / Locomotive / South Shore / Bonnie Woodside / Coffee Bridge.
12TS414 Tidewave. Robin Dransfield:
Cutty Wren / Barley and the Rye / Fair Maids of February / When it’s Night Time in Italy it’s Wednesday over Here / Rigs O’Rye / Spencer the Rover / Tidewave / Cadgwith Anthem / I Once had a Dog / Three Muscadets / Mother Nature.
12TS415 Green Fields. The Watersons (1981):
Stormy Winds / Rosebuds in June / We’ll all go A-hunting Today / Brave Ploughboy / Sedgefield Fair / Fare Thee Well, Cold Winter / Young Banker / While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / Prickle-holly Bush / Hares in the Old Plantation / Furze Field / I Went to Market / Three Pretty Maidens / Lincolnshire Shepherd. Reissued as TSCD500, 1998.
12TS416 The Moon’s in a Fit. Umps and Dumps (1980):
Up Sides / After You’ve Got / Woodland Voices / The Watercress Girl / Maybe She’ll Write Me / Rogue’s March - Dashing White Sergeant / Marmalade Polka / Underneath her Apron / Lichfield Tattoo / The Willow Tree / Donkey, Jack Donkey - Here it Comes Again / Dark Town Strutter’s Ball - Cajun Two Step.
12TS417 Sidetracks. Alan Reid & Brian McNeill:
The Gallant Grahams; Sgain S'gur/Farewell to Barra; Atholl Gathering; The Hawk that Swoops on High/Crabs in the Skillet; Twa Bonny Maidens; Jig/Sgian Dubh/There's Three Guid Fellows/Leslie's March; Barrat's Privateers; Lady Kilmarnock's Lament; Mr Dundas McQueen's/Mrs Dundas of Arniston/The Highlander's Knee Buckle/The Ardrasar Blacksmith; Henry Martin; The Cove Of Cork/Short Life to Spepmothers/Dr Morrison's Seven Thistles.
12TS418 Sweet Wivelsfield. Martin Carthy. Originally Deram SML 1111 (1975?):
Shepherd O Shepherd / Billy Boy / Three Jolly Sneakmen / Trimdon Grange / All of a Row / Skewbald / Mary Neal / King Henry / John Barleycorn / The Cottage in the Wood.
12TS419 Handful of Earth. Dick Gaughan:
Erin-Go-Bragh / Now Westlin Winds / Graigie Hill / World Turned Upside Down / The Snows They Melt The Soonest / Lough Erne / First Kiss At Parting / Scojun Waltz / Randers Hopsa / Song for Ireland / Worker’s Song / Both Sides of the Tweed. As above, CD reissue TSCD419.
12TS420 In the Roar. Roaring Jelly:
Beethoven’s Bluebeat / Bucketful of Mud / Maybe its Just as Well / Irretrievable Breakdown / Cajun Gumbo / Valerie Wilkins / Maracas in Caracas / Dirty Little Stop Out / Thundercloud / Ides of March / Not for the Soul / Christmas in Australia / Bed Bug.
12TS421 All Buttoned Up. Hemlock Cock & Bull Band.
Donkey Riding/Buffalo Girls; Portobello/Briggham Hornpipipes; Berger, Bergère/Bourée/Berrichonne; Tit for Tat/Princess Amelia's Birthday; Mon Rêve/William Irwin's Quickstep; The Cockade/Corn Riggs/The Twin Sisters; Latrigg Side/The Dorsetshire Hornpipe; Needle Cases; A Trip to Shorts/Lewis Castle; Huzza/Cock and Bull.
12TS422 In the Tradition. Boys of the Lough (1981):
Out on the Ocean / Padeed O’Rafferty; Isabelle Blackley / Kiss her Under the Coverlet; The Lads of Alnwick / The Road to Cashel; Paddy Kelly’s / Lord Gregory / Dark Woman of the Glen / J.O. Forbes Esquire of Corse; The Hawk; Charles Sutherland / Eddie Kelly’s; The Greenfields of Glentown / The Eclipse; The Tailor’s Twist / Biddy from Sligo / The Sunset / People’s / Padraig O’Keefe’s; Con Cassidy’s / The Sea Apprentice / Miss McDonald / For Ireland I’d Not Tell Her Name (Ar Eirinn ni ‘neosfainn ee Hi).
