This Topic record discography was originally compiled by Mike Brocken, and all the more recent entries added by myself.  It has been significantly updated since initial publication, principally with the aid of Alistair Banfield.  I was unaware of it, but it appears that Alistair did much of the work on the original version, but he was not credited for it (except that he is the 'AB' mentioned where the existence of a disc is referred to), so I should here and now like to offer him my - our - thanks for all this useful information.  Notes in italics (below) are also by Alistair.

Rod Stradling


Matrix Numbers

These can be assigned to three sources.  CP was a series that Decca had taken over from the Crystalate company - it may stand for contract pressing.  XYZ was the prefix Decca used for Soviet matrices sent over from Russia for pressing from here.  The numerical part is usually the same as the original Russia matrix number (which was simply an unprefixed number).  The O series belonged to the Oriole label which belonged to Levy's Sound Studios who did their own pressing.


The Man Who Put The Water In The Workers' Beer (Paddy Ryan; arr Alfred Roberts). Paddy Ryan (of the Unity Theatre) with guitar accomp. CP 889. 1CS0020192.
The Internationale (Degeyter; arr. A. Bush). The Topic Singers & Band cond. Will Sahnow. CP 892.

Internationale 1b / Soviet Fatherland Song (Land of Freedom) TRC 1a. CP 989

Internationale / Salute to Life (English text by Nancy Head; music by Shostakovitch). Topic Singers & Unity String Orch. Arr. and cond. by Will Sahnow. TRC 1c. CP 983.
There appear to have been three versions.  On the 2nd record the Internationale was accorded the number 1b whilst on the other 2 records it just gets TRC 1.  We think that must be all of the variants.  We can guess that they were released in this order from the obvious clues.  The Internationale was obviously the most important song in the WMA's repertoire and this was a way of selling the 'hit song' with varying different songs. Thus on TRC 23 'The Internationale' was issued again, this time with 'The Red Flag'.
Fags Are Up (Arthur Pooley and Alfred Roberts). Recorded as a quick step with vocal verse and chorus. From the Unity Theatre revue 'Turn Up The Lights'. Topic Variety Chorus & Band. CP 888.
Brother, Brother, Use Your Head! (Geoffrey Parsons & Berkeley Fase) From the Unity Theatre revue 'Turn Up The Lights', (Nov 1939). Martin Lawrence (bass) with the Topic Band. CP 891. 1CS0020193.
Here We Come (Roger Woddis & John Berry). Recorded as a quick step with vocal verse and chorus. From the Unity Theatre revue 'Turn Up The Lights'. The Topic Variety Chorus and Band. CP 890. 1CS0020194.
The Black Blackout (Steve Weaver; arr. by Aubrey Bowman). A souvenir of WW II. Sung by Jonathan Croft (at the piano, Ethel Green). CP 906 - 1.
Song Poem in E major for Vio (Aram Khachatourian). Edward Silverman (violin) & Alan Bush (piano). CP 915. 1CS0020195.
Van Diemen's Land (ballad of transportation); Harvest Song (from Purcell’s “King Arthur”). John Hargreaves (baritone) with male voice choir. CP 914 - 1.
Balalaika Selection Number One: The Soviet Airman’s Song; Soviet Land. The Medvedev Balalaika Sextet. CP 955
Poor Man’s Heaven: Paul Wesley. CP 956
Balalaika Selection Number two: Bravely Forward Comrades (trad. Russian); Salute to Life (Shostakovitch). Arranged and played by the Medvedeff Balalaika Sextet. CP 954. 1CS0020197.
Left! Left! (international marching song of the people, including: the Carmagnole, Bandiera Rossa, United Front, Whirlwinds of Danger and Solidarity Forever). Arranged for two pianos by Alan Rawsthorne, recorded by Geraldine & Mary Peppin. CP 959-1.
The People Sing! A selection of English period songs arranged by Alan Bush for two pianos recorded by Mary and Geraldine Peppin. CP 962.
The Cutty Wren. English medieval revolutionary song (14th. century folk song). Una Brandon-Jones, Hertzel Goldbloom and Martin Lawrence with the Topic Singers & pipe and tabor; accomp. conducted by Arnold Goldsbrough. CP 963.
Two Negro Songs of Protest: How Long Brethren; Ah’s De Man. Martin Lawrence & the Topic Male Singers. CP966
Lizzie Liberty and Thompson's Last Stand (by Aubrey Bowman). Jonathan Croft. CP967.
The Refugees (fugitives from Nazi oppression). Words by John Heartfield, music by Peter Baker. Sung by Mara Menshikova - Czech. and the Topic Singers cond. by Arnold Goldsbrough. CP 972. (also noted as ‘song of exile from Hitler's Germany’ in early catalogue).
The Peatbog Soldiers (composed by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps). Tune noted by Hanns Eisler; arr. Alan Bush. Sung by the Topic Male Singers, cond. Arnold Goldsbrough. CP 973. 1CS0020203.
Truth on the March (from the play “Freedom on the Air” by Randall Swingler). Music by Alan Bush; sung by Michael Percival (baritone) with the Topic Singers and Unity String Orchestra cond. by the composer. CP 982-1.
Salute to Life (English text by Nancy Head; music by Shostakovitch). Topic Singers & Unity String Orch. Arr. and cond. by Will Sahnow. CP 983 1CS0020205 (NB. white label at NSA, different logo).
Every copy of this I have seen (at least 4!) has been issued with a plain white label with black lettering not with the WMA logo, it just says Topic on the top.  So this is universally the case, not just particular to the copy at the NSA.
Say Goodbye, Now (Figaro’s aria from Mozart's 'The Marriage of Figaro' - english text by prof. E.J. Dent). Martin Marshall (baritone) with the Unity Orchestra cond. by Alan Bush. CP 985 1CS0020207.
Two Spanish Songs (cello & piano): Tonada; Granadina. Boris Rickelman (cello) and Alan Bush (piano). CP 986.
A New World Will Be Born (from the Unity Theatre pantomime “Jack the Giant Killer” by Geoffrey Parsons & Berkeley Fase). Michael Redgrave with Rhythm Band. CP 990.
Me Without You (from the Unity Theatre pantomime “Jack the Giant Killer”). Alan Kane with Rhythm Band. CP 991.


Soviet Fatherlands Song (Land of Freedom). The Soviet State Choir and Orchestra. CP989. (Mislabelled: actually sung by Mark Reizen with Bolshoi Ballet orch & chorus, Cond and comp Dunayevsky. CPCP992).
The Winkle Woman. Della Facer with Alan Bush. CP1011.
Trio - (1932) by Aram Khatchatourian. 1st Movement: Andante Con Doloro. Phil Cardew (clarinet), Edward Silverman (violin) and Ben Frankel (piano). CP1028. (clarinet), Edward Silverman (violin), Ben Franke (piano). CP 1028.
Monologue from Soviet Opera ‘Yemelian Pugachev’ by M. Koval. Text by V. Kamenski. English text by Will Sahnow. Martin Lawrence (bass) with Topic Orchestra conducted by Will Sahnow. CP 1029.


Young Comrade’s Song The Topic Singers. 1CS 0020212, CP 1033
Two Soviet Folksongs: The Cruel Sweetheart; Song of the Collectives. The Topic Singers. 1CS 0020213? CP 1032
Three 17th Century Catches: “Catch as Catch Can”: Come Hither, Tom (anon.); Cursed Be the Wretch (H. Carey); Say What You Will (H. Turner). Jonathan Croft with David & Michael Percival. No matrix no.
El Paso Del Ebro (The Crossing of the Ebro) Spanish Republican song from the civil war. Topic Choir & Orchestra arranged and conducted by Rodolfo Halffter. No matrix no. different pressing.
Soviet Airman's Song. Soviet Choir & Military Band (sung in Russian). C 17.
Chapayev. English text by Ben Blake; music by V. Sedoy. John Hargreaves (baritone) acc. by Arnold Goldsbrough. H. 072.


Post-war 1945-46?

Tachanka. (words by M. Ruderman; music by K. Listov) XYZ RA6.
Kalinka. USSR Red Banner Ensemble of the Red Army Songs & Dances. Cond. A.V. Alexandrov “People’s Artist of the USSR”. XYZ RA7.
From Border To Border. Sung by Krasovsky with choir and orchestra of the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow; cond. S.A. Samosud. From Dzerzhinskey’s opera “Quiet Flows the Don”. XYZ RR 5790.
Cossack Song. Sung by P.T. Kirpichek & P.S. Sellinik with The Bolshoi Theatre Chorus as above. From Dzerzhinskey’s opera “Virgin Soil Upturned”. XYZ RR 5864.
The Mountain Ash (Russian folk song). V.P. Vinogradov (tenor) with choir and orchestra. XYZRR11054 in wax, CP11054 on label.
A Hawk Flew Into The Sky (Russian folk song). Bolshoi Theatre artist P.T. Kirpichek (baritone) with choir and orchestra. Record in IPM Archive. XYZRR11055 in wax, CP11055 on label.
The Tractor Song (from the film “The Rich Bride”) USSR Red Banner Ensemble of the Red Army Songs & Dances. Music by Dunayevsky. XYZ RN 5860. RN5860.
The Gay Girl Friends. USSR Red Banner Ensemble of the Red Army Songs & Dances. Music by Dunayevsky. XYZ RN 5860. RN5859.
Trepak (Russian dance). Bandurist Orchestra of the USSR, directed by M.M. Michailoff. GRK 4 SOV 623-1.
Youth (Russian popular song). Words by Danziger & Doleff; music by Blanter. The Glinka Orchestra & Chorus directed by V.W. Knushevitzky. GRK 749 SOV 4245B-1.

All of the above are pre December, 1948 (Topic Song Book...see inside back page). Available records are up to but not including TRC23?

Vinyl and Post-Vinyl Shellac

It has been recorded (Topic cat, 1970s?) that TRC vinyl begins with 23.  The NSA copy of 23 is shellac.  Their copy of 24, however, is vinyl.  Shellac/vinyl is probably an option.  The NSA have only one Topic vinyl 78.  NB VWL?  Surely the copy at NSA is a reissue; Pye (& Mercury) vinyl 78s only begin circa ‘56.  Shellac versions of 25, 26, 64 and 96 have recently been reported by readers.

The above note is now demonstrably misleading or wrong because ALL 78s were SHELLAC apart from TRC 24 & TRC 23.  What is odd is that LATER when the label changed from WMA to TOPIC RECORDS, TRC 23 was reissued on Shellac.  So I'm going to be quite dogmatic here, there were only ever two 78rpm records issued on vinyl!  These were both issued in round about 1949 and the 'Deccalite' material was available at the end of the war so it is not incompatible with a vinyl 'unbreakable' disc being issued in 1949.


The Internationale (Degeyter; arr. Alan Bush). The Centenary Choir with organ and orchestra cond. by Alan Bush. 11878. 1CS0020227.
The Red Flag. Arranged by Alan Bush. The Centenary Choir conducted by Alan Bush. 11880. NSA copy is white (demo?) with the “Topic Record Company” in bold black.
England Arise! (Edward Carpenter) The WMA Singers conducted by Lawrence Leonard. 11881.
The Partisan Song (Aturov; arr. Alexandrov). The Centenary Choir with Orchestra and organ conducted by Alan Bush. 11879. (Pressed in plastic).


Message of Peace 12" double-sided (two records). Paul Robeson's Message of Peace, specially recorded for the 20th Anniversary of the Daily Worker at Harringay Arena, February 1950
O-601 Part 1
O-602 Part 2
TRC26 as above.
O-603 Part 3
O-604 Part 4
Soviet Fatherland Song (I. Dunayevsky). The WMA Singers. O-712
Freedom’s Song (March of Democratic Youth, A.Novikov, arr. F.Gabor). The WMA Singers. O-711
This should read "Sovietland" (see also TRC 54 - Ballad of Stalin / Sovietland )
Our Song Will Go On (The Peekskill Story). Paul Robeson, Howard Fast, Pete Seeger, The Weavers. Sides a & b. Written and directed by Mario Casetta. No separate matrix nos. except IIIV. Weavers misspelt on label...”Weevers”. The rally at Peekskill in upstate New York was in 1949 - conflict with right-wing racists. The Weavers existed from 1949-52; 1955-63 (-58 with Seeger).
Ami Go Home. Ernst Busch with choir.
Sing a Song of the Blue Flag. Youth Choir of the Mettel Deutschen-Rundfunks.
The Swallow State Choir of the USSR. O-2029
Echo (Orlando di Lasso), Along the River. State Choir of the USSR. O-2030
May Day Greeting. The Choir of Women Teachers' Faculty of Cinkota, Hungary.
Song Of The Tractor Drivers of Deszk. Central Song and Music Ensemble of the Ironworkers' Union, Hungary.
Song About Schorsa (Blantet and Golodni). Kromchenko and Kirichek. O. 2131.
The Death of Chapaiev. Korolev & the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra; cond. Schfeinberg. O. 2132.
The North Wind Blows (from the ‘new’ opera 'The White-haired Girl' by Zhang Lu, Ma Ko, Xo Gingzh). The Orchestra and Chorus of the Central College of Drama. O. 2134.
Arise and Sing for Joy. Folksong of North Shensi. Singers: Li Bo with Arts Section of the China Democratic Youth.
Flax (folk song). The Piatnitsky State Choir; chorus master Zakharov & Kazmin. O. 2135.
My Red Rose Bush. The Piatnitzky State Choir with the State Orchestra of the USSR; cond. Chvatov. O. 2136.
Suite from Music for the film 'Fall of Berlin' by Shostakovitch; words by Dolmatovski. Choir and symphony orchestra cond. by A.B. Gauk. Sides a & b: O. 2430/O. 2431.
The Capitol of Sovietland (music by Kruchinin; words German). The Piatnitzky State Choir, solo: Khvatova. O. 2432.
Kolkhoz Song About Moscow (music by Maslov and Gusiev). The Piatnitzky State Choir. O. 2433.
Green Grass, Green Carpet (folk song). The Piatnitzky State Choir, soloist: Guliaeva. O. 2434.
I am a Young Maiden Going To Fetch Water (Russian dance song). The Piatnitzky State Choir; accordion: Filin. O. 2435.
The Stripe (Russian folk song). The Piatnitzky State Choir, solo: Lapina. O. 2436.
Kolkhoz Song - Chastushki. Women soloists of the Piatnitzky State Choir: Guliaeva, Podlatova; accordion: Filin. O. 2437.
The Asphalter’s Song; I’m Champion at Keeping ‘em Rolling. Ewan MacColl.
Four Pence a Day; Barnyards of Delgatie. Ewan MacColl.
The Four Loom Weaver: Ewan MacColl.
McKaffery: Ewan MacColl.


Song of the Forest. (Shostakovich/Dolmatovsky). The State Choir of Russian Song, Boys' Choir of the State Choral School, State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR. Conductor: Mravinsky; I.I.Petrov; V.I.Kilchevsky.
Pt 1 - When the War Ended O-2446.
Pt 2 - Song Of Peace also on one side of TRC41: from the film “Meeting on the Elbe” (Shostakovich/Dolmatovsky). The A.V. Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army. Conductor: B.A. Alexandrov. O-2447.
Song of the Forest, Pt 2 - Song Of Peace. O-2448/9.
Song of the Forest, Pt 3 - Memories of the Past. O-2450.
Song of the Forest, Pt 4 - Glory. O-2451.
Song of the Forest, Pt 3 - Memories of the Past. O-2452.
Song of the Forest, Pt 5 - The Pioneers plant Forest trees. O-2453.
Song of the Forest, final ? parts. O-2454/55
As I Went Out One May Morning c/w Keach in the Creel. Ewan MacColl.
The Song of Momus to Mars (Wm Boyce). O-2778.
O What a Charming Thing’s a Battle (Dibden). Martin Lawrence & the WMA Orchestra. O-2777.
Collier Laddie (Scottish folksong) c/w Johnny Lad (Scottish folksong). Ewan MacColl with Al Jeffery.
The Brewer Laddie (Scottish folksong). c/w Johnny Lad (Scottish folksong). Ewan MacColl.
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway. Ewan MacColl.
Cannily, Cannily (Tyneside folksong). Isla Cameron with Al Jeffery - banjo.
Moses of the Mail (English work song). Ewan MacColl with Al Jeffery. 13183.
The Fireman’s not for Me. Isla Cameron with Al Jeffery. 13184.
This should read "The Firman's not for me" (sic), although this is clearly a misspelling of the correct song title.  This song was also covered by Chas McDevitt and appeared on the New Briton Gazette.

On a huge number of these 78 releases there are errors in the spelling of people's names (and titles).  Ewan suffered from constant misspelling of his own name by the printers or the people at the WMA who didn't check how to spell it.  Margaret Barry had her name spelled "Barrie" on her Topic 78 release and Al Jeffery is variously spelled Al Jefferey, Al Jeffrey and the correct way.  Brian Daly had his name spelled variously Daly and Daley and Brian and Bryan.

The Song for Stalin. A folk song from Timisoara region of Rumania. Maria Lataretu with Folk Orchestra accomp. O 3235.
The Peace Hora. A folk song from the Ploesti region of Rumania. Ioana Rad accomp. by the Rumanian Radio Committee Folk Orchestra. O 3236.
The East in Red Glow Solo voice with choir and piano accomp. from the People's Republic of China.
The People of the Whole World are of One Heart. Choral song with piano accomp. from the People’s Republic of China. O 3237/8.
The Ballad of Stalin. Ewan MacColl and Al Jeffery. 13171.
Sovietland. The Soviet Choir and Orchestra.O-3542
The Coalowner and the Pitman’s Wife. Ewan MacColl with Al Jeffery - banjo. O-3617.
Jamie Foyers (Scottish traditional ballad with words by Ewan MacColl). Ewan MacColl. O-3618 3617/8.