12TS423 The Piper's Maggot. Chris Miller & Ken Campbell:
Piper’s Maggot / Hector the Hero / Left Handed Fiddler / Diggins / Cuddly Clauder / Mally Stewart / When the Tide Comes In / Norwegian Wedding March / Hamburger Polka / Adieu France / Farewell to Gartly / Danny Deever / Honourable James Ramsay / Speed the Plough / Auld Bougar / Meeting of the Waters / Stool of Repentance / Captain Jimmy Thompson / Heilan’ King O’ China / Boots of Malin / Dancing Feet.
12TS424 The Lasses Fashion. Jock Tamson's Bairns (1982):
Lasses Fashion / Robin / Merry Nicht under the Tummel Brig / Braes o’ Balquhidder / Greig’s Strathspey / Miss Wharton Duff / Lady Keith’s Lament / Gates of Edinburgh / O’er Bogie / Mrs. Gordon’s Reel / Tibbie Fowler / Strathspey: The Shetland Fiddlers Society / Grant’s Reel / Gladstone’s Reel / Laird o’ Drum / Kempy Kaye / Donald, Willy and his Dog / Peter Mackintosh of Skeabost.
12TS425 The New High Level Ranters :
Fisherman’s Friend / Balck and Grey / Ca’ - hawkie / Old Drove Road / Kennedy North / Jim Jones / Tynmouth Volunteer Fire Brigade / John Peel / Durham Regatta / Little Jeannie / Snows they Melt the Soonest / Yellow Haired Laddie / Glen Coe March / New Song of the Coal / Skipper’s Wedding / Duke of Eife / Maggie Lauder.
12T426 Out of the Cut. Martin Carthy (1982) :
Devil and the Feathery Wife / Reynard the Fox / Song of the Lower Classes / Rufford Park Poachers / Molly Oxford / Rigs of the Time / I Sowed Some Seeds / Friar in the Well / Jack Rowland / Old Horse.
12TS427 Steel Skies. Alistair Anderson:
First Light / Rhymeside 1 / Mountain Stream / Rhymeside 3 / Road to the North / Clennel Street / Franklin River / Air of Maurice Ogg / Jumping Jack / Green Ginger / Ironbridge / Eynhallow / In Trim / Mount Hooley / Lemington Bank / Kestral / High Force / Dog Leaps Stairs / Hot Rivets / Seven Gate Road / When the Frosts are Setting In / East Winds / Millstream / Centenary Pack / Rhymeside 2.
12TS428 Little Innocents. Vin Garbutt (1983?):
Royal Blackbird / Fear of Imperfection / Lynda / Calum More / Coalman / Leslie / Dormanshown Jimmy / If / Blue Sunset / Little Innocents.
12TS429 Ringing Strings Fiddle music of the Norway and Shetland   Hauk Buen, Knut Buen, Tom Anderson, Vidar Lande
Haugelatten (The Tune from the Hills), Seljord Bridal March, Gravbakken (The Grave Yard), Fille-Vern (Ragged-Vern), Sordalen,6 Maggie o' Ham (Foula Shaalds Dance), Prestegangaren (The Parson's Dance), Fykeruden (Homage to Fykerud), Markensmandagen (The Market-Monday), Knut Lurasen I (Hjerki Haukeland), Margit Hjukse (Listening Tune), Siri Rukaren (Fiddler's Wife), Bokkoen (Dance Tune by Bokko), Unst Bridal March / Da Bride's A Boannie Ting, Homslien (Tune of the Goblins), Skrubben (The Wolf), Norafjells (North of the Mountains).
12TS430 Grinning in Your Face. Martin Simpson (1983):
It Doesn’t Matter Anymore / Little Birdy / First Cut is the Deepest / Roving Gambler / This War May Last for Years / Masters of War / Green Linnet / Grinning in your Face / Reuben’s Train / Your Cheatin’ Heart / Handsome Molly / Townships Biko / Moonshine.
12TS431 Brass Monkey.
For details see TSCD467
12TS432 Abyssinians. June Tabor:
The Month of January / The Scarecrow / One Night as I Lay on My Bed / She Moves Among Men (the Bar Maid’s Song) / Lay This Body Down / A Smiling Shore / The Bonny Boy / I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me / The Bonny Hind / The Fiddle and the Drum. CD reissue TSCD432.