Dirty Old Town. Written and sung by Ewan MacColl.
Sheffield Apprentice (a “come all ye”). Ewan MacColl with Al Jeffery - guitar. O-3619.
Browned Off c/w The Union of the Fire Brigade Song: Ewan MacColl with Al Jeffery.
He Met His Death in a Far Away Land (Moussorgsky). Paul Robeson. O-4047.
Lyubimy Gorod (Dear Home Town. words: E. Dolmatovsky; music: N. Bogoslovsky. Paul Robeson. O-4046. (Dubbed from CCCP 17078/3-1 (recorded 1949).
Ch’i Lai. (Ching-hua jen min kung ko ku Nieh?) (Nyl Erh) - Chinese National Anthem. Sung by Paul Robeson in English and Chinese. O 4048.
Fengyang. Old Chinese folk tune dating back some 400 years, Ming Dynasty. Words from time of Japanese invasion. Paul Robeson. O 4049.
The Chinese Soldiers’ Song (Modern words to an old tune); Riding the Dragon (old children’s song of China). Paul Robeson. O 4050.
Joe Hill. American union song by Earl Robinson. Paul Robeson. O 4051.
Ballad for Americans Parts one and two. Text by John Latouche, music by Earl Robinson. Sung by the London Youth Choir with Martin Lawrence (bass). Conducted by John Hasted; arr. Arnold Clayton. O 4106/7.
As above, parts three and four. The London Youth Choir. O 4108/9.
Kawaliry. Polish folk song from Radzonow. Arranged by T. Sygietynski for the Mazowsze Song & Dance Ensemble. English text by Stewart Farrar. Sung by Elvira Childe and the WMA Singers; cond. Alan Bush.
A Bridge to the Right. Lyrics: H. Kolczkowska; english text: Honor Arundel; music A. Gradstein. The WMA Singers with Martin Lawrence.
Two Ghetto Songs: Wilno Ghetto Song c/w Warsaw Ghetto Song: the WMA Singers with Martin Lawrence.
Shule Agra (Irish folk song). Arr. by Matyas Seiker. = Shule Agra (Irish folk song). Arr. by Matyas Seiber [Mátyás Seiber]. O 4327
Mrs McGrath (Irish ballad). Arr. by Christian Darnton. Anna Pollack & Cragg Sinkinson with the WMA Singers. O 4326
Festival Seasons; A Village Song c/w Love Song of the Grasslands. Yu i-Husuan (China).


Bonny Boy c/w She Moved Through the Fair. Patrick Galvin with Al Jeffery. O-4330/1.
Brown Girl c/w My Love Came to Dublin. Patrick Galvin with Al Jeffery. O-4421/2.
Wild Colonial Boy c/w Football Crazy. Patrick Galvin with Al Jeffery. O-4423/4.
Wackfoldediddle c/w Johnson’s Motor Car (Irish Rebel Songs). Patrick Galvin with Al Jeffery. O-4984/5
Ballad of New Poland c/w Trafford Road Ballad. Ewan MacColl with Brian Daly. O-4579/80
Strange Fruit. Written by Lewis Allen. Arr. and sung by Aubrey Pankey (baritone) accomp. by Frederick Bontoft.
John Henry. Words and music by Aubrey Pankey (not!). Sung by Aubrey Pankey (baritone) accomp. by Frederick Bontoft.
Jim Crow c/w Tarrier’s Song (arr. Irving Heller)
Great Gittin Up Mornin’ (arr. Lawrence Brown). Aubrey Pankey with Frederick Bontoft.
Deep River c/w Out in the Rain (arr. Irving Heller)
Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel (arr. Lawrence Brown). Aubrey Pankey with Frederick Bontoft.
Girl at Stzalinvaros c/w It’s Only Propaganda. Ewan MacColl with Brian Daly - guitar. WMA5780/1
Es Brent (the flames). Song from the Warsaw Ghetto. English text by Stewart Farrar; music by Hersch Glick. Sung in Yiddish and English by Martin Lawrence (bass) with the WMA Singers; cond. Alan Bush.
Zog Nisht Kainmol (Tell Me Not). Song from the Wilno Ghetto. English text by Stewart Farrar; music by Gebertik. Sung in Yiddish and English by Martin Lawrence and the WMA Singers; cond by Alan Bush.


Johnny Breadisley c/w Henry Martin. Ewan MacColl with Brian Daly. O-4872/3.
Johnny Todd (Traditional English Ballad) c/w Cosher Bailey’s Engine (Welsh Industrial Song). Ewan MacColl with Brian Daly - guitar. O-4874/5.
Wull Cayrd (words by Alex Russell; trad Scots tune). Ewan MacColl with Bryan Daly - note spelling (!) - guitar.
The Swan-Necked Valve. Ewan MacColl & Brian Daly - guitar. Matrix WMA 5776/7.
A Hawthorn Blossoms (as sung by the Beryozka Dance Co.) English text by Paul Fineberg; music by M. Isakovsky. The Middlesex Youth Choir, cond. Gladys Ritchie.
The Birch Tree (trad. Russian folk song); The Road is Bright (music by I. Dunayesvsky). The Middlesex Youth Choir; cond. Gladys Ritchie.
The White Haired Girl (1 & 2). The Chinese Operatic and Orchestral Ensemble.
Who Dares to Speak? c/w Johnny, I Hardly Knew You. Patrick Galvin.
The Women are Worse Than the Men c/w Whiskey in the Jar. Patrick Galvin. SDE WMA 5847/WMA 5773
Two Australian Bush Ballads: Bold Jack Donahue c/w The Banks of the Condamine. A. L. Lloyd with Alf Edwards - concertina. WMA 5778A/9.


Talking UnAmerican Blues. Betty Sanders
Banks of Marble. The Weavers.
Test pressing and/or not appropriated.
Pity the Downtrodden Landlord (Woolf/Clayton). Alfie Bass & the Four Bailiffs (UnityTheatre?)
Housing Repairs and Rents Act (Fred Dallas). Alfie Bass & the Four Bailiffs with instrumental accomp.
On this disc there is no reference to Unity Theatre.  I know he was an actor with them in 1939 and Clayton himself also worked for Unity Theatre so probably from a Theatre production.  But not mentioned on the disc.
Pity the Downtrodden Landlord (Woolf/Clayton). Alfie Bass & the Four Bailiffs. S101.
The Oakey Evictions (a Northumbrian ballad c. 1870). George Burn with Al Jeffery (banjo). S102
Test pressing and/or not appropriated.
Test pressing and/or not appropriated.
Young Dimiter c/w Saucy Dilmano. Folk songs arr. Kutev. Bulgarian Song & Dance Ensemble. 2480/2486.


Dark as a Dungeon (written by Merl Travis). Bob de Cormier & Pete Seeger. WMA TRC92/1.
Talking Union Blues. Pete Seeger. Recorded at a Hootenanny. Released Jan. 1956. WMA TRC92/2.
The Iron Horse (Sottish railway ballad); Four Pence a Day. Ewan MacColl & Brian Daley - guitar.
The Wark O’ the Weavers. Ewan MacColl. WMA TRC93/2.
Oh No John (English folk song) c/w No More Auction Block (spiritual). Paul Robeson.
Joe Hill c/w John Brown's Body. Paul Robeson, piano accomp. Alan Booth. WMA TRC95/1/2 (available with pale blue labels).
Kevin Barry (Irish ballad) c/w The Four Insurgent Generals (song of the Spanish Civil War). Paul Robeson, piano accomp. Alan Booth. WMA TRC96/1/2 (available with pale blue labels).
Sixteen Tons. (American work song - NB. actually written by Merle Haggard). c/w The Swan-Necked Valve (British Foundry Workers’ song). Ewan MacColl with Brian (or Bryan?) Daly (guitar). WMA97/1/2
Talking Miner Blues c/w Pretty Boy Floyd. Jack Elliott. WMA-98-1/2
The Blarney Stone c/w If You Ever Went To Ireland. Margaret Barry with banjo. WMA 99/1/2.
The Bridge Below the Town. Written, sung and played by John Hasted (banjo). WMA 100A1.
Keep Talking. Al Jeffery (vocal, guitar) with Ted Andrews (banjo). WMA 100B1A1.
Round and Round the Picket Line c/w Nine Hundred Miles: (Hylda Sims and) The City Ramblers. WMA 101A/B. The Ramblers were: Russell Quaye; Shirley Bland; Eric Bunyan; Vic Pitt; Bobby Taylor; Jimmie McGregor (see E. D. & S. 46/3). Released May, 1956.
The Banks of Sweet Dundee. Ewan MacColl with Alf Edwards. WMA 102A
Fitba' Crazy; The Wee Cooper O' Fife. Ewan MacColl with Brian Daly. WMA 102B.


Old Blue c/w Rambling Blues. Jack Elliott. WMA 103A/B.
Streets of Laredo c/w Boll Weevil. Jack Elliott. WMA 104-1A/2B (available in both red/white and pale blue labels)
Villikins and his Dinah (Cockney ballad). Wendy Corum and chorus with Elsie Bracher piano.
The Coachman (Cockney ballad). Wendy Corum with John Hasted (accordion). WMA 105-1A/2A.
The Collier's Rant c/w The Row Between the Cages. Alex Eaton with John Hasted. WMA 106-1A/2A.


Freight Train c/w Cumberland Gap. Peggy Seeger . WMA 107-1/2.
Pretty Little Baby c/w Child of God. Peggy Seeger (side a guitar; side b banjo). WMA 108-1/2. Label change: different logo, light green background. 1CS0020280.
This absolutely is the end of the 78s!  The late label is a light royal blue colour with white squares round the side- like the early Topic 33 1/3 LPs (not green).

Advertised on 78rpm, March/April, 1958: Pete Seeger, Peggy Seeger, Jack Elliott, The Weavers ...  Above 78s back to TRC85 1955-58.  TRC1 - 14: 1939-41.

Hand-written dates on Topic data sent by Tony Engle reads as follows: TRC 92...Jan., 1956; TRC 98...same; TRC 101...May 1956

Long Players, EPs and Singles - 7", 8" 10" and 12".

English Dance & Song, autumn, 1969 stated : "The name TOPIC first appeard on 78 rpm records produced by the Workers' Music Association, and in fact the first LP to bear the name (a 12" record in a white sleeve, consisting of dubbings from 78 recordings) also appeared under these auspices."...?
WMA 101
The Internationale (with brass and percussion ensemble), The Red Flag (to the tune 'The White Cockade')
The Red Flag (to the tune 'Maryland'), England Arise. The Massed Choirs of the Glasgow Socialist Singers (conductor James Callan) and the Glasgow Y.C.L. Choir (conductor James Service), conducted by Alan Bush. 7" EP.
Side A - Ewan MacColl, Isla Cameron, Guitar/Banjo Al Jeffery: Asphalters Song, I'm Champion at Keeping them Rolling, The Fireman's Not For Me, Poor Paddy Works on the Railway, The Coal Owner and the Pitmans Wife, Collier Laddie, Four Loom Weaver, Cannily Cannily, Jamie Foyers.
Side B - Ewan MacColl, The Topic Singers: As I went Out One May Morning, The Burning of Auchendoun, Brewer Laddie, The Keach in the Creel, Van Diemans Land, Blow the Candle Out, The Sheffield Apprentice, The Cutty Wren.
TRL2 Possibly never issued.
However, a copy has turned up in the library of the University of Mississippi. The container is plain manila cardboard, without markings except for 'Aubrey Pankey' in magic marker.  The disc itself is 12 in. with what appears to be a hand-drawn label with 'Topic' and above it 'Workers Music Association London'.  The matrix number is RPL 625 and RPL 626, which is repeated on the label as 'Serial RPL 625-6'  The record number is TRL 2
However, again, the record was reviewed (albeit very scathingly), in the February 1955 issue of The Gramophone (suggesting a late-1954 release).  Thanks to Graham Gough for this information.  It's possible that the Gramophone review was of a pre-production tape or shellac, and the criticism, plus the fact that Topic already sold a few of Pankey's songs on 78s may have meant that it was not considered necessary or viable to gather together the 78rpm tracks on a 33 LP, as had been done with TRL 1.  Ewan MacColl & Isla Cameron were, after all, still popular.  There was not massive interest in Pankey, who was very much in Paul Robeson's shadow as a singer and performer.
Side 1 - Aria from Ivan Susanin – Glinka; Where e’er you walk – Handel; Leave me loathsome light – Handel; Sent to ja’gioja – Handel; Invocation to sleep – Tchaikowsky (sp.)
Side 2 – Negro Songs: Were you there? – Arr. Pankey; Water boy – Arr. Robinson; Swing low – Arr. Walberg; A man goin’ round – Arr. Dett; Follow me – Arr. Dett.
Both sides have: Sung by AUBREY PANKEY (Baritone) With orchestral accompaniment.  Thanks to Librarian Michael Hawkins for this info.
TRL3  The Singing Sailor. Ewan MacColl, A. L. Lloyd and Harry H. Corbett (1956?):
The Ship in Distress / Johnny Todd / Haul on the Bowline / The Cruel Ship’s Captain / The Dreadnaught / Santy Anna / The Coast of Peru / Row, Bullies Row / Blood Red Roses / Off to Sea Once More / Blow the Man Down / The Flying Cloud / Lord Franklin / Paddy Doyle / Van Diemen’s Land / The Greenland Whale Fishery.
T1 Warsaw Festival 1955 (recordings made at the World Youth Festival)
Side 1 songs performed by: Albania; Bulgaria; China; Denmark.
Side 2: Hungary; Israel; Italy; Soviet Union; West Indies.  Commentary spoken by Eileen Swettenham
T2 International Folk Song Contest (recorded at the World Youth Festival, Warsaw, 1955)
Side A: Aniela Siatek (Poland) The White Dove. Second Prize;  Yanka Delcheva Ivanova (Bulgaria) The bagpipe began to play. Second Prize;  Nirmal Chaudhuri (India) Baul. First Prize;  Ibrahim Tukici (Albania) O my flower. Second Prize.
Side B: Klavdia Aleksandrovna Kotok (USSR) Chatushka. First Prize;  Nadka Ivanova Kardzhova (Bulgaria) Sing, Girls Sing. First Prize;  Jarmila Sulakova (Czechoslvakia) Ej, Rozo, rozo. First Prize;  Asek Dzhumbayev (Kirghizia, USSR) O my Kobuz. First Prize.
T3 Irish Songs of Resistance Part I. (Nov., 1956). Patrick Galvin with Al Jeffery - banjo and guitar.
Kelly from Killanne, Dunlavin Green, Bold Robert Emmett, The Men of the West, O'Donnel Abu, The Fair of Turloughmore, The Rising of the Moon
T4 Irish Songs of Resistance Part II Patrick Galvin with Al Jeffery - banjo and guitar. WMA LP T4 1C/2C
The Bold Fenian Men, Clare's Dragoons, The Foggy Dew, Whack Fol De Diddle, The Smashing of the Van, The Soldier's Song
8T5 Woody Guthrie’s Blues. Jack Elliott:
Talking Columbia Blues / Talking Dustbowl Blues / 1913 Massacre / Hard Travelling / Ludlow Massacre / Talking Sailor Blues.
10T6 Street Songs and Fiddle Tunes of Ireland. Margaret Barrie [sic] (y) & Michael Gorman (with Tommy Maguire, Paddy Breen and Patsy Goulden):
Songs: The Wild Colonial Boy / Our Ship is Ready / The Factory Girl / The Cycling Championship / Her Mantle so Green. Reels: The Bunch of Keys / The Heather Breeze / Dr. Gilbert / Hornpipe: The Boys of Blue Hill. Polkas: Maguire’s Favourite / Trallee Jane / Maggy in the Wood.
8T7 Row, Bullies, Row. A. L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl (1957) All with chorus and concertina.:
Row, Bullies Row / The Dreadnaught / Johnny Todd / Paddy Doyle (?) etc.
8T8 The Black Ball Line: Sea Songs and Shanties. A. L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl (1957):
The Black Ball Line / Do Me Ama / Reuben Ranzo / The Handsome Cabin Boy / A Hundred Years Ago / Stormalong / The Coast of Peru / The Gauger / Sally Racket.
10T9 Eleven American Ballads and Songs. Peggy Seeger (1957):
Devilish Mary / Cumberland Gap / I Never Will Marry / The Lady of Carlisle / The Fair Maid By The Shore / The Deer Song / Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies / The Wife of Usher’s Well / Soldier’s Joy / Shady Grove / Georgia Buck.
7T10 Nancy Whiskey Sings. Nancy Whiskey. 1SE0049879. (1957). Recorded prior to her hit with the Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group.
An Old Man Came a'Courting, Bonny Lad, The Bold Fenian Men, Poor Little Turtle Dove, The Trooper and the Maid, The Farewell Song.
10T11 John Gibbon's Disc. John Gibbon (1957):
John Henry / Stakolee / Another Man Done Gone / True Religion / You’re Going to Leave me Baby / Can’t You Line ‘em / Kansas City Blues / Corina.
10T12 Rumanian Folk Music: field recordings edited by A.L.Loyd (1958):
Geamparalele / Ca Din Cimpoi / Miorita / Ca La Breaza / Bogatul Si Saracul / Briu / I-Auzi Mindro Pitigoiu / Arcanul / Bugeacul / Miu Haiducul / Riule Pariule / Pe Picior / Pendem Devla Draboro / Tumbe Tumbe / Calusarii Si Ciocirlia.
10T13 Shuttle and Cage. Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger (banjo and guitar) (1958). Twelve industrial songs:
Tha Wark of the Weavers / The Blantyre Explosion / Moses of the Mail / Fourpence a Day / Champion at Keeping ‘em Rolling / The Four Loom Weaver / The Plodder Seam / Cosher Bailey’s Engine / The Gresford Disaster / Cannily, Cannily / The Coalowner and the Pitman’s Wife / Poor Paddy Works on the Railway.
10T14 The Rambling Boys. Jack Elliott and Derroll Adams (1957):
Rich and Rambling Boys / Buffalo Skinners / Wish I was a Rock / State of Arkansas / Mother’s Not Dead / East Virginia Blues / The Old Bachelor / Danville Girl / The Death of Mr. Garfield / Roll On Buddy.
10T15 Jack Takes the Floor. Jack Elliott (1958):
San Francisco Bay Blues / Ol’ Riley / Boll Weevil / Bed Bug Blues / New York Town / Grey Goose / Mule Skinner’s Blues / Cocaine / Dink’s Song / Black Baby / Salty Dog.
12T16 Chorus From The Gallows. Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger (1960?):
Derek Bentley / The Black Velvet Band / Jamie Raeburn’s Farewell / Minorie / Hughie the Graeme / Johnny O’Breadiesley / Treadmill Song / Turpin Hero / Crafty Farmer / McKaffery / Jimmie Wilson / Lag’s Song / Van Diemen’s Land / Go Down Ye Murderers.
10T17 Paul Robeson's Transatlantic Concert. Paul Robeson with piano accomp. by Winifred Harrison:
Water Boy / Scandalise My Name / Lullaby / All Through the Night / Ol’ Man River / Curly Headed Baby / Star Vicino / Song of Freedom (Smetana) / Schlof Mein Kind / Kevin Barry / No More.
7T18 (later TOP18) Come Along, John! 8 American folk songs for children, sung by Peggy Seeger with Barbara and Penny Seeger:
Come Along John / All Round the Kitchen / Billy Barlow / Old Aunt Kate / Little Bird / Lula Gal / Rissolty Rissolty / The Derby Ram.
7T19 Round and Round with the Jeffersons. The Jeffersons (Al Jeffery; Barbara Young; Ted Ford; Ted Andrews):
The Rakes of Mallow / I Gave My Love a Cherry / Poor and Rambling Boy / Coortin’ in the Kitchen / The Drover’s Dream / Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny.
12T20 Pete Seeger's Guitar Guide for Folk Singers (1958 / 9?):
An instructional record with tutor, demonstrating folk-style guitar technique. A Folkways (USA) recording.
10T21 Israeli Songs. Zimra Ornatt with Leon Rosselson - guitar (1958 / 9?):
Ashira Ladonai (I Will Sing to the Lord) / Ki Tinam (Because it is Pleasant) / Pizmon Lyakinton (the Hyacinth) / Rachel, Rachel / Roeh Vroah (Shepherd and Shepherdess) / Yesusum Midbar Vtsia (The Wilderness Shall be Glad) / Orcha Bamidbar (Desert Caravan) / Hafle Vafele (Miracle of Miracles / Taam Haman (The Taste of Manna) / Agada (the Legend of Kineret) / Dodi Tsach Vadom (My Beloved) / Haderech Leilat (On the Way to Eilat).
12T22 Never issued
10T23 (later 12T23) Pete Seeger's Play the 5 String Banjo. Pete Seeger with Sonny Terry, Bob de Cormier and Jerry Silverman:
An instructional record with booklet demonstrating folk style banjo techniques. A Folkways (USA) recording.
10T24 Mountain Songs and Banjo Tunes. Guy Carawan (banjo and guitar):
The Crawdad Song / Charlie / Sourwood Mountain / Ida Red / The Young Man who Wouldn’t Hoe his Corn / Who’s Going to Shoe your Pretty Little Foot? / Railroad Bill / Poor Little Turtle Dove / Cindy, Cindy / The Three Little Pigs / The Kentucky Moonshiner / Chilly Winds / The Kicking Mule / Whoa Buck.
10T25 Second Shift. Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger:
The Song of the Iron Road / Droylsden Wakes / The Calton Weaver / Twenty One Years / The Best Little Door Boy / Oh, Dear Me / Will Caird / The Iron Horse / The Durham Strike / The Collier Laddie / The Colour Bar Strike / The Swan-Necked Valve.
10T26 Barrack Room Ballads. Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger (banjo and guitar), Jimmy MacGregor (guitar) and John Cole (harmonica):
Join the British Army / The Ghost Army of Korea / The Ballad of Wadi Maktilla / The Young Trooper Cut Down in his Prime / Bless ‘em All / Any Complaints / The Second Front Song / Seven Years in the Sand / Farewell to Sicily / Browned off / When this Ruddy War is Over.
TOP27 Liverpool Packet. Stan Kelly (with Leon Rosselson and Geoff Rose) sings songs from Liverpool (1958) :
Maggie May / Lowlands Away / Away, Haul Away / Sailor Cut Down in His Prime / Andrew Rose; Hullabaloo Belay.
10T28 Irish Songs Recalled. Dominic Behan accompanied by John Hasted:
Zoological Gardens / Love is Teasing / The Poor Lone Boy / The Maid of the Sweet Brown Knowe / Coolin / Maureen / The Blind Man / Lagan Love / The Old Triangle / She Moves Through the Fair / Poem.
12T29 Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry. Guitars, harmonica; (acc. Gene Moore drums):
Better Day / Confusion / Dark Road / John Henry / Let me Make you a Little Money / Old Jabo / If You Lose Your Money / Blues on the Highway / Heart in Sorrow / Preachin’ the Blues / Can’t Help Myself / Best of Friends / I Love You, Baby. A Folkways (USA) recording.
10T30 (later 12T30) Harmonica Blues. Sonny Terry:
Alcoholic Blues / Women’s Blues (Corina / Locomotive Blues / Bad Luck Blues / Lost John / Shortnin’ Bread / Fine and False Blues / Harmonica Stomp / Beautiful City. A Folkways (USA) recording.
12T31 Bound For Glory. Woody Guthrie, told by Will Geer (1958):
Stagolee / Little Sack of Sugar / Ship in the Sky / Swim, Swim, Swimmy / Vigilante Man / Do Re Me / Pastures of Plenty / Grand Coulee Dam / This Land is My Land / Talking Fish Blues / The Sinking of the Reuben James / Jesus Christ / There's a Better World A-Coming. A Folkways (USA) recording.
TOP32 Robeson's Here! Paul Robeson, piano accomp. Alan Booth:
Going Home / Curly Headed Baby / Eriskay Love Lilt / Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal.
TOP33 Pete and Five Strings. Pete Seeger:
Penny’s Farm / John Riley / Rissolty Rissolty / Jam on Gerry’s Rocks / Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies / Git Along Little Dogies. A Folkways (USA) recording.
TOP34 Never issued
12T35 Down By the Liffeyside: Irish Street Ballads. Dominic Behan with Peggy Seeger, Leon Rosselson and Ralph Rinzler:
Get Me Down Me Filling Knife / The Saint / Down By the Liffeyside / Ross’ Farewell to Dublin / Waxy Dargell / Red Roses For Me / Thank You Mam, Said Dan / John Mitchell / The Finding of Moses / Master McGrath / Dicey Riley / Finnegan’s Wake / The Women are Worse that the Men / Easy and Slow / The Spanish Lady / The Twang Man / Bold Robert Emmett / Biddy Mulligan.
10T36 Bold Sportsmen All. Ewan MacColl and A.L. Lloyd with Steve Benbow, Peggy Seeger (guitars), John Cole (harmonica):
Govan Pool Room Song / Old Bob Ridley / The Sporting Races of Galway / The Old Bitch Fox / Football Crazy / Creeping Jane / Card Playing Song / The Cock Fight / Bold Thady Quill / The Turpin-Sugar Ray Fight.
TOP37 Hootenanny New York City. Pete Seeger with Sonny Terry, Bob de Cormier and Jerry Silverman (1959):
Mule Skinner Blues / Talking Union Blues / Dark as a Dungeon / California Blues / Wimoweh. A Hootenanny (USA) recording.
TOP38 Shine Like A Star. Peggy Seeger and her sisters Penny and Barbara (1959):
Amen / Child of God / Pretty Little Baby / Great Big Stars / Shine Like a Star / The Angel Band / Watch the Stars.
12T39 Spirituals by the Fisk Jubilee Singers.
I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray / O The Rocks and the Mountains / Rockin’ Jerusalem / When I Was Sinkin’ Down / You May Bury Me in the East / He Arose / The Angels Done Bowed Me / There’s a Great Camp Meeting / Where You There? / Done Made My Vow to the Lord / I’m A-Rolling Through an Unfriendly World / Lord I’m Out There on Your Word. A Folkways (USA) recording.
12T40 Never issued
12T41 Streets of Song. Childhood Memories of City Streets From Glasgow, Salford and Dublin. Ewan MacColl & Dominic Behan (1959):
See Robert Shelton Collection, The University of Liverpool for complete transcription as supplied with recording. See also 'The Singing Streets' Folkways FW 8501; USA copy of same.
12T42 Never issued
12T43 Never issued
12T44 Easter Weekend and After: Songs of the IRA. Dominic Behan accompanied by John Hasted:
Erin-go-Brath / It’s a Grand Old Country / The Recruiting Sergeant / Slean Libh / Sgt. William Bailey / Barry’s Column / Roscarberry / The Boys of County Cork / Johnston’s Motor Car / Sean Tracy / Take it Down from the Mast / The Castle of Brumboe / The Merry Ploughboy / The Old Alarm Clock / The Patriot Game.
12001 Songs Against the Bomb (1959). 12” LP.
Some live tracks at the Ballads and Blues (Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger) and the Partisan Coffee House (London Youth Choir with Fred & Betty Dallas) : Brother Won’t You Join in The Line? - Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger and Jack Elliott 1958; The Crooked Cross - Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger 1960; Strontium 90 (Dallas) - Fred & Betty Dallas with Ron Fielder (banjo) 1959; Hey Little Man (Sinner Man) - Fred & Betty Dallas; Doomsday Blues (St. James Infirmary Blues) - Fred Dallas (sung in the film Aldermaston) 1958; The Ballad of the Five Fingers (MacColl) - Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger 1957 (from the play So Long at the Fair); There are Better Things to Do - Peggy Seeger (banjo) with Jack Elliott (guitar) 1958; The H-Bomb’s Thunder (words by John Brunner, tune the American Union song Miner’s Lifeguard; arranged by John Hasted) - The London Youth Choir, soloists Wendy Edwards & Ron Fielder (banjo) with Leon Rosselson (guitar) 1958; Song of Hiroshima (Koji Kinoshita; English text Ewan MacColl; arr. Alan Bush) - The London Youth Choir, soloist Wendy Edwards 1955; Hoist the Window (a Negro Spiritual arr. John Hasted) - The London Youth Choir, soloist Marlene Tallman with Leon Rosselson (guitar) and Ron Fielder (banjo) 1952; That Bomb Has Got to Go (words MacColl, Seeger; tune traditional shanty A Hundred Years ago) - Ron Fielder, Ray Edwards and members of the Robin Hood Singers 1959; The Dove (MacColl). Freely based on the old English folksong The Cuckoo is a Pretty Bird; arr. Leon Rosselson - Margaret McKeown with Leon Rosselson (guitar) 1954; The Family of Man (Fred Dallas) arr. Wendy Edwards - The London Youth Choir, soloist Ron Fielder (banjo), Margaret McKeown, Marlene Tallman and Ray Edwards, with Leon Rosselson (guitar) 1957. 1LP0129508.
TOP45 Songs and Dances of the French Cameroons. Mouan(tan)gue & his Drummers:
Sondi Di Bwea / Bele Mama / Congo / Tondo Mba / A Ndolo.
TOP46 Songs and Dances of Argentina. Leda and Maria.
Zambita Arribena; Una Lagrime; Manchay Pulto; Their di Querer; Pobrecito; mi Caballo; Huachi-Tori; La Mota; El Humahuaqueno.
TOP47 Songs and Dances contd.?
Never issued
TOP48 Songs and Dances contd.?
Never issued
10T49 Songs of the Aegean. Pieris Zarmas (with Margaret Humphreys - Harp & Peter Ramm - Flute). NSA...2LP0076751
The Shepherd, The Golden Fleece, A Serenade, Three monologues, Your Dark Eyes, Karagouna (a dance), At Sunrise, The Kerkyraikos, Idyll, The Girl from Alatsata, The Death of Dimos, The Sea.
10T50 Still I Love Him. “Great Traditional Singers” series. Ewan MacColl & Isla Cameron (1960):
The American Stranger / Geordie / Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie? / The Bleacher Lass of Kelvinhaugh, etc.
12T51 Outback Ballads. Songs from the Australian Bush and Outback. A.L. Lloyd accompanied by Peggy Seeger, John Cole, Ralph Rinzler:
Flash Jack from Gungadai / Lachlan Tigers / The Cockies of Bungaree / South Australia / The Banks of the Condamine (Nile) / Bluey Brink / The Overlander / A Thousand Miles Away / The Flash Stockman / Wild Colonial Boy / Brisbane Ladies / Bold Jack Donahue / The Shearer’s Dream / The Derby Ram.
10T52 Jeannie Robertson. “Great Traditional Singers” series.
The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No / What a Voice / My Plaidie’s Awa’ / The Gypsy Laddies / When I Was New But Sweet Sixteen / MacCrimmon’s Lament / Roy’s Wife of Aldivalloch/Lord Lovat.

“World of Jazz” series.

12T53 The Music of New Orleans, Vol. 1. The Music of the Streets and the Music of Mardi Gras. A Folkways (USA) recording.
Sister Dora Alexander: Street Cries, Let God's Moon Alone, Times Done Changed. Percy Randolph: Street Cries, Shine. James Mitchell: What a Friend We Have in Jesus / My Old Kentucky Home / When the Saints Go Marching In. Frank Amica: Liebestraum. Hambone: Shoe Shine. Snooks Eaglin: Mean Old Frisco. Mardi Gras Indians & Joe DeGrait:To-wa-bac-a-way, The Indian Race, Red White and Blue Got the Golden Band. Hank: On Mardi Gras Day. Uptown Dances: Bourbon Street Parade, South Rampart Street Parade, Parade of the Krewe of Momus, When the Saints Go Marching In, Margie.
12T54 The Music of New Orleans, Vol 2. The Eureka Brass Band. A Folkways (USA) recording.
Never issued.  Quite why volumes 1 & 3 should have been released and volume 2 not, I have been unable to establish.  I think there was some sort of breakdown of relations; at any rate the licence was withdrawn and only volumes 1 & 3 were issued.  To add further mystery, volume 2 was issued by Melodisc on MLP 12-110 in c.1960 - A Banfield.
12T55 The Music of New Orleans, Vol 3. The Music of the Dance Halls. A Folkways (USA) recording.
Big Mamou - Luthjen's. Road of Sunshine - Happy Landings. Anytime - Moulin Rouge. Married Man Blues, Careless Love - Billie Pierce. Shake it and Break it - Emile Barnes and Lawrence Tocca. Nellie Gray, Blues - Emile Barnes and Charlie Love. Gettysburg, Jimmy's Blues, Corrine Corrina, In the Groove - Kid Clayton.
10T59 Working on the Railroad. Jesse Fuller:
Railroad Work Song / Lining Up the Tracks / John Henry / Railroad Blues / San Francisco Bay Blues / Hangin' 'Round / The Skin Game.

"World of Jazz" ends.