12TS433 Open Road Boys of the Lough (1983)
Calliope House / Gerry O'Connor's Jig in A / The Setting Sun; Havest Home / Toss the Feathers; The Clay of Kilcreggan; On Raglan Road; The Dying Year / Madam Vanoni; Big Terry McAloon's / Tommy Peoples' / Jenny Dang the Weaver; The Flower of the Quern / The Bonawe Highlanders / Earl Grey / The Spey in Spate; Trotting to Larne / The Black Cock of Whickham; Lough Erne; The Gates of the Yellow Town / The Eagle's Whistle; Petticoat Loose / The Geese in the Bog / The Connaughtman's Rambles.
12TS434 Border Spirit. The High Level Ranters:
Billy’s Jig / Gan to the Kye / Border Spirit / Felton Ionnin / Wallington Hall / Foxhunter’s / King’s Hall / John of Carrick / Bellington Show / Coilsfield House / Thom’s March / Canny Shepherd Laddies / Surprise / Kielder Fells / Billy’s Reel.
12TS435 Fiddle Music from Shetland and Beyond. Curlew.
Shetland Reels: Tilley Plump / Auld Foula Reel/ Oot and in da Harbour, Air & Hornpipe: Grenadier and his Lady / Eunyssagh Vana, Shetland Reels: da Oyster / Yonder Hills / Fit da Gutter, Childgrove / Muineira de Cabanas, Hornpipe & Reels: Father Tom / Veronique's Reel / Hamish's Reel, Janne's Reinlander / The Cambridge, Shetland Reels: Da Cauld Nights of Winter / Square da Mizzen / Da Ness of Sound, C'Raad T'Ou Goll my Veg Dhone ? / Ta Dick Veg Er Yannoo Mie / Nancy, Shetland Reels: Ramna Stacks / Da Spirit of Whisky / Gold for da Boannie Lasses, Two Norwegian Reinlanders, Alvadansur, Shetland Reels: Da Road to Houll / John Pottinger's Compliments to Ronnie Cooper / Simon's Wart.
12TS436 Scotch Measure (1985) - Jim & Sylvia Barnes and Andy Lavery:
Ythanside / The Brewer Laddie / The Bonnie Lad that Handles the Plough / Wild Rover / For a’That / The Laird of Dainty Dounby / The Calton Weaver / The Handweaver and the Factory Maid / The Twa’ Magicians, etc.
12TS437 When the Wind Blows. Eric Bogle, with Jon Munro and Brent Miller (1985):
When the Wind Blows; Hard, Hard Times; Birds of a Feather; Lock-Keeper; Soldier Soldier; Bushfire; Shining River; The Enigma; Little Gomez; Safe in the Harbour.
12TS438 Sad or High Kicking. Martin Simpson (1986).
Jazzman; Shawnee Town; Moth; Living Without You; For Jessica; Sad or High Kicking / My Dearest Dear; Icarus; No Depression in Heaven; Let it be Me; Stillness in Company; The Lakes of Ponchartrain.
12TS439 The House Band The House Band (1985):
The Tornado Two-Step / the Cooper / The Woodpecker; Here's the Tender Coming; Major Harrison's Fedora; War Party / Lost Night; An Erminig Hag An Greskenn / The Anti-Social Worker; The Pitman's Grievance; E I Ah Could Hew; Green Fields of Canada / The Amalgamation; Cawsand Bay; The Swallowstail / Lady Charlotte Campbell's / Gordon Campbell's Mess.
12TS440 Eyes Closed and Rocking. Cock 'n' Bull Band (1985):
One For Dan; Valse Villageoise / Bouree A Ruols; The Banister; Sugar on the Doughnut / Advice to the Ladies; The Wonder / Ridotta Rock; Prince Frederick's / Suky's Delight; Les Violettes Roses / Hop And Skip / Circle; William Irwin's I, II & III; The Welch Rabbit / Hotfoot.
12TS441 The Wild West Show. Bill Caddick:
Superman / Spanish Nights / Fork Lift Truck / Moses (Smooth Talking) / Two-fisted Heroes / Forgotten the Blues / Dance to the Music of Time / Stay on the Line / Eights and Aces / The Wild West Show.
12TS442 See How it Runs. Brass Monkey.
For details see TSCD467
12TS443 Fire in the Glen. Andy M. Stewart, Phil Cunningham, Manus Lunny.
Treorachadh / I mourn for the Highlands; The Gold Claddagh Ring; Fire in the Glen; The Spare Shillin' / The Viszla's Rambles / The Lying Dew; Nil Si I nGra; Watkin's Wee Red Whiskers / All Hail to Mevagissey / The Girls at Martinfield; Young Jimmy in Flanders; Brighidin Ban Mo Store; Ferry me Over.
12TS444 Out With a Bang John B Spencer (1986).
Out With a Bang, Funny Honey, Gingham White and Blue, Acceptable Losses, Plaisir d'Amour and More, Forgotten the Blues, Hold on to Your Heartache, Cry Baby Cry, Flesh and Blood, Chris is in Love Again, One More Whiskey, Sad Reunion, Answer Only With Your Eyes.
12TS445 Pacific. The House Band:
Pacific / Diamantina Drover / Joy after Sorrow / In at the Deep End / Ol’ Man River / Pit Stands Idle / Going Places / For the Sake of Example / Blazing Ruse.
12TS446 True Dare or Promise. Martin and Jessica Simpson (1987):
Past Caring / Not the Whiskey Talking / Young Man / Bedlam Boys / Wholly in my Keeping / Rising of the Woman / Man Smart (woman smarter) / Essequibo River / Keel Row.
12TS447 Till the Beast's Returning. Andrew Cronshaw. See TSCD447.
12TS448 Columbia River Collection Woody Guthrie (1987)
Oregon Trail; Roll On Columbia; New Found Land; Talking Columbia; Roll Columbia, Roll; Columbia's Waters; Ramblin' Blues; It Takes a Married Man to Sing a Worried Song; Hard Travelin'; The Biggest Thing that Man has ever Done; Jackhammer Blues; Song of the Coulee Dam; Grand Coulee Dam ; Washington Talkin' Blues; Ramblin' Round; Pastures of Plenty; End of My Line.
Originally a Rounder LP release, now ROUNCD1036 with the above track list.
12TS449 Aqaba. June Tabor:
The Old Man’s Song / Searching For Lambs / The Banks of Red Roses / Where are You Tonight, I Wonder / Aqaba / Bogies Bonnie Belle / The Reaper / Verdi Cries / The Grazier’s aughter / Seven Summers / Mayn Rue Platz / The King of Rome.  As above, CD reissue TSCD449.
12TS450 No More to the Dance. Maddy Prior & June Tabor / Silly Sisters:
Blood and Gold - Mohacs / Cakes and Ale / Fine Horseman / How Shall I True Love Know / Hedger and Ditcher / Rosie Anderson / Agincourt Carol - La Route Au Beziers / The Barring of the Door / What Will We Do? / Almost Every Circumstance / The Old Miner.
As above, CD reissue TSCD450, with the addition of Rosie Anderson and Somewhere Along the Road.
12TS451 Word of Mouth. The House Band.
Walls of Troy; The Dusty Miller / The County Ground; Lady Mary Hay's Favourite Scotch Measure / Triti Puti; Wild Roving; An Dro D'Ogham / Au Place De Serbie; The Happy One-Step / Green Willis; From A Distance; The Peacock / Moldavian Song; Bonny Light Horseman / The Highland Brigade at Magersfontein
12TS452 Right of Passage. Martin Carthy:
The Ant and the Grasshopper / Eggs in her Basket / A Stitch in Time / McVeagh / Hommage A Roche Prioux / All in Green / Company Policy / The Banks of the Nile / La Carde Use / Bill Norrie / The Sleepwalker / A Cornish Young Man / The Dominion of the Sword.
12TS453 Stolen Ground. John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris:
Arthur McBride; The Juggler; Clee Hill Tunes; Mother Earth; Black Deer; Must I be Bound/Mrs Saggs; The Chickens they are Crowing; Shepherds' branle; The Old Miner.
12TS454 Give Me A Saddle and I'll Trade You a Car. The Albion Band '89 (1989):
Ash on an Old Man’s Sleeve / Geoff Collings / Postman’s Polka / See Their Mouths to Twisting / Seven Curses / Cardhouse / Striking for Another Land / Bury My Eyeballs on Top of Boot Hill / Kitty Come Down the Lane / Think it Over / Don’t Look at Me / Trip to Cheltenham / Throw out the Lifeline.
2/TS455/6 I Never Played to Many Posh Dances Double LP. Scan Tester, Sussex - concertina - (1990).