TOP56 Vive La Canadienne. Perry Friedman:
Vive La Canadienne / The Shining Birch Tree / Mary Ann / The Grand Hotel / The Red River Valley / Great Big Sea Home.
TOP57 Hush Little Baby. Sandy and Caroline Paton :
Hush Little Baby / Lord Bateman / Tittery Nan / Perry Merry Dixi Domini / Katy Cruel.
TOP58 Never issued.
TOP60 Songs For Swinging Landlords To. Stan Kelly:
Greedy Landlord / Oakey Evictions / The Man Who Waters the Worker’s Beer / Pity the Downtrodden Landlord.
TOP61 Never issued.
TOP62 Paul Robeson Sings Freedom Songs.
Joe Hill; The Wilno Ghetto Song; Jerusalem; Whirlwinds of Danger; Chi Lai.
TOP63 Songs of Liberty Paul Robeson
The Four Rivers, A Mighty Fortress, The House I Live In, Hymn for Nations.
TOP64 Yugoslav Dances. The Tine Rozanc Ensemble:
Zabaljka - Serbia; Tandrcak - Serbia; So mamca mi rekil - Slovenia; Kortensko na pojas - Macedonia; Bohinjska Polka - Slovenia.
TOP65 Dancing Sardanas: Catalonian Dancers. Orquestra Cobla Solers.
Placa Bacardi, Estimada Montserrat, El Saltira de la Cardina, Vilanova de la Muga.  Recorded in Perpignan by C.J. Adkins.
TOP66 All For Me Grog: English Drinking Songs. A.L. Lloyd :
All for Me Grog / Foggy Dew / The Butcher and the Chamber Maid / John Barleycorn / Jug Of Punch / The Drunken Maids.
TOP67 Far Over the Forth. Ray and Archie Fisher.
The Night Visiting Song / Far Over the Forth / The Twa Corbies / Kilbogie.
TOP68 By Mormond Braes. Dolina Maclennan and Robin Gray (1961):
Gin I wa’ fer the Gaudie Rins / Fil-u-o Ro Hu-o / The Gypsy Laddies / Bratach Bana / Port a Beul / Hug O Ran O Ro / Mormond Braes.
TOP69 Songs Spun in Liverpool (live). The Spinners (1962).
The Whip Jamboree / The Liverpool Barrow Boy / Hayarden / The Champion of the Seas / Judy Drownded / John Peel.
TOP70 3/4 A.D. Davy Graham & Alexis Korner (1962).
Angi / Davy’s Train Blues / 3/4 AD.
TOP71 Gamblers and Sporting Blades. A.L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl acc. by Steve Benbow - guitar :
Skewball; Heenan & Sayers; The Bold Gambler Boy - A.L. Lloyd. Reynard the Fox; Morrisey and the Russian Sailor - Ewan MacColl.
TOP72 Troubled Love. Peggy Seeger:
A Rich Old Man / The Rambling Gambler / The Cruel War is Waging / The Trooper and the Maid.
TOP73 Early in the Spring. Peggy Seeger:
Madam I Have Come to Court You / When I Was in My Prime / So Early in the Spring / The Chickens they are Crowing.
TOP74 The Collier's Rant. Louis Killen, Johnny Handle; acc. Colin Ross (1962):
Blackleg Miners- Louis Killen; Collier’s Rant - Johnny Handle; Aw Wish Pay Friday Would Come - Louis Killen / The Putter - Johnny Handle; The Trimdon Grange Explosion - Louis Killen; The Waggoner - Johnny Handle. See Topic 12T189.
TOP75 Northumbrian Garland. Louis Killen, Johnny Handle; acc. Colin Ross (1962):
Anti Gallician Privateer / Sair Fyeld Hinnu / Keep Your Feet Still / Up the Raw / Dol-Li A / Derwentwater’s Farewell. See Topic 12T189.
TOP76 Ceilidh at the Crown. Live at the Jug of Punch. An evening at the Jug of Punch folk club at the Crown, Station Street, Birmingham. The Ian Campbell Folk Group (1962):
Paddy on the Railroad / The Twa Corbies / Our Ship is Ready / Buy Broom Besoms / The Nutting Girl / Jolly Beggar / Boatman / A Hundred Years Ago.
TOP77 Songs for City Squares. Leon Rosselson - with spoken comments (1962).
Down the Drain, Dear John Profumo, To Mr Butler, Sir (on sleeve 'Butler' is obliterated and is substituted with Brooke), Battle Hymn of the New Socialist Party.
TOP78 Stottin' Doon the Waall. Mining Songs from Northumberland & Durham. Johnny Handle (1962):
The Collier Lad / Big Meeting Day / The Stoneman’s Lament / Strutting Alang the Wall / Farewell to the Monty / The Day We Went to the Coast. See Topic 12T189.
12T79 Jacobite Songs: The Two Rebellions 1715 & 1745. Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger - guitar & banjo (published 1962; released 1963?):
Ye Jacobites By Name / Such a Parcel of Rogues in a Nation / Will You go to Sherrifmuir / Wae’s me for Prince Charlie / Charlie is my Darling / Haugh’s o’ Cromdale / Bonnie Moorhen / Johnnie Cope / Cam Ye o’er frae France / There’s Three Brave Loyal Fellows / This is No my Ain House / Piper o’ Dundee / Donald MacGillavry / MacLean’s Welcome / Will Ye No Come Back Again.
TOP80 Test Pressing and / or not appropriated.
TOP81 The Butcher Boy. Enoch Kent:
Donal Don / The Beggar Man / Bonnie Lass Come Ower the Burn / The Butcher Boy / Erin Go Bragh.
TOP82 Songs of Protest. The Ian Campbell Folk Group (1962):
Viva La Quince Brigade / We Will Overcome / The Boys of Wexford / The Peat Bog Soldiers / Domovina / The Cutty Wren.
TOP83 Wor Geordie. Bob Davenport accompanied by The Rakes (1962):
Hot Aphalt / Bog Down In the Valley / Tramps and Hawkers / Wor Geordie’s Wife.
12T84 The Roving Journeyman. The Willett Family - Tom, Chris and Ben (1963):
Lord Bateman / The Blacksmith Courted Me / The Little Ball of Yarn / Died For Love / The Rambling Sailor / Riding Down to Portsmouth / As I Was Going to Salisbury / The Roving Journeyman 1 & 2 / While Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping / The Old Miser / Game of Cards.
TOP85 Peelers and Prisoners. Dominic Behan (1963):
The Old Triangle / The Smashing of the Van / The Peelers and the Goat / The Mountjoy Hotel.
12T86 The Iron Muse. A Panorama of Industrial Folk Song. Arranged by A.L. Lloyd (1963):
Miner’s Dance Tunes - The Celebrated Working Man’s Band / The Collier’s Rant - Bob Davenport / The Recruited Collier - Anne Briggs / Pit Boots - A.L. Lloyd / The Banks of the Dee - Louis Killen / The Donibristle Moss Moran Disaster - Matt McGinn / The Durham Lockout - Bob Davenport / The Blackleg Miners - Louis Killen / The Celebrated Working Man - A.L. Lloyd / The Row Between the Cages - Bob Davenport / The Collier’s Daughter / The Weaver’s March - The Celebrated Working Man’s Band / The Weaver and the Factory Maid - A.L. Lloyd / The Spinner’s Wedding - Ray Fisher / The Poor Cotton Wayver - A.L. Lloyd / The Doffing Mistress - Anne Briggs / The Swan Necked Valve - Matt McGinn / The Dundee Lassie - Ray Fisher / The Foreman O’Rourke - Matt McGinn / Farewell to the Monty - Louis Killen / Miner’s Dance Tunes - The Celebrated Working Man’s Band.
12T87 Irish Traditional Songs. The McPeake Family (1963):
McLeod’s Reel / Bucket of the Mountain Dew / Eileen Aroon / An Durd Fainne / My Singing Bird / Lament of Aughrim / Carraigdoon / Derry Hornpipe / Old Piper / Slievegallion Braes / Ireland Boys Hurrah / Cock Robin / Coolin / Verdant Braes of Skreen.
12T88 Never issued.
TOP89 Irish Pipe and Fiddle Tunes. Willie Clancy, Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman:
Hardiman the Fiddler; Coleman's Favourite; Chief O'Neill's; The Maid I Ne'er Forgot / The Tempest / Colonel Rodney; The Chanter's Song; The Mountain Road.
12T90 Never issued.
12T91 Irish Traditional Songs in Gaelic and English. Joe Heaney:
Rocks of Bawn / One Morning in June / Casadh an Tsugain / Wife of the Bold Tenant Farmer / Trees they Grow Tall / Peigin is Peadar / Cunnia / Caoineadh na Dtri Mhuire / An Tighearna Randal / Bean an Leanna / John Mitchel.
TOP92 Wild Mountain Thyme. The McPeake Family.
Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go; I Know My Love; Juanita; Jug of Punch.
12T93 Talking Woody Guthrie. Jack Elliott :
Talking Columbia Blues / Pretty Boy Floyd / Ludlow Massacre / Talking Miner Blues / Hard Travelling / So Long its Been Good to Know You / Talking Dustbowl Blues / 1913 Massacre / Rambling Boys / Talking Sailor Blues.
TOP94 The Hazards of Love. Anne Briggs (1963):
Lowlands Away / My Bonny Boy / Polly Vaughan / Rosemary Lane.
TOP95 Heroes in Love. Shirley Collins (1963):
The False Bride / Locks & Bolts / Rambleaway / A Blacksmith Courted Me.
12T96 The Great Scots Traditional Ballad Singer. Jeannie Robertson (1959 ... Reissue of 10T52, 1963):
The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No / What a Voice / My Plaidie’s Awa’ / The Gypsy Laddies / When I was New But Sweet Sixteen / MacCrimmon’s Lament / Roy’s Wife of Aldivalloch / Lord Lovat.
TOP97 The Summertime is Over. Judith Silver:
Ya se fue el verano / The Crow on the Cradle / The Two Brothers / Shura Eiloi.
TOP98 Blow The Man Down. A.L. Lloyd & Ewan MacColl with Harry H. Corbett (originally recorded 1956):
The Black Ball Line / Reuben Ranzo / Do Me Ama / Blow the Man Down.
TOP99 A Hundred Years Ago. A.L. Lloyd & Ewan MacColl (originally recorded 1956):
Blood Red Roses / The Handsome Cabin Boy / A Hundred Years Ago etc? 1SE0049912.
TOP100 The Coast of Peru. A.L. Lloyd & Ewan MacColl (originally recorded 1956):
The Dreadnought / The Coast of Peru etc.
TOP101 Dominic Takes the Floor. Dominic Behan:
The Blind Man He Could See / Love is Pleasing / Zoological Gardens / A Sailor Courted a Farmer’s Daughter.
STOP101 Black and White c/w Bahnuah (single). The Galliards (Robin Hall; Jimmy MacGregor; Leon Rosselson; Shirley Bland).
STOP102 The Sun is Burning c/w The Crow and the Cradle (single). The Ian Campbell Group featuring Ian and Lorna Campbell. 1SE0049915.
12T103 English and Scottish Folk Ballads. A.L. Lloyd and Ewan MacColl (1964):
Henry Martin / Cruel Mother / The Bitter Withy / Demon Lover / The Prickly Bush (Lloyd): The Baron of Brackley / Lord Randall / The Sweet Kumadie / Hughie the Graeme / The Beggar Man (MacColl).
12T104 Steam Whistle Ballads. Ewan MacColl (1964):
Wark of ther Weavers / Droylsden Wakes / Four Loom Weaver / Calton Weaver / Oh Dear Me / Coal Owner and the Pitman’s Wife / Four Pence a Day / Gresford Disaster / Will Caird / Iron Horse / Poor Paddy Works on the Railway / Cannily Cannily / Song of the Iron Road / Blantyre Explosion / Collier Laddie / Moses of the Mail.
12T105 Roll On Buddy. Jack Elliott and Derroll Adams.
Rich and Rambling Boy; Buffalo Skinners; I Wish I Was a Rock; It's Hard, Ain't it Hard; All Around the Water Tank; Mother's Not Dead; East Virginia Blues; The Old Batchelor; Danville Girl; The State of Arkansas; The Death of Mr Garfield; Roll On Buddy.
12T106 Muleskinner. Jack Elliott:
San Francisco Bay Blues / Ol’ Riley / Boll Weevil / Bed Bug Blues / New York Town / Old Blue / Grey Goose / Muleskinner Blues / East Texas Talkin’ Blues / Cocaine / Dink’s Song / Black Baby / Salty Dog. Retitled reissue of 10T 15.
12T107 Bulgarian Folk Music. Collected and edited by A. L. Lloyd (1964) :
WEST BULGARIA: SOFIA DISTRICT: Gankino horo (dance); Marko Iska Moravka devoika (work song); Zhatvarska pesen (work song); Padnal mi ranen mlad Stoyan (ballad); Sitno horo (dance); Otreyala mesechina (dance song); PIRIN REGION: Makedonske horo (dance); Tambura drunka (work song); Boi se otvori (ballad); Mori Zlata se e bolna (dance song); Zapili kito mome bolna (sedenka song); Makedonske pesen (sedenka melody); Devoiko devoiko mome (dance song); SOUTH, EAST & NORTH BULGARIA: RHODOPE REGION: Ti li mi vleze v Bakchana (sedenka song); Ya stoi postoi (work song); Troitsa bratya (ballad); Kadana sedi v Bakhchana (sedenka song; THRACE: Vila se e gora (ballad); Dva sa momi momuvali (dance song); Dzhenda na putya sedeshe (sedenka song); Pasobrala byala Rada (ballad); DOBRUDZA & NORTH BULGARIA: Dobrudzhansko hora (dance); Tudura kupai misiri (sedenka song); Zatvoren Stoyan (ballad); SOFIA DISTRICT: Tsone milo chedo (dance)
STOP 108 Ian Campbell
Never Issued (tracks issued by Transatlantic instead and credited as Topic recordings).
TOP109 True Loves and False Lovers. Alice Brenan.
Never Issued
12T110 Sea Songs and Shanties: Farewell Nancy. Various Artists (1964):
Wild Goose; Lovely Nancy - Ian Campbell with chorus & Dave Swarbrick, fiddle / The Nightingale / Heave Away My Johnny / Row Bullies Row / The Fireship - Cyril Tawney / Tom’s Gone To Hilo / Ship in Distress - Louis Killen / Lowlands Low / One Morning In Spring - Cyril Tawney / Hilo Johnny Brown / Poor Old Horse / Bold Princess Royal - Louis Killen / Billy Boy - Bob Davenport / Bold Benjamin - Cyril Tawney / Hog Eye Man / Goodbye, Fare Thee Well - Louis Killen with chorus & Dave Swarbrick, fiddle.
STOP111 Hanging From a Tree c/w Where Have All the Flowers Gone (single). Vanessa Redgrave (1964). 1SE0049916.
TOP112 Macedonian and Albanian Dances. Tine Rozanc Ensemble:
Dances from Povarderje / Soto / Frulaska Oro / Cacak / Makedonsko Oro.
12T113 Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot? Peggy Segger and Tom Paley with Claudia Paley (1964) :
Who’s that Knocking at my Window? / Lone Henry / The Lass of Roch Royal / Who’s Going to Shoe your Pretty Little Foot? / Pretty Polly / Englewood Mine / Buck Dancer’s Choice / Just as the Tide Was Flowing / The Kicking Mule / The Heartless Lady / The Fiddling Soldier / Tittery Nan / Loving Reilly / The Cuckoo / If He’d Be a Buckaroo / The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore.
TPS114 Folk Songs: An Anthology. Topic Sampler 1(1964?):
Heave Away My Johnny - Louis Killen 110 / Skewball - A. L. Lloyd 71 / Cutty Wren - Ian Campbell Group 82 / Let No Man Steal Your Thyme - Isla Cameron 50 / Dr. Gilbert - Maggie Barry 6 / Blow the Man Down - Harry H. Corbett 98 / Jug of Punch - McPeake Family 92 / Up the Raw - Louis Killen 75 / Donal Don - Enoch Kent 81 / My Bonny Bonny Lass - Anne Briggs 94 / Miner’s Dances - Celebrated Working Men’s Band 86 / Johnnie Cope - Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger 79.
STOP115 The Patriot Game c/w Erin Go Brath (single). Dominic Behan (1964).
STOP116 Ol' Man River c/w Kevin Barry (single). Paul Robeson. ‘First Published 1957’; released here 1964 (?).
12T117 Old Times and Hard Times. Hedy West:
The Wife Wrapt in Wether Skin / Fair Rosamund / Barbara Allen / Old Joe Clark / The Coalminer’s Child / Gambling Man / Brother Ephus / Polly / Davidson-Wilder Blues / Rich Irish Lady / Shut Up in the Mines at Coal Creek / The Wife of Usher’s Well / Lament for Barney Graham. Reissued, 1981.
12T118 First Person. A.L. Lloyd (1966):
Four Drunken Maidens / St. James’ Hospital / Kelly Gang / I Wish My Love / Jack Orion / Lover’s Ghost / Rocking the Cradle / Drover’s Dream / Short Jacket and White Trousers / Sovay, the Female Highwayman / Reynardine / Farewell Nancy / Fanny Blair / Shickered as He Could Be.
NSA - not appropriated.
12T120 The Singing Campbells. Traditions from an Aberdeen Family. The Campbell Family:
Fur does Bonny Lorna Lie / Sleep Till Yer Mammy / Nicky Tams / Road and the Miles to Dundee / Drumdelgie / I Ken Fur I’m Gaun / My Wee Man’s a Miner / Fa Fa Fa wid be a Bobby / Foul Friday / Me an’ me Mither / We Three Kings of Orient Are / Bogie’s Bonnie Belle / Cruel Mother / Lang a-growing / Lady Eliza / Will Ye Gang Love / I Wish I Wish / McGinty’s Meal and Ale.
TOP121 R & B From S & B. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee:
Old Jabo / Heart in Sorrow / Preachin’ the Blues / Can’t Help Myself.
12T122 Tommy Armstrong of Tyneside. Louis Killen; Tom Gilfellon; Johnny Handle; acc. Colin Ross & Maureen Craik (1965) :
Durham Gaol - Tom Gilfellon / Row Between the Cages - Louis Killen / The Birth of the Lad - Tom Gilfellon with Handle, Ross / Marla Hill Ducks - Louis Killen / Oakey’s Keeker - Tom Gilfellon / Durham Lockout - Maureen Craik; Colin Ross / Wor Nannie’s a Maizor - Gilfellon; Handle; Ross / Oakey Strike Eviction - Gilfellon, Handle; Ross; Killen / Sheel Raw Flood - Louis Killen / Hedgehog Pie - Handle; Gilfellon; Ross / The Ghost that Haunted Bunty - Louis Killen / Skeul Board Man - Handle; Gilfellon; Ross / Trimdon Grange Explosion - Maureen Craik / South Medomsley Strike - Handle; Gilfellon; Killen; Ross.
12T123 Her Mantle So Green. Margaret Barry and Michael Gorman: Songs by Margaret Barry vocal, banjo; tunes by Michael Gorman fiddle, with Margaret Barry banjo and sometimes Tommy Maguire accordion, Paddy Breen flageolet, Patsy Goulding piano
The Cycling Champion of Ulster; The Flower of Sweet Strabane; Reel: Dr Gilbert; The Turfman from Ardee; The Galway Shawl; Polkas: Maguire’s Favourite/Tralee Gaol/Maggie in the Wood; The Wild Coionial Boy; My Lagan Love; Hornpipe: The Boys of Blue Hill; The Factory Girl; Her Mantle So Green; Reels: The Bunch of Keys/The Heather Breeze
TOP124 More R & B From S & B. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.
Confusion, Dark Road, John Henry, Blues on the Highway.
12T125 New Voices. An album of first recordings. The Watersons, Harry Boardman, Maureen Craik (1965) :
Boston Harbour - The Watersons / To the Begging - Harry Boardman / The White Cockade - Maureen Craik / Owdham - Harry Boardman / The Greenland Whale Fishery - The Watersons / Hard Times - Harry Boardman / The Sandgate Girl’s Lament - Maureen Craik / Three Score and Ten - The Watersons / The Broom of Cowdenknowes - The Watersons / Bonny at Morn - Maureen Craik / The Hand Loom versus the Power Loom - Harry Boardman / A U Hinny Burd - Maureen Craik / The Shurat Weaver - Harry Boardman / Kin Arthur’s Servants - The Watersons / The Weaver of Wellbrook - Harry Boardman.
12T126 Ballads and Broadsides. Louis Killen (1965):
Young Edwin in the Lowlands / As We Were a-Sailing / The Flying Cloud / All Things are Quite Silent / One May Morning / The Cock / The Bramble Briar / Thorneymoor Woods / The Banks of Sweet Primroses.
Test Pressing and / or not appropriated - VWL / NSA.
12T128 Bonny Lass Come O'er The Burn. Various Artists:
Twa Corbies - Ray Fisher; Fil Uo Ro Hu-o - Dolina MacLennan; Gypsie Laddie - Robin Gray;Beggarman - Enoch Kent; Hug O Ran O Ru - Dolina MacLennan; Donal Don - Enoch Kent; Kilbogie - Ray & Archie Fisher; Night Visiting Song - Ray & Archie Fisher; Bonnie Lass Come O’er the Burn - Enoch Kent; Far Over the Forth - Ray Fisher; Butcher Boy - Enoch Kent; Puirt a Bue -: Dolina MacLennan; Erin Go Bragh - Enoch Kent; Bratach Bana - Dolina MacLennan.
Test pressing and / or not appropriated - VWL / NSA.
12T130 Bundook Ballads. Ewan MacColl:
Any Complaints / Fortress Songs / Farewell to Sicily / Ballad of Wadi Maktilla / Dying Soldier / Ghost Army of Korea / Browned Off / When this Ruddy War is Over / Join the British Army / On the Move Tonight / Second Front Song / Seven Years in the Sand / Hand Me Down Me Petticoat / Young Trooper Cut Down in his Prime / Bless ‘em All.
Test Pressing. VWL / NSA.
Test Pressing. VWL / NSA.
12T133 New Voices From Scotland. Gordeanna McCulloch, Norman Kennedy, The Exiles (1965?).
The Exiles: Soldiers Joy / Tae the Beggin' / The Toon o' Kelso / The Bonny lass o' Bon-Accord, The Haughs o' Cromdale, Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle, Moulin Dubh. Gordeanna McCulloch: The Kirk o' Birnie Bouzle / The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow / The Lichtbob's Lassie / Will Ye Gang, Love. Norman Kennedy: Sleepytoon / Peurt a Beul / The Haughs o' Cromdale / My Son David.
12T134 Move On Down the Line. Jesse Fuller (1965):
Move On Down the Line / Stealing / Ninety-nine Years and One Dark Day / Animal Fair / Sleeping in the Midnight Cold / Stackolee / Railroad Worksong / Lining up the Track / Hangin’ Round a Skin Game / Railroad Blues / San Francisco Bay Blues.
12T135 The Bird In The Bush: Traditional Erotic Songs (1966). A.L .Lloyd; Anne Briggs; Frankie Armstrong with Alf Edwards (concertina) and Dave Swarbrick (fiddle):
Two Magicians / Old Man from Over the Sea / Wanton Seed / Gathering Rushes in the Month of May / Bonnie Black Hare / Whirly Whori / Pretty Polly / Old Bachelor / Stonecutter Boy / Mower / Bird in the Bush / Pegging Awl / Martinmas Time / Widow of the Westmoreland’s Daughter.
12T136 Frost and Fire. The Watersons (1965).
Here We Come a-Wassailing; The Derby Ram; Jolly Old Hawk; Pace-Egging Song; Seven Virgin. or The Leaves of Life; Hal-an-Tow; Earsdon Sword Dance Song; John Barleycorn; We Gets Up in the Morn; Souling Song; Christmas Is Now Drawing Near at Hand; Herod and the Cock; Wassail Song; The Holly Bears a Berry
12T137 The Fisher Family (1966) :
Come All Ye Fisher Lassies / Schooldays Over / Rigs O’Rye / Donalogue / For Our Lang Biding Here / Joy of My Heart / Hey Ca’through / What’s Poor Mary Weeping For? / Bonnie Lass O’Ballochmyle / I am a Miller Tae ma Trade / Birkin Tree / I am a Freeborn Man / Aince Upon a Time.
12T138 The Stewarts of Blair. The Stewart Family:
Huntingtower / Caroline of Edinburgh Town / In London’s Fair City / Queen Amang the Heather / Dowie Dens O’ Yarrow / The Lakes O’ Shillin / Ower Yon Hill There Lives a Lassie / The Convict’s Song / Young Jamie Foyers / The Corncrake amang the Whinny Knowes / Busk, Busk, Bonnie Lassie / Fagail Liosmor / 74th Farewell to Edinburgh / Shepherd’s Crook / Miss Proud.
12T139 A Wild Bee's Nest. Paddy Tunney (1965).
The Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee / The Colleen Rue / The Flower of Sweet Strabane / The Waterford Boys / Easter Snow / I Once Had a True Love / Sheela Nee Eyre / When a Man’s In Love / The Banks of Dunmore / Bonny Tavern Green / Castlehyde.
12T140 A Canadian Garland. Folksongs from the Province of Ontario. LaRena Clark.
Kettle on the Stovepipe / Lord Gregory / Thyme ‘tis a Pretty Flower / Rifle Boys / House Carpenter / Gallant Hussar / Banks of the Nile / I Once Loved a Lass / Dapple Grey / Old County Fair / There was a Lord in Edinburgh / Faggot Cutter.
Test Pressing and / or not appropriated. VWL.
12T142 The Watersons (1966):
Dido, Bendigo / The North Country Maid / Brave Wolfe / The Jolly Waggoners / I Am A Rover / Fathom the Bowl / The Thirty Foot Trailer / The Holmfirth Anthem / Twanky-Dillo / The White Hare of Howden / The Plains of Mexico / All For Me Grog.
12T143 Freedom, Come All Ye. The Exiles:
Ballad of Accounting / Moving On Song / We’re Only Here For Exploration / Thank Christ for Christmas / Pigeon / Pound a Week Rise / Freedom, Come All Ye / For a That and a That / Arthur McBride / Willie Brennan / Wae’s Me For Prince Charlie / La Pique / Van Diemen’s Land / Twa Recruiting Sergeants.
Test Pressing and / or not appropriated. VWL.
TPS 145 Folk Songs: An Anthology. Topic Sampler 2. Various artists (1966):
Whip Jamboree - The Spinners / Hedgehog Pie - Johnny Handle / The Sailor Cut Down in his Prime - Stan Kelly / Fair Rosamund - Hedy West / Four Pence a Day - Ewan MacColl / Master Magrath - Dominic Behan / Buy Broom Besoms - Ian Campbell Folk Group / The Overlander - A.L. Lloyd / The Broom of Cowdenknowes - The Watersons / Rambleaway - Shirley Collins / Buck Dancer’s Choice - Tom Paley / Night Visiting Song - Ray & Archie Fisher.
12T146 Pretty Saro. Hedy West (1966):
The House Carpenter / Pretty Saro / Old Smokey / Blow Ye Gentle Winds / My Love’s Full of Glory / Promised Land / Over There / Little Matty Groves (Ch 81) / Rake and Rambling Boy / Joe Bowers / Whistle Daughter, Whistle / I’m an Old Bachelor / Johnny Sands / My Good Old Man / Frankie Silvers / Lee Tharin’s Bar Room (Cowboy’s Lament).
12T147 The Manchester Angel. Ewan MacColl (1966):
We Poor Labouring Men / Georgie / Barbara Allen / Sheepcrook and Black Dog / Bramble Briar (Strawberry Town) / One Night as I Lay on my Bed / Grey Cock / At the Begging I will Go / Sheep Stealer / Manchester Angel / Bold Richard / Press Gang / Round Cape Horn / Through Moorfields / Homeward Bound.
Test pressing. VWL / Banfield.
Test Pressing. VWL / Banfield.
12T150 Songs of a Shropshire Farmworker. Fred Jordan (1966):
We Shepherds are the Best of Men; The Ship that Never Returned; Down the Road and Away Went Polly; All Jolly Fellows that Follow the Plough; The Watery Grave; The Dark Eyed Sailor; Three Old Crows; John Barleycorn; The Banks of the Sweet Primroses; The Bonny Boy; Polly's Father Lived in Lincolnshire; The Royal Albert; Down the Green Groves; The Farmer's Boy.
12T151 Vagrant Songs of Scotland. Isabel Sutherland (1966):
King Farewell / The Brewer’s Daughter / Griogal Cridhe (Gaelic Lament) / Soda Scones / Waulking Song / Father, Father (Sweet William) / The Two Brothers (Ch49) / Iomavaibh Eutrom (Row Lightly) / False Hae Ye Been / Lord Bateman (Ch53) / Dance With Me, Morag / Sandy’s Mill / The Beggin’ Man (Ch279) / The Four Maries (Ch173).
12T152 Never issued.
12T153 Ireland Her Own. Paddy Tunney; Arthur Kearney; Frank Kelly; Joe Tunney (1966).
Paddy Tunney: Sean O'Dwyer a Gleanna / The Ribbon Blade / The Bold Fenian men / John Mitchel / The Valley of Knockanure / The Grand Oul' Dame Britannia / Kevin Barry. Arthur Kearney: Follow me up to Carlow / Jackets Green / General Munro / The Felons of our Land / The Song of the Dawn. Frank Kelly (violin) and Joe Tunney (Melodeon): The Battle of Aughrim / The Memory of the Dead / The Dawning of the Day.
12T154 The Folk Music of Albania. Recorded in the field by A.L.Lloyd (1966):
North Albania: Kenge Maje Krahe (mountain signal): Zef Deda / Valle Lezhes (dance): Mark Pashku (cifteli) / Kenge Djepi (lullaby): Mri Jaku / Ti Ne Koder Un Ne Koder (dance song): Tom Nikola (acc. cifteli) / Vajtim (funeral lament): Dila Gjoni / Dhent Ne Mrize (shepherd’s melody): Martin Vata (fyell) / Kenga E Cun Mules (ballad): Tom Marashi & Zef Deda / Zenel Kadrija (ballad): Mark Pashku (acc. cifteli) / South Albania: Valle E Gadjes (dance): Sadik Diko (gadje) & Reshit Shehu (daire) / O Bilbil Sakat, Sakat (lyrical song): Vangjel; Nikollaq; Kili and Kristo Dano / Vatjim (shepherd tune): played by Sadik Diko (cyledy jare) / Llazore (ritual song): Kili Dano / Avazali Dy Motrave (instrumental improvisation): Qerim Baki (llaute) acc. by Riza Muhaxhiri (llaute) / Do Dalim Nga Myzeqeja (political song): Vangiel, Nikollaq, Kili & Kristo Dano / Kaba Vence (instrumental improvisation):Refki Taho (clarinet), Hysen Zizolli (accordion) & Ahmet Metolli (drum) / Fuat Bahani (historical song): Ali Kondi, Nevruz Kondi & group / Valle Kolonjarce (dance): Feim Feizo (gadje) & Riza Muhaxhiri (daire) / Kaba Me Gernete (instrumental improvisation): Rakip Muhaxhiri (clarinet), Festim Permeti (violin), Qerim Baki (llaute) & Qerim Hajre (accordion). See TSCD904...reissue.
Test Pressing. AB.
Test Pressing. AB.
12T157 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 1. The Songs of Courtship (1968). Original issue Caedmon TC 1141 (USA), 1961:
Green Grow the Laurels - Jeannie Robertson / The False Bride - Bob Copper / Our Wedding Day - Francis McPeake / When a Man’s In Love - Paddy Tunney / Aileen Duinn - Flora McNeill / Bonnie Kate - Agnes Whyte / Old Grey Beard Newly Shaven - Jeannie Robertson / The Sweet Primeroses - Bob and Ron Copper / The Coolin - Paddy Taylor / Shule Aroon - Elizabeth Cronin / The Brown Thorn - Seamus Ennis / As I Roved Out - Seamus Ennis / The Magpie’s Nest - Jane Kelly / Dame Durden - Bob and Ron Copper / Casadh an tSugain - Maire O’Sullivan / The Girl was Smart for the Fiddler - Michael Doherty / My Darling Ploughman Boy - Jimmy McBeath / The False Young Man - Frank and Francis McPeake / I’m A Young Bonnie Lassie - Blanche Wood / No John, No - Bob and Ron Copper / Bogie’s Bonnie Belle - Davy Stewart.
12T158 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 2. The Songs of Seduction:
The Nutting Girl - Cyril Poacher / The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No - Jeannie Robertson / Bundle and Go - John Doherty / Blow the Candle Out - Jimmy Gilhaney / The Foggy Dew - Phil Hammond / Toorna Ma Goon - Jimmy McBeath / Rolling in the Ryegrass - Paddy Taylor / The Jolly Tinker - Thomas Moran / Long Peggin’ Aw - Harry Cox / The Thrashing Machine - Anne O’Neill / The Rigs of London Town - Charlie Wills / The Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie’s Plaid Awa’ - Jimmy McBeath, Duncan Burker, Jeannie Robertson / The Cunning Cobbler - George Spicer / Dublin City - Seamus Ennis / The Light Dragoon - Harry List / The Orkney Style of Courtship - John Findlater / The Cuckoo’s Nest - Jeannie Robertson, John Maguire, John Strachan / The Soldier and the Lady - Raymond and Frederick Cantwell / Behind the Bush in the Garden - Seamus Ennis / Never Wed an Old Man - Jeannie Robertson / The Maid of Australia - Harry Cox / The Merchant’s Son and the Beggar’s Daughter - Davy Stewart / The Bold English Navvy - Lal Smith / Cruising Round Yarmouth - Harry Cox.
12T159 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 3. Jack of All Trades:
Jovial Tradesman - Bob & Ron Copper / Roving Journeyman - Paddy Doran / Candlelight Fisherman - Phil Hammond / Canny Shepherd Laddies - Jimmy White / Dairy Maid - John Maguire / Green Brooms - Sean McDonagh / Gruel - Jimmy McBeath / Jug of Punch - Edward Quinn / Gresford Disaster - Mrs. A. Cosgrove / Jolly Miller - John Strachan / Irish Washerwoman - John Docherty / Farewell to Whiskey - Jessie Murray / The Roving Ploughboy - John McDonald / The Buchan Miller - John McDonald / Fagin the Cobbler - Whickets Richardson / Ould Piper - Frank McPeake / Sweep, Chimney Sweep - Bob & Ron Copper / Mason’s Apron - Agnes & Bridie White / Rhynie - John Strachan / The Tailor By Trade - Joe Tunney / Wee Weaver - John Doherty / Jim the Carter Lad - Jack Goodfellow / Drumgeldie - Davie Stewart / Merry Haymakers - Bob & Ron Copper / I’ll Mend Your Pots and Kettles - Seamus Ennis.
12T160 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 4. The Child Ballads 1 [2-95]. Original issue Caedmon, (USA), 1961.
Side One. The Elfin Knight (An Acre of Land; Strawberry Lane): Bob and Ron Copper, Rottingdean, Sussex, Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitram / The False Knight on the Road: Frank Quinn, Coalisland, Co. Tyrone / Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight (The Outlandish Knight): Fred Jordan, Aston Munslow, Salop. / The Twa Sisters (Binnorie): John Strachan, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire / Lord Randal (Lord Donald, My Son): Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen; Elizabeth Cronin, Macroom, Co. Cork; Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim; Colm McDonagh, Carna, Galway; Eirlys and Eddis Thomas, Glamorgan, South Wales / Edward (My Son David): Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen; Paddy Tunney, Beleek, Co. Fermanagh; Angela Brasil, Kent / King Orfeo: John Stickle, Lerwick, Shetland / The Cruel Mother: Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim / The Broomfield Wager: Cyril Poacher, Blaxhall, Suffolk.
Side Two. Captain Wedderburn’s Courtship: Seamus Ennis, Dublin / The Twa Brothers: Lucy Stewart, Fetterangus, Aberdeenshire / Lord Bateman (Young Beichan): Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim; Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen / Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen: Jessie Murray, Buckie, Banffshire / Lord Lovel: Mrs Ethel Findlater, Dounby, Orkney / Lord Gregory (The Lass of Roch Roy): Elizabeth Cronin, Macroom, Co. Cork / Barbara Allen: Jessie Murray, Buckie, Banffshire; Fred Jordan, Aston Munslow, Salop; Charlie Wills, near Bridport, Dorset; May Bennell, Amersham, Bucks.; Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim; Phil Tanner, Gower, South Wales / George Collins: Enos White, Axford, Hants. / The Prickelly Bush (The Maid Freed From the Gallows): Julia Scaddon, Chideock, Dorset.
12T161 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol 5. The Child Ballads 2 [110-299]. Original issue Caedmon (USA), 1961.
Side One: The Royal Forester (The Knight and the Shepherd’s Daughter) - John Strachan, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire / The Baffled Knight - Emily Bishop, Bromsberrow Heath, Herefordshire / Johnie Cock - John Strachan, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire / The Jew’s Garden - Cecelia Costello, Birmingham / The Battle of Harlaw - Lucy Stewart, Fetterangus, Aberdeenshire / The Four Maries (Mary Hamilton) - Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen / The Gypsie Laddie - Harry Cox, Catfield, Norfolk; Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen; Paddy Doran, Belfast / Georgie - Harry Cox, Catfield, Norfolk / The Dowie Dens of Yarrow - Davy Stewart, Dundee, Angus.
Side Two. Glenlogie - John Strachan, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire / The Grey Cock (Willie’s Ghost) - Cecilia Costello / Henry Martin - Phil Tanner, Gower, South Wales / Lang Johnny More - John Strachan, Fyvie, Aberdeenshire / Willie’s Fate - Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen / Our Goodman - Harry Cox, Catfoeld, Norfolk; Mary Connors, Belfast; Colm Keane, Glinsk, Co. Galway / The Farmer’s Curst Wife - Thomas Moran, Mohill, Co. Leitrim / The Jolly Beggar - Jeannie Robertson, Aberdeen / The Auld Beggarman - Maggie and Sarah Chambers, Tempo, Co. Fermanagh / The Keach in the Creel - Michael Gallagher, Beleek, Co. Fermanagh / The Golden Vanity - Bill Cameron, St. Mary’s Isles of Scilly / The Trooper Lad - Jimmy McBeath, Elgin, Moray.
12T162 North Carolina Songs and Ballads. Frank Proffitt (1966):
Trifling Woman / Cluck Old Hen / Morning Fair / Bonnie James Campbell / Lord Randall / Handsome Molly / Reuben Train / Tom Dooly (Dula) / I’m Going Back to North Carolina / Moonshine / Rye Whiskey / I’ll Never Get Drunk No More / Wild Bill Jones / Gyps of David / Song of a Lost Hunter or Lone Henry / Sourwood Mountain / Going Across the Mountain. First Issued on Folk Legacy FSA1, 1962.
12T163 Ballads. Hedy West with own banjo, guitar, Bill Clifton guitar.
Love Henry; Beaulampkin; Down in Adairsvllle; The Unquiet Grave; Lucy Wan; Sheffield Apprentice; The Foggy Dew; George Collins; The Texan Rangers; The Cruel Mother; Little Sadie; Girl I Left in Danville
12T164 The Hale and The Hanged. The Exiles:
Jolly Beggar / Fair Flower of Northumberland / Corner House / Sally Gardens / Laird O’The Windy Wa / Dainty Davie / Le Reel Du Pendu / Queen Eleanor’s Confession / Plume an’ Laddie / Shoals of Herring / Coolin / I Walked Up to Her / Rocky Road to Dublin / Wee Weaver / Battle of Harlaw / I Will Lay Ye Doon, Love / Planxty Davis.
12T165 The Irish Edge. Paddy Tunney:
Craigie Hill / Lark in the Morning / Johnny, Lonely Johnny / The Cow that Drunk the Poteen / Blackwaterside / Out of the Window / The Month of January / Rambling Boys of Pleasure / Lowlands of Holland / Wearing of the Britches / Old Man Rocking the Cradle / She’s a Gay Old Hag / St. Peters Day was a-Dawning.
TPS166 Men at Work. Topic Sampler 3 (1966):
Hilo Johnny Brown - Louis Killen & chorus / Three Score and Ten - the Watersons / The Shining Birch Tree - Perry Friedman / Drumdelgie - Dave Campbell / The Row Between the Cages - Bob Davenport and the Celebrated Working Men’s Band / The Davison-Wilder Blues - Hedy West / Santy Anna - A. L. Lloyd & chorus / The 1913 Massacre - Jack Elliott / Poor Paddy Works on the Railway - Ewan MacColl with Peggy Seeger / The Factory Girl - Margaret Barry / Slieve Gallon Brae - Kathleen & Francis McPeake / The South Medmomsley Strike - Johnny Handle with Louis Killen, Tom Gilfellon and Colin Ross.
12T167 A Yorkshire Garland. The Watersons (1966):
Poacher’s Fate / Morning Looks Charming / Pretty Drummer Boy / Tour of the Dales / Willy Went to Westerdale / L’anson’s Racehorse / Ploughboy / White Cockade / Sorry for the Day I was Married / Ye Noble Spectators / Stow Brow / Wanton Wife of Castlegate / Yorkshire Tup / Whitby Lad.
TPS168 From Erin's Green Shore. Topic Sampler 4:
Zoological Gardens - Dominic Behen & John Hasted / Cunnia - Joe Heaney / Our Ship is Ready - Margaret Barry / Boys of Blue Hill - Michael Gorman & Margaret Barry / Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee - Paddy Tunney / Will Ye Go, Lassie Go; An Durd Fainne - McPeake Family / Castle of Drumboe - Dominic Behan & John Hasted / Chanter’s Song (march) - Willie Clancy / Song of the Dawn - Arthur Kearney / My Lagan Love - Margaret Barry / Maguire’s Favourite; Tralee Gaol; Maggie in the Wood - Michael Gorman; Margaret Barry;Tommy Maguire; Paddy Breen; Patsy Golden.
TPS169 A Prospect of Scotland. Topic Sampler 5:
King Farewell - Isabel Sutherland / Bratach Bana - Dolina MacLennan / The Boatman - Lorna Campbell & the Ian Campbell Folk Group / The Bonnie Wee Lassie who Never Said No - Jeannie Robertson / Sleepytoon - Norman Kennedy / Pipe Tunes: Fagail Liosmor; 74th’s Farewell to Edinburgh; the Shepherd’s Crook; Miss Proud - Alex Stewart / Joy of My Heart - Ray & Archie Fisher / Bogie’s Bonny Belle - Winnie Campbell / Minorie - Ewan MacColl / Dowie Dens of Yarrow - Belle Stewart / The Spinner’s Wedding - Ray Fisher / For A’ That and A’ That - the Exiles.
12T170 Sweet Primeroses. Shirley Collins (1967):
All Things are Quite Silent / Cambridgeshire May Carol / Spencer the Rover / Rigs of Time / Cruel Mother / Bird in the Bush / Streets of Derry / Brigg Fair / Higher Germanie / St. George Collins / Babes in the Wood / Down in Yon Forest / Magpie’s Nest / False True Love / Sweet Primroses.
12T171 A Girl of Constant Sorrow. Songs of the Kentucky Coalfields. Sarah Ogan Gunning (1967):
I Am a Girl of Constant Sorrow / Loving Nancy / Old Jack Frost / May I Go With You, Johnny? / The Hand of God on the Wall / Down the Picket Line / I Hate the Company Bosses / I’m Going to Organise / Christ was a Wayworn Traveller / Why Do You Stand There in the Rain? / Dreadful Memories / Old Southern Town / I Have Letters from my Father / Captain Devin / Gee Whiz What they Done to Me / Davy Crockett / Battle of Mill Spring / Just the Same Today / Sally / Oh Death. First issued by Folk Legacy, 1965. FSA-26.
12T172 Dublin Street Songs. Frank Harte with Alf Edwards, concertina:
Traveller all over the World / Shamrock Shore / The Rag Man’s Ball / Henry My Son / The Bold Belfast Shoemaker / The Night that Larry was Stretched / The Twang man / The finding of Moses / Father Murphy
12T173 Wild Rover No More. Jimmy MacBeath:
Bold English Navvy / Come a’ Ye Tramps an’ Hawkers / Johnny McIndoe / Wind Blew the Bonnie Lassie’s Plaidie Awa’ / Merchant and the Beggar Maid / Nicky Tams / Barnyards of Delgaty / I’m a Stranger in this Country / Moss O’ Burreldale / Highlandman’s Ball / McPherson’s Rant / Grat for Gruel / Drundelgie / Wild Rover No More.
12T174 Leviathan! Ballads and Songs of the Whaling Trade. A.L. Lloyd with Alf Edwards - concertina; Dave Swarbrick; Martin Carthy; Trevor Lucas; Martyn Wyndham-Reade (1967):
The Balaena / The Coast of Peru / Greenland Bound / The Weary Whaling Grounds / Cruel Ship’s Captain / Off to Sea Once More / The 23rd of March / The Whaleman’s Lament / The Bonny Ship the Diamond / Talcahuano Girls / Farewell to Tarwathie / Rolling Down to Old Maui / Greenland Whale Fishing / Paddy and the Whale / The Eclipse.
12T175 The Minstrel From Clare. Willie Clancy.
Langstern Pony / The Templehouse, Over the Moor to Maggie / Bruachna Carraige Baine (The Brink of the White Rock) / Erin's Lovely Lea / The Killavel Fancy, The Dogs Among the Bushes / The Family Ointment / The Dear Irish Boy / Caoineadh an Spailpin (The Spalpeen's Lament), The Cuckoo's Nest / The Pipe on the Hob / The Legacy Jig / The Flogging Reel / The Song of the Riddles / Spailpín a Rúin (Spalpeen, my love).