Scan Tester: Polka / The Reel / Waltz - The Man in the Moon / Pretty Little Dear / Waltz / Polka / Schottische / Lakes of Coalflin / Polka / Polka - Not for Joe / Nutley Waltz / Schottische / Stepdance / While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks by Night / Barbara Allen / Schottische / Jig - The Irish Washerwoman / Waltz / The Waltz Vienna or The Step Waltz / Schottische / Stepdance / Stepdance. Scan Tester, Reg Hall, Daisy Sherlock: The Broom Dance / Polka - Jenny Lind / The Indian Polka / Onestep - Down on the Farm / Waltz. Scan and Will Tester: No.2 Stepdance / Schottische. Bob Keightley, Steve Pennells, Reg Hall, Scan Tester, Paul Gross, Bob Davenport: Polka - The Girl I Left Behind Me or Brighton Camp. Art Winter, Hilary Burgess, Will Tester: Wearing of the Green. Bill Gorringe: See Me Dance the Polka / The Heel and Toe Polka / Stepdance / Schottische / Polka. Scan Tester, Will Tester, Bill Agate: Stepdance. Jack Norris: Brook Street Polka. Scan Tester, Bill McMahon, Mervyn Plunkett: Stepdance - The Monkey Hornpipe. Bob Keightley, Scan Tester, Jack Norris, Reg Hall, Bill McMahon, Mervyn Plunkett: Marches - Scotland the Brave, The Happy Wanderer.Walter Bulwer , Scan Tester, Reg Hall, Daisy Bulwer: The Heel and Toes Polka / Soldier's Joy.Reg Hall and Scan Tester: Polka / Polkas - La Russe, McCusker's, Jenny Lind, Goodnight, Ladies.
12TS457 1990 The Albion Band:
Yellow Dress / The Power and the Glory / Fairford Breakdown / Fossie Shuffle / Rambleaway / The Flood / Nameless Kind of Hell / Adam and Eve / Lock up your Daughters / The Party’s Over.
12TS501 Alistair Anderson Plays Traditional Music on the English Concertina. Alistair Anderson.
See 12TFRS501
12TMH781 Play Another Before You Go Various artists.
I'm Henry the Eighth, Cover it Over Quick Jemima - Harry Champion; The Girls I Left Behind Me, I'll Show You Around Paree - Vesta Tilley; I Wanted a Wife, One of the Bhoys - Mark Sheridan; I May Be a Millionaire - Eugene Stratton; Send For John Willie, Playing the Game in the West - George Formby; They're All Single at the Seaside, Molly Malloy - Ella Retford; We All Go the Same way Home, Play Us Another Before You Go - Chas R Whittle; Mr & Mrs Smith - Clarice Mayne.
12TMH782 A Good Blowout for Fourpence. Various artists.
A Good Blowout For Fourpence/I'm Sweating on My Old Selinda - Harry Champion; A Little Bit of Lovin', I Live in Hopes - Marie Lloyd Junior; The Cleaner, The Bathing Machine Attendant - Wilkie Bard; It Pays to Advertise, I Want to go Back to Dear Old Lancashire - Florrie Ford; The Black Sheep of the Family, Give Me the Moonlight Give Me the Girl - Fred Barnes; When I Wants to See Myself, It's So Simple - Charles Coborn; The Gay Old Road to Ruin - Harry Bedford; Marie Lloyd Memories part 1 & 2 - Alice, Rosie, Marie Lloyd Junior & Daisy Wood; Love 'em and Leave 'em Alone, What Does a Sailor Care - Hetty King; I Used to Sigh for the Silvery Moon, Sue Sue Sue - G H Elliott; Ten Days Leave - Kate Carney; Hi! Hi! Hi!, I Thought She Was So Shy - Tom Leamore.
Specials Series starts:
STOP101 The Galliards (Robin Hall; Jimmy MacGregor; Leon Rosselson; Shirley Bland).
Black and White / Bahnuah
STOP7001 The Oldham Tinkers (1975)
For Old Time's Sake / The Lancashire Toreador
STOP7002 Martin Carthy (1976)
The Bonny Lass of Anglesey / Palaces of Gold (Rosselson)
STOP7003 The High Level Ranters (1976) 1SE0049919.
Dance for Your Daddy / The Lass Doon on the Quay.
SPOT 7004 Roaring Jelly
Christmas in Australia
Specials Series ends:

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