12T176 Paddy in the Smoke. Irish Dance Music from a London Pub. Various Artists (1968):
Side One. 1a. Reels: Hall’s Favourite & Lafferty’s Reel; 1b. Jig: Paddy Fahey’s Jig (Martin Byrnes - fiddle). 2. Reels: Eileen Curran & the Bunch of Keys (Martin Byrnes - fiddle). 3. Reel: Paddy Ryan’s Dream (Danny Meehan - fiddle). 4. Reels: Lucy Campbell & Toss the Feathers (Tony McMahon - accordion, Martin Byrnes - fiddles). 5a. Reel: The Ragged Hank of Yarn; 5b. Reels: The Bank of Ireland, The Woman of the House & Morning Dew (Bobby Casey - fiddle, John McLaughlin - spoons). 6. Hornpipe: Denis Murphy’s Hornpipe (Sean O’Shea - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle). 7. Reels: The Yellow Tinker & The Humours of Scarriff (Sean O’Shea - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle).
Side Two. 1. Reel: The Chorus Reel (Con Curtin - fiddle, Denis McMahon - fiddle, Julia Clifford - fiddle). 2. Reel: Callaghan’s Reel (Con Curtin - fiddle, Denis McMahon - fiddle). 3. Jigs: Kitty’s Rambles & Dan the Cobbler (Jimmy Power - fiddle) 4. Reels: Jenny Picking Cockles & Kitty in the Lane (Jimmy Power - fiddle). 5. Reels: The Graf Spee & Ballinasloe Fair (Lucy Farr - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle). 6. Reel: The Moher Reel (Lucy Farr - fiddle, Bobby Casey - fiddle). 7. Reels: Farewell to Erin & Duffy the Dancer (Jimmy Power - fiddle, Lucy Farr - fiddle). 8. Jigs: Doctor O’Neill & The Battering Ram (Jimmy Power - fiddle, Lucy Farr - fiddle, Andy O’Boyle - fiddle).
12T177 Grand Airs of Connemara. Various traditional Irish songs:
Mainstir na Buille - Sean MacDonnachadha / An Caisdeach Ban - Padraic O Cahain / Piopa Andy Mhoir - Tomas O Neachtain / Una Bhan - Feichin O Connluain / Bean on Fhir Rua - Padraic O Cathain / Stor Mo Chroi; Noirin Mo Mhian - Sean MacDonnachadha / Caillin Schoth na Luachra - Padraic O Cathain / Peigi Mistreal - Tomas O Neachtain / An Goirtin Eornan - Feichin O Connluain / Cuaichin Ghleann Neifin - Padraic O Cathain / An Spailpin Fanach - Sean MacDonnachadha.
12T178 Scots Songs and Ballads. Norman Kennedy:
Merchant’s Song / Corachree / Forester / Jolly Beggar / Kismuil’s Galley / Guise o’Tough / Drumdelgie / Night Visiting Song / Wi Me Rovin’ Eye / I Wish I Wish / Auld Beggar Man / Puirt a Buel / Bonnie Highland Soldier / Johnny My Man. A Folk Legacy recording.
12T179 The Travelling Stewarts [incl. Lizzie Higgins] (1968):
Johnnie My Man / Willie’s Fatal Visit / Battle is O’er / Scotland the Brave / 51st Division in Egypt / Bogie’s Bonnie Belle / McGinty’s Meal and Ale / My Bonnie Tammy / McPherson’s Lament / Drunken Piper / Brig O’ Perth / Reel of Tulloch / Loch Dhui / Dawning of the Day / Donald’s Return to Glencoe.
12T180 Back O' Benachie. Songs and Ballads from the Lowland East of Scotland. Various Artists:
Forfar Soldier - Rob Watt / Bogieside - Lizzie Higgins / Tarves Rant - Davy Stewart / Back O’ Benachie - Maggie MacPhee / Guise O’Tough - Rob Watt / Bonnie Hoose O’ Airlie - Bella Stewart / Billy Taylor - Rob Watt / I Canna Wash - Jane Turriff / Willie Graham - Cameron Turriff / Orange and Blue - Cattice Stewart / Lothian Hairst - Rob Watt / Mill O’ Tiffy’s Annie - Sheila Stewart.
12T81 Festival At Blairgowrie. Various Artists recorded at Blairgowrie. (1967)
Festival o’ Blair - Stewart, Belle; I Am a Miller tae ma Trade - Stewart, Davie; Irthing Water Hounds - Scott, Willie; Old man come courting me - Robertson, Jeannie; My Johnny - Brooksbank, Mary; Jute Mill Song - Brooksbank, Mary; Bellingham Boats - Marsden Rattlers; Smash the Windows - Marsden Rattlers; My Old Man - Marsden Rattlers; Puppet on a String - Marsden Rattlers; Nam Shuidh So Gad Chuimhneachadh [Sitting alone thinking of you] - MacDonald, John [Hoddan]; Bas An Eich [Poor horse buried at sea] - MacDonald, John [Hoddan]; Mucan Bhalallan [Whales of Balallan] - MacDonald, John [Hoddan]; MacCrimmon’s lament - Robertson, Jeannie; Berryfields o’ Blair - Stewart, Belle.
12T182 Ulster Ballad Singer. Mrs. Sarah Makem:
Farewell My Love / Remember Me / Banks of Red Roses / It was in the Month of January / Robert Burns and his Highland Mary / Factory Girl / Jolly Thresher / Caroline and her Young Sailor Bold / Wind that Shakes the Barley / I Courted a Wee Girl / Servant Maid in her Father’s Garden / Barbara Allen.
12T183 The Shepherd's Song. Willie Scott:
Shepherd’s Song / Piper MacNeil / Kielder Hunt / Jamie Reaburn / Bonnie Wee Trampin’ Lass / Bloody Waterloo / Jock Geddes / Dowie Dens of Yarrow / Herd Laddie o’ the Glen / Lads That Were Reared Among the Heather.
12T184 The Breeze From Erin. Irish folk music on wind instruments. Willie Clancy uilleann pipes, whistle, Festy Conlan whistle, Eddie Corcoran whistle, Tim Lyons accordion, Tony McMahon accordion, Seamus Tansey flute, whistle, tambourine, with Reg Hall piano
Slip Jig: The Choice Wife (Clancy pipes); Jig: Banish Misfortune (Conlan); Reels: The Bag of Polatoes/Sligo Maid (Conlan & Lyons); Air & Reels: Roisin Dubh (Tansey flute) Dublin Reel The Steampacket (TANSEY flute & HALL); Reel: Boil the Breakfast Early (TANSEY whistle & Corcoran); Air & Reel: Bean Dubh an Ghleanna/ The Ewe (McMahon); Reels: The Morning Dew The Woman of the House (Clancy whistle); Jig: The Queen of the Rushes (Conlan & Lyons); Reels: Paddy Ryan's Dream / Mamma's Pet (Tansey flute & Hall); Air: An Raibh Tú Ar an gCarraig (Conlan); Reels: The First House in Connacht / Miss McLeod (Conlan); Reels: Bonny Kate / Jenny's Chickens (Corcoran & Tansey tambourine); Air: Táimse im Chodladh (Clancy pipes)
12T185 Princess of the Thistle. Lizzie Higgins:
Wha’s at the Windy / Lovely Molly / Fair of Ballnafannin / Young Emsley / Bonnie Udby / Far Over the Forth / Laird of the Dainty Downby / Seasons / Davy Faa / Red Roses / Young But Growing / Lass o’ Glenshea.
12T186 Northumberland Forever. Dance and Song from the North-East. The High Level Ranters (1968):
Shew’s the Way to Wallington / Peacock Followed the Hen / Sandgate Girl’s Lament / Elsie Marley / Bellingham Boat / Lamb Skinnet / Adam Buckham / Maggy’s Foot / Lads of North Tyne / Redesdale Hornpipe / Hexhamshire Lass / Breakdown / Blanchland Races / Lads of Alnwick / Lamshaw’s Fancy / Byker Hill / Whinham’s Reel / Nancy / Because he was a Bonny Lad / Salmon Tails up the Water / Sweet Hesleyside / Dance to Your Daddy / Billy Boy / Nae Guid Luck About the House / Mi Laddie Sits Ower Late Up / Keel Row / Kafoozalum / Washing Day.
12T187 The Old Timey Rap. American Songs & Instrumentals. Hobart Smith:
Soldier’s Joy (instr.) / Peg & Awl / The Great Titanic / Banjo Group: a). Cindy b). The Girl I Left Behind Me c). John Hardy / Short Life of Frankie / The Devil and the Farmer’s Wife / Soldier’s Joy (fiddle) / Sitting on top of the World / Stormy Rose the Ocean / Bonaparte’s Retreat (fiddle) / Cuckoo Bird / Columbus Stockade Blues / Banjo Group: a). Black Annie b). Sally Ann c). Chinquapin Pie d). Last Chance e). John Greer’s Tune / Meet Me in Rose Time, Rosie / Uncloudy Day.
12T188 Deep Lancashire. Songs and Ballads of the Industrial North-West. Various Artists (1968):
The Hand-Loom Weaver’s Lament: Harry Boardman / Hop Hop Hop: The Oldham Tinkers / Beg Your Leave: Pete Smith / Ale is Physic For Me: Mike Harding / Gettin’ Wed: Harry Boardman / Clogs: recited by Harvey Kershaw / The Merry Little Doffer: Harry Boardman / Rawtenstall Annual Fair: Lee Nicholson / Coalhole Medley: The Oldham Tinkers / Cob-a-Coalin’: Harry Boardman / Seaur Pies: John Howarth & the Oldham Tinkers / The Bury New Loom: Harry Boardman / Ten Per Cent: Pete Smith & Mike Harding / A Mon Like Thee: John Howarth & The Oldham Tinkers / The Lancashire Liar: Harry Boardman.
12T189 Along the Coaly Tyne. Old and New Northumbrian Songs. Louis Killen and Johnny Handle with Colin Ross (originally issued on Topic EPs in 1962) :
Anti Gallican Privateer / Collier’s Rant / Up the Raw / Farewell to the Motly / Blackleg Miner / Collier Lad / Dollia / Waggoner / Derwentwater’s Farewell / Stottin’ Doon the Waal / Keep your Feet Still / Stoneman’s Song / Aw Wish Pay Friday Wad Come / Durham Big Meetin’ Day / Trimdon Grange Explosion / Putter / Sair Fyeld.
12T190 The Lark in the Morning. Dave & Toni Arthur with Barry Dransfield, fiddle (1969):
All Frolicking I’ll Give Over / Death of Queen Jane / Creeping Jane / Merchant’s Daughter of Bristol / Bold Dragoon / Cold Blows the Winter’s Wind / Lark in the Morning / Poor Old Horse / Hey John Barleycorn / Bedlam / Admiral Benbow / Father, Father Build Me a Boat / Press Gang / Six Jolly Miners.
12T191 North Indian Folk and Classical Music. The Batish Family (1970).
Side One: Folk Music. Tappa (NW Frontier dance) / Albelua (Kashmiri Hill Song) / Dhola (Punjabi love song) / Darya Dama De (Punjabi wedding song) / Dara Avalare Di Peer (Pujabi lyrical song) / Raste Bazzron Mein (Urban folk song from Delhi) / Kanakam Lammi Yan (Punjabi woman’s song) / Snake Charmer Theme.
Side Two: Classical music. Raga Pat Multani / Raga Todi / Raga Shudh Sarang / Raga Khamaj.
12T192 All Bells In Paradise. The Valley Folk. Jean and Elaine Carruthers, John Dickinson and Stephen Heap.
CHRISTMAS: The Babe of Bethlehem; On Christmas Day It Happened So; Come All You True Good Christians; Welladay, Christmas Too Soon Goes Away; GENERAL: Sons of Levi; All You That Are to Mirth Inclined; Come AU You Worthy Christian Men; All Bells in Paradise; The Joys of Mary; EASTER: Tomorrow Shall Be May Dancing Day; 0 Mary Mother, Come and See; HARVEST OR MIDWINTER The Two Brothers; GENERAL: Oh, Mary with Her Young Son; The Bitter Withy; The Cherry Tree; NEW YEAR: The Moon Shines Bright
12T193 Once I Had a True Love. Phoebe Smith (recorded in Suffolk, 1969, issued 1970):
Once I had a True Love / A Blacksmith Courted Me / Young Ellender / Higher Germany / Molly Vaughan / The Tanyard Side / The Yellow Handkerchief / The Wexport Girl / The Dear Little Maiden.
12T194 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 6. Sailor Men and Serving Maids:
Paddy West - Timothy Walsh / Liverpool Packet - Billy Barber / Green Banks of Yarrow - Mrs. Maguire / Our Gallant Ship - William Howell / Alehouse - Elizabeth Cronin / Rosemary Lane - Bruce Laurenson / Ratcliffe Highway - Jim Baldrey / Lowlands of Holland - Paddy Tunney / Quaker - Dorchester Mummers / Beninn a’ Cheathaich - Flora McNeil / Whale Fishery - Philp Hamon & Hilary Carre / Grey Silkie - John Sinclair / Warlike Seaman - Bob & Ron Copper / Boat that Brought Me - Thomas Moran / Handsome Cabin Boy - John Stickle / Smacksman - Sam Larner / Sweet Willie - Lal Smith / Campanero - Bill Cameron / Andrew Ross - Ned Adams / Boatie Row - Jessie Murray / Our Ship is Ready - Robert Cinnamond / Nancy of Yarmouth - Fred Ling.
12T195 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 7. Fair Game and Foul:
Northamptonshire Poacher - Jim Baldrey / Jimmy Raeburn - Jessie Muray / Drumhullogan’s Bottom - Thomas Moran / Sweet Fanny Adams - Vashti Vincent / Sylvia - Timothy Walsh / Young Willie - Paddy McCuskey / Lakes of Shillin - Mary Reynolds / Brennan on the Moor - Robert Cinnamond / Butcher Boy - Jeannie Robertson / Three Jolly Sportsmen - Bob Scarce / Jack Hall - Jack Endacott / Standing Stones - John & Ethel Findlater / Polly Vaughan - Harry Cox / Lion’s Den - Mrs Maguire / Van Diemen’s Land - Jimmy MacBeath / Blind Man He Can See - Mary Connors & Paddy Doran / Oxford City - Mary Doran / Erin Go Brach - John Strachan / Derry Gaol - Sarah Makem / Newlyn Town - Bob Scarce.
12T196 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 8. A Soldiers Life For Me (1971). Originally Caedmon TC 1164, 1961 (USA):
List, Bonny Laddie - John Strachan / Swansea Barracks - Phil Tanner / The Dying Soldier - Mary Doran / Willie O’Reilly - Robert Cinnamond / The Banks of the Nile - Jean Matthew / The Recruiting Song - William Rew / William Taylor - Harold Covill / Johnny Harte - Mrs. Maguire / The Soldier and the Sailor - Arthur Lenox / Bold General Wolfe - Bob Scarce / Muddley Barracks - Jumbo Brightwell / Handsome Polly-O - Thomas Moran / The Deadly Wars - Jeannie Robertson / McCaffery - Peter Reilly / Drink Old England Dry - Carol Singers / Prince Charlie Stuart - Brigid Tunney / My Son Tim - Timothy Walsh / Napoleon Bonaparte - Robert Cinnamond / The Bonny Bunch of Roses O - Louise Holmes / Napoleon’s Dream - Sam Larner / The Forfar Soldier - Jimmy McBeath.
12T197 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 9. Songs of Ceremony:
Cornish Wassail Song / New’r Even’s Song / Mari Lwyd Ceremony / Joys of Mary / Holly and the Ivy / Twelve Days of Christmas / Bitter Withy / As I Sat on a Sunny Bank / Singing of the Travels / Drivers and Lazarus / Gower Wassail / Taladh an Leinibh Losa / St Clements Song / Shrove Tuesday Song / Cherry Tree Carol / Somerset Wassail Song / Hunting the Wren / Cheshire Souling Song / Six Jolly Miners / John Barleycorn / Hal-an-tow / Huntingdonshire May Carol / Cornish May Carol.
12T198 The Folk Songs of Britain, Vol. 10. Songs of Animals and Other Marvels (1971). A collection of songs concerning birds, beasts. fishes. monsters, miracles and downright nonsense.
Crookitt Horn (Lucy Stewart); Wim Worn Waddles (Mummers, Dorchester); When I Was a Little Boy (John Stickle); The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre (Jimmy Mcbeath); The Frog and the Mouse (Adolphus Le Ruez/Elizabeth Cronin/Annik Paterson/Albert Beale); Old King Cole (Bill Westaway); Fear a'Phige (Group Of Singers. South Uist); The Parson and the Clerk (Phil Tanner); The Barlow Mow (George Spicer); Three Men Went a-Huntin' (Iiywel Wood); A-Rub-A-Dub-Dub (Jeannie Robertson); Was You Ever See? (Manfrie Wood); Going Up Camborne Hill (Group Of Singers, Skinners Bottom); Old Mother Shipton (Luther Stanley); The Herring Song (Phoebe Smith/Richard Blackman); Rothesay-O (Davie Stewart with accordion); The Farmyard Song (George Blackman); The Ram of Derby (Arthur Lennox); Tom Pearce (Bill Westaway/George Maynard); The Green Grass Grew All Around (John Casley)
12T199 (The King of the) Highland Pipers. John Burgess. See TSCD466...Reissue.
The Baldozer/Center's Bonnet/Cork Hill/John McDonald's Jig; Loch Monar; Inveran; The Ewe wi' the Crookit Horn; The Rejected Suitor; Donald MacLean/Paddy's Leather Breeches; The Desperate Battle of the Birds; The Old Wife's Dance/The Kitchen Maid/The Irish Washerwoman; The Wandering Piper; Parker's Welcome to Perthshire/Achany Glen; The Dutchess of Edinburgh; Thick Lies the Mist on Yonder Hill; Rose Among the Heather; The High Road to Linton; The Pretty Apron/The Highland Lassie Going to the Fair/The Ladies from Hell/Delvin Side; Hearken, My Love; John MacCall's March to Kilbowie Cottage; Athole Cummers; Thomson's Dirk.
12T200 The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate. Peter Bellamy:
Spotted Cow / Two Pretty Boys (The Two Brothers) / Female Drummer / Here’s Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy / Ghost’s Song / The Cruel Ships Carpenter / Carnal and Crane / Little Black Horse / The Penny Wager / Barley and the Rye / Turkish Lady / Warlike Seaman / Blackberry Fold / St.Stephen / Rigs of London Town / Fox Jumps over the Parson’s Gate.
TPS201 Ballads and Broadsides. Topic Sampler 6:
Brave Wolfe / Bonnie Ship the Diamond - A.L. Lloyd. Pace Egging Song / Droylsden Wakes / Johnny Todd / The Gresford Disaster - Ewan MacColl. John Barleycorn / Blackleg Miner / Jolly Waggoners / Trimdon Grange Explosion / Sweet primroses / White Cockade.
12T202 More Grand Airs From Connemara. Sean Mac Donnchadha (John McDonagh), Padraic Ó Cathain (Patrick Keane), Tomas Ó Neachtain (Thomas Naughton) vocals, Feichin Ó Connluain (Festy Conlan) whistle
An Droighneán Donn (The Brown Thorn-Bush) (Mac Donnchadha); Anach Cuain (Annaghdown) (Ó Connluain); Roisin Dubh (The Little BIack Rose) (Ó Connluain); Liam Ó Raghallaigh (Willie ReIlly) (Ó Cathain); An Buinneán Buí (The Yellow Bittern) (Mac Donnchadha); An Ciarraíoch Mallaithe (The Cursed Kerryman) (Ó Connluain); An Sgeilpín Droighneach (The Thorny Ledge) (Ó Neachtain); Casineadh na d'Trí Muire (The Lament of the Three Marys) (Ó Connluain); Taímín Bán (Fair Tommy) (Mac Donnchadha)
12T203 The Great Australian Legend. A Panorama of Bush Balladry and Song. A.L.Lloyd, Martyn Wyndham-Read(e) & Trevor Lucas (1971).
Waltzing Matilda - A.L. Lloyd & Chorus / Jim Jones at Botany Bay - A.L. Lloyd / The Wild Colonial Boy - A.L. Lloyd / The Streets of Forbes - Trevor Lucas / The Hold-up at Eugowra Rocks - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / The Fash Stockman - Martyn Wyndham Reade / Five Miles from Gungadai - Trevor Lucas / The Lime Juice Tub - A.L. Lloyd, Martyn Wyndham Reade and chorus / Euabalong Ball - A.L. Lloyd / Banks of the Condamine - Trevor Lucas / Click Go the Shears - Martyn Wyndham-Reade / Flash Jack from Gungadai - A.L. Lloyd / The Road to Gungadai - Martyn Wyndham Reade / Hard Tack - Martyn Wyndham-Reade / On the Road with Liddy - A.L. Lloyd.
12T204 'Owdham' Edge. Popular song and verse from Lancashire. Harry Boardman vocal, banjo, concertina, Lesley Boardman mandolin, tenor banjo, Bob Diehl fiddle, The Oldham Tinkers (John Howarth vocal, banjo. Gerrv Kearns vocal, guitar, Larry Kearns vocal, mandolin, whistle), Mike Harding vocal, Jew's harp, concertina, Harvey Kershaw speech, piano, Tim Boardman vocal, Robin Boardman vocal, guitar, bass concertina, John Tenent tenor horn, Harry Ogden vocal, guitar, Ian Hope fiddle, Mary Kershaw vocal.
Sam Shuttle and Betty Reedhook (Boardman); Owdham Edge (Oldham Tinkers); Our Sarah's Getten' a Chap (Oldham Tinkers); The Miners' Lock-Out (Boardman); Street Scene (Harvey Kershaw); Pounds, Shillings and Pence (Tim & Robin Boardman); Down at Our School (Oldham Tinkers); The Little Piecer (Brooks); Sammy Shuttleworth (Harding); Bowton's Yard (Boardman); Toddlin' Whoam (Larry Kearns); The Bard's Reformation (Boardman); Schoolyard Song (Ogden); Nobbut a Cockstride Away (Mary Kershaw); Billy Suet's Song (Boardman); Canute (Oldham Tinkers); Our Bill (Wrigley)
TPS205 Sea Songs and Shanties. Topic Sampler 7:
Blood Red Roses - A.L Lloyd & chorus / The Black Ball Line - Ewan MacColl & chorus / Maggie May - Stan Kelly / The Plains of Mexico - The Watersons / The Dreadnought - Ewan MacColl & Alf Edwards / Reuben Ranzo - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Lowlands Low - Ian Campbell with Chorus & Dave Swarbrick, fiddle / Do Me Ama - A.L. Lloyd & Alf Edwards / Boston Harbour - The Watersons / Blow the Man Down - Harry H. Corbett &chorus / The Handsome Cabin Boy - Ewan MacColl & Alf Edwards / Away, Haul Away - Stan Kelly / The Coast of Peru - A.L. Lloyd / All For Me Grog - The Watersons / The Greenland Whale Fishery - The Watersons / A Hundred Years Ago - A.L. Lloyd & chorus / Goodbye, Fare Thee Well - Louis Killen with chorus & Dave Swarbrick, fiddle.
12TS206 Oldham's Burning Sands. Ballads, songs and daft ditties. The Oldham Tinkers:
See Stereo LPs below.
12T207 Anne Briggs Anne Briggs with John Moynihan, bouzouki:
Blackwaterside / Snow it Melts the Soonest / Willie O’ Winsbury / Go Your Way / Thorneymoor Woods / Cuckoo / Reynardine / Young Tambling / Living By the Water / Maa Bonnie Lad.
12T208 Matching Ballads of the British Isles and America. Hedy West & Ian Manuel.
Never Issued


The following TOPIC records were issued as cassettes.  They were distributed in Britain by the Selecta Group and were also available by mail-order direct from Topic.  For track listings, see the same numbered LPs.

KTSC188 Deep Lancashire
KTSC265 The Watersons For Pence and Spicy Ale
KTSC276 The Oldham Tinkers For Old Time's Sake
KTSC291 John Burgess The Art of the Highland Bagpipe Vol 1
KT5C295 John Kirkpatrick & Sue Harris Among the Many Attractions at the Show Will be a Really High Class Band
KT5C297 The High Level Ranters Ranting Lads
KTSC298 June Tabor Airs and Graces
KTSC300 Martin Carthy Crown of Horn
KTSC323 The Oldham Tinkers Sit Thee Down
KTSC346 The Watersons Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy
KTSC36O June Tabor Ashes and Diamonds
KTSC380 Shirley & Dolly Collins For as many as will
KTSC382 The New Victory Band One more dance and then ...

Some Topic records were issued on cassette in Ireland only.  These were distributed by Irish Record Factors, Dublin and were also available by mail-order direct from Topic.

4T175 Willie Clancy The Minstrel from Clare
4T177 Grand Airs from Connemara
4T184 The Breeze from Erin
4T218 Frank Harte Through Dublin City
4T230 The Lark in the Clear Air
4T251 The Russell Family of Doolin, Co. Clare

Many early Topic recordings such as the Russell Family, McPeake Family etc. have been available on both Cassette and CD under license to Ossian - Ireland and USA.  Also licenses have been issued for many Topic recordings to Green Linnet USA. e.g 'Bundle and Go' by Johnny Doherty.

Other Labels

Special Delivery

SPD 1010 Mischief Clive Gregson and Christine Collister (1987)
I Wouldn't Treat a Dog, That Same Mistake, I Specialise, Lost at Sea, We're Not Over Yet, Rain on Your Parade, I Will be There, Wash Me Away, No Word of a Lie, Not a Day Passes, Farewell Note.
SPD 1022 A Change in the Weather Clive Gregson and Christine Collister (1989)
Blessing in Disguise, My Blue Suede Shoes, Voodoo Doll, How Weak I Am. This is the Deal, Blues on the Run, Jumped Up Madam, Talent Will Out.
SPDCD 1026 Welcome to the Workhouse Clive Gregson (1989)
Standing in your Shadow, No Idea, First Time Behind the Wheel, Time Does Not Heal, Trouble With Love, Human Heart, I'll be Your Man, This Tender Trap, You'd Better Go Home, Give Me a Chance, She'll Belong to Me, She's Out of My Life.
SPDCD 1027 Hard Cash Various artists (1990)
Richard Thompson: Time to Ring some Changes; Oh I Swear.  Clive Gregson & Christine Collister: The Great Provider; Good with my Hands.  Ron Kavana: A Living Wage.  Martin Carthy: Work Life Out to Keep Life In.  Dave Kelly: You're the Pits.  Jo Ann Kelly: Odd Job Man.  June Tabor: Mrs Rita; The Jute Mill Song.  The Watersons: Hilda's Cabinet Band.  Keith Hancock: Force on the Workforce.  Dave Kelly & Hillary Fletcher: Master and Servant.  Michael Marra: The Gurnsey Kitchen Porter.
SPDCD1030 Life & Limb Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick:
Sovay; The Begging Song; Bows of London; The Pepperpot/Sailing Into Walpole's Marsh/Bunker Hill; A Question of Sport; Oh Dear Oh; Carthy's March/The Lemon Tree; Lochmaben Harper; Byker Hill.
SPDCD 1034 Struggle Woody Guthrie (1990)
Struggle Blues, A Dollar Down, Hang Knot, Waiting at the Gate, The Dying Miner, Union Burying Ground, Lost John, Buffalo Skinners, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ludlow Massacre, 1939Massacre.
SPD 1035 Love is a Strange Hotel Clive Gregson and Christine Collister (1990)
For a Dancer, Move Away Jimmy Blue, How Men Are, Love is a Strange Hotel, Even a Fool Would Let Go, One Step Up, Things We Do for Love, Lonesome Whistle, Same Situation, Always Better with You, Today I Started Loving You Again, The Most Beguiling Eyes.
SPDCD1043 Home Fire Ron Kavana
Home Fire/Beyond the Pale / Johnny Go Easy / Blind Sheehan / Handcuffs/Gran' Sherrif of Ballydaheen / The Kilshannig Wager / Lovely Cottage/Gold Ochra at Killarney Point-to-Points / Sands of Time Lament / The Barleycorn/Kerry Polka/Wren's Polka / Reconciliation / The Cricklade Culchee/Down the Lane / Blackwaterside / Fermoy Regatta/Tom's Tavern / Young Ned of the Hill
SPDCD 1045 The Last Word Clive Gregson and Christine Collister (1990)
I Know Something, Here I Go Again, This Broken Home, Snow in Philadelphia, I Couls be Happy, I Shake, I Don't Want to Lose You, She's Meeting a Man, Last man Alive, Close Down This Bar, Could This be the One?
SPDCD1046 Skin & Bone Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick
The Sheepstealer / The Poacher / I Courted a Damsel / Lucy Wan / The Trip we Took Over the Mountain / The Skewbald / The Ride in the Creel / The Brown Girl / Such a War has Never Been / Pefumes of Arabia / Carthy's Reel/The Return to Camden Town / The New Mown Hay / Clyde's Water / Mrs Bermingham/No 178/Blind Mary
SPDCD1047 Shifting Gravel Four Men and a Dog
Another Irish Rover; Shifting Gravel; Work Together; Bertha's Goat; Joh; Newmarket Polkas: John McKenna's / New Market / The Lakes of Sligo; I'm Walking; The Mountain Road; Struggle On; Micho Russell's Set: Micho Russell's / Sporting Nell; Where Has My Lady Gone; The Kilfenora Sexy Jig: Kilfenora / Skattery Island.
SPDCD1050 The Language of Snakes Andrew Cronshaw
Through Moorfields; Kindness for Ever More; Macdonnell's March / Kilcoy's March; Baile de Procesion; Cronnan na Callaich a Bhan se Bhein Bhereic; Marcha Procesional do S. Benito / Do Chrochaidh a Thoill Thu; Apple Pratties; Ailean Duinn a Maruxa; The Waterford Waltz; Tupakkarulla + Tuuti Hussaa Ja Lullaa / The Other Boot Dance; Hithil Uig Agus O, Hithil O Horino; Tha mi Sgith 'm Onaran; An Gille Donn / Vaskilinnun Vaikerrus
SPDCD1052 The Attic Tracks 1972-1984 Sandy Denny & Trevor Lucas
Moments; The Ballad of Ned Kelly; Ecoute, Ecoute; One More Chance; Rising for the Moon; Tears; Easy to Slip; Losing Game; Girls on the Avenue; Breakaway; Still Waters Run Deep; The King and Queen of England; No End; The Town I Loved So Well; Forever Young; Gold Dust; Stranger to Himself; Who Knows where the Time Goes.
SPET 12003 Clive Gregson and Christine Collister (1989)
I Wouldn't Treat a Dog, Everybody Cheats on You, This Tender Trap, I Wonder What Went Wrong.
SPEC 4505 Clive Gregson and Christine Collister (1989)
The Great Provider, Good With My Hands.

Topic / Free Reed

12TFRS501. Concertina Workshop. Alistair Anderson:
Dancing Tailor / O'Carolan's Fancy / Blarney Pilgrim / Barrington Hornpipe / Cliff Hornpipe / Recruited Colliers / Sir Sydney Smith's March / Flannel Jacket / Scholar / Joe Burke's Hornpipe / Fairy Queen / Jenny Lind Polka / One Horned Sheep / Turnpike Side / Sunbeam / Admiral Cole / Derwentwater's Farewell / Jimmy Allen / Herd on the Hill / King's Favourite / Tipsey Sailor / Aith Rant / Framm upon Him / Da South End / Fateful Head / Randy Wives of Greenlaw / John McNeil's Reel / Kick the World Before You / Come Upstairs With Me / Malt Man Comes on Monday. [is this the same as 12TS501?]
12TFRS502. Clare Concertinas. Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon:
Babes in the Wood / Cooraclare Polka / Clare Dragoons / Sandy Groves of Piedmont / Humours of Ennistymon / Old Torn Petticoat / Tommy People's Favourite / Mount Fabus Hunt / Ollie Conway's Selection / Kilrush Races / Clogher Reel / Burren Reel / Bonaparte's Retreat / Bonaparte's March / Barron's Jig / Jackson's Jig / Miltown Jig / Rodney's Glory / Tommy McMahon's Reel / Over the Waves / Girl I Left Behind Me / Maggie in the Wood / Martin Taltry's Jig / Thomas Friel's Jig / Joe Cunnean's Jig / Sean Ryan's Hornpipe / Danganella Hornpipe / Job Of Journey Work / Ash Plant / Maid of Mount Cisco.
12TFRS503. The Flowing Tide. Chris Droney. Also listed as: 12TS503
Bellharbour Reel/TimMaloney 's Reel; The Cuckoo Hornpipe; Three Little Drummers/The Eagles Nest; Burren No.1/Chris Droney's Favourite; Slam na Gapall/The Lakes of Sligo; The Blue Gentian Waltz; Roddy McCorley 's March; The Treble Jig! The Battering Ram; The Union Reel/The Kilfenora Reel; The Three Part Jig /The Moate Hunt; The Templehouse Reel/Matt Molloy's Reel; The Killy Hornpipe/The Flowing Tide (Ann's Favourite); The Sailor's Polka/The Old Time (Rakes of Mallow); Untitled Slow Air; Down the Broom Reel; Sheehy's Reel
12TFRS504. Fiddle and Concertina Player. John Kelly.
Paddy on the Turnpike; The Bunch of Rushes; The Bunch of Rushes; John Kelly's Slide/Tom Keane's Reel; Blackberry Blossoms; The Spike Island Lasses; The Heathery Breeze; Delia Keane's Jig; The Blacksmith's Charm; We Were Drinking and Kissing the Ladies/Old Tipperary; Rocking the Baby to Sleep; Eddie Dunn's; The Fisherman's Hornpipe; The Sister Reels: Carney's/Gilbert Clancy's Favourite/The Ravelled Hank of Yarn; The Crooked Road to Dublin/The Duke of Leinster's Wife; The West Cork Reel; The Ivy Leaf; The Ivy Leaf; The Flogging Reel; Scattery island Slide; The Ebb Tide; The Blackbird; The Bunch of Keys; Lord Wellington's Reel
12TFRS505. Irish Traditional Music of County Clare. Bernard O'Sullivan & Tommy McMahon:
I Have a Bonnet Trimmed with Blue / Rakes of Mallow / Farmer Moroney's Reel / Mulvill's Reel / Maud Millar's Reel / Bucks of Oranmore / My Heart's in the Highlands / Dewdrop / Blooming Meadows / Mullagh Jig / Ballinakill Jig / Merry Sisters / Quilty Reel / Cliff / Derry Hornpipe / Rose in the Heather / Flowery Mountains / Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel / Milliner's Daughter / Trip to Durrow / Stack Ryan's Polka / Set Dance / Garden of Daisies / Andy Keone's Jig / Three Sea Captains / Boys of Ballysadare / Five Mile Chase.
12TFRS506. Irish Traditional Concertina Styles (1986):
King of the Clans / Behind the Bush in Parkhanna / Kit O'Mahoney's / Mountain Road / Reels / Fairy Child / Argrume Set / Barn Dance / West Along the Road / Morning Dew / Spike Island Lasses / Jenny's Beaver Hat / Drowsie Maggie / Mason's Apron / Sean O'Dwyer's Fling / Kesh Jig / Clare Jig / Air from Thomas Moor / Fairy Hornpipe / Mrs. O'Dwyer's Fancy / Apples in the Wind.


IMP A 101. Children's Singing Games.  Performed by the children of Redriff Primary School, Bermondsey, London.  (1969)
Betrothal, Courtship and Marriage Games: Poor Jenny is a-Weeping; The Jolly Miller; Nuts in May; Oats and Beans; Rosy Apple; Sally Waters; I Sent a Letter to my Love; Drop Hankerchief; The Dutch House; The Farmer's in His Den.  Custom Games: Round and Round the Villiage; Oranges and lemons; Sally Go Round the Moon; Dusky Bluebells; London Bridge is Falling Down; London Bridge is Broken Down.  Ritual Games: Mulberry Bush; Witch's Coil; Illy Ally O; Draw a Bucket of Water.  Funeral Games: Green Gravel; Old Rodger; Wallflowers.  Story Game: Briar Rosebud.  Dance Games: Leaves are Green; Ring o' Roses; My Dog Buff; Bingo; Lubin Loo; Push the Business On.  Near Country Dances: A-Hunting We Will Go; The Grand Old Duke of York; On the Bridge of Avignon.
IMP A 102. Southern Freedom Songs.  From the play Martin Luther King.  Various artists:  (1970)
Long John; Balm in Gilead; Free at Last; Slavery Chain Done Broke; Ain't We Got a Right to the Tree of Life?; We Got to Move; Keep Your Eyes on the Prize; I Want My Freedom Now; Plenty Good Room; Birmingham Jail; Walk On, Alabama; Birmingham Sunday; Get on Board, Children; The Movement's Moving On; Woke Up this Morning with My Mind Stayed on Freedom.
IMP A 103. The Painful Plough.  Songs and Ballads of the Agricultural labourer.  Various artists:  (1972)
The Painful Plough; The Honest Ploughman; Poor Shepherds; Eight Shillings a Week; My Master and I; The Owslebury Lads; Pity Poor Labourers; We Poor Labouring Men; The Sucking Pig; Rigs of the Times; The Farmers Done Over; Sheep Shearing; The New Fashioned Farmer; Prop of the Land.
IMP S 104. Room For Company.  Folk songs festive and sociable.  Various artists:
Room For Company; The Mouse's Song; The 24th of February, Captain Nipper; Jordan; Richat and Robet; In Ollerton Town; Goddesses; The Frog and the Mouse; Tinker's Song; The Tailor and the Louse; Weyhill Fair; Sing Ivy; The Wonderful Crocodile; Blaydon Races/Major McKie/Oyster Girl.


Traditional and transitional music from the USA, ranging from old-time fiddling to Western Swing bands of the '30s. This label is marketed by Topic and supervised by Tony Russell, editor of Old Time Music.

STR801 Beer Parlor Jive.
Yes Sir! (Milton Brown & His Brownies); Draggin' The Bow (Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers); Chicken Reel Stomp (Tune Wranglers); Settle Down Blues (Buddy Jones); The Train Song (Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers); Joe Turner Blues (Adolph Hofner & His Texans); When You're Smiling (Cliff Eruner's Texas Wanderers); Somebody's Been Using That Thing (Milton Brown & His Brownies); Hi-Flyer Stomp (The Hi-Flyers); Sally's Got A Wooden Leg (Sons Of The West); Sundown Blues (Texas Wanderers); Black And White Rag (Milton Brown & His Brownies); Holding The Sack (Jimmie Revard's Oklahoma Playboys); Beer Parlor Jive (The Hi-Flyers)
STR802 Fiddle Tunes from Grayson County, Virginia. Emmett W Lundy fiddle, speech,
Geedy Lundy banjo, Kelly Lundy guitar, vocal. Julie Ann Johnson; Talking About Green Leonard; Fisher's Hornpipe; Flatwoods; Evening Star Waltz; Sugar Hill; Highlander's Farewell; Sheep Shell Corn by the Rattlin' of His Horn; Piney Woods Gal; Talking About His First Fiddle; Chapel Hill March; Forky Deer; Molly Put the Kettle On; Waves on the Ocean; Deaf Woman's Courtship; Ducks on the Millpond; The Lost Girl; Bonapartes Retreat; Talking About the Fiddle and the Devil; Susanna Gal; Wild Goose Chase; Cleveland's March; Belle of Lexington
STR803 Married Life Blues
Never Issued - Tracks would have included: The Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home Never Was a Married Man (Parker & Wooleright); Married Life Blues (Oscar Ford); Alimony Woman (Bill Cox); A Pretty Girl's Love; Another Man's Wife (Whitter, Hendley & Small); I Wish I Was A Single Girl Again (Julietta Cano Va); The Bald-Headed End Of A Broom (Walter Smith); Howl Got My Wife (Bill Chitwood & His Georgia Mountaineers); Henpecked Husband Blues (Arthur Smith); Dying For Someone To Love Me (Jossie Ellers) and others
STR804 Taking Off! Milton Brown and his Brownies
Chinatown My Chinatown; St Louis Blues; In El Sancho Grande; Taking Off; If You Can't Get Five Take Two; Fan It; Little Betty Brown; Some of These Days; Sweet Georgia Brown; Texas Hambone Blues; Washington & Lee Swing; My Mary; Goofus; Honky Tonk Blues; Sweet Jennie Lee; There'll Be Some Changes Made
STR805 Stompin' at the Honk Tonk. Bar X Cowboys.
Sugar (Cliff Bruner'S Texas Wanderers); Rackin' It Back (Texas Wanderers); Kangaroo Blues (Cliff Bruner's Texas Wanderers); Pussywillow (Port Arthur Jubileers); One Sweet Letter From You (Cliff Bruner's Texas. Wanderers); Jeep's Blues (Port Arthur Jubileers); Houston Blues (Shelly Lee Alley & His Alley Cats); Jessie (Cliff Bruner & His Boys); Rockdale Rag (Bar-X Cowboys); Florene (Leon Selph Blue Ridge Playboys); Deep Elm Swing (Texas Wanderers); New Falling Rain Blue, (Cuff Bruner & His Boys); Tulsa Twist (Dickie Mcbride & The Village Boys); Jones Stomp (Port Arthur Jubileers); Who's Cryin' Sweet Papa Now (Modern Mountaineers); Stompin' At The Honky Tonk (Bob Dunn's Vagabonds)
STR806 Chuck Wagon Swing Swift Jewel Cowboys.
Chuck Wagon Swing; My Untrue Cowgirl; Raggin' The Rails; Memphis Blues; Coney Island Washboard; Fan It; Little Willie Green (From New Orleans); Memphis Oomph; Willie The Weeper; Swingin' At The Circle S; Dill Pickle Rag; Rose Room; Bug Scuffle; You Gotta Ho-De-Ho (To Get Along With Me)
STR807 Operators' Specials a western swing compilation.
Jimmie Revard and his Oklahoma Playboys: Swing Me, It's A Long, Long Way To Tipperary; Johnny Lee Wills and his Boys: Milk Cow Blues, Too Long; The Tune Wranglers: She's Sweet; Leaford Hall and his Texas Vagabonds: Blue Man; Buddy Jones: Rockin' Rollin' Mama, Mean Old Sixty Five Blues; Doug Bine and his Dixie Ramblers: Ramblers Stomp; Ocie Stockard and his Wanderers: Nickel in the Kitty; Bob Skyles and his Skyrockets: Rubber Dolly, Jive and Smile; Sons of the West: Panhandle Shuffle; Hoyle Nix and his West Texas Cowboys: A Big Ball's In Cowtown; Smoky Wood and his Wood Chips: Woodchip Blues; Adolph Hofner and his San Antonians: Sometimes.

'Special Project' test pressings:

SP 101 Jimmy Shand 12" LP Test Pressing - Never issued (transfers from 78s)
Side One: November 1933 as: Accordeon Solo by James Shand (British Chromatic Accordeon, with Piano)
1 The Drunken Piper, March / Laird of Drumblair, Strathspey / De'il Amang the Tailors, Reel (CAR 2411-1) Regal Zonophone MR 1388. 2 Set of Jigs: Intro / Atholl Highlanders / Rakes of Kildare / Teviot Bridge (Traditional)(CAR 2412-1) Regal Zonophone MR 1387. 3 Set of Reels: Intro / Punchbowl / My Love She's But a Lassie Yet / Fair Maid of Perth (CAR 2413-1) Regal Zonophone MR 1388. 4 Londonderry Hornpipe / High Level Hornpipe (Traditional) (CAR 2414-1) Regal Zonophone MR 1387. 5 The Household Brigade, Two Step (Felix Burns) (CA 15964-1) Parlophone F 3318 [accreditation as side two]
Side Two: Early 1937 as: James Shand, Accordion Solo, with Piano
1 Irish Jigs (Traditional): Biddy the Bowl Wife / Biddy from Sligo / Pet of the Pipers (Arr. Shand) (CA 15963-1) Parlophone F 3319.  2 Scottish Waltzes (Traditional): The Auld Hoose / Loch Lomond / Hundred Pipers / Will ye no Come back again (Arr.Shand) (CA 15967-1) Parlophone F 3318. 3 Inverness Gathering, March / Braes o'Tullymet, Strathspey / Kitty High, Reel (Arr. Shand) (CA 15965-1) Parlophone F 3320. 4 Hornpipes (Traditional): Dundee / Horn / Millicent's Favourite (Arr. Shand) (CA 15962-1) Parlophone F 3319. 5 Bonnie Ann, March / Tulchan Lodge, Strathspey / Timour the Tartar, Reel (Arr. Shand) (CA 15966-1) Parlophone F 3320
SP 102 The McCusker Brothers 12" LP Test Pressing - Never issued (Side 1: transfers from 78s. Side 2: transfers from ?)
Side One: before April 1954 as: The McCusker Brothers Ceilidhe Band - John, Vincent, Brandon (fiddles); Kevin (piccolo); Francis (mandolin-banjo); Benignus (melodeon); Thomas (accordeon); Bernard (piano); Malachy (drums) (All Traditional)
1 The Sweets of May (OEA 17826-2) HMV BD 1324, HMV IP 992. 2 Polkys (OEA 17827-2) HMV BD 1326. 3 Heilans (OEA 17828-2) HMV BD 1326. 4 Man From Newry (OEA 17829-2) HMV BD 1324, HMV IP 992. 5 Kilcreevy Reels (OEA 17830-2) HMV BD 1325. 6 Kilcreevy Jigs (OEA 17831-2) HMV BD 1325
Side Two: BBC 31st July 1952, Armagh
1 The Clap Dance (Miss McLeod's Reel) Benignus McCusker, melodeon (with dancers). 2 Two Barn Dance Tunes / The Spanish Schottische Benignus, melodeon + Vincent McCusker, fiddle. 3 Down in the Glen (hornpipe) Benignus, melodeon. 4 The Cuckoo Hornpipe John and Vincent McCusker, fiddles - no melodeon. 5 The Orange Rogue (set dance) John, fiddle - no melodeon. 6 The First of May (reel) / Tatter Jack Walsh (jig) / Three Mazurka Tunes / Princess Royal (set dance) John and Vincent, fiddles - no melodeon. 7 King of the Fairies (set dance) / Maggie Pickens (round dance) Benignus, melodeon + John and Vincent, fiddles. 8 Jockey to the Fair (set dance) Benignus, melodeon + John and Vincent, fiddles. 9 Kilcreevy Jigs Benignus, melodeon + John and Vincent, fiddles
SP 104 Why Can't it Always be Saturday? Harry Upton "With spoken comments by Harry Upton, recorded by Mike Yates." Special Production - 250 copies? (1978).
Buttercup Joe; The Ship That Never Returned; The Life of a Man / The Dockyard Gate / The Female Drummer / Bonny Blue Handkerchief; Good Old Jeff; The Royal Albion / The Little Cabin Boy; Why Can't It Always Be Saturday?; I'm a Man That's Done Wrong; Seaweed; In a Cottage by the Sea; In Wayward Town; The Thrashing Machine / I Come from the Country

